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flO^TH  CflROLilHA 

January,    1903 

J.  R.  B.  HATHAWAY,  Editor  and 
Financial  Agent,  Edenton,  N.  C.  J6  ^ 

Vol.  3. 
No.  J. 






Hon.  H.  G.  Connor's  Address    at   St.   Philips  Church 

in    May,  1902 3 

Bath,  North  Carolina 20 

Locke's  Fundamental  Constitutions 27 

Petition  of  Gov.  Phillip  Ludwell 30 

Answer  to  Seth  Sothell's  Executors 82 

Gov.  Thos.  Harvey  to  Gov.  Archdale 35 

Edward  Hill's  Commission,   &c, 39 

The  Culpepper  Rebellion, 40 

Miscellaneous  Items  op  Interest, 51 

Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line, , 95 

Two  Valuable  Letters *04 

Tyrrell  County  Marriage  Bonds 107 

The  Commission  of  Christopher  Gale  and  Others 114 

The  EdentonTea  Party _- 116 

Abstract  of  Conveyances " 125 

Miscellaneous  Items 139 

Queries    and  Answers : 156 

Vol.  III. 

JANUARY,  J  903. 

No.  1, 




J.  R.  B.  HATHAWAY,  Editor  and  Financial  Agent, 



Like  leaves  on  trees  the  race  of  man  is  found, 

Now  green  in  youth,  now  withering  on  the  ground : 

Another  race  the  following  Spring  supplies; 

They  rise  successive,  and  successive  fall : 

So  generations  in  their  course  decay ; 

So  flourish  these  when  those  are  passed  away." 

—Pope's  Translalvm  Homer's  Iliad. 






Signer  to  the  Declaration  of  Independence. 

Born  at  Boston  the  17th  Day  of  June,   1742. 

Died  and  was  buried  at  Hillsboro.  N.  C,  October,  1790. 

Removed  to  Guilford  Battle  Ground,  April  25,   1S94. 

Generously  contributed  by  James  Stevenson  Hooper,  a  lineal  descendant. 


Vol.  III. 

January,  1003. 

No.  1. 



Delivered  by  Hon.  H.  G.  Connor,  of  Wilson,  N.  G,  at  St.  Phillips 
Church,  in  May  1902,  on  the  occasion  of  the  Annual  Pilgrimage 
of  the  N.  C.  Society  of  Colonial  Dames  of  America,  to  Old 

Madame  President,  Ladies  of  the  Society  of  Colonial  Dames,  Ladies 
and  Gentlemen: 

For  your  kind  courtesy,  by  which  I  am  permitted  to  participate 
hi  these  ceremonies,  I  beg  to  express  my  sincere  thanks.  The  pleas- 
ure which  I  have  is  marred  only  by  the  consciousness  that  I  am 
unable  to  discharge  worthily  the  duty  which  I  have  assumed. 
The  invitation  so  kindly  suggested  a  personal  compliment,  coupled 
with  a.  delicate  suggestion  that  in  some  measure  it  is  appropriate 
that  the  privilege  be  extended  to  me  that  I  could  not  have  done  other- 
wise than  accept  it.  If  your  kindness  be  not  requited  as  it  merits, 
you  must  remember  that  it  often  happens  the  most  gracious  deeds 
may  not  be  adequately  rewarded  because  of  the  poverty  of  the  recip- 
ient rather  than  from  a  lack  of  appreciation.  Standing  in  this  pres- 
ence and  upon  this  spot,  one  richer  than  myself  in  power  of  expression 
and  in  knowledge  of  the  deeds  of  your  forefathers,  might  well 
feel  abashed.  When  I  remember  that  the  story  of  the  Cape  Fear, 
its  heroes  and  their  brave  deeds  have  enlisted  the  affectionate  zeal, 
the  scholarly  pens,  the  eloquent  words  of  Mr.  George  Davis,  Col. 
Alfred  M.  Waddell,  Dr.  Edwin  A.  Alderman,  Mr.  James  Sprunt, 
Mr.  Eugene  S.  Martin,  and  others,  I  would  be  vain  indeed,  if  I  were 
not  oppressed  with  a  sense  of  my  inability  to  speak  as  they  have  spok- 
en. Having  undertaken  the  task,  I  shall  rely  upon  the  courteous  con- 
sideration and  generosity  for  which  the  men  and  women  of  this  section 
are  so  justly  famed,  to  shield  me  from  harsh  criticism ;  let  my  effort 
be  measured  by  the  spirit  which  prompts,  rather  than  by  the  manner 
in  which -it- is  performed.   ...  — «-■   ■-••'. 

That  those  always  foremost  in  well-doing,  worthily  representing  an 
ancestry  of  .noble  men,  should  once  in  each  year  make  a  pilgrimage 
to  this  spot,  commemorate  the  lives  and  services  of  the  men  who 



4  Hon.  H.  G.  Connor's  Addkess. 

builded  these  walls  and  worshipped  in  this  venerable  church,  seems 
to  me  a  most  happy  thought  and  a  most  appropriate  act.  With  rev- 
erential devotion  to  their  memories  you  "remove  the  mosses  from 
their  tombs"  and  erect  monuments  and  tablets  perpetuating  your 
appreciation  of  their  virtues  and  deeds. 

A  reasonable,  generous,  loyal  pride  of  ancestry,  based  upon  a 
recognition  of  what  one's  ancestors  were  and  what  they  did — one 
not  "prompting  to  empty  boasting,  but  quickening  every  generous 
impulse  and  stirring  the  purest  ambition" — one,  by  which  in  the 
beautiful  language  of  the  preamble  of  your  Constitution,  "Successive 
generations  are  awakened  to  truer  patriotism  and  aroused  to  nobler 
endeavor  by  the  contemplation  of  their  forefathers" — such  a  pride 
of  ancestry  develops,  fosters  and  perpetuates  the  noblest  attributes 
of  character.  Poor  indeed  are  any  people  who  have  no  pride  in 
the  past ;  who  think  not  upon  the  days  of  old ;  who  have  no  memories, 
no  monuments ;  who,  caring  naught  for  what  has  been,  care  little  for 
'what  will  be.  Bishop  Stubbs  wisely  says :  "The  roots  of  the  present 
lie.  deep  in  the  past,  and  nothing  in  the  past  is  dead  to  the  man 
who  would  learn  how  the  present  came  to  be  what  it  is." 

There  is  danger  that  much  of  the  finer,  gentler,  and  therefore  strong- 
er, qualities  of  our  men  and  women  will  be  lost  in  the  rushing,  bust- 
ling life  of  these  days ;  that  in  reaching  forth  for  the  material,  the 
tangible  things  which  minister  to  our  present  pleasures,  we  may  lose 
the  taste  and  desire  for  those  things  which  minister  to  the  higher, 
truer,  finer  parts  of  our  nature.  It  is  well,  therefore,  that  at  fit  times 
and  at  appropriate  places  we  tarry  for  a  season  to  refresh  our  minds 
and  hearts  with  a  love  and  devotion  for  the  past  and  its  memories, 
to  learn  the  lessons  which  they  teach.  May  we  not  hope  that  in 
the  days  to  come,  when  we  shall  have  been  gathered  to  our  fathers, 
those  who  come  after  us  may  visit  this  spot,  read  what  is  recorded 
on  this  tablet  and  speak  of  what  is  done  here  this  day  as  a  memorial 
to  us  ? 

It  has  been  wisely  said  that  the  home  of  a  good,  true  man,  the  place 
where  he  has  wrought  his  life  work,  from  which  he  has  gone  in  and 
out  among  his  fellows,  is  a  sacred  spot,  and  to  those  of  his  own  home 
and  kindred,  consecrated  ground.  So,  in  a  larger  sense,  the  spot  upon 
which  men  have  wrought  good  and  brave  deeds  for  the  welfare  of 
their  State  and  Country,  Where  in  counsel  or  conflict  they  have  made 
or  defended  institutions  and  laws,  establishing  and  preserving  lib- 
erty, peace  and  happiness,  should  be  set  apart  and  marked  by  monu- 
ments and  tablets. 

In  the  year  1855,  that  learned  lawyer,  elegant  scholar  and  noble 
gentleman,  Mr.  George  Davis,  said,  "The  Cape  Fear  Country  has 
never  had  a  historian.     Its  public  records  are  meagre  and  barren. 

Hon.  H.  G.   Connor's  Address.  5 

Its  private  records,  once  rich,  and  fruitful  sources  of  history, 
have  become  mutilated  and  impaired  by  the  division  and  emigration 
of  families."  The  able  and  interesting  address  containing  these 
words  has  inspired  the  men  and  women  of  Cape  Fear  to  remove  the 
reproach  of  which  their  distinguished  citizen  then  complained.  Loyal 
sons  of  the  Cape  Fear,  aroused  by  his  appeal,  have  done  much  to 
"pluck  away  the  mosses  which  had  gathered  upon  the  tombs  of  their 
illustrious  dead."  The  honored  mayor  of  Wilmington,  a  loyal  and 
talented  descendent  of  the  most  illustrious  of  the  patriots  of  1766- 
1776,  has  set  forth  in  "A  Colonial  Officer  and  His  Times,"  the  vir- 
tues, talents  and  services  of  Col.  Hugh  Waddell. 

Dr.  Edwin  A.  Alderman,  a  gifted  and  distinguished  native  of  the 
Cape  Fear  City,  has,  in  his  ''Life  and  Character  of  William  Hooper" 
— ''The  prophet  of  American  Independence" — made  a  most  valuable 
and  instructive  contribution  to  the  history  of  men  and  times  of  Co- 
lonial Carolina. 

•In  his  "Life  and  Correspondence  of  James  Iredell,"  Mr.  Griffith 
J.  McRee  has  written  the  best  biography  yet  produced  in  this  State. 

Mr.  James  Sprunt,  one  of  your  most  patriotic,  successul  and 
scholarly  citizens,  has,  in  his  "Notes  of  a  Colonial  Plantation," 
opened  and  developed  a  rich  mine  of  historical  material. 

The  monumental  work  of  that  sturdy,  liberty  loving  son  of  North 
Carolina,  Col.  William  L.  Saunders,  by  which,  as  Col.  Waddell  says, 
"He  came  beyond  all  comparison  the  best  informed  man  upon  our 
Colonial  History  that  ever  lived."  contains  a  "Masterful  presentation 
of  the  trials  and  struggles  of  our  forefathers,  and  a  glorious  vindica- 
tion of  them  against  the  historical  scavenegers  who  have  sought  to 
defame  them."  Col.  Waddell.  speaking  in  glowing,  yet  truthful 
eulogy  of  his  friend  and  his  work,  says  of  the  Colonial  Records,  "It 
is  a  great  reservoir  of  facts,  from  which  all  must  draw  who  would 
write  accurately  and  truthfully  the  history  of  the  first  century  of  our 
colonization.  It  was  done  by  a  true  and  loving  hand,  under  the  in- 
spiration of  a  brave  and  loyal  heart." 

In  the  long  list  of  loyal  sons  who  have  loved  and  served  North 
Carolina  and  contributed  to  her  honor,  glory  and  welfare,  none  more 
deserves  grateful  remembrance  than  Col.  William  L.  Saunders. 

The  "Historical  Addresses"  delivered  on  this  spot,  under  the 
auspices  of  the  Society  of  Colonial  Dames,  contain  valuable  data  for 
the  future  historian. 

In  the  introduction  to  No.  1  of  the  "James  Sprunt  Historical 
Monographs,"  Dr.  Kemp  P.  Battle  says,  "By  the  generosity  of  Mr. 
Sprunt  of  Wilmington,  the  University  is  enabled  to  begin  a  work 
which  we  are  confident  will  be  appreciated  by  the  enlightened  people 
of  the   State.     "This  is  the  periodical  publication  of  monographs 

G  Hon.   H.   G.   Connor's  Address. 

designed  to  elucidate  the  history  of  North  Carolina."  The  publica- 
tions which  have  been  prepared  during  the  last  year  entitled  "Great 
Events  in  North  Carolina  History"  are  charming  in  style  and  in- 
tensely interesting. 

The  venerable  and  veteran  editor  and  seer  of  the  Albemarle,  Col. 
R.  B.  Creecy,  has  given  us  in  his  delightful  "Tales  of  a  Grandfather" 
a  valuable  collection  of  memories,  and  pen  pictures  of  the  men  of 
the  past  in  the  Albemarle  Section,  who  have  shed  lustre  upon  that 
region  so  prolific  of  great  men  and  stirring  events  in  the  Colonial 
period  of  our  history. 

Dr.  Bassett,  Professor  of  History  in  Trinity  College,  is  a  most 
loving  and  zealous  devotee  to  the  study  and  writing  of  our  early 
history.  The  "Archive"  is  filled  with  work  of  a  high  order  of  merit. 
I  would  not  fail  to  recall  the  valuable  work  of  Dr.  Stephen  B.  Weeks 
in  his  chosen  field  of  historical  investigation.  Mr.  Marshall  De- 
Lancey  Haywood  of  Raleigh  has  given  us  some  very  valuable  mono- 
■graphs  and  will  soon  complete  and  publish  a  history  of  the  adminis- 
tration of  Governor  Tryon. 

Capt.  Samuel  A.  Ashe,  who  in  his  untiring  and  unselfish  devo- 
tion and  service  to  the  State,  illustrates  and  perpetuates  the  virtues 
of  a  long  line  of  distinguished  ancestors,  I  am  assured  has  in  hand 
and  will  complete  a  history  of  North  Carolina.  That  the  work  will 
be  worthy  of  the  State  is  assured  by  the  established  reputation  of 
the  author. 

Mr.  Davis,  in  the  address  from  which  I  have  quoted,  speaking  of 
the  purpose  which  inspired  him,  says,  "My  single  desire  is  to  awaken 
a  new  interest  in  her  early  history."  If  the  wise  and  good,  who 
rest  from  their  labors,  are  permitted  to  have  knowledge  of  the  fruits 
of  their  service  while  here,  we  may  be  assured  that  the  great,  warm, 
loving  heart  of  your  departed  citizen  and  friend  is  filled  with  joy 
that  his  labors  to  rescue  the  memory  of  his  forefathers  from  forget- 
fulness  were  not  in  vain. 

The  story  of  the  social,  and  domestic,  life  of  the  men  of  the  Cape 
Fear,  of  their  liberal  hospitality,  their  happy  homes,  elegant  manners, 
rich  and  rare  conversation,  fertile  lands,  their  marrying  and  giving 
in  marriage  has  been  most  interestingly  told  by  their  descendants. 
Mr.  Davis  describes  them  as,  "Gentlemen  of  birth  and  education, 
bred  in  the  refinement  of  polished  society,  bringing  with  them  ample 
fortunes,  gentle  manners  and  cultivated  minds.  Most  of  them 
united  by  ties  of  blood,  and  all  by  those  of  friendship,  they  came  as, 
one  household,  sufficient  unto  themselves,  and  reared  their  family 
altars  in  peace  and  happiness."  The  Moores,  Waddells  and  their 
associates  were  soon  joined  by  men  of  note  from  all  quarters,  who 
came  to  swell  their  numbers.     From  Chowan  came  the  distinguished 


Hon.   H.   G.   Connor's  Address. 

lawyer,  Samuel  Swann,  and  his  brother;  John  Edward  Mosely,  the 
President  of  the  Council,  and  his  kinsman,  young  Alexander  Lilling- 
ton;  John  Baptista  Ashe  and  Cornelius  Harnett,  the  elder.  From 
Boston  came  William  Hill,  William  Hooper,  and  General  Thomas 
Clark ;  from  South  Carolina,  came  Chief  Justice  Allen  and  William 
Dry,  the  elder ;  from  Ireland,  Archibald  MacLaine ;  from  Liverpool, 
the  Eagles ;  from  London,  the  Quincies ;  and  here  came  John  Rus- 
sell, and  Robert  Holton  and  Armand  DeRossett,  Col.  Jones,  Col. 
Merrick,  the  Claytons  and  Rutherfords,  the  Rices,  the  Rowans,  the 
Watters  and  a  host  of  others."  The  virtues,  courage  and  loyalty  of 
these  men  and  their  descendants  at  all  periods  of  North  Carolina 
history  and  in  all  departments  of  life  and  work  have  enriched  the 
annals  of  the  State.  Whenever  chartered  rights  were  endangered 
by  the  assumption  or  abuse  of  power;  whenever  British  aggression 
threatened  the  liberties  of  the  people,  they  were  the  foremost  to  resist 
openly  and  forcibly.  When  new  conditions  demanded  wise  and  safe 
counsel,  these  men  were  the  wisest.  When  new  political  institu- 
tions resulting  from  new  political  conditions  became  necessary,  these 
men  were  among  the  leaders  in  the  work.  When  battles  were  to  be 
fought,  invaders  repelled,  succor  to  neighboring  people  to  be  ren- 
dered, the  men  of  the  Cape  Fear  were  ready  and  prompt  to  discharge 
every  duty. 

,  Truly,  Madame  President  and  ladies  of  the  Cape  Fear,  you  and 
your  sisters  in  other  sections  of  the  State  have  good  cause  to  associate 
yourselves  together  to  do  honor  to  the  virtues  of  your  forefathers,  and 
to  encourage  all  who  come  under  your  influence  to  true  patriotism, 
built  upon  the  knowledge  of  the  self-sacrifice  and  heroism»of  the  men 
of  the  colonies  who  laid  the  foundation  of  this  great  nation. 

I  have  thought  it  would  be  instructive  and  interesting  to  devote 
the  half  hour  assigned  me  on  your  program  to  a  study  of  the  motives 
which  moved  and  controlled  the  leaders  in  this  section  and  their 
associated  Colonists  in  Eastern  Carolina  in  their  struggle  with  the 
mother  country  which  resulted  in  the  revolution  of  1776. 

That  which  gives  interest  and  permanent  value  to  the  struggle  of 
patriotic  men  against  assumed  or  abused  political  power  resulting 
in  revolution,  change  of  dynasty  or  of  institutions,  is  its  connection 
with  and  expression  of  fundamental  principles  and  strong  political 
convictions.  There  is  but  a  transient  interest  in  mere  upheavals  of 
men  struggling  for  temporary  supremacy.  These  are  the  results  of 
factional  divisions,  having  no  rational  course  and  no  permanent  in- 
terest. They  are  incident  to  all  communities  in  their  beginnings. 
Men  devoted  to  the  institutions  and  laws  of  their  country,  proud  of 
its  past,  its  military  and  civic  glory,  are,  because  of  such  devotion 
and  loyalty,  based  upon  an  intelligent  understanding  of  the  laws 

8  Hon.   H.  G.   Connor's  Address. 

and  their  value,  always  most  jealous  of  the  slightest  invasion  of  their 
rights.  These  are  the  men  who  are  the  first  to  enter  and  the  last  to 
abandon  the  contest.  Such  are  the  men  whose  deeds  you  axe  here  to 
celebrate  and  commemorate.  It  was  because  John  Ashe  and  Hugh 
Waddell  were  men  of  this  sort  that  where  we  now  stand  "was  the  scene 
of  the  first  armed  resistance  of  the  Stamp  Act  in  any  American  Col- 
ony." It  was  here  that  those  citizen  soldiers  "defied  the  power  of 
Great  Britain"  and  prevented  the  landing  of  stamps  from  her  ships 
of  war  November  28,  1765.  They  declared  that  they  would  resist 
the  landing  of  stamps  and  would  fire  on  any  one  attempting  it. 

The  first  charter  granted  by  Charles  II  to  the  Lords  Proprietors 
of  Carolina,  among  other  provisions,  contains  these  words,  "And 
to  the  end  the  said  province  may  be  more  rapidly  increased  by  the 
multitude  of  people  resorting  thereto  ******  "VVe  do 
give  and  grant  and  by  these  presents  as  likewise  all  liberties,  fran- 
chises, and  privileges  of  this  our  kingdom  of  England  and  all  other 
of  our  Dominion  aforesaid  and  they  may  fully  and  widely  have, 
possess  and  enjoy  as  our  liege  people,  born  within  the  same.  *  *  * 
Any  statute,  act,  ordinance  or  provision  to  the  contrary  notwithstand- 
ing." In  the  edition  of  1854  of  Bancroft's  History  (vol.  2,  page 
159)  we  find  these  words,  "Are  there  any  who  doubt  man's  capacity 
for  self-government,  let  them  study  the  history  of  Xorth  Carolina." 
In  the  edition  1876,    (vol.  I,  page  594)   these  words  are  omitted. 

This  fact  in  no  decree  affects  their  truth.     The  controversies  which 

disturbed  the  peace  of  the  colony  and  filled  the  letters  of  the  Royal 

Governors  with  complaints  of  the  Colonists,  resulted  from  misgovern- 

ment  and  unwarranted  interference  with  the  people's  chartered  rights. 

The  second  charter  contained  the  same  provisions.  As  a 
result,  in  1766,  when  the  British  Parliament  enacted  the  Stamp 
Act,  the  men  of  the  Albemarle  and  of  the  Cape  Fear  well  understood 
its  significance  and  the  issue  presented  to  them.  They  then,  as 
always,  insisted  that  the  "liberties,  franchises  and  privileges  of  Eng- 
lishmen, claimed  and  enjoyed  as  a  matter  of  right  by  our  ancestors,  be- 
longed to  them,because  they  were  inhabitants  of  Carolina,  all  of  whom 
were  guaranteed  the  rights  of  Englishmen  by  their  charter.  "In  like 
manner  as  St.  Paul  boasted  of  the  vantage  he  occupied  by  right  of  his 
Roman  citizenship,  so  our  ancestors  claimed  as  inhabitants  of  Caro- 
lina they,  too,  occupied  a.  vantage  ground  peculiarly  their  own,  and 
of  which  they  could  not  be  lawfully  deprived  without  their  consent." 

Resistance  to  the  enforcement  of  the  Stamp  Act  was  based 
entirely  upon  the  ground  that  it  was  an  invasion  of  their  charter, 
which  secured  to  them  the  exclusive  right  to  tax  themselves.  "Five 
times  before  the  storm  of  revolution  swept  over  the  State,  the  self 
willed  and  power  hating  lawyers  of  North  Carolina  had  anticipated 

Hon.  H.   G.   Connor's  Address.  9 

Bunker  Hill  and  Lexington  and  their  own  Mecklenburg  in  their 
willingness  to  die  in  behalf  of  the  abstract  idea  of  local  self  govern- 
ment. Their  motives  were  not  commercial ;  no  ships  rotted  in  their 
harbors ;  they  had  no  manufactures  to  languish,  no  carrying  trade  to 
be  ruined.  Their  conduct  was  simply  a  pure  and  priceless  demon- 
stration of  the  political  genius  and  self  governing  passion  of  the 
Anglo  Saxon  race."  It  is  this  truth  which  gives  to  Carolina  its 
absorbing  and  permanent  interest.  It  is  the  further  truth  that  at 
all  times  the  same  spirit,  "the  same  political  genius  and  self-govern- 
ing passion"  has  asserted  itself.  North  Carolina,  from  the  days  of 
Ashe,  Harvey,  Waddell,  Hewes,  Iredell,  Moore  and  their  associates, 
to  this  hour  has  never  entered  into  a  contest  in  the  field  or  the  forum 
ignorant  of  the  right  to  be  defended  or  the  wrong  to  be  redressed. 
The  crisis  of  1766  passed  by  the  repeal  of  the  Stamp  Act.  No 
Stamps  were  landed  or  circulated  on  Xorth  Carolina  soil.  "The  issue 
was  again  presented  in  1773-74."  From  that  time  to  1776  five 
provincial  congresses  called  by  her  citizens  met  within  the  borders 
of  the  State.  Unmoved  by  considerations  of  loss  or  gain,  with 
British  fleets  hovering  off  her  coasts,  and  sixteen  hundred  Tories 
gathering  their  clans  for  battle  in  her  very  heart,  the  men  of  North 
Carolina,  with  serene  and  patient  wisdom,  guided  through  the  suc- 
cessive stage  of  self  defense,  rebellion,  provisional  government  and 
statehood.  There  was  haste  a  plenty,  but  no  confusion,  no  anarchy, 
no  lawlessness.  No  detail  of  administration  escaped  their  notice. 
No  adjustment  of  power  to  liberty  remained  unguarded.  No  ques- 
tion of  human  rights  went  undiscussed.  With  a  clear  concurrent 
purpose  begotten  of  great  fortitude  and  love,  these  fearless,  practical, 
level-eyed  men  performed  a  civic  duty  and  submitted  their  work 
to  the  "ratification  of  remote  generations." 

The  Colonists  constantly  maintained  and  adhered  to  two  great 
cardinal  principles ;  First  they  relied  upon  the  known  and  unchang- 
ing text  of  written  law.  "Our  charter  still  subsists"  was  their  slo- 
gan from  start  to  finish,  from  the  first  royal  governor  to  the  last. 
Second,  that  whenever  in  their  opinion  speech  was  exhausted  and 
force  necessary,  they  hesitated  not  to  use  violence  to  enforce  their 
chartered  rights,  and  to  prevent  their  infringement. 

The  Legislature,  which  met  on  the  4th  of  December,  1773,  ap- 
pointed a  committee  to  gain  the  earliest  intelligence  of  the  proceed- 
ings in  Parliamnt  in  regard  to  America,  and  to  maintain  correspon- 
dence with  the  other  colonies.  The  Governor,  foreseeing  the  result 
of  a  concert  of  action,  determined  to  prevent  North  Carolina's  being 
represented  in  any  Colonial  Congress  that  might  be  called.-  The  dep- 
uties to  such  bodies  had  always  been  elected  by  the -Legislatures; 
hence  the  Governor,  that  he  might  keep  matters  in  his  own  hands, 

10  Hon.   H.   G.   Connor's   Address. 

dissolved  the  Assembly  and  determined  that  it  should  not  assemble 
again  until  matters  were  in  better  shape.  When  this  was  communi- 
cated to  John  Harvey,  then  Speaker  of  the  Assembly,  he  replied, 
"Then  the  people  will  convene  one  themselves."  He  conferred  with 
Wiley  Jones,  at  Halifax,  and  with  Samuel  Johnston  and  Colonel 
Buncombe,  at  the  home  of  the  latter  in  Tyrrell  County.  We  find  that 
on  July  24,  1774,  a  general  meeting  of  the  inhabitants  of  Wilming- 
ton, in  the  Province  of  jSTorth  Carolina,  was  held  in  the  town  of 
Wilmington.  At  this  meeting,  William  Hooper  presided.  It  was 
resolved,  "That.  Col.  James  Moore,  John  Ancrum,  Fred  Jones,  Sam- 
uel Ashe,  Robert  Hogg,  Robert  Howe,  Francis  Clayton  and  Archibald 
McLaine  should  be  advised  to  prepare  a  circular  letter  to  the  several 
counties  of  their  province,  expressive  of  the  sense  of  the  inhabitants 
of  this  district  with  respect  to  the  several  acts  of  Parliament  lately 
made  for  the  oppression  of  our  sister  colony  of  the  Massachusetts  Bay, 
for  having  exerted  itself  in  defense  of  the  constitutional  rights  of 

Other  resolutions  breathing  the  same  spirit  and  setting  forth  their 
purposes  were  adopted.  They  were  not  content  with  mere  expres- 
sion of  sympathy,  but  showed  forth  their  faith  by  their  works  and 
declared,  "We  consider  the  cause  of  the  town  of  Boston  as  the  com- 
mon cause  of  British  America,  and  as  suffering  in  defense  of  the 
colonies  in  general ;  and  that,  therefore  we  have  sent  in  proportion 
to  our  ability  a  supply  of  provisions  for  the  indigent  of  that  place." 
This  committee  at  once  prepared  and  sent  to  the  freeholders  of 
Craven  County  a  letter  enclosing  the  resolutions  and  inviting  them  to 
elect  delegates  to  represent  them  at  a  Congress  to  be  held  on  August 
20th.  This  letter  concludes  with  these  words,  "We  rely  upon  your 
sending  an  immediate  answer  to  these  our  proposals,  and  wishing  you 
success  in  all  your  efforts  for  the  support  of  the  Constitutional  liber- 
ties of  America."  It  is  interesting  to  note  that  in  every  declaration 
made  by  these  clear-minded,  "level-headed"  men,  it  is  their  "Constitu- 
tional liberties"  they  are  defending.  The  freeholders  of  other  Coun- 
ties met  and  adopted  resolutions  of  a  similar  character. 

Governor  Martin,  on  August  13th,  issued  a  proclamation,  in  which 
he  did  "strictly  require  and  enjoin  on  their  allegiance  all  and  every 
of  his  Majesty's  subjects  to  forbear  to  attend  at  .any  such  illegal 
meetings."  Two  days  afterwards  the  freeholders  of  Pitt  County  met 
and  resolved  "that  John  Simpson  and  Edward  Cotton  attend  at  a 
convention  of  this  province."  They  were  instructed  to  a  "declaration 
of  American  rights."  They  declared,  "It  is  the  first  law  of  British 
law  and  legislation  that  no  man  can  be  taxed  but  by  his  own  consent  or 
by  his  legal  representatives."  These  men  spoke  as  if  they  had  learned 
the  rights  of  Englishmen  from  him  whose  great  name  their  county 

Hon.   H.   G.   Connok's  Address.  11 

bore.  The  freeholders  of  Johnston  County  on  the  same  day  met  and 
declared,  "That  his  -Majesty's  subjects  in  America  are  entitled  to 
the  same  rights  and  privileges  that  his  subjects  in  the  kingdom  are," 
and  "that  it  is  repugnant  to  the  rights  of  the  people  that  any  tax 
should  be  imposed  on  them  without  their  consent  or  the  consent  of 
th^se  who  properly  represent  them."  On  the  same  day  the  freemen 
of  Granville  met  and  set  forth  the  great  fundamental  political  truth 
'"that  by  the  civil  compact  subsisting  between  our  king  and  his  people, 
allegiance  is  the  right  of  the  first  magistrate  and  protection  the  right 
of  the  people."  They  further  resolved  that  "His  Majesty's  subjects 
living  in  America,  have  either  by  inheritance  or  by  purchase — 
all  and  singular  the  rights,  liberties  and  immunities  claimed  by  their 
British  ancestors,  and  entitled  to /the  privileges  granted  to  them  by 
their  respective  provincial  charters;  that  the  sole  right  to  impose 
taxes  upon  the  people  of  America  is  constitutionally  vested  in  the 
representative  provincial  assemblies."  As  indicating  the  broad  pa- 
triotic spirit  which  constrained  these  men  and  their  determination  to 
subordinate  all  things  to  the  vindication  and  defense  of  their  char- 
tered rights,  we  find  them  declaring,  "that  for  the  common  good, 
every  difference,  division,  party  and  faction  and  the  cause  thereof 
subside ;  that  peace,  unanimity  and  concord  subsist  throughout  this 

On  the  25th  day  of  August,  1774,  the  Council  met  at  New  Bern. 
The  Governor's  proclamation  had  been  disregarded  and  he  signified 
to  the  Board  that  "this  day  is  appointed  for  the  meeting  of  certain 
persons,  called  deputies  from  several  counties  and  towns  of  the  pro- 
vince at  this  place,  and  that  many  of  them  had  come  to  town  and  he 
desired  the  advice  of  the  Council  whether  he  should  take  any  further 
measures  than  those  he  had  taken,  when  it  was  the  unanimous  opinion 
that  no  further  steps  could  properly  be  taken  at  this  juncture."  It 
is  evident  that  the  Council  better  understood  the  temper  of  the  people 
than  did  their  royal  Governor.  The  Convention  met  on  the  same 
day.  Among  the  deputies  were  the  most  prominent-men  of  the 
Province.  From  Brunswick  came  Robert  Howe  ;  from  Craven,  Rich- 
ard Cogdell ;  from  Chowan,  Samuel  Johnston ;  from  Chatham,  Rich- 
ard Caswell ;  from  Duplin,  James  Kenan  and  William  Dixon ;  from 
Granville,  Thomas  Person ;  from  Halifax,  Nicholas  Long  and  Wil- 
liam Jones;  from  New  Hanover,  John  Ashe  and  William  Hooper; 
from  Onslow,  John  Harvey;  from  New  Bern,  Abner  Nash;  from 
Edenton,  Joseph  Hewes.  John  Harvey  was  unanimously  elected 
Moderator.  On  the  27th  day  of  August  the  Convention  set  forth  in 
a  series  of  resolutions,  its  opinion  and  position  upon  the  questions 
and  conditions  which  had  brought  it  into  existence.  These  resolu- 
tions give  prominence  to  two  truths:  First,  "That  we  claim  no  more 


Hois".   H.   G.   Coisrisro^s  Address. 

rights  than  the  rights  of  Englishmen  without  diminution  or  abridge- 
ment." Second,  "That  it -is  of  the  very  essence  of  the  British  Con- 
stitution that  no  subject  shall  be  taxed  without  his  own  consent, 
freely  given  by  himself,  or  by  his  legal  representatives,  "  *  *  * 
and  that  any  other  than  such  is  derogatory  to  the  rights  of  a  subject 
and  a  gross  violation  to  the  grand  charter  of  our  liberties."  William 
Hooper,  Joseph  Hewes  and  Eichard  Caswell  were  appointed  depu- 
ties to  attend  the  General  Congress,  to  be  held  in  Philadelphia.  The 
resolutions  were  signed  by  the  Moderator  and  each  deputy.  Provis- 
ion was  made  for  convening  the  Congress  by  the  Moderator,  or,  in 
the  event  of  his  death,  by  Samuel  Johnston. 

Governor  Martin,  in  his  letter  to  the  Earl  of  Dartmouth,  says: 
"The  first  intimation  I  received,  except  from  vague  rumor,  of  the 
measures  taken  lately  here  was  from  the  enclosed  printed  letter  of  a 
committee  at  Wilmington  to  the  freeholders  of  Craven  County."  In 
this  very  interesting  letter  the  irate  Governor  roundly  scores  his  Coun- 
cil, for  that  although  invited  to  reside  at  his  house,  and  hold  "them- 
selves abstracted  from  the  Deputies"  they  mixed  with  the  members 
of  this  "Cabal."  He  excepts  Mr.  President  Hassell,  who  he  says, 
acquitted  himself  like  "a  true  and  worthy  man."  He  says  that  while 
he  thinks  Mr.  Caswell  "disapproves  of  these  measures  in  his  heart 
and  undertakes  this  office  purely  for  the  sake  of  maintaining  his  pop- 
ularity *  *  *  the  Other  two  are  professed  champions  of  all  pop- 
ular measures."  Whatever  foundation  there  may  have  been  for 
Governor  Martin's  opinion  that  Mr.  Caswell  disapproved  of  these 
measures,  we  find  that  he  "set  out  from  the  Red  House,  Sept  3d,  1774, 
for  Philadelphia,"  and  made  an  interesting  "itinerary,"  reaching 
there  on  the  25th  day  of  the  month.  He  notes  that  at  a  banquet  at 
the  State  House  thirty-two  toasts  were  drunk,  setting  them  out  in 
full.  They  are  quite  interesting  as  indicating  the  large  capacity  .of 
these  patriots  for  enjoying  the  good  things  of  life,  and  at  the  same 
time  give  expression  to  their  political  opinions  and  purposes.  An- 
drew Miller,  in  a  letter  to  Thomas  Burke,  Sept.  4th;  1774,  says :  "I 
fancy  that  I  have  seen  a  copy  of  the  provincial  resolves.  I  am  told 
that  they  are  drawn  by  Mr.  Hooper."  "It  was  resolved  that  a  com- 
mittee of  five  persons  be  appointed  in  each  county  to  accede  to  this 
Association,  to  take  effectual  care  that  these  resolutions  be  properly 
observed,  and  to  correspond  occasionally  with  the  provincial  commit- 
tee." Pursuant  to  these  resolutions,  Committees  of  Safety  were 
appointed  by  the  several  counties. 

At  a  meeting  of  the  free  holders  in  the  Court  House  at  Wilmington 
on  November  23rd,  1774,  they  unanimously  elected  Cornelius  Har- 
net,  John  Quince,  Francis  Clayton,  William  Hooper,  Archibald  Mc- 
Laine,  John  Roberson  and  James  Walker.    The  record  of  the  proceed- 


Hon.   H.   G.   Connor's  Address.  13 

ing  of  this  committee  gives  us  an  accurate  and  graphic  account  of 
the  state  of  mind,  the  patriotic  purposes  and  the  invincible  determi- 
nation of  the  men  of  this  section  "to  give  an  unanimous  adhesion  to 
the  resolutions  and  advice  of  their  representatives  in  the  late  General 

On  January  21,  1775,  the  Committee  assembled  for  the  purpose 
of  choosing  a  committee  for  the  county  to  join  and  co-operate  with  the 
Committee  of  the  town.  They  chose  George  M.  Moore,  John  Ashe, 
Samuel  Ashe,  James  Moore,  Alexander  Lillington,  Timothy  Blood- 
worth,  John  and  Thomas  Devane  and  others.  At  this  time  they 
decided  to  have  stated  monthly  meetings.  It  clearly  appears,  that, 
although  there  existed  in  the  Province  an  organized  government  with 
a  Royal  Governor  at  its  head,  the  real  power,  recognized  and  obeyed, 
was  in  those  Committees  of  Safety. 

It  would  be  interesting  to  call  your  attention  to  their  mode  of  pro- 
cedure and  to  the  variety  of  subjects  of  which  they  took  cognizance. 
A  proposed  horse  race  was  at  their  suggestion  abandoned,  "as  being 
subversive  of  the  said  association  and  a  breach  of  the  resolves  of  the 
General  Assembly."  Mr.  William  Hill,  being  addressed  concerning 
the  tea  brought  into  port  by  the  "Sally,"  answers,  "The  safety  of 
the  people  is,  or  ought  to  be,  the  supreme  law  of  the  land.  The  gen- 
tlemen of  the  Committee  will  judge  whether  this  law  or  an  Act  of 
Parliament  should  at  this  time  operate  in  North  Carolina."  Mr. 
Mabson  is  notified  that  the  Committee  have  resolved  that  "all  slaves 
imported  into  this  river  since  the  first  of  December  shall  be  reship- 
ped  to  the  places  where  they  came  from  as  soon  as  possible."  The 
merchants  of  Wilmington,  masters  of  vessels  and  traders  are  notified 
if  they  have  gunpowder  on'  hand  they  will  cease  to  make  sale  thereof 
until  informed  by  the  Committee.  Mr.  Swann  and  Mr.  Roberson 
made  report  to  the  Committee  that  all  persons  applied  to  had  com- 
plied with  the  request,,  except  Mr.  Burgwyn,  whose  answer  "appears 
to  be  evasive."  The  Committee  declared  that  Mr.  Burgwyn 's  answer 
was  unsatisfactory  and  that  he  have  notice  of  it  Mr.  Burgwyn,  on 
the  same  day,  assures  the  Committee  that  there  is  some  misapprehen- 
sion in  regard  to  the  matter,  "as  surely  it  cannot  be  supposed  that  I 
intend  any  insult  to  a  set  of  gentlemen  for  whom  I  have  individually 
a  high  respect."  He  proceeds  to  assure  them  that  at  the  time  of 
the  inquiry  he  did  not  know  the  quantity  that  he  had  and  makes  some 
reference  to  the  fact  that  "a  parti  of  the  gun  powder  belongs  to  Mrs. 
Waddell."  He  concludes  his  letter,  "I  should  be  extremely  sorry  to  act 
in  any  respect  contrary  to  the  true  interest  of  my  Country."  Mr. 
Harnett,  for  the  committee,  assures  Mr.  Burgwyn  that  his  answer  is 
satisfactory.  A  meeting  of  the  merchants  and  traders  is  declared  to 
be  necessary  to  prevent  as  far  as  possible  any  advantage  being  taken 


Hox.   H.   G.   Connor's  Address. 

of  the  present  situation  of  the  Province,  with  America  in  general 
rating  goods  higher  than  they  were  formerly  sold  at.  Billiard  tables 
and  dancing  in  public  houses  were  condemned  as  being  repugnant  to 
the  resolves  of  the  General  Conference.  The  price  of  salt  was  regu- 
lated by  the  Committee. 

That  theso  patriotic  gentlemen  were  not  so  deeply  absorbed  in 
the  stirring  events  affecting  the  welfare  of  the  Province  as  to  neglect 
other  concerns  of  this  life  is  shown  by  an  announcement  in  the 
"Gazette"  of  February  12th,  1775,  that  "Mr.  Roger  Moore,  of  Cape 
Fear  was  married  to  Miss  Polly  Nash,  at  Pembroke,  the  seat  of 
Abner  Nash,  Esq."  It  is  stated  that  "she  is  a  most  amiable  young 
lady  with  a  handsome  fortune." 

John  Harvey,  Moderator,  issues  his  proclamation  to  the  respective 
counties  and  towns  to  elect  delegates  to  represent  them  in  a  Conven- 
tion to  assemble  at  New  Bern  on  April  3rd.  He  gives  as  his  reason 
for  this  that  "the  Assembly  stands  prorogued  on  the  27th  of  March." 
We  now  reach  a  time  when  the  struggles  of  more  than  a  century  are 
to  culminate,  and  the  right  of  self  government  to  be  finally  as- 
serted and  maintained. 

On  April  2nd,  Governor  Martin  issued  a  proclamation  reciting  that 
in  consequence  of  the  advertisement  issued  and  circulated  by  John 
Harvey,  Moderator,  sundry  persons  have  been  elected  by  "a  small 
number  of  freeholders"  to  meet  in  Convention  in  the  town  of  New 
Bern  on  this  day;  that  the  meeting  of  the  said  convention  and  the 
declared  purposes  thereof  will  be  highly  offensive  to  the  King  and 
dishonorable  to  the  General  Assembly,  which  is  appointed  to  sit  at 
this  time  for  the  dispatch  of  public  business."  He  therefore  exhorts 
all  his  Majesty's  subjects  to  withdraw  themselves  from  the  same  and 
to  desist  from  all  such  illegal  proceedings.  A  large  number  of  those 
elected  to  the  Convention  were  also  members  of  the  Assembly.  The 
temper  of  these  men  is  shown  by  the  record  which  they  made.  It 
reads  as  follows :  "At  a  general  meeting  of  the  delegates  in  this  Pro- 
vince in  Convention  at  New  Bern  the  3rd  day  of  April,  1775,  etc." 
Then  follows  a.  list  of  the  delegates  present.  Whereupon  John  Har- 
vey was  unanimously  elected  Moderator.  The  conduct  of  Hooper, 
Howes  and  Caswell,  delegates  to  the  General  Congress,  is  declared 
"in  every'  particular  worthy  of  the  trust  imposed  in  them."  The 
Moderator  returned  the  thanks  of  the  Convention  to  the  delegates, 
to  which  they  made  an  appropriate  answer.  •  These  gentlemen  were 
again  appointed  delegates  to  the  General  Congress.  To  this  Conven- 
tion the  borough  of  Wilmington  sent  Cornelius  Harnett,  the  county 
retaining  Col.  Ashe  and  Mr.  Hooper;  Orange  sent  Francis  Nash; 
Onslow,  Edward  Sharkey ;  Brunswick,  Parker  Quince.  The  Con- 
vention adjourned  April  7th.     On  the  4th  of  April  the  Assembly 

Hon.  H.   G.   Connor's  Address. 


met  in  New  Bern.  John  Harvey  wafe  unanimously  elected  Speaker. 
Thus  was  presented  the  very  singular  spectacle  of  a  body  of  men 
designated  by  the  Governor  as  a  "Cabal"  and  as  an  "illegal  Assem- 
bly," and  the  same  men  at  the  same  time  constituting  a  body  ad- 
dressed by  his  Excellency  as  "Mr.  Speaker  and  Gentlemen  of  the 

The  address  of  Governor  Martin  is  filled  with  denunciation  of  the 
Convention.  The  House  in  its  answer  says :  "Far  be  it  from  us,  Sir, 
even  to  prevent  the  operations  of  the  Convention  now  held  in  New 
bern,  or  to  agree  with  your  Excellency  in  bestowing  iipon  them  the 
injurious  epithet  of  an  illegal  meeting.  They  are,  Sir,  the  respec- 
table representatives  of  the  people,  appointed  for  a  special  and  im- 
portant purpose."  The  Assembly  concluded  this  important  commun- 
ication to  the  Governor  with  an  expression  of  warm  attachment  and 
heartfelt  compassion  for  the  deplorable  state  of  the  town  of  Boston, 
and  a  declaration  of  a  fixed  and  determined  purpose  to  unite  with 
the  other  colonies  in  their  effort  to  retain  and  hand  down  to  posterity 
unimpaired  those  rights  and  liberties,  which  as  British  subjects  they 
possessed.  They  "highly  approve"  of  the  proceedings  of  the  Continen- 
tal Congress,  and  the  choice  of  Hooper,  Hewes  and  Caswell  as  dele- 
gates, and  expressed  their  thanks  to  these  gentlemen  for  their  ser- 
vices. Thereupon,  as  we  might  well  expect  "His  Excellency,  the  Gov- 
ernor, was  pleased  to  dissolve  the  Assembly" ;  and  thus  ended  the 
last  Legislative  body  that  ever  sat  in  North  Carolina  under  British 

The  relations  between  Governor  Martin  and  the  people  became 
more  strained  every  day.  Charges  of  the  most  serious  ^character 
were  made  against  him.  The  Committees  of  Safety  practically  as- 
sumed control  of  affairs,  and  the  people  gave  to  them  loyal  support. 
Important  events  followed  each  other  with  great  rapidity.  The 
Governor  moved  from  New  Bern  to  Fort  Johnston.  From  here  he 
was  driven  by  Col.  John  Ashe  to  seek  safety  on  the  "Cruizer."  His 
Excellency  issued  his  proclamations  and  denunciations,  all  of  which 
only  stimulated  Ashe,  Harnett,  Howe  and  others  of  their  associates 
to  further  promote  "sedition  and  rebellion,"  until  he  declared  that 
"they  stand  foremost  among  the  patrons  of  revolt  and  anarchy." 

We  find  on  January  16th,  1775,  "a  letter  from  the  people  to  Gover- 
nor Martin."  The  language  of  the  letter  is  in  such  striking  contrast 
to  the  diplomatic  style  of  its  conclusion  as  "Your  Excellency's  most 
Obedient  and  Humble  Servants"  that  it  has  the  flavor  of  grim 
humor.  It  is  evident  from  the  language  of  the  proclamation  of 
August  20th,  that  Governor  Martin  was  of  the  opinion  that  the  let- 
ter was  written  by  "a  certain  John  Ashe,  who  presumed  to  employ 
the  most  respectable  name  of  the  people  to  cover  his  own  flagitious 

16  Hon.  H.   G.   Connor's  Address. 

designs."  Mr.  Harnett,  Chairman  of  the  Committee  for  Wilming- 
ton, on  July  27th,  called  a  meeting  of  the  free-holders  of  the  county 
and  town  to  elect  additional  delegates  to  the  Convention  called  by 
Mr.  Samuel  Johnston  to  meet  at  Hillsboro,  the  20th  of  August, 
Archibald  McLaine  was  elected  for  the  town,  and  William  Hooper, 
Alexander  Lillington  and  James  Moore  for  the  County  as  additional 
delegates.  This  act  on  the  part  of  the  people  called  forth  "a  fiery 
proclamation  of  Governor  Martin."  This  sulphurous  state  paper 
forewarns  and  exhorts  all  His  Majesty's  subjects  within  the  Prov- 
ince to  forbear  making'  any  choice  of  delegates  to  represent  them  in 
the  intended  Convention  at  Hillsboro.  Notwithstanding  the  exhorta- 
tion every  county  and  every  borough  in  the  Province  sent  a  larger 
number  of  delegates  to  this  Convention  than  to  either  of  the  ones 
held  at  Neiv  Bern,  and  on  August  21st  one  hundred  and  eighty-four 
delegates,  elected  by'  the  freeholders,  answered  the  roll  call^  "within 
forty-eight  hours  after  their  organization,"  a  "test"  solemnly  bind- 
'ing  the  members  under  the  sanction  of  virtue,  honesty  and  sacred 
love  of  liberty  and  of  country  to  maintain  and  support  all  and  every 
of  the  acts,  regulations,  and  resolutions  of  the  Continental  and  Pro- 
vincial Congresses  was  reported  and  unanimously  adopted,  every  one 
of  the  one  hundred  and  eighty-four  delegates  signing  it.  Although, 
a  digression,  it  is  interesting  to  note  a  record  made  by  those  who  came 
after  these  men  more  than  a  century  later.  On  the  20th  of  May, 
1861,  the  Delegates  to  another  Convention  were  assembled  in  the 
City  of  Raleigh.  "At  eight  o'clock,  as  agreed  upon,  in  open  Conven- 
tion the  members  proceeded  to  affix  their  names  to  the  ordinance  of 
separation  and  one  hundred  and  twenty,  the  whole  nilmber  provided 
for  by  the  Act  of  the  General  Assembly  came  forward  and  signed  the 
instrument,"  In  this  Convention,  Brunswick  was  represented  by 
Maurice  Moore;  Wilmington,  by  Cornelius  Harnett  and  Archibald 
McLaine ;  New  Hanover,  by  George  Moore,  Alexander  Lillington, 
Samuel  Ashe,  William  Hooper,  James  Moore,  and  John  Ashe ;  Bruns- 
wick County,  by  Robert  Howe,  Parker  Quince,  Robert  Ellis  and 
Roger  Moore.  Samuel  Johnson  was  there  from  Chowan;  James 
Kenan  and  William  Dixon  from  Duplin ;  Richard  Caswell  from 
Dobbs;  Henry  Irwin  from  Edgecombe;  Thomas  Person  and  John 
Penn  from  Granville;  Thomas  Hart  from  Orange;  three  of  the  Har- 
vey name  from  Perquimans ;  Joseph  Hewes  from  Edenton ;  and 
Abner  Nash  from  New  Bern. 

The  roll  call  of  this  Convention  calls  to  mind  many  of  the  bright- 
est and  proudest  pages  in  the  history  of  this  dear  old  Commonwealth, 
It  was  in  session  twenty-days.  Its  work  for  organizing  the  Province 
for  defense  was  important  and  thorough.  As  indicating  the  temper 
of  the  men  who  proposed  it,  we  find  that  they  ordered  the  proclama- 

Hon.   H.   G.   Connor's  Address. 


tion  "to  be  burned  by  the  common  hangman."  They  declared  that 
the  Governor  had  "absented  himself."  They  organized  additional 
Committees  of  Safety  in  the  counties  and  a  central  committee,  called 
"A  Provincial  Council"  clothed  with  complete  power.  Col.  Saun- 
ders says,  ''The  New  Government,  with  ample  powers  and  a  full 
complement  of  officers,  thus  sprung  full  grown,  as  it  were,  into  being, 
moved  along  steadily  and  did  its  work  regularly." 

On  April  4thj  1776,  the  Provincial  Congress  met  at  Halifax. 
A  Committee,  of  which  Cornelius  Harnett  was  Chairman,  was  "ap- 
pointed to  take  into  consideration' "the  usurpations  and  violations  at- 
tempted and  committed  by  the  King  and  Parliament,  of  Great  Britain 
against  America."  On  Friday  morning  the  Committee  reported 
that  in  their  opinion  the  House  shoixld  enter  into  the  following  re- 
solve: "That  the  delegates  in  this  Colony  in  the  Continental  Con- 
gress be  empowered  to  concur  with  the  delegates  in  declaring  inde- 
pendence and  forming  foreign  alliances,  reserving  for  this  Colony 
the  sple  and  exclusive  right  of  forming  a  Constitution  and  laws  for 
this  Colony,  and  for  appointing  delegates  from  time  to  time  to  meet 
with  the  delegates  of  the  other  colonies  for  such  purposes  as  shall 
hereafter  be  pointed  out,"  Avhich  resolution  was  unanimously  adopt- 
ed on  April  12th,  1776.  That  which  was  done  on  this  day  is  com- 
memorated by  the  words,  "April  12th,  1776"  on  the  State  Flag. 

A  Committee  was  appointed,  of  which  Mr.  Harnett  and  Mr.  Ashe 
were  members,  to  prepare  a  temporary  civil  constitution.  Mr.  Hoop- 
er was  later  added  to  the  committee.  In  all  of  the  important  work 
of  this  Convention  the  delegates  from  the  Cape  Fear  Country  took 
a  leading  part  In  a  letter  to  James  Iredell,  Samuel  Johnston  says. 
"All  idea  of  forming  a  permanent  government  was  laid  aside  at  this 
time.  It  is  now  proposed  for  the  present  to  establish  a  council  to 
sit  constantly."  The  movement  which  had  its  beginning  in  the. 
defiant  words  of  brave  John  Harvey — "Then  the  people  will  call 
one  (a  convention)  themselves" — had  now  reached  a  point  where 
the  "political  genius  and  self  governing  passion  of  the  Anglo  Saxon 
race"  recognized  the ,  necessity  for  a  permanent  constitution.  The 
political  germ  had  now  reached  a  state  of  development  where  it  must 

On  the  12th  day  of  November,  1776,  the  Congress  met  at  Halifax. 
Brunswick  had  there  Cornelius  Harnett,  Archibald  McLaine  and 
others.  Richard  Caswell  again  sat  for  Dobbs ;  New  Hanover  sent  John 
and  Samuel  Ashe;  Onslow,  Edward  Starkey. ..'' The  three  Harveys 
were  there  from  Perquimans  to  complete;  the*  work  begun  by  their 
patriotic  ancestor,  who  had  passed  away  from  the  scenes  of  this  earth. 
Parker  Quince  sat  for  Brunswick  County,  Hewes  for  Edenton,  Willie 

18  Hon.   H.   G.   Connor's  Address. 

Jones  for  Halifax,  and  William  Hooper  for  Wilmington.  Richard 
Caswell  was  elected  President.  A  Committee,  of  which  General 
Ashe,  Mr.  Samuel  Ashe  and  Archibald  McLaine  were  members,  was* 
appointed  to  "form  and  lay  before  the  House  a  Bill  of  Rights  and 
form  of  a  constitution  for  the  government  of  the  State."  Note  the 
change  of  terms  from  "Province"  to  "State."  On  December  14th 
the  Bill  of  Rights  was  debated  "paragraph  by  paragraph"  and  passed 
its  third  reading  and  on  the  lSth  the  Constitution  was  adopted  and 
ordered  to  be  engrossed.  The  work  of  State  Building  was  completed 
and  the  Bill  of  Rights  rung  out  the  great  truth  "That  all  political 
power  is  vested  in  and  derived  from  the  people  solely."  The  Consti- 
tution declares  that  "allegiance  and  protection  are  in  their  nature 
reciprocal  and  the  one  should  of  right  be  resumed  when  the  other  is 

The  provisions  of  this  Constitution  present  a  striking  illustration 
of  the  truth  of  Edmund  Burke's  remark,  "that  the  Englishman  in 
•his  reaching  forth  for  better  forms  of  political  life  never  loses  sight 
of  or  abandons  the  past,  but  ever  seeks  to  construct  his  new  institu- 
tions upon  the  conservative  basis  of  that  which  he  finds  in  existence." 
While  changing  the  foundation  of  political  power  or  sovereignty  from 
the  King  to  the  people,  they  carefully  retained  the  elementary  prin- 
ciples of  the  British  Constitution,  especially  those  which  the  wisdom 
of  the  ages  had  established  as  the  guarantees  of  life,  liberty  and 
property.  The  Common  Law  which  Englishmen  had  builded  was 
preserved  as  the  basis  of  American  Jurisprudence.  Trial  by  jury, 
the  writ  of  Habeas  Corpus,  the  Freedom  of  the  Press,  the  Right  of 
Alienation,  the  right  of  the  people  through  their  representatives  to 
levy  taxes,  etc.,  was  carefully  guarded.  The  Charter  "still  subsists," 
but  was  hereafter  to  have  for  its  basis  the  consent  of  the  governed, 
and  not  the  grace  or  sovereign  will  of  any  king  or  potentate. 

It  required  five  years  of  suffering  and  struggle  to  make  good  the 
work  of  the  people  and  have  the  world  recognize  that  North  Carolina 
was  a  free,  sovereign  and  independent  State.  The  Colonists  had 
ceased  to  be  subjects  and  had  become  citizens.  I  sometimes  think 
that  we  do  not  clearly  express  the  true  position  of  the  Colonial  leaders 
when  we  speak  of  their  "making  a  revolution."  Was  it  not  rather 
a  war  for  the  preservation  of  chartered  rights  and  English  liberties  ? 
Was  their  conduct  not  the  assertion  and  maintenance  of  rights  rather 
than  a  revolt  against  lawful  authority  ?  This  certainly  was  the  view 
held  by  the' British  Whigs  in  regard  to  their  action,  and  it  was  from 
this  point  of  view  that  Chatham,  Burke  and  Camden  defended  them 
in  the  British  Parliament.  To  this  day  their  descendants  have 
fought  to  preserve  constitutional  rights — have  never  made  a  revolu- 
tion or  rebellion. 

Ho^T.   H.  G.  Coxnor's  Address. 


The  conception  which  a  people  have  of  civil  and  religions  liberty 
established  and  protected  by  law  will  be  reflected  in  their  manners, 
morals  and  mode  of  life.  When  law  is  the  expression  of  the  virtuous 
and  enlightened  sentiment  is  ''the  State's  collected  will,"  it  is  re- 
spected and  obeyed.  This  begets  and  preserves  gentle  manners,  do- 
mestic virtues,  high  ideals,  industry  and  frugality.  When  there  is 
equality  of  opportunity,  and  appreciation  of  true  manhood  and 
womanhood,  honorable  toil  secures,  rather  than  forfeits,  respect. 
The  youth  are  stimulated  to  high  endeavor  and  laudable  ambition. 

The  preamble  of  your  Constitution  declares  the  great  truth  that 
"History  shows  that  the  remembrance  of  a  Nation's  glory  in  the  past 
stimulates  to  rational  greatness  in  the  future."  It  is,  therefore,  well 
that  the  Society  of  Colonial  Dames  of  America  has  been  founded, 
that  the  descendants  of  these  men  who  in  the  Colonial  period,  by 
their  rectitude,  courage  and  self  denial,  prepared  the  way  for  success 
in  that  struggle  which  gained  for  the  country  its  liberty  and  consti- 
tution, might  do  honor  to  the  virtues  of  their  forefathers,  and  en- 
courage in  all  who  come  under  their  influence  true  patriotism,  built 
on  the  knowledge  of  self  sacrifice  and  heroism  of  those  men  of  the 
Colonies  who  laid  the  foundation  of  this  great  Nation. 

The  inscription  on  this  tablet  declares  that  the  deeds  of  these 
"Heroes  and  patriots  of  the  lower  Cape  Fear  should  not  pass  away 
and  that  their  names  must  not  wither."  To  the  end  that  this  declara- 
tion be  made  good,  it  must  ever  be  kept  in  mind  that  every  privilege, 
which  by  reason  of  their  self  sacrifice  and  heroism  you  enjoy,  im- 
pose on  you  sacred  duties.  These  men  set  up  their  family  altars  in 
peace  and  happiness.  It  is  yours  to  preserve  them  in  the  same  spirit; 
to  practice  in  the  new  conditions  under  which  you  live,  the  same 
virtues.  That  peace  and  happiness,  religion  and  piety,  may  dwell 
among  us,  we  must  ever  remember  that  "prosperity  of  states  is 
laid  in  pure  domestic  life,  in  commercial  integrity,  in  high  standards 
of  moral  worth  and  public  spirit,  in  simple  habits,  in  courage,  up- 
rightness and  a  certain  soundness  and  moderation  of  judgment  which 
springs  as  much  from  character  as  from  intellect. 

These  cardinal  virtues  are  to  be  practiced  in  the  home,  in  the 
church,  and  in  all  walks  and  vocations  of  life.  In  the  same  measure 
as  we  find  them  in  the  home  and  in  the  church,  we  may  expect  to 
find  them  in  the  public  and  political  life  of  the  people.  It  is  because 
these  men  who  planted  this- Colony  and  laid  the  foundations  of  this 
happy  State  so  "well  understood  "this,  that  they  buifdedtMs  church 
and  practiced  these  virtues.  These  qualities  form  the  basis  of  the 
life  and  character  of  their  descendants.  It  is  yours  to  perpetuate 
their  virtue,  that  in  all  generations  the  same  happy  State,  which  they 
bequeathed  to  you,  may  be  preserved  for.  those  who  come  after  you. 





20  Bath,  N.  C. 

BATH,  N.  C, 

(From  the  pen  of  a  lady  of  Beaufort  County,  N.  C. ) 

Old  historic  sleepy  Bath  !  What  visions  of  the  past,  imagination 
conjures  up  at  the  mention  of  that  name!  .In  varied  procession  there 
passes  our  mental  vision,  the  roaming  Indian,  the  hardy  hunter 
and  trapper,  clad  in  buckskin  shirt  and  breeches,  his  rifle  and 
hunting  knife  at  his  side.  Sedate  Quakers,  earnest  Baptists  and 
Huguenots;  grave,  generous  and  wise  legislators;  honest  sailor  and 
black  bearded  pirate;  Church  of  England  curates  in  gown  and  bands; 
English  adventurers,  gay  knights  and  fair  ladies,  and  all  the  num- 
berless men  and  women,  who  worked,  loved  and  "lived  out  life's 
little  day"  then  vanished  into  the  misty  past  leaving  but  scant  re- 
cords of  their  lives  and  labors. 

Careful,  reverent  hands  have  gathered  up  the  history  and  chron- 
icles of  the  Cape  Fear,  the  Albemarle  and  the  Neuse  sections,  but 
only  a  few  facts  can  be  gleaned  of  the  early  history  of  Bath  and 
these  will  be  presented  as  best  I  can  compile  them  in  this  article. 

Long  before  the  advent  of  the  white  man,  many  tribes  of  Indians 
roamed  at  will  the  shores  of  the  Pamlico,  the  Meherrins,  Corees, 
Matchapungos  and  Mattamoskett  Indians  occupied  this  section  and 
up  to  forty  or  fifty  years  ago,  many  traces  were  found  of  their  for- 
mer villages.  In  some  places  the  ground  was  thickly  covered  with 
broken  pottery,  beads,  flint  arrow  heads  and  stone  tomahawks-. 
Nature  here  was  a  bountiful  mother,  the  rivers  teemed  with  fish, 
the  mouths  of  the  creeks  with  oysters,  the  forests  abounded  with 
game,  nuts,  wild  fruits  and  berries,  and  in  winter  the  waters  were 
covered  with  water  fowl. 

The  town  of  Bath  is  most  beautifully  situated  on  a  bluff,  a  clear, 
rippling  stream  of  water  on  either  side,  forming  a  peninsula,  around 
which  the  creeks  come  in  one  broad  sheet,  giving  a  charming  view 
of  one  mile  and  a  half  to  thePamlico  River,  with  its  extension  of 
five  miles  to  the  opposite  shore. 

In  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  State  at  Raleigh,  is  recorded  the 
first  grant  of  land  in  Beaufort  County,  it  was  issued  to  Seth  Sothell 
prior  to  1682.  The  Lord's  Proprietors  in  England  thinking  that 
their  land  rents  would  be  more  carefully  looked  after  by  one  of  their 
number,  induced  Seth  Sothell  to  buy  the  Earl  of  Clarendon's  grant 
amounting  to  twelve  thousand  acres.  He  set  sail  from  England 
for  his  new  home  in  168)1,  but  was  captured  by  Algerine  Corsairs 
and  held  as  a  slave  for  iwo'years."    When  released,  he, came  to  the 

,.;■    '  ■;-."!  Is  ft:'  -  ')  udV/     'dv 


Bath,  N.  C. 


colony,  arriving  in  1683.  It  is  said  of  him  "that  he  was  the  most 
shameless  reprobate  that  ever  filled  the  Governor's  chair  in  Amer- 
ica. He  took  bribes,  stole  property  and  so  perverted  Justice  that 
after  six  years  of  misrule  an  indignant  and  outraged  people  rose  in 
thei<*  might,. tried,  impeached  and  imprisoned  him,  then  sent  him 
in  exile  to  South  Carolina. .  After  an  absence  of  two  years  he  re- 
turned, dying  shortly  after  and  leaving  the  lands  around  Bath  to 
his  wife  *Anne  Sothell. 

In  1693,  the  Indians  in  this  section  were  attacked  by  a  malig- 
nant fever,  Wheeler  says,  but  Dr.  Hawks  thought  it  was  small  pox 
which  so  reduced  their  number,  that  the  whites  no  longer  dreading 
them  as  formerly  pushed  their  settlements  further  down  the  country. 

In  1705  another  band  of  fHuguenots  led  by  their  pastor  Phillipe 
de  Richelong  entered  the  colony,  some  settling  in  Bath,  some  in 
Craven  Precinct  and  others  on  the  Cape  Fear  river.  The  settle- 
ments prospered  and  from  South  Eastern  Virginia  and  North  of 
Albemarle  Sound  settlers  came,  among  them  many  men  of  wealth 
and  standing,  attracted  by  the  expectation  that  the  better  entry 
from  the  ocean  through  Ocracoke  Inlet  would  make  it  the  great 
commercial  depot  of  the  Province;  for  many  years  the' Port  of  Roa- 
noke had  been  the  entry  for  all  vessels  in  and  outward  bound  from 
North  Carolina  waters,  but  a  terrible  storm  which  the  chroniclers 
of  that  time  said,  ''altered  the  very  course  of  Nature,"  changing 
the  courses  of  rivers,  closing  channels  and  opening  others,  so  injur- 
ed the  channel  at  that  point  and  deepened  the  water  on  Ocracoke 
bar,  that  all  vessels  were  obliged  to  enter  at  Ocracoke  "  The  storm 
referred  to  occurred  in  1696. 

The  settlers  cleared  the  ground  for  the  cultivation  of  corn  and 
tobacco  and  also- raised  large  numbers  of  cattle  and  swine.  The 
manufacture  of  tar  was  commenced  about  1704  and  this  with  tur- 
pentine in  its  crude  state  (as  they  had  no  means  of  distilling  the 
spirits  of  turpentine  from  it)  shingles  and  staves  made  from  the 
juniper  and  oak  with  which  the  country  abounded  were  among  the 
first  exports,  to  New  England  and  foreign  markets.     The  small  New 

*  This  lady  was  Miss  Annie  Willis  of  Ipswich,  Miss.,  and  married  first  Robert 
Rascoe  of  "Roanoke";  second  James  Blount,  who  came  to  Carolina  from  Isle 
of  Wight  county,  Va. ;  Gov.  Sothell  was  her  third  husband,  and  after  Sothell's 
death  she  became  the  second  wife  of  Col.  John  Lear  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va. 

Note  by  the  Editor. — This  information  was  also  imparted  to  the  Register  by  one 
of  the  best  Genealogists  in  the  South,  but  a  recent  examination  of  Seth  Sothell's 
will  throws  much  doubt  upon  the  marriage  of  the  lady  to  James  Blount,  &c.  Seth 
Sothell  in  his  will  mentions  his  father-in  law  by  name,  to-ivit:  Edward  Forster. 

t  It  may  be  interesting  to  mention  the  names  of  some  of  these  Huguenot  settlers, 
among  them  were  Real,  Rieusset,  Dopinge,  Delamere,  Pasteur,  Lonveille  and 


Bath,  N.  C. 


England  *crafts  which  transported  these  articles  brought  back  in 
return  such  commodities  in  exchange  as  were  needed  and  desired 
by  the  consignors. 

Bath  was  incorporated  March  8th,  1705-6  by  the  Assembly  held 
at  the  house  of  Capt.  Jno.  Heckenfield  on  Little  River,  it  was  the 
first  town  in  the  province  to  have  that  distinction.  In  1709  the 
Rev.  Mr.  White  writes  to  a  friend  in  New  England  that  "Bath  con- 
tained only  twelve  families,''  the  most  of  the  settlers  preferiug  to 
live  on  their  plantations  on  the  banks  of  the  river  and  numerous 
creeks,  their  intercourse  with  the  Indians  had  been  characterized 
by  genuine  consideration  and  respect  for  their  mutual  rights  and 
the  early  page  of  our  history  is  unsullied  except  in  isolated  cases  by 
acts  of  aggression  by  the  whites,  met  by  the  bloody  reprisals  of  the 
Indians,  which  had  darkened  the  history  of  our  white  brothers 
North,  however  in  .1711  the  crafty  Tuscaroras  who  had  long  been 
jealous  of  the  increasing  numbers  and  power  of  the  whites  induced 
the  Meherrins,  Cotechneys,  Mattamoskeets  and  Matchapungos  to 
'unite  with  them  in  an  effort  to  crush  out  the  whites.  Tradition 
says  that  the  Mattamuskeets  and  Matchapungos  met  on  Indian  Is- 
land to  perfect  their  plans  for  the  massacre  of  the  settlers  of  the 
Bath  section.  On  the  morning  of  September  11,  1711  at  sunrise 
the  bloody  work  commenced  and  many  of  the  unfortunate  settlers 
fell  victims  to  the  tomahawk  and  scalping  knife;  neither  age  nor 
sex  was  spared  and  happy  the  one  who  could  secure  a  hiding  place. 
After  rifling  houses  and  stores  of  their  valuables,  the  torch  was  ap- 
plied and  the  Indians  drunk  from  the  effects  of  the  liquor  they  had 
obtained  continued  for  three  days  their  work  of  destruction,  until 
overcome  by  drunkenness  and  exhaustion  they  were  compelled  to 

Those  of  the  settlers  who  could  do  so,  reached  a  rude  fort  and 
there  made  a  stand  against  the  Indians.  In  the  rear  of  the  lots  on 
which  the  residence  of  Mrs.  Joseph  Bonner  is  erected  in  Bath,  is 
still  seen  a  large  excavation  which  is  said  to  be  the  site  of  this  fort. 
Neville's  Creek  in  Beaufort  county  still  perpetuates  the  name  of  the 
unfortunate  family  living  on  its  banks  who  were  all  murdered. 

In  this  emergency  the  Colonists  called  upon  the  Governors  of 
South  Carolina  and  Virginia  for  assistance.  The  Governor  of 
South  Carolina  quickly  responded,  sending  Col.  John  Barnwell  with 
a  force  of  white  militia  and  a  large  number  of  Yemassee  Indians 
(the  deadly  enemies  of  the  Tuscaroras);  the  hostile  Indians  had  en- 
trenched themselves  on  the  Neuse  River,  where  they  were  attacked 

*  The  vessels  which  came  in  this  river  at  this  early  date  to  trade  with  the  inhab- 
itants stopped  at  the  landing  of  Churchill  Reading,  Esq.,  where  the  planters 
brought  their  produce  for  shipment;  the  landing  was  on  the  South  side  of  Pamlico 
river.     Mr.  Reading  was  the  ancestor  of  Miss  Bettie  Hoyt,  Miss  Bragaw  and  others. 


Bath,  N.  0. 


by  Col.  Barnwell  with  his  force.  Three  hundred  of  the  Indians 
were  killed  and  one  hundred  captured,  the  Yemassees  carrying  the 
captives  back  to  South  Carolina  to  be  held  as  slaves.  Governor 
Spottswood  of  Virginia  kept  the  Five  Nations  in  check  while  King 
Blount's  friendly  Tuscaroras  remained  neutral.  After  the  settle- 
ment of  these  troubles,  Tom  Blount's  Tuscaroras  for  remaining  neu- 
tral, were  rewarded  by  a  large  grant  of  land  on  Raquis  Swamp  and 
Morattock  River  in  Chowan  Precinct  later  Bertie  County.  This 
part  of  Bertie  is  known  to  this  day  as  the  "Indian  Woods."  Later 
in  1715,  the  Yemassee  Indians  turned  against  the  whites  in  South 
Carolina,  and  the  Tuscaroras  in  the  vicinity  of  Bath  incited  by  their 
example  massacred  about  twenty  families  on  the  scattered  planta- 
tions. About  the  time  of  the  first  massacre  Gov.  Hyde  livpd  in 
Bath,  probably  for  a  year. 

At  a  session  of  the  Assembly  held  at  Little  River  an  act  was 
passed  to  build  a  public  road  from  Core  Point  opposite  Bath  to 
New  Bern  and  by  a  later  Act  a  Ferry  was  established  between  this 
point  and  Bath,  no  other  person  being  permitted  to  run  a  ferry  in 
ten  miles  of  the  same.  In  1715  an  Act  of  the  Assembly  provided 
for  the  care  of  the  Public  Library  of  St.  Thomas  Parish  at  Bath. 
Of  this  library  we  have  the  following  account  "the  first  Parish  or 
Public  Library  of  which  we  have  any  knowledge  dated  from  1700, 
was  due  to  the  loving  zeal  of  the  Rev.  Thos.  Bray,  founder  and  Se- 
cretary of  the  Society  for  the  Propagation  of  the  Gospel."  Dr.  Bray 
was  born  in  Shropshire  in  165G  and  died  in  1730.  He  did  send- 
to  us  a  library  of  books  for  the  benefit  of  this  place  by  the  "Honora- 
ble the  Cooperation  for  the  establishment  of  the  Christian  religion.'7 
This  collection  was  valued  at  £100,  and  was  the  foundation  of  the- 
first  public  library  established  in  N.  Carolina.  The  library  seems 
at  first  to  have  led  a  wandering  life  but  was  finally  settled  in  Bath, 
though  it  was  intended  for  Queen  Anne's  Creek  (afterwards  Eden- 
ton).  In  1712  Dr.  Rainsford  tells  us  "that  it  had  b  en.  dispersed 
and  lost  by  these  wretches  who  do  not  consider  the  benefit  of  so 
valuable  a  gift."  The  Act  of  the  Assembly  was,  we  presume,  to 
gather  together  and  preserve  its  scattered  remnants,  of  its  further 
future  we  have  no  information.  Bishop  Cheshire  has  suggested 
that  it  passed  into  the  hands  of  Edward  Moseley  and  was  identical 
with  the  library  presented  by  him  to  the  town  of  Edenton  in  1723. 

A  church  of  the  Established  faith  of  England  was  built  in 
Bath  in  1734,  the  large  square  brick  used  in  its  construction  were 
brought  from  England,  the  quaint  old  church  without  a  steeple, 
still  stands  in  excellent  preservation;  outwardly  it  is  unchanged, 
though  within  touched  by  the  modern  spirit  of  innovation  it  has- 
lost  some  of  its  most  interesting  features.     The   quaint   sounding 

24  Bath,  N.  C. 

board  over  the  pulpit  has  been  removed  and  the  square  high  back 
pews  replaced  by  those  more  modern  in  style.  Near  the  pulpit, 
secured  in  the  brick  walls,  is  a  slate  tablet  erected  to  the  memory 
of  Admiral  Palmer  the  Surveyor  General  and  Lady  Margaret  his 
wife,  their  daughter  Margaret  afterwards  became  Mrs.  LeRoy  who 
was  a  resident  of  Washington,  N.  O,  for  many  years  and  is  still  re- 
membered by  the  older  citizens  of  that  place.  On  the  west  side  of 
Bath  Creek  certain  lands  called  Glebe  Lands  were  laid  off  for  the 
use  of  the  Rector,  and  a  small  creek  there  retains  the  name  of  Glebe 
Creek.  The  Rev.  Alexander  Stewart  was  the  Rector  of  this  Church 
just  prior  to  the  Revolution  and  returned  with  his  family  to  Eng- 
land on  the  commencement  of  hostilities,  his  lands  were  claimed  by 
a  relative  during  his  absence,  who  sold  them  to  a  Mr.  Crawford. 
On  his  return  from  England  a  compromise  was  effected  with  Mr. 
Crawford  by  which  he  regained  a  portion  of  his  property. 

A  point  of  land  on  the  river  not  far  from  the  mouth  of  Durham's 
Creek  known  from  earliest  times  as  Garrison's  Point  is  a  part  of  the 
Glebe  lands;  it  is  now  occupied  by  Mrs.  William  Butt,  the  great- 
great-grand-daughter  of  Parson  Stewart.  The  late  Dr.  Fred  Galla- 
gher of  this  town  and  Mrs.  Rosa  Willis  are  also  among  his  descen- 

Chas.  Eden  came  in  1713  as  the  Royal  Governor  of  North  Caro- 
lina, who  Spent  a  part  of  his  term  in  Bath  about  the  same  time 
Chief  Justice  Christopher  Gale  and  Tobias  Knight,  Governor 
Eden's  Secretary,  both  lived  in  *Bath. 

Tradition  says  that  near  the  mouth  of  the  creek  on  its  western 
bank  stood  Gov.  Eden's  palace  and  by  a  subterranean  passage  cut 
through  the  steep  bank,  Tobias  Knight  received  goods  captured  by 
the  pirate  Teach  and  afterwards  secretly  disposed  of  them.  Teach, 
known  as  Black  Beard,  first  smuggler,  then  pirate  with  a  fleet  of 
armed  vessels,  the  largest  of  which  called  "Queen  Anne's  Revenge" 
carried  forty  guns  and  one  hundred  men,  swept  the  seas.  When 
captured  vessels  became  his  prey,  they  were  stripped  of  all  valua- 
bles, the  unhappy  crew  and  passengers,  blind  folded,  compelled  to 
walk  the  plank  which  led  to  a  grave  in  the  deep,  and  then  the  torch 
was  applied  to  the  dismantled  vessels,  and  away  they  sailed  in 
search  of  new  prizes  and  fresh  victims.  Taking  advantage  of  an 
amnesty  which  had  been  afforded,  to  such  pirates  who  could  aban- 
don their  murderous  life,  he  obtained  a  pardon  from  Gov.  Eden 
bought  a  house  near  Bath,  married  his  thirteenth  wife  and  settled 
himself  to  enjoy  his  ill  gotten  spoils.  Many  traditions  are  related 
of  his  drunken  orgies  both  at  his  house  and  in  Bath.    Tiring  of  life 

*  Col.  Thomas  Carey.  Eleazer  Lillington,  Maurice  Moore,  John  Lovick,  Joshua 
Porter,  Wm,  West,  Richard  Heng  and  other  prominent  men  also  lived  there. 


Bath,  N.  C. 



on  shore  he  resumed  his  piratical  career  and  so  open  and  flagrant 
were  his  acts,  that  Edward  Moseley  and  other  leading  men  openly 
denounced  Eden  and  Knight  as  his  accessories. 

A  communication  was  sent  to  Capt.  Ellis  Brand  commanding  a 
British  squadron,  in  the  Chesapeake,  that  Teach  was  at  Ocracoke 
and  he  dispatched  a  Lieut.  Maynard  with  a  well  armed  crew  in 
quest  of  him.  Early  in  the  engagement  Maynard's  vessel  got 
aground  and  so  seve'rely'did  his  crew  suffer  from  the  priates  mur- 
derous fire  that  he  had  recourse  to  stratagem  to  save  his  uninjured 
men.  Ordering  his  crew  below,  only  the  dead  men  tvere  left  on 
deck  and  the  pirates,  thinking  the  victory  won,  boarded  the  vessel 
only  to  be  received  by  a  desperate  onslaught  from  the  concealed 
men.  Teach  and  his  men,  except  nine,  were  killed,  and  these  were 
carried  to  Virginia,  tried  and  executed.  Lieut.  Maynard  sailed  to 
Bath  with  Teach's  head  at  the  prow  of  his  boat,  a  ghastly  token  of 
his  victory. 

It  has  been  doubted  that  Gov.  Eden  lived  in  Bath,  but  tradition 
has  always  affirmed  it  and  the  records  of  our  county  show  that  he 
owned  lots  in  Bath  and  a  large  estate  called  "Thistleworth"  on  the 
opposite  side  of  the  river  from  Bath.  He  sold  his  property 
in  Bath  to  John  Lovick,  who  became  his  Secretary  after 
Tobias  Knight's  disgrace,  and  moved  to  Eden  House,  on .  Chowan 
river,  in  1719,  where  he  died  in  1722.  There  were  several  Colonial 
Governors  after  his  death  but  the  colony  made  but  little  substantial 
progress  until  the  arrival  of  Gov.  Gabriel  Johnston  in  August  1734, 
when  he  took  the  oath  of  office  in  Wilmington.  He  was  a  Scotch- 
man by  birth,  a  man  of  sound  judgment,  learning  and  liberal  views. 
Under  his  wise  administration  the  Province  increased  ih  wealth 
and  numbers,  Bath  sharing  the  general  prosperity.  During  his 
tenure  of  office  one  session  of  the  Assembly  was  held  at  Bath,  at 
which  time  an  Act  was  passed  "For  facilitating  the  navigation  of 
the  port  of  Bath."  From  the  beginning  of  Gov.  Johnston's  admin- 
istration to  the  Revolutionary  war  was  the  golden  era  of  Bath. 
Many  vessels,  built  and  owned  by  the  citizens  of  the  town  and  vi- 
cinity, were  engaged  in  a  brisk  trade  with  Northern  and  foreign 
ports.  On  the  banks  of  the  river  where  now,  with  a  few  exceptions 
are  the  humble  habitation  of  fishermen,  were  large  plantations  with 
comfortable,  substantial  houses  of  wood  and  brick.  The  citizens  of 
the  town  and  neighboring  planters  lived  not  only  in  comfort  and 
abundance,  but  even  luxury,  as  was  shown  by  the  massive,  solid, 
mahogany  furniture,  cut  glass,  silverware  and  costly  wearing  appa- 
rel which  they  owned.  The  whole  section  was  famed  for  its  hos- 
pitality and  generous  living.  Weddings  were  occasions  of  great 
festivities,  the  feasting  and  merry-making  lasting  for  several  days. 
The  women  were   notable  housekeepers  and  deft  with  the   needle 



26  Bath,  N.  C. 

and  spinning  wheel.     The  men  were  fond  of  hunting  and  all  kinds 
of  athletic  sports. 

We  have  no  record  of  the  schools  in  Bath  in  these  early  days  but 
we  know  that  many  of  the  youths  from  this  county  attended  the 
Academy  in  Edenton  and  some  at  New  Bern. 

A  large  hotel  was  built  in  Bath  and  tradition  has  kept  alive  the 
memory  of  grand  balls  there  at  which  ladies  in  rich  brocades,  with 
sweeping  trains,  danced  the  stately  minuet  with  their  gallant  part- 
ners or  to  lighter  measure  tripped  the  gay  reel  or  comelier  dance. 

Though  Bath  had  been  so  long  incorporated  it  never  possessed 
the  usual  paraphernalia  of  Justice,  a  Court-house,  jail  and  stocks, 
until  1766.  At  the  time  the  Court-house  was  built  Thomas  Bonner 
of  Bath,  was  Sheriff,  and  Court  was  held  at  his  house. 

In  1765  George  Whitfield,  the  noted  Evangelist,  visited  Bath, 
but  he  was  received  so  inhospitably  and  encountered  such  violent 
opposition  to  his  preaching  that  he  is  said  to  have  shakeu  the  dust 
from  his  feet  as  a  token  against  the  town  and  invoked  the  curse  of 
Heaven  upon  it. 

This  section  sent  some  brave  officers  and  soldiers  to  the  Revolu- 
tionary war.  Col.  John  Patton,  with  his  regiment,  bore  a  conspic- 
uous part  in  the  battle  of  Kings  Mountain;  he  was  an  ancestor  also 
of  Miss  Bettie  Hoyt  and  Miss  Annie  Bragaw.  Maj.  Reading  Blount 
was  another  gallant  officer,  his  portrait  and  sword  are  highly  cher- 
ished by  his  descendants,  Misses  Janie  and  Pennie  Myers.  Mrs. 
Charles,  Miss  Rodman  and  Miss  Mary  Blount  are  also  his  descend- 
ants. Simon  Alderson,  Captain  of  a  Troop  of  Horse,  was  a  daring 
cavalryman;  from  him  descend  Mrs.  McDonand  ar\d  the  writer  of 
this  article. 

Whether  it  is  to  be  attributed  to  Whitfield's  curse,  or  other  causes, 
the  prosperity  of  Bath  had  commenced  to  decline  and  many  of  her 
prominent  citizens  had  moved  to  Washington,  N.  C.  In  1785  the 
Commissioners  of  Washington  (Nathan  Keas,  John  Gray  Blount 
and  Richard  Blackledge  constituted  the  Board  at  that  time)  peti- 
tioned the  Assembly,  then  in  session  a^t  New  Bern,  to  change  the 
county  seat  of  Beaufort  county  to  the  town  of  Washington.  An 
Act  was  passed  in  conformity  with  the  petition  and  Washington 
became  the  county  seat.  The  query  has  often  arisen,  "why  was 
this  change  made?"  and  the  reply  has  been  that  Washington 
being  nearer  to  the  head  of  navigation,  was  better  situated  to 
handle  the  produce  brought  from  the  counties  up  the  river,  in  flat 
boats,  and  therefore  better  located  to  become  the  commercial  centre 
of  the  county. 

For  twelve  years  past  Bath  has  shown  some  signs  of  awaking 
from  her  sleep  of  a  century.     May  we   not  hope   that  the  curse  is- 



Locke's  Fundamental  Constitutions. 



lifted   and   that  the  revivifying  influence  of  modern  progress  may 
touch  her  and  place  her  in  the  line  of  present  activities ! 

Past  the  old  town  and  deserted  plantations  still  roll  the  blue 
waters  of  the  Pamplico  as  of  old.  Now  mirroring  on  its  placid  sur- 
face the  clouds  and  sky  or  stirred  to  livelier  measure  by  the  passing 
breeze,  it  rushes  sparkling,  leaping,  rejoicing,  on  and  on  until  it  is 
lost  in  the  embrace  of  the  green,  salt  waves  of  the  sound.  On  its 
banks  in  many  a  spot,  overgrown  by  bush  and  creeping  brier,  lulled 
by  the  music  of  the  rushing  river  sleep  the  dead,  alas  !  the  forgot- 
ten dead  of  the  long  ago. 






(The  original  in  the  office  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Superior  Court,  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

Since  the  Quallity  of  Nobillity  will  not  permit 
the  Fundamentall  Constitutions,   Presently  to 
be  put   in   Practice.     It  is  necessary  for  the 
Supply   of  that  defect  that   some   Temporary 
Laws  should  in  the   mean  time  be  made  for 
the  better  ordering  of  Affairs  till  by  a  Sufficient 
number  of  inhabitants  of  all  the  Government 
of  Carolina  can  be  admin'tred  according  to  the 
forme  established  in  the  Fundamental  Consti- 
tutions, the  Lords  Proprietors  of  Carolina  upon 
Due  Consideration  Agreed  to  these  following 
That  the  Pallatine  shall  name  the  Governour  and  each  of  the 
Lords  Proprietors  shall  name  a  Deputy  who  with  the  Govern- 
our and  an  equall   number  to  be  Chosen  by  the  Parliament 
shall  Continue  to  be  the  Councellors.     The  Lords  Proprietors 
shall  either  order  a  new  Choice  or  the  County  see  proper  to  be 
Capeable  of  the  Government  according  to  the  fundamentall 
Constitutions  and  as  there  shall  be  Landgraves  and  Cassiques 
Created  by  the  Lords  Proprietors  soe  many  of  the  Eldest  in  age 
of  them  that  are  present  in  Carolina  as  shall  be  equall  to  the 
number  of  the  Lords  Proprietors  shall  be  also  of  the  Councell. 
That  so  the  Nobility  have  a  share  of  the  Government  and  the 
whole  Administration   May  still  come  as  near  the  forme  de- 

28  Locke's  Fundamental  Constitutions. 

signed  as  the  Circumstances  of  the  Growing  plantations  will 

2.  The  other  Seven-  Proprietors  shall  respectively  nominate  these 
following  officers. 

The  Admirall;  The  Provost  Marshall 

The  Chamberlaine;  The  Register  of  Births,  Burialls  &  Manages. 
The  Chancellor;  The  Secretary. 
The  Constable;  The  Military  Officers. 
The  Chief  Justice:  The  Register  of  Wrightings 
The  High  Steward;  The  Surveyor 
The  Treasurer;  The  Receiver 

And  upon  Vacancy  of  any  of  these  offices  the  Governour  and 
Councillors  of  Carolina  shall  subsitute  others  till  that  proprie- 
tors pleasure  can  be  known  in  whose  Nomination  it  is. 

3.  The  Governor  together  with  the  Lords  Proprietors  Deputys  the 
Landgraves  and  Cassiques  thai  are  Councellors  and  the  Coun- 
cell  Chosen  by  the  Parliament  shall  be  the  Grand  Councell, 
and  shall  have  all  the  power  and  Authority  of  the  Grand 
Councell  and  other  Courts  till  they  come  to  be  erected.  The 
Quoram  of  the  Councell  shall  be  the  Governor  and  six  Chan- 
cellors whereof  three  at  least  shall  be  Deputys  of  Proprietors. 

4.  If  it  hapen  that  any  of  the  Lords  Proprietors  Deputys  shall  by 
Death  or  Departure  out  of  Carolina  or  any  otherwise  cease  to 
be  Deputys  before  the  Lords  Proprietors  Respectively  shall 
have  Deputed  others  in  their  Roome,  that  the  number  of  Dep- 
uties may  be  kept  full,  the  eldest  of  the  Councell  chosen  by 
Parliament  Shall  be  to  all  intents  and  purposes  Deputy  of  that 
Proprietor  whose  former  Deputation  is  by  Death  or  otherwise 

.  determined  till  the  saide  Proprietor  his  heirs  or  Successor  shall 
make  another  Deputy  and  when  it  shall  happen  that  one  or 
more  of  the  Councellors  shall  be  Chosen  by  the  Parliament 
shall  by  this  means  come  to  be  Deputys  the  proprietors  new 
Councellors  shall  be  chosen  by  the  Parliament  at  its  next  ses- 
sions to  fill  up  their  places  in  Councell  Provided  always  that 
if  the  Proprietor  whose  vacant  place  is  thus  supplyed,  shall 
make  some  other  person  Deputy,  then  he  who  by  Eldership 
came  to  be  his  Deputy  shall  be  Councellor  as  he  was  before  and 
he  that  was  chosen  into  the  Councell  by  the  Parliament  shall 
cease  to  be  Councellor  if  there  be  more  of  these  chosen  by  the 
parliament  then,  there  be  Deputys  of  Proprietors 

5.  The  Parliament  shall  consist  of  the  Governor  the  Deputys  of 
the  Lords  Proprietors,  the  Nobillity  and  twenty  chosen  by  the 
freeholders,  And  shall  have  power  to  make  Laws  to  be  rattified 
as  in  the  fundamental!  Constitutions  is  Provided,  And  shall 


Locke's  Fundamental  Constitutions. 


be  assembled  as  often,  and  in  the  same  manner  as  in   the  fun- 
damental Constitution  is  provided  concerning  Parliaments. 
All  Acts  that  shall    be  made   by  the  Parliament,   before  our 
Government  of  Carolina  come  to  be  administred   according  to 
our  fundamentall  Constitutions  shall   cease  and   determine  at 
the  ende  of  the  first  Sessions  of  Parliament  that  shall  be  called 
chosen  and  shall  sett  according     ***     ****     ***     concerning 
Parliaments  established  in  the  fundamentall  Constitutions. 
Soe  much  of  the  fundamentall  Constitutions  as  shall  be  Cape- 
able  of  being  putt  in  practice  shall  be  the  rule  of  proceeding. 
Signed   and  sealed  this  5th  day  of  febuary  in  the  year  of  our 
Lord  1678. 

G:  Carteret  P.      Q 

Craven     (    ) 

(    )  Albemarle 

(    )  Shaftesbury 

(  j  C  Berkeley 

Q  P  Colleton 

The  above  is  a  literal  copy  of  the  original  found  November  18th 
in  the  fare  proof  vault  attached  to  the  office  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Su- 
perior Court  of  Chowan  county,  at  Edenton,  N.  C.  The  package 
in  which  this  paper  has  probably  slumbered  for  two  centuries,  con- 
tained only  the  complaints,  summons  and  returns  of  Civil  actions 
which  are  comparatively  valueless.  The  writer  had  carefully  on 
two  occasions  last  year,  as  he  thought,  examined  every  papeY  in  the 
metallic  box  containing  this  package,  without  discovering  it.  Per- 
haps it  is  the  most  valuable  paper  in  existence  relating  to  the  early 
history  of  the  Colonial  Government,  certainly  none  of  more  interest  or 
whose  contents  give  so  clearly,  concisely  and  briefly  the  Constitution 
of  the  government,  as  to  its  officers,  as  designed  by  the  Fundamen- 
tal Constitutions  (120  in  number)  by  John  Locke,  enacted  by  the 
Lords  Proprietors  for  Carolina,  March  6th,  1669.  We  congratulate 
the  historians  of  North  Carolina  that  it  has  been  brought  to  light, 
and  it  affords  us  great  pleasure  to  present  it  as  an  exact  copy  of  the 
original,  with  the  exception  of  three  words,  marked  by  stars  in  the 
7th  article,  the  paper  on  which  they  appeared  is  gone — in  fact  the 
whole  document  is  well  worn  by  age,  and  has  to  be  handled  very 
gently  and  tenderly;  some  of,  the  words,  required  the  aid -of  a  glass 
to  reproduceth'em  in  the  above  copy.  The  seals,  containing  the 
Coats-of-Arms  of  each  Proprietor  is  attached;  all  of  them  used  red. 
wax  except  Beffeeley,  whose  seal  appears  in  black. 



Petition  of  "Gov.  Phillip  Ludwell. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

North  Carolina,  ss. 

To  the  Honble  the  Genrlle  Court. 
"The  Hurabe  Peticon  of  ye  Honble  Philip  Ludwell,  Sheweth, 
That  his  Excell  ye  Palatine  and  rest  of  the  true  and  absolute  Lords 
Proprietors  of  Carolina  did  by  their  Coraissn  under  their  hands  and 
Seals  bearing  date  the  fifth  day  of  december  wch  was  in  the  year 
of  our  Lord  1689  Commissionate  and  appoint  ye  Petticoner  Gov- 
ernor of  this  part  of  their  Province  of  Carolina  and  by  their  Instruc- 
tions under  their  hands  and  Seals  bearing  date  the  twenty  Seventh 
of  the  Same  Month  in  the  Year  aforesd  did  Impower  the  Peticonr 
to  appoint  a  pson  or  psons  to  collect  the  qt  rents  of  land  due  or 
that  Should  become  due  wthin  the  limits  of  his  sd  Government  and 
acquittances  for  them  to  give  the  said  rents  soe  Collected  to  take  to 
his  owne  use  as  by  the  said  Comission  and  Instructions  relation 
thereunto  being  had  more  at  large  doth  and  niay  appear  And  for 
the  better  ascertaining  of  the  sd  qt  rents  unto  ye  Peticoner  accord- 
ing to  ye  true  intent  and  meaning  of  ye  sd  Instructions  for  ye  Sup- 
port of  ye  Peticoner  in  ye  sd  Govern mt  by  an  Act  of  Assembly 
made  in  the  month  of  March  wch  was  in  the  year  of  our  Lord  1694 
it  was  provided  and  enacted  that  all  psons  yt  had  possessed  or  en- 
joyed any  land  or  plantacon  for  ye  space  of  four  years  and  had  paid 
noe  qt  rents  for  ye  same  within  that  time  Should  pay  four  yeares 
qt  rents  for  their  land  to  ye  Peticoner  then  being  Governor  or  to 
whom  he  should  appoint  in  the  Specie's  and  at  the  rates  hereafter 
named  that  is  to  say  in  pork  at  one  penny  by  the  Pound  or  in 
Tobacco  at  three  farthings  the  pound  or  in  dry  hides  at  two  pene 
ye  pound  or  in  tallow  at  four  pene  the  pound  or  in  Spanish  Money 
not  under  thirteen  peny  ps  of  Eight  at  ye  usual  rate  as  by  the 
sd  act  relation  thereto  being  had  doth  appear.  Now  ye  Peticonr 
further  showeth  that  the  Honeble  Seth  Sothell  Esq.  deed  did  pos- 
sess and  enjoy  a  certain  *PJantacon  and  tract  of  land  containing 
four  thousand  Acres  lying  and  being  in  the  p'ct  of  Chowan  within 
the  limits  of  his  sd  Governmt  for  the  terme  of  four  yeares  next 
emediately  before  the  date  of  the  said  Act  of  Assembly  and  within 
the  time  wherein"  ye  Peticcmr  by  Veftue  of  ye  Comission  aforesd 
was  Governr  of  this  part  of  the  Province  of  Carolina  and  by  Vertue 

*The  "Plantacon"  referred  to  is  now  owned  by  Dr.  W.  R  Capehart  and  his 
sisters,  is  located  on  Albemarle  Sound,,  Chowan  River  and  Salmon  Creek  in  Bertie 
county,  N  C.  '  ■ 

Petition  of  Gov.   Phillip  Ludwell. 


of  the  sd  Instrument  had  full  power  for  receiving  to  his  own  use  ye 
qt  rents  of  the  land  aforesd  whereby  there  became  due  to  the  sd 
Peticonr  for  the  qt  rents  of  the  sd  four  thousand  acres  of  land  at  ye 
yearly  rent  of  one  Shill  for  every  fifty  acres  ye  just  sum  of  Sixteen 
pounds  Sterl,  that  is  to  say  upon  the  twenty-ninth  day  of  September 
wch  was  in  the  year  of  our  Lord  1690  for  the  qt  rents  of  the  said 
four  thousand  acres  of  land  at  ye  rate  aforesaid  ye  sum  of  four 
pounds  sterl  and  upon  the  29th  day  of  September  wch  was  in  the 
year  of  our  Lord  1091  for  ye  qt  rents  of  the  land  aforesd  at  the  rate 
aforesd  ye  sum  of  four  pounds  Sterl,  and  upon  the  29th  day  of  Sep- 
tem  wch  was  in  ye  year  of  our  Lord  1692  for  ye  qt  rents  of  the 
Land  aforesd  at  the  rent  aforesd  ye  Sum  of  foui  pounds  Sterl.  and 
upon  the  29th  day  of  September  wch  was  in  the  year  of  our  Lord 
1693  for  ye  qt  rent  of  the  land  aforesd  at  the  rate  aforesd  ye  sum  of 
four  pound  Sterl  wch  said  sum  of  Sixteen  pounds  Sterl  is  behind 
and  unpaid.  And  the  peticonr  further  Saith  that  after  the  last 
paym't  became  due  ye  sd  Seth  Sothell  died  And  the  Honble  John 
Lear  Esqr  of  the  Colony  of  Virginia  had  Married  Anna  Sothel 
Executrix  of  the  last  Will  and  Testamt  of  the  Said  Seth  Sothel  did 
remove  out  of  this  Governmt  ye  Greatest  part  of  the  Estate  of  the 
said  Seth  Sothel  and  the  said  Anna  and  ye  Sd  John  Lear  died  be- 
fore any  due  course  of  Law  could  be  had  against  him  and  ye 
Petionr  further  Saith  thatMajr — Burwell  and  Capt  —Godwin  both 
of  ye  Colony  of  Virginia  Executors  of  the  Last  Will  and  testamt  of 
the  said  John  Lear  purposing  to  remove  out  of  this  Governmt 
the  rest  of  the  Said  Estate  hath  hitherto  refused  to  make  their  full 
appearance  in  this  Governmt  whereby  ye  Peticonr  is  in  danger  of 
being  fraudulently  deprived  of  lawfully  remedy  for  the  recovery  of 
the  sd.  sum." 

The  above  paper  contains  a  number  of  valuable  items,  the  date 
of  Governor  LudwelPs  commission  as  Governor  and  the  manner  in 
which  he  received  his  salary,  also  the  Quit  Rent  charges,  and  the 
location  of  the  tract  of  Land  belonging  to  Seth  Sothell  where  he 
lived,  died  and  was  buried;  also  the  marriage  of  Mrs.  Sothell  to  Col. 
John  Lear,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va.  Seth  Sothell  in  his  will 
mentions  his  father-in-law  Edward  Forster,  from  which  we  infer 
that  his  wife  was  Anna  Forster  before  her  marriage,  we  regret  the 
above  paper  is  without  date. — Ed. 





Answer  of  Seth  Sothell's  Executors. 


(Original  in  Couit  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 




North  Carolina — Ss.     To  ye  Honble  Genii  Court. 

The  answer  of  Majr  Lewis  Burwell  &  Capt  Thomas  Godwine  Ex- 
ecutors of  Coll  John  Lear  Executor  of  Ann  his  wife  Executrix  of 
Seth  Sothell  Esq  to  ye  Declaration  exhibited  against  them  by  his 
Majestyes  Attorney  Genii  for  three  hundred  pounds  Sterling  aleged 
received  by  ye  sd  Seth  Sothel  for  quit  rents  due  to  ye  Lord  propri- 
etor to  wch  yr  respondants  by  their  Attorney  Hugh  Campbell, 

Yt  ye  Lord  proprietors  names  ought  to  have  particularly 
mentioned  in  ye  said  declaration  for  wrant  of  which  ye  decla- 
ration is  insoficient  &  the  action  ought  to  be  dismissed. 
The  Attorney  Genii  ought  to  produce  a  Letter  of  Attorney 
from  ye  Lord  proprietors  for  his  Commission  to  be  his  Mag- 
tyes  Attorney  is  not  sufficient  power  for-  ye  bringing  to  this 
action  or  to  demand  or  receive  any  debt  due  to  ye  Lord  pro- 

Yr  respondants  by  their  Attorney  desired  of  ye  Honble 
John  Archdale  Govr  of  North  and  South  Carolina  yt  ye  said 
Action  might  be  prayed  when  he  was  in  this  County  to  wch 
he  answered  yt  he  was  not  provided  for  any  tryell  to  ye  sd 
action  &  therefore  do  judge  yt  since  he  refused  then  to  per- 
mit it  when  he  was  here  we  ought  not  to  be  prosecuted  in 
his  absence  as  yt  he  did  not  intend  it  should  be  done  in  his 

Ye  respondants  sayeth  they  are  altogether  ignorant  of  any 
thing  wch  is  alleaged  in  ye  said  declaration. 

That  if  ye  said  Seth  Sothell  did  receive  any  of  ye  quit 
rents  he  was  on  of  ye  Honble  Proprietors  himself  and  he  & 
ye  other  proprietors  are  but  on  &  ye  proprietors  cannot  be 
divided  therefore  this  action  can  not  ly  against  your  respond- 
ants for  in  this  action  we  are  shewed  for  what  of  right  belongs 
to  ourselves 

If  ye  Lord  proprietors  desires  to  have  an  acct  of  what  Seth 
Sothell  Esqr  has  received  in  this  County  they  ought  to  bring 
an  acct  of  ye  Soumes  of  mony  they  have  received  for  quit 
rents  &  considerable  quantities  of  Land  Sold  in  South  Caro- 
lina &  other  places  wch  it  will  appear  ye  Lord  proprietors 
are  much  indebted  to  ye  respondents 



Answer  of  Seth  Sothell's  Executors. 


7thly     No  such   action  can  ly  against  ye  respondants  for  if  ye  sd 
Seth  Sothell  had  received  ye  whole  quit-rents  of  this  County 
they  did  belong  to  him  as  Govr  as  the  quit-rents  here  always 
belonged  to  ye  Govr  in  this  County  Since  ye  sd  Seth  Sothell 
was  Govr  although  no  govr  since  was  a  proprietor  as  ye  sd 
Seth  Sothel  was  &  ye  Lord   proprietors   have  been   always 
well   Satisfyed   yt  ye  quit  rents  should  maintain  ye  Govrs 
Chearge  of  ye  County  for  ye  time 
8thly     The  8th  part  of  ye  quit  rents  did  of  right  belong  to  Seth 
Sothel  Esqr  he  being  on  of  ye  Lord  proprietors  &  it  cannot 
be   made  appear  yt  he  hath  received  So   much  of  ye  quit 
rents  &  not  get  his  eighth  part. 
9thly     If  ye  Lord   proprietors  had   expected  to  have  had  any  of 
ye  quit  rents  of  this  county  they  would  have  demanded  them 
while  he  was  alive  or  else  ye  Honble  Philip  Ladwell  was  Govr 
who  was  appoynted  to  call  Seth  Sothell  Esq  to  an  accot  for 
all  his  actions  done  here  during  the  time  of  his  Governmt: 
'  and  it  may  be  judged  yt  ye  sd   Seth  Sothell  Esq  did  then 
make  acct  of  ye  pretended  quit  rent  or  yt  ye  Lord  proprietors 
Judge  there  was  no  part  of  ye  quit  rent  by  him  received  due 
to  them 
lOthly     By  Act  of  Parliament  in  Anno  bicessimo  Prius  Jacoby  Pg 
16  prays  all  debts  not  demanded  in  six  years  is  voyd  in  Law 
and  cannot  after  be  demanded  &  what  quit  rents  is  pretend 
to  be  received  by  Seth  Sothell  is  long  before  ye  terme  of  six 
llthly     It  cannot  be  expected  yt  ye  respondants   knoweth    any 
thing  of  what  hath  passed  betwixt  Seth  Sothell  Esqr  and  ye 
Lord  proprietors  being  they  never  see  nor  knew  in  his   Life- 
time &  therefore  ye  respondants  can  not  wage  their  Law. 
For  ye  reasons  above  expressed  ye  respondants  desires  ye  said 
action  may  be  dismissed  &  ye  Plantife  be  ordered  to  pay  such  Cost 
and  damnadge  as  yr  respondants  have  suffered  by  this  unjust  Mo- 
lestation &  yr  respondants  shall  pray.— •N 

No  date,  between  1696  and  1700,  however — Editor. 


(Original  jn  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

'No  Carolina — Ss. 

By  the  Honble  Deputy  Governour  and  Councel. 
Informacon  being  made  unto  us  that  his  Majestys  Ship  Swift  Ad- 


34  Wreck  of  His  Majestys  Ship,  Swift  Advice. 

vice  being  deserted  and  Driven  b}r  the  Ice  out  of  his  Majestys  Colo- 
ny of  Virginia  and  cast  on  shore  in  this  Government  and  hath  been 
plundred  by  some  evill  Psons  unknown  these  are  strictly  to  re- 
quire all  persons  his  Majestys  Officers  or  others  his  Majestys  sub- 
jects in  this  Governmt  that'  they  use  their  utmost  endeavor  to  de- 
tect &  discover  &  apprehend  all  &  every  Pson  or  Psons  that  hath 
;taken  or  shall  have  in  their  Custody  any  of  the  goods  tackle  stores 
or  furniture  of  the  sd  ship  and  Such  Psons  to  have  before  the  next 
Majistrate  to  be  comitted  until  they  give  bond  with  good  and  suffi- 
cient Security  for  their  appearance  at  ye  Genii  Court  to  be  holden 
23  of  this  Instant,  to  answer  wt  shall  on  his  Majtys  behalf  be 
aledged  agst  him  or  ym  and  all  goods  stores  or  furniture  shall  be 
found  to  secure  till  futher  Order.  Take  heed  &  your  report  to 
make  the  Honble  Deputy  Governour."  (No  date.) 

investigation  condition  &c.  his  mjestys  ship  swift  advice — A 


Whereas  by  order  of  yor  Honrs  ye  Governour  &  Councell  we 
Capt  Jno.  Hunt  Mr  Jno  Blany  Mr.  Wm  Barron  Mr.  Jno  West  & 
Mr.  Jno  Watts  were  I m powered  and  Sworn  to  go  down  to  ye  Sand 
Banks  to  gard  his  Majesties  Ship  Swift  Advice  Boate:  In  obedience 
to  Contents  we  Viewed  ye  sd  Shipp  &  finde  her  hull  firm  only 
some  Okeham  Issued  out  of  her  bows  and  many  of  her  bolts  with 
her  Chain  plale  Dragged  out  wch  hath  weakened  her 

That  the  Ship  is  buried  in  Sand  Seaven  foot  and  we  do  belsive 
that  ***  ****  after  three  or  four  foot  digging  upon  ye  ebb  be- 
ing ***  ***  Sutch  a  motion  with  ye  water  that  it  will  be  im- 
possible to  work  upon  her  to  any  Effect. 

We  also  finde  that  there  is  no  timber  neare  upon  ye  Sand  banks 
to  make  stayes  and  wayes  in  order  to  lanching  ye  sd  ship  &  ye 
Sand  hills  so  large  &  unpasiginble  that  if  timber  was  to  be  found  it 
could  not  be  brought  to  her. 

Itt  is  our  Judgmt  that  ye  sand  being  of  so  quick  a  motion  it  will 
be  impossible  to  make  bed  at  by  reason  of  ye  tides  Coming  and 
flowing  every  Six  hours  which  by  no  means  can  be  kept  out  wch  in 
that  loose  Sand  will  att  ye  returne  of  the  water  undoe  wt  hath  been 
Done  before. 

For  bringing  timber  by  water  we  Judge  it  a  Difficulty  next  to 
Impossibility  for  these  reasons  that  ye  Inlett  from  ye  Ship  into 
ye  Countrey  is  Dangerously  barrd  &  hath  but  8  or  9  Foot  water 
so  that  Vessells  of  Burthen  to  Transport  timber  of  Length  and 
Biggness  Sufficient  will  not  Pass,  and  by  reason  of  ye  Swift  tide  & 
Eddies  &  Shoales  in  the  Inlett  no  Vessels  Can  Steer  out  with  a  raft 



Gov.  Thos.  Harvey  to  Gov.  Arcadale. 


or  a  tow  for  a  Yessell  alone  Cannot  Safety  go  out  but  against  tide 
&  a  Raft  Cannot  be  Carried  against  tide. 

John  Hun tt  John  Blaney  Jno  Watts  John  West  William  Barron. 

The  Psons  above  named  doe  upon  their  oathes  make 
this  returne  before  the  Honble  ye  D' Governor  &  Coun- 
cell  ye  house  of  Burgesses  being  present  ye  8th  day  of 
June  1698. 

W  GLOATER  Clrk  Councell 



(Original-  copy  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,   N.  C. ) 

May  it  please  yor  Hour. 

Two  of  your  Honrs  Letters  are  come  to  hand  ye  first  of  the  23.  of 
9ber  I  received  about  3  months  agoe  ye  letter  of  the  17th  of  Janu- 
ary last  I  reed  very  lately  &  have  hither  to  expected  Col  Quarys 
arrivall  we  hear  yt  he  is  in  some  of  ye  Northern  Governmts,  these 
are  according  to  my  Duty  to  give  you  Honr  an  acct  of  wt  hath 
happened  Since  yor  Honrs  departure  of  the  present  State  of  the  Gov- 
ernmt,  and  not  to  trouble  yor  Honr  with  small  matters. 

In  January  last  his  Majestys  Ship  Swift  Advice  boat  was  deserted 
of  all  her  owne  men  in  the  Colony  of  Virginia  &  from  thence  was 
driven  by  the  wind  to  sea  &  about  ye  latter  end  of  that  month  cast  on 
shore  ort  our|Sand  banks  where  she  was  found  by  some  of  the  Inhab- 
itants of  that  place  who  plundered  her  of  wt  they  could  carry  away 
&  a  few  dayes  after  Anthony  Dawson  coming  thither  took  upon  him 
to  secure  her  as  a  wreck  for  the  proprietors  use  &  to  that  end 
took  out  her  guns  sailes  and  much  provision  but  their  case  was 
such  that  as  more  company  Came  every  one  endeavoured  to  gett 
something  for  themselves  out  of  the  spoil  Some  were  great  Rogues 
opportunity  made  others  but  little  better  that  before  I  heard  any- 
thing of  it  much  of  the  goods  armes  &  furniture  was  imbezzled  as 
soon  as  I  had  notice  I  sent  down  Capt  Jno  Stepney  and  after  him 
Mr  Comander  who  apprehended  about  20  of  the  psons  engaged  in 
this  Riot  &  tooke  a  good  deal  of  the  Goods  that  was  Carryed  away 
some  in  the  peoples  houses  &  Some  hid  in  the  Ground  ye  psons  that 
were  apprehended  were  most  of  them  brought  before  me  &  Comitted. 
And  I  wth  ye  Councell  gave  a  Comission  of  Oyer  &c  to  Capt  Walk- 
er &c  for  the  tryall  of  the  offenders  Majr  Swann  was  at  that  time 
ill  of  the  Gout  for  I  have  omitted  to  tell  to  acquaint  yor  honr  that 

fi')   (.'' 


Gov.  Thos.  Harvey  to  Gov.  Archdale. 

we  have  appointed  a  Genii  Court  for  tryall  of  all  Causes  whereof 
ye  Majr  is  Judge  for  wch  Cause  I  was  compelled  to  give  a  new 
Comission.  Her  Capt  H  Bostick  comandor  of  his  Majestys  ship 
continually  pressed  for  dispatch  besides  the  prison  was  full  &  very 
burdensome.  In  the  latter  end  of  March  the  prisoners  most  of 
them  were  tryed  &  had  judjement  I  think  to  the  utmost  of  their 
demerit  &  ye  rest  had  Bail  till  another  Court  among  the  rest  of  the 
Mischiefs  done  I  was  Informed  that  Several  papers  were  burnt  that 
were  found  in  the  ship  &  it  is  feared  Some  Pacquett  from  White  hall 
te  ye  Governmts  in  America  but  the  pson  that  is  accused  of  this  is 
fled  being  one  Pole  of  Coratuck.  All  this  while  Capt  Bostock  moved 
for  aid  to  launch  the  Ship  &  Seemed  not  to  doubt  of  saving  her  & 
Sent  into  Virginia  to  provide  a  sloope  &  other  necessarys  for  that 
purpose  and  I  took  care  that  50  men  Should  be  as  ready  as  could 
be  possibly  expected  in  this  Country  but  at  his  returne  he  began  to 
despare  of  Saving  the  Ship  and  demanded  more  aid  as  alsoe  that 
•a  Survey  might  be  had  upon  her  I  being  very  willing  if  it  were 
possible  to  Save  the  King's  Ship  appointed  Some  of  the  ablest  men 
we  have  &  least  they  should  be  partial  joyned  wth  them  Some  Mas- 
ters of  Vessells  that  did  not  belong  to  this  Country  to  Survey  the 
Ship  &  yt  nothing  might  be  wanting  I  called  the  Assembly  to  con- 
cur wth  tne  &  ye  Councell  to  Levy  aid  for  his  Majesties  Service  in 
this  afair  the  Assembly  met  the  latter  end  of  May  and  the  Surveyr 
made  return  that  the  Ship  was  irrecoverable  I  had  much  adoe  to 
make  ye  house  of  burgesses  to  take  the  matter  soe  much  as  into 
their  consideracion  after  they  were  met  they  adjourned  their  house 
for  two  months  wthout  the  Councells  assent  or  knowledge  upon  yt 
we  somoned  them  again  by  new  writts  wch  being  served  on  the 
members  before  they  were  dispersed  b}'  yt  meanes  they  were  com- 
pelled to  comply  so  far  as  to  appoint  Some  of  ther  Members  to  joyne 
in  Committee  with  two. of  the  Councell  to  inquire  into  the  returne 
made  by  the  Surveyor  by  whom  it  was  resolved  that  the  Ship  could 
not  be  launched  by  any  force  we  were  able  to  raise.  We  dissolved 
the  Assembly  and  the  Capt  carried  away  the  Guns  Sailes  Rigging 
&c  and  all  the  goods  that  could  be  found  &  departed  wthout  giving 
me  any  pticuler  accot  of  wt  he  carried  away  or  did  onely  I  was  In- 
formed by  the  Marshall  whom  I  sent  down  for  that  purpose  that 
there  was  nothing  left  but  the  hull  wch  Lyeth  still  upon  the  sands. 
In  April  Mr  Comander  died  &  we  have  appointed  Capt  Thos  Lu- 
ten  of  Chowan  Marshall  whilest  these  matters  were  in  hand.  Sr 
Edm  Andros  sent'me  a  Letter  &  in  it  a  copy  of  a  Comission  from 
the  high  Admiralty  of  England  impowering  him  to  constitute 
Judges  &c  of  a  Court  of  Admiralty  in  this  Governmt  in  case  of  Va- 
cancy but  we  having  appointed  Capt  Henderson  Walker  Judge  of 
the  Admirallty  for  this  Governmt.  wth  other  officers  returned  an- 

Gov.  Thos.  Harvey  to  Gov.  Archdale. 


swer  that  there  was  no  vacancy  &  soe  at  present  put  a  stop  to  that 
Matter  wch  we  believe  to  be  a  great  incroachmt  upon  the  powers 
Granted  to  the  proprietors  in  their  Charter  but  if  Capt  Walker 
shold  die  Sr  Edmonds  power  is  Soe  ample  by  that  Commission  yt  I 
know  not  how  it  will  be  listed  Your  honr  may  easily  see  that 
these  matters  have  caused  great  trouble  Charge  &  vexation  to  ys 
Government  &  pticalarly  to  my  selfe  they  have  indeed  been  intoler- 
able I  being  very  subject  to  indisposition  of  body  for  that  I  am 
compelled  to  intreat  yor  Honr  to  take  the  burden  from  off  my 
shoulder  I  could  heartily  wish  it  might  be  done  by  yor  Hons  owne 
presence  here  among  us  I  believe  I  have  already  been  tedious 
enough  but  I  must  crave  yor  honrs  patience  &  advice  in  wt  follows 
concerning  his  Matys  Custoraes. 

After  yor  Hons  departure  Mr  Tomes  being  weary  of  trouble  ap- 
pointed Mr.  Glover  D  Collector  who  continued  in  that  Office  till 
the  25th  of  March  last  at  wch  time  Mr.  Randolph  who  writeth  him 
selfe^Surveyr  Gen'ell  sent  a  Commission  to  Majr  Swann  &  wth  it  an 
Act  of  Parliamt  made  in  ye  7th  &  8th  year  of  his  Majestys  Reigne 
for  registering  of  Vessells  in  order  to  qualify  them  to  trade  wch  we 
held  our  Selves  obliged  to  put  in  Execution'  wch  tho  we  did  upon 
one  only  vessell  whereof  Mr.  Ashley  was  Master  who  came  into  this 
Governmt  after  the  time  appointed  by  that  Act  wtout  a  Regester  & 
wch  we  did  after  the  most  easy  &  favourable  sense  that  we  could  any 
ways  judge  ye  law  Capable  of  &  also  remitted  all  the  forfeiture  ex- 
cept wt  appertaind  to  the  King  yet  I  have  received  from  the  said 
Randolph  such  reproach  abuse  &  threatening  as  I  believe  hath  not 
been  heard  of  as  by  the  letter  Inclosed  yor  Honr  may  be  more 
largely  informed  for  understanding  of  wch  I  desire  you*-  honr  to 
take  notice  that  Mr  Patrick  Henly'  Master  of  the  Jane  &  Sarah 
came  to  Wm  Glover  for  his  clearing  being  not  halfe  Loaded  & 
aleged  the  Cause  to  be  yt  he  had  reed  advice  from  his  owners  to 
hast  away  before  the  25  of  March  or  else  to  hale  up  his  Vessell  & 
survey  her  for  fear  of  increasing  the  penalty  of  the  sd  Act  &  this 
advice  came  by  an  expresse  sent  out  of  Virginia  and  he  had  his 
clearing  from  Mi  Glover  &  his  Let  pass  from  me  on  the  24th  day 
of  March  &  departed  wthout  any  word  of  disturbance  &  for  the  Fees 
yor  Honr  knows  they  are  ascertained  by  law  in  this  Governmt  The 
Poler  wch  he  alsoe  mencons  was  a  vessell  that  was  then  in  the 
Country  &  shee  having  not  such  Certificate  as  the  Law  requires  I 
caused  her  to  be  stayed  7  or  8  days  till  I  was  informed  better  of  the 
true  sence  of  the  Law  &  a  favourable  expedient  being  found  to  Lett 
her  pass  she  was  released  here  wthout  damage  &  stayed  here  a  con- 
siderable time  after  she  had  liberty  to  pas  being  in  doubt  to  venture 
tiH  she  had  advice  from  her  owners  for  fear  of  Seizure  in  her  owne 
port  for  the  Law  not  being  of  till  the  day  of  its  being  in  force  put  a 




Gov.  Thos.  Harney  to  Gov.  Archdale. 

great  Surprise  upon  all  Psons  concerned  in  trade  &  Governrnt.  And 
we  always  endeavoured  to  be  most  favorable  in  these  matters. 
There  was  allso  one  V-essell  more  seized  by  informacon  of  Coll  Wil- 
kison  &  Mr  Porter  for  Importing  European  Goods  not  omediately 
from  England  but  upon  proofe  that  the  goods  were  lawfully  trans- 
ported from  England  to  N  England  &  from  there  into  this  port  she 
was  cleared. 

Yor  Honr  writes  to  me  concerning  the  qt  rents  of  wch  I  know 
not  wt  to  say  for  there  is  very  little  come  to  my  hands  &  far  as  I 
am  Informed  the  receivers  have  got  in  very  little  Severall  psons 
dispute  the  paying  ym  because  there  is  no  direct  power  given  by 
the  proprietors  to  yor  honr  for  receiving  &  giving  discharges  for 
them  (as  they  say)  I  desire  yor  honrs  pticular  direction  herein  for 
there  hath  not  come  into  my  hand's  soe  much  as  will  defray  the 
Charge  &  expenses,  wch  I  have  inevitably  been  put  to  this  year 
either  by  the  qt  rents  or  any  thing  else  the  whaling  comes  to  very 
little  hitherto,  I  have  now  given  a  comission  to  Mr  Thomas  Durant 
to  take  care  of  the  whaling  and  wreck  on  the  Seashore  and  from 
him  I  am  in  hopes  of  a  honest  accot. 

There  is  an  Inlett  broke'  in  a  little  to  ye  North  of  the  former  and 
which  is  more  hopefull  Than  any  have  been  before  Coll  Pollock 
is  disabled  by  ye  above  menconed  act  he  being  a  sick  man  and  Mr 
Sanders  is  noe  assistant  to  me  at  all  so  yt  we  are  now  very  few 
whereby  ye  Govermt  is  very  weake  Your  Honr  desires  my  kind- 
ness to  ye  bearer  which  I  shall  gladly  show  for  your  Honrs  sake 
soe  soon  as  I  can  learn  who  he  was  Yr  letter  came  through  many 
hands  to  me  and  as  for  ye  papers  which  were  left  behind  I  can  here 
nothing  of  ym  I  desire  yor  Honrs  directions  how  I>shall  dispose  of 
wt  money  I  have  in  my  Hands  belonging  to  your  Honr  I  hope 
your  Honr  hath  Red  my  former  letter  however  I  desife  yor  Honr 
to  informe  me  of  some  certain  way  of  directing  letters  to  you  We 
have  largely  writt  to  ye  proprietors  and  pticularly  concerning  Mr 
Randolphs  letter  we  havealsoe  given  account  thereof  to  ye  Comiss- 
ners  of  his  Mjstys  Customes  We  know  not  wt  ugly  representacons 
he  may  make  or  wt  accusation  he  may  frame  out  of  a  pce'll  of  direct 
lyes  yt  he  has  put  up  he  seems  to  be  Maliciously  sett  against  us  I 
hope  if  it  ly  in  your  Honrs  power  you  will  endeavor  to  rescue  us. 

Therefrom  I  assure  yor  Honr  we  have  acted  nothing  but  ye 
plane  sence  of  ye  Law  inferred  from  which  we  durst  not  desist  hav- 
ing reed  such  strict  comand  from  his  Majts  most  Honrble  Privey 
Councell  comand  us  to  be  very  strict  in  psuing  ye  Laws  concerning 
trade  and  noe  man  here  hath  been  injured  any  thing  or  put  to  any 
hard  ship  save  yt  a  3d  part  of  Ashleys  vessell  by  a  fair  tryall  was 
condemned  to  ye  King  for  I  and  Majr  Swann  remited  freely  our 
parts  We  have  sent  coppy  of  ye  tryall  to  ye  Comner  of  ye  Customes 

Edward  Hill's  Commission  as  Judge  of  Admiralty.       39 

at  London  and  herewith  I  have  sent  you  also  a  coppy  of  ye  same  I 
will  trouble  yor  Honr  noe  further  having  been  already  too  tedious 
for  which  I  crave  your  pardon  and  am 

Yor  Hours  most  humble  sarvt  to  ye  utmost  of  my  power. 
July  10th  1698. 

January  14th)  the  above  written  is  a  duplicate  of  my  last  since 
wch  I  have  nothing  to  ad  but  that  Coll  Quary  the  10th  of  this 
prsent  arrived  &  delivered  to  me  ye  Exemlification  of  their  Lettrs 
Patentt  the  receivers  of  the  qt  rents  give  me  acct  that  they  gett 
nothing  in  we  have  reinforced  their  power  by  an  order  of  Councell 
&  ord'd  them  to  give  acct  in  March  next. 

Janry  14.  1698     (Should  be  1698/9.) 

Briefed  Coypyes  of  Letters  sent  to  Govr  Archadell" 

Gdv.  Archdale  returned  to  England  in  1697,  leaving  Thos  Har- 
vey Dep.  Gov.  during  his  absence.  This  letter  gives  an  account  of 
his  administration. — Editor. 


(Copy  of  original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"Sr  Edmund  Andros  Kt  his  Majestyes  Lt  and  Govr\  Genii  of 
Virga.  to  Edward  Hill  Esq.  Sends  Greeting 

Whereas  by  his  Majestyes  Comscon  under  the  great  Seal  of  the 
high  Court  of  Admirallty  of  England  bearing  date  the  20th  June 
1697.  I  am  Authorized  and  Impowered  to  appoynt  Judges  &  other 
officers  for  the  Court  of  Admirallty  in  his  Majtyes  Dominion  of 
Virga.  Carolina  &  Bahemia  Island's  Pursuant  whereunto  and  di- 
recons  to  me  given  I  do  hereby  appoynt  you  the  said  Edward  Hill 
Judge  of  the  Court  of  Admirallty  in  this  his  Majtyes  Dominion  of 
Virga.  &  North  Carolina  to  Hear  &  Determine  all  Matters  &  things 
relating  to  the  sd  Court  of  Admirallty  Hereby  Giving  &  Granting 
unto  you  full  power  &  Authority  to  Execute  the  sd  Office  and  to 
Cause  Such  persons  and  other  Evidences  as  may  be  necessaryly  re- 
quisite to  appear  before  you  at  Such  time  &  place  as  you  shall  ap- 
poynt and  administer  Such  Oaths  as  shall  be  Requisite  And  you 
are  to  take  care  that  all  ye  proceedings  together  with  this  Comison 
be  Registred  in  yr  office  and  I  doe  hereby  require  all  Psons  to  give 
Evidence  to  you  as  Judge  of  the  Admirallty. 

s,  .>  ''] 



Geo.   Durant,  Speaker  of  House  of  Burgesses. 

Given  under  my  hand  &  Seal  this  Eight  day  of  March  in  the 
tenth  year  of  the  Reign  of  our  Sovereign  Lord  William  the  third  of 
England  Scotland  France  &  Ireland  King  Defendr  of  the  Faith 
Annoqr  Dom  1697. 

E.  Andros 


A  Commission  appoynting 
Edward  Hill  Esqr  Judge, 
of  the  Admirallty. 

Young  Dept  Seer. 

A  true  Copy  Left 

Miles  Cary  Registr. 


(Original  Depositions  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  Jv.  C. ) 

*  George  Durant  aged  49  years  or  thereabouts  maketh  oath  yt  in 
ye  yeare  1679  ye  Depot  being  then  Speaker  of  an  Assembly  John 
Plarvey  Esqr  then  Governor  &  being  very  late  in  ye  night  before 
ye  whole  body  of  ye  Acts  could  be  perfected  to  be  signed  by  ye 
Governor  &  Speaker  the  Governor  did  depart  home  Ye  Burgesses 
did  deliver  the  Acts  into  my  Custody  for  ye  Governor  to  Signe  to 
them  the  rest  of  ye  Lords  Deputies  and  my  Self  Signed  the  Said 
Acts  in  ye  Parliamt  before  their  departure  &  I  kept  ye  said  Acts  in 
my  Custody  untill  ye  Governor  had  Signed  them  and  then  deliv- 
ered ye  said  Acts  into  ye  Secretary's  Office  &  further  ye  Depot  tes- 
tifyeth  that  these  words  in  ye  58.  Art  to  Say  (Voles  in  elections  or 
any)  were  not  interlyned  whilest  the  said  Acts  were  in  my  Custody 
or  before  ye  Governor  had  signed  wch  was  to  ye  best  of  ye  depot 
knowledge  at  his  owne  house. 

George  Durant. 

The  Deposition  of  John  Willoughby  Esqr  aged  Sixty  years  or  up- 
wards &  William  Craford  Esqr  aged  Forty  &  Four  yeares  or  there- 
abouts being  both  deputys  doe  upon  oath  depose  yt  Mr  Holden  did 
in  open  Court  say  that  there  was  Neither  Governr  nor  Governmt  in 
ye  County. 

John  Willoughby     William  Craford. 

These  above  said  words  were  expresst  &  Spoken  in  ye  month  of 

January  1680/1  before  ye  Imprisonmt  of  Mr  Holden. 

John  Willoughby     William  Craford. 

*  George  Durant  was  also  Attorney  General  in  1(576.  From  the  above  it  would 
appear  that  there  was  crooked  work  in  legislation  at  that  day  as  well  as  at  the 
present.  History  is  constantly  repeating  itself  in  every  department  and  place  of 
public  work.  —  Editor. 

The  Culpepper  Rebellion. 


The  Deposition  of  George  Durant  aged  50  yeares  or  thereabouts 
-•Saith  that  Sometime  in  ye  Spring  next  after  Robert  Holdens  arri- 
vall  into  these  parts  Mr  Wilkins  Master  of  a  Vessell  had  traded  in- 
to this  County  was  stearing  his  said  Vessell  with  ye  Said  Holden 
his  Matie  Collector  the  said  Holden  did  cause  the  said  Wilkins  to 
■draw  Bills  of  Exchange  for  moneys  to  be  paid  in  Boston  for  ye 
penny  &  pound  to  be  paid  to  him  ye  s'd  Holden  not  expressing  at 
all  for  his  Matie  &  Sometime  afterward  in  ye  same  Spring  ye  sd 
Wilkins  arrived  here  in  another  Vessell  came  to  Mr  Holden  ye. 
Depot  being  then  present  heard  Mr.  Wilkins  tell  Mr  Holden  that 
he  the  sd  Wilkins  was  undon  for  yt  he  ye  sd  Holden  had  caused 
him  to  pay  him  ye  Customs  of  his  Ladying  in  boston  in  moneys 
•when  his  employers  had  ordered  him  to  pay  it  here,  in  tobaccoes 
Mr.  Holden  refused  to  take  it  &  he  ye  sd  Wilkins  not  following  his 
orders  was  turned  out  of  his  employ  &  they  denyed  to  pay  ye 
moneys  Wilkins  was  like  to  pay  it  himself  Mr  Holden  did  then 
give  ye  sd  Wilkins  an  Instrumt  of  writing  wch  did  declare  yt  ye 
moneys  was  his  Matie  ye  Depot  then  told  Mr  H>lden  that  ye  had  a 
great  priviledge  in  being  his  Majties  Collector  for  if  his  money  had 
been  paid  it  had  been  his  to  say  Holdens  butt  being  not  paid  it  is 
his  Maties  and  further  saith  not 

Geo.  Durant  Sworn  in  Court. 

The  Deposicon  of  Alexander  Lillington  aged  *thirty  seven  or 
"thereabouts  being  deposed  saith  that  there  were  severall  bills  putt 
into  ye  hands  of  yor  depot  to  receive  in  Pork  for  Mr  Holden  with 
order  to  Salt  &  pack  ye  same  in  barrells  for  him  ye  said  Holden 
wch  yor  depot  did  to  ye  Quantity  of  Six  barrels  wth  oi«der  from  ye 
•sd  Holden  to  mark  ye  barrells  of  pork  by  me  sent  with  ye  Letters 
Ritt  butt  when  ye  sd  Mr.  Holden  was  seized  &  a  prisonr  in  ye  Cus- 
tody of  the  Grand  Marshall  on  board  Mr.  Joshua  Lamb's  Vessell 
fhe  ye  sd  Mr  Holden  did  give  me  yor  Depot  order  to  mark  yeaforesd 
pork  wth  ye  brand  Arrow  forthwith  wch  ye  depont  did  And  fur- 
ther saith  not.  Alexandr  Lillington 

Sworne  in  Court  ye  sd  Mr.  Holden  reading  ye  same 


William  Wilkison  aged  thirty  six  yeares  or  thereabouts  being  de- 
posed saith  that  some  time  in  Feb  1680/1  being  at  the  house  of  Mrs 
Alice  Varnham  I  heard' Mr.  Eleazer  Clark  say  yt  Mr  Robert  Holden 
had  Sent  him  for  to  alter  ye  mark  of  ye  porke  wch  did  belong  to 
him  ye  said  Holden  and  to  mark  it  with  ye  brand  Arrow  the  marke 
•on  ye  barrells  was  Ritt  to  ye  best  of  my  remembrance  being  near 
thirty  barrels  in  Number  the  Pork  yt  was  in  them  was  about  Seaven 

*  Alexander  LiJlington  was  therefore  born  in  1644 — Enrrofi 







The  Culpepper  Rebellion. 

thousand  as  by  Mr  John  Vanham's  acct  did  appeare  &  yor  Depot 
reed  a  note  that  ye  sd  Clark  had  brought  from  ye  sd  Holden  at  ye 
time  to  that  purport  &  for  ye  delivery  of  ye  same  Pork  Butt  Mrs 
Varnham  refused  without  a  receipt  from  under  ye  sd  Holdens 
hand  &  further  saith  not 


Sworne  in  Court,  Mr  Holden  himself  reading  the  same. 

The  Deposicon  of  Anthony  Slocumb  Esq  one  of  ye  Lds  Proprs 
Deputies  aged  Ninety  yeares  or  thereabouts  saith  yt  yor  Depot  ad- 
ministred  an  Oath  to  Capt  Haron's  Mate  &  two  of  his  Seamen  about 
his  *****  his  Maties  *******  ye  words  of  ye  three  Men's 
deposcins  are  as  follth  yt  their  Capt  had  put  Severall  hbds  of  Rotten 
Tobacco  on  Shoare  wen  Mr.  Holden  had  marked  wth  ye  broad  Ar- 
row to  pay  ye  King  &  yt  they  had  made  their  Informamt  Least 
they  should  loose  their  wages  there  might  be  some  more  words  wch 
I  doo  not  well  Remember  &  your  Depot  saith  yt  ye  above  sd  Mens 
depositions  was  taken  in  January  1680  before  ye  sd  Holdens  Face 
&  further  yor  depot  saith  not  Anthony    |xj  Slocumb 

his  Marke  Sworn  in  Court. 

The  Deposicon  of  Thomas  Harrison  aged  34  yrs  or  thereabouts 
saith  That  Capt  Haron  sent  for  him  to  Repack  some  Tobacco  & 
when  ye  depot  had  repact  about  three  or  four  HHds  he  found  it  so 
Rotten  &  bad  yt  he  told  him  he  thought  it  would  not  be  worth  his 
time  to  Repack  it  ye  sd  Capt  Haron  said  he  did  not  know  what  to 
doe  with  it  he  thought  it  would  not  be  worth  his  carrying  home 
then  ye  said  Capt  Haron  asked  yor  Dept  if  he*might  putt  Six  or 
Seven  HHds  in  his  Tobacco  house  to  wch  yor  Depot  Consented 
then  ye  said  Capt  Haron  sent  a  shore  the  sd  Tobacco  being  about 
Six  or  Seaven  HHds  &  ye  sd  Capt  Haron  told  yor  Dept  perhapps 
he  might  gett  somewhatt  for  it  when  the  New  England  Men  came 
in.  And  after  ye  Tobacco  had  been  there  Some  Considerable  time  Mr 
Holden  came  with  Capt  Haron  &  received  &  marked  ye  sd  Rotten 
Tobacco  &  by  his  ye  sd  Mr.  Holdens  Order  was  shipped  on  board 
ye  sd  Capt  Harons  Vessell  againe  and  further  yor.  Depot  saith  not. 
Thomas  Harrison  his  marke  Sworn  in  Court. 

Richard  Foster  Esqr.  aged  sixty  yeares  &  upwards  upon  Oath  de- 
poses yt  Major  Holden  being  at  my  house  with  Mr  Feasey  there 
hapened  words  about  Tobacco  Mr.  Feasy  saying  that  ye  Tobacco 
was  Rotten  &  he  would  not  take  it  on  board  And  Major  Holden 
said  yt  ye  sd  Feasy  should  take  it  on  board  and  to  ye  best  of  my 
knowledge  ye  said  Tobacco  was  Carryed  on  Board 

Richard  Foster  Sworne  in  Court. 

The  Culpepper  Rebellion. 


George  Durant  aged  50  yeares  or  thereabouts  maketh  oath  yt 
some  time  in  ye  yeare  1681  ye  Depot  being  in  London  when  Capt 
Haron  arrived  from  Carolina  in  ye  Ship  Carolina  ye  sd  Capt  Haron 
did  relate  to  ye  Depot  yt  Mr  Robert  Holden  did  Send  Some  tobacco 
on  board  his  Ship  wch  ye  sd  Haron  wouldnt  receive  it  was  so  much 
damnified  &  rotten  butt  Landed  it  againe  after  wch  ye  sd  Holden 
J3hipt  it  again  on  his  Maties  accot  ye  Seamen  Murmuring  fearing 
when  they  arrived  in  London  ye  Tobacco  should  be  Surveyed  &  ye 
damage  Abaited  from  their  wages  did  make  affidavit  of  ye  condicon 
ot  ye  said  Tobacco  when  shipped  before  ye  Authoritys  in  Carolina 
wch  affidavits  he  carryed  to  London,  For  all  wch  ye  Tobaccoes 
was  Surveyed  &  above  twenty  Pounds  damage  found  on  ye  sd  to- 
baccoes was  Charged  on  ye  Ship  &  abaited  from  their  wages  &  fur- 
ther saith  not.     Sworne  in  Court.  George  Durant. 

The  Deposicon  of  Peter  Mayfield  aged  Twenty  Eight  yeares  or 
thereabouts  saith  that  he  asked  Thomas  Harrison  what  Tobacco  yt 
was  he  had  a  shore  in  his  house  &  he  told  yor  Depot  it  was  Capt 
Harrons  tobacco  &  he  doubted  he  had  donne  himself  a  great  deale 
of  Injury  in  Lending  his  Tobacco  house  For  he  did  not  know  how 
long  it  might  be  before  Capt  Haron  would  take  it  away  &  Thomas 
Harrison  desired  yor  depot  to  Ask  Capt.  Haron  if  he  would  remove 
it  before  new  Tobacco  came  ye  sd  Capt  Haron  told  yor  Depot  he 
would  have  Paul  Latham  his  Attorney  to  see  if  he  could  gett  any 
thing  for  it  of  ye  New  Engld  Men  For  it  is  so  rotten  it  is  not  worth 
two  shillings  a  hhd  Afterwards  Mr  Holden  came  wth  Capt  Haron 
&  reed  ye  aforesaid  tobacco  wch  was  Shipt  on  bo-erd  ye  sd  Haron 
afterwards  yor  Depot  met  wth  Capt  Haron  &  he  desired  yor  vDepot 
to  goe  about  wth  him  &  coming  ashoare  to  Capt  Craford's  Capt  Ha- 
ron told  yor  Depot  he  would  see  what  a  Devil  made  Mr  Holden 
send  this  rotten  tobacco  ofer  Engld  for  ye  King  which  he  had 
turned  on  shoare  then  he  desired  his  men  to  go  ashoare  to  com- 
plaine  to  Capt  Craford  yt  he  might  be  secured  of  his  freight  for  it 
was  soe  rotten  he  doubted  they  would  not  receive  it  in  Engld  For 
he  did  not  care  to  be  seene  in  it  for  fear  of  gaining  Mr.  Holden's 
Displeasure  &  he  said  Capt  Craford  would  not  take  any  notice  of 
them  &  further  yor  Depot  Saith  Not.     Sworn  in  Court. 

■  Peter  Mayfield  his  Mark. 

The  Deposition  of  Paul  Latham  aged  36  yeares  or  thereabouts — 
Saith — That  Capt  Tho  Haron  being  to  pay  Mr  Robert  Holden  a 
Considerable  Quantity  of  tobacco  for  his  Maties  use  recovered  by 
order  of  Court  in  order  thereunto  ye  sd  Capt  Haron  delivered  unto 
ye  sd  Mr  Robt  Holden  sundry  bills  &  accts  of  tobacco  reed  &  ye  sd 
Capt  Haron  told  yor  Depot  he  had  send  all  HHd's  of  tobacco  aboard 

I  ,  v'i!' 


The  Culpepper  Rebellion. 

that  were  so  bad  if  he  should  carry  them  home  they  would  bring 
his  owners  in  debt  &  he  would  put  what  bad  tobacco  he  had  ashore 
at  Thos  Harrisons  &  leave  yor  Depot  his  attorney  to  sell  if  he  could 
gett  anything  for  it  of  ye  New  Engld  Men  &  ye  Next  time  yor  de- 
pot saw  ye  sd  Capt  Haron  he  told  yor  Depot  yt  since  ye  News  of 
Mr  Culpepers  arrival  he  perceived  Mr  Holden  was  willing  to  gett 
what  he  could  out  of  ye  Country  for  he  would  not  stay  to  receive* 
new  tobacco  but  reed  most  part  of  his  old  tobacco  &  shipped  it 
aboard  ye  Carolina  for  ye  Commissioers  of  his  Maties  Customs  & 
furthermore  ye  said  Capt  Haron  told  yor  Depot  ye  said  tobacco  was 
soe  bad  he  doubted  the  Commissioers  would  not  pay  him  his  Freight 
for  ye  same  great  Men  to  contest  with     Sworne  in  Court 

Paul  Latham. 

Alexandr  Lillington  aged  Thirty  Seaven  yeares  or  thereabouts 
deposed  Saith  yt  Some  time  in  ye  yeare  1679  in  ye  month  of  No- 
vember being  one  of  ye  membrs  of  Parliamt  &  alsoe  one  of  Ye  Co- 
mitty  we  did  Order  Mr  Robert  Holden  being  Also  Member  of  their 
Comitte  &  Collector  for  ye  County  to  pay  Mr  John  Wilson  out  of  ye 
Coleccons  for  a  certaine  Quantity  of  Powder  &Shott  wch  ye  Country 
had  pressed  for  ye  use  of  ye  County  yor  Depot  did  heare  Mr  Robert 
Holden  say  yt  he  could  not  receive  tobacco  enough  of  ye  Country 
to  pay  ye  sd  Wilson  for  ye  Powder  &  Shott  wTherefore  he  would  take 
ye  powder  &  shott  upon  his  acct  &  pay  Wilson  for  ye  Same  And 
further  yor  Depot  Saith  not     Sworne  in  Court. 

Alex  Lillington" 

Albemarle.  » 

William  Wilkison  aged  thirty  six  yeares  or  thereabouts  being  de- 
posed Saith  yt  Sometime  in  ye  yeare  1679  in  ye  month  of  Novem- 
ber being  one  of  ye  Members  of  Parliament  &  one  of  ye  Committee 
wee  did  order  Maj  Holden  being  one  of  ye  Comittee  &  being  ye 
Collectors'  for  ye  Countrey  he  was  ordered  to  pay  Mr  John  Wilson 
for  a  Quantity  of  Powder. &  Shott  wch  ye  Countrey  had  prest  Some 
time  before  ye  sd  Holdens  arrivall  into  this  Countrey  neer  two 
years  ye  pay  to  be  out  of  ye  Public  &  ye  wch  powder  <fc  Shott  he  ye 
sd  Holden  did  convert  to  his  own  use  Selling  upard  of  Thirty  Pound 
•of  Powder  &  neere  a  hundred  pound  of  Shott  wch  he  sold  to  ye 
Varnham  for  hydes  &  49  lbs  of  shott  to  my  owne  use  soe  yt  when 
ye  Countrey  was  in  feare  of  a  Warr  wth  ye  Indians  there  was  noe 
^munition  in  ye  three  upper  precinct  to  be  gott  out  of  ye  Magazene 
■&  Robt  Windley  comeing  to  him  to  gett  a  pound  of  powder  he  said 
if  he  would  give  him  Forty  Shillings  for  a  pound  he  had  none  & 
further  Saith  Not  —  Sworne  in  Court 

Wm  Wilkinson. 

The  Culpepper  Rebellion. 


Willra  Pyle  agd  twenty  three  yeares  &  upwds  being  deposed  Saith 
that  yor  Depot,  in  or  about  the  month  of  June  16S0  yor  Depot  wth 
one  Capt  Edwd  Duffell  Mr  of  a  Bark  belongiug  to  ye  Island  of 
Barbadoes  &  Consigned  to  Mr  John  Culpeper  &  yor  Depot  at  wch 
time  as  aforesd  yor  Depot  with  ye  sd  Duffell  came  to  Mr  Holden  to 
Enter  Severall  HHds  of  tobacco  to  Send  out  into  ye  sd  Barque  & 
ye  sd  Holden  told  yor  Depot  &  ye  sd  Duffell  that  noe  tobacco 
should  be  transported  hence  to  ye  American  party  without  paying 
two  pounds  of  tobacco  for  every  pound  soe  shipt  or  one  penny  sterl 
money  of  Old  Engld.  &  further  yor  Depot  Saith  yt  ye  sd  Duffell  & 
yor  Depot  would  a  shipt  at  least  Twelve  HHds  of  tobacco  If  not 
prevented  by  ye  sd  Holden  through  his  unjust  demands  &  further 
saith  not.     Sworne  in  Court  Wm  Pile 

John  Hunt  aged  Thirty  Eight  Yeares  or  thereabouts  declarate 
&  saith  that  being  part  owner  of  ye  Sloop  Hope  who  went  Leaden 
from  this  uper  part  of  ye  Countreys  with  Tobacco  to  New  Engld  by 
order  of  Robt  Holden  on  his  Maties  accot  from  whence  she  Returned 
to  Curratuck  where  he  took  in  another  Load  on  ye  same  accot  at 
wch  time  being  in  or  about  September  1680  I  went  my  self  &  corae- 
ing  to  New  Engld  to  deliver  ye  tobacco  &  Informing  ye  Governor 
there  our  business  as  yt  we  were  Loaded  with  Kings  tobacco  he  Re- 
plyed  he  admired  what  ye  Kings  tobacco  does  there  &  feard  it 
.  might  draw  their  Countrey  into  Some  trouble  butt  upon  delivering 
the  tobacco  to  Benj  Davis  &  Joshua  Lamb  to  whome  it  was  Con- 
signed it  proved  soe  bad  that  Benj  Davis  told  Joshua  Lamb  he 
would  have  noething  to  doe  with  it  butt  searching  further  it  ap- 
peared ye  fault  was  not  in  ye  Vessell  but  ye  tobacco  much  bryers 
grasses  &  woods  being  found  therein  wch  had  growne  therein  ye 
Cask  and  much  Rottenesse  was  found  in  Nine  or  ten  HHds  or  more- 
to  ye  great  admiration  &  Clamour  of  ye  by  Standers  butt  Especially 
of  Benj  Davis  who  thereupon  said  he  would  have  noe  further  to  doe 
wth  Robt  Holden  &  further  saith  not.  John  Hunt 

I  doe  further  declare  that  desiring  to  ship  foure  or  five  bhds  of 
tobacco  to  barbados  was  denved  soe  to  doe  by  Robert  Holden  ye 
Kings  Collector  Except  I  would  pay  two  HHds  Custome  for  one  to 
be  shipt  wch  I  thinking  unreasonable  refused  ye  same  service  wch 
ye  sd  to*bacco  Rotted  &  is  Come  to  Noeteing  this  refusal  was  made 
me  by  Robert  Holden  about  ye  month  of  May  1680. 

John  Hunt 

The  Deposicon  of  Samll  Pricklove  Deputy  Comptrol  &  Surveyor 
of  his  Maties  Customes  in  ye  Countye  of  Albemarle  in  ye  Province 
of  Carolina  under  Mr  Timothy  Biggs  Comptrol  &  Surveyr  Generall 
of  ve  Customes  in  ye  Place  above  sd  aged  Forty  Nine  Yeares  or 


The  Culpepper  Rebellion. 

thereabouts  being  sworne  &  examined  saith  that  Mr  Robert  Holden 
•on  ye  29th  of  September  1G79  released  to  Joseph  Chase  three  baggs 
of  Ginger  seized  by  me  for  his  Matie  as  Imported  Contrary  to  Law 
And  yt  he  ye  sd  Mr  Robert  Holden  on  ye  9th  of  October  1679  did 
theare  Capt  Walter  Peare  Comandr  of  ye  Ketch  Speedwell  being  La- 
den wth  22  hhds  of  ye  said  Holdens  own  Tobacco  for  New  Engld 
being  in  Cask  &  bulk  amounting  to  8230  lbs  of  Neat  tobacco  be- 
sides 3  hhds  More  belonging  to  ye  Seamen  And  when  I  demanded 
how  ye  King's  Customs  were  to  be  discharged  he  called  me  Foole 
&  Loggerhead  Saying  I  had  nothing  to  doe  with  his  Consernes  he 
knew  how  to  pay  ye  King  easy  enough.  And  ye  sd  Holden  Like- 
wise warned  ye  Masters  of  Vessels  not  to  owne  me  as  an  officer  tell- 
ing them  they  need  not  make  their  entrey  nor  steering  to  me  nor 
lett  me  Survey  their  Vessels  And  on  ye  4th  day  of  February 
1679/SO  ye  sd  Holden  by  a  writt  under  his  owne  hand  in  his  own 
accon  caused  ye  Marshall  to  arrest  me  on  board  Mr  John  Jenkins 
his  Bark  wth  out  Bayle  or  Maineprize  when  I  was  in  exe- 
cucon  of  my  office  in  his  Maties  affairs  And  denyed  to  Conferr  with 
me  ye  day  before  in  matters  concerning  his  Maties  affairs  being 
sent  on  purpose  by  ye  Comptrol  &  Surveyr  Genii  And  on  ye  17th 
of  March  1679/80  ye  sd  Mr  Holden  did  deny  to  conferr  wth  or  give 
anjT  accot  to  me  of  his  actings  in  his  Maties  affairs  as  was  enjoyned 
him  by  the  Comissioer  especial  Letter  then  newly  come  to  hand  in 
relation  to  Severall  Psons  that  had  acted  contrary  to  Law  Likewise 
forbid  me  to  Survey  Edward  Ashley  or  to  go  aboard  of  him  or  any 
other  Vessel  on  yt  acct.  If  I  durst  threatening  me  on  my  peril  not 
to  officiate  in  his  Maties  affairs  and  said  he  did  r\ot  Look  on  me  as 
any  of  his  Maties  officers     And  further  yor  Depot  saith  not. 

Sworne  in  Courte         Samuel  Pricklove 

Deposicon  of  Edward  Waad  aged  38  yeares  or  yrabouts  saith  ye 
depot  was  going  to  Corratuck  some  consernes  I  had  yt  Mr  Biggs  de- 
sired me  to  give  his  Deputy  Mr  Robert  Scott  A  passage  with  me  to 
depute  Mr  Thomas  Bayley  as  his  Deputy  because  of  Mr  Samll  Prick- 
loves  comeing  up  from  thence  he  should  have  noe  deputy  there  as 
■soon  as  we  came  to  Coratuck  we  made  all  the  hast  we  could  to  Mr 
Bayleys  house  where  ye  sd  Mr  Scott  delivered  Mr  Bayley  a  depu- 
tation from  Mr.  Biggs  to  be  Comptrol  &  Surveyr  of  Coratuck  from 
hence  Mr  Scott  &  my  Self  went  to  Mr  Thos  Tull  where  we  staid 
two  or  three  daies  &  then  Returning  back  againe  to  Mr  Bayley's 
house  it  was  nere  dark  before  we  come  there  thinking  ye  next  day 
to  come  for  Little  River  butt  about  8  or  9  aclock  in  ye  night  came- 
ing  ye  Constable  &  John  Saunders  wth  Men  in  Armes  &  Seized  & 
Searched  our  pockets  for  writings  according  to  Holden's  Warrt  for 
he  had  noe  lesse  than  three  Warrts  out  aget  us  to  be  brought  before 

The  Culpepper  Rebellion. 


him  to  Answer  wt  should  be  alleiged  agt  us  in  obedience  to  his 
Wart  we  came  to  him  though  at  midnight  thorou  Mud  &  bryers 
when  we  come  to  Maj  Fosters  they  were  abed,  in  ye  Morning  after 
Mr  Holden  was  up  I  asked  Mr  Holden  what  reason  he  had  to  send 
a  wart  for  us  as  he  told  me  I  should  know  when  he  came  to  Capt 
Willoughby's-  when  we  came  to  Capt  Willoughbys  I  asked  Mr 
Holden  who  was  my  accusers  &  what  was  alleiged  agt  us  with  yt 
Mr  Holden  &  Capt  Willoughby  went  out  into  ye  Orchard  for  Some 
time  &  perused  our  papers  &  when  they  came  unto  ye  house  we 
Came  againe  &  asked  Mr  Holden  again  what  he  had  to  charge  us 
wth  yt  Capt  Willoughby  spoak  to  me  &  told  me  Mr  Holden  had 
made  his  complaint  agt  mee  wth  yt  Mr  Holden  Spoak  yt  he  was 
Informed  by  Thomas  Lepers  yt  I  &  7  or  8  more  should  be  at  ye  sd 
Lepers  house  a  day  or  two  before  Mr  Miller  made  his  Escape  & 
would  not  suffer  ye  Marshall  to  come  near  Mr  Miller  whilest  he 
was  writeing  day  &  night  on  his  Informacon  Capt  Willoughby  writ 
our  Mittamus  &  we  going  to  prison  wth  Mr  Holden  in  our  rode  we 
came  "to  Mr  Bay  ley's  house  where  he  charged  Mr  Bay  ley  not  to  Act 
Mr  Biggs  nor  make  no  Seizes  if  he  did  he  would  chayn  him  up  8c 
further  Saith  not  —  Svvome  in  Court  Edward  Waad. 

Albemarle.— ■, 

Edward  Smithwick  Aged  thirty  three  yeares  or  thereabts  Depos- 
eth  Saith.  That  on  the  30th  day  of  June  1680  Mr  Robert  Holden 
Caused  ye  Depot  to  be  brought  before  him  ye  sd  Holden  with  a  writ, 
under  his  owne  hand  in  his  owne  name  to  ye  house  of  Anthony 
Slocumb  Esqr.  where  your  Depot  was  much  abused  by  ye  sd  Hol- 
den calling  ye  Depot  Rascall  &  Incorrigible  Rogue  &  Severall  oth- 
er Such  like  words  On  ye  1st  July  1680  Yor  Depot  was  remitted  a 
Prisoner  without  bayle  or  mainprize  in  ye  Face  Chowan  precinct 
Court  by  ye  sd  Holden  to  ye  Custody  of  Capt  Wool  lard  On  Second 
of  July  ye  yeare  1680  Yor  Depot  was  arrested  in  prison  in  an  accon 
of  Ditteny  by  ye  sd  Holden  or  at  ye  Suite  of  ye  sd  Holden  on  Sixth 
of  July  yor  Depot  had  bayle  aforded  him  yor  Depot  putting  in  bond 
to  answer  to  what  Holden  had  to  alledge  agt  yor  Depot.  On 
or  about  ye  Twelfth  of  Septembr  Capt.  Woollaid  Seized  yor  Depot 
as  his  Prisoner  he  not  showing  yor  Depot  any  warnt  or  mittamus 
For  ye  Same  yor  Depot  being  kept  under  ye  sd  Wollards  Custody 
till  October  ye  20th  or  thereabouts  trom  thence  ye  Depot  was  Fetcht 
uway  by  Mr  Holden  order  by  two  Men  in  Armes  on  board  of  a  boat 
where  ye  sd  Holdon  was  Carryed  to  ye  house  of  Anthony  Slocumb 
Esq  where  ye  sd  Holden  Caused  yor  Depot  to  be  pinioned  with  a 
lyne  &  soe  Caryed  yor  Depot  to  Coll  Jenkins  then  Governr  where 
ye  Depot  was  putt  into  Custody  of  Charles  Jones  then  Deputy  Mar- 
-shall  to  be  .conveyed  to  ye  Logg  house  in  Pequimans  precinct  where 



The  Culpepper  Rebellion. 

yor  Depot  was  Kept  three  weeks  or  thereabouts  not  having  ye  Lib- 
erty to  walk  without  ye  prison  doore  with  ye  Keeper  to  Refresh 
himself  butt  was  forced  to  Eat  drink  lye  &  relieve  Nature  under- 
one  Roofe  till  yor  Depot  with  Severall  others  Mr  Wilkerson  John 
Kinsey  &  ye  wooman  accused  for  withcraft  were  almost  poysoned 
with  ye  noysome  sent  of  the  prison  from  thence  yor  Depot  was- 
brought  to  the  house  of  Mr  George  Durantand  there  kept  in  a  close 
Roome  under  a  guard  not  daring  Not  haveing  ye  Liberty  of  any 
friend  to  discourse  with  yor  Depot  excepting,  yor  Depots  wife  nor 
have  the  Liberty  to  get  out  upon  any  occasion  with  a  man  or  two 
in  Armes  to  guard  yor  Depot  Notwthstanding  yor  Depot  was  In- 
dicted butt  by  whome'yor  Depot  knows  not  but  Inquiry  was  made 
by  the  Grand  Jury  wch  Jury  brought  their  Verdict  in  Ignoramus- 
And  further  yor  Depot  saith  not.     Sworne  in  Court. 

Edward  Smithwick. 

Wee  whose  names  are  undrwritten  being  upon  a  Grand  Jury  iu 
Novemr  1680  at  yt  time  Severall  Indictments  were  exhibited  agst 
Wm  Wilkison  Edward  Smithwick  and  Severall  others  doe  hereby 
declare  yt  Robert  Holden  Esqr  being  amongst  telling  us  yt  ye  his- 
word  upon  his  honr  was  as  good  as  twenty  oaths  in  Law  threaten- 
ing as  if  we  should  deny  ye  same  by  wch  assertion  &  threatning 
wthout  any  other  Evidence  we  found  two  bills  agt  ye  sd  William 
Wilkison  wch  otherwise  we  should  have  found  Ignoramous  &  furth- 
er saith  not  this  we  declare  to  ye  best  of  onr  knowledge — Sworne  in 
Court.  Alexandr  Lillington  Foreman 

ThoiMas  Harvey 
William  Wooll*ard 


The  Deposicon  of  William  Wilkison  Aged  Thirty  Six  yeares  or 
thereabouts  being  deposed  Saith.  That  Sometime  about  ye  15th  of 
October  1680  yor  Depot  was  arrested  by  Capt  Wm  Woolward  by  a 
writt  from  under  ye  hand  of  Robert  Holden  &.  caryed  to  ye  house 
of  Esqr  Slocumb  to  Answer  ye  complaint  of  Mr  Joseph  Chew  but 
when  ye  Depot  came  to  said  Esqr  Slocumbs  house  he  found  not  ye 
Complt  there  butt  about  some  three  or  four  hours  after  my  comeing 
there  ye  sd  Chew  came  whereupon  yor  Depot  told  ye  sd  Chew  he 
was  Come  to  answer,  his  compt  The  sd  Chew  replyed  &  protested 
in  ye  presence  of  Mr  Bonner  that  he  had  not  made  any  Complt 
agt  yor  Depot  butt  Mr  Holden  &  ye  Said  Chew  goeing  forth  into 
ye  yard  of  Mr  Slocumb  after  Some  discourse  ye  said  Holden  & 
Chew  had  together  they  came  into  ye  house- againe  &  ye  sd  Holden 
told  ye  sd  Chew  That  Sometime  in  March  Last  he  had  made  com- 
plaint of  some  Abusive  words  he   ye  sd.  Chew    had.  vent  from    yon 

The  Culpepper  Rebellion.  49 

Depot  &  calling  yor  Depot  before  him  makeing  ye  sd  Chew  Sett  at 
ye  table  &  then  related  ye  words  of  ye  sd  Holden  asking  yor  Depot 
what  he  had  to  say  in  Defense  of  himself  Yor  Depot  desired  that 
ye  Charge  might  be  proved  whereupon  ye  sd  Holden  broak  out  full 
of  passion  &  sd  that  ye  sd  Chews  words  were  Sufficient  proof  Yor 
Depot  then  told  ye  sd  Holden  yt  it  was  not  Law  ye  sd  Holden  Re- 
plyed  it  was  Law  &  he  would  make  it  Law  And  he  said  he  would 
be  my  Judge  whereupon  I  appealed  for  a  hearing  before  ye  Grand 
Couneell  proffering  to  giye  bond  to  Answer  ye  Complaint  before  ye 
grand  Couneell  butt  he  told  yor  Depot  that  he  should  have  no 
bayle  butt  should  goe  to  ye  Logg  house  without  bayle  or  Maineprize  ■ 
And  thereupon  drew  yor  Depots  Mittimus  &  gave  it  to  Capt  Wool- 
ward  &  to  take  yor  Depot  into  Custody  to  Carry  yor  Depot  into 
Piquemons  goal  though  many  Intreatys  were  used  to  ye  Contrary 
for  yor  Depot  stay  wthin.  ye  prcinct  wherein  yor  Depot  lived  butt 
ye  sd  Holden  refusing  ye  Intreatys  of  Severall  Responsible  persons 
to  that  effect  threatning  that  he  would  have  yor  Depot  in  ye  Logg 
house  Or  he  would  Sink  ye  precinct  wth  man}'  more  threatning 
words  whereupon  yor  Depot  comeing  to  ye  house  of  Coll  John  Jen- 
kins then  Governor  ye  sd  Governor  hearing  of  what  was  donne  to 
yor  Depot  did  Order  yor  Depot  should  keepe  himself  a  prisoner  in 
Chowan  precinct  &  ye  sd  Governor  become  bound  body  for  body 
for  yor  Depots  appearance  at  ye  next  generall  Court  but  ye  next 
day  Mr  Holden  hearing  what  ye  Governor  had  donne  abused  ye 
sd  Governor  &  Esq  Slocumb  with  Scurrelous  &  unbecoming  speeches 
calling  them  Old  Fools  And  ye  sd  Holden  sayd  he  made  Jenkins 
Governor  &  yt  ye  Governor  should  answer  for  what  he  had  donne 
Telling  yor  Depot  further  that  he  was  already  Governbr  &  had 
greater  power  Likewise  ye  sd  Holden  comeing  to  Depots  house 
with  Five  or  Six  Men  in  Amies  in  ye  dead  time  of  Night  Some 
three  or  Foure  -hours  before  day  comeing  into  ye  house  yor  Depots 
wife  hearing  a  noysse  in  ye  house  &  Man  calling  yor  Depot  by  his 
name  yor  Depots  wife  asked  who  was  there  ye  Man  answered 
Edwd  -Wilson  whereupon  yor  Depots  wife  awaked  yor  Depot  &  told 
him  what  she  had  heard  Yor  Depot  getting  up  in  Shirt  came  to 
ye  Dore  And  after  Some  Consideracon  he  him  self  asked  who  was 
there  wth  yt  Mr  Holden  cryed  out  Seize  him  Seize  him  Yor  Depot 
asked  for  what  The  said  Holden  sayd  yor  Depot  was  his  Prisoner 
yor  Depot  answered  againe  he  had  donne  noething  but  what  he 
had  ye  Governors-  permission  for  Whereupon  he  told  yor  Depot 
ye  abov  sd  Relecon  in  saying  he  was  above  ye  Governor  &  then 
hailed  me  out  into  ye  yard  without  any  Clothes  saveing  my  Shirt 
&  Shoes  in  a  very  cold  frosty  night  whereupon  Some  of  his  guards 



The  Culpepper  Rebellion. 

asked  ye  sd  Holden  what  he  was  afraid  of  And  sayd  cannot  you 
Lett  ye  Man  goe  into  ye  house  to  putt  on  his  Clothes  whereupon 
yor  Depot  was  carryed  into  ye  house  againe  The  sd  Holden  hold- 
ing a  Naked  Sword  &  a  Cocked  Pistoll  at  my  yor  Depots  breast 
And  after  yt  yor  Depot  had  putt  on  his  Clothes  ye  sd  Mr  Holden 
caused  yor  Depot  to  be  carryed  down  to  ye  boat  And  here  pulling 
a  Lyne  out  of  ye  Knees  of  his  breeches  caused  yor  Depot  to  be  pin- 
ioned with  it  &  soe  Continued  all  ye  day  following  except  ye  time 
yt  we  were  eating  our  breakfast  Then  by, another  Mittimus  caused 
yor  Depot  to  be  sent  to  Goal  wth  private  Instruccons  to  ye  Marshall 
to  putt  yor  Depot  in  Irons  as  hath  already  appeared  to  yor  Honors 
under  ye  said  Holdens  owne  hand  writeing  soe  yt  for  allmost  three 
weeks  yor  Depot  was  forced  to  eat  Lye  &  ****  ***  ********** 
wth  three  more  men  at  ye  same  time  in  prison  with  him  not  suffer- 
ing ye  dore  to  be  opened  to  give  in  air  Soe  yt  we  were  almost  poy- 
soned  with  ye  Stink  thereof  And  when  yor  Depot  come  to  ye 
Court  he  ye  sd  Holden  caused  a  guard  of  Six  Men  to  watch  over  us 
Not  Suffering  any  person  to  come  neare  us  except  our  wives  And 
further  to  show  his  Malice  yor  Depot  goeing  forth  did  Cock  his  Hatt 
as  he  ye  sd  Holden  called  it  not  seeing  ye  sd  Holden  Whereupon 
ye  sd  Holden  Seeing  yor  Depot  doe  Soe  Calling  to  Mr  Davis  ye 
Grand  Marshall  Asked  him  why  he  did  not  putt  yor  Dept  in  Irons 
(only  for  yt  very  act  of  Cocking  his  hatt)  as  ye  sd  Davis  told  your 
Depot  he  comeing  down  lined iately  from  him  ye  sd  Holden  And 
further  would  suffer  ye  Dore  nor  windows  to  be  Left  open  thereby 
to  hinder  us  both  from  ye  Light  &  Company  of  our  friends  till  Or- 
der was  given  to  ye  Contrary  from  ye  Court  The  ^d  guard  aforesd 
being  Raysed  without  ye  Knowledge  of  ye  Governor  or  Grand 
Councill  as  they  did  then  declare  Butt  when  yor  Depot  come  to 
the  hearing  of  ye  Crimes  alleadged  agt  yor  Depot  &  Inquiry  was 
made  by  ye  Grand  Inquest  thereof  All  that  he  alleadged  was 
found  to  be  false  excepting  Some  words  that  passed  betweene  ye  sd 
Holden  &  yor  Depot  as  he  said  "Wch  he  had  no  other  Evidence  to 
prove  butt  upon  his  honor  affirming  to  ye  Jury  That  they- were  to 
Looke  upon  what  Evidence  he  gave  upon  his  Honor  to  be  as  Au- 
thentick  in  Law  as  ye  Oathes  of  twenty  other  men  as  from  under 
his  hand  doth  appeare  Threalning  ye  Jury  If  they  should  deny 
or  retuse  to  accept  of  ye  same  as  great  part  of  ye  Jury  hath  already 
deposed  to  yor  Honors  And  further  saith  not  Sworn  in  Court 
Oct  ye  10  1***  William  Wilkison 

The  Severall  Depositions  being  in  Number  Twenty  were  Sever- 
ally examined  by  and  are  true  Coppys  of  the  Originals  taken  by  me  ' 

Henderson  Walker." 

Petition  of  Inhabitants  of  Albemarle. 



(30  June,  1680.) 

To  his  most  Sacred  Majsty  Charles  the  2d  King  of  England  Scot- 
land France  &  Ireland  Defendr  of  the  Faith  &c. 

The  humble  petition  of  ye  Inhabitants  of  Albemarle  County  in 
Carolina  whose  Names  are  Undr  written.  —  Humby  Sheweth  to  yr 

That  whereas  yr  Majys  Petitionrs  have  been  great  &  grievous 
sufferer's  by  ye  Rebellion  of  Severall  Audatious  Infamous  &  Scan- 
dalous Psons  who  have  drawn  Sevrall  of  yr  Majtyes  poore  &  igno- 
rant Subjects  into  ye  Same  prdicamt  wth  them  through  their  fals 
delusions,  faire  &  plausible  pretences  Inso  much  yt  ye  whole  Coun- 
try is  now  ov'swaied  by  ye  said  Rabble  And  Notwithstanding  ye 
Honrable  Lords  Proprietrs  have  Endeavored  by  sending  Mr  Seth 
Sothwell  Governor  to  suppress  ye  sd  Rebellion,  Yet  to  our  great 
griefe  &  to  your  Mateys  great  loss  &  damninges  in  yr  Customes 
through  ye  fals  &  tretchrous  dealing  &  Combinations  of  their 
Agents  wth  ye  Lds  Proprters  ye  same  is  hitherto  obstructed  and  in 
all  probability  like  so  to  continue  wthout  ye  Majtys  interposition  to 
ye  Uttr  Ruine  &  destruction  of  yr  Matyes  Subjects  who  for  their 
Loyallty  &  fidelity  to  yor  Maty  have  been  &  are  in  fear  to  be  made 
ye  objects  of  these  Mens  furie  &  Inhumane  Cruelltyes. 

Wee  therefore  in  all  humility  pray  yr  Most  gratious  Matys  assist- 
ance for  ye  Suppressing  the  said  Rebels  &  yt  upon  ye  hearing  our 
sd  petition  well  in  a  more  ample  manner  setteth  forth  our  Case  & 
grievances,  yt  yr  Maty  would  be  pleased  for  ye  future  to  take  such 
care  &  course  as  to  ye  most  sacred  wisdom  shall  seem  most  meet, 
as  well  for  ye  securing  of  us  Ye  Matys  Most  Loyal  and  most  dis- 
tressed subjects  and  supplyants  as  of  yr  Matys  Customes  from  the 
violence  and  Rapine  of  such  Riotous  disorderly  persons  as  aforesaid. 
And  we  (as  in  duty  bound)  shall  Evr  pray 

John  Sturgeon  Andrew  Wall  word  *  James  Long  Senr 
Willm  Foster  John  Willson  Rolph  Flether  Willm  Vaux 
Joshua  Scott  Robt  Inkoson  |Law  Consalvoe 
John  Gillcrest  John  Wallis  Robt  Bensley  John  Lacy 
Geo  Castleton  Robt  Scott  John  Morris  Thomas  King 
Jno.  Edling  Edw.  Wade  Tho.  Lepper  Jos.  Sutton 
Wm  Hogpen  Math.  Cullen  Tho.  Symons  Zack  Meckson 
Joseph  Pitts  John  Frith  Ja  LongvJunr. — 

*  James  Long,  Sen.,  died  in  Perquimans  Precinct  in  1682;  in  his  will  he  men- 
tions his  son  James  Long  who  appears  as  Ja.  Long,  Jnnr,  in  the  above  petition. 
James  Long  II,  was  one  of  the  twelve  members  who  composed  the  first  Vestry  in- 




Gov.  Thomas  Harvey  to  the  Gov.  of  Virginia. 

The  above  items  are  connected  with  the  Culpepper  and  Miller 
Rebellion  in  Carolina  and  show  the  bitter  feeling  and  animosities 
that  prevailed  during  and  for  some  years  after  its  suppression. 


VIRGINIA,  1696. 

(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

May  it  please  yor  Excellency. 

In  order  to  give  your  Excellency  an  answer  concerning  ye  pro- 
ceedings against  Mr  Gerald  Under  Sheriff  of  Princess  Anne  County 
for  his  attaching  ye  Goods  of  Wm  Fulwood  upon  Crow  Island  I 
called  A  palatines  Court  and  Caused  Wm  Bray  Depty  Marshall  of 
Cowratuck  and  the  Surveyr  forth  at  prectt  and  Severall  other  Psons 
to  appear  before  us  and  upon  full  Examination  of  the  whole  matter 
it  evidently  appeared  to  my  Selfe  and  the  rest  of  the  Lords  proprie- 
tors Deputys  that  the  Said  Isleland  is  Several  miles  wthin  their 
Lordships  Grant  and  hath  been  held  a  part  of  this  Province  of  Car- 
olina from  its  first  Settlemt  and  hath  never  been  Claimed  by  any 
former  Governmt  of  Virginia  And  we.  holding  it  our  duty  to  de- 
fend all  their  Lordships  just  Rights  wthin  their  Lordships  Province 
lean  doe  noe  less  than  entreat  yr  Excel' for  prserving  of  peace 
among  his  Majesties  Subjects  of  both  Governmts  that  yr  Excel  would 
give  order  that   none  of  yor  Officers  by  prtence  of  authority  from 

corporated  in  North  Carolina  in  1701-2  and  built  the  first  church  erected  in  the 
County  at  Hayes  adjoining  Edenton,  N.  C  ,  he  was  also  a  member  of  the  Court 
and  House  of  Burgesses.  He  moved  from  Perquimans  to  Chowan  Precinct  and 
settled  in  that  part  of  the  Precinct  (now  Washington  county)  between  Conaby  and 
Welch's  creeks  which  empty  in  the  Roanoke  river,  the  former  below  and  the  lat- 
ter above  Plymouth,  N.  C.  James  Long  II,  died  in  1711,  and  he  also  in  his  will 
mentions  son  James  Long.  James  Long  III,  died  in  Tyrrell  county  in  1734  and 
from  his  will  we  learn  that  his  second  son  was  Giles  Long.  Giles  Long  died  in 
Tyrrell  county,  N.  C,  in  1782;  his  will,  on  record  in  the  office  of  the  Clerk  of  the 
Superior  Court  of  said  county,  mentions  his  son  Miles  Long  and  his  grandson 
Thomas  Long,  son  of  my  son  Miles,  in  New  England, — this  Thomas  Long  was 
eitber  the  grandfather  or  great-grandfather  of  Hon.  John  D.  Long,  LL  D..  of  Hing- 
ham,  Mass.,  who  was  borp  in  Buckfield,  Maine.  October  1838,  graduated  at  Har- 
vard College  in  1857;  Principal  of  Westford  Academy,  Mass.,  for  two  years;  stud- 
ied Law,  was  admitted  to  the  bar  in  1861;  practiced  law  in  Buckfield  and  in  Bos- 
ton; was  elected  to  Massachusetts  House  of  Representatives  in  1875  and  was  its 
Speaker  for  three  years;  Lieutenant-Governor  of  Massachusetts  in  1879  and  Gov- 
ernor of  Massachusetts  1880-83.  Elected  Member  of  Congress  1882;  re  elected 
1884.  and  Secretary  of  the  Navy  under  President  McKinley's  administration  and 
for  a  few  months  under  President  Roosevelt's  administration,  from  which  -latter 
position  he  resigned.  He  is  also  author  of  a  poeticaf  translation  of  Virgil's  iEneid. 
fLawrence  Consolvoe  of  Perquimans  Precinct,  was  the  ancestor  of  Hon.  Furni- 
fold  M.  Simmons,  at  present  U.  S.  Senator,  from  North  Carolina.  Lawrence  Con- 
solvoe's  daughter.  Hannah  Consolvoe,  married  about  1687  Furnifold  Green  from 
whom  Senator  Simmons  takes  his  Christian  name. 

From  the  Governor  to  the  Lords  Proprietors. 


Virginia  doe  for  the  future  molest  any  of  his  Majesties  Subjects 
within  this  their  Lordspt  Country 

And  for  wt  concerns.  Mr.  M'clenehan  he  hath  misinformed  your 
Excel  of  his  danger  of  loosing  his  debt  for  he  brought  his  action 
against  Fulwood  for  a  debt  of  100£  in  this  province  before  he  ob- 
tained Attachmt  in  Virginia  and  when  the  writt  was  returned  Mc- 
clenehan  appeared  not  to  prosecute.  I  desire  right  understanding 
and  Good  Neighborhood  &  am 

April  8.  1698.  Yors  &c  Thomas  Harvey 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

Sr  October  22th  1697. 

I  desire  you  to  be  soe  Kind  to  Draw  some  petition  or  other  to  the 
Grand  Assembly  for  my  Fees  as  I  was  Attorney  Generall  for  two 
Indictments  ***  ****  *.  You  promised  me  you  would  doe  yor 
Endeavor  herein,  the  Govenor  cannot  be  insensible  what  trouble  I 
have  had  in  both  but  especially  in  *****  his  Concernes,  as  for  the 
other  his  honor  has  been  pleased  to  say  Captn  Dawson  must  pay 
me  but  he  refuses  I  have  an  order  you  know  for  what  fees  due  for 
the  Small  time  I  was  Attorney  Generall  I  hope  I  shall  not  be  De- 
barred from  them  and  receive  an  affront  under  the  Notion  of  Kind- 
ness; for  the  Distance  of  place  and  badness  of  health  causes  me  to 
confer  this  trouble  on  you  Yor  Sellery  (salary)  is  safe  and  shall 
be  returned  by  the  first  Safe  Conveniency  I  have  not*  seen  Mrs 
Glover  since  shee  come  upp  but  hope  to  see  her  before  Shee  returnes 
there  is  nothing  offering  at  present  but  that  I  am  as  Ever  Sr 

Yor  Most  Reall  and  ready  Servant 
To  my  honord  Friend  Mr  Wm  Glover.  Tho:  Abington. 

att  his  house  in  Little  River. 

These  pr  Mr  James  Long  D.  D.  C. 


(Presumably)  1694. 
(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"May  it  please  yr  Honrs  September  ye  6th  1694. 

On  ye  recpt  of  yor  Honrs  Letters  we  Called  ye  Palatines  to  con- 
sider wt  was  necessary  to  be  done  Concerning  Coll  Wilkison  who  as 

Bl.iif!.    ';! 


\". !' 


An  Act  Obliging  Persons  to  come  to  Tryal. 

he  Stands  a  Deputy  we  cant  call  to  acctfor  his  Misdemeanr  and  upon 
consideracon  we  found  ourselve  noe  wayes  impowered  by  any  in- 
structions upon  record  here  to  recall  his  deputacon  and  we  think  it 
absolute  necessity  that  those  instructions  at  least  that  part  of  them 
impowering  ye  how  to  make  Deputys  in  case  of  vacancy  be  upon 
Record  here  in  a  book  eppropryated  to  Such  things  as  are  not  con- 
venient to  be  putt  upon  the  publick  record.  Yor  Honor  is  very 
Sensible  that  as  the  Governmt  now  stands  its  foundacons  lieth  upon 
Deputacons  given  by  yor  Honors  by  vertue  of  these  instructions  ye 
necessity  of  their  being  hereto  upheld  the  Superstructure  if  happily 
it  should  att  any  time  hereafter  be  called  in  question  will  easily 
follow  especially  considering  how  farr  the  titles  of  land  at  this  time 
is  concerned  in  it.  We  have  passed  an  order  for  removing  ye  sd 
Coll  Wilkison  from  all  offices  his  deputation  except,  and  in  his 
room  we  ordered  Mr  Pollock  to  be  Collel  of  ye  County  and  to  be 
Coroner  and  to,  enter  &  clear  vessels  in  that  business  and  we  have 
ordered  Mr  Porter  to  be  King's  Attorney  and  Capt  Relfe  Provost 
'Marshall,  to  whom  we  shall  give  Commissions  at  the  Genii  Court 
if  ye  honrs  apperbations  shall  in  the  mean  time  come  to  hand.  We 
have  Sent  yor  Honrs  ye  Coppys  of  depositions  taken  before  us  con- 
cerning Coll  Wilkison  and  a  Blank  deputation  desiring  yor  honrs 
to  put  in  Mr.  Akehurst  wch  there  being  noe  deputy  in  Pascotank 
prcinct  will  be  a  considerable  Satisfaction  to  ye  Inhabitants." 




(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

Whereas  Severall  persons  indebted  have  &  doe  usually  by  their 
dilatory  pleas  &  delayes  defraud  their  Creditrs  of  their  Just  debts 
&  Dues  for  the  prevention  whereof  for  the  future, 

Be  itt  Enacted  by  his  Excellency  the  Pallatine  &  the  rest  of  the 
true  &  absolute  the  Proprietors,  by  &  with  the  advice  &  consent  of 
this  present  Grand  Assembly  &  the  Authority  thereof — itt  is  hereby 
Enacted,  that  what  person  soever  shall  Commence  Suite  agt  any 
person  indebted  by  Bill  book  debt  or  the  like  the  processe  being 
returned  Executed  by  the  Provost  Marshall  or  his  Deputy  or  Dep- 
utyes  every  Such  Deft  is  &  shall  be  hereby  obliged  to  come  to 
tryall  with  ye  Pit  the  first  Court  then  next  ensuing  after  such  pro- 
cesse is  return'd  Executed     And  itt  is  hereby  further  Enacted  that 

Petition  of  Richard  Plater. 


the  provost  Marshall  &  his  Deputyes  at  the  Execution  of  all  Such 
processes  shall  take  bonds  with  Security  of  the  Deft  for  his  appear- 
ance at  the  next  Court  ensuing  such  processe  And  the  Condition 
of  such  bond  shall  be  ttiat  the  Deft  shall  make  his  appearance  att 
the  next  Court  ensuing  the  Execution  of  such  processe  &  shall  then 
&  there  Stand  Tryall  with  ye  Pit  &  abide  the  Judgerat  of  the  Court 
&  shall  not  depart  the  Court  without  Lycence 

And  whereas  it  has  been  Customary  for  the  Marshall  to  charge 
ye  Pit  4s  2d  for  an  order  granted  agt  himself  upon  ye  Non  appear- 
ance, where  ever  Pits  in  the  aforesaid  Cases  shall  be  hereby  obliged 
to  pay  unto  the  Provost  Marshall  or  his  Deputy  or  Deputyes  the 
aforesd  unreasonable  Fee  for  the  future  but  the  Deft  pay  the  same. 

And  be  itt  hereby  further  Enacted  that  for  Default  of  the  Defts 
appearance  being  lawfully  arrested  by  the  Provost  Marshall  or 
Deput}T  the  pit  shall  be  at  his  Choice  to  Crave  an  order  of  the  Mar- 
shall or  an  attachmt  agt  the  Defts  Estate. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

To  ye  Right  Honable  John  Archdale  Esq  Govener  and  to  ye  rest 

of  ye  Honable  Members  of  Ye  Palle  Court 
The  Humble  petition  of  Richard  Plater  Humbly  Sheweth. 

That  you  a  petitioner  being  Constituted  and  Commishoned  Comssr 
&  Servr  of  His  Majteys  bounds  of  North  Carolina  and  wheare  by  the 
said  Office  one  third  part  of  the  porte  Charges  belongs  to  your  pe- 
tetioner  wtch  will  be  made  appeare  before  your  Honrs  by  all  An- 
cient Customes  in  this  Province  and  Further  Has  bine  approved  of 
by  thoes  that  weare  appointed  to  Supervise  the  Costumes  But  we 
itt  is  may  itt  please  your  Honrs  Your  Petitioner  Has  bine  Kept  out 
of  his  Just  Right  of  the  said  third  part  of  his  Fees  by  ye  Honable 
Francis  Tomes  &  Danll  Akehurst  Esqrs  Dt  Collecrs  Yor  Petitioner 
Humbly  Craves  He  may  have  an  Order  for  his  Right  of  the  said 
Fees  which  your  petitioner  will  make  appear  to  be  Due  to  him  in 
the  Hands  of  ye  Honable  Francis  Tomes  &  Danll  Akehurst  Esqrs 
in  the  same  until  they  Received  itt  In  your  Honrs  Concurrence  in 
this  your  petitioner  Assumes.  Your  petitioner  as  in  Duty  bound 
shall  Ever  pray. 

Richard  Plater 

*  Without  date  but  during  Gov.  Archdale's  administration.     (About  1696.) 


North  Carolina  Juries  and  Witchcraft. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C  ) 

May  it  please  yr  honr  About  July  ye  13  :  90,/  Since  or  Last  to 
j7ou  Coll  Jon  Gibbs  did  on  Munday  the  6th  of  this  Instant  Come  to 
ey  Court  wch  was  holden  for  Pascotank  and  would  not  lett  ye  Co- 
missioners  hold  Court  except  they  did  it,  by  his  Comission,  &  Mr 
Heartly  being  there  he  seized  upon  him  as  likewise  upon  Capt  Ed- 
ward Web  and  Carried  them  to  his  house  in  Pascotank  and  there 
hath  detained  them  till  ye  Tuseday  foil  and  then  he  Carried  them 
wth  him  to  his  house  to  Coratuck  wch  is  wthin  ye  bounds  of  Vir- 
ginia Upon  ye  first  news  of  it  ye  Militia  of  ye  County  was  raised 
and  we  are  now  bound  down  to  Curituck  but  Curituck  Militia  hav- 
ing news  of  it  weare  in  Armes  &  had  Like  to  have  Seized  him  as 
he  went  wth  ye  prisonr  to  his  house  ye  Deputy  Governor  hath 
Write  into  ye  Virginians  to  Know  if  will  please  to  give  him  protec- 
tion or  yt  wee  may  foil  him  in  there  for  to  apprehend  him  yor 
honrs  Prsents  here  would  be  very  necessary  if.  you  would  please  to 
pmitt  itt  to  us  with  all  Yr  Speed  Imagable  for  to  Settle  this  place 
in  peace  and  quietness  wch  would  give  us  Cause  to  pray  for  yr  honr 
as  wee  are  obliged  to  do  if  yr  honr  would  be  pleased  to  take  some 
Care  ye  will  may  have  some  librty  from  the  Governmt  of  Virginia 
for  ye  apprehending  of  him  it  would  be  Abundance  of  Satisfaction 
to  ye  hole  Country  who  are  Much  insensed  agt  him  wee  once  more 
Importune  yor  honr  not  to  fail  of  yor  Company  amongst  us  wth  as 
much  hast  as  may  be  and  ye  mean  time  wee  shall  use  or  Endeavor 
for  ye  Seizeing  of  this  turbulent  man  &  his  adherents  &  Keepeing 
ye  Countryes  in  peace  and  Subject  to  orSelves 

Yor  Most  humble  Servts 

Ed  Smethwick         Tho  Jarvis    . 
Tho:  Lepper  Tho  Harvey 

Wm.  Allen  Wm  Wilkison 

John  Barrow.  Ben  Laker 


(Originals  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C  ) 

Prsentmt  is  made  to  ye  Grand  Jury  that  Martha  Richardson  of 
ye  Precinct  of  Corrotuck  of  ye  County  of  Albemarle  in  ye  province 
of  North  Carolina  not  having  ye  fear  of  God  before  her  Eyes  but 

North  Carolina  Juries  and  Witchcraft.  57 

being  led  by  ye  Instigation  of  ye  Devill  did  on  or  about  the  20. 
day  of  July  last  past  the  Body  of  Martha  Parker  being  in  ye  Peace 
of  our  Sovereign' Lady  the  Queen  Devillishly  and  Maliciously  Be- 
witch and  by  Assistance^of  ye  Devill  afflicted  ye  Body  of  William 
Parker  and  also  did  Diabolically  and  Maliciously  Bewich  Severall 
other  of  her  Maties  Liege  Subjects  against  ye  peace  of  Our  Sover- 
eign Lady  ye  Queen  and  against  the  form  of  the  Statute  in  that 
case  made  and  provided,  the  Marshall  is  Comanded  to  come  &c  and 
and  there  Came  Mr  Robt  Wallis  James  Farlow  William  Early 
Francis  Beasley  James  Ward,  John  Worly  John  Wattkins  Zackary 
Keeton  Robt  Lowry  Wm  Sim'son  William  Luftman  Hugh  Pritchard 
Corns  Jones  Richd  Stamp  Rich  Madran  Cornelius  Fitzpatrick  who 
were  Impanelled  and  Sworn  Saying  wee  of  ye  Jury  find  No  Bill  and 
ye  prson  Ignoramus  and  it  is  ordrd  that  ye  sd  Martha  Richardson 
be  acquitted  paying  ye  Charge." 

"  Presentmt  is  made  to  the  Grand  Jury  that  Susannah  Evanes  of 
the  precinct  of  Coratuck  in  the  County  of  Albemarle  in  the  Prov- 
ince of  North  Carolina  Not  having  the  fear  of  God  before  her  Eyes 
but  being  led  by  the  Instigation  of  the  Devill  did  on  or  about  the 
twenty  fifth  day  of  July  last  past  the  body  of  Deborah  Bourtheir 
being  then  in  the  peace  of  our  Sovereign  Lady  the  Queen  Devill- 
ishly &  Maliciously  bewitch  &  by  assistance  of  the  Devill  afflict 
with  Mortal  paynes  the  body  of  the  sd  Deborah  Bourthier  whereby 
the  sd  Deborah  Departed  this  life  And  alsoe  did  Diabolically  & 
Malitiously -bewitch  Severall  other  of  her  Maties  Liege  Subjects  agt 
the  peace  of  our  sd  Souvereigne  Lady  the  Queen  &  agt  the  forme 
of  the  Statute  in  that  Case  made  &  provided  And  the  Marshall 
was  Comanded  'et  And  there  Came  Mr  Robt  Wallis  James  Far- 
low  Wm  Early  Francis  Beasley  James  Ward  John  Worley  John 
Wattkins  Zack  Keeton  Robt  Lowry  William  Simson  William  Luft- 
man Hugh  Pritchard  Cornelius  Jones  Richd  Stamp  Rich  Madron 
Cornelius  Fitzpatrick  who  where  Impanelled  and  Sworn  Saying  wee 
of  ye  Jury  find  no  bill  and  ye  prson  Ignoramus  and  it  is  Ordrd 
that  the  sd  Sussnh  Evens  be  acquitted  paying  the  Charges." 


North  Carolina — The  Humble  petition  of  Susanah  Evans,  Most 
humbley  Sheweth  That  Tho:  Bouthier  hath  put  yor  petitioner  to 
great  Charge  &  trouble  by  Causing  yor  petitionr  to  be  Comitted  for 
a  Witch  And  yor  petitionr  humbly  prays  yor  Honrs  will  be 
pleased  to  grant  an  attaehmt  agt  the  sd  Bouthiers  Estate  and  she 
shall  pray  &c.    • 

58  Relating  to  the  Estate  op  Deceased  Persons. 


To  the  honble  Genii  Court.     Jno  Evans  humbly  Sheweth, 

Whereas  yor  pettr  having  his  wife  brought  to  this  honble  Court 
as  a  Conficted  Person  being  Concerned  with  familiar  Spirits  under 
ye  Notion  of  a  Wich  to  ye  pettr  great  Damage  and  Detrimt  yor 
pettr  humbly  prays  yt  this  honble  honble  Court  may  bring  ye 
same  to  proofe  and  tryall  Liveing  so  far  a  Distance  and  yor  pettr 
As  in  Duty  bound  Shall  pray. 

The  above  presentments  appear  on  the  same  sheet  of  paper 
among  the  Court  Records  of  Albemarle  County  in  the  Court  House 
at  Edenton,  N,  C,  it  is^without  date,  but  the  name  of  "Our  Sover- 
eign Lady,  the  Queen",  being  embodied  in  the  presentments  justifies 
the  conclusion  that  the  investigation  was  had  during  the  reign  of 
Queen  Anne. — Ed. 



(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"Order'd  that  a  Comission  be  Deliver'd  to  ye  Honble  Majr  Sam- 
uel Swann  Esqr  Secretary  of  State  for  this  province  Impowering 
him  to  keep  an  office  for  ye  proving  of  Wills  Granting  administrats 
&  probetts  and  all  other  Matters  for  ye  Ordering  &  Securing  of 
Dead  Mens  Estates  according  to  ye  foil  Rules.— ^     * 

It  The  Honble  Secretary  of  State  for  ye  time  being  shall  atend 
ye  Secretaries  Office  att  ye  Genrll  Court  House  ye  first  thurs- 
day  in  every  mo  who  shall  have  full  power  to  prove  Wills 
grant  probetts  &  administrations  &  take  care  of  Dead  Mens 
Estates — N 

2.  No  will  shall  be  proved  or  administration  ordered  either  in  ye 
Genrll  Court  or  in  ye  precinct  Court  of  Chowan  Pequimans  or 
Pascolank  after  ye  first  day  of  August  next  but  only  before  ye 
sd  Officer  appoynted  as  afs'd  and  ye  Clarks  of  each  Respective 
precinct  aforesd  are  hereby  required  to  Return  all  papers  and 
wrightings  Relateing  to  wills  &  administrations  and  all  other 
Concerns  relating  to  Dead  Mens  Estates  which  shall  Ly  in 
their  Respective  offices  into  ye  Secretaryes  office  wthin  two  mo. 

3.  Iff  no  person  with  in  2  months  after  ye  Date  of  any  person  . 
Dying  Intestate  apeare  to  sue  for  administration  it  shall  be  in. 
ye  powea  of  ye  sd  officer  to  assigne  an  administrator.— > 

Relating  to  Religious  Liberty 




Iff' an  Executor  shall  neglect  to  make  proof  of  the  will  wthin  6 
mo  ye  time  Limitted  by  Law  it  shall  be  in  ye  power  of  ye  sd 
Officer  to  Grant  administration  to  the  nearest  of  kinn  if  any 
sue  for  ye  same  if  not  to  such  pesous  as  he  shall  think  fitt. 
And  ye  sd  Officer  shall  not  grant  administran  or  probatt  of 
Will  till  Certificate  be  produced  of  ye  Register  ye  Death  of  ye 
pson  deed  in  ye  Respective  Registers  as  ye  Law  Directs. 
And  every  prson  suing  for  Admintrat  Shall  give  in  Sufficient 
Security  before  ye  sd  Officer  &  before  whom  all  Evidence  shall 
be  brought  to  prove  wills 

And  every  prson  who  shall  obtain  admintrati  or  Probett  shall 
within  one  year  after  such  adminstrat.  or  probatt  obtaind  bring 
in  a  true  Inventory  wth  acct  of  ye  Estate  in  their  hands  until 
they  shall  obtaine  further  time  which  ye  sd  Officer  hath  power 
&  liberty  to  grant," 

The  above  original  is  without  date,  and  accounts  for  all  the  wills 
probated  before  1760  being  now  in  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of 
State  at  Raleigh,  N.  C. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  0.) 

"Whereas  our  late  Sovereign  Ld  King  Charles  ye  2dtby  his  Let- 
ters patent  bearing  date  — &c.  hath  been  graciously  pleased 

amongst  many  other  powers  privileges  and  authoritys  in  ye  sd  Let- 
ters patents  Contained  to  give  and  grant  unto  ye  Lords  proprietors 
of  Carolina  free  Lycence  Liberty  and  Authority  by  Such  Wayes 
&  Means  as  they  shall  think  fit  to  give  &  grant  unto  all  psons  in- 
habiting in  ye  sd  province  of  Carolina  and  dissenting  from  ye 
Church  of  England  Such  indulgencies  or  dispensations  in  Matters 
of  Religion  as  they  ye  sd  Lds  proprietors  shall  think  fitt  &  reason- 

Be  it  therefore  Enacted  &c.  That  all  &  every  pson  or  psons 
professing  ye  Christian  Religion  in  this  Govermt  shall  from  time 
to  time  have  &  enjoy  his  &  their  judgemts  and  Consciences  in  Mat- 
ters of  religion  and  have  free  liberty  to  assemble  &  meet  together." 

This  paper  is  also  without  date,  but  is  an  exact  copy  of  the  origi- 
nal— probably  passed  shortly  after  the  death  of  King  Charles  II,  as 
the  preamble  refers  to  him  as  "Our  Late  Sovereign."' 


Justices  Oath  and  Religious  Test  Oath. 



(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

To  the  Honoble  the  Deputy  Governor  afsd  and  Councell 

May  it  please  yor  Honors  we  some  time  Since  received  a  Paper 
or  Message  from  yor  Honors  House  or  Board  which  requires  all 
Messages  sent  from  this  house  to  yor  Honors  should  be  signed  by 
the  Speaker  which  we  humbly  conceive  to  be  an  Envadeing  of  the 
privileges  of  this  House  as  being  Contrary  to  all  former  practices  of 
this  House  which  Usually  hath  been  done  by  the  Clerk  of  this  house 
wherefore  we  humbly  address  yor  Honors  that  all  Messages  comeing 
from  this  House  may  be  Signed  as  formerly. 

Sent  by 
Wm  Barrow 
Captn  Saunders. 

Wm  Wilkinson  Speaker.  Thomas  Blount 

Edward  Smithwick  John  Blount 

John  Ardene  Gabriel  Newby 

Isaac  Willson  Caleb  Calloway 

Timothy  Cleare  James  Nicholson 

W  Barrow   Thomas  Pierce  Thos  Symons 

Jeremiah  Symons  Caleb  bundy 

Augt  Scarborough  Jno  Hawkins 

Richd  Sanderson  Tho  Taylor 

Ben  Tulle  Wm  Bateman  Rich:  Cominfott. 

The  above  paper  is  without  date,  but  is  evidently  prior  to  1704 
as  one  of  the  above  Burgesses  was  dead  prior  to  that  year. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

North  Carolina  ss. 

I  Thomrs  Simons  doe  in  the  presence  of  God  &  Penalty  of  Per- 
jury Promis  to  bear  faith  &  true  allegiance  to  his  Majesty  King 
William  &  Will  be  faithful  to  his  Excel,  the  Palatine  &  Lords  pro- 
prietors of  Carolina. 

And  doe  from  my  heaTt  detest  &  abhor  as  Impious  &  hereticall 
this  damnable  Doctrine  &  position  that  Princes  Excommunicated 
or  deprived  by  the  pope  or  any  Authority  of  the  See  of  Rome  may 
be  deposed  or  Murdered  by  their  Subjects  or  any  other  wtsoever  & 
I  doe  declare  that  noe  foreign  prince  Pson  prlate  State  or  potentate 
hath  or  aught  to  have  any  Jurisdiction  power  Superiority  Prehem- 
inces  or  Authority  Eeelesiastial  or  Spiritual  in  these  Realms. 

Thomas  Relfe's  Commission. 


And  doe  Ingage  as  a  Justice  wthin  this  Governmt  of  N  Carolina 
in  all  Articles  of  the  Comission  to  me  directed  to  doe  equal  right  to 
the  poor  &  to  the  Rich  after  my  Coming  with  power  &  afrer  the 
Laws  &  Customes  of  this  Governmt  And  statutes  thereof  made  & 
as  near  as  may  be  after  the  laws  of  England  I  will  &  shall  not  lett 
for  Gift  or  other  Cause  but  well  &  truly  shall  doe  said  office  of  Jus- 
tice     I  will  not  be  of  Councell  of  any   Travell  hanging  before  you. 

Thomas  Symons. 


Without  date,  but  pryor  to  1703,  as  Thomas  Symons  died  that 


—1703.    • 

(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.  > 

By  the  Honble  Landgrave  Robert  Danrell  Esqr  Lieutenant  Gen- 
eral! Vice  Admirall&  Deputv  Governr  of  North  Carolina — To  Capt 
Tho:  Relfe.  "  • 

I  being  well  assured  and  out  of  the  Confidence  that  I  have  of  the 
Skill  Care  and  Integrity  of  you  '1  homas  Kelfe —  do  hereby  Nomi- 
nate Appoint  and  Authorize  the  said  Thomas  Relfe  to  be  ^rveyr 
Generall  of  all  the  lands  in  that  part  of  the  province  of  Carolina 
that  lyes  to  the  Northward  of  the  Town  or  Settlement  of  the  nation 
of  Indians  called  Keeohwas  And  if  occasion  shall  be  to  imploy  one 
or  more  Deputy  Surveyrs  under  you  Provided  they  are  :%killfull  & 
honest  persons  in  the  Art  of  Surveying,  And  I  doe  also  hereby  give 
unto  you  the  said  Thomas  Relfe  full  power  and  Authority  to  De- 
mand and  receive  all  Fees  proffits  and  Emolumts  wtsoever  to  the 
said  Office  belonging  you  and  those  you  shall  'imploy  under  you 
always  to  observe  such  Rules  as  have  been  heretofore  appointed 
And  also  you  &  those  imployed  under  you  shall  not  Survey  or  lay 
out  any  tract  of  land  for  any  person  or  persons  but  such  as  shall 
have  warrts  for  ye  Same  from  under  my  hand  &  seal  of  the  Lords 
Proprietors  to  you  directed.  And  I  doe  hereby  forbid  all  persons 
wtsoever  to  Survey  or  lay  out  any  Lands  within  the  province  afore 
said  but  Such  as  shall  have  Lycence  from  you  the  said  Thomas 
Relfe  to  do  the  Same'    This  ('omission  to  Continue  during  pleasure 

Given  under  My  hand  and  Seale  this  26th  day  of  August  In  the 
Seventh  yeare  of  her  Maties  Reign  Anno  Dom.  1703 

Signature  has  faded  out. 



si  M 


Thomas  Relfe  was  a  resident  of  Pasquotank  Precinct. — Editor. 



Petition  of  Henry  Perkins. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N    C.) 

To  the  Honble  Governor  &  Councell  now  Sitting 

Whereas  Yor  Humble  Petitioner  Thomas  Clarke  sheweth,  That 
having  a  Mill  standing  upon  ye  Queen's  Roade  as  people  doe  In- 
form him,  Therefore  yor  Honrs  Humble  petitionr  humbly  Craves 
yt  as  ye  mill  standing  upon  ye  Queen's  Roade  yt  yor  Honrs  would 
take  it  into  Consideration  .and  order  ye  Overseers  of  ye  Highway  to 
Keepe  good  yt  part  of  ye  Roade  as  well  as  ye  other  part  For  yor 
Humble  Petitionr  having  been  out  a  considerable  Charge  allready 
upon  ye  Dam  and  peoples  Riding  backwards  and  forwards  upon  ye 
Dam  does  it  a  great  Injury  &  yor  Honrs  Petitionr  humbly  prays 
yt  if  yor  Honrs  think  it  not  Convenient  yt  that  part  of  ye  Roade 
should  be  Mentained  by  ye  County  yor  Honrs  petitionr  Humbly 
Craves  yt  ye  Roade  may  be  Carried  another  way  So  leaving  unto 
yor  Honnrs  Consideration  yor  Honnrs  Humble  Petitionr  is  in  duty 
bound  to  Pray.  Thomas  Tc  <  lark 

Without  date,  but  about  1705. — Editor. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N,  C. ) 


No  Carolina — Ss 
To  the  Honble  Court. 

The  humble  peticon  of  Henry  Perkins  of  the  precinct  of  Coratuck 
Most  humbly  Sheweth 

That  yor  peticonr  in  the  Month  of  July  in  the  yeare  of  our  Lord 
1700  did  there  apply  himself  to  the  precinct  Court  of  Coratuck 
Shewing  to  the  Said  Court  that  yor  peticoner  was  of  the  Age  of 
Sixty  three  yeares  &  upwards  &  being  soe  Adged  Did  Move  unto 
the  sd  Court  then  Sitting  that  the  Court  would  be  pleased  to  grant 
an"  order  that  yor  peticoner  could  be  exempted  from  all  Dutyes 
whatsoever  Upon  which  motion  the  Court  was  pleased  to  grant  an 
Order  thereupon 

Nevertheless  yor  petitionr  was  the  first  of  July  in  this  present 
yeare  of  our  Lord  1702  Demanded  by  William  Bray  Under  Sheriffe' 
of  the  precinct  of  Coratuck  (notwithstanding  the  order  of  Court  ob- 
tained by    yor  peticonr)  to   pay  his  Levyes   as  formerly.     And  yor 

Hue  and  Cry  by  Governor  Nicholson. 


petitioner  did  then  tender  unto  the  sd  Under  Sheriffe  payment  of\ 
his  Levyes  to  witt  in  Tallow  &  Hogges  Lard  the  Staple  Comodityes 
of  this  Country  at  the  rates  ascertained  by  Law  which  the  sd  Under 
Sheriffe  refused  but  took  from  yor  peticonr  A  gun  of  yor  peticonor 
and  the  same  appraised  &  detained  from  'yor  peticonr  agt  Law  & 
Equity  "Wherefore  yor  peticonr  prayes  yor  Worshipps  will  be 
pleased  to  order  the  sd  Under  Sheriffe  to  redeliver  to  yor  peticonr 
sd  Gun  &  to  take  yor  peticonrs  Levyes  as  the  Law  directs  And 
yor  peticonr  shall  pray  &c 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"Virga  By  his  Excellency 

Whereas  Complaint  being  made  to  me  by  Colle  Edmund  Jen- 
nings of  Bruton  Parish  in  York  County  that  on  the  ISth  of  Sept 
last  David  ****  Servant  to  the  said  Edmund  Jennings  by  Trade  A 
Carpenter  being  a  Lusty  Scotchman  an  has  his  Native  Tone  in 
Speaking  between  Thirty  &  fourty  years  of  age  Pale  faced  having 
been  lately  Sick  short  Brown  Hair  a  Scar  on  one  Side  of  his  head 
near  the  Temple  Run  away  from  his  said  Master  &  took  with  him 
a  Seed  Coloured  Frieze  Coat  &  Breeches  a  Red  Cloth  Waistcoat  a 
pair  of  Worsted  Stockings  A  Yellow  Coloured  Velvett  Capp  A  pair 
of  large  plain  Shoes  being  made  by  him  his  feet  being  lately  swelled 
a  Dark  Coloured  Periwig  &  a  Rugg  &  Blankett  since  web  he  has 
been    taken  &  Examined  in    York    County  &  pretends  his    name 

John  ******  A ,  or  Carpenter  belonging  to  the  Dublin  Mercht 

at  ******  in  Rappahannock  River  &  put  on  Shore  Sick  in  the 
Hospital  of  James  River  &  in  Probability  May  have  since  changed 
his  Clothes  &  name  &  that  the  Said  Colle  Jenning  dost  promise  to 
give  fifty  shillings  to  him  or  them  that  shall  take  up  &  bring  the 
sd  David  ****  to  him  over  &  above  what  the  Law  Directs 

These  are  therefore  in  his  Matys  Name  to  will  and  require  you 
to  make  Dilligent  Search  by  way  of  Hue  &  Cry  after  the  said  Run- 
away David  ****  &  him  having  found  to  Convey  from  Constable 
to  Constable  until  he  be  brought  to  his  Said  Masters  house  Ob- 
serving what  the  Law  Directs  &  injoynes  &  all  Sheriffs  Constables 
Headboroughts  &  all  persons  whatsoever  are  to  be  Carefull  &  Dilli- 
gent herein  as  they  shall  answer  Contrary  at  their  Perrill 

Given  under  my  hand  and  Seal  of  the  Colony  at  James  City  this 

day  of 1G99.  s~\ 

Fra:  Nicholson." \y 


ji  1    1 

W  ;  .■■: 


11  :'  s 



Deposition  of  John  Hunt. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"Sr  *■ — ->  "I  desire,  you  will  .present  my  Sarviss  to  his  Honor 
Governor  Archdell,  an  tell  him  I  begg  his  pardon  that  I  did  not 
waite  uppon  him  for  I  have  business  of  great  Importance,  that  I 
cannot  possible  Cum  as  yet  the  mdyan's  plays  the  Roge  with  Me 
the  have  almost  Kild  all  my  hoggs  and  I  am  buse  to  get  a  share 
with  them.  I  could  well  find  in  my  heart  to  Sheare  Sum  of  them 
out  of  there  lives  I  have  five  men  and  horse  out  a  hunting  up 
Marratork  and  I  hears  find  a  cabin  in  the  woods  but  I  rather  find 
hogs  bones  or  hogg  flesh  or  Cows,  if  this  be  Suffered,  there  will  be 
noa  living,  I  wish  Sum  Course  might  be  teaken  this  Assembly  to 
prevent  it,  you  have  A  patin  of  Mine  from  Governour  Sothel  for 
my  plantation  at  ye  Logg  hous,  and  Survay  by  Mr.  Chew  I  desire 
you  will  get  mee  a  patin,  from  Governour  Archdell  for  ye  loghouse 
land  I  intend  God  Willing  to  waite  uyon  ye  Governour  within  this 
ten  days  and  Soe  I  res*  your  Servant 


I  have  Rittn  Captn  Walker  to  proceed  ageanst  Fras  and  Thomas 
Palmer  not  John  pray.Speake  to  him         yours  W  D. 

these  For  Mr.  William  Glover  at  the  Assembly."     (no  date.) 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

Deposicon  of  John  Hunt  aged  55  yeares  or  thereabau,s  being  de- 
posed Saith  yt  about  some  30  years  or  thereabouts  he  Lived  at  ye 
house  of  Mr  George  Catch  maid  &  he  was  very  sick  at  that  time  and 
there  was  one  Mr  Fra:  Godfrey  there  &  ye  Said  Godfrey  asked  Mr 
Catchmaid  what  he  would  doe  wth  his  Estate  &  he  Looked  upon  ye 
Said  Godfrey  butt  Said  Nothing  whereupon  Mr  Godfrey  asked  him 
againe  whither  he  would  give  his  estate  to  his  wife  whereupon  he 
replyed  I  think  Soe  and  ye  Depot  further  Saith  yt  he  then  dyed 
and  made  noe  other  will  as  ever  ye  Depot  knows  of  nor  was  he  ever 
a  witness  to  any  other  will  of  ye  sd  Catchmaid  hpr.  did  he  ever 
prove  any  will  in  any  Court  whatsoever  of  ye  Said  George  Catch- 
maid  butt  saith  yt  ye  Said  Mr  Catchmaid  would  never  be  pleased 
to  make  any  will  but  what  he  had  made  in  Virginia  and  ye  Depot 
further  Saith  yt  ye  sd  Catchmaide  Said   yt  noe  other  will   Should 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


stand  butt    what  he  had    made  in   Virginia  and   ye  Depot  further 
saith  yt  he  had  not  lived  for  Several  Months  wth  ye  sd  Mary  Catch- 
maid  as  ye  sd  George  told  him  and  ye  Depot  further  saith  not 
Sworne  in  Court  ye  first  of  October.  John  Huntt 

W.  Glover,  Clerk . 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

No  Carolina  Ss 

To  ye  honble  Govnr  &  Councell 
The  Petition  of  Richard  Smith  humbly  Sheweth  your  honors  yt 
whereas  he  was  arrested  by  John  Porter  Esq  &  thereupon  a  Judg- 
ment granted  against  yr  humble  Orator  whereupon  ye  sd  Porter 
hath  out  of  ye  honbll  General  Court  taken  a  Capias  ad  Satisfaciend. 
against  your  humble  Orator  &  by  Vertue  of  ye  Same  doth  still 
hould  &  your  Orator  in  Safe  Custody  Keep.  Nevertheless  ye  sd 
John  Porter  since  he  the  sd  Capias  Executed  hath  part  of  ye  sd 
Debt  for  which  ye  sd  Judgement  was  granted  in  Skins  receaved 
from  Mr  Peterson  as  yr  Orator  is  here  ready  to  make  appeare  and 
yr  Honrs  humble  Orator  humbly  Conceaves  if  ye  sd  Porter  ye  sd 
Judgement  in  parcills  ought  not  to  receive,  but  yt  in  receiving  of 
part  of  ye  Same  ye  sd  Judgement  is  made  Voyd  whereby  yr  hum- 
ble Orator  is  falsely  imprisoned  &  thereby  great  damage  hath  re- 
ceived, &  humbly  prayes  yt  your  Honrs  would  be  pleased  to  take 
ye  Same  into  your  Mature  Consideration  So  yt  your  humble  Orator 
may  be  freed  from  ye  same  &  your  Orator  as  in  Duety  bound 
Shall  pray  &c.  Rich.  Smith. 

(Without  date. — Edttor.) 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N,  C.) 

North  Carolina  Ss  , '  To  the  honoble  Court  of  Chancery. 

The  Answer  of  Thomas  Blount  Deft  to  the  Bill  of  Complt  of  Wm 
Duckenfeild  Esqr  Complt 

This  Deft  Now  and  at  all  times  hereafter  Saveing  to  himself  the 
Liberty  of  takeing  all  manner  of  Advantages  of  Exceptions  to  the 



manifold  entreatyes  Insuffieiences  &  Uncertainties  in  the  Compltts 
Bill  and  Interrogatories  thereunder  Written  &  Sett  forth  for  answer 
unto  Soe  much  thereof  as  is  therein  prayed  to  be  answered  unto 
saith  as  followeth.     To  first  Interrogatory. 

1st.  Saith  that  he  never  did  discourse  the  Complt  about  chang- 
ing the  payment  of  the  BilJ  for  Dear  Skins  into  porke 

2.  To  the  Second  Saith  it  is  true  he  did  discourse  or  Treat  with 
the  Complt  Soe  farr  as  to  be  his  Security  Untill  the  next  Court. 

3.  To  the  Third  Saith  That  he  never  did  promise  to  pay  or  Se- 
cure the  sd  Deht  to  the  Complt 

And  further  this  Deft  by  the  Complts  Bill  is  not  obliged  to  an- 
swer without  that  there  is  any  other  Matter  Clause  or  thing  in  the 
sd  Complts  Bill  not  herein  and  hereby  Sufficiently  answered  unto 
traversed  avoyded  or  denyed  to  the  Knowledge  of  this  Deft  may 
be  had 

All  which  matters  and  things  this  Deft  is  ready  to  ever  mainteyne 

,&  prove  as  this  Honoble  Court  shall  Award,  and  therefore  humbly 

prayes  to  be  hence  dismissed  wth  his  reasonable  Costs  &  Charges  in 

this  behalf  most  Wrongfully  &'wthout  Cause  Susteyned.  , J  And 

he  shall  ever  pray  &c.  .     . 


1695.     Estate  of  Seth  Sothell  Deces'd  is  Dr  to  Thomas  Miller  on    a 
voyage  for  London  from  this  porte  in  ye  Ketch  Tryall. 

September  12.  £  s  d 
To  Thomas  Miller  for  4  mo  as  Mr  of  the  sd  Ketch  at 

3  £  per  mo  is   12  00  00 

To  Henry  Smith  for  3  mo  8  dayes  at  30  s  per  mo.  .  .   4  18  00 

To  John  Alford   for  3  mo  at  30  s  p  mo 4  10  00 

To  Cash  pd  Seamens  Wages ' 8  00  00 

To  a  man  for  looking  after  ye  Ketch  three  weekes   .    1   05  00 

To  one  man   Dyal  going  wth  the  Lighter 10  00 

To  entring  in-  ye  Custom  House 16  06 

To  ye  Pilott  going  up 3  00  00 

To  Interest  of  this  money  for  10  yeares  for  forbearance 

wch  money  ought  to  been  pd  in  England 34  19  06 

Errors  Excepted  ^  mee 

69  19  00 
Money  of  England 

Miscellaneous  Items  op  Interest. 




,   i 

North  Carolina  Ss         By  ye  Honble  Presidt  &  Councill 

Whereas  Information  hath  heen  made  to  us  yt  you  Mr  Richard 
French  have  taken  upon  to  Marry  Persons  wch  ought  not  to  be 
Joy  nod  together  as  haveing  Husbands  &  Wives  in  her  Majties  Col- 
ony of  Virginia  Which  tends  Highly  to  ye  great  Dishonour  of  ye 
Conntrey  and  therefore  we  have  thought  fitt  and  Do  hereby  Suspend 
you  from  Joyning  together  any  more  in  Matrimony.  As  allso  to 
Require  your  Due  Obedience  to  ye  Govermt 

Given  under  our  hands  &c  the  2d  December &  3d  Yeare. 

The  remainder  of  this  paper  is  not  to  he  found,  showing  the  full 
date  and  signatures,  but  it  was  in  the  third  year  of  the  reign  of 
Queen  Anne,  as  the  body  of  the  paper  mentions  her  Majesties  Col- 
ony of  Virginia. — Editor. 


To  ye  Honoble  ye  Deputy  Governor  and  Lords  Deputies. 
.   The  humble  Peticon  of  Henderson  Walker,  Sheweth. 

That  whereas  there  is  12  Rites  due  to  your  Peticonr  for  trans- 
portation of  them  into  the  Country,  Wherefore  yor  Peticorier  hum- 
bly prays  an  Order  that  it  may  be  Entred  upon  Record.  And  yor 
Petitioner  shall  pray  &c.  Henderson  Walter. 

John  Crew  and  his  wife,  Eliz  Crew  his  child,  one  Negroe,  one 
Sevt  Woman  Named  Elizabeth  Todd  and  one  other  Servant  Wo- 
man, Henderson  Walker,  one  Servant,  Robert  Evans  Francis  Mid- 
dleton,  Richard  Poyer,  one  Negroe  Woman,  One  Servt  Hannah 
Hayte,  in  all  12  rites.  ;    ■  •'" ",-."  *'\, 


(Original  copy  in  the  Conrt  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"To  ye  Honobl  ye  Govenr  &Councell  The  Petition  of  Farnefould 
Green  humbly  Sheweth. 

That  whereas  yor  honors  humble  Orator  haveing  a  great  desire 
to  settle  a  Stock  upon  ye  Banks  att  or  near  Ocoocok  Inlett  &  having 

,  :-  1 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


understood  ytyor  honobl  Governor  hath  given  orders  yt  ye  sd  Places 
should  not  be  Settled  by  any  Straingers  but  wt  are  of  good  fame, 
least  any  harme  should  befall  any  of  her  Majtys  Subjects  yt  Should 
through  Chance  be  cast  away  there. 

Therefore  your  humble  Orator  prays  Lycence  from  yor  honors 
for  ye  Settlement  of  ye  Same,  &  your  humble  Orator  shall  in  duty 
bound  for  ever  pray  &c.  .    Farnefould  Green." 


To  ye  Genii  Court 
The  humble  peticon  of  Capt  Jno  Hunt — Sheweth  that  there  are 
Severall  Cattle  belonging  to  ye  Estate  of  Seth  Sothell  Esqr  deed 
upon  a  Island  called  Colleton  Island  &  ye  peticonrs  say  that  ye 
Honrs  Danl  Akehurst  esqr  is  about  to  kill  the  Stock  of  Cattle  upon 
that  Island  ye  peticonr  humbly  Craves  order  for  the  sd  Cattle  as 
having  purcha=  the  same  of  Hugh  Campbell  Attorney  of  Tho 
Goddin  Executor  of  Col  John  Lear  Executor  of  the  sd  Seth  Sothell 
&  shall  pray  Wm  Glover.  Cler. 


[Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C ), 

Coratuck  Precinct  August  ye  3d  1703. 
"  The  Deposition  of  Tho:  Boucher  aged  jj  39  years  or  Thereabouts 
Sayeth  yt  upon  ye  24th  of  July  1703  yor  Deponts  Household  (or 
family)  was  Then  in  perfect  helth  Excepting  one  person  which  was 
Recovering  out  of  his  Sallivation;  Ye  Same  day  att  Eve  I  your  De- 
pont  called  one  Tho:  Walker  a  servant  of  yor  Depont  to  Come  to 
meet:  but  he  instantly  Cryed  out  yt  his  paines  was  soe  Great  that 
he  cold  not  Come  crying  out  of  his  belly  and  Stumack  and  Soe 
Continueth  disabled  to  this  Day:  ye  next  morning  it  being  ye  25th 
of  July  1703  ye  aforesaid  Walker's  wife  Came  from  John  Evans  his 
House  and  your  Depont  said  to  her  I  was  very  Glad  yt  shee  was 
Come  yt  Shee  might  N'urs  her  husband?  within  one  hour  or  two  my 
wife  was  taken  with  a  paine  in  her  foot  Soe  Extremely  and  Severely 
that  she  Cryed  out:  and  acquainted  me  yt  her  pain  was  in  Such 
Sort  that  her  foot  felt  as  if  a  thousnd  alls  or  nails  was  Pearcing  them 
and  Could  have  no  Ease  but  when  her  foot  was  ^  put  in  hot  waterg 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


soe  she  Continued:  24:  howers  Then  ye  pain  Seased  in  her  foot  but 
shee  was  tormented  in  her  bowels  to  ye  day  of  her  death  which 
sickness  Continued  abought  a  Month  and  many  helpfull  Men  and 
Women:  indevered  to  give  her  Ease  and  helpe  but  all  in  Vaine  and 
it  was  observed  yt  soone  after  shee  was  taken  sick  shee  Cried  out 
of  John  Evans  his  wife  Still  Saying  that  Shee  was  an  Evall  woman 
and  that  shee  was  sattisfide  that  she  suffered  These  Great  paines 
by  her  meanes  and  Ernestly  desired  me  to  have  her  Examined  and 
Serched  for  shee  should  Certainly  Dy  but  it  may  serve  to  prevent 
her  from  Doing  More  Mischief.  This  she  said  with  many  more 
words  Relating  to  ye  sd  Evans  his  wife  adding  that  shee  Coold  not 
Slumber  but  she  thought  of  her:  before  many  persons  present  Soe 
yt  in  a  bout  a  weeke  after  shee  was  taken  I  Thomas  Boucher  yor 
Depont  was  allso  Taken  with  strange  and  Unusual  pains  in  my 
Stamack  and  belley  and  *****  *****  an(j  am  g^u  afflicted  to  this 
day  soe  yt  I  and  my  wife  Could  hardly  tell  which  Shold  dy  furst 
and  the  Taylor  and  his  wife  and  all  ye  people  of  my  famially  ware 
soe  bad  that  one  Could  not  helpe  another  Some  time  before  my 
wife  Dyed  John  Evans  Came  for  me  To  meet  his  wife  at  Mr 
Tho:  VandorMullens  to  appeare  before  Mr  Ricd  Cominfort  for  she 
that  was  his  wife  was  not  willing  to  heave  such  Reports  against  her 
Selfe  I  Readely  went  and  there  acquainted  what  obligation  my 
wife  had  Laid  one  me  to  Search  ye  Matter  more  plaine  John  Ev- 
ans and  his  wife  Did  abuse  Me  and  my  wife  and  he  Thretned  me 
yt  he  wold  Much  bruse  my  body  I  acquainted  him  that  I  was  sick 
he  said  yt  he  did  not  believe  but  that  I  was  as  evell  as  he  this  is 
most  pertinant  and  what  I  can  Remember  which  I  doe  attest  and 
Sett  my  hand  unto 

Copia  Veralnt  Edmd  Taylor  Clk  Cot  Tho:  Boucher 

This  Deposition  Sworn  to  in  open  Court  the  31st  day  of  August  1703 

Test     Edmd  Taylor  Clk  Cort." 

The  above  is  to  be  taken  in  connection  with  other  articles  in  this 
issue  relating  to  witchcraft,  it  was  discovered  too  late  to  appear 
with  them. — Editor. 

I  ,:'      «'•. 



(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

North  Carolina  &  in  the  thirteenth  yeare  of  his  Majesties  Reign. 
To  the  Honoble  Genii  Court. 

Frederick  Jones  and  Julius  Deeds  of  London  Merchants  Assynee 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

of  Robert  Harrison  of  Yorke  County  in  the  Colony  of  Virginia, 
planter  Complains  against  William  Duckenfeild  of  North  Carolina 
Esq  in  a  plea,  that  he  render  to  them  the  Sum  of  Seven  pounds 
six  shillings  and  four  pence  Sterling  money  of  England  which  to 
them  he  owes  and  detaines  quallified  as  aforesaid  for  that  Whereas 
the  said  Defendt  on  the  28th  day  of  July  1697  by  bill  from  under 
his  hand  and  here  in  Court  to  be  produced  bearing  date  the  day 
and  year  aforesaid  acknowledged  him  Selfe  to  owe  and  stand  in- 
debted to  the  said  Robt  Harrison  the  aforesaid  Sume  of  Seven 
pounds  Six  Shillings  and  four  pence  to  be  paid  to  the  said  Harri- 
son or  to  his  Assignes  and  thereupon  the  pits  do  say  that  by  the 
assignment  aforesaid  the  same  is  become  due  to  the  pits  and  not- 
withstanding the  same  hath  been  often  times  demanded  of  the  said 
Defendt  is  yett  unpaid,  and  the  same  to  pay  to  the  said  pits  has  al- 
ways hitherto  denyed  &  Still  doth  Deny  and  unjustly  detaine 
whereupon  the  said  pits  hath  brought  this  theire  Suite  agt  the  said 
Defendt  and  humbly  prays  Judgment  for  the  said  Seven  pounds 
Six  Shillings  and  four  pence  Sterling  &  that  the  Defendt  pay  Costs 
of  Suite  et. 

*  Daniel  Sullivan  .Atty  ^  ye  pits. 

*We  are  inclined  to  the  opinion  that  Daniel  Sullivan  was  of  the 
same  family  from  which  descended  General  Jethro  Sumner  of  the 
Revolution,  hence  the  name  Jacky  Sullivan. — Editor. 



(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"To  the  Honoble  Court  of  Chancery  Colel  Thomas  Pollock  Hum- 
bly Sheweth, 

That  whereas  your  petitioner  was  Subpena  to  appear  att  this 
honoble  Court  by  the  Honoble  Henderson  Walker  Esqr  President 
as  Attorney  to  Jno  Gembell  of  London  attorney  to  James  Gembell 
of  Glascow,  Both  for  the  reasons  under  mentioned  I  hope  your  hon- 
ors will  Excuse  my  appearance  at  this  tyme  and  Grantt  a  reference 
to  the  next  Court  or  if  Mr  Smith  come  in  sooner  I  shall  willingly 
&  Submitt  to  whatt  ever  your  honors  shall  Justly  award  in  thev 
matter  and  your  petitioner  shall  pray  as  in  duty  bound  &c. 

Thomas  Pollock. 

1.      The  defts  requiring  as  mutch   tyme  to  prepare  himself  to  an- 
swer a  Subpena  in  Chancery  as  to   answer   ane  action   in  the 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 




other  Courtt,  Butt  your  Deft  hath  nott  had  the  tyme  nott  be- 
ing Subpena  untill  the  24  day  Inst. 

There  is  an  action  of  debt  against  yr  defts  now  by  Mr  Porter 
Attorney  for  Mr  Hamilton  Mr  Loge  &  on  Mr  Peterson  for  a 
debt  due  by  this  deft  to  Mr  Gembell  to  his  use  they  Pretend 
and  no  legacies  being  to  be  payd  before  debts  I  doubt  nott 
your  honors  will  Consider  itt. 

A  generall  Legatee  being  only  to  have  the  shear  remainder  of 
the  estate  cannot  have   itt  untill  all  other  particular  Legacies 
are  payed. 
May  it  please  your  honors, 

The  reesons  above  sd  would  be  no  hinderance  to  my  appearing 
now  before  you  Butt  having  foure  Slaves  newly  runaway  and  I  be- 
lieve are  joyned  to  a  Mulatto  belonging  to  Capt  Gordine  of  Virginy 
who  I  understand  hathlyen  about  Salmond  Creek  here  this  Severall 
month  I  most  use  my  indeavors  to  have  them  catched  iff  possible 
least  they  should  gether  to  a  greater  head  and  do  Mischief  on  this 
Shoare  wch  I  have  great  reasons  to  Suspect:  Wherefore  my  own  in- 
terest and  Safety  of  my  family  and  the  peace  of  the  place  being 
concerned  I  hope  your  honors  will  Excuse  me  att  this- time:  For  iff 
I  should  leave  home  att  this  tyme  I  doubt  more  of  my  negroes 
might  run  away  and  endanger  also  bis  family  who  is  yr  Honors 
most  Humble  Thomas  Pollock." 

Without  date,  between  1699  and  1704  however. — Editor. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

Be  it  Enacted  by  his  Excellency  the  Palatine  and  rest  of  the  true 
and  Absolute  Lords  Proprietors  by  and  with  the  Advise  and  Con- 
sent of  this  present  Grand  Assembly  and  the  Authority  thereof, 
and  it's  hereby  Enacted. 

That  the  Inhabitants  of  this  Govrment  shall  some  time  in  the 
month  of  Aprill  next  &  from  thenceforth  in  Aprill  Every  Four 
Years  Meet  as  Many  of  the  Neighbourhood  as  Conveniently  come 
and  goe  in  procession  and  Remarke  the  Lines  of  the  Land  belonging 
to  Each  person  of  the  Neighbourhood  under  penality  of  Forty  Shil- 
lings to  be  paid  by  the  Delinquent  to  the  Use  of  the  Poor  of  that 
Neighborhood  where  such  Default  shall  happen  to  be  Recorded,  in 
any  Cort  of  Record  in  this  Govrmt  by  Bill  Plaint  or  information 
wherein  noe  Essoyne  protection  or  Ways  in  Law  shall  be  available. 

i-;  ;:1 

i.  $ 


;  '■■  '■'■■  ■■ 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Intekest. 

Fryday  12th  Read  the  first  time  in  the  House  of  Burgesses. 

Wm  Wilkison,  Speaker 
In  the  Upper  House,  Read  the  first  time  &  past  with  ye  Amend- 
mts  this  day  ye  5,  of  Novembr  1703 

Tho:  Snowden  Clk  ye  Assembly 
Monday  15th  Read  the  Second  time  in  the  House  of  Burgesses 
and  the  amendment  Disallowed  Wm  Wilkison  Speaker." 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C  ) 

"North  Carolina  at  ye  Genii  Court     Court  House. 

These  are  to  give  notice  to  all  Persons  that  ye  Cattle  belonging 
to  Ct  Thomas  Godwine  &  Majr  Lewise  Burwell  Executors  of  Coll 
John  Lear  Executor  of  his  deceased  wife  Ann  Lear  Executrix  of 
Seth  Sothell  Esqr.  is  to  be  Sold  upon  Tuesday  nixt  at  this  House 
soe  yt  all  persons  yt  intended  to  purchesse  all  ye  Severeall  Stock  of 
Cattle  or  all  that  is  belonging  to  them  any  manner  of  way  in  this 
County  or  Collony  may  then  come  &  where  Hugh  Campbell  attor- 
ney of  ye  before  named  Executors  be  ready  to  make  Seall  of  them 
given  under  my  hand  this  29  day  of  May  1697. 

Hugh  Campbell." 

Col.  John  Lear  of  Nansemond   Co.,  Va.,  married   Annie  Sothell, 
widow  of  Governor  Seth  Sothell. — Editor. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

For  Virginia  &  for  Carolina.  Know  all  men  by  these  presents 
that  I  John  Archdale  do  hereby  Constitute  &  appoint  my  Son-in- 
Lawe  Emanuel  Lowe  to  be  my  true  &  Lawfull  Attorney  And  in 
Case  of  Death  his  Executr  or  Executrix  for  me  &  in  my  Name  to 
receive  all  Debts  Dues  &  Demands  whattsoever  &  to  give  full  Dis- 
charges for  the  Same  &  to  Call  to  acct  for  all  stocks  of  Cattle  upon 
all  my  Plantacons  in  North  Carolina  or  to  Doe  &  Execute  all  other 
matters  in  my  Stead  which  an  Attorney  could  or  ought  Lawfully 
to  Doe  Witness  my  hand  &  Seale  this  26th  of  ye  5th  mo  called 
July  1703  &  in  the  2nd  Year  of  the  Reign  of  Queen  Anne.  > 

Witnesses  being  first  Stamped  Jqhn  Archdale  Q 

Joshua  Kent  V_/ 

Elizabeth  Twine,     proved  in  Court  ye  26th  Day  of  July  1704 
Henry  Dawson.  Received  ye  4  Day  of  Augnst  Tho:  Snoden  Clr  Cot 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 




(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

-"Bro:  Nat.  July  ye  7th,  1702. 

By  Order  of  John  Slocumb  I  have  here  Sent  you  2  Bills  of  Sale 
&  desires  you  to  Send  me  word  when  Receaved  all  at  present  in 
great  hast  from  who  is  your  to  Comand. 

Levi  Truewhit,  Cot.  Clk. 

I  have  mist  a  bond  of  one  Walter  Cradock  which  I  believe  I 
sealed  up  in  ye  Last  return  to  you  under  a  Mistake  if  I  have  pray 
lett  me  know  of  it." 




(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

To  Thomas  Snowden,  Attorney  &c. 

These  are  to  Authorize  and  appoint  you  to  appear  for  me  Thomas 
Evans  att  the  Suite  of  Mr  Christepher  Gale  in  an  accon  of  Attor- 
neys Depending  betwixt  the  Said  Christopher  Gale  pit  And  the  sd. 
Thomas  Evans  deft.  And  to  receive  ye  Declaracon  agt  me  att  his 
Suite  And  thereupon  to  Confesse  Judgmt  by  non  Cum  infermation 
nil  Dixit  or  otherwise  And  in  soe  doing  this  Shall  be  yor  Sufficient 
warnt.  And  I  will  pay  ^or  Fees.  Wittnesse  my  hand  this^lth  Day 
of  March  Anno  Dom  1703.  Tho:  Evans. 

Witness  hereunto  N  Chevin  Thos.  Luten. 


;(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton.  N.  C. ) 

Att  a  Councill  held  att  the  House  of  Captn  John  Hecklefield  in 
Little  River  Aprill  ye  12th  1704.  Prsent  the  Lords  Deputy es. 
Ordered  that  the  Surveyr  Generall  or  Deputy  Shall  (with  what 
Expedition  is  possible)  Upon  Complaint  of  the  Yawpim  Indians 
Lay  out  for  the  sd  Indians  (where  they  now  live)  four  miles  Square 
of  Land  or  the  Quantity  not  injoining  any  of  the  old  Settlements 
which  was  made  before  the  Order  of  Councill  bearing  Date  in  Octo- 
ber 1697,  And  Mr.  John  Hawkins  Mr.  Thomas  Taylor  Mr.  Robert 


Miscellaneous  IxEjrs  of  Interest. 

Morgan  &  Mr.  John  Relfe  or  any  three  of  them  are  hereby  required 
to  attend  the  Surveyr  or  Deputy  in  laying  out  the  same 

To  John  Anderson  Deputy  Surveyr  &c  to  be  directed  to  Captn 
Tho:  Relfe  to  Execute  with  speed  and  make  returnes." 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

We  of  the  Subscribers  hereof  being  part  of  the  members  of  this 
house  doe  in  behalf  of  Or  Selves  &  the  rest  of  the  inhabitants  of 
pampticoe  humbly  address  yore  Honors  that  Considering  the  happy 
Settlement  of  that  place  wthout  any  the  least  Charge  to  the  Lords 
Proprietors  as  likewise  the  many  inconveniences  which  doe  attend 
this  Govermet  are  lyable  too  as  the  poorness  of  their  Land  the  want 
of  Timber  their  Distance  from  Generall  Corts  &  Trade  -*- 

We  humbly  conceive  that  these  things  being  duly  and  Materialy 
considered  that  the  people  of  that  place  and  Nuse  and  all  the  adja- 
cent Settlements  ought  to  be  invested  with  all  the  priviledges  &  ad- 
vantages of  other  part  of  the  Government  and  that  their  Quitt 
Rents  shall  not  be  required  to  be  higher  than  in  the-County  of  Al- 
bemarle for  we  doe  assure  yor  Honors  that  we  doe  believe  it  hath 
and  will   be  a  great  Hindrance    to  the  Settlemt  of  adjacent  places, 

that  there  is    a  Rumor  Spread    abroad    that  an   Exaction ,  in 

Rents  shall  be  required  from  them  more  than  what  is  paid  in  the 
County  of  Albemarle  which  we  conceive  to  be  highly  unreasonable 
and  therefore  Most  humbly  pray  yor  Honii  to  confirme  all  ye  just 
Rights  unto  us  by  Such  an  Act  as  may  rather  Encourage  than  hin- 
der the  Settlement  of  adjacent  places  lay-aside  all  Doubts  &  Ser- 
tensies  of  that  kind  its  likewise  or  Humble  request  that  a  proper  & 
ample  forme  be  laid  down  before  them  to  purchass  Land  wthout 
Rights  And  since  we  Know  it  is  to  be  in  yor  Honors  power  to 
make  what  abatement  you  find  Convenient  in  yor  Demands  for  the 
purchasing  of  Lands  the  Rents  to  the  Lands  a  being  reserved  & 
allowed  off  which  is  one  half  of  the  full  rent  paid  in  the  County  of 
Albemarle  which  is  being  duly  considered  we  hope  and  most  hum- 
bly pray  is  highly  reasonable  that  a  Suteable  abatement  may  be- 
made  considering  the  High  rent  reserved  we  doubt  not  Con- 
sidering the  great  Clemency  and  Justice  of  yor  Honors  to  obteyne — 
We  further  Dessire'  in  behalf  of  Or  Selves  that  yor  Honors  will 
please  to  Undastand  what  we  shall  be  Charged  for  Quit  Rents  Since1 
the  Settlement  of  that  place  as  likewise  that  yor  Honors  will  please  | 
to  Grant  unto  us  patents  as  hereafter  wthout  Demanding  any  thing 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


for  them    more  than  hath    been  formerly  usuall  or  shall  be  settled 
by  a  Law. 

This  Address  goes  by  permission  of  this  T  Barrow 

House  by  order  of  the  House  of  Burgesses  Thomas  Pierce 

Tho:  Abington  CI  Dom  Burg. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

From  Mr  Henry  Norman 
March  ye  7th  1700/  1701. 
May  it  please  your  Honors. 

Gentlemen  this  Serves  to  returne  you  my  humble  Thanks  for  all 
your  favors  &  Justis  you  have  done  to  the  Concerns  left  by  Mr. 
Charles  Wright  (dpceased)  especially  as  to  the  Goods  in  Mr  Henry 
Normans' Possession,  I  am  but  newly  come  of  the  Sea  from  England 
&  my  Cargo  is  gone  for  Maryland  as  I  am  obliged  to  hasten  after 
"it,  soe  I  beggyour  Excuse  for  nott.waiteing  on  you,  as  for  the  Debts 
Mr  Wright  has  contracted  according  to  his  agreement  and  your 
Hours  Order  shall  be  Justly  complyed  with  by  Mr  Boysse  whom 
may  be  expected  in  these  parts  within  this  three  weeks  or  Month 
with  Submission  I  crave  leave  &  remaine    Gentl  Yor  Hours 

Humble  &  obliged  Servt  for  John  Sheffield  &  Self 

John  Cobb. 
If  Mr  Boyse  is  otherwise  then  well  I  will  (God  Willing)   Send  an 
other  attorney  in  ye  above  time,  et  supra  J.  C. 

To  the  Honrble  Coll  William  Wilkison,  Majr  Samll  Swann  and 
the  rest  of  ye  Councill  of  North  Carolina. 



(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

North  Carolina.   Ss. 

To  the  Honrble  President  &  Council l-*-The  Humble  Petition  of 
John  Hoyter  &  Rest  of  ye  Chowan  Indians  in  all  Humble  Maner 
Complaines  Shewing 

That  whereas  upon  ye  Humble  Petition  of  ye  sd  Indians  to  this 
Honrble  Board  in  the  time  when  the  Honble  Henderson  Walker 
Esqr  was  President  of  ye  Councill  an  Order  was  past  that  Ye  Sur- 
veyr  Genii  or  Deputy  should  Lay  out  a  tract  of  Land  for  ye  sd  In- 
dians of  Six  Miles  Square  And  allso  another  Order  in  ye  Name  of 

II      :■,'  ': 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

the    Honble  Landgrave  Robt.   Daniel  Esqr   pursuant  to   ye  former 

In  pursuance  of  ye  afrsd  Order  ye  Depty  Surveyr  vizt:  Capt  Lu- 
ten  Came  &  Undertook  ye  sd  Services  &  by  Various  Courses  Did 
Lay  out  a  tract  of  Land  for  ye  sd  Indians  but  wholy  Contrary  to 
ye  Intent  &  Me'aneiog  of  ye  sd  Order  for  ye  petitionrs  are  very  Con- 
fident that  ye  Intent  of  ye  Councill  was  that  such  Land  should  be 
Layd  out  for  them  as  would  produce  Corn  for  their  Support  &  the 
petitionrs  Do  Say  &  are  ready  to  Averr  that  no  part  or  parcell  of  ye 
sd  Land  in  ye  sd  tract  Layd  out  will  produce  Corn  being  all  pines  & 
Sands  &  Desserts  so  that  they  have  not  their  Land  according  to  ye 
Intent  &  Meaning  of  the  Honable  Board  neither  for  quality  nor 
quantity  it  being  not  near  Six  Miles  Square. 

Wherefore  your  Humble  Petitionrs  Do  humbly  Pray  your  Honrs 
to  take  our  Distressed  Condition  into  yr  Serious  Consideration  that 
your  Petitionr  may  have  Releife  in  ye  Premises  least  we  perish  for 
Bread.     And  yor  Petitionrs  shall  Ever  Pray  &c. 

John  X  Hoyter 

mark  * 

In  behalfe  of  himselfe  &'Rest  of  ye  Nation. 



(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

No.  Carolina,  Ss. 

To  the  honorble  Coll  Thomas  Cary  Esqr  Deputy  Governor  and 
to  his  honorble  Councill  being  ye  high  Court  of  Chancery  for  this 

The  Petition  of  William  Barrow,  Morris  Lewellin  on  behalf  of 
themselves  and  others  Inhabitants  of  Pantegoe. 

Humbly  Sheweth  That  yor  Petitionrs  &  Divers  others  ye  In- 
habitants of  this  Governmt  during  ye  time  of  ye  honoreb  Robert 
Daniell  his  being  Governour,  obtained  Pattents  for  their  Land, 
and  thereupon  gave  their  Bills  to  said  Daniell  for  ye  Fees,  and 
they  further  shew,  that  the  said  Pattents  have  been  declared  void 
and  of  none  effect 

Whereupon  they  pray  that  this  yor  honrs  Court  will  Order  the 
said  Daniell  to  appear  and  Deliver  up  their  aforesaid  Bills.  And 
your  Petitionr  as  in  Duty  bound,  shall  ever  pray  &c 

W.  Barrow,  Maurice  Luelly,  Archibald  Holmes, 

(Marked  Panticoe  Petition.)  John  Briton  X  Warren 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,.  N.  C  ) 

North  Carlin, 

To  the  onerable  Councel  the  humble.  Petison  of  John  Hiter  Engen 
for  that  your  piteser  Understand  that  by  order  of  his  Ecelc  and 
Onerabell  Councell  he  had  6  mil  Square  granted  him  of  Land  to 
which  it  was  not  Sorvaid  accorden  to  ordr  for  which  Resen  your 
petisener  prays  order  It  may  be  Sorvaid  again  and  that  he  may 
have  his  Land  Layd  out  acorden  to  order  or  other  wese  ther  It  can 
not  Subsist  for  he  is  soo  Upprest  with  <  'atell  and  hogs  of  other  mens 
and  the  Ground  issoe  pore  that  Ite  cannot  make  Corne  to  keep  him 
was  Sorved  upon  a  nara  neke  of  pinny  Land  that  will  not  bar  Corn 
and  further  yor  pitnr  prays  he  may  be  considered  that  he  is  not  a 
stranger  nor  a  foriner  but  is  his  one  Nativ  pies  and  therfor  prays 
he  may  have  ground  to  work  upon  therfor  I  Rest  and  pray  that 
yor  petisner  may  find  favor  In  yor  presence  and  as  in  duty  bound 
your  petesner  Shall  pray.  John  Hiter. 

John  Hiter  was  one  of  the  Chief  men  of  the  Chowanoke  Tribe  of 
Indians. — Editor. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"To  the  Honoble  Generall  Court  for  the  Provence  of  North  Caro- 
lina. The  Petition  of  Thomas  Pollock  Humbly  Sheweth — That 
whereas  your  petitioner  by  order  of  the  Counsell  held  the  2d  of  July 
1695,  had  delivered  to  him  by  Mr  John  Porter  of  the  estate  of  Seth 
Sothel's  Esqr  Goods  to  the  value  of  aboutt  five  hundred  and  eighty 
Pound:  and  havinge  Payd  according  to  orders  of  ***  **  **** 
the  forsd  estate  in  his  hands  ye  Severall  Sums  whicth  with  whatt  is 
due  to  your  petitioner  amounts  to  the  whole  Sum  of  twoe  hundred 
and  eighty  Pound  above  mention  or  more — 

Wherefore  your  petitioner  humbly  craves  whatt  Sums  he  hath 
payed  by  order  of  Court  and  Executions  on  the  sayd  estate  In  his 
hand  may  be  allowed  to  him  and  entered  upon  record  for  his  Secu- 
rity ***  ***  ****  ***  ***  .and  your  petitioner  shall  as  in 
duty  bound  ever  Pray  &c.  •    ;■  Thomas  Pollock." 





i  h 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 



{Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

By  ye  Honble  &  Councill.  Out  of  ye  trust  and  Confidence  we 
have  of  ye  ability  and  Integrit)'  of  ym  John  Henderson  Do  hereby 
Constitute  &  Apoynt  you  Collector  of  ye  quitt  Rents  due  or  that 
Shall  become  Due  in  ye  precinct  of  Pequimans  hereby  Impowering 
you  to  demand  and  upon  Refusall  to  make  Distress  for  ye  Same  as 
allso  upon  ye  Receit  of  Such  Rents  quittances  or  other  Discharges 
for  ye  Same  to  give.  And  ye  sd  Rents  So  Reed  you  Shall  Dispose 
of  according  to  Such  Advice  or  Instructions  as  you  shall  Receive 
from  us.     Given  under  our  hand  ye  5th  Day  of  November  1701. 

Henderson   Walker      Samuell  Swann, 
Francis  Tomes  Thomas  Pollock. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"Be  it  Enacted  by  his  Excellency  the  pallatine  &  the  rest  of  the 
true  &  absolute  Lords  Proprietrs  by  &  with  the  advice  &  Consent 
of  this  prsent  Grand  Assembly  &  the  Authority  thereof  &  itt  is 
hereby  Enacted  that  the  Master  or  Comander  att  the  arrivall  of 
Every  Shipp  or  Vessell  into  this  Country  shall  before  he  be  per- 
mitted to  trade  give  bonds  with  Security  on  the' penalty  of  five 
Hundred. pounds  to  the  Honble  the  Robt  Daniell  Governr  or  Com- 
ander in  Chief  for  the  time  being  that  he  shall  not  transport  out  of 
this  Country  any  person  or  persons  that  hath  Dwelt  or  been  an 
Inhabitant  in  this  Country  without  first  being  Lycence  had  &  ob- 
tained from  under  the  Hand  of  the  Governr  or  Comander  in  Chief 
neither  Depart  out  of  the  Country  with  his  Vessel!  without  the  Ly- 
•cence  of  Goyernr  or  his  Commander  in  Chief."     (No  date.) 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C  ) 

To  ye  honoble  Thomas  Harvey  Esqr  Deputy  Govern  ye  honoble 
Lords  Proprietors  Deputies  &  members  of  ye  Grand  Councell. 

Yor  Orators  Edward   Smith  wick  &    John  Smithwick    Sonnes  & 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


"heirs  of  Hugh  Smithwick  Late  of  ye  precinct  of  Chowan  deed  Hum- 
bly Sheweth.  That  whereas  yor  Orators  Father  Hugh  Smithweck 
coraeing  into  this  Country  about  some  35  yeares  sence  did  Seat  up- 
on a  parcl  of  Land  in  Chowan  precinct  &  from  time  to  time  paid 
quitt  rents  for  it  being  416  acres  That  some  time  abot  IS  yeares 
Since  one  Nathanll  Batte  Seate  downe  upon  part  of  ye  Said  tract 
of  Land  and  in  Some  Small  time  after  Sells  his  right  of  his  Labour 
of  ye  said  Land  where  he  Satt  Downe  to  one  William  Woollard 
who  although  often  warned  to  the  contrary  would  buy  it  That 
Sometime  after  your  Orators  Father  dyeing  yor  Orator  Edward 
Smithwick  did  make  continual!  Claime  to  ye  Said  Land  whereon 
ye  said  Woollard  did  live  and  wich  he  bought  of  ye  said  Batts 
aforesaid  and  yor  Orators  att  a  Court  holden  for  ye  precinct  of 
Chowan  abot  Some  5  yeares  since  did  there  upon  ye  Same  place 
make  Claime  of  ye  said  Land  &  forewarne  the  Said  Woollard  of  it 
yt  sometime  after  ye  said  Woollard  dyes  makeing  his  wido  then 
known  by  ye  Name  of  Sarah  Woollard  his  Executrix  Yor  Orator 
Sometime  after  did  goe  and  take  peaceable  possession  of  their 
Lawfull  right  as  being  part  of  these  said  4 If!  acres  for  which  their 
father  paid  quitt  rents  for  upon  wch  the  said  Sarah  Woollard  did 
Comence  an  accon  of  trespass  agt  your  Orators  &  then  upon  ma- 
king Oath  herself  before  ye  woptl  Court  &  Jury  yt  she  had  Lost  80 
head  of  Hoggs  of  15s  a  peece  and  Severall  other  damages  ye  Jury 
found  39s  damages  agt  yor  Orator  although  ye  said  Sarah  Wool- 
lard could  no  waies  make  appeare  yt  she  had  any  right  to  ye  said 
Land  or  prove  her  damages  butt  by  her  owne  Oath. 

The  premises  considered  yor  Orators  humbly  pray  yt  the  Said  or- 
der of  Court  may  be  reversed  &  yt  yor  Orators  may  be  putt  ni  their 
pease  also  possession  of  their  Lawfull  right  now  deteyned  from  them 
by  Thos  Gillam  &  Sarah  his  wife  formerly  known  by  ye  name  of 
Sarah  Woollard  and  yt  your  Orators  may  have  such  rest  allowed 
them  as  yor  honors  shall  see  meete.     And  they  shall  pray. 

Edward  .Smithwick 
Jno  Smithwick. 

There  is  no  date  to  this  paper  but  must  have  been  executed  be- 
tween 1696  and  1699  as  Governor  Harvey  died  in  1699.  From  its 
contents  we  learn  that  Hugh  Smithwick  was  among  the  earliest 
settlers  of  Carolina — appearing  as  early  as  1661-,;3.  Nath'l  Batts 
was  the  owner  of  Batts'  Grove,  a  small  Island  near  the  mouth  of 
Yoppim  River,  in  Albemarle  Sound;  Col.  R.  B.  Creecy  has  made 
the  place  famous  in  "Grandfathers  Tales"  by  the  romance  of  Jesse 
Batts  and  his  fiancee,  an  Indian  maiden. 

'  i! 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  B.  C. ) 

Albemarle  Ss.     To  ye  Honble  Thomas  Harvey  Esqr   Deputy  Gov- 
ernr  and  the  Honble  Members  of  the  General  Counsell. 
"The  humble  petican    of  Thomas   Gillam   and   Sarah    his    wife 
Sheweth.     That  yt  land  and  plantacon  whereon  ye  peticoners  live 
and  concerning  wch  the  Sute  &  Controversye  She  hath  been  is  not 
as  the  Mr  Edward  rimithwicke  and  John  Smithwicke  pretended  by 
grant  of  the  tract  of  Land  formerly  Seated  by  Mr.  Hugh  Smithwicke 
But  that  ye  sd  Hugh  Smithwicke  had  right  onely  to  three  hundred 
and  Seventy  acres  of  land  as  by  his  Warrnt  of  Rights  doth  appear 
Wch  sd  Land  was  never  Surveyed  otherwise  then  at  the  Will  and 
pleasure  of  the  sd  Hugh  Smithwicke  as  may  appear  in  that  it  doth 
not  according  to  the  rule  of  Surveying  by  all  Lawfull  Surveyrs  used 
and  approved  run  out  its  mile  from  the  Water  Side  though  it  bounds 
upon  a  Navigable  River  line  at  that  time  noe  land  taken  up  at  the 
head  to  hinder  the  course  But  that  a  long  time  after  your  petitionr 
was  Seated  upon  the   land  where  they   now  live   the   sd    Edward 
Smithwicke  out  of  a  contrary  Mude  &  purpose  to  defraud  ye  peti- 
tioner entered  and  tooke  up  land  at  the   head  thereof  Soe  that  it 
could  not  run  out  a  Mile  from  the  water  Side    Yor  Peticoner  hum- 
bly prayes  that  the  sd  Edward  Smithwicke  and   John    Smithwicke 
may  produce  Some  lawfull  Survey  returned  upon  Some  Warrnt  of 
rights  if  eny   Such  they  have  otherwise  that  the  sd  Land    may   be 
laid  out  according  to  the  sd  Mr  Hugh  Smithwick's  Rights  wch  at 
that  time  he  had  and  that  it  may  run  out  a  mile  from  the  Riveras 
is  accustomed  in  such  case.     And  yt  ye  peticonrs  may  not  be  outee 
of  their  lawfull  possession  and  aights  wch  they  have    had   upon    & 
unto  the   sd  land  whereon    they  now  live  for  the   Space  of  twenty 
one  yeares  Without   lawfull    Claime  or  Molestacon  of  any  prsons 
Except  the  Unlawfull   Entry  of  ye  sd  Edwd   Smithwicke  and  John- 
Swithwike  for  wch  yr  Petitioners  brought  their  action   at  Common 
law  aad  obtained  by  due  Course  of  Law  a  Verdict  upon  which  yor 
Petitioners  Humbly    Craves  judgemt  &   Execution  wich    hitherto 
hath  been  stopped.     And  they  shall  pray. 

Thomas  Gillam." 

This  tract  of  land  adjoined  that  on  which  the  first  church  in* 
North  Carolina  was  erected  in  1701  and  1702.  It  also  shows  that 
Thomas  Gillam,.  at    whose  house  the  first  Vestry  was   held,  lived 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


there  probably  as  early  as  1675-8.     The  location  lies  immediately 
on  Edenton  Bay  about  H  miles  from  the  town. — Editor. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"Virginia  Feb.  the  10th. 

Know  all  men  by  these  presents  that  we  Mr  Thomas  Hawkins 
&  Mrs  Ailes  Davis  boath  of  the  presinck  of  Chowan  of  the  County 
of  Albemarle  in  the  province  of  Carolina  doe  acknowledge  ourselves 
us  or  Ither  of  us  to  stand  Justly  indebted  to  John  Wright  his  heyrs 
or  assignes  the  Full  and  Just  Sume  of  Sixty  three  Pounds  Fourteen 
shillings  Lawful  money  of  England  Corraiit  due  to  be  payed  in 
Nansemun  County  in  Verginia:  For  the  true  payment  whereof 
wee  doe  binde  ourselves  us  or. either  of  our  heyrs  Exrs  &  Adminis- 
trators them  or  either  of  them:  to  well  &  truly  pay  or  pay  to  be 
payd  the  '  above  sd  Sume  on  demand  For  the  trew  performance 
whereof  we  have  subscribed  our  hands  and  Fixed  our  Seals  this 
the  10th  of  Feb.  1689/90 

The  Condition  of  the  above  bond  is  such  ***  ***  ***  the  said 
Mr  Thomas  Hawkins  &  Mrs  Ailes  Davis  or  either  of  them  shall 
pay  or  Caus  to  be  well  and  truly  payd  as  many  well  dressed  deare 
Skins,  at  two  shillings  For  Each  Buck  Skin  &  Eight  pence  For 
Eatch  dooe  Skin  as  shall  amount  to  one  and  thirty  pound  and  sev- 
enteen Shilling  to  the  above  sd  John  Wright  at  the  sd  Wrights 
owne  dwelling  hous:  then  this  bond  to  be  voide  and  of  no  Efect 
Else  to  stand  in  full  force  power  and  Vertew  % 

Testes— Giles  Dowell  Thomas  H  Hawkins  (0) 

his  her 

Edward  ||||  Murell  Alice  []  Davis  (O) 

mark  mark 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N    C. ) 

"To  ye  honorable  Gouvner  &  Councell. 

The  Petition  of  William  Brice  most  humbly  Sheweth  That 
wheas  your  honors  Petitioners  upon  ye  twenty  fifth  day  of  June 
last  past  recovered  an  order  at  A  Counsell  held  at  Mr  Thomas 
Blount's   in  Chowan  against   one  Thomas  Blount  an  Indian  for  ye 



■  <a 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

Returning  of  a  Mare  within  ye  time  of  three  months  after  ye  sd 
date  or  to  pay  fifty  doe  Skins  &  whereas  ye  sd  Indian  have  not  per- 
formed ye  said  Order  he  humbly  Craves  yt  ye  honor  would  be 
pleased  to  grant  an  order  for  an  Execution  versus  ye  sd  Indian,  or 
other  Satisfaction  &  shall  Pray." 



(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 


January  ye  3d 

1694/5.  £ 

To  goeing  to  demand  possession  of  Mr  Ketch  maids 

Estate  of  Mr  Duckenfield 00 

Aug  ye  22  My  Self  and  2  hands  to  goeing  to  ye  Governr  to 

prove  a  Letter  of  Attor  &  Cannoe 00 

To  goeing  my  Self  and  2  hands  to   Capt  Walkers 

to  be  my  Attorney 01 

To  sending   a  Messenger  to   James    Towne    for  ye 

coppey  of  ye  Pattin 01 

To  ye  Marshall  for  giveing  me  possession 05 

To  goeing  my  Self  wth  ye  Marshal    00 

To  the  Attorney  in  porck    20 

To  Major  Swann  for   Surveying 04 

To  2  Chain  Carriers .  .  . 00 

To  My  Self  and  one  hand  a  whole  weeke    ^ ......  01 

To  provision  for  Surveyors.        00 

To  my  attendance  and    expense  att  Seven    Courtts 

to  one  Court  that  was  Adjourned 17 

ToClrks  Fees / 3 

To  Marshall -. 4 

s     d 

15  00 

15  00 

00  00 

07  09 
00  00 
10  00 
00  00 
00  00 
18  00 
05  00 
10  00 

10  00 

ii  oo 

17  10 



(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"The  Deposition  of  Peter  Worden  aged  24  yeare  or  thereabouts 
Deposeth,  That  this  Deponent  being  on  Board  the  Pampticoe  Ad- 
venture Levi    Truewhitt  Comander. bound  from    Johnsen    Point  in 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


Maryland  to  North  Carolina  arrived  on  the  Eighteenth  Day  of  Au- 
gust last  past  or  thereabouts  at  Pampticoe.  And  that  the  next 
Day  after  our  Arrivall  the  Master  ordered  this  Depont  to  unload 
the  sd  Vesssll  &  Carry  ashore  Severall  Goods  &  Merchandise  to  the 
House  of  Thomas  Dereham  in  Pampticoe  And  he  knowes  not  of 
any  person  that  was  Sent  by  the  sd  Master  of  the  Vessell  to  Enter 
with  the  Collector  apppointed  for  that  port  nor  that  the  Master 
him  Selfe  went  to  Enter  and  further  saith  nott." 

(Without  date. — Editor.)  Peter  "Word en. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

To  Ye  Honble  President  &  Councill  of  the  province  of  North 

Cornl  Learly  Humbly  Sheweth.  That  yor  Peticinr  having  Mar- 
ryed  Eliz  Latham  wido:  of  Paul  Latham  late  of  Paspotanct  deed 
and  the  sd  Paul  Latham  did  Give  by  his  last  will  and  Testamt 
unto  his  Son  George  Latham  one  plantation  known  by  the  name 
of  the  1-Jich  Thickett  and  ye  sd  George  Latham  is  Dead  and  your 
peticonr  finds  that  his  Sister  Eliz  Latham  is  his  Heir  at  Law  to  her 
eldest  Brother  George  Latham  and  your  petitioner  for  the  Love  he 
hath  to  the  sd  Eliz  Latham  as  marrying  her  mother,  did  Cause 
the  Sd  plantation  to  be  Leased  and  did  put  a  Tenant  on  ye  said 
plantation  with  a  Good  Horse  and  Cattle  for  ye  use  and  Bannefitt 
of  ye  sd  Eliz:  Latham,  and  your  petitionr  did  at  his  owne  proper 
Cost  &  Charge  Survey  ye  sd  plantation  for  ye  only  use  and  behoofe 
of  ye  sd  Eliz  Latham  but  it  is  not  as  yett  pattented,  and  Panll 
Phillipps  late  Dept  Marshall  of  Paspatank  precinct  did  violently 
by  force  of  Armes  take  Onto  his  possession  ye  Horse  which  I  had 
on  ye  sd  plantation  belonging  unto  ye  sd  Eliz  Latham  or  off  the 
Land  of  Jno  Philpott  under  ye  pretence  of  Quitt  rentes,  and  your 
petitionr  &  tenant  under  standing  what  was  don  vvhent  unto  ye  sd 
Danll  Phillips  and  tould  him  it  was  not  well  don  and  that  your 
petitionr  was  willing  to  pay  what  Quitt  rents  was  due  if  any  Ere 
ye  less  ye  sd  Phillips  detaines  your  petitionrs  Horse  and  your  pe- 
titionr is  in  great  want  of  him  b}T  reason  of  KHz:  Latham  Cattle 
lyes  in  the  Woods  and  she  is  Damnified  for  whant  of  the  sd  Hoise 
to  fetch  them  in  the  Sum  of  Twenty  pounds  Sterl  your  petionr 
humbly  prayes  that  this  Honble  Court  will  be  please  to  Examine 
into  ye  Business  to  know  what  Authority  and  power  the  sd  Phil- 
lips did  Seize   your  Peticonr  Horse,    and  Prays   that  this    Honble. 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

Court  will  be  please  to  Grant  and  ordr  that  ye  sd  Danll  Phillips 
shall  return  ye  sd  Horse  unto  your  petionr  and  your  petionr  will 
be  satisfied  therein  and  your  petioner  in  Duty  Bound  will  ever  pray. 

YE  30:  IN  YE  YEARE  OF  OUR  LORD  1702. 

(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C) 

Henry  Norman  4.   himself  Ricd  Norton   Charles   Craddock  and 

one  Negro  woman 
John  foster  1:  Richard  Davenport  &  his  son  John  Davenporte  2: 
Alexander  Ray  1:  Archbill  Homes  1. 
Edward  Wilson  2;  himself  and  his  Son  William  Wilson 
James  Martin  2   himself  and  one  negro  CalPd  Mingoe 
Cornelius  Lurry  3,  himself  and  Jeremiah  Raens  and  one  negro 
Thomas  Witch  1:  John  Yates  1. 

Christopher  Gale  6:  himself  Thomas  Robinson  and  four  negroes. 
Thomas  Horton  3:  himself  his  sone  William  and  Thomas  Stacey 
John  Long  1:  William  Long  2:  himself  and  William  Jessup 
Thomas  Long  3.  himself  John  and  Thomas  Wate 
Peter  Jones  L:  Danill  Hall  1:  William  Hall  1: 
John  Stepney  2:  himself  and  Amolat  Wensh,    Joseph  Smith  3: 
John  Pricklove  1:  Willm  Carman  1:  Thomas  Overman  1:  John 

Hopkins  1: 
Thomas  Hancock  1:  Willm  Hickman  1:   James  Oates  2;  himself 

and  Mr  Godfrey  \ 

Francis  Beaseley  2:  himself  and  John  Shaw;  Larans  Mayew  1 
Richard  Skiner  1:  John  Payne  1:  John  Hancock  1:  Ricd  Stan- 

drik  1 
Mrs  Ann  Lillington  2:  Justillian  pettit  and  her  negro;   Daniel 

Snook  2  himself  and  Thos  Lilley 
Peter  paywell  2:  himself  and  Will  Tetterton;  Thomas  Norcom  3: 

himself  &  Son  John  &  henreyn  Owen 
Caleb  Calloway  3:  himself  son  Joshua  and  a  Negro:  Thomas 

toddey  1 
Da ris  dare  1,  Robert  Karman  Sener  1,   John  Barrow  Juner,  1 
John  Barrow  Sener.  3:  himself  &  Son  George  &  a  Negro  John 

Beunet  1  ! 
Will  White  2:  himself  and  John  Stacey;  Richard  Woollard  1 
Robert  Enkison  1:  Mrs  Laker  2:  Thomas  Stevens  1.  Gabriel 

Newby  2, 
Isaack  Willson  1:  David  Sherwood. 1:  Samuel  herst  1:  John 

hase  Senr  1 

pi  .' 

■  A 





Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


John  Hare  Junr  1:  James  Fisher  4:  himself,  Thomas  Are,  servant 

Lad  &  1  Negro  woman  5 

Thomas  Speight,  2  himself  and  his  man.  Willm  Howard  1:  3 

James  Coles  8.  himself  and  John  Fa'lkner:  Antho  Wherry  Will 

Johnson  and  five'  Negroes  8 

Canaan  Simpson  1:  Tho  Evans  1:  Ja:Freawke  (Fewox)  1:  Wm 

Led  ford  1  4 

Obadiah  Fare  1:  Jno  Jennett  1:  Anthony  Alexander  4.  3  servts: 

Cuthbert  Phelps  1:  7 

Bart  Phelps  1:  Rich.  Burthingshall  2:  Wm  Harvey  1.  Roger 

Snell  1.  5 

Bryan  Fitzpatrick  1:  Cornelius  Fitzpatrick  1:  Jas  Reevely  1: 

Jno  Burkett  1  4 

Sam  West  1:  Richard  Gush  1:  Wm  Johnson  1.  3 


This  was  the  list  of  tithables  taken  for  a  part  of  Perquimans  pre- 
cinct, the  last  twenty  on  the  list  in  all  probability  lived  in  that 
part  of  Tyrrell  which  was,  at  the  time  the  list  was  taken,  a  part  of 
Perquimans.  Pasquotank  also,  in  1702,  included  the  extreme 
eastern  portion  of  Tyrrell.  Chowan  had  jurisdiction  over  the  west- 
ern portion,  and  when  Tyrrell  precinct  was  formed  in  1722  while 
the  act  creating  it  states  that  it  was  a  part  of  Chowan  only,  it  is 
very  probable  that  Perquimans  and  Pasquotank  contributed  their 
quotas  to  its  formation.  The  Little  River  section  of  Perquimans 
was  not  included  in  this  list. — Editor. 




(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N,  C. ) 

Sirs.  Febuary  the  9th  1708  /  9. 

Yours  and  the  Gentle  Men  of  the  CouncilPs  Letter  I  reed  Last 
Night  by  Leroy  Truett,  but  there  came  no  Messenger.  Therefore 
I  have  Sent  Lieftenant  Mathews  in  order  lo  Dispatch.  I  am  very 
well  Satisfide  with  the  fletts  gooten  So  Soon,  and  concur  with  you 
that  it  is  highly  necessary  to  have  a  Councill,  In  order  if  please 
god  I  designe  to  come  In  on  tuesday  next  Therefore  I  desire  the 
favour  of  you  to  Send  the  Secretary  to  Summons  the  Councill  to 
Meet  on  Wednesday  next  where  you  thtnk  most  convenient  and  if 
well  Nothing  shall  hinder  my  designe,  I  received  the  news  of  the 
Leavy  being   Laid  and  it  amounting  to  so  Small   a  Sum  as  6  /  two 

k  !  a 


Miscellaneous  Iiems  of  Interest. 

pence   has   mightily  Pleased    the  inhabitants  of  this   County  &   I 
think  its  a  Closer  in  the  whole  Soe  with  Love  to  all 

Endorsed  Conclude  Your  Honrs  friend  to  Comd 

For  Her  Majesties  Service         "  Thomas  Cary. 

The  Honourabl  Jno  Porter  Esq  and  the  rest  of  the  Lords    Proprie- 
tors Deputies.     (For  Mr.  Porter  to  open— > 

All  communications  had  to  be  sent  by  special  messengers  either 
conveyed  by  horse  or  boat,  which  made  the  execution  of  all  orders 
very  tardy  and  vexatious,  the  above  seems  to  have  been  the  rule 
and  not  the  exception.  This  letter  was  probably  written  from 
Bath  to  John  Porter  on  Albemarle  Sound  in  Chowan  Precinct.  It 
appears  that  he  was  preparing  for  war  upon  Wm.  Glover  and  his 
adherents. — Editor. 

WILLIAM  WATERS  PETITION.—  (No  date  but  a  very  old  paper.) 
(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 


"Wrm  Waters  by  his  Humble  Peticon  Humbly  Sheweth.  That 
ye  peticonr  some  20  years  since  Maried  ye  widow  of  one  John  Can- 
non of  ye  Prctt  of  Chowan  who  died  &  Left  a  Son  behind  him  <Sc 
about  150  acres  of  Land  wth  Som  Labour  Don  on  ye  sd  Land  wch 
ye  sd  Canon  bought  of  one  Mr.  John  Varnham  attor  to  one  Caleb 
Lamb  who  adminstred  on  ye  estate  of  One  betterlee  &  had  ye  sd 
Labour  of  ye  sd  Land  appraisd  wch  was  ye  Usuall  way  att  ye  time 
for  ye  paymt  of  Debts  of  prsons  Diing  Intestate.  Now  may  it  please 
your  Hours  ye  sd  Cannon  Left  ye  sd  Land  Engaged  for  paymt  of 
ye  Money  Due  for  ye  Same  &  yr  petit  have  pd  ye  sd  Money  & 
have  Made  Most  of  the  Improvemt  yt  is  upon  ye  sd  Land  both  in 
building  &  planting  wth  Small  Orchard  is  upon  it  &  have  pd  all 
ye  qt  Rents  Due  on  ye  sd  Lands  &  have  been  att  other  Charges  in 
Laying  Rights  &  Surveying  ye  sd  Land.  And  patents  not  being  to 
he  had  at  prsent  yr  pett  is  threatined  to  have  ye  sd  Escheated  from 
him  by  reason  of  some  prtend  yt  ye  sd  Canon  Left  a  Son  who  died 
before  he  was  of  age  wthout  will  or  Leaveing  any  heire  wch  if  lost 
yr  pett  &  his  wife  must  Inevitably  Com  upon  ye  parish,  they  being 
both  very  Ancient  Decrepit  Miserable  &  poor  and  have  nothing  to 
satisfie  their  wants  but  wt  they  make  of  ye  produce  of  ye  sd  Land 
All  wch  yr  pett  Humbly  prays  yr  Honrs  to  take  into  yr  pious  & 
Serious  Consideratin  &  will  please  to  grant  him  an  order  yt  he  may 
ye  sd  Land  Secured  to  him  till  he  can  have  a  patentt  for  ye  Same 
&  he  shall  pray  &c.  Wm  Watters. 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


CAROLINA.— (Valuable.) 

(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

I  William  Basnet  Sen  you  doe  hereby  Assigne  all  my  Right  titill 
and  Interest  of  the  Administration  upon  the  Estate  of  Robt  Brans- 
ton  deceased  together  with  all  Meat  tobacco  is  dew  to  me  out  of  ye 
syd  Estate  untoe  Peter  Malbone  or  his  Assignes.  Wittness  my  hand 
this  14  of  February  1669.  the  Marke  WB 

of  William  Basenett 
Testes.  Johnsor  Leb — 
his  marke 
Robutt  R  remzens 

Recorded  ye  6t  May  1670. 
IP  Thomas  Haris  Clk  Cou. 

The  above  paper  is  perhaps  the  oldest  paper  extant,  executed  in 
the  Colony;  there  may  be  older  papers  in  North  Carolina  executed 
in  England.  It  is  very  valuable,  showing  as  it  does  that  the  Courts 
had  been  organized  with  regularly  constituted  officers,  and  that 
the  records  were  being  recorded,  of  which  fact  this  paper  gives  us 
the  first  record  evidence. — Editor. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

N.  Carolina.  Ss  ( ,  These  are  in  the  Name  of  his  Excell  the 

Palatine  &  Lords  proprietors  to  require  you  to  Inquire  by  a  Jury 
of  freeholders  wt  Lands  and  tenemts  Win  Mowbray  Late  of  Pasco- 
tank  prt  dyed  Seized  of  &  whether  he  hath  any  heires  or  did  in  his 
life  time  by  his  Last  Will  or  otherwise  dispose  of  the  Same  and 
make  returne  of  this  Warrt  wth  yor  proceedings  to  the  Secretary's 
Office — N  Given  under  our  hands  &  Seale  of  ye  Colony  this  20th 
day  of  March  1699  /  1700.^ 

Henderson  Walker,     Francis  Tomes, 
To  ye  Escheator  Thomas  Pollock,    Samul  Swann. 

No  Carolina  Ss — To  the  Provost  Marshall  or  Deputy. 

These  are  in  the  name  of  his  Excell  the  Palatine  &  Lds  proprie- 
tors to  Require  you  to  Sum.  twelve  Good  &  lawfull  Men  freeholders 
of  the  Prct  of  Pascotank  to  Meet  Me  at  the  house  of  Mr.  Rich.  Pope 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

to  Execute   the  Wart  hereto   annexed. 
Seal  the  11.  of  June  17.00 

Given  under   my  hand  & 
W.  Glover. 

Pascotank  Precinct  Ss. 

An  Inquisition  had  &  taken  at  the  house  of  Mr  Richard  Pope  in 
the  prcinct  of  Pascotank  aforesaid  the  13'  day  of  June  Anno  Dom 
1700.  before  me  Wm  Glover  Escheator  for  the  Province  of  North 
Carolina  at  which  time  and  place  I  caused  a  Jury  to  be  impannel- 
led  &  sworne  and  gave  them  in  Charge  to  inquire  what  Lands  & 
Tenements  Wm  Mowbray  deceased  in  the  writt  hereunto  Annexed 
Mentioned  died  seized  off  and  whether  he  in  his  Life  time  by  his 
Will  and  Testament  disposed  of  the  Same  or  by  any  other  Wayes 
or  Meanes  or  whether  he  hath  any  heyr  in  this  Government. 

And  they  the  Jury  upon  inquiry  made  doe  make  returne  that 
the  sd  Wm  Mowbry  dyed  Seized  of  a  Tract  of  Land  Conteyning 
Two  hundred  Acres  Scituate  in  Pascotank  prcinct  aforesaid  ajoyning 
on  the  Lands  of  Eliz  Coals  &  Newbegun  Creek  Swamp  and  they 
alsoe  Say  that  to  their  knowledge  he  did  not  in  his  Life  time  dis- 
pose of  his  said  Lands  and  that  he  hath  no  Heyrs  that  they  know 
of  in  this  Goverment  Soe  that  the  Said  Lands  doe  fall  to  the  Lords 
Proprietors.  In  Testimony  whereof  I  the  sd  Wm  Glover  Escheator 
and  they  the  sd  Jury  have  Severally  Sett  o'r  hands  &  Seales  the 
day  and  year  above  said. 

W.  Glover  Esct  (o) 
Caleb  Bundy  (o)    Edward  Mayo  (o)    William  bundy   (o) 
Henry  Pendleton  (o)    Henry  Keaton  (o)    James  Gad  (o) 
Hugh  McGregor  (o)    Lawrence  Keton  (o)    William  Reed  (o) 
Thomas  Armour  (o)    Tho:  Pendleton  (o)    Ed  Mayo  Junr  (o) 
To  ye  Heirs  of  Rich  Pope. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"To  the  honoble  the  high  Cort  of  Chancery 

The  Bill  of  Complaint  of  Matthew  Pritchard  and  Sarah  his  wife 
Administratrix  of  Patrick  Henley  deceased  and  also  Extrix  of 
John  Culpeper  deceased  Complaynants  agt  Captn  John  Hunt,  Deft 
In  humble  manner  yor  Dayly  Orator  humbly  shew  to  yor  Honors 
that  some  time  before  the  Decease  of  the  sd  Culpeper  yor  Orator 
Sarah's  former  husband  One  James  Larkin  of  New  England  came 
to  and  agreed  wth  him  for  the  use.  of  a  Store  house  and  accomoda- 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest.  89 

tions  for  Such  person  as  he  should  Send  to  look  after  the  man- 
agement and  Sale  of  what  Goods  should  be  Sent  by  himself  and 
Company  after  the  Rate  of  Five  and  Twenty  Shillings  per  Month 
and  in  pursuance  of  the  sd  Agreement  the  Sd  Larkin  and  Company 
did  send  a  Store  ot  Goods  and  one  Thomas  Chancy  to  Manage  the 
Same  who  continued  wth  the  said  Store  att  yor  said  Orators  Sarahs 
husband  Culpeper  house  about  the  Space  of  Eighteen  Months  for 
which  there  became  due  the  Sum  of  Twenty  two  pounds  Ten  Shil- 
lings. And  yor  Orator  further  humbly  sheweth  that  after  the  De- 
cease of  her  said  Husband  Culpeper  She  Entermaried  with  the  Said 
Patrick  Henley  who  was  advised  to  take  out  Letters  of  Administra- 
tion of  the  sd  Clancy's  Estate  and  upon  obteyning  of  which  Wil- 
liam Duckenfield  Esqr  brought  his  Sute  in  the  Honoble  the  Gene- 
rall  Cort  agt  yor  Orators  sd  Husband  &  yor  Orator  for  Twelve 
pounds  as  Administrator  of  the  Estate  of  Clancys  and  Recovered 
the  Same  with  Costs  and  the  said  Duckenfield  has  Since  to  witt  the 
Last  Generall  Cort  revived  his  sd  Judgment  by  a  Writt  of  Scire  fa- 
cias and  yor  Orators  aie  dayly  in  Danger  of  an  Execution  to  be 
taken  out  against  them  for  the  Same 

Now  Soe  is  it  may  it  please  yor  Honrs  that  Captn  John  Hunt  by 
Virtue  of  a  power  from  the  sd  Larkin  or  some  other  of  the  Company 
then  living  obteyned  a  Judgmt  agt  yor  Orators  sd  Husband  Henley 
and  herself  for  all  what  Estate  was  in  their  possession  by  virtue  of 
the  Administration  aforesaid  and  tooke  the  same  out  of  their  Hands 
as  by  the  Records  of  the  Honoble  Generall  Cort  may  appear  May 
it  therefore  please  yor  Honors  (yor  Dayly  Orators  haveing  noe 
Remedy  by  the  Strict  Rules  of  the  Comon  Law)  to  take  the  prem- 
ises into  yor  Grave  and  Serious  Considerations  and  to  Grant  unto 
them  the  Lords  proprietors  Writt  of  Subpa  to  the  Said  John  Hunt 
Directed  thereby  comanding  him  att  a  Daye  certaine  and  Under  a 
Certaine  penalty  to  appear  before  yor  Honors  and  then  and  there 
Declare  upon  his  Oath  what  Estate  of  the  Sd  Larkins  and  Company 
he  has  yett  remaining  in  his  hands  and  that  soe  much  of  the  Same 
may  be  decreed  to  your  Orators  as  will  Satisfy  the  aforesaid  Judgmt 
of  Twelve  pounds  with  Costs  aforesaid  and  the  Storage  and  ac- 
comodations aforesaid  and  that  yor  Orators  m  ly  be  further  releived 
in  the  premises  according  to  yor  Honors  Wonted  Equity  Justice  and 
Good  Conscience.     And  as  in  duty  Bound  they  shall  pra}r  &c." 

The  above  paper  is  without  date,  but  as  Matthew  Pritchard  mar- 
ried, about  1696  or  1697,  Mrs.  Sarah  Henley  widow  of  Patrick  Hen- 
ley, it  was  written  shortly  after  this  marriage.  Mrs.  Sarah  Henley 
has  a  very  large  number  of  descendants  among  the  "Friends.-"  We 
have  published  it  not  only  as  a  record  of  the  Court  of  Chancery,  but 

•, ' 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

also  that  they  may  have  the  benefit  of  the  Genealogy  contained  in 
it. — Editor. 


(Originals  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"Albemarle  2078 

This  Bill  bindeth  me  Edward  Smithwick  my  hears  execurs  at- 
minisrs  for  to  pay  unto  Mr  Samuell  Swann  hee  his  hears  execurs  or 
Assge  ye  full  &  Just  quantaty  of  to  thousand  Seventy  &  eight 
pounds  of  good  Sound  fat  Clean  drest  neat  poarke  to  be  paide  at  a 
convenant  Landing  wthin  ye  precink  of  Chowan  upon  demand  ye 
Same  being  due  to  ye  Saide  Swann  for  so  much  by  him  paide  to 
Coll  Philip  Ludwell  Late  Govr  of  this  Province  for  four  yeares  quit 
rents  of  my  Land  being  1300  Arks  more  or  Less  as  witness  my 
hand  &  Seal  this  9  day  of  February  Anno  1696/7. 

Test  Thos  Luten-*-Alles  []  Gent.         Edward  Smithwick  (°) 
Mr.  Smithwicks  Bill  for  2078  Reed  in  part  of  ye  within  bill    1570 
dew  50S  Cr  by  Rebate  188  =  320." 

This  bill  bindeth  me  William  Still  My  heres  Executors  adminis- 
trators and  Assignes  to  pay  or  Cause  to  be  payd  unto  Thomas  Du- 
rant  or  to  his  order  the  full  and  Just  Sum  of  one  pound  ten  shil- 
lings, in  Oyle  and  in  Good  tite  Cask  full  and  Good  to  the  Likeing 
of  thesd  tho  Durant  and  to  be  delivered  at  Sum  Cohvenent  Landen 
near  your  one  house  one  tenth  day  of  Febrory  next  ensuing  the 
date  hereof  as  witness  my  hand  the  29  day  of  July  1696. 

Teste,  John  Durant  Rebecka  U  Pateesou.     William  T  Still" 

By  reference  to  a  letter  from  Thomas  Harvey,  Deputy  Governor, 
to  Gov.  Archdale  published  in  this  number,  the  reader  will  find 
that  he  states  that  the  revenue  from  fishing  had  been  very  small 
but  that  he  had  appointed  Mr.  Thos.  Durant  to  take  charge  of  the 
collections  and  expected  an  honest  account.  The  above  bill  was_ 
probably  given  by  Wm.  Still  for  an  amount  due  prior  to  the  time 
Mr.  Thos.  Durant  took  charge  of  the  collection,  upon  which  time 
was  allowed  for  its  settlement,  default  being  made  in  the  payment, 
it  was  turned  over  to  the  Governor  and  Deputies  for  action,  hence 
its  appearance  among  the  records.  Whale  and  Sturgeon  were  Royal 
fish  and  a  license  was  necessary  to  catch  them,  the  parties  so  en- 
gaged^ paying  a  royalty  of  ten  per  cent,  of  the  value  of  fish  taken  to 
the  Lords  Proprietors. — Editor. 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest.  91 

"This  bill  byndethe  me  Mathias  Toaler  iny  heirs  Exrs  &  adrnrs 
to  Pay  unto  Honble  Thos  Pollock  his  heirs  or  assignes  Three  Bar- 
rels of  whale  Oyle  in  Good  Tight  Casks  at  a  Convet  Landing  near 
his  ye  sd  Toalers  house  at  the  Sand  Bankes  by  ye  20th  of  Febry 
[nsuing  this  Date  as  witness  my  hand  this  24th  August.  1697. 

Test.     Godfrey  Spruell.  Matthias  Towler" 

Thos  Abington. 

We  are  assured  of  Mathias  Towler  being  engaged  in  Whale  fish- 
ing, for  in  a  previous  number  we  published  an  account  of  a  "rucas" 
(as  our  friend  Hon.  Win.  M.  Boyd  puts  it)  he  had  with  Charles 
Tomas  for  cutting  up  a  Whale  on  the  beach  that  the  said  Tomas 
was  at  work  upon. — Editor. 



(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"To  the  Honorable  Deputy  Govern  and  'Counsill. 

The  Humble  petition  of  wee  the  Inhabitants  of  Pamticoe:  May 
it  please  yor  honors  Wee  whose  names  are  hereunto  annext  in  be- 
half of  our  selves  and  the  rest  of  the  Inhabitants  of  Pamticoe  do 
most  humbly  petition  yor  honors  that  wee  may  have  a  high  Road 
Sett  forth  for  us  to  pass  and  Repass  upon  one  Lawfull  Occasions 
out  of  this  parte  of  the  County  into  Pamticoe  or  from  thence  further 
when  required  by  the  Governmt  to  pay  our  attendance,  for  as  yet 
there  being  no  high  Road  made  and  Establisht  by  Law  over  Ken- 
dalls Creek  wee  may  probably  there  meet  wth  a  hindrance  of  a 
passage  Though  our  occasions  ether  relating  to  yorselves  or  the 
Governmt  bee  never  so  Emrgent.  Wee  therefore  your  honores 
most  humble  petitioners  pray  to  bee  relieved  in  the  premises  and 
yor  petitioners  will  ever  pray — " 

The  above  paper  is  without  date  and  the  names  of  the  petitioners 
are  torn  off  at  the  bottom. — Editor. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

To  the  Rtt  Honoble  Philip  Ludwell  Govern  &c  the  Honble  the 
Lords  Proprietors  Deputys  and  Grand  Council  1  now  Sitting.  The 
Humble  Peticon  of  Patrick  Henly  in  most  humble  manner  Shew- 
eth., 'That  whereas  one  Bonifield  was  possest  of  the  planta  where- 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

in  yor  petitioner  now  liveth  and  after  he  had  lived  on  it  some  years 
he  went  out  of  this  County,  and  has  never  Sence  been  heard  of  and 
noe  heir  of  his  having  never  yet  appeared  ever  Sence  the  said  Boni- 
fields  .Departure  and  yor  petitioner  and  his  predecessors  having 
paid  Quitt  Rents  ever  Since  it  was  first  Seated  by  yor  Peticonrs 
predecessrs  The  premises  Considered  yor  Petionr  Humbly  pray 
that  he  may  have  liberty  to  Escheat  the  sd  planta  no  heir  having 
ever  yett  appeared  and  forasmuch  as  our  Laws  are  Somewhat  agree- 
able with  the  Laws  of  Virginia  and  never  any  president  of  that 
nature  has  Ever  yett  appeared  in  this  County  your  peticoner  hum- 
bly prayes  he  may  have  the  Escheat  upon  the  Same  terms  and. 
Condicon  that  the  Lands  on  an  Escheat  passeth  in  Virginia  he  and  j 
his  predecessrs  haveing  lived  possessed  and  built  upon  it  for  almost 
twenty  yeares  without  any  molestation  And  as  in  Duty' Bound  will 
pray  &c.  •  Pa  Henly. 

Without  date— but  between  1689  and  1694 — Governor  LudwelPs 
term  of  office. — Editor. 

BERTIE  COUNTY,  N.  C,  IN  1752. 

(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

I  Whereas  many  of  the  Inhabitants  of  Bertie  County,  have  pe- 
titioned for  an    Act  for  appointing  a  Town  at  a  place   called  Black- 
man's  Landing   on  the  West  Side  of  Casia  River  on  a   Plantation'- 
belonging  to   Joseph    Wimberly,  and    that  Commissioners    maybe: 
appointed  for  laying  out  the  same. 

II  We  pray  itt  may  bee  Enacted  and  be  it  Enated  &c.  That 
as  soon  as  the  Proprietor  of  the  said  Land  at  the  place  called  Black- 
man's  Landing,  shall  acknowledge  his  Consent  and  Concurrence, : 
in  open  Court  of  the  said  County,  to  have  Fifty  acres  of  Land  laid] 
out  for  a  Town,  as  hereinafter  is  directed,  it  shall  and  may  be  law-] 
full  for  Thomas  Whitmell,  John  Hill,  and  John  Hearst,  who  arel 
hereby  Nominated  and  appointed  Commissioners,  with  full  Power, 
and  Authority  to  lay  out  Fifty  acres  of  Land,  at  the  said  Place^ 
called  Blackman's  Landing,  for  a  Town,  by  the  name  of  Wimberly;" 
and  they  or  the  major  Part  of  them,  are  hereby  directed  and  im-j; 
powered,  to  lay  out  Fifty  acres  of  Land,  at  and  adjoining  the  said: 
Landing,  into  Lotts,  of  half  an  Acre  each,  with  Convenient  Streets, I 
and  a  Place  for  a  Church,  and  Market 

III  And  be  it  further   Enacted,    by    the    Authority    aforesaid. 
That  when  the  Commissioners  aforesaid,  or  the  Major  Part  of  them/ 

Miscellaneous  Items  op  Interest. 


have  laid  out  the  said  Town  in  Manner  as  aforesaid,  every  Person 
whatsoever  who  is  willing  to  be  an  Inhabitant  of  the  Town,  shall 
have  Liberty  to  take  up  any  Lot  or  Lotts  so  laid  out  as  aforesaid, 
and  not  before  taken  up;  which  Lot  or  Lotts  the  Commissioners  or 
the  Majority  of  them  are  hereby  impowered  and  directed,  to  grant, 
convey  and  acknowledge,  by  Deed,  to  the  Person  or  Persons  so 
takeing  up  the  same  and  his  Heirs  and  Assigns,  for  ever,  in  Fee 
Simple,  upon  Payment  of  Thirty  Shillings,  Proclamation  Money. 

IV.  And  be  it  further  Enacted,  &c.  That  Mr.  Robert  Hunter 
be  and  he  is  hereby  appointed  Treasurer  and  Receiver  of  all  such 
Rum  and  Sums  of  Money  which  shall  arise  by  the  Sale  of  the  said 
Lots,  for  the  Use  of  the  said  Joseph  Wimberly,  his  Heirs  and  as- 
signes;  and  on  the  Death,  or  Departure  out  of  the  Government  of 
the  said  Treasurer,  the  said  Commissioners,  or  the  Majority  of 
them,  shall  appoint  some  other  Person  in  the  Place  of  the  said 

V.  And  be  it  further  Enacted,  &c.  That  the  Treasurer  herein 
appointed,  and  every  Treasurer  that  may  be  hereafter  appointed  by 
the  Commissioners,  as  aforesaid,  shall  give  Security,  to  the  County 
Court,  that  he  shall  and  will  account  and  pay  in  all  the  Monies  he 
shall  receive  by  the  sale  of  all  and  every  Lot  and  Lotts  that  shall 
be  sold  in  such  Town  on  the  Twenty  Fifth  Day  of  March,  Yearly 
to  Mr.  Joseph  Wimberly,  his  Heirs  or  assigns. 

VI.  Provided  always.  That  if  any  Lot  or  Lotts  shall  be  granted 
and  conveyed  by  the  said  Commissioners,  to  any  Person  or  Persons 
whatsoever,  who  shall  not,  within  Eighteen  Months,  build  a  good, 
substantial,  habitable,  framed  or  Brick-house,  not  of  less  Dimen- 
sions than  Twenty  Feet  in  length  Sixteen  Feet  wide,  with  a  Brick 
Chimney,  such  Grant  or  Conveyance  shall  be  void,  and'of  none  Ef- 
fect, as  if  the  same  had  never  been  made;  and  the  Commissioners 
may  grant  and  Convey  such  Lot  or  Lotts  which  shall  not  be  built 
on  within  that  time  and  in  the  manner  as  is  before  directed,  to  any 
other  Person  or  Persons,  applyeing  for  the  same,  and  paying  the 
Money  for  the  said  Lot  or  Lotts  as  in  this  Act  before  directed,  for 
the  Use  of  the  said  Joseph  Wimberly  his  Heirs  or  Assignes,  as 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton.  N.  C.) 

North  Carolina     To  ye  Genii  Court. 

Mr  Rich    Plater  Attorn  Genrll  on  behalfe  of  his  Excel  the  Pala- 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

tine  and  rest  of  the  true  and  Absolute  Lords  Proprietors  pit  vers 
Thomas  Godwin  Execut'r  of  the  last  will  and  testament  of  Coll 
John  Lear  Execute  of  the  last  will  &  testamt  of  Madam  Anna  Lear 
Executx  of  the  last  will  &  testamt  of  Seth  Sothel  Esqr  deed  De- 
fendt  in  a  plea  of  the  case  complaineth  that  the  said  Seth  Sothel  in 
his  liftime  did  hold  &  possess  a  tract  of  land  containing  four  thou- 
sand acres  lying  within  the  prect  of  Chowan  in  this  Governmt  for 
&  during  the  Space  and  terme  of  Nine  yeares  that  is  to  Say  from 
and  after  the  twenty  Ninth  day  of  September  wch  was  in  the  yeare 
of  our  Lord  1680  untill  the  30th  day  of  September  wch  was  in  the 
Year  of  our  Lord  16S9  to  wch  sd  Land  during  the  terme  of  nine 
aforesaid  was  holden  of  his  Excel  the  palatine  &  rest  of  the  true  & 
absolute  Lords  Proprietors  for  ye  yearly  rent  of  ye  4000  acres  of 
land  aforesd,  every  Year  during  the  sd  terme  of  Nine  yeares  ye  just 
sum  of  four  pounds  sterl.  ye  severall  suras  amounting  to  36£  is  be- 
hind &  unpaid  tho  often  demanded  &c. 


[Children  of  Protestant  Parents  were  not  Bound  to   Quakers.) 

(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

"To  the  Honoble  Deputy  Governor  and  Councill.— ^be  Humble 
petition  of  Thomas  Symons,  Sheweth  unto  yor  Honors  that  yor  pe- 
titionr  has  been  refused  the  Guardinship  of  a  member  of  his  under 
p'etense  of  a  Clause  of  An  Act  of  Assembly  relating  to  Orphans  that 
none  shall  be  bound  to  Quakers  that  are  of  Protestant  parents. 
May  it  therefore  please  yor  Honors"  &c. 

Unfortunately  the  balance  of  the  paper  has  been  destroyed  by 
insects — but  what  we  have  given  is  plain  and  an  exact  copy.  It 
is  without  date  and  probably  about  the  year  1690.  Thos.  Symo.ns 
died  about  1694  we  think. — Editor. 


Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 


:•    !,; 



TENTH  REGDIEXT-Abrahain  Shepard,   Colonel. 

Davis,  Richard,  pt.  Wilson's  Co..  May  15,  '77. 

Davis,  Case,  pt.  Wilson's  Co..  Oct  1,  ''77. 

Davis,  Benjamin,  pt.  Shepard's  Co..  May  2,  '77.    3  vears. 

Davis,  Elisha,  Sergt,  Gregory's  Co..  May  31.  '77.     3"  vears.     Pt.  June  78. 

Davis,  John,  pt. Mustd  Jan"  '78,  dead  May,  '78. 

Davis,  Josiah,  pt. April  25,  '76,  2A  years.    Discharged  Oct.  30,  '78. 

Davis  Samuel,  pt  Lt.  Col's  Co  ,  '78     9  mo. 

Davis,  Aaron,  pt  Ballard's  Co.,  '78.     9  mo 

Davis,  Bartly,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  Julv  2).  '78.    9  mo. 

Davis,  James,  pt.  Ballard's  Co.,  Julv  1,  '79.   IS  mo.    Dstd  Oct  19,  '79. 

Davis,  Jno.  pt  Ballard's  Co.,  June  30,  '79.     YV. 

Davis,  Stephen,  Quinn's  Co  ,  1779.     3  years 

Davis,  Jehu,  ensign, — ,  Mav  6,  '81 

Davis,  William,  Sergt.,  McRee's  Co.,  April  28,  '81 ;  12  mo.     Left  service  Apl  25,  '82. 
Davis,  Micajah,  pt    Raiford's  Co.,  Mav  5,  '81;  12  mo     Promoted  Jan  8,  '82.     Left 

service  April  23,  '82. 
Davis,  James,  pt.  Lytle's  Co  ,  July  9,  '81;  12  mo.     Omitted  in  '81. 
Davis,  Burrel.  pt.  Sharp's  Co  ,  June  20,  '81.     Omitted  in  '81. 
Davis,  Joel,  pt.  Doherty's  Co.,  '81;  Time  out  July  3.  '82 
Davis,  Leonard,  pt.  Brevard's  Co.,  '81.     W.     Must'd  Jan.  '82. 
Davis,  Thos  ,  pt,  Hall's  Co.,  '81.     Left  service  Julv  7.  '82. 
Davis,  Thos.,  pt   Hall's  Co  , 'SI;  12  mo.     Dstd  Apl   1,  '82.     Must   War   Dec.  '82. 

Deserted  Jan    15.  '82. 
Davis,  Edwd,  pt  Jones'  Co.,  Dec.  12,  '81. 

Davis,  John,  Jones'  Co  ,  Oct  3.  '81.     Corpl  April  82.    Time  out  Oct.  1,  '82. 
Davis,  Aaron.  Coleman's  Co.,  Dec.  12,  '81;  12  mo. 
Davis   Wm„  Jones'  Co.,  Mar.  1,  '82;  12  mo. 
Davis,  Thos..  Jones'  Co.,  Feb.  1,  '82;  Dstd  Apl.  1,  '82. 
Davis,  John,  Hadley's  Co  ,  Aug.  1,  '82;  18  mo. 

Davis.  Joseph,  Hadley's  Co.,  Aug.  1,  18  mo.  . 

Davis,  Archd,  muse.  Hadlev's  Co  ,  Aug.  1;  3  vears, pt.  Dec.  '82. 
Davis,  Robt  ,  pt.  Brevard's  Co.,  1782;  18  mo. 

Davis,  Lee, musd  Sept.  '79 

Davis,  Thos., musd  dstd  Seyt  '79. 

Davis,  Stephen,  pt.  Sharp's  Co..  3  years;  musd  Jan.  '79. 

Davis,  Joshua,  Colonel's  Co.,  June  10,  '79;  IS  mo. 

Dang,  Zacha.  muse,  Jarvis'  Co  ,  May  13,  '77;  3  yrs.  pt.  Aug.  '78. 

Dang,  Peter,  pt.  Jarvis'  Co.,  Mav  7,  '77;  omitted  Sept  '78. 

Dawley.  David,  Corpl,  Heron's  Co..  Apl  29,  '77;  3  years  pt.,  Corpl  Nov.  '79. 

Dasher,  Chrisn,  pt .  March  31, '78;  3  years. 

Davidson,  Thos.,  pt. .  musd  June  '78;  disc.  Oct.  1.  '78. 

Davidson,  Jno.,  pt   McRee's  Co.,  May  25,  78;  12  mo.     Left  service  May  '82 

Davidson,  Jas  .  pt  ,  Armstrong's  Co.,  :81;  timeout  April  21.  '82. 

Davison,  Jas.,  pt.  Raiford's  Co.,  Apl  15,  '81:  Dstd  Aug.  '81;  joined  Dec.    25,  '81; 

Omitted  Jan.  '82.     See  Hardy  Lewis. 
Davison.  Emanuel,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  Dec   14,  "78;  musd  Feb.  '79. 
Davenport,  Wm.,  pt.  Quinn's  Co  .  July  20,  '78;  9  mo. 
Davenport,  Ephm  ;  pt.  Brevard's  Co..  '81 ;  12  mo     Left  service  May  2.  '82. 
Dawtrey,  Lewis,  pt.  Brndlev's  Co  ,  1778;  9  mo. 
Dawtrey.  Thos.,  pt  Bradley's  Co  ,  1778;  9  mo. 
Dawtrv,  Jacob   Quinn's  C<>.    1779;  3  vears. 

Darnald.  Antv,  pt   Bradlev's  Co  ,  Apl  20,  '78;  9  mo.    Dstd  Oct.  78. 
Daniel,  Thos.!  pt.  Child's  Co..  1778;  3  years.    Dstd  Aug  2,  '78. 


Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 

Daniel,  Jno.,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  April  12,  '81.     Dstd  July  6,  '81. 
Daniel.  Jepha,  pt.  Doherty's  Co.,  Julv  81.  Time  out  May  2(5,  '82. 
Daniels,  Thos.,  Corp'l,  Mills  Co.,  82.  "  12  mo;  time  out  March  1,'83. 

Daniels,  Joab,  pt  Hadley's  Co.,  Aug.  .     18  mo. 

Donalson,  Jesse,  pt.  Montfort'sCo.,  June  5,  '79.     W.     Dstd  May  27,  '83. 

Davey,  Jas.,  pt  Lytle's  Co.,  June  6,  '81 ;  12  mo.     Left  service  June  6,  '82. 

Dawson,  John,  pt.  Brevards  Co.,  '81;  12  mo.     Left  service  May  22'  82. 

Dawky,  I.  Win.,  pt.  Bacot's  Co      1782;  18  mo. 

Dean,  sterling,  pt.  Shepard's  Co  ,  July  5,  '77.    3  yr,  VV.  Pris'r  June  1,  '79.   MusL'd 

Nov   '79. 
Dean,  Jno.,  pt.  Quinn's  Co.,  July  20,  '78;  9  mo. 
Dean,  Richd,  pt.  Baker's  Co.,  '78;  9  mo. 

Dean,  Moses,  Sharp's  Co.,  Apl  15,  '81;  12  mo.  Disc.  Feb.  1,  '82 
Dean.  Robt.,  pt,  Walton's  Co.,  '81.     Must'd  war  Sep.  1,  l82:  dead  Nov.  11,  '82. 
Dean,  Abm,  pt.  Armstrong's  Co.  W.  Must'd  Jan.  82. 
Dean,  Phillip,  pt.  Coleman's  Co.,  1782    W.  Must'd  Jan.  79. 

Dean,  Phillip,  pt dst'd  Sept.  '79. 

Defnel,  Wm..  Corp'l   Stevenson's  Co..  Apl  21,  77;  3  yrs.  Pt.  June  '78. 
Defuel.  David,  pt  Stevenson's  Co.,  Apl   '77;  3  yrs. 
Dew,  Jno  ,  pt.  Stevenson's  Co.,  May  13,  '77;  3  yrs. 
Deal,  Jno.,  pt.  Moore's  Co.,  Aug.  5.  '77;  3  yrs. 
Deal,  Jno.,  pt  Bacot's  Co..  1782;  18  mo. 

De'Ell.  Wm.  pt. ,  May  1,  '79.  W.  Omt'  Nov. 

♦Denny,  Abm,  pt. ,  Mar.  1,  '77;  3  yrs. 

Dempsey  Jno  ,  pt.  Hogg's  Co  ,  July  20,  '78;  9  mo. 

Dest'd  July  21,  '78. 

Dempsev,  Wm.,  pt.  Baker's  Co.,  July  20.  78      Dstd  Aug.  30,  78. 
Dempsey,  Hezh,  pt.  Ballard's  Co..  1778      Dstd  Aug  30,  '78. 
Dedrick.  Jacob  Blount's  Co.,  18  mo.    Joined  Dec.  79.    Pulaski's  Legion. 
Dedriek,  Jacob,  pt   Hadlev's  Co.,  Aug   27,  '82;  12  mo.  or  Bailey's  Co. 

Denson,  Wm., ,  1779,  9  mo      Died  Sept.  1,  '79. 

Dennis,  Wm., ,  1779,  9  mo.     Died  Sept,  '79. 

Demrv,  Allen,  pt.  Brevard's  Co  ,  12  mo.     Left  service  May  25,  '82. 
Demry,  Jehu.  Mills'  Co..  Jan.  20,  '82.     W.     Mustd  Apl  1,"'82. 
Debusk,  Jacob,  Coleman's  Co  ,  Apl  15,  '81;  12  mo 
Devrebery,  Andw,  pt.    Bacot's  Co.,  1782;  18  mo. 

Dego,  Ere,  pt. ,  3  yrs;  mustd  Jan.  79. 

Deferase.  Peter,  pt ,  Dstd  Sept.  79. 

Depriest,  Jas  ,  pt  Carter's  Co  ,  mustd  Dec.  '82.  * 

Delidge,  Peter,  pt.  Lt.  Coil's  Co.    3  years      Musd  Jan.  79. 
Delany,  Michl,  pt.  Doherty's  Co.,  mustd  Feb.  79;  dstd  April  10,  79. 
Dixon,  Retson,  pt.  Ballard's  Co..  1778;  9  mo. 
Dixon,  Wm.,  pt.  Child's  Co.,  Aprl  20,  78;  9  mos. 

Dixon.  Wynn,  Ensn ,  Mar.  1,  '81.     Lt  1782,  sec.  below. 

Dixon,  Robt.,  pt  McRees'  Co.,  Apl  28,  '81;  Dstd  June  1,  '81. 

Dixon,  Joseph,  pt.  McRees'  Co.,  Mav  2.  '81.  Transferred  1782 — not  known  where. 

Dixon,  Wm.,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  Apl  15,  '81.     Omtd  in  '81 

Dixon,  Jereh,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  Apl  15,  '81.     Omtd  in  '81. 

Dixon,  Wvnn,  Lt  Lytle's  Co..  July  5,  '81. 

Dixon.  Thos.,  pt.  Bailey's  Co.,  May* 25  81;  12  mo.     Left  service  July  26,  '82. 

Dixon,  Michl,  Sergt  ,  Brevard's  Co.,  1782;  18  mo. 

Dixon,  Caswell,  pt.  Evans'  Co.,  1782;  18  mo. 

Dillard,  Jno.,  Lt.,  Eaton's  Co.;  3  yrs;  Mustd  Feb.  79. 

Dillard,  Jas.,  pt  Brevard's  Co.,  '81;  12  mo.     Left  service  Mav  9,  '82. 

Dickinson,  Wm.,  pt.  Ballard's  Co.,  1778;  9  mo.     Dstd  Suly  24,  78. 

Dickinson.  Henry,  pt.  Evans  Co.,  1782;  18  mos. 

Dikons.  Edmd,  Quinn's  Co..  June  2,  '79.    W.     Omtd  Oct.  79     Corpl '80. 

Dickings,  Jas.  pt.  Donoho'«  Co.,  Mav  25,  '81 ;  12  mo.     Left  service  May  25,  '82. 

Dickons,  Thos.,  pt.  Bacot's  Co  ,  1782;  18  mo. 

Doming,  Speakman,  pt.  Shepard's  Co.,  June  20,  77.        - 

Downing,  Richd,  pt.  Shepard's  Co.,  June  20,  77;  3  yrs. 

Downing,  Thos.  pt.  Hall's  Co.,  1782;  12  mo.    Time  out  Jan  29,  '83. 

Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.   Continental  Line. 


Downing,  Wm.  pt.  ,  3  yrs.     Musd  Sept.  '79. 

Dove,  Wm.,  pt.  Stevenson's  Co  ,  June  14,  '77.     3  yrs. 

Docan,  Jno.,  pt.  ,  June  28,  '77;  3  yrs.     Omtd  June  '78. 

Donaldson,  Spencer,  muse,  Moore's  Co.",  May  18,  '77;  3  yrs. 

Donaldson,  Jacob,  pt.  Lytles'  Co.,  1782,  18  months. 

Doughty,- Jese,  pt.  ,  Aug.,  '78,  W.  Destd.  Jan.  8,  '80. 

Dolly,  Caleb,  Sergt, : — ,  Feb.  3,  '78,  W.     pt.  June,  '78,  Dstd  June,  '79. 

Dobey,  Nath'l,  pt.  ; Apl.  23,  '76.     Discharged  Nov.  10,  '78. 

Dowdy,  Geoe,  pt.  ,  1778.     Died  Apl.,  '78. 

Dowdy,  Francis,  pt.  Raiford's  Co.,  May  19,  '81,  12  mo.  Dstd  Nov.,  '81. 

Doherty,  Rich'd,  pt.  Quinn's  Co.,  '78,  9  mo. 

Doddriel,  Jas.,  pt.  Blount's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo.  Corp'l  Oct.  3,  '78. 

Doiland,  Benj'n,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  May  21,  '81,  Omt'd  in  '81. 

Dollar,  Jona,  pt.  Armstrong's.  Co.,  '81,  Left  Service  July  1,  '82. 

Dobbin's,  Jas.,  pt.  Bailey's  Co.,  May  25,  '81,  12  mo.  Left  Service  May  25,  '82. 

Dobbins,  Wm.,  Corp'l  Brevard's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.     Died  June  28,  '83. 

Doude,  Jno.,  Hall's  Co.,  W.     Mus'd  Sept.,  '82,  Dstd  June  1,  '83. 

Donagin,  Davd.,  Sergt.,.  Bacot's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 

Doty,  Isaac,   Sergt.,  Carter's  Co.,  1782,   18  mo. 

Douglass,  Wm.,  Cor'pl.,  Raiford's  Co.,  1782.     W. 

Dobson,  Joseph,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 

Dowdle,  Jno.,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 

Dodd,  .Thos.,  Sergt.  Brevard's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 

Donally,  Hugh,  pt.  Dixon's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '81,  12  mo.  Died  Jan.  24,  '82. 

Drischall,  Davd.,  Muse,  Vanois'  Co.,  Aug.  9,  '77,  3y  W.     pt.  June,  '78. 

DrakG,  Ely,  pt.  Montiort's  Co,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Drake,  Axom,  pt.  Armstrong's  Co.,  '81,  left  service  Apl.  1,  '82. 

Drury,  Morgan,  pt.  McRee's  Co.,  Mus'd  Nov.,  '79. 

Drury,  John,   pt.   McRee's   Co.,   Mus'd  Nov.,   '79. 

Dunn,  Jeffrey,  pt.,  Jarvis  Co.,  Nov.  11,  '77,  3  yrs.     Died  Jan.  12,  '79. 

Dunn,  Jacob,  pt.  Jarvis'  Co.,  Dec.  3,   '77. 

Dunn,  Malachi,  pt.  Jarvis'  Co.,  Dec.  3,  '77.  '  Dead  Dec,  1778. 

Dunn,  Jacob.,  pt.  Balard's  Co.,  1778,  9  mo. 

Dunn,  Nich's,  Blount's  Co.,  June  7,   '79,  W. 

Dugan,  Francis,  Muse,  More's  Co.,  Aug.  14,  '77,  3y.  W.     Must'd  Mch  27,  80. 

Dukes,    Hardmond,  pt.  ,  May  1,  '76,  2  1-2  yrs,  Dischgd  Nov.,  '78. 

Dukes,  Wm.,  pt., ,  May  6,  '76,  2  1-2  yrs,  Dischgd  Nov.,  '78. 

Duke,  Wm.,  Sergt.,  Raiford's  Co.,   May  5,  '81,  12  mo.     Pt.  Feb.  1,  '82,  left 
service  Apl.  27,  '82. 

Duke,  Sherard,  pt.  Raiford's  Co.,  May  5,  '81,  12  mo.     Died  Oct.,  '81. 

Duke,  John,  pt.  Carter's  Co.,  May  19,  '81,  12  mo.,  Time  out  May  19,  '82. 

Dukemore,  Marina,  pt. — ,  joined  Apl.,  '78.    Omtd.  June,  '78. 

Dunnick,  Peter,  Sergt.,  ,  W.     Mustd.  May  11,  '78.     Corpl.  June,  '78, 

Sergt.    May    24,    '79,   trans'd    Apl.,    '82. 

Dunnigan,   Thos.,   pt.   ,   W.     Musd.   Jan.,   '78. 

Durham,  Jno.,  Muse,  , ,  June  28,  '77,  3y.     W. 

Durham,  Wm.,  pt.  Rhodes'  Co.,  1781.     Time  out.  Apl.  12,  '82. 

Durham,  Humphy,  pt.  Brevard's  Co.,  12,  mo.,  left  service  May  25,  '82. 

Duncan,  Wm.,  pt.  Hogg's  Co.,  Apl.  20,  '76,  2  1-2  yrs.     Dischgd  Oct.  19,  '78. 

Duncan,  Geoe,  pt.  Hogg's  Co.,  Apl.  20,  '76,  2  1-2  yrs,  Dischgd  Oct.  19,  '78. 

Duncan,  Peter,  Sergt.,  Sharp's  Co.,  May  30,  '81,  12  mo.     Omt'd  in  '81. 

Duncan,  Geoe,  pt.  Bailey's  Co.,  May  2,  '81,  12  mo.  left  service  May  29,  '82. 
Duncan'  Elijah,  pt.'  Taylor's  Co.,  Musd.  Feb'y  '79,  destd  Apl.,  '79. 

Duberry,   Solomon,   pt.   Lt.   Col's   Co.,  1778.     9   mo. 

Dudley,  Abrose,  pt.  Baker's  Co.,  1778,  9  mo.     Dstd.  July  9,  '78. 
Dudley,  Thos.,   Lieut.  ,  June  20,  1779.     Deranged  Jan.   1,  '83,   pro- 
moted   from    Muse    6th    Reg. 
Dunning,  Uriah,  pt.  Blount's  Co.,  1778,  9  mo,  Sergt.  Oct.  25,  '78, 


.1  l 

:i  ) 


Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 

Durden,   Cornelius,   pt.,   Bradley's  Co.,  1778,  9  mo. 

Durden,  Benj'm,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  1778,  9  mo. 

Durdon,    Mills,   pt.   Evans   Co.,   1782,   18   mo. 

Dubois,  Nich's,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  June  18,  '79,  3  yrs.     Dstd  Oct  26,  '79. 

Durnigan,   Jno.,   pt.   Montfort's   Co.,   June  4,   '79,  W.     Dstd.  Sept.,   '79. 

Dunson,  Wm.,  pt.   Montfort's  Co.,  July  4,  '79,  18  mo. 

Dunham,  Jno.,  Blount's  Co.,  June  25,  '79,  18  mo. 

Dunstand,  Chas.,  Corpl.  Dixon's  Co.,  May  12,  '81.     Left  service  May  21,  '82. 

Duert,  Hugh.,  pt.  Dixon's  Co.,  May  15,  '81,  Left  service  May  21,  '82. 

Due,   Jno.,   Sergt.   Evan's   Co.,   1782,   18   mo. 

Dupriest,  Jas.,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  Nov.  1,  '78,  9  mo. 


Ecret,  Robt.,  Fife  Maj.  ,  1  Sergt,  '75,  Omtd  Jan.,  '78. 

Edge,  Thos.,  pt.  Thompson's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Dischgd  Feb'y  28.  '78.    , 
Erwin,  Jno.,  Ensn.,  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.     Resigned  Aug.  25,  '77. 
Ethridge,  Jno.,  pt.  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.     W. 
Everet,   Jno.,   pt.    Tatum's   Co.,   Dead   Aug.,   '78. 

Edmons,  Abel,  pt.,  Williams'  Co.,  Feb.  1,  1777.     3  yrs.   'Discharged  Feb.  1, 

Edwards,  Jno.,  pt.  Armstrong's  Co.,  June  1,  '76,  3  yrs,  died  Feb.  15,  '78. 
Ellis,  Robt.,  pt.  Fenner's  Co.,  Sept.  3,  1776,  3  yrs. 
Emory,   Steph'n,  pt.  Williams'  Co.,  Feb.  1,  '77.     Died  Oct,  '78. 
Evans,  Thos.,  1  Lt.  Martin's  Co.,  July  19,  '76.     Adj't  Nov.  23,  '78,  Capt  June, 

'81,  Deranged  Jan.  1,  '83. 


-,  Apl.   16,   '76,  Maj.   Nov.  22.  '77.     Omtd. 

Eaton,  Pinketham,   Capt.,  

Jan.,  '78,  Mus'd  Jan.,  '79  in  5th  Reg. 
Edmonds,  Nicholas,  Capt.  Turner's  Co.,  1777,  Omitted  Jan..  1778. 
Edwards,  Benj'n,  pt.  Turner's  Co.,  1777,  2  1-2  yrs,  Omtd,  June,  '78. 
Elloms,  Chas.,  pt.  Turner's  Co.,  Oct.  28,  '76,  2  1-2  yrs,  Dichgd  May  1,  '79. 
Emmet,  Jas.,  Capt.  Turner's  Co.,  Apl.  16,  '76,  Maj.  Feb.,  78,  Omtd  June,  '78. 


Earl,  Jas.,  pt.  Williams'  Co.,  1777.     Omtd  Sept.,  '77. 

Eldridge,   Levi,   pt.   Philip's   Co.,   1777.     W.     Dstd  Nov.   20,  '77. 

Ellison,  And'w,  pt.  Cole's  Co.,  May  7,  '76.     Prisn'r  Apl.  14,  1779. 

Eliot,  Jno.   pt.   Smith's   Co.,   1777.  ,  Omtd   Sept.,   1777. 

Erwin,   Jno.,   pt.   Smith's   Co.,   1777.     Omtd.   Sept.,   1777. 

Eslick,  Jas.,  pt.  Williams'  Co.',  177.7.     3  yrs.     Omtd  Feb'y,  '78. 

Evans,  Joseph,  Muse.  Goodman's  Co.,  1777.     3  yrs.     Pt.  June,  '78.  dead  Apl., 

'78   ('79  should  be.) 
Evans,  Jno.,  pt.  Smith's  Co.,  Apl.  10,  '76.     Dichgd  May  1,  '79. 
Eves,  Wm.,  pt.  Smith's  Co.,  1777.     Dischgd  Aug.  10,  1777. 


Early,  Jas.,  pt.  Darnal's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Dstd.  Aug.,  1777. 

Eburn,   Thos.,  Lt.   Stedman's  Co.,  Apl.   16,  '76.     Omtd.  Oct,  1777. 

Eburn,  Jno.,  Lt,  Williams'  Co.,  Oct.  1,  '76.     Omtd.  Jan.,  1778. 

Edules,  Thomas,  Muse.  Stedman's  Co.,  1777.     2  1-2  yrs.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78. 

Elks,  Wm.,  pt.  Stedman's  Co.,  1777.    W.     Omtd.  Feb.,  '78. 

Enloe,  Jno.,  Capt.  ,  Apl.  16,  '76.     Omtd  Oct.,  '77.- 

Ervin  Jas.,  pt.  .     W.     Dstd.,  Sept,  '78. 

Ewell.  Wm.,  Lt.  pt  Blount's  Co.,  Apl.  20,  '77.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78. 

Edwards,  John.,  Corpl.  Child's  Co.,  1777.     Omtd  Feb.,  '78. 
Elkins,  Josh,  Corpl.  Doherty's  Co.,  1777.     W.  .  Missing  Oct.  4,  '77. 
Elkins,  Shad'k.,  Muse.  Doherty's  Co.,  Mar.  23,  '77.     Pt.  June,  '78,  dstd  Jan.  1, 

Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 



!•  Ellis,  Jno.,  pt.   Donoho's   Co.,   1777.     W.     Dstd  Aug.,  '77. 

;:  Evans,  Thomas,  pt.  White's  Co.,  Oct.,  '77,  2  1-2  yrs,  died  Apl.  30,  '78. 


Easton,  Seth.,  Lt.  Brickies'  Co.,  Nov.,  '76.     Resigned  Aug.,  '77. 

Ely,  Eli.,  Lt.  Macon's  Co.,  Dec.  11,  '76,  Capt.  Oct.  12,  '77.     Omtd  Jan.,  '78. 

Ely,  Lem'l,  Capt.  Nov.  28,  '76.     Resigned  Feb.  14,  '78. 

Ellis,  Wm.,  pt.  Brickies'  Co.,  1777.     W.       Dstd  Apl.,  '77. 

Estmead,  John,  pt.  Walker's  Co.,  1777.     Died  Aug't  '77. 

Evans,  Geoe,  pt.  Walker's  Co.,  Dec.  20,  '76,  3  yrs.    Dstd  Aug.,  '77,  Mus'd  and 
dstd  Sept.,  '79. 


Eliot,  Jabez,  pt.  Quinn's  Co.,  Nov.  10,  '76,  3  yrs.    Dischgd  Jan.  5,  '79. 
Ethridge,  Dan'l  Walsh's  Co.,  1777.     Dstd  Oct.,    77,  joined  Dec.  1,  '77,  died 

Jan.  19,  '78. 

Easter,  David,  pt.  Cook's  Co.,  1777,  3  yrs.     Dischgd  Jan.  27,  '80. 
Epps,  Wm.,  pt.  Cook's  Co.,  Jan.  24,  '77.  3  yrs.     bischgd  Jan.  27,  '80. 
Epps,  David,  pt.  Cook's  Co.,  1777,  3  yrs,  Died  Feb.  22,  '78. 

Eason,  Wm.,  pt.  Hogg's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Eagle,  Geoe,  pt.  McRee's  Co.,  Apl  28,  '81,  12  mo.,  left  service  Apl.  10,  '82. 
Easeley,  Roderick,  pt.  Raiford's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '81,  12  mo.    left  service  May 

14,  '82. 
Earhart,  Philip,  pt.  Brevard's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.     Trans'd  March,  '83. 
Eckles,  Wm.,  Sergt.  Evan's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 
Edwards,  Stephen,  pt.  Montfort's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo.  • 
Edwards,  Brown    pt.  Montfort's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Edwards,  Lemuel,  pt.  Ballard's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo.     Omt'd  Oct.,  '78. 
Edwards,  Solomon,  pt.  Child's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Edwards,  Simon,  pt.  Raifora  s  Co.,  May  4,  '81,  12  mo.,  left  service  May  4,  '82. 
Edwards,  Lem'l  pt.  Bacot's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.,  dischg'd  Jan.  10,  '83. 
Edwards,  Jno.,  Sear.  Lytle's  Co.,  Apl.  12,  '81,  12  mo.  Dstd  July,  '81,  mus'd, 

Jan'y,  left  Service  Apl.  12,  '82. 
Edwards,  Jno.,  Junr.,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  W.     Mus'd  Jan.,  '82. 
Edwards,  David,  Sergt.  Bailey's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '81,  12  mo.  left  service  Apl.  25, 

Edwards,  Jno.,  pt.  Jones  Co.,  Oct.,  '81,  12  mo.     Time  out  Oct.  1,  '82. 
Edwards,  Jno.,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.  Dstd  Apl.  30,  '83. 
Edens,  Jno.,  pt.  Baker's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Edoc,  Jas.,  pt.  Ballard's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Edloe,  Jno.  pt.  Carter's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 
Edmonds,  David,  pt.  Ballard's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Edmon's,  Wm.,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  1782,  18  mos.     Dstd  May  5,  1783. 
Edmonson,  Jno.,  pt.  Hadley's  Co.,  Aug.  1,  '82,  18  mo    Dstd  May  13,  '83. 
Edenton,  Nicholas,  Sergt.  Quinn's  Co.,  1779,  9  mo.    Dischg'd  Jan.,  '80. 
Edgner,  Nath'l,  pt.  Bacot's  Co.,  1782.     W.     Dstd  June  15,  '83. 
Eggerton,  Jesse,  pt.  Hogg's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Ellison,  Corn'ls,  pt.  Ballard's  Co.,  July  20;  78,  9  mo. 

Ellison,  Peter,  pt.  Carter's  Co.,  May  19,  1781,  12  mo.    Time  out  May  19,  '82. 
Ellick,  Joshua,  pt.  Ballard's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Elmore,  Morgan,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  18  mo. 
Elmore,  Dan'l,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  18  mo. 

Elmore,  Jas.  pt.  Donoho's  Co.,  May  25,  '81,  12  mo.    Left  service  May  25,  '82. 
Elsmore,  Ep'm,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 
Ellis,  Absolom,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  18  mo. 

Ellis,  Barth'm,  pt.  Raiford's  Co.,  May  2,  '81,  12  mo.,  left  service  May  2,  '82. 
Ellis,  Aaron,  pt.  Raiford's  Co.,  May  19,  '81,  12  mo.    Time  out  May  19,  '82. 
Ellis,  Jno.  pt.  Raiford's  Co.,  1781.    W. 



Soldiers  of  the  N.  0.  Continental  Line. 

Ellis,  Thos.,  pt.  Dixon's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  left  service  Apl.  25,  '82. 

Ellis,  Jas.  pt.  Doherty's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Time  out  May  25,  '82. 

Ellis,  Robt.  pt.  Coleman's  Co.,  Jan.  1,  '82,  12  mo. 

Elmes,  Chas.,  pt.  Rhodes'  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Time  out  Apl.  12,  '82. 

Elliott,  Zachr.,  pt.  Yarborough's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Left  service  July  10,  '82. 

Elleums,  Jas.,  pt.  Yarborough's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Left  service  Apl.  22,  '82. 

Ellums,  Jas.,   pt.  Carter's  Co.,  1782,   18   mo.,   CorpL   Dec,   '82. 

Elder,  Wm.,  pt.  Carter's  Co.,  May  1,  '81,  12  mo. 

Eller,  Joseph,  pt.  Bailey's  Co.,Jan'y  15,  '82,  12  mo. 

Eller,  Jno.,  pt.  Bailey's  Co.,  Jan'y  15,   '82,   12   mo. 

Emory,  Jno.,  pt.  Montfort's  Co.,  March  1,  '79,  9  mo.,  Dischgd  Dec.  1,  1779. 

Emory,  Wm.,   pt.   Brevard's   Co.,   1782,   18   mo. 

Emley,  David,  pt.  Brevard's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.     Transf'd  Mch,  '83. 

Emason,    Henry,  pt.  Brevard's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.,  Dstd  June  23,  '83. 

Emerson,    Sam'l,    pt.    Col.    Sumner's,    1782.     W.     Mus'd    Jan.,    '79. 

Enderken,  Francis,  pt.  Yarborough's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Time  out  May  22,  '82. 

Enman,  Wm.,  pt.  Yarborough's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Time  out  Apl.  22,  '82. 

Engram,  Tobias,  pt.  Carter's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  Time  out  Apl.  22,  '82. 

Engavis,  Wm.,  Sergt.  Coleman's  Co.,  Dec.  10,  '81,  12  mo. 

Equals,  Wm.,   pt.   Hogg's   Co.,  July  20,   '78,   9   mo.     Re-enlisted   May  15,   '79„ 

Sergt.  for  3  yrs. 
Erricks,  David,  pt.  Donoho's  Co.,  June  14,  '81,  12  mo.     Left  service  June  14, 

Esterlege,  Eph'm,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  Apl.  5,  '81,  12  mo.     Left  service  Apl.  5,  '82. 
Esteridge,  Thos.,  pt.  Jones'  Co.,  March  1,  '82,  12  mo. 
Essins,  Thos.,  pt.   Coleman's  Co.,  Dec.   13,   '81,   12  mo. 
Etherington,  Wm.,  pt.   Lytle's  Co.,   1782,   18   mo. 
Evans.   Burrell,   pt.   Montfort's   Co.,  July   20,   '78,   9   mo. 
Evans,  Chas.,   pt.   Baker's   Co.    1778,   9   mo. 

Evans,  Jno.,  pt.  Baker's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo.     Dst'd  July  23,  '78. 
Evans,  Chas.,  pt.  Blount's  Co.   July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Evans,  Rich'd,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  May  31,  '79,  18  mo. 
Evans,  Jas.,  pt.  Montfort's  Co.,  Mar.  1,  '79,  18  mo.     Dischgd  Dec.  1,  '79. 
Evens,  Chas.,  pt.  Raiford's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '81,  12  mos,  time  out  Apl.  15,  '82. 
Evans,  Rubens,  pt.  Dixon's  Co.,  May  12,  '81,  12  mo.  left  service,  May  26,  '82. 
Evans,  Murin,  pt.  Armstrong's.  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  left  service  Oct.  1,  '82. 
Evans,  Jno.,  pt.  Coleman's  Co.,  Jan.  13,  *82,  12  mo.  \ 

Evans,  Jno.,  pt.  Raiford's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.     Dstd  June  11,  '83. 
Everedge,  Isaac,  Muse.  Ballard's  Co.,  1779,  3  yrs. 
Everet,  Matt'w.,  pt.  Lytles's  Co.,  Apl.  5,  '81,  12  mo.     Omtd  in  1781. 

Ewell,  Stephen,  pt.  ,  June  6,  '77,  3  yrs. 

Ewell,  Nath'l,  pt.  ,  Aug.  29,  '77,  3  yrs.     Discg'd  Sept.  15,  1778. 

Ewell,  Wm.,  Sergt.  Child's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  18  mo. 

Ewell,  Caleb,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.  time  out  Apl.  15,  '82. 

Ewing,  Geoe.,  pt.  Brevard's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.  left  service  Apl.  28,  '82. 

Ewmen.  Chris'r,  pt.  Walton's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '81,  12  mo.,  time  out  Apl.  15,  '82. 

Ezzell,  Timothy,  pt.  Jones'  Co.,  Mar.  6,  '82,  12  mo. 


Fikes,   Jas.,    Sergt.    Thompson's    Co.,    1777.     W.     Died    Jan.,    1778. 

Fowler,  Dan'l,  pt.  Armstrong's  Co.,  June  1,  '76.     3  yrs.     Dischgd  June  28,  '79. 

Furguson,  Jno.  pt.  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.     W. 


Felps,  Garrett,  pt.  Gee's  Co.,  1777.     Died  Jan.  30,  '78. 
Fenner,  Wm.,  Capt,  1777.     Major  Oct.  24,   '77,  7th  Reg. 
Finney,  Thos.,   Sergt.  Mjr.,  1777.     2nd  Lt.  Nov.  12,  "77. 
Finner,  Rich'd,  P.  Mr.,  i777.     Ensn.  Jan.  10,  '80,  Lt.  May  12,  '81. 
Fields,  Lewis,  pt.  Hall's   Co.,   1777.     W.     Dstd  Aug.,   '77.     Musd.  Sept.,   '78; 
dst'd    Nov.,    '78,    Mustd    Waggon  Master  Aug.  22,  '79.     Omtd.  Oct.,  '79. 

Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 


Flood,  Alex,  pt. 

July  4,  '77,  3  yrs.     Mus'd  Jan.  '78. 

Flounder,  Root,  1st  Lt.  Fenner's  Co.,  Jan'y  1,  '76,  Capt.  Oct.  4,  '77,  P.  M. 

June  1,  '78,  Deranged  Jan.   1,   '83. 
Foisett,  Robt,  pt.  Gee's  Co.,  Nov.  20,  '76,  3  yrs. 
Foxa,  John,  pt.  Gee's  Co.,  1777. 
Fryar,  Josiah,  pt.  Gee's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Died  June  18,  '78. 


Fawn,  Wm,  Lt.  Turner's  Co.,  Apl.  15,  '77,  Pris'r  May  12,  '80,  Captain,  De- 
ranged Jan.   1,   '83. 
Fryar,  Wm.,  pt.  Emet's  Co.,  May  3,  '76,  2  1-2  yrs.     Dischgd  Nov.  10,  1778. 


Faulkener,  Francis,  pt.  Phillip's  Co.,  May  25,  '76,  3  yrs,  Sergt.  Sept.,  '77,  pt. 

June,   '78,   Djschgd   May   25,    '79. 
Freeman,  Dan'l  pt.,  William's  Co.,  May  3,  '76,  2  1-2  yrs.  Dischg'd  Nov.  10,  '78. 
Filsby,  Rich'd,  Muse.  Nelson's  Co.,  Feb'y  14,  '77,  3  yrs,  pt.  June,  '78;  Must'd 

Oct.,  '78.    Time  out  Feb'y,  '80. 


Farmer,  Wm.,  pt.  William's  Co.,  Apl.  29,  '76,  2  1-2  yrs,  Dischg'd  Oct.  24,  '78. 
Flury,  Wm.,  Sergt.,  Stedman's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Died  Mch.  16,  '78. 
Froks,  Jno.,  pt.  Caswell's  Co.,  May  24,  '76,  2  1-2  yrs.     Dichgd  Dec.  1,  '78. 

Froks,  Jas.,  pt.  ,  1777.     2  1-2  years.     Omtd.  Oct.,  ''77. 

Ford,  Hezk.,  Chap'n.,  Apr.  20,  '77.     Omtd.  Sept.,  '77. 
Fowler,  Abm.,  pt.  Blount's  Co.,  May  6,  '76.     W. 


Farrow,  Thos.,  pt.  Child's  Co.,  1777.     Died  Feb.  8,   '78. 

Flinn,  David,  pt.   Child's  Co.,  1777,  3  yrs.     Dest'd  Sept.,  '78. 

Forrester,  Thos..  pt.  McRee's  Co.,  1777.     Killed  Oct.  4,  '77. 

Franklin,  Jno.,  Fife  Mjr,  July  1,  '77.     Omtd  Mch,  '78,  Muse.  Nov.,  '79.  Dstd. 

.     Dec.   11,  '79. 
Freeman,   Nath'l,   Corpl.,   Doherty's   Co.,    1777.     W.        Pt.    Jan.,    '78. 


Fenner,  Wm.,  Maj'r.     Oct.  25,  1777.     Omtd.   Sept.,   '78. 

Fenton,  Joshua,  pt.  Brickie's  Co.,.  1777.     W.     Died  Mch.  24,  '78.  t 

Ferrebee,  Wm.,  Lt.  Macon's  Co.,  Nov.  28,  '76.  Capt.  July  1,  '81.     Resigned  '82. 

Finley,  Abm.,  pt.  Walker's  Co.,  Dec.  23,  '76,  3  yrs. 

Forbus,  Joshua,  Sergt.  Walker's  Co.,  1777.     3  yrs.     Trans'd  Apl.,  '78  to  his 

X.  C.  L.  N.  Cy  Guards,  Disc.  Dec.  18,  '79. 
Ford,  Elias,  pt.  McGlauhan's  Co.,  Apl.  11,  '77,  Corpl.  Sept.,  '77,  Sergt.  Nov.  7, 

Fox,  Wm.,  Sergt.,  Pointer's  Co.,  Jan.  11,  '77,  3  yrs.     Omt'd  May,  '78. 
Frazer,  Alex'r,  Sergt.  Brickie's  Co.,  Dec.  8,  '76,  Dstd.  Aug.,  '77. 
Freeman,  Saml,  pt.  Walker's  Co.,  1777,  3  yrs 

Foreman,  Caleb,  Lt,  Raiford's  Co.,  Nov.  28,  '76,  Omtd  Jan.,  '78. 
Fox,  Francis,  pt.  Walsh's  Co.,  Feb.  8,  '77.     Dischg'd  Feb.  20,  '80. 

Fagety,  Jas.,  pt.  Cook's  Co.,  Dec.  25,  '76,  3  yrs.     Corpl  Nov.,  '77,  pt.  Jan.,  '79, 

Dischgd  Jan.  27,  '80. 
Ferrell,  Jas.,  pt.  McCrory's  Co.,  Dec.  16,  '77,  Corpl.  Jan.,  '78,  pt.  June,  '78. 
Ferrell,  Micajah,  Ensn.,  Wade's  Co.,  Nov.  28,  '76.     Resigned  Nov.,  '78. 
Fee,  Thos.,  pt.  McCrory's,  1777.     W.     Dest'd  June  30,  '79. 
Ford,  Wm.,  pt.  Cook's  Co.,  1777.     3  yrs.     Omt'd  Feb.,  '78. 
Fossett,  Edw'd,  pt.  McCrory's  Co.,  1777.     3  yrs.     Omtd.  June,  '78. 

m  is! 



Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 

Fowler,  Wm,  pt.  McCrory's  Co.,  1777.     3  yrs.     Died  Mch.  16,  '78. 
Francisco,  Thos.,  pt.  Cook's  Co.,  1777.     3  yrs.     Died  Mch.  23,  '78. 


Faircloth,  Wm.,  Lt.  Shepard's  Co.,  June  20,  '78,  Omt'd  June,  '78. 

Faircloth,  Jno.,  Sergt.  Bradley's  Co.,  May  20,  '78.     W. 

Faircloth,  Jno.,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  Nov.  10,  '78,  9  mo. 

Fail,  Thos.,  pt.  Shepard's  Co.,  May  1,   '77.     Omt'd  June,  '78. 

Falconer,  Jas.,  pt.  Musd  June,  '78.     Corpl.  Nov.,  '78,  Sergt.  July  15,  '79. 

Farmer,  Jno.,  pt.  Blount's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo.  Corpl.  Oct.,  '78. 

Farmer,  Henry,  pt.,  Blount's  Co.,  June  7,  '79.     W.     Dest'd  Dec,  '79. 

Farmer,  Jno.,  pt.  Blount's  Co.,  Aug.  1,  '79.     W.     Destd  Dec,  '79. 

Farmer,  Benj.,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  June  1,  '81,  12  mo,  left  service  June  1,  '82. 

Farmer,  Wm.,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  June  1,  '81,  12  mo.,  left  service  June  1,  '82. 

Farmer,  Jas.,  pt.  Hadley's  Co.,  Sept.   10,  '82,  18  mo. 

Farmer,  Jesse,  pt.  Hadley's  Co.,  Sept.  10  '82,  18  mo. 

Fanning,  Peter,  pt.   Blount's  Co.,  July  1,   '79.     W.     Dstd.  Dec,  '79. 

Faison,  Jas.,  pt.  Blount's  Co.,  May  7,  '78,  3  yrs. 

Fanny,  Jno.,  Corpl.  Raiford's  Co.,  May  10,  '81.     Trans'd  Sept.,  '81  to  S.  C. 

Fann,  Wm.,  Corpl.  Bailey's  Co.,  Apl.  12,  '81,  12  mo.     Left  service  Apl.  12,  '82. 
Faithfull,  Wm.,  pt.   Carter's   Co.,  W.     Time  out  Apl.   25,  '82.  " 
Farrow,  Thos.,  pt.  Carter's  Co.,  1782,   18  mo.     Dstd  June  14,  '83. 
Faddles,  Jas.,  pt.  Brevard's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.     Died  Dec.  17,  '83. 
Ferrell,   Enoch,   pt.   Wilson's   Co.,   Aug.    8,   '77. 
Ferrell,  Wm.,  Lt.,  Sept.  8,  '77.     Killed  May  10,  '80. 
Ferrell,  Wm.,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo.  . 

Ferrell,  Jas.,  pt.  Donoho's,  May  25,  '81,  12  mo.     Left  service  May  25,  '81. 
Ferrell,  Jno.,  pt.  Dixon's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Time  out  before  April,  '82. 
Ferrell,  Gabl.,  pt.  Yarborough's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Omtd  Apl  1,  '82. 
Ferrell,  Clem't,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  1782,   18  mo. 
Ferrell,  John,   pt.   Taylor's   Co.,   3  yrs.     Must'd  Jan.,   '79. 
Ferrell,  Luke,   Lt.  White's   Co.,  Must'd  Jan.,  '79. 
Ferebee,  Joseph,   Lt.  Jarvis'   Co.     Omtd.  June,  '79. 

Fereby,  Robt.,  Sergt.  Hall's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  left  service  July  10,  '82. 
Faton,   Thos.,   pt.    Jarvis   Co.,    May   14,   '77. 

Fearless,  Elisha,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo.     Qmtd  Oct.,  '78. 
Fearle,  Ansol,  Corpl,  Lytle's  Co.,  Apl.  6,  '81,  12  mo.     Omtd  in  1781. 
Fentice,  Moses,  pt.  Hall's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Time  out  July  10,  '82. 
Felton,  Sam'l,  Corpl.,  Lytle's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.     Dstd  Mch  31,  '83. 
Fergus,  Jas.,  Surgn.  Mt,  Feb'y  21,  '82.     Surgeon  Aug.  20,  '82.     Omt'd  in  '83. 
Fillips,  Jno.,  pt.  Shepard's  Co.,  Aug.  26,  '77.     Omtd  June,  '78. 
Fillips,  Josh,  pt.  Shepard's  Co.,  Aug.  26,  '77.     Omtd  June,  '78. 
Fisher,  Jas.,   pt.   Jarvis   Co.,   May  5,   '77,   3y.     W.     Destd   Feb.   6,   '80. 
Fisher,  Jno.  pt.  Baker's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Fisher,  Wm.,  pt.  Montfort's  Co.,  Mar.  1,  '79,  9  mo.     Dischgd  Dec.  1,  '79. 
Finch,  Isom,  pt.  Baker's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Fields,  Jno.,  pt.  Child's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Fields,  Timothy,  ,  1777,  9  mo.     Dead  Sept.,  '79. 

Fields,  Jno.,  pt.  Bailey's  Co.,  Sept.  10,  '82,  18  mo. 

Fist,  Samuel,  pt.  Walton's  Co.,  1781.     W. 

Filman,  Wm.,  Muse  Doherty's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  time  out  May  25,  '82. 

Fight,  Conrod,  pt.  Hall's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Time  out  Dec.  27,  '82. 

Flood,  Wm.,  Shepard's  Co.,  July  5,  '7.7,  3  yrs. 

Flood,  Benjn.,  pt.  ,  July  10,  '77,  3  yrs. 

Flood,  Enoch,  Carter's  Co.,  Apl.  12,  '81,  12  mo.     Time  out  Apl.  10,  '82. 

Flood,  Sam'l,  Carter's   Co.,   1782,   18   mo. 

Flood,  Fred'k,  Lytle's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 

Fletcher,  Wm.,  Sergt.  Jarvis'  Co.,  May  5,  '77,  3  yrs,  died  Jan.,  '79. 

Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 


Fletcher,  Thos.,  pt.  Jarvis'  Co.,  May  5,  '77,  3  yrs.,  Pt.  Jan.,  '79. 
Flora,  Lazars,  pt.  Jarvis'  Co.,  Sept.  4,  '77. 
Flora,  Rich'd,  pt.  Jarvis  Co.,  Aug.  14,  '77. 

Flinn,  Wm,   pt.  .     Died  July  6,  '78. 

Flinn,  Jno.,  pt.  Dixon's  Co.,  May,  '81,  12  mo.,  left  service  May  21,  '82. 

Fleetwood,  Francs,  pt. ,  3  yrs,  Dstd.  July  15,  '78. 

Fleming,  John,  Q.  Mr.  Sergt,  Colonels,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Flemming,  Wm.,  pt.  Donoho's  Co.,  June  14,  '81,  12  mo.     Omtd  in  1781. 
Flemming,  Jas.,  pt.  Donoho's  Co.,  June  14,  '81,  12  mo.,  left  service  June  14, 

Floyd,  Jno.,  pt,  Lt.  Col's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Floyd,  Buckner,  pt.  Lt.  Col's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 
Fling,  Thos.,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  June  20,  '79,  18  mo. 

Flowers,  Wm.,  pt.  Armstrong's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  left  service  Sept.  15,  '82. 
Fly,  Chas.,  pt.  Yarborough's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Omitted  Apl.  1,  '82. 
Florida,  Francis,  pt.,  Bacot's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.     Dstd.  Jan.  27,  '83. 
Ford,  Abm.,  pt.  Wilson's  Co.,  May  10,  '77. 

Ford,  John,  Ensn,  ,   Nov.   3,   '78.     Lieut.,   1780. 

Ford,  John,  Sergt.  Lt.  Col's,  Sept.  1,  '78,  9  mo.     See  Ensign  above. 

Ford,  Lewis,  pt.  Montfort's  Co.,  June  18,  '79,  18  mo. 

Foy,  Patrick,  pt.  Jan.  29,  '77,  3  yrs.     W.     Corpl.  Nov.  '78,  pt.  Jan.,  '79. 

Foster,  Robt,  pt.  ,  Sept.  10,  '77,  3  yrs. 

Foster,  David,  pt.  Baker's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Foster,  Wm.,  pt.   Ballard's  Co.,  June  15,   '79,   18   mo. 

Foster,  Richard,  pt.  Doherty's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.     Time  out  May  25,  '82. 

Foster,  Wm.,  Corpl.  Bailey's  Co.,  May  2,  '81,  12  mo.     Left  service  May  2,  '82. 

Foster,  Wm.,  pt.  Bailey's  Co.,  Aug.  27,  '82,  18  mo. 

Foster,  David,  pt.  Bacot's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.,  dst'd  June  19,  '83. 

Forms,  Jno.,  pt.  Quinn's  Co.,  May  14,  '76,  2  1-2  yrs.     Omtd  '79. 

Fountain,  Solomon,  pt.  Ballard's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Fountain,  Jas.,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  Apl.  12,  '81,  12  mo.,  Corpl,  Jan'y,  left  service 

-     Apl.  12,  '82. 
Fountain,  David,  pt.  Raiford's  Co.,  1781.     Time  out  June  12,  '82. 
Fountain,  Jese,  Sergt.  Rhodes'  Co.,  3  yrs.     Musd  Apl.,  '79. 
Fontain,  Jese,  pt.  Quinn's  Co.,   1779.     9  mo.     Discharged  Dec,   '79. 
Forbes,  Wm.,  Corpl.  Bailey's  Co.-,  Apl.  24,  '81,  12  mo.  Left  service  Apl.  24,  '82. 
Fox,  Josepn,  Sergt.  Hall's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  left  service  July  10,%'82. 
Forehand,  Jarvis,  pt.  Hall's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  left  service  Apl.  21,  '82. 
Folks,  Jas.,  pt.  Hall's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  died  Sept.  14,  '82. 
Folks,  Jas.,  pt.  Jones'  Co.,  Jan.  1,  '82,  12  mo.     Musd.  Jan.,  1781. 

Fowler,  Ashley,  pt.  . 

Fowler,  Geo.,  pt.  Evan's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 

Forbush,  Robt,  pt.  Bacot's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.,  died  June  15,. '83. 

Foley,  Jno.,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 

Fortune,  Wm.  pt.  Evan's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo.,  trans'd  Dec.  1,  1782. 

Fonville,  Isaac,  Corpl.  Stevenson's  Co.,  Apl.  21,  '77,  3  yrs. 

Fornes,  Wm.,  pt.  Stevenson's  Co.,  June  28,  '77,  3  yrs. 

Fosdick,  West,  pt.,  Bradley's  Co.,  Dstd.  Sept.,  '79. 

Freeman,  Jesse,  pt.  Quinn's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Freeman,  Wm.,  pt.  Child's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Freeman,  Edwd.,  Corpl.  Brevard's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  left  service  July  11,  '82. 

Freeman,  Howell,  pt.  Carter's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '81;  12  mo.     Time  out  Apl.  25,  '82. 

Freeman,  Moses,  pt.  Carter's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '82,  12  mo.     Musd  War  Apl.  1,  '82. 

Freeman,  Roger,  Coleman's  Co.,  Jan.  1,  '82,  12  mo. 

Frazier,  Thos.,  pt.  Quinn's  Co.,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Freazer,  Dan'l,  pt.  Sharp's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.;  time  out  Sept.  1,  1782. 

Frieze,  Jno.  pt.  McRee's  Co.,  Apl.  28,  '81,  12  mo.     Left  service  Apl.  28,  '82. 

Frederick,  Chrisn,  Corpl.  Brevard's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  left  service  July  11,  '82. 

Frost,  Miller,  pt.  Bailey's  Co.,  Jan.  1,  '82,  12  mo. 

Fryar,  Willis,  pt.  Hadley's  Co.,  Sept.  10,  '82,  18  mo. 

I  g.i 


Two  Valuable   Letters. 

Dstd  Apl.   10,   '83. 

Francis,  Sam'l,  pt.  Carter's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo 
Francis,  Ant'y,  pt.  Evan's  Co.,  18  mo. 

Francis,   Jno.,    pt.   .     Must'd   Nov.,   '79. 

Frailey,  Jno.,  Corpl.   Sharp's  Co.,  1782,  '18  mo. 

Futrell,  Joseph,  pt.   Lt.  Col's,  July  20,  '78,  9  mo. 

Futrell,  Josh,  pt.,  Carter's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 

Futril,  Dempsey,  pt.  Lytles,  Co.  Apl.  12,  '81.    Dstd  July  7 

Furney,  Peter,  pt.  Bradley's  Co.,  June  1, 

Furguson,  Isom,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  June  11, 

79,  3  yrs.     Omtd  Oct.,  '79. 
81,  left  service  June  21,  '82. 
'81,  left  service  June  21,  '82. 
'82,  18  mo. 

Ferguson,  Robt.,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  June  11, 

Furguson,  Peter,  pt.  bailey's  Co.,  Aug.  1 

Fuller,  Geo.,  pt.  Dixon's  Co.,  1781,  12  mo.,  time  out,  May  21,  1782. 

Fuller,  Jno.,  pt.   Brevard's  Co.,  1782,  18  mo. 

Fuller,  Wm.,  pt.  Carter's  Co.,  May  20,  '78.    "ft\ 

Furnavail,  Rich'd,  pt.,  Carter's  Co.,  1783,  18  mo. 

Fulcher,  Cason,  pt.  Evan's  Co.,  1782,  18  mc. 

Futch,  Martin,  pt.  Lytle's  Co.,  Musd  Dec,  '82.    Dstd  June  11,  '83. 

Fussell,   Sam'l,  pt.   Sharp's  Co.,  Aug.  26,  '78.     W.     Died  Apl.  5,  '79 


New  York  15th  June  1785. 

We  hope  the  notification  of  your  appointment  as  one  of  the 
Judges  in  a  controversy  between  the  States  of  Massachusetts  and 
New  York  transmitted  by  the  Secretary  of  Congress  will  have  been 
received  before  this  reaches  you. 

The  magnitude  of  the  interest  to  be  decided  upon  makes  it  the 
wish  of  both  States  that  the  determination  may  be  had  by  a  full 
Court  and  not  a  bare  quorum. 

A  federal  Court  is  the  only  mode  of  decision  on  questions  of  ter- 
ritorial rights  between  the  States  and  Should  gentlemen  of  the  first 
abilities  and  the  Mutual  choice  of  the  Contending  states  decline  the 
appointment  this  institution  however  beautiful  in  theory  will  sink 
into  disrespect  and  become  incapable  of  giving  those  advantages  to 
the  Confederacy  which  have  been  expected. 

Impressed  with  these  sentiments  we  solicit  your  attendance  as 
one  of  our  Judges  at  the  time  and  place  mentioned  in  the  Official 
Communication  of  the  Secretary  of  Congress. 

Although  we  consider  the  pecuniary  compensation  as  the   least 

Two  Valuable   Letters. 


inducement  to  your  attendance,  yet  we  beg  leave  to  assure  you  that 
it  shall  be  such  as  will  give  the  most  entire  satisfaction. 

With  the  highest  considerations  we  have  the  honor  of  being 

Your  most  obedient  servants 
Jas  Duane  "»     Agents  E  Gerry        "}         Agents 

John  Jay  V        for  •        S.  Holten      V  for 

Walter  Livingston  J  New  York  Rufus  Kifig  j  Massachusetts 

Honorable  Samuel  Johnston,  Esquire,  North  Carolina. 


New  York  June,  21,  1789. 
Dear  Sir. 

I  lost  no  time  in  handing  to  the  President  the  address  inclosed 
in  your  favor  of  the  22  of  May,  and  have  postponed  an  acknowl- 
edgement of  the  latter  in  expectation  of  being  able  at  the  same  time 
to  cover  the  President's  answer.     This  has  been  and  continues  to  be 

delayed  by  a  very  serious  indisposition,  we  hope  he  is  not  in  much 
danger,  but  are  by  no  means  without  our  fears  also.  His  disorders 
commenced  in  a  fever  which  has  greatly  reduced  him,  and  is  termi- 
nating in  a  very  large  tumor  which,  unless  it  degenerate  itself  into 
'a  dangerous  malady,  will  probably  be  remedial. 

In  the  inclosed  paper  is  a  copy  of  a  late  proposition  in  Congress 
on  the  subject  of  amending  the  Constitution.  It  aims  at  the  two- 
fold object  of  removing  the  fears  of  the  discontented  and  of  avoiding 
all  such  alterations  as  would  either  displease  the  adverse  side,  or 
endanger  the  success  of  the  measure.  I  need  not  remark  to  you 
the  hazard  of  attempting  anything  of  a  controvertible  nature 
which  is  to  depend  on  the  concurrence  of  %  of  both  Houses  here, 
and  the  ratification  of  f  of  the  State  Legislatures.  It  will  be 
some  time  before  the  proposed  amendments  will  become  a  subject 
of  discussion  in  Congress:  The  bills  relating  to  revenue,  and  the 
organization  of-  the  Judiciary  and  Executive  Departments,  being 
likely  to  remain  for  some  time  on  hand.  This  delay  proceeds  from 
the  intricacy  and  partly  from  the  novelty  of  the  business.  At  every 
step  difficulties  from  one  or  other  of  these  sources  arrest  our  pro- 
gress. After  the  first  essays  the  work  will  become  every  day  more 

Among  other  difficulties,  the  exposition  of  the  Constitution  is  fre- 
quently a  Copious  Source,  and  must  continue  so  untill  its  meaning 


Tyrrel  County  Marriage  Bonds. 

on  all  great  points  shall  have  been  settled  by  precedents.  The 
greatest  part  of  the  week  past  has  been  consumed  in  deciding  a 
question  as  to  the  power  of  removal  from  offices  held  during  pleas- 
ure. Four  Constructive  doctrines  have  been  maintained  1,  that 
the  power  is  subject  to  the  disposal  of  the  Legislature.  2  that  no  re- 
moval can  take  place  otherwise  than  by  impeachment.  3  that  the 
power  is  incident  to  that  of  appointment  and  therefore  belongs  to 
the  President  &  Senate.  4  that  the  Executive  power  being  gene- 
rally vested  in  the  President  ever}'  power  of  an  Executive  Nature, 
not  expressly  excepted  is  to  be  referred  thither,  and  consequently 
the  power  of  removal,  the  power  of  appointment  only  being  taken 

In  support  of  each  of  these  constructions  the  Argumenta  ab  in- 
convenientibus  have  been  elaborately  dealt  out  against  the  others. 
The  decision  in  a  Committee  of  the  whole  on  the  Office  of  Foreign 
Affairs  has  adopted  the  4th  opinion  as  most  consonant  to  the  frame 
of  the  Constitution,  to  the  policy  of  mixing  the  Legislature  &  Exe- 
cutive honors  as  little  as  possible,  and  to  the  responsibility  necessa- 
ry in  the  head  of  the  Executive  Department. 

With  very  great  esteem  and  affection 
I  am  Dear  Sir 

Your  obedt  &  mo:  hble  Servt 
Govr  Johnson.  Jas.  Madison  Jr. 

We  are  indebted  to  Mr.  J.  G.  Wood  of  Edenton,  N.  C,  for  the 
loan  of  the  original  from  which  the  above  are  copied.  They  were 
found  among  the  papers  of  Gov.  Samuel  Johnston,  at  Hayes. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

No  Carolina,  Ss  November  27,  1708 

Whereas  Richard  Davenporte  was  Lawfully  Summoned  to  an- 
swer att  a  Councill  Board  Now  held  att  the  house  of  James  Thick- 
pen  as  an  Evidence  for  Nathl  Nicholson  and  being  aged  about  Sixty 
Sixe  years  &  very  unable  and  uncapable  of  Travelling  Do  begg 
leave  to  give  my  Deposition.  And  I  do  now  Sweare  upon  The  holy 
Evangelist  That  I  never  did  know  that  Thomas  'Harriss  of  this 
Province  Deceased  was  ever  a  Tennant,  So  far  as  I  know  but  En- 
joyed his  Land  That  Nathl  Nicholson  now  Lives  upon  peaceably  & 
quietly  dureing  his  life     And  further  this  Deponent  Saith  Nott. 

Jurat  Corem  me  the  day  within  written       Richard  R  Davenport 

Fran  Foster 

Tyrrel  County  Marriage  Bonds. 


COUNTY,  N.  C. 

(Original  in  Court  House  at  Columbia,  N.  C. ) 


Bateman,  Jeremiah  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Phelps.  Jan.  28.   Jno.  Nicholls. 
Eason,  Reuben  and  Mary  Holladay.     Dec.  24.    Jno.  Reddick. 
Glisson,  Isaac  and  Mrs.  Martha  Whitfield.    June.    Jesse  Sparkman. 
Holstead,  Thomas  and  Sarah  Garrett.     July  20.     John  Garrett. 
Long,  James  and  Elizabeth  Dunning.     April  12. 

Alexander,  John  and  Mrs.  Mary  Spruill.     Feb.  23.     Jer.  Wynn. 
Covert,  John  and  Ann  McRae . 

Holladay,  Sam'l  and  Eliz  Dugan.  Nov.  14. 

Hardison,  Jasper  and  Alse  Evans.  Sept.  3. 

Hennessy, and  Sarah  Long.  April  12. 

Jordan,  Isaac  and 

Wm.  Wynn. 
Everitt  Stubbs. 
Andrew  Long. 

Feb  22.     Edmund  Smithwick. . 
Jones,  Friley  and  Margaret  Hassell.     Sept.  23.     Edmund  Blount. 
Ray,  John  and  Mary  Gray.     Feby  22.     Cropley  Ray. 
Simpson,  Samuel  and  Mary  Swain.     Sept.  21.     Jer.  Wynn. 
Walker,  Edwd  and  Elenor  Taylor.     April  16.     Thos.  VanDyke. 

Dorsey,  Fred'k  and  Penelope  Bonner.     July  16. 
Femey,  Joseph  and  Rebecca  Wiley.     Jan  16. 
Gardner,  Isaac  and  Mary  Halton.     Jan.  21.     Levi  Swinson. 
Kemp,  Wm.  and  Melia  Ward.     Nov.  13.     Ephraim  Forbes. 

Kennedy, and  Trassena  Price.     Jan.  22.     Jas.  Williford. 

McHenry,  Geo.  Aug.  and  Ferebee  Butler.   Mch  9.  Sam'l  Wheatley. 
Mizell,  Charlton  and  Eliz'  Everitt.     Aug,  2.     Joshua  Everitt. 
Reddick,  John  and  Elizabeth  Rice.     Jan.  2. 
Spier,  John  Jr.  and  Penelope  Conner  (d'hter  of  Christian).  Mch.  13. 

1765.  ' 

Downing,  Henry  and  Mrs.  Delilah  Daight.     Dec.  30.     Steven  Lee. 
Hardison,  Joseph  and  Mary  Ann  Collins.     Nov.  13.     John  Collins. 
Hassell,  Benj  and  Ann  Snell.     Oct.  29.     Jno.  Snell. 
Massey,  Adkins  and  Mary  Wynn.     Feb.  18.     Isaac  Hassell. 
Ray,  Cropley  and  Mary  Euans.     Apl.  29.     Jasper  Hardison. 
Smithwick,  Sam'l  and  Elizabeth  Slade.     Jan.  10.     Benj.  Blount. 

Bennett,  Luke  and  Melia  Garrett.     May  12.     Thos.  Bennett,  Jr. 
Batrman,  Jonathan  and  Catharine  Ray.     Jan.  20. 


Tyrrel  County  Marriage  Bonds. 

Bennett,  Wm.  and  Sarah  Wheatley.     Sept.  5.     Martin  Griffin. 
Davis,  Jonathan  and  Matilda  Howard.  Jan.  14.  Nath'l  Everitt,  Jr. 
Jackson,  James  and  Sarah  Spruill.     April  7.     Joseph  Spruill. 
Lanier,  Adam  and  Sarah  Bennett.     June  7.     William  Bennett. 
Long,  John  and  Mrs.  Joana  Blount.     Dec.  23. 
Moore,  Ezekiel  and  Elizabeth  Hardison.    Dec.  19.   John  Hardison. 
Swain,  John  and  Elizabeth  Lanier.     Dec.  15.  James  Swain. 
Spruell,  Jhon  and  Sarah  Casswell,  (daughter  of  Wm.)  Apr.  15. Wm. 
Collins,  Sr. 

Collins,  John  and  Lydia  Gray.     Oct.  22.     Wm.  Collins. 
Dugan,  Aaron  and  Susanna  Swain.     March  28.    Jno.  Swain. 
Jennett,  Abraham  and  Mary  Hooker.    Dec.  16.    Jno.  Warrington. 
Long,  Isaac  and  Rodia  Wiley.    Sept.  10.  , 

Matthews,  James  and  Mrs.  Charity  Cowan.  Jany.  25.   Stevens  Lee. 
Nicholls,  James  and  Priscilla  Hassell.    Jan'y  19.    Benj.  Hassell. 
Richardson,  Benj.  and  Sarah  Mizzell.    Sept.  30.   Wm.  Mizzell. 
Spruill,  Benjamin  and  Mrs.  Rosannah  Hooker.  Sept.  26.  Jno  Phelps. 
Webb,  Robert  and  Ann  Davenport.    April  28.    Robt.  Ward. 
Young,  Jesse  and  Kesiah  Long.  June  1.    Robt.  Ward. 

Alexander,  John  and  Ann  Barnes.    Aug.  11. 
Blount,  Jacob  and  Esther  Jordan.     March  24.     John  Slade,  Friley 

Davenport,  Jacob  and  Joanna  Garrett.     Feb.  1. 
Graves,  Matthew  Driver  and  Esther  Mann.    Oct.  15. 
Hearn,  Michael  and  Mary  Jones.    Dec.  24.    John  Sjubbs. 
Mizell,  John  and  Hannah  Mizell.    Nov.  13.     Luke  Mizell. 
Smithwick,  Edmondson  and  Elenor  Bowen.    Sept.  1. 

Collins,  Richard  and  Elizabeth  Worley.     Nov.  17.  James  Long. 
Carrell,  Thomas  and  Elizabeth  Stubbs.    Nov.  17.  Jno.   Walker,  Jr. 
Gordon,  Robert  and  Sarah  Ray.   Aug.  12.    Richard  Fagan. 
Hoff,  Richard  and  Ziipha  Everett.  July  15.  Nath'l  Everett. 
Lanier,  John  and  Hannah  Holladay.    May  6.  Jos.  Holladay. 
Mitchell,  Dickson  and  Mary  Tarkinton.    March  22.      Peter  Wynn. 
Mizell,  James  and  Sarah  King.     Jan.  18. 

Slade,  Joshua  and  Elizabeth  Wardle.    Dec.  9.    Joseph  Ballard. 
Vann,    Azariah     and      Elizabeth   Waddell.        April  3.      Joshua 

Bog,  Thomas  and  Hannah  Blount.    Nov.  3.    F.  Ward,  Jr. 
Campbell,  John  and  Winnefred  Corry.    March  15.  Jno.  Stewart. 
Davison,  Robert  and  Elizabeth  Waddell.    June  2.    James  Long. 


Tyrrel  County  Marriage  Bonds. 



Hassell,  Zebedee  and  Mary  Davenport.    Feb.  15.    Jos.  Wyatt. 

Spruill,  Ebenezer  and  Hannah  Long.    Oct.  27.    Jas.  Long. 

Stewart,  John  and  Penelope  Daly.    March  21.  James  Blount. 


Andrews,  Etheldred  and  Dinah  Wallis.    Jan.  30.    Jos.  Drier. 

Gaylard,  James  and  Zilpha  Wiley.  Feb.  26.  Benj  and  Stephen 

Gaylard,  Benjamin  and  Rebecca  Friley.  Eeb.  2^.  James  and  Ste- 
phen Gaylord. 

Wescott,  Stephen  and  Mrs.  Mary  Mann.    Feb.  27.  Caleb  Brickhouse. 

None  found  so  far. 

Crooke,  Clement  and  Sarah  Lee.  June  6.  Richard  Hearn. 
Haughton,  Richard  and  Jemima  Long.    Aug.  3.    Abram  Jennett. 
Stubbs,  Thomas,  Jr.  and  Hannah  Swinson.    Dec.  8.    Archd.  Corrie. 

Everett,  Joseph  and  Lettice  Lassiter.    Nov.  26. 
Griffin,  John  and  Zilpha  Airs.     Dec.  26. 
Howett,  Abraham  and  Judeth  Rhodes    Sept.  2. 
Howard,  Benj.  and  Sarah  Middleton.    Jan.  25.    Edward  Walker. 
Long,  James  and  Mary  Butcher.    July  15.     John  Slade. 
Williams,  Thomas  and  Sarah  Ward.    July  25.  Thos.  Stubbs,  Jr. 
Whedbee,  Joseph  and  Mary  Williams,  Oct.  18.  Archd.   Corrie. 

Davidson,  Robt.  and  Mary  Mackey.    Feb.  25.    Clement  Crooke. 
Howell,  William  and  Ann  Mills.     June  15.  John  Snell.  * 

Blackston,  Thomas  and  Sarah  Blount.     Oct.  20.  John  Leary. 
Blount,  Edraond  and  Judeth  Rhodes.  Dec.  30.  Jos.  Whedbee. 
Fagan,  William,  and  Mary  Stubbs.     Dec.  29.     Benj.  Harrison. 
Long,  Jeremiah  and  Penny  Jones.     Nov.  20.     James  Long. 
Liverman,  Thomas  and  Phebe  Liverman.  Feb.  5.  Thos.  Lanier,  Sr. 

Anderson,  James  and.  Rachel  Johnson. 
Anderson,  John  and  Miriam  Spruill. 
Chesson,  Samuel  and  Priscilla  Swain. 
Davenport,  James  and  Ann  Mariner. 

Dec.  3.    .  Jos.  Spruill. 
Dec.  4.     Hezekiah  Spruill. 

.  Saul  Spruell. 

Apl.  4.     Jas.  Davenport. 
Davenport,  Elkanah  and  Rachel  Hassell.  Feb.  8.   W.  Edwards,  Jr. 
Davenport,  Stephen  and  Elizabeth  Alexander.  <  Dec.   28.     Joseph 

Hay  man,  Jonas  and  Mary  Long.     Dec.  1.     Hezekiah  Spruill. 
Midgett,  Sam'land  Dorothy  Mann.  Nov.  6.    Thos.  and  J.  Midgett. 



Tyrrel  County  Marriage  Bonds. 

McCleese,  John  and  Zilpha  Alexander.     Mch  28.     Jos.  Alexander. 
O'Neal,  John  and  Dorcas  Battin.     Sept.  25.     Edwd  Mann. 

Price,  George  and  .  .  John  Warrington. 

Perisho,  James  and  Christian  Crank.     Oct.  16.     Jas.  Alexander. 
Roughton,  Richard  and  Martha  Mann.     Aug.  1.     Benj.  Mann. 

Davenport,  John  and  Joana  Davenport.     Apl  17.     J.  Alexander. 
Davenport,  Jacob  and  Elizabeth  Duncan.     Feb.  17.     Jno.  Snell. 
Dunton,  Martin  and  Catherine  Phelps.     May  5.     Jno.  Bateman. 
Jones,  John  and  Ann  Long.     Sept.  20.     Jno.  Anderson. 
Mackey,  Win.  and  Susanna  Walker(nee  Curral).  Jan.  23.  Jos.  Spruill. 
Norman,  Isaac  and  Joana  Phelps.     Mch  11.     Benj.  Hassell. 
Phelps,  Enoch  and  Eliz  Tarkinton.   Oct.  6.     Zeb  and  J.  Tarkinton. 
Patrick,  Isaac  and  Sarah  Tarkinton.      Dec.  20.     Jno.  Alexander. 
Phelps,  James  and  Ann  Chapman.     Feb.  17.     Stephen  Swain. 
Russell,  Thomas  and  Mary  Jourdan  (daughter  of  John).     Apl  27. 

William  Blount. 
Skinner,  Evan  and  Sarah  Swain,  Apl  5.     John  Spooner. 
Spruill,  Win.  Hawkins  and  Margaret  Tillett.  Aug.  21.    W  Spruell. 
Spruill,  Saml  and  Susanna  Sharpley.     Aug.  21.'   Wm.  Spruill. 
Smith,  Wm.  and  Elizabeth  Wilkinson.     Jan.  27.     Jno.  Smith. 

Tarkinton,  James  and  — .  .     Sept.  18.     John  Tarkinton. 

Turner,  Arthur  and  Keziah  Young.     Dec.  22.      Wm.  Mackey. 
Ward,  Francis  and  Mary  Garrett.     Apl  8.     John  Garrett. 
VanDyke,  James  and  Mary  Walker.     Oct.  15.     Isaac  Peacock. 


Alexander,  John  and  Ann  Alexander.     Jas.  ^Taylor. 

Bryant,  James  and  Mary  Hough  (daughter  of  Richard).     Oct.  2. 
Brown,  Thomas  and  Billah  Blount.     Mch  10.     Jno.  Anderson. 

Cooper,  Wells  and  Elizabeth  Alexander.   .  John  Hawkins. 

Duke,  Hezekiah  and  Puss  Cahoon.  Jas.  Swain. 

Davis,  John  and  Mary  Bateman. Aaron  Bateman. 

Hooker,  Stephen  and  Martha  Craddock.   Jno.  Bateman. 

Hopkins,  Samuel  and  Jehodah  Hopkins.  I.  &  H.  Alexander. 

Jordan,  John  and  Sarah  Stubbs.     Oct.  2.     Thos.  Stubhs,  Jr. 

Lawrence,  Obadiah  and  Rachel  Fox.   James  Fox. 

Miller,  James  and  Annie  Nandaford.  Thos.  H.  Spruill. 

Phelps,  Josiah  and  Mary  Donelson.  Feb.  0.    Jonathan  Bateman. 
Powers,  Josiah  and  Mary  Cheston.  Jno.  Anderson. 

—  Abram  Swain. 

—  Wm.  Swain. 
19.     Jno.  Anderson. 

—  Samuel  Cass  well. 

—  Isaac  Airs,  Thos.  Stubbs. 

Swain,  William  and  Mary  Hassell.  — 
Swain,  Abram  and  Nancy  Hassell  — 
Swain,  John  and  Lydia  Blount.  Feb. 
Spruill,  Godfrey  and  Mary  Alcock.  — 
Stubbs,.  James  and  Sally  Cannaday.  ' — 

Tyrrel  County  Marriage  Bonds. 


Tarkinton,  Joseph  and  Cenia  Tarte.     Jan. 
Williams,  Joseph  and  Betsey  Spruill.  

Alexander,  Anthony  and  Keziah  Blount. 

Batenaan,  Jerre  and  Mary  Oliver. 

Basnight,  Wm.  and  Ann  Sivels.   

Brinn,  Richard  and  Mary  Cahoon.  — 

Evans,  George  and  Mary  Batten  

Edwards,  James  and  Rachel  Hassell. 

5.     Zeb  Tarkinton. 
•  Jno.  Spruill. 

John  Long. 

John  Alexander. 
John  D'Eool. 
—  Thos.  Liverman. 

Joshua  Alexander. 

Godwin,  Joseph  and  Mary  Phelps. 
Hopkins,  Philess  and  Betsey  Howett. 

John  Edwards. 

— .     Wm.  Hassell. 

.   Sam'l  Hopkins. 

Hassell,  Joseph  and  Elizabeth  Tarkinton.  .  John  Hoskins. 

Hassell,  Joseph  and  Mary  Mann.  .   Benia  Miss  Mann. 

Hooker,  Nathan  and  Mary  Whedbee.  - 
Johnston,  Randolph  and  Mary  Perisho. 

Oliver,  Alex  and  Frances  Phelps.  

Phelps,  Jesse  and  Rosehannah  Daws.  - 

Smith,  John  and  Mary  Jennett.  . 

Smith,  Jacob  and  Fanny  Spruill. 

— .  Jas.  Pledger. 

.  John  Hoskins. 

Joshua  Alexander. 
— .  Isaac  Bateman. 

Stubbs,  Levi  and  Mary  Hardison. 

Nehemiah  Spruill. 
Jesse  Stubbs. 


Alexander,  Joshua  and  Amelia  Ainesley. 
Combs,  Robert  and  Mille  Perisho.  — — . 
Dobbey,  William  and .   Wm.  Mackey. 

.  Jas.  Ambrose. 

Rufus  Perisho. 

Hassell,  Edward  and  Ann  Massey. 
Middleton,  John  and  Mary  Dwight. 
Newabary,  <  harles  and  Maines  Ray. 
Simmons,  Josiah  and  Jemima  Coburn. 

Swinson,  Richard  and  Chloe  Bevanham. 

Allen,  Henry  and .     Jan.  7.     William  Everitt. 

Joseph  Phelps. 

Joseph  Everitt.    . 
-.  John  Garrett 
— .  Samuel  Jones. 
.  John  Swinson. 

Joseph  Everitt. 
Godfrey  Spruill. 

Adams,  Jonathan  and  Martha  Combs.     Feb.  8. 
Brownrigg,  George  and  A.  Hooker.     October  6. 
Bateman,  Stephen  and  Mary  Ambrose.     April  7. 
Call,  Wm.  and  Rachel  Bateman.     October  — . 

Carter,  John  and -.     Jan.  o.     William  (  halke. 

Hassell,  Stephen  and  Eliz  Powers.     October  0. 

Davenport,  John  and  Ann  Godwin.     July  — .     Joseph  Godwin. 

Davis,  Richard  and  Sarah  Tarkinton.     March  26.     John  Oliver 

Garrett,  Benj.  and  Elener  Corprew.     Feb.   11. 

Hunter,  Henry  and  Asia  Blount.     March  24.     E.  Blount,  Jr. 

Harrison,  John  and .     Jany  6.     Joshua  Slade. 

Norman,  James  and  Esther  Davenport.     October  — . 

Mills,  Francis  and  Penelope  Long.  .  March    29.     Isaac  Airs. 


Tyrrel  County  Marriage  Bonds. 

McAlpin,  James  Wolf  and  Abigail  Pratt.     May  5.     Jas.  Long. 
Oliver,  John  and  Rebecca  Davis.     March  26. 
Overton.  Edward  and  Mary  Parsons.     April  7.     George  Wynne. 
Pledger,  Joseph  and  Christian  Alexander.     May  8.     T.  Mackey. 
Perisho,  Rufus  and  Frances  Mason.     July  1.     John  Anderson. 
Robason,  Henry  and  Sarah  Collins.  June  25.  T.  Mackey. 

Simmons,  Elisha  and  — .  .     Jan.  5. 

Steely,  Thomas  and  Elizabeth  Leary.     Jan. 
Stubbs,  Richard  and  Sally  Jordan.     Apl  2. 
Snell,  James  and  Mary  Spruill.     Sept.  12. 
Swain;  Eliakim  and  Ann  Jennett.     Oct.  — . 
Wynne,  George  and  Ann  Hassel.     Apl  7. 

20.     Jas.  Long. 
J.  Nicholls. 
Thos.  Wiley. 
Wm.  Swain. 
Edwd  Overton. 


Alexander,  Edward  and   Elizabeth  Gardner.  I.  &  J.  Patrick. 

Ambrose,  James  and  Ruth  Hare.  Jas.  Phelps. 

Bent,  Thomas  and  Elizabeth  Forbes.  Joshua  Slade. 

Cullifer,  Isaac  and  Elizabeth  Lucas.  Jos.  Wyatt. 

Cunningham,  Timothy  and  Esther  Blount.  Wm.  Earle. 

Oraddoek,  Eleazer  and  — . .  Jno.  Tarkinton. 

Davenport,  Fred'k  and  Joana  Freeman.  - 
Davenport,  James  and  Hannah  Stephens. 
Davis,  Elisha  and  Je  mison  Lockhart.  — 

Jesse  Lewis. 
-    Ed  Blount. 

Fagan,  Shadrach  and  Esther  Middleton. 

Ganett,  John  and  — .  .  Benj.  Harrison 

Stephen  Swain. 
Jno.  Cannady. 

Gillird,  Nicholas  and  Anne  Hassell 
Hill,  Asa  and  Marv  Alexander.  — 

Jesse  Hassell. 
Jos.  Phelps. 

Harrison,  Thomas  and  Elizabeth  Hardison.  Jas.  Harrison. 

Hassell,  William  and  Eliz  Birtch.  Nich  Gillird. 

Jones,  Robert  and  Sarah  Poole.  Jno.  Poole. 

Long,  J.  and  V.  Lee. Wm.  Blount. 

Neal,  Wm.  and  Mary  Poole. John  Poole. 

Norman,  Henry  and  Sarah  Bonner. Ed.  Blouut,  Jr. 

Oliver,  Andrew  and  Jemimah  Phelps.  • — —  Evan  Spruill. 

Rankhorn,  Joseph  and  Amelia  Thomas. .  Jesse  Hassell. 

Spruill, and  E.  Giles.    Without  date. 

Stealy,  Michael  and  Delilah  Hinds  .  Jer.  Stealy. 

Straits,  J.  and  Ann   Brainer.  .  Joshua  Swain. 

Stubbs,  Jesse  and  Mary  Jones.    Friley  Jones. 

Wynne,  Robt.  and Tarkinton. 

1785.      ■ 
Adams,  Thomas  and  Esther  Rogers.    Oct.  12. 
Bazemore,  Leven  and  Elizabeth  Huff.    July  13. 
Bilding,  William  and  Sarah  Bateman.     Oct.  5. 
Baternan,  Simon  and  — - i .   ..    .  Ja^n.  5.-;  .,, 

Tyrrel  County  Marriage  Bonds.  113 

Casswell,  John  and  Amelia  Lawrence,  (d.  of  Michael,)  Dec.  26. 
Duncombe,  James  and  Delilah  Walker.    May  17. 
Davenport,  Ezra  or  Evan  and  Sarah  Bateman.  Dec.  27. 

Davenport,  Hezekiah  and .  Jan.  5. 

Fuller,  Benj.  and  Mary  0' Bryan.    Nov.  7.  . 
Long,  James  and  Sarah  Jones.    April  27. 
Oliver,  John  and  Hanrahan    Woodland.    April  6. 
Rowe,  Levi  and  Rachel  Davenport.    April  6. 
Rogers,  Nathan  and  Mary  Leggett.    Oct.  12. 
Safford,  George  and  Ann  Barnett.  April  22. 
Spruell,  Jesse  and  Mary  Arnold.     Dec.  23. 
Tetterton,  William  and  Ann  Kelley.    Aug.  12. 
Tarkinton,  John  and  Elizabeth  Ainesley.    April  6. 
Wiley,  James  and  Lurana  Sutton.    Sept.  5. 

Ainesley,  Jos.  Jr.  and  Mary  Swain.     March  15. 
Bank's,  William  and  Mary  Liverman.    Jan.  3. 
Baker,  Hilery  and  Ann  Ewen.     July  4. 
Collins,  Caleb  and  Henrietta  Sutton.    March  12. 
Clifton,  John  and  Sarah  Farlow.    April  3. 
Davis,  Zephaniah  and  Zinah  Gray.     Feb.  7. 
Davenport,  Daniel  and  Sarah  Nicholls.  March  12. 
Hoskins,  Nicholas  and  Mary  Allcock.    Feb.  19. 
Hassell,  Joshua  and  Eliz  Lockhart.    July  3.     Jno.  Tarkinton, Jr. 
Jerard,  Henry  and  Frances  Lassiter.    Feb.  8. 

Lee,  Thomas  and  Ann  Long.     Aug.  13.  Win.  Blount,  Thos.    Long. 
Martin,  Chas.  Oden  and  Africa  Garrett.    March  10.  * 

Norman,  Hezekiah  and  Sarah  Alexander.  Jan.  3. 
Newberry,  John  and  Joana  Swain.    July  4.    ■ 
Powers,  Joshua  and  Delilah  Phelphs.     April  4. 
Peacock,  George  and  Eliz  Everitt.     Oct.  17. 
Pearce,  Timothy  and  Sarah  Simpson.    April  16. 
Rhodes,  Nathan  and  Ann  Jones.    Sept.  6. 
Spruill,  William  and  Sarah  Norman.    Jan.  31. 
Simpson.  Reddin  and  Kessenhappuck  Pearce.    May  18. 
Smith,  Thomas  and  Ann  Oliver.     Dec.  18. 
Skittlethorpe,  John  and  Bethany  Thomas.    Dec.  10. 
Tarkinton,  John  (of  Joshua)  and  Priscilla  Tarkinton.    Oct.  3. 
Tarkinton,  John  Jr.  and  Martha  Hassell.    April  4. 
Weatherly,  Thomas  and  Ezilla  Sawyer.    April  10. 


114      The  Commission  of  Christopher  Gale  and  Others. 


North  Carolina,  Ss:  The  Honble  Edward  Hyde,  Esq.  Govr 
Capt  Genl  and  Adtnll  of  this  Province  of  North  Carolina  and  ye 
rest  of  our  trusty  &  well  beloved  Councellors  of  State  Greeting 

To  our  Trusty  and  well  beloved  Majr:  Christopher  Gale  Jno 
Blount  Francis  De  La  Mare  Capt  Richd  Sanderson,  Capt.  Thos: 
Relfe  Thos  Garrett  Esqrs— >, 

We  being  well  assured  of  Your  Loyalty  Prudence  &  Integrity 
Doe  hereby  Comraissionate  &  appoint  You  Jointly  &  Severally 
dureing  our  pleasures  Justices  for  this  Governmt  of  North  Carolina 
to  Keep  or  Cause  to  be  kept  her  Maty's  peace  as  also  all  laws  and 
Ordinances  made  for  ye  Government  of  this  province  And  wee 
doe  hereby  athorize  and  Impower  You  or  any  three  of  You  (where- 
of wee  will  that  one  of  you)  Majr  Christopher  Gale,  Mr.  Jno  Blount, 
Francis  De  La  Mare  Esqr  shall  be  one)  to  hold  a  Genii  Court  for 
this  Governmt  at  ye  tymes  hereafter  Exprest  that  is  to  say  on  ye 
last  tuesday  in  ye  month  of  March  July  and  October — N  And  ye 
Same  adjourne  from  time  to  time  and  from  place  to  place  as  You 
or  any  three  of  You  (whereof  wee  will  that  Majr  Christo  Gale  Jno 
Blount  &  Fran:  De  La  Mare  shall  he  one)  shall  think  meet  and  ye 
said  Court  to  hold  pleas  heare  and  Determine  all,and  all  maner  of 
Actions  Suites  and  Causes  whatsoever  as  well  Criminall  as  Civill 
reall,  mixt,  personal  or  of  any  other  Kind  or  Nature  whatsoever  and 
in  all  Such  Causes  to  award  Judgmt  and  to  Issue  out  all  Such 
Writts  and  processes  as  to  ye  Due  administration  of  Justice  doe  be- 
long In  all  things  proceeding  according  to  ye  Lawes  and  Ordi- 
nances of  this  Governmt  and  as  neare  as  Conveniently  may  be  to 
the  Lawes  and  Customes  of  England  And  for  as  much  by  reason 
of  ye  difficulty  of  passages  and  Extremeity  of  Weather  it  may  hap- 
pen that  three  or  more  of  You  Cannot  appeare  at  ye  tymes  above 
Expres'd  Wee  doe  hereby  further  authorize  and  Impower  You  or 
any  of  You  in  Such  Case  being  present  to  adjourne  ye  Court  for 
any  tyme  not  exceeding  term  days  unto  ye  Same  place.  Wee, 
doe  hereby  Comand  ye  provost  Marshall  to  Cause  to  Come  before 
You  at  ye  tymes  exprest  above  or  any  other  times  by  you  appointed 
Soe  many  Good  and  Lawfull  men  of  this  Governmt  as  shall  be  nec- 
essary for  ye  tryall  of  such  Causes  as  shall  be  brought  before  You. 

Given  under  our  hands  &  ye  Seale  of  ye  Collony  this  12th  day 


The  Commission  of  Christopher  Gale  and  Others.      115 

of  J ,  in  ye  Eleventh  yeare  of  ye  Reign  of  our  Sovereign  **** 

****  *****  Great  Britanie  &c.  Anno  Domi  17] 2. 

T:  Knight  Sect  f 

Edward  Hyde 
N.  Chevin 
Wm  Reed 
T.  Peterson 

We  call  special  attention  to  the  above  seal  attached  to  the  com- 
missipn  of  the  Justices,  it  is  the  only  impression  of  the  Colonial 
Seal,  thus  far  discovered,  sufficiently  plain  to  be  deciphered.  Within 
the  circle  appear  eight  crowns,  representing  in  all  probability,  each 
one  of  the  original  Lords  Proprietors;  a  Coat-of-Arms  appears  under 
each  crown,  all  apparently  different,  with  a  Maltese  Cross  in  the 
centre:  the  letters  composing  the  word  "Albemarle"  are  placed  in 
the  spaces  between  the  crowns,  there  being  eight  spaces  and  nine 
letters  in  the  word  "Albemarle",  two  of  them,  to-wit:  "be"  are  placed 
in  one  space.  Under  a  lens  the  impression  made  in  red  wax  (as 
fresh  as  it  would  be  at  the  age  of  a  few  years)  presents  a  beautiful 
and  elegant  piece  of  work,  reflecting  great  credit  upon  the  artist. 
We  congratulate  our  readers  upon  its  discovery,  years  df  careful 
and  difficult  search  having  been  given  to  find  an  impression  suffi- 
ciently clear  to  photograph  and  reproduce  in  a  half-tone  or  electro- 
type, that  they  might  have  the  pleasure  of  its  examination.  The 
Editor  found  the  paper,  to  which  the  seal  is  attached,  in  the 
Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.  Perhaps  there  is  not  another  dis- 
tinct impression  of  the  seal  in  the  State,  certainly  none  more  clear 
and  distinct  in  all  of  its  parts. — Editor. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) . 

Petition  of  Capt.  Jno.  Hecklefield.  Ordered  that  his  peticon  be 
refer'd  to  ye  House  of  Burgesses. 

Upon  Peticon  of  John  Bird,  ordered  to  be  referred  to  the  House 
of  Burgesses  and  the  Opinion  of  this  House  is  that  the  peticonr 
ought  to  be  payd     (Without   date).- 


The  Edenton  Tea  Party. 



Mrs.  Winifred  Hoskins,  Secretary  of  the  Edenton  Tea  Party,  was 
the  daughter  of  John  Wiggins  and  wife  Catherine  Baker  (daughter 
of  Henry  Baker  and  wife  Catherine  Booth),  their  issue  were  1Thom- 
as  Baker,  md  Sarah  Bryan  (daughter  of  Edward  Bryan  and  wife 
Martha  West);  2Lemuel  Baker,  3William  Baker,  4Richard  Baker, 
5Blake  Baker,  6Pattie  Baker,  md  Thomas  Hoskins;  7Catherine  Ba- 
ker md Whitaker.     (We  are  indebted  to  Miss  Rowe  Wiggins 

of  Wilmington,  N.  C,    for  the  names  of  Henry  Baker's  children). 
She  married  about.  1763,  *  Richard  Hoskins  of  Chowan  County.    A 

*  Richard  Hoskins  born  1740,  was  the  son  of  William  Hoskins  and  wife  Sarah 
Whedbee.  William  Hoskins  was  the  son  of  Thomas  Hoskins  and  wife  Elsie  or  Eliz- 
abeth Bowling,  married  1705,  in  the  Parish  Church  of  Bromley,  Kent  Co.,  England, 
they  came  to  Chowan  county  and  s°ttled  but  a  short  distance  from  the  site  of  Eden- 
ton. Thomas  Hoskins  was  probably  a  grand  son  of  Thomas  Hoskins  who  appeared 
in  the  colony  as  earl}'  as  1673.  Frequent  trips  were  made  by  the  early  settlers  of  Car- 
olina to  England,  and  possibl}'  Thomas  Hoskins,  the  husband  of  Elizabeth  Bowling, 
was  married  in  England  while  on  a  visit  to  the  heme  of  his  ancestors.  Mrs.  Sarah 
Hoskins,  the  mother  of  Richard  Hoskins.  was  born  Jan'y  23d  1717.  She  was  the 
daughter  of  Richard  Whedbee,  born  Feb.  13,  1(387  and  wife  Sarah  Durant  born  about 
1690  Richard  Whedbee  was  the  son  of  John  Whedbee  and  wife  Deborah  Sutton. 
His  marriage  to  Si  rah  Durant  was  celebrared  Feb.  4,  1709.  Sarah  Durant  was  the 
daughterof  John  Durantand  wife  Sarah  Jooke  (daughter  of  Thomas  and  Ann  Jooke). 
John  Durant  was  born  iu  Berkley,  later  Perquimans  Precinct,  N.  C,  Dec.  26,  1662. 
John  Durantand  wife  Sarah  Jooke  were  married  April  9,  1684.  John  Durant  was 
the  son  of  George  Durant  born  Oct.  1  1632,  married  Jan'y  4,  16o8-9  iu  Northumb- 
erland Co..  Va.,  Ann  Marwood,  they  came  to  Carolina  either  in  1660  or  early  in 
1661.  George  Durant  purchased  two  contiguous  tracts  of  land  from  the  Indians  in 
1661.  the  two  deeds  are  signed  respectively  by  Cisketando  and  Kilcocanen  Chiefs  of 
the  tribe  and  are  well  preserved  on  the  record  books  of  Perquimans  county  at  Hert- 
ford, N.  C,  one  bears  date  March  4,  1661,  these  deeds  conveyed  the  lands  lying  in  a 
neck  of  land,  fronting  on  Albemarle  Sound  and  bounded  on  one  side  by  Perquim- 
ans river  and  on  the  other  by  Little  River,  they  bear  to  this  day  the  Dame  of  "Du- 
rant'sNeck,"  and  are  at  this  writing  almost  entirely  owned  by  C.  W.  Grandy,  Esq., 
of  Norfolk,  Va.  Mrs.  Sarah  Whedbee  wife  of  Richard  Whedbee  died  April  4,  1728, 
her  youngest  sou  Hezekiah  was  born  but  a  few  days  before  her  death.  From  Rich- 
ard Wheduee's  will  (in  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  State,  at  Raleigh,  N.  C  ,)  exe- 
cuted in  1746  we  give  the  names  of  his  children  mentioned  therein,  (1)  John,  (2> 
Richard,  (3)  George.  (4)  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Pratt,  (5)  Mrs.  Deborah  VVilkius,  (wife  of 
Charles,)  (6)  MrsT  Sarah  Hoskins,  (wife  of  William.)  (7)  Mrs.  Ann  Forster,  (wife  of 
Robt  Forster,  clerk  of  Chowan  Precinct  and  later  of  Bertie  county, )  their  daughter, 
Frances  Forster  married  July  19,  1742,  Clement  Hall,  an  attorney  at  law,  who  short- 
ly after  his  marriage  went  to  England  and  received  orders  in  the  Church  of  England 
and  on  his  return  was  called  in  1744— >  as  the  1st  Rector  of  St.  Paul's  Parish,  Eden- 
ton. N.  C,  it  was  his  only  Parish,  he  died  iu  1758  on  his  plantation,  about  3  miles 
north  of  Edenton,  the  property  is  now  owned  by  F.  A.  White,  Esq.  Ann  Hall,  his 
daughter  married  James  Blount,  whose  son  Frederick  Blount  married  Rachel  Heri- 
tage, their  daughter  Mary  Blount,  married  William  Shepard  of  Craven  Co.,  N.  C. 
James  Blount  was  the  son  of  John  Blount  and  wife  Sarah  Elizabeth  Vail,  daughter 
of  Jeremiah  Vail  and  wife .   John  Blount  was  the  son  of  John  Blount  and  wife 

The  Edenton  Tea  Party. 



family  tradition  gives  Mrs.  Winnefred  Hoskins  the  credit  for  spin- 
ning and  weaving  (from  the  flax  grown  on  her  father's  plantation) 
her  wedding  trousseau;  the  web  was  so  delicate  and  fine  it  could 
be  easily  passed  through  her  wedding  ring.  (If  we  only  had  such 
maidens  at  the  present  day  but  a  few  years  would  elapse  before  our 
beloved  old  State  would  become  rich  and  independent.)  It  has 
been  but  a  few  years  since  one  of  her  descendants  described  to  the 
writer  the  exquisite  design  and  elaborate  embroidery  of  one  of  the 
skirts  which  she  saw  in  her  childhood.  Fine  white  linen  is  the 
most  appropriate  material  to  adorn  a  bride,  it  is  typical  of  that  pu- 
rity which  should  characterize  every  union,  a  type  of  the  union  be- 
tween Christ  and  his  Church.  The  bridal  tour  was  made  from  or 
near  Scotland  Neck,  to  the  Roanoke  river,  thence  in  a  flat-boat  to 
Edenton  where,  at  the  wharf,  a  horse  bridled  and  saddled  (in  wait- 
ing) conveyed  them  to  their  home  "Paradise"  (the  name  is  still 
retained)  about  four  miles  North  of  Edenton;  here  they  lived,  reared 
a  family  of  twelve  children  (eleven  of  whom  married,)  and  died,  he 
in  1800  and  she  in  1807;  both  are  buried  on  the  plantation  where 
they  settled,  the  land  being  the  inheritance  of  Richard  Hoskins 
from  his  father,  William  Hoskins.     They  had  the  following  issue: 

A — Saraiel  H)skins  md  Ann  Roberts  and  had  issue.  He  died 
January  7,  1802. 

B — Catherine  Hoskins  md  John  Blount,  no  issue.  John  Blount 
md  2nd  Rebecca ,  no  issue.      He  died  in  1835. 

C — Mary  Hoskins  md,  Oct.  8,  1787,  James  Bond  and  had  issue. 

Elizabeth  Davis,  and  grand  son  of  James  Blount  and  wife  Ann — ,  who  came  to  N. 
C  from  Isle  of  Wight  Co.,  Va.,  in  1669,  (8)  Benjamin  Whedbee,  (9)  Joseph  Whed 
bee.  For  abstract  of  Richard  Whedbee's  will  see  Vol.  1,  No.  4,  page  509  of  the  Reg- 

Thomas  Hoskins,  a  brother  of  William  Hoskins  above  mentioned,  married  in  1769 
Mary  Roberts  and  moved  to  Tyrrell  Co.,  N.  C,  where  he  lived  and  died  in  1S04, 
from  his  will  recorded  in  the  office  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Superior  Court  of  Tyrrell  Co., 
N.  C,  at  Columbia,  N.  C,  we  extract  as  follows  :  "  Wife  Mary,  four  grand  child- 
ren, Eliza,  Anne,  Sarah  and  William  Rombough,  heirs  of  my  deceased  daughter, 
Martha  Rombough,  wife  of  William  Rombough  of  Edenton,  daughter  Elizabeth 
Creecy,  son  James  Hoskins.  heirs  of  son  Thomas  Hoskins  dec'd  ,  son  Hardy,  daugh- 
ter Mary  Murphy,  daughter  Sarih  Wynne,  son-in-law  Benjamin  Lowry,  son 
Charles,  daughter  Ann  Hoskins.  sons  James.  Hardy  and  Charles  Ex'ors.  July  1804. 
Test.  Win.  Spencer,  Robert  Sawyer." 

James  Hoskins,  son  of  Thomas  Hoskins  and  wife  Mary  Roberts,  married  Oct.  22, 

1775,  Mary  Norcom  (dantchW  of   Frederick   Norcom  and    wife .)  among  their 

issue  was  Lt.  Chas.  Hoskins,  U.S.A.,  killed  in  the  gallant  charge  made  at  the  battle  of 

Monterey,  during  the  Mexican  war.  Lt.  Chas.  Hoskins  married  Miss Deane,  of 

Rochelle,  New  York,  they  had  issue,  one  son.  Major  J.  D.  C.  Hoskins,  Major  of  ar- 
tillery TJ.  S   A  ,  now  stationed  at  Governor's  Island,  in  the  harbor  of  Now  York  city. 

Daughter  Mary  Murphy,  wife  of  William  Murphy  who  removed  to  Louisiana,  are 
the  ancestors  of  Senator  Caffrey,  late  U.  S.  Senator  from  La.,  and  the  present  U.  S. 
Senator.  Hon  Murphy  J.  Foster,  of  La.  We  hope  to  give  this  braech  of  the  family 
in  a  future  issue.  All  the  discendants  of  William  Hoskins  and  wife  Sarah  Whedbee 
likewise  descend  from  George  Durant.  Mrs  Sarah  Hoskins  became  the  third  wife 
of  Joseph  Blount,  I. 




The  Edexton  Tea  Party. 

D — Ann  Hoskins  md,  April  26,  17 — ,  Chas  Roberts  and  had  issue. 

E — Baker  Hoskins  md,  1st  Sarah  Skinner,  2nd  Martha  Ann 
Skinner  (daughter  of  Joshua  Skinner  and  wife  Martha  Ann  Blount, 
daughter  of  Charles  Worth  Blount  and  wife  Mary  Clayton.)  Issue 
by  both  marriages. 

F — Richard  Hoskins  never  married,  he  represented  Chowan 
county  in  the  State  Senate  1810,  1811,  1812,  1814  and  1815,  and 
again  in  1821.     He  died'November -1822. 

G— Edmund  Hoskins  md,  Dec.  29,  1802,  Elizabeth  Blount;  they 
removed  to  Mississippi  about  1835  and  had  issue. 

H— Martha  Hoskins  md,  July  11,  1801,  1st  Wm.  Rombough; 
she  md  2d,  March  31,  1816,  William  Blount  (his  2nd  wife)  and 
had  issue. 

I — Sarah  Hoskins  md,  July  5, 1802,  Josiah  Skinner,  and  had  issue. 

J — Winnefred  Hoskins  md,  JJno.  Hatch  Reed,  2Benj.  Coffield- 
3Nov.  30,  1814,  Wm.  Wright  and  had  issue;  they  moved  to  Nor 
folk  Co.,'  Va.,  about  1835,  and  later  some  of  their  descendants 
moved  to  Memphis,  Tenn. 

K — Elizabeth  Hoskins  md,  Sept.  16,  1818,  Thomas  Vail,  and 
had  issue. 

L — Frances  Hoskins  md,  May  31,  1814,  Wilson  Reed  of  Hert- 
ford, N.  C,  (his  1st  wife)  and  had  issue. 

M — Lemuel  Hoskins  md,  Sept.  2,  1815,  Elizabeth  Howcott,  and 
had  issue. 

A — Issue  of  Samuel  Hoskins  and  wife  Nancy  Roberts: 

1  Elizabeth  Hoskins  md,  April  24,  1810,  John  Hogan  of  Halifax 
county,  N.  C;  2 William  Hoskins,  3Mary  Hoskins.* 

C — Issue  of  James  Bond  and  wife  Mary  Hoskins: 

1  Baker  Bond,  d.  s.  p.,  a  voung  man;  2Edmond  md,  Jan.  1820, 
Elizabeth  Gregory;  3Martha  Bond  md,  March  22,  1822,  David 
Small;  4 Winnefred  Bond  md,  Aug.  20,  1822,  John  M.  Woodard; 
5Ann  Cowan  Bond  md,  Oct.  14,  1824,  Capt.  R.  C.  Halsey,  she  died 
Nov.  8,  1850,  in  her  50th  year;  6Elizabeth  Bond,  died  in  Edenton, 
N.  C;  she  did  not  marry. 

Issue  of  Edmund  Bond  and  wife  Elizabeth  Gregory:    One  son. 

1  William  E.  Bond  md  Virginia  M.  Darden,  daughter  of  Alfred 
W.  Darden  and  wife  Sarah  Moore  of  Hertford  Co.,  N.  C,  issue  (a) 
Elizabeth  Gregory  Bond   died  in  infancy.     (/;)  *  Wm.  M.  Bond  md 

*  William  M.  Bond,  of  Edenton,  N.  C,  is  one  of  the  leading  attorne3's  in  the  1st 
Judicial  District  of  N.  C.  He  represented  the  1st  Senatorial  District  in  the  Senate 
of  North  Carolina.  He  enjoys  a  large  and  lucrative  practice,  has  been  remark- 
ably successful  in  his  practice  the  past  few  years,  especially  so  in  cases 
passed  upon  by  juries,  and  his  success  before  the  Supreme  Court,  in  appeals  has 
been  equally  as  remarkable  and  successful  he  is  very  popular  with  the  members  of 
the  bar,  and  very  strong  with  the  great  mass  of  the  people.  He  has  a  bright  and 
brilliant  future  before  him.  One  of  his  legal  brethren  stated  to  the  writer,  that  he 
was  "bad  medicine"  when  he  had  the  closing  speeeh  before  a  jury. 

The  Edenton  Tea  Party. 


Laura  Griffith,  daughter  of  E.  J.  Griffith  and  wife  Eliza  Beale,  of 
Norfolk,  Ya.;  they  had  issue  as  follows:  Wm.  M.  Bond,  Jr.,  Grif- 
fith Bond,  died  in  infancy;  Edward  Griffith  Bond,  Julia  Dodson 
Bond  and  Linwood  Bond.  (c)Linwood  D.  Bond,  unmarried;  (^An- 
nie L.  Bond,  md  John  E.  Bonner,  issue  1Abram  Bonner,  2  Virginia 
Bonner,  3John  E.  Bonner,  Jr.,  4Lallie  Bonner,  died  young;  5  Wil- 
liam Bonner,  6 David  Bonner,  7 Ernest  Bonner. 

Issue  of  David  Small  and  wife,  Martha  Bond;  (she  died  October 
29,  1845). 

Uane  E.  Small,  born  Jan.  27,  1829,  died  in  1873,  md  Richard 
H.  Small.  Issue:  R.  H.  Small,  died  in  his  21st  year;  2  William  B. 
Small,  born  Mch  31,  1831,  died  Aug.  26,  1854,  never  married; 
3Mary  Frances  Small,  born  March  31,  1831,  died  Aug.  31,  1835; 
4David  Small,  born  Dec.  10,  1833,  died  in  1866  from  disease  con- 
tracted in  camp  while  in  the  C.  S.  Army;  5Edmund  B.  Small,  born 
Apl#  20,  1835,  was  in  the  C.  S.  A.  and  killed  at  Malvern  Hill  July 
26, '1862,  he  was  unmarried;  6Thomas  M.  Small,  born  Feb.  13, 
1837,  is  a  bachelor  living  in  Edenton,  he  was  a  member  of  Co.  F. 
1st  Regt  N.  C.  State  Troops  C.  S.  A.,  commanded  by  Col.  Leven- 
thorpe,  was  in  Pettigrew's  Division  at  the  bettle  of  Gettysburg  and 
wounded  in  the  first  day's  fight;  he  was  again  wounded  at  Peters- 
burg, Va.,  in  1864,  from  which  he  suffers  to  the  present  time.  His 
lameness  is  very  perceptible  in  walking.  He  was  a  good  soldier 
and  is  at  present  engaged  in  the  grocery  business  and  is  Treasurer  . 
of  the  town;  we  have  no  better  citizen  than  Thomas  M.  Small. 
He  is  the  only  survivor  of  his  branch  of  the  family. 

Issue  of  John  M.  Woodard  and  wife,  Winnefred  Bond:* 

They  had  eleven  children,  we  have  made  every  effort  to  secure 
their  names  and  regret  our  want  of  success.  All  of  them  died  young 
except  the  following:  1  James  A.  Woodard  md  Elizabeth  Fiske,  of 
Hickory  Ground,  Norfolk  Co.,  Va.  Mr.  Woodard  was  one  of  the 
leading  merchants  of  Edenton  until  a  few  years  before  his  death, 
when  he  closed  out  his  business  and  became  the  representative  of 
the  Albemarle  Steam  Navigation  Co.  He  was  remarkably  suc- 
cessful as  a  business  man,  and  left  a  good  estate  free  from  any  in- 
cumbrance or  debt  whatever;  his  issue  are  as  follows:  (a)  *Clarence 
A.  Woodard,  md  1877,  Mary  Winston  Payne  (daughter  of  John 
Richards  Payne  and  wife  Alice  FitzHugh  Dixon,  of  Fauquier  Co., 
Va.,  married  in  1834);  issue:  1Elizabeth  Moore  Woodard,  2Alice 
FitzHugh  Dixon  Woodard,  died  in  1881;  3Lillie  Todd  Woodard, 
4Clarence    A.  Woodard,    Jr.,    5James   C.    Woodard.     (b)  Calanthe 

*  Mr.  C.  A.  Woodard,  of  Norfolk,  Va. ,  is  one  of  the  leading  business  men  of 
Norfolk,  Va.,  and  represents  the  city  of  Norfolk,  in  the  present  House  of  Delegates, 
he  is  a  hard  worker,  and  has  amassed  a  fine  estate  as  the  fruit  of  his  industry. 


The  Edenton  Tea  Party. 

Winnefred  Woodard,  md  Rev.  Robert  A^andeventer  of  the  Baptist 
Church;  no  issue,  (c)  Emma  W.  Woodard,  md  *Wm.  J.  Leary, 
Attorney-at-Law,  May  31,  1880;  issue.  1  James  Ihrie  Leary,  2Wil- 
liam  James  Leary,  3Ernest  Woodard  Leary.  4Herbert  Ross  Leary, 
5  Elizabeth  Woodard  Leary,  6  James  Woodard  Leary.  (d)  Elizabeth 
Fiske  Woodard  md  fJohn  G.  Bunch,  Attorney-at-Law;  issue:  Fan- 
nie Lou  Bunch,  died  in  childhood,  (e)  Mary  Frances  Woodard, 
died  in  her  18th  year.  (/)  James  A.  Woodard,  md  Annie  McDowell 
Bond,  (daughter  of  Henry  A.  Bond  and  3d  wife,  Annie  E.  McDow- 
ell); no  issue,  (g)  ^Ernest  Linwood  Woodard,  md  1st,  Susie  Shaw, 
(daughter  of  Dr.  H.  M.  Shaw  and  wife,  of  Shawboro,  N.  C);  he  md 
2nd,  Myrtle  May  Hawkins,  (daugnter  of  Albert  M.  Hawkins  and 
wife,  Susanne  Virginia  Smith);  issue:  1  Elizabeth  May  Woodard, 
2Virginia  Aubrey  Woodard.  (h)  Claudia  Woodard,  living  in  Eden- 
ton unmarried.  (t)Edmond  Bond  Woodard,  d.  y.  (j)  Ruth  Mc- 
Dowell Woodard,  d.  y.     (k)  John  Hermon  Woodard,  d.  y. 

2  William  Woodard,  married  1st,  Mrs.  Thomas  Brothers;  issue: 
two  children,  who  died  young.  He  md  2nd, Wilson,  of  Cam- 
den Co.,  N.  C ;  issue:  four  children,  two  died  young;  3Kenneth 
Woodard,  4William  Woodard,  are  still  living. 

3  Mary  Woodard,  md  Kenneth  Rayner  Pendleton,  of  Pasquo- 
tank Co.,  N.  C;  issue:  (a)  James  Pendleton,  died  when  a  youth; 
(6)  George  Overby  Pendleton,  died  7  yrs  of  age;  (c)  Rovvena  P.  Pen- 
dleton, md  §Charles  Spurgeon  Vann,  Attorney-at-Law,  of  Edenton, 
N.  C;  issue:  Charles  Spurgeon  Vann,  Jr.,  died  when  about  11  yrs 
old;  Myra  Vann.  Mrs.  Vann  died  in  1898.  (d)  Virginia  Pendle- 
ton, died  young;  (e)  William  Skinner  Pendleton,  Attorney-at-Law, 
died  unmarried;  (/)  Myra  P.  Pendleton,  died  6  yrs  old;  (g)  Mary 
Warren  Pendleton,  md  W.  P.  Pullen;  issue:  William  Pullen.  Myra 
Pullen  died  young;  Bayner  Pullen,  Virginia  Pullen. 

*  Mr.  Leary  was  Solicitor  of  the  1st  Judicial  District  of  N.  C.  for  four  years,  he 
is  at  present  engaged  in  the  practice  of  his  profession  in  u  denton. 

f  John  G.  Burch  served  as  Mayor  of  Edenton  two  terms,  he  passed  away  just  as 
he  entered  the  arena  of  an  active  and  useful  life. 

%  Ernest  L.  Woodard,  of  Norfolk,  Va.,  is  one  of  the  leading  merchants  (in  the 
wholesale  grocery  business)  of  Norfolk,  he  is  a  hustler  and  is  rapidly  reaching  the 
goal  of  his  ambition. 

I  Mr  Vann  removed  from  Hertford  county  to  Edenton,  N.  C. ,  in  1884,  and  be 
came  a  member  of  the  law  firm  of  Pr.uden  &  Vann,  he  continued  with  the  firm  until 
July  15,  1898,  at  which  time  he  retired  from  the  firm  and  has  since  been  practicing 
his  profession  alone,  he  was  one  of  the  Senators  elected  from  the  1st  Senatorial  Dis- 
trict and  served  in  the  sessions  of  the  Senate  of  1901-2;  in  November  last  he  was  re- 
elected by  over  4000  majority,  his  term  will  not  expire  until  November  1904.  Mr. 
Vann  is  a  gentleman  of  sterling  integrity,  business  interests  committed  to  his  care 
bj  his  clients,  receive  prompt  and  careful  attention,  the  writer  has  never  heard  the 
slightest  complaint  from  any  one  who  entrusted  him  with  their  business.  He  was 
our  neighbor  nine  years  and  we  know  whereof  we  speak. 

The  Edenton  Tea  Party. 


Issue  of  *Capt.  Richard  C.  Halsey  and  wife,  Ann  Cowan  Bond: 
1A  daughter,  died  in  infancy;  2Mary  Halsey,  born  1828,  now  liv- 
ing in  Edenton,  she  has  never  married;  3Ann  Halsey,  md  W.  H. 
Bonner;  Mr.  Bonner  died  in  1901  and  Mrs.  Bonner  lives  in  Eden- 
ton with  her  half-sister,  Mrs.  Lena  Brinkley. 

D — Issue  of  Charles  Roberts  and  wife,  Ann  Hoskins:* 
1  Richard  Roberts,  moved  to  Wake  Co.,  N.  C,  in  1839;  a Eliza- 
beth Roberts,  3Charles  Roberts,  moved  to  Green  Co.,  Ala.,  in  1838; 
4Catherine  B.  Roberts,  married  John  Gale  Hankins,  (his  1st  wife): 
issue:  (a)  Mary  Hankins,  never  married;  (b)  Charles  Roberts  Han- 
kins, moved  to  New  York  City  about  1855,  and  married  there. 
Georgeanna  Esther  Brown;  issue:  Carolina.  Virginia  Hankins, 
2 Charles  Bushrod  Hankins,  (dead);  3Edward  Gale  Hankins,  md 
Katherine  Bouton,  issue:  Helen  Gertrude  Hankins;  Charles  Edward 
Hankins,  (dead);  Edward  Bouton  Hankins;  (d)  Maaguerite  May  field 
Hankins,  (e)  Iradele  Hankins:  5John  Roberts,  6  Baker  Roberts. 
E— Issue  of  Baker  Hoskins  and  his  wife  Sarah  Skinner: 
1  Thomas.  Skinner  Hoskins,  md  Harriet  Williams  Wilson,  of 
Camden  Co.,  N.  C,  daughter  of  Col.  Willis  Wilson  and  his  wife, 
Elizabeth  Bell  Wilson;  issue:  (a)  Baker  Blake  Hoskins,  never  mar- 
ried, he  was  1st  Lieut.  Co.  A.  i  1th  Regt  N.  C.  State  Troops,  C.  S. 
A.,  was  killed  at  Gettysburg,  his  regiment  was  in  Pettigrews  Divis- 
ion; (b)  Willis  Wilson  Hoskins,  md  1st,  Margaret  Brothers,  issue: 
one  child,  died  in  infancy;  he  md  2nd  Martha  Floyd,  issue:  5  chil- 
dren, all  of  whom  died  in  infancy  except  one  daughter.  Linda 
Hoskins;  (c)  Elizabeth  Bell  Hoskins,  md  Julian  Gilliam,  issue:  an 
infant,  who  died  with  its  mother;  (d)  Sarah  Ann  Hoskins,  md  Na- 
than Mathewson  Lawrence,  of  Tarboro,  N.  C,  issue:  aLeata  Hos- 
kins Lawrence,  md  John  R.  Potts,  iss"ue:  Elizabeth  Latham  Potts 
and  Leata  Lawrence  Potts;  2Thomas  W.  Lawrence,  d.  u.;  Eliza- 
beth Bell  Lawrence,  unmarried;  4Frank  Matthewson  Lawrence, 
unmarried;  5Sallie  Hoskins  Lawrence,  md  Hugh  Landis,  no  issue: 
6 Caroline  Mathewson  Lawrence,  md    Nathaniel  Hilman  Canaday, 

*  Capt.  R.  C.  Halsey  md  2nd  Mrs.  Clarkey  Gray  nee  Gordon,  of  Perquimans  Co., 
N.  C,  issue,  (1.)  Emma  Bond  md  John  Cox  Bond  (son  of  H.  A.  Bond  and  wife, 
Margaret  Manning,  half  sister  of  the  late  Hon.  Thomas  C.  Manning,  of   La.)   issue 

(a)  Margaret  Manning  Bond  md  John  H.  Stephenson,  of  Northampton  Co..  X.  (.'., 
issue,  John  Stephenson  died  in  infancy,  Mary  Elizabeth  Stephenson  {b)  John  Bond 
died  an  infant,  (c)  Mary  Halsey  Bond  md.  Robert  L.  Temple,  of  Elizabeth  City,  N. 
C,  issue,  Ethlyn  May  Temple  (d)  Edward  Bonner  Bond  died  an  infant,  (e)  Louise 
Bond  died  at  age  16  mos.  (/)  Annie  Bond  died  an  infant,  (g)  John  Cox  Bond  died 
an  infant,  (h)  John  Manning  Bond,  now  10  yrs.  of  age.  Mrs  Bond  died  about  three 
years  since.  Mr.  John  C.  Bond,  at  present,  Mayor  of  Edenton,  resides  here,  his 
daughters,  Mrs.  Stephenson  and  Mrs.  Temple  and  his  youngest  son  are  all  with  him. 

(2)  Lena  Halsey  md  Edward  L.  Brinkley,  issue   (a)   Richard  Halsey  Brinkloy, 

(b)  William  G.  Brinkley  (c)  Edward  Leonidas  Brinkley  (d)  Leroy  Cox  Brinkley  (e) 
Annie  May  Brinkley. 



The  Edentox  Tea  Party. 

issue:  Sarah  Hoskins  Canaday;  7 Nathan  Mathewson  Lawrence,  Jr., 
md  Lida  Vestal,  no  issue:  8Harriet  Wilson  Lawrence,  died  when 
6  mos  old;  9Henry  Irwin  Lawrence,  died  aged  4  years;  10Infant 
not  named. 

(e)  Benjamin  Skinner  Hoskins,  unmarried,  lives  in  New  York 
City.  * 

Thomas  Skinner  Hoskins  was  a  memher  of  the  House  of  Com- 
mons from  Chowan  Co.,  in  1835-36;  he  was  also  Sheriff  of  Chowan 
Co.,  from  1844  to  1856. 

Issue  of  Baker  Hoskins  and  his  2nd  wife,  Martha  Ann  Skinner, 
(sister  to  his  1st  wife). 

2  Martha  E.  Hoskins,  md  Feb.  26,  1836,  John  L.  Foreman  of 
Pitt  Co.,  N.  C;  issue:  (a)  William  J.  Foreman,  md  1865,  Anne 
Blacknall  Sparrow,  (daughter  of  Maj.  Thomas  Sparrow  and  wife, 
Anne  Blacknall  of  Washington,  N.  C),  he  died  in  1887  leaving  one 
son  living  in  Washington,  who  md  Mary  Spillman,  of  Warrenton, 
'N.  C;  no  issue.  (6)  Mary  Foreman,  died  in  early  childhood,  (c) 
John  L.  Foreman,  Jr.,  died  young,  (d)  Ivey  Foreman,  1st  Lieut., 
acting  Captain  James  River  Squadron,  C.  S.  N.,  was  in  the  fight 
between  the  Merrimac  and  Cumberland,  was  one  of  the  first  to  reach 
the  Cumberland  (so  informed  by  a  near  relative),  he  died  Dec.  21, 
1864,  the  day  before  he  was  21  years  old,  of  typhoid  fever  contracted 
in  the  service. 

Mrs.  Martha  E.  Foreman,  md  2nd,  Richard  Henry  Lewis  of 
Edgecombe  Co.,  N.  C;  at  the  time,  however,  Mr.  Lewis  was  a  large 
cotton  planter  in  the  "Canebrake"  section  of  Alabama;  issue:  (e)  Dr. 
Richard  H.  Lewis,  of  Raleigh,  N.  C,  born  in  Pitt  C&,  N.  C,  Feb. 
1850,  md  1st,  Cornelia  Viola  Battle,  (daughter  of  Kemp  Plummer 
Battle,  LLD.,  of  the  University  of  North  Carolina  at  Chapel  Hill, 
and  wife  Martha  Ann  Battle;  issue:  1Richard  Henry  Lewis,  Jr., 
2 Martha  Battle  Lewis,  3Kemp  Plummer  Lewis,  4Ivey  Foreman 
Lewis;  Dr.  R.  Lewis  md  2nd,  Mary  Long  Gordon,  (daughter  of 
George  Loyall  Gordon,  of  Albemarle  Co.,  Va.,  and  wife  Frances, 
daughter  of  Justice  J.  J.  Daniels  of  the  Supreme  Court,  and  a  great 
grand-daughter  of  the  "divine  Polly  Long"  of  Halifax,  N.  C);  issue: 
5 Cornelia  Battle  Lewis.  Dr.  Lewis  md  3rd,  Mrs.  Anne  Blacknall 
Foreman  nee  Sparrow,  widow  of  his  half-brother  William  J.  Fore- 
man; no  issue.  Dr.  R.  H.  Lewis  stands  at  the  head  of  his  profes- 
sion in  North  Carolina,  he  has  rendered  valuable  service  to  the 
State  as  a  member  of  the  State  Board  of  Health,  he  is  also  engaged 
in  agricultnre. 

3  Penelope  Hoskins  md,  May  27,  1835,  James  Norcom,  Jr., 
(son  of  Dr.  James  Norcom);  issue:  1  Martha  Ann  Norcom,  md  1st, 
May  13,  1860,  Dr.  James  M.  Bunch,  of  Perquimans  Co.,  N.  C;  issue: 



The  Edextox  Tea  Party. 


(a)  Penelope  Catharine  Bunch,  born  Feb.  28,  1861,  died  Dec.  15, 
1874;  (b)  Mary  Isabel  Bunch,  born  June  28,  1862,  md  1st,  Dec. 
28,  1882,  Williamson  Hurdle;  issue:  Martha  Norcum  Hurdle,  born 
Sept.  1,  1883;  Ivey  Bunch  Hurdle,  born  Sept.  28,  1886.  Mrs. 'Hur- 
dle md  2nd,  Nov.  21,  1894,  Timothy  Billups;  issue:  Keith  Billups, 
born  Jan.  15,  1889,  died  May  26,  1900;  (c)  Ivey  Foreman  Bunch, 
born  Oct.  21;  1863,  died  Sept.  7,  1881;  (d)  infant  not  named.  Mrs. 
Martha  Ann  Bunch  nee  Norcom,  md  2nd,  June  13,  1866,  Timothy 
S.  Meara;  issue:  Elizabeth  Skinner  Meara,  born  Dec.  25,  1869,  died 
Aug.  15,  1870.  2Mary  Matilda  Norcom,  md  Oct.  7,  1862,  in  Tar- 
boro,  N.  O,  Matthew  Weddell,  of  Edinburgh,  Scotland;  issue:  (a) 
John  Archibald  Weddell,  born  Aug.  8,  1863,  md  Apl  23,  1889, 
Lossie  McNair;  issue:  John  Archibald  Weddell,  born  Aug.  1899, 
Mary  Norcom  Weddell,  Laura  Weddell,  Penelope  Hoskins  Weddell, 
Hugh  McNair  Weddell,  Matthew  Weddell;  (b)  Laurie  Weddell, 
born  June  20,  1865,  md  Sept.  15,  1891,  Lillian  Reid;  issue:  Laurie 
Weddell,  died  Oct,  4,  1892;  Reid  Weddell,  born  June  21,  1893;  (c) 
Rush  Norcom  Weddell,  born  Sept.  11.  1857,  died  Apl  23,  1889,  the 
night  his  brother  John  was  married;  (d)  Maria  Clark  Weddell,  md 
Oct.  5,  1892,  Samuel  Hutton  Ellison;  issue:  Laurie  Ellison,  born 
June  24,  1895;  James  Bonner  Ellison,  born  Mch  29,  1901,  died 
July  22,  1901.  3  Infantgirl,  not  named;  4Penelope  Catharine  Hos- 
kins Norcom,  born  Apl  14,  1840,  has  never  married,  she  lives  in 
Perquimans  Co.,  N.  O;  5Infantgirl,  not  named. 

4  Cathertne  Hoskins  never  married. 

5  Mary  Darrach  Hoskins,  md  Mch  19,  1839,  William  S.  Mallo- 
ry,  of  Norfolk,  Va.;  issue:  (a)  Martha  F.  Mallory,  md  1st,  Stephen 
Southall;  2nd,  Rev.  Giles  B.  Cooke,  both  of  Va.;  she  died  in  1893, 
no  issue;  (b)  William  S.  Mallory,  md  Pamela  Shepperd,  of  Salem, 
N.  C,  (daughter  of  Hon.  A.  H.  Shepperd,  for  17  years  a  member 
of  Congress  from  N.  O,  and  wife  Martha  Peyton  Tabb  Robinson,  of 
Georgetown,  D.  C),  issue,  1Shepperd  Mallory,  2Francis  Mallory,  3 
Helen  Mallory,  4 Martha  Tabb  Mallory  (dead),  5Mary  Darrach 
Mallory  (dead"  6Spencer  F.  Mallory  (dead),  7Wm.  S.  Mallory,  Jr., 
(dead);  (c)  Charles  King  Mallory,  died  in  infancy;  (d)  Elizabeth 
Blair  Mallory,  died  in  1853,  an  infant, 

6  Baker  Hoskins,  Married  Alethea  Skinner  (daughter  of  Benja- 
min Smith  Skinner  and  wife,  Elizabeth  Leigh,  of  Perquimans  Co., 
N.  C.)  Their  union  has  been  blessed  with  19  children,  10  of  whom 
died  in,  infancy;  those  who  lived  to  maturity  are:  (a)  Benjamin 
Hoskins,  md  Francis  Webb  and  have  issue,  Baker  and  Nellie  Hos- 
kins; (6)  Charles  Wood  Hoskins,  md  1st,  Nellie  Jordan,  of  Norfolk, 
Va.,  issue,  5  children  all  of  whom  died  in  infancy;  he  md  2nd,  Ma- 
ry juy,  of  Norfolk,  Va.;  issue:  Guy  Hoskins;  (c)  Dr.  Thomas  Jones 


r  xi 


The  Edenton  Tea  Party. 

Hoskins,  of  Edenton,  N.  C,  md  Bessie  Coke  (daughter  of  Dr.  Geo. 
H.  Coke  and  wife,  Mrs.  Pattie  Jones,  widow  of  Thomas  Jones  and 
daughter  of  Benjamin  S.  Skinner  and  wife,  Elizaheth  Leigh),  issue: 
1  Thomas  Jones  Hoskins,  2Alethea  Skinner  Hoskins,  3Bessie  Coke 
Hoskins,  4 George  Coke  Hoskins;  (d)  Bessie  Hoskins,  md  Seth  B. 
Sumner,  of  .Perquimans  Co.,  issue:  James  and  Elizabeth  Grizzell 
Sumner;  (e)  Baker  Hoskins,  md  Lila  Bonney,  of  Norfolk,  Va.,  issue, 
Baker  Gallatti  Hoskins;  (/)  Alethea  Skinner  Hoskins,  md  James 
Adkins,of  Murfreesboro,  N.  C.,  issue:  James  Leigh  Adkins;  (g)  Jas. 
Skinner  Hoskins,  unmarried;  (h)  Joseph  Blount  Hoskins,  md  Jessie 
Mehlhorn,  of  Maryland,  issue:  Joseph  Blount  Hoskins;  (i)  Frederick 
Hoskins,  died  unmarried  in  1902.  Only  two  days  after  Mr.  Baker 
Hoskins  gave  the  Editor  of  the  Register  the  above  record  of  his 
family  he  passed  from  among  the  living,  at  the  home  of  his  son, 
Dr.  T.  J.  Hoskins,  in  Edenton,  N.  C;  his  remains  were  taken  to 
Perquimans  county  to  be  interred  with  his  family;  his  wife  sur- 
vives him. 

7.  Nancy  Baker  Hoskins,  md  James  Leigh  Skinner,  of  Per- 
quimans Co.,  N.  C,  (son  of  Benjamin  Smith  Skinner  and  wife,  Eliz- 
abeth Leigh,)  issue:  (a&b)  twins,  one  died  in  infancy,  the  other, 
Elizabeth  Leigh  Skinner,  died  unmarried  in  her  17th  year;  (c)  Ben- 
jamin Smith  Skinner,  md  June  18,  1873,  Elizabeth  Taliaferro  Pie- 
mont,  (daughter  of  Dr.  Robinson  Piemont,  a  native  of  Gloucester 
Co.,  Va.,  resident  of  Elizabeth  City,  N.  C,  and  wife  Penelope  Sut- 
ton, niece  of  Ashbury  Sutton,  who  md  Nancy  Reed;  daughter  of 
William  Reed  and  wife,  Penelope — the  Suttons  were  closely  con- 
nected with  the  Whedbees  and  Durants,  and  some*  branches  were 
direct  descendants  of  both),  issue:  (a)  Penelope  Piemont  Skinner, 
md  Charles  Franklin  Massey,  issue:  Benjamin  Skinner  Massey;  (b) 
Nannie  Baker  Skinner;  (c)  James  Leigh  Skinner;  (d)  Katherine 
Lassiter  Skinner;  (e)  Elizabeth  Piemont  Skinner;  (/)  Rosa  Fries 
Skinner.  Mr.  B.  S.  Skinner  holds  a  position  in  the  N.  C.  Depart- 
ment of  Agriculture  and  has  been  for  a  number  of  years  Superin- 
tendent of  the  State  Farm,  near  Raleigh;  he  has  not  only  filled  the 
position  with  marked  ability  and  credit  to  himself,  but  has  also 
rendered  valuable  service  to  the  State  in  the  excellent  management 
of  his  department  of  the  Bureau. 

Baker  Hoskins,  Sr.,  had  a  number  of  children  not  mentioned  in 
this  record,  who  died  in  infancy,  he  lived  and  died  about  1\  miles 
North  of  Edenton  and  about  3  miles  from  where  he  was  born.  He 
was  a  prominent  citizen  of  the  county  and  very  popular  with  the 
people  of  Chowan,  he  served  them  in  the  House  of  Commons  in 
1806,  1807  and  1808. 

[to  be  continued.] 

Abstract  of  Conveyances. 


(From  Register  of  Deeds'  Office,  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 
An  old  Book,  not  Numbered  or  Lettered. 


John  Lassiter,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  John  Williams.  140 
acres  south  side  Near  Swamp;  Mch  8,  1735.  Test,  John  Harrell, 
Richard  Taylor,  Jr. 

Francis  Harrell,  of  Bertie,  to  Thos.  Baker.  50  acres  on  Middle 
Swamp;  May  20th,  1734.  Test,  James  Ellis,  Rich'd  Taylor,  Rich'd 
Taylor,  Jr. 

Henry  Robinson,  of  Bertie  county,  to  1  homas  Knox.  100  acres 
on  Plumbtree  Branch;  Feb.  12,  1734/5.  Test,  Moses  Hall,  John 
Collins,  Moses  Odom. 

Thomas  Martin,  of  Western  Branch,  Norfolk  Co.,  Va.,  to  Maj. 
John  Alston.  50  acres  on  Bennetts  Creek  at  the  Bridge.  Test, 
John'Singleton,  Phillip  Alston;  Dec.  9,  1734. 

James  Bennett  &  Chief  Men  Chowan  Indians,  to  James  Brown. 
100  acres  on  the  Indian  Swamp;  Jany  31,  1734.  Test,  Richd 
Minshew,  Michael  Ward,  Benj.  Blanchard. 

Same,  to  Michael  Ward;  Nov.  7,  1734.  GOO  acres  at  the  Poly 

Same  to  John  Hinton.  100  acres  adjoining  lands  of  John  Right, 
Lassiter  and  John  Hinton.     Test,  Henry  Hill,  Thos.  Morris. 

Same,  to  Win.  Hill;  Nov.  4,  1734.  100  acres  on  the  Indian 
Swamp.     Test,  Thos.  Jones,  Robert  Forster. 

Wm.  Powell,  to  John  Roberson.  Tract  of  Land  S.  E.  side  Rocky- 
hock  Branch;  Oct.  8,  1734.  Test,  Wm.  Perry,  Constance  Luten, 
Will  Tiner. 

Robert  Wilson,  to  Will  Coterell.  320  acres  at  head  Indian  Town 
Creek;  Feb.  26,  1734.     Test,  Paul  Palmer,  Titterson,  Thos.  Jessop. 

Will  Cotterill  to  Will  Perry.  100  acres  on  Indian  Town  Swamp; 
Feb.  4,  1735.     Test,  John  and  Charles  Jordan. 

Simon  Stallings,  of  Perquimans  county,  to  Catharine  Brothers, 
of  Nansemond  county,  Va.  100  acres  on  Middle  Swamp,  left  me 
by  my  father,  John  Stallings;  July  15,  1735.  Test,  Dempsey  Sum- 
ner, Richard  Bond,  John  Sumner. 

Thos.  Penrice,  Sr.,  to  Thomas,  John  and  Francis  Penrice,  sons  of 
said  Thomas.  My  plantation  in  Chowan  of  600  acres,  adjoining 
lands  of  Edward  Standin,  said  land  granted  to  Wm.  Charlton;  Aug. 
6,  1736.     Test,  Jeremiah  Vail,  Josa  Smith.  James  Craven. 

John  Griffin,  to  Will  Parker;  Mch  1 7,  1736.  50  acres  West  side 
Bennett's  Creek.  Test,  John  Riddick,  Humphrey  Griffin,  John 






Abstract  of  Conveyances. 

William  Parker,  to  James  Hubbard.  75  acres,  part  of  170  acres 
granted  to  John  Small,  Jr.;  Augt  18,  1719.  Test,  James  Benton, 
John  Benton,  Thos.  Parker. 

John  Benton,  to  James  Benton;  Sept.  22,  1736.  150  acres  West 
side  Bennetts  Creek.     Test,  W.  Parker,  Thos.  Parker,  Jas.  Parker. 

John  Hubbard,  to  Wm.  Parker,  June  15,  1735.  145  acres  ad- 
joining lands  of  Moses  Hall,  Richard  Felton  and  John  Norfleet,  said 
tract  heired  from  his  father.     Test,  Wm.  Parker.  James  Hubbard. 

Wm.  How,  of  Boston,  to  Samuel  Smith,  of  Nansemond  county, 
Va.  100  acres  on  Cypress  Swamp;  Mch  22,  1736.  Test,  Wm. 
Smith,  Robert  Riddick. 

Richard  Hines,  of  Nansemond  county.  Va.,  to  John  Pipkin.  160 
acres  on  Mills  Swamp,  formerly  granted  by  Patent  to  Charles  Scott, 
of  Nansemond  count}',  Va.;  Sept.  19,1735.  Test,  George  Wilde, 
John  Hines,  William  Bullock. 

John  Powell  and  wife  Hester,  of  Perquimans,  to  John  Norfleet. 
250  acres  on  the  Thicket  Swamp;  Dec.  19,  1734.  Test,  Robert 
Powell,  John  Powell,  Jessie  Brinn. 

Aaron  Blanchard,  to  Amos  Blanchard,  eldest  son  of  Robert,  (his 
cousin).  Water  mill  dam  and  house  on  the  East  side  of  the  stream; 
Nov.  10,  1736.  Test,  John  Matthews,  William  Urquhart,  William 

Richard  Hines,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  Moses  Boyce;  May 
8,  1736.  200  acres  on  Bay  Tree  Branch,  adjoining  lands  of  Rich- 
ard Parker,  near  the  head  of  Bennetts  Creek.  Test,  Saml  Hines, 
Clever  Worrell'  John  Hines,  Henry  Green. 

Ben  Simpson,  to  Luke  Gregory.  Assignment  of  a  Deed;  Sept. 
18,  1736.  Test,  Wm.  Gardner,  Robt  Kingham,  Sam'l  Buhdy. 
»  Robt.  Halton,  of  New  Hanover,  and  Joseph  Anderson,  of  Cho- 
wan, to  John  Boyd,  of  Bertie.  600  acres,  lately  in  the  possession 
of  Paul  Bunch;  Oct.  12,  1736.  Test,  T.  Hodgson,  Edwd  Wetherell 
Saml  Snowden. 

Benj.  Small  and  wife,  Mary,  to  David  Ambrose.  100  acres  in 
Rocky  hock  Neck;  March  7,  1736/7.  Test,  Edward  Parks,  John 

Saml  Pagett,  to  W.  Ashley,  Sr.  100  acres  beginning  at  a  marked 
pine  dividing  it  from  W.  Woodley,  then  S.  35  W.  to  centre,  3  pines, 
&c;  June  14,  1733.     Test,  Thos.  Blount. 

Bridget  Sumner,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  widow,  to  Jethro 
Sumner  and  wife,  Margaret.  Her  half  share  of  a  tract  of  Land  of 
200  acres,  formerly  in  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  in  Maiden  Hair 
Neck,  sold  by  John  Keaton  to  Daniel  Sullivan,  which  came  after 
his  death  unto  Daniel  Sullivan,  his  only  son  and  heir,  at  whose 
death  the  same  descended    to  the  said  Bridgett,  and    Margaret,  her 

Abstract  of  Conveyances. 


sister;  Dec.  14,  1736.  Test,  John  Sumner,  James  Sumner,  Richd 
Brothers,  Thos.  Knight. 

Will  Daniels,  to  Will  Peele.  200  acres  West  side  Bennetts  Creek; 
May  22,  1727.     Test,  Frank  Pugh,  W.  Ashley. 

Richard  Brothers,  to  Geo.  Hews.  100  acres  on  River  Pocosin. 
Oct.  2,  1732.     Test,  John  Sumner,  Thos.  Knight,  Jno.  Nelsone. 

Pheriby  Pugh,  widow,  and  Robt  West,  Exrs  of  Francis  Pugh,  to 
Daniel  Pugh.  Several  tracts  of  land  adjoining  land  of  Solomon 
Alstonand  others;  8  Apl,  1737.  Test,  John  Montgomery,  Thomas 
Jenkins,  Thomas  Rowan. 

Wm.  Gardner  and  wife,  Martha,  to  Luke  White.  18|  acres 
bought  of  James  Williams  and  wife,  Elizabeth;  Apl  2S,  1737.  Test, 
Joseph  Cricket,  Mary  Cricket. 

John  Keaton,  to  Richard  Bond.  290  acres  in  Maiden  Hair 
Neck:  Oct.  28,  1736.     Test,  W.  Moreton,  John  Lassiter. 

James  Lassiter  and  wife,  Mary,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to 
James  Brown.  150  acres  in  Bennetts  Creek;  Jany  18,  1736.  Test, 
Richard  Minshew,  William  Trevathan. 

William  Crawford,  to  William  Hews.  61 J  acres  on  Bennetts 
Creek;  May  26,  1737.     Test,  George  Hews,  William  Hews,  Jr. 

Same,  to  Jacob  Hinton.  50  acres  at  the  head  of  the  Guniper 
Branch;  Nov.  20,  1734.  Test,  Henry  Hill,  William  Hill,  William 

Same, 'to  Richard  Minshew.  100  acres  adjoining  Annie  Blanch- 
ard;  7  Nov.,  1731.  Test,  Henry  Blanchard,  Thos.  Taslen,  James 

Francis  Pugh,  to  Jonathan  Parker;-  18  Oct.,  1734.  ,  400  acres 
patented  by  said  Pugh. 

John  Collins,  to  James  Eure.  100  acres  adjoining  tract  of  said 
Eure  purchased  of  said  Collins,  40  acres;  July  5,  1735.  Test, 
Rich  Taylor,  Robert  Thomas. 

Constance  Luten,  of  Bertie,  Robert  Beasley  and  Christian  Beas- 
ley,  to  Thomas  Luten.  200  acres  known  as  Tottering  Bridge  Plan- 
tation; July  19,  1735.     Test,  William  Luten,  George  Lyles. 

Joseph  Hare,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  Robert  Thomas.  104 
acres  patented  by  John  Hare,  father  of  said  Joseph  and  bequeathed 
by  last  will  and  testament  to  said  Joseph;  June. 17,  1735.  Test, 
John  Thomas,  Ephraim  Hunter,  Richd  Taylor. 

James  Williams  and  wife,  Elizabeth,  to  Luke  White.  48J  acres 
in  Rockyhock,  shore  to  the  Bay;  28  June,  1734.  Test,  Winslo 
Driggers,  Edwd  Williams. 

Jane  Parker,  to  Benj.  Evans.  100  acres  on  Lightwood  Knot 
Branch,  adjoining  land  of  John  Overton  and  John  Parker;  28  June, 



Abstract  of  Conveyances. 

William  Benbury,  to  Charles  Haughton.  Assigns  Deed;  18  Apl, 
1734.     Test,  E.  Moseley,  Joseph  Halsey. 

Moses  Hall,  of  Nanseraond  county,  Va.,  to  John  Hubbard.  95 
acres  near  the  Rich  Thickets;  28  Januy,  1734/5.  Test,  James  Par- 
ker, Wm.  Parker,  James  Hubbard. 

John  Bathey,  to  his  son  Tristram  Bathey.  150  acres  on  Beech 
Swamp;  16  July,  1734/5.  Test,  Richard  Taylor,  Richard  'Taylor, 
Jr.,  Jno.  Collins. 

Robert  Rountree,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  Gabriel  Lassiter. 
]  75  acres  adjoining  the  lands  of  Robert  Rountree  and  Joseph  Wright, 
May  25,  1735.     Test,  Elias  Stallings,  John  Rountree. 

Samul  Woodward,  to  Paul  Bunch,  Sept.  6,  1735.  Tract  of  land 
in  Bertie,  on  Chinkapin  Creek,  640  acres.  Test,  Win.  Perry,  John 
Meadows,  Robert  Robinson. 

Win.  Eggerton,  to  Wm.  Benbury;  175  acres  in  Dogwood  Neck,  de- 
scended from  my  father,  Patrick  Eggerton.     Test,  Samuel  Warner, 
•  Thos.  Penrice. 

Abraham  Odom,  to  Epaphroditus  Boyce.  270  acres  in  Mossy  Hill 
Pocosin,  patented  by  said  Odom  and  Edward  Doughtie,  640  acres 
in  patent;  Nov.  25,  1735.  Test,  Joseph  Vann,  Christopher  Boyce, 
Henry  West. 

George  Spivey,  to  Thomas  Walton  Jr.,  100  acres  of  land  on  Cath- 
arine Creek;  Dec.  4,  1734.     Test,  Benj.  Spivey,  Wm.   Trevathan. 

Thos.  Walton  Jr.,  to  his  brother,  Win.  Walton.  100  acres,  part 
of  a  patent  to  John  Keaton,  dated  28  Oct.,  1702,  19  Nov.  1735. 
Test,  John  Walton,  Benjamin  Spivey,  Wm.  Trevathan. 

Richard  Harrell,  to  Christopher  Boyce.  90  acres  adjoining  lands 
of  Jonathan  Kitterlin;  25  Sept.  1735.   Test,  Thos.    Johnson,    Nicho-4 
las  Fairless,  Wm.  Boyce,  Titus  Boyce. 

Wm.  Crawford  to  George  Williams.  6H  acres  bequeathed  by 
last  w  and  testament  of  Wm. Crawford  to  his  grand  son,  Win.  Craw- 
ford, patented  April  11,  1711;  Jany  2,  1730.  Test,  John  Benton, 
Richard  Parker,  Richard  Taylor. 

George  Williams,  to  Wm.  Crawford.  61 J  acres,  part  of  a  tract 
bought  of  Nath'l  Wright,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  on  the  Holly 
Swamp;  2d  Jany,  1736.     Test  as  above. 

Issachar  Branch  to  Edmund  Gale.  146  acres  on  Queen  Ann's 
Creek;  Dec.  15,  1735.    Test,  Josiah  Vail,  James  Craven. 

Wm.  Speight,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  my  son-in-law,  Mo- 
ses Hare.  100  acres  on  Horse  Pen  Branch;  26  June  1735.  Test, 
Edward  Hare,  Thos.  Speight,  Ann  Speight. 

Jacob  Odom,  to  Wm.  Gatling.  73  acres  adjoining  land  of  Moses 
Hare;  Oct.  28,  1733.  Test,  Charles  Morris,  Wm    Gatling. 

Henry  Baker,  to  Wm.  Skinner,  of  Nansemond  county,    Va.,  pat- 

■ f 

Abstract  op  Conveyances. 


ent  of  land  patented  by  said  Baker  March  22,  1733.  Deed  dated  1st 
May,  1738.    Test,  James  Trotter,  James  Robinson. 

John  Hedspeth,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  Thomas  Speight. 
100  acres,  where  John  Molton  lately  dwelt;  26th  Nov.  1717.  Test, 
J.  A.  Holland,  Culbert  Hedspeth,  Thos.  Bissell. 

Henry  Hackley,  to  Thos.  Harris.  Deed  of  gift  for  50  acres  at 
Sarum  Creek;  13  July,  1728.    Test,  Abram  Odom,  John  Otway. 

William  Bird,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  John  Walton,  Jr. 
100  acres  on  Hemby's  Branch;  9  July,  1735.  Test,  John  and  Wm. 
Walters,  Richard  Taylor. 

Abraham  Odium,  to  Wm.  Walters.  100  acres,  adjoining  of  Ed- 
ward Doughtie;  10  July,  1735.  Test,  John  Walters,  Sr.,  John  Wal- 
ters, Jr. 

Thomas  Holloway,  to  John  Small,  Sr.,  of  Nansemond  county, 
Va.  316  acres,  adjoining  the  lands  where  said  Holladay  now  lives. 
Test,  Christian  Becket,  Robert  Warren,  Wm.  Sims,  1735. 

Wm.  Ward,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  James  Sumner.  Tract 
of  land  called  Orepeake,  patented  by  James  Kelley  and  Usley  Yel- 
let  in  Va.,  Oct.  20,  16S9.  175  acres,  6  Apl.,  1735.  Test,  Thos.  Lu- 
ten,  Jas.  Bordin. 

John  Boyd,  of  Bertie,  to  Joseph  Anderson.  Tract  of  land  where 
Saml.  Bunch  now  dwells,  320  acres,  part  of  the  tract  deeded  by 
Thos.  Pollock  to  Thos.  Bray,  as  a  marriage  portion,  Jany,  1,  1738. 
Test,  Wm.  Bad  ham. 

Aaron  Blanchard,  to  my  kinsman,  Abraham  Blanchard.  250 
acres  on  Indian  Swamp;  Aug.  22,  1736.  Test,  Henry  Bonner,  Sr., 
Henry  Bonner,  Jr.,  George  Pully. 

Vines  Cropsley,  to  Thomas  Beasley,  son  of  Robert  and  Christian 
Beasley.  Deed  of  gift  for  250  acres  on  the  Sound;  July  15,  1736. 
Test,  Mary  Luten,  J.  Butler. 

Edward  Mosely,  trustee  for  Wm.  Rowdon  and  Chas.  Wesbear, 
deed  to  Dr.  Abraham  Blackall.  77  acres  adjoining  lands  Maj.  Hen- 
ry Bonner;  Nov.  4,  1737.    Test,  Jeremiah  Vail,  Jno.  Benbury. 

Wm.  Arkill,  to  Wm.  Branch.  165  acres,  where  said  Wm.  Branch 
now  lives,  patented  by  Joseph  Gilbert,  29  March,  1726.  Deed  da- 
ted June  18,  1737. 

Thos.  Jernigan,  to  Ann  Odom,  29  May,  1737.  140  acres  paten- 
ted by  said  Jernigan,  29  May  1737.  Test,  Will  Rabey,  Luke  Rawls, 
John   Webb. 

Thos.  Jernigan,  to  John  Webb,  Jr.  500  acres,  patented  by  said 
Jernigan,  adjoining  above;  29  May,  1737.  Test,  Wm.  Ralles,  Luke 
Rawles,  Ann  Odium. 

John  Freeman  and  wife  Tabitha  Freeman,  to  Thomas  Freeman. 
100  acres  west  side  Catharine  Creek  Swamp;  Aug.  6  1737.  Test, 
Richard  Tatum,  Thos.  Rountree.  9 

V  -i 


Abstract  of  Conveyances. 

Henry  Baker,  to  James  Ellis,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.  Part 
of  two   patents   granted    to  him    on  the  Cypress  Swamp;  18  July, 

1736.  Test,  Thos.  Hoskins,  Wm  Daniel,  Wm  Riddick. 

Henry  Baker,  to  Robert  Thomas.  200  acres,  part  of  patent  da- 
ted July  28,  1733,   for  640  acres;  31  July,  1736. 

Wm.  Ward,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  Samuel  Harrell.  Part 
of  a  patent  to  John  Moore;  Nov.  17th,  1700;  160  acres.  Test,  John 
Rice,  James  Rice. 

Thomas  Knox,  to  William  Jones.  100  acres  on  Plumbtree 
branch;  9  July,  1737.  Test,  Charles  King,  Elizabeth  King,  Isaac 

Saml  Merrett,  to  W.  Bentley.  320  acres,  being  i  survey  granted 
to  Saml  Merrett;  5  March,  1729.  Deed  dated  7  "January,  1736. 
Test,  Edward  Hare,  Isaac  Williams,  Mary  Hare. 

Same,  to  Isaac  Williams.  380  acres  bought  of  Wm  Bently;  7 
July,  1736.     Test,  Edward  Hare,  Mary  Jatator,  Mary  Hare. 

Charles  Gannin,  to  Wm  Scott.  100  acres  adjoining  land  of 
John  Pipkin;  26  July,  1736.  Test,  Wm  Whitfield,  Edward  Hare, 
Isaac  Williams. 

James  Morgan,  assigns  all  his  interest  in  the  above  land;  23 
July,  1 737.     Test,  Benjamin  Talbot,  Samuel  Dundy. 

Penelope  Little,  widow  and  relict  of  William  Little,  to  Joseph 
Anderson.  One  half  of  the  grist  mill  lying  on  the  head  of  Hoskins 
Creek;  16  May,  1737.     Test,  Benj.  Hill,  Thos.  Jones,  R.  Williams. 

John  Lewis,  to  Peter  Adams.  The  remaining  part  of  the  tract  of 
land  belonging  to  my  father,  Richard    Lewis;  150  acres;  Jany   19, 

1737.  Test.  Benjamin  Talbot,  David  Ambros. 

John  Odom,  to  Epaphroditus  Jones.  300  acres  N.  E.  side  Cy- 
press Swamp,  on  Hawtree  Branch  and  Licking  Root  Branches,  pat- 
ented March  1,  1718,  to  Richard  Odom  for  640  acres;  Test,  Wm. 
Lanston,  Leonard  Lanston. 

Richard  Felton,  to  Thomas  Parker.  75  acres,  part  of  patent  to 
John  Small  Nov.  13,  1721,  for  150  acres;  Jany  21st,  1737.  Test, 
James  Griffin,  Jr.,  John  Fulkes,  John  Sumner. 

Thomas  Milner,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  Jane  Knight  of 
the  same  place.  100  acres  on  Rich  Thicket  Swamp;  patent  for  200 
acres  granted  Col.  Thos.  Milner  Nov.  7,  1700;  Mch  21st,  1737. 
Test,  John  Sumner,  Wm.  Hunter,  Jno.  Knight. 

Lemuel  Bass,  to  Edward  Sketer;  10  Feby,  1737.  175  acres  on 
S.  W.  side  of  Orapeake  Swamp.  Test,  Jno.  Sumner,  Henry  Hun- 
ter, William  Speight. 

Margaret  Knox  and  Thomas  Knox,  to  John  Drury.  70  acres, 
part  of  a  patent  granted  Chas.  Wilkes  in  1695;  July  20,  1737/8. 
Test,  Ann  Speight,  Charles  King,  Moses  Hare. 




Abstract  of  Conveyances. 


James  Hedgepeir,  of  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  to  Thomas  Speight. 
30  acres  on  East  side  Chinkapin  Ridge;  June  11,  1737.  Test, 
Charles  King,  John  Drury. 

Edward  Howcott,  to  James  Potter.  346  acres,  patent  granted  'to 
said  Howcott  Nov.  19,  1730;  surveyed  by  John  Chandler,  deed,  and 
assigned  to  said  Howcott;  June  20,  1738.  Test,  Matthew  Hardy, 
James  Trotter,  F.  Vernon. 

John  Pettiver,  to  his  brother-in-law  Benj.  Talbot.  114  acres  in 
Perquimans,  less  310  acres;  all  lands  in  Chowan;  2015  acres  belong- 
ing to  John  Pettiver,  deed;  August  24,  1738.  Test,  Mc  Scar- 
brougli, Nixon,  Jr. 

George  Rivett,  to  Ann  Martin;  Aug.  25,  1738.  100  acres,  part 
of  patent  for  170  acres  to  Patrick  Lawler,  deed. 

book  c,  no.  2. 

Francis  Pugh,  to  Daniel  Parker.  400  acres  adjoining  lands  of 
Wm.  Spites  and  John  King,  patented  by  said  Pugh  Oct.  29,  1726; 
Augt-i8,  1734.     Test,  Abraham  Hill.  Isaac  Hunter. 

John  White,  Sr.,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  James  House,  of  Isle  of 
Wight  county,  Va.  Part  of  a  patent  to  Lewis  Williams,,  dated  May 
1st,  1697;  registered  July  1st,  1701. 

Same,  to  Will  Williams.  240  acres  of  the  same  patent,  upper- 
most part;  1st  Mch,  1700. 

John  Early  and  wife,  Mary,  to  John  and  Peter  Parker.  Tract  of 
land  on  Chowan  river,  patented  June  3,  1699;  Nov.  1st,  1700. 

William  Moody,  to  Edward  Smithwick,  Sr.  Tract  of  land  on 
North  side  Morrattuck  River.     No  date,  part  of  deed  missing. 

Wm.  Walton,  to  Timothy  Walton.  Tract  of  land  bought  of 
Judah  Speight;  Judah,  husband  of  Frances  Speight;  7berl8,  1731. 
Test,  Thos.  Walton,  Aaron  Blanchard. 

Moses  Rountree,  to  William  Wallis.  86  acres  on  Catherine  Creek; 
4  August,  1748 

John  Robinson,  to  Wm.  Tiner;  Dec.  29,  1731.  100  acres  of  my 
patent.     Test,  James  Williams,  John  Robinson. 

John  Stenger  and  wife,  Martha,  to  Robert  Powell;  1740.  Tract 
of  land  in  Middle  Swamp.     Test,  Henry  Morgan,  James  Morgan. 

Wm.  Halsey  and  wife,  Mary,  to .  Sandy  Point;  Novem- 
ber 1725. 

Francis  Wells,  to  Francis  Wells,  Jr.  94  acres  North  side  of  Albe- 
marle Sound;  Mch  20,  17 — .  Test,  Thos.  Pierce,  Richard  Haught- 
John  Pierce. 

Robert  Fullintou,  to  Wm.  Birch,  of  St.  Stephen's  Parish,  King 
and  Queen  Co.,  Va.     340  acres  on  Tindal  Swamp;  1733. 

James  Pugh  of  Suffolk,  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  to  Theophilus  Pugh, 


Abstract  of  Conveyances. 

merchant.  221  acres,  adjoining  land  of  Daniel  Pugh;  August  6, 
1739.     Test,  Brown, Everard. 

Francis  Branch,  to  his  friend  Mary  Gardiner.  50  acres;  1739. 
Test,  Benj.  Talbot,  Wm.  Luten,  Wm.  Lewis,  Constance  Luten. 

Chas.  Ricketts,  to  John  Parker;  Oct.  1,  1739.  320  acres  on  Cy- 
press Swamp. 

John  Sanders,  to  Francis  Sanders;  July  15,  1739.  146  acres  on 
Cypress  Swamp.     Test,  Thos.  King  John  Gray. 

Martha  Jones  and  her  son,  Thos.  Fickett,  to  John  Sanders.  100 
acres  adjoining  lands  of  John  Minshew  on    Cypress  Swamp;  Feby 

13,  1738.  Test,  John  Thomas,  Thomas  Doughtey,  Fras  Sanders, 
Richd  Taylor. 

Thomas  Penrice,  to  his  son  John  Penrice.     1739. 

Matthew  Gums  and  wife,  Elizabeth,  ^to  Charles  McDowell.  100 
acres  adjoining  lands  of  James  Thigpen  and  Jos.  Newby;  Oct.  19,. 
1739.     Test;  Is  Arthand,  James  Conner. 

John  Sumner,  to  Francis  Sanders.  40  acres  on  Cypress  Swamp; 
July  17th,  1739.     Test,  Chas  King,  Elizabeth  King,  John  Sanders. 

Henry  Guston.  to  Michael  Brinkley;  Oct.  22d,  1739.  300  acres 
in  Edgecombe,  North  side  Conway  Creek.  Test,  Wm  Riddiok,  R. 
B.  Baker,  John  Lindsay. 

John  and  Judith  Jones,  to  Richard  Bond;  May  3d,  1735.  [  100 
acres  in  Meherrin  Neck.     Test,  Wm  Trevathan,  John  Jones. 

Epaphroditus  Jones,  to  Elisha  Ballard.  150  acres  East  side  Cy- 
press Swamp;  Mch  23d,  1738.  Test,  Andrew  Meade,  Mary  Meade, 
James  Baron,  David  Meade. 

Daniel  Rainer  and  Mary  Ratter,  mother  of  said  Rainer,  to  Geo. 
White.  50  acres  South  side  Warrick  Swamp;  July*20,  1737.  Test, 
Robert  Chappell,  Eliz  Rountree,  Thomas  Rountree. 

Ruth  Baker,  to  Henry  Baker.  Certain  real  estate  bequeathed  to 
her  by  Henry  Baker,  by  will  dated  Jany  8,  1730;  Oct.  19,1739. 
Test,  James  Craven,  Tulle  Williams.  Zack  Chancey. 

Edward  Welch,  to  John  Champion.  150  acres  on  Stumpy  Creek;. 
Mch  1st  1739.     Test,  Jas:  Williams,  Robt.  Cale,  Jno.  Parker. 

Wm.  Ward  to  Wm.  Fryar.     100  acres  on  the  Forty  Islands.  Jan. 

14,  1739.     Test,  Wm.  Luten.  Wm.  Lewis. 

John  Rawls,  to  William  Wood.  570  acres  on  Forty  Island,  ex- 
cept 50  acres  sold  to  William  Folk;  Dec.  3d,  1739.  Test, ^  John 
Langston,  Joseph  Banaded,  William  Fryar,  Saml  Parker. 

William  Cropley,  to  Cornelius  Leary.  75  acres  on  Reedy  Branch; 
March  1st,  1738.     Test,  Edward  Orendell,  John  Stepney. 

Samuel  Williams,  to  John  Kitterlin;  June  15,  1739.  50  acres 
adjoining  land  of  James  Reddick.     Test,  John  Arline,    Wm  Wood. 

Jonathan  Kittrell,  of  Bertie,  to  John  Arline,  of  Nansemond  Co., 
Va.     320  acres  bought  of  John  King,  deed,  the  patentee.  320  acres. 


Abstract  of  Conveyances. 


.  m 


50    acres  on 

150    acres  on    Forty 
William  Luten,    Wil- 

350  acres  out  of  a  patent  of 

of  the  640  being  land  for  son  John  Kittrell;  Mch  19,    1739.     Test, 
John  Kittrell,  Sarah  Kittrell,  James  Holmes. 

William  Wood,  to  John  Kittrell;  Jany   5th,  1739. 
Forty  Island.     Test,  Richard  Tayloe. 

Same,  to  Samuel  Parker;  Jany  5th, 
Island  adjoining  land  of  John  Webb, 
liam  Lewis. 

Hardy  Hinton,  to    Henry  Guston. 
500  acres  John  Hinton,  deed,  bought  of  William  Wright;  Augt  13, 
1739.     Test,  William  Daniel,  Charity  Alston. 

John  Lassiter,  to  William  Davis.  60  acres  on  Bennetts  Creek; 
Sept.  12,  1739.  Test,  Elizabeth  Sumner,  Abigail  Davis,  John 

Isaac  Hunter,  Jr.,  to  Isaac  Hunter,  Sr.;  May  2d,  1739.  384  acres 
part  of  patent  to  Wm  Hunter,  late  of  Virginia,  and  given  by  him 
to  his  son  Nicholas  Hunter,  and  by  him  sold  to  his  son  Isaac,  on  Swamp,  issuing  out  of  Bennetts  Creek.  Test,  William 
Hunter,  Elisha  Hunter. 

John  Langston,  to  William  Langston.  100  acres  on  Rogers 
Branch;  Dec  12th,  1739.     Test,  John  Langston,  Jr.,  Robert  Rogers. 

Jonathan  Kitterill,  to  Richard  Baker.  70  acres  on  White  Pot 
Poco'sin.     Test,  Christopher  Boyce,  Caleb  Spivey. 

Same,  to  Christopher  Boyce.  20  acres  on  White  Pot  Pocosin; 
Feby  22d,  1739/40.     Test,  Richard  Baker,  Caleb  Spivey. 

William  Jones,  to  Edward  Arnold.  50  acres,  part  of  a  patent  to 
Henry  Baker,  by  him  sold  to  Edward  Ricketts,  and  by  Ricketts  to 
John  Odom  who  conveyed  to  William  Jones,  adjoining  lands  of 
John  Winburn,  John  Thomas  and  James  Ellis;  Oct.  23(5,  1739. 
Test.  Jess  Newby,  John  Sumner,  Isaac  Hunter. 

John  Porter,  to  Callum  Ross.  50  acres  East  side  Cabin  Creek, 
adjoining  laud  of  William  Hunter;  Mch  13,  1739.  Test,  William 
Skinner,  Robert  Thomas. 

Henry  Baker,  to  William  Skinner;  Sept.  6,  1739.  Part  of  patent 
to  said  Baker  for  640  acres,  dated  28th  July,  1730;  on  the  Cypress 
Swamp.     Test,  Kallum  Ross,  Robert  Thomas. 

Same,  to  Callum  Ross;  Sept.  26,  1739.  100  acres,  part  of  above 
tract.     Test,  William  Skinner,  Robert  Thomas. 

John  Porter,  Jr.,  to  Robert  Thomas.  108J  acres  on  Cabin  Branch; 
Mch  13,  1738/9.     Test,  Kallum  Ross,  William  Skinner. 

John  Langston,  to  Richard  Green,  Jr.;  Nov.  26,  1739.  150  acres 
at  a  place  called  Sarum,  beginning  at  a  gum  standing  near  Rogers 
Pocosin,  then  along  the  head  line  of  the  patent  to  a  pine,  then  to  the 
Doctors  road,  &c.  Test,  John  Langston,  Jr.,  Thomas  Langston, 
William  Langston,  Joseph  Vann. 

Thomas  Barnes,  to  John  Ellis;  Jany  10.  1739.     259  acres   North 



■A  :'  i 



Abstract  of  Conveyances. 

side  Cypress  Swamp  and  Cabin  Swamp.  Test,  Robert  Thomas, 
Kallum  Ross,  Samuel  Parker. 

Epaphroditus  Boyce,  to  William  Boyce;  Mch  2d,  1709.  100  acres 
part  of  a  patent  to  John  Stallings  and  sold  by  him  to  said  Boyce's 
father,  Epaphroditus  Boyce.  Test,  Christopher  Boyce,  Richard 

John  Singleton  and  wife,  Mary,  to  Thomas  Piland;  Jany  2d, 
1739  /  40.  260  acres,  one  half  of  patent  to  James  Cole  for  519  acres, 
dated  Apl  20,  1694,  sold  to  Jno.  Cole  May  20,  1702,  deedrecorded 
in  Nansemond  county,  Va.,  and  by  Cole  sold  to  Jos.  Bird  Oct.  26, 
1716,  who  sold  same  to  John  Singleton  Mch  10,  1726.  Test,  Wm. 
Daniel,  James  Alston,  Phillip  Alston. 

Thomas  Parker,  to  Joseph  Jones;  Oct.  10,  1738.  75  acres,  part 
of  John  Small's  patent  for  150  acres  dated  Nov.  13,  1721;  sold  by 
Small  to  Richd  Felton  who  sold  same  to  said  Parker.  Test,  John 
Sumner,  John  Johnston,  Edward  Arnold. 

Samuel  Harrell,  son  of  John  Harrell,  of  Va.,  to  Peter  Parker; 
Nov.  10,  1739.  100  acres  on  Gum  Branch  at  the  Bull's  Skull,  pat- 
ented by  Richard  Berryman  Jany  19,  1716.  Test,  Daniel  Parker, 
Robert  Parker. 

John  King,  son  of  John  King,  deed,  to  John  Benton;  Mch  27, 
1739.  Tract  of  land  on  West  side  of  Bennett's  Creek,  patented  by 
John  King,  deed,  Nov.  4,  1707,  adjoining  land  of  Thos.  Speight 
and  others.     Test,  Elisha  Benton,  Moses  Benton,  Miles  Riddick. 

Martha  Badham,  to  William  Badham,  her  son;  Mch  4,  1737. 
Test,  H.  Vernon,  T.  Plomer. 

Dorothy  Farloe,  widow,  to  Edward  Moseley.  196  acres  on  Deep 
Run  Branch  and  Rocky  hock  Creek,  patented  Sept.  23d,  1727;  in 
trust  for  her  grand  children  Miles  Halsey  and  Martha  Halsey;  Mch 
1st,  1737.     Test,  Thomas  Spires,  John  Lewis. 

Thomas  Pierce,  to  John  Pierce.  100  acres  known  as  the  Goose 
Pond,  joining  land  of  John  Falconer;  Jany  29,  1740.  Test,  John 
Johnson,  Sarah  Pierce. 

William  Birch,  to  John  Nichols;  Jany  17,  1739.  170  acres  in 
Tindall's  Neck,  on  West  side  Mattacomack  Creek,  being  one  half 
of  grant  to  David  Jones.     Test,  Thomas  Luten,  Luodovick  Metsler. 

Job  Riddick,  to  John  Simpson;  Apl  25th,  1739.  150  acres,  part 
of  a  tract  patented  by  Charles  Jordan  Mch  9,  1717,  part  lying  next 
the  Punch  Bowl,  conveyed  by  deed  from  Thomas  Elliott  to  Aaron 
Elliott;  he  dying,  land  fell  to  me  by  inheritance.  Test,  Samuel 
Hicks,  Richard  McClure. 

William  Birch  and  wife,  Grace,  to  John  Nichols;  Jany  17,  1739. 
170  acres  in  Tindal  Neck,  West  side  Mattacomack  Creek,  being 
half  of  patent  to  David  Jones.     Test,  E.  Pagett,  J.  Hodgson. 

Abstract  of  Conveyances. 


Richard  Brothers,  to  William  Riddick.  100  acres  on  the  South 
side  of  the  Honey  Pot  Swamp,  purchased  of  James  Wiggins  by- 
Richard  Brothers  and  by  him  given  to  his  son  Richard  Brothers, 
by  will,  Oct.  6,  1732;  deed  dated  Oct.  25,  1737.  Test,  Francis 
Rountree,  Thomas  Knight. 

Robert  Riddick,  to  Stephen  Shepard;  Mch  25,  1739.  50  acres, 
part  of  Richd  Barefield's  patent,  on  North  side  Mill  Swamp.  Test, 
Thomas  Norris,  John  M.  Norris,  William  Reddick. 

John  Pipkin,  to  Moses  Hare.  180  acres  on  Peters  Swamp,  bought 
of  Joseph  Rawley;  Augt  2d,  1736.  Test,  Isaac  Williams,  Moses 
Odom,  Sr.,  Moses  Odom,  Jr. 

Thomas  Speight,  to  Francis  Speight;    Mch  12,  1739.     100  acres 

bought  of Hedgepath,  Nov.  26,  1717.     Also  30  acres   bought 

of  Jos.  Hedgepeth,  June  11,  1737.  Also  one  patent  of  640  acres 
granted  said  Speight  Feby  22d,  1719.  Test,  William  Speight,  Da- 
vid Lewis,  Richard  Taylor. 

George  Rivetts,  to  Henry  Bonner.  Assignment  of  a  patent  Augt 
10,  1738.     Test,  Henry  Bonner,  Jr.,  Richd  Minshew. 

Jane  Parker,  widow,  to  John  Parker.  15  acres  on  Stumpy  Creek 
Swamp,  at  mouth  of  Poplar  Run;  Mch  3d,  1739.  Test,  James 
Parker,  Peter  Parker. 

Robert  Robinson,  to  Joseph  Anderson;  June  9,  1739.  166  acres, 
a  patent  to  Martin  Charles,  dated  Augt  13,  1714,  known  as  Harri- 
son plantation.     Test,  Thomas  Hoskins,  David  Bush. 

Samuel  Pagett  and  wife,  Elizabeth,  to  their  son-in-law,  John 
Hodgson.  Deed  of  gift  for  170  acres  on  Mattacomack  Creek,  south 
of  the  Willow  Swamp;  Mch  9,  1737.  Test,  Edmund  Gale,  John 

Edward  Moseley,  Treasurer,  to  William  Luten;  May  30,  1737. 
230  acres  adjoining  lands  of  John  Oxley  and  Gabriel  Cosandi  same 
having  been  mortgaged  to  me  as  Treasurer  by  Thomas  Spiers. 
Tost,  Jeremiah  Vail. 

William  Liles,  to  his  brother  Henry  Liles.  122  acres  in  Cow- 
hall,  adjoining  land  of  Joseph  Small,  according  to  patent,  leaving 
50  acres  out  of  same — beginning  at  Pagetts  Beech  corner  tree;  Feb. 
18,  1738.     Test,  Benj.  Talbot,  Job  Elliott,  Ralph  Fullinton. 

Wm.  Pagett  and  wife,  Sarah,  to  Luke  White;  Jany  23d,  1737. 
48J  acres  in  Roekyhock,  open  to  the  Bay,  formerly  Edward  Cock- 
rell's.     Test,  James  Williams,  Thomas  Waters. 

John  Freeman,  to  James  Sumner;  Oct.  10,  1740.  50  acres,  North 
side  Warrick  Swamp,  sold  by  John  Good  in  to  Edward  Wood,  part 
of  a  grant  to  Thomas  Garrett,  and  sold  by  Garrett  to  Goodin,  by 
Goodin  to  Edward  Wood,  given  by  John  Freeman,  Sr.,  to  his  son 
John,  by  will.     Test,  James  Coston,  John  Gordon,  Chas.  Dent . 

:  !* 


Abstract  of  Conveyances. 

John  Brady,  to  James  Brady;  Jany  10,  1739.  50  acres,  bought 
of  Charles  Scott  by  John  Brady's  father,  and  left  to  hirn.  Test, 
Jacob  Odom,  Edward  Vasen,  John  Brady. 

William  Wood,  to  James  Brady.  50  acres  in  a  place  called  Fort 
Island.     Test,  John  Brady. 

William  Luten,  to  Thomas  Jones,  Jr.;  Dec.  20,  1739.  230  acres 
bought  of  Edward  Moseley,  Treasurer,  Nov.  1737.  Test,  WTilliam 
Hoskins,  William  Lewis. 

Francis  Wells,  to  James  Beasley.  Assigns  patent  for  200  acres 
granted  him  Feby  1st,  1696;  deed  of  assignment  dated  Dec.  18, 
1708.     Test,  John  Porter,  Thomas  Passingham. 

Michael  Ward,  to  William  Bley;  Mch  1st,  1740.  150  acres  in 
the  Indian  Neck,  near  Catharine  Creek  Pocosin,  adjoining  land  of 
John  Freeman.     Test,  John  Parker,  John  Champion. 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

North  Carolina  Ss-*-By  the  Honble  Landgrave  Robt  Daniell  Esqr 
Lieutent  Generall  Vice  Admirall  &  Deputy  Governr  and  the  rCst 
of  the  Lords  Proprietrs  Deputies. 

Whereas  Caleb  Bundy  Jeremiah  Symonds  Augustine  Scarborough 
&  John  Hawkins  Chosen  Burgesses  for  this  present  Assembly  for 
yor  Precinct  of  Pascotank  have  refused  to  take  the  0,aths  appointed 
by  Law  These  are  in  the  Name  of  his  Excellency  the  Palatine  & 
the  rest  of  the  true  &  absolute  Lords  &  Proprietrs  to  will  &  require 
you  to   Sumons  all  the  Freeholders  in   yor  precinct  to  meet  at   the 

usuall  place  for  Electing  Burgesses  on  or  before  the day  of 

next  Ensuing  then  and  there  to  Elect  &  Chuse  four  prudent  & 
Substantiall  men  Freeholders  of  yor  precinct  to  be  Burgesses  in 
theire  Roome  for  yor  precinct  to  meet  at  the  House  of  Capt.    John 

Hecklefield  in  Little  River next  ensuinge  to    advise 

&  assent  to  such  matters  as  for  the  weal  Publick  shall  be  most 
necessary     And  Make  returne  hereof. 

Given  under  the  Seal  of  the  Colony  the — 
To  the  Provost  Marshall  or  his  Deputy 

for  the  precinct  of  Pascotank. 

-Day  of 170- 

James  Fewox  to  ye  Honble  Court  sheweth,  that  he  hath  right  to 
100  acres  of  land  by  ye  importation  of  Rich:  Batchelor  and  John 
Hassell  for  wch  he  craves  Certificate  &c— ^  James  Fewox. 

Henderson  Walker  to  the  Court.  137 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

Henderson  Walker  on  behalf  of  himself  &  Capt  Andrew  Belcher 
of  Boston  Merchant,  owners  of  ye  Sloop  Dubertus  &  of  her  Loadeing 
Defts.  In  answer  to  ye  Informacon  of  Coll  William  Wilkison  and 
John  Porter  Saveing  to  himself  all  benefitt  &  advantages  that  may 
accrue  to  him  Doth  say  there  is  no  Act  of  Parliament  made  in  any 
King's  reign  that  doth  forbid  ye  Importacon  of  ye  product  of  Eu- 
rope into  any  of  his  Maties  Plantacons  or  Colony  in  ye  same  bottom 
wch  they  are  transported  out  of  Europe  in  wherefore  Saith  that  ye 
said  Vessell  ought  not  to  have  been  by  their  infomacon  &  prays 
that  shee  may  be  discharged:  for  yt  in  and  by  all  pleading  where 
any  Plaintf  declares  upon  any  Act  of  Parliament  he  ought  to  ex- 
press ye  Words  of  ye  Same  and  no  otherwais  and  ye  Defts  further 
say  that  true  it  is  there  is  an  Act  of  Parliamt  made  in  ye  15th  year 
of  King  Charles  ye  Second  wch  doth,  expresse  these  word  foil  (viz) 
that  noe  Comoditys  of  ye  product  of  Europe  shall  be  Imported  into 
his  Maties  Plantacons  but  what  shal  be  bona  fide  shipped  in  Eng- 
land &  come  in  English  built  Ships  &  wch  shall  carrye  them  direct 
to  ye  said  Plantacons  "and  from  noe  other  place  or  places  whatso- 
ever: Butt  ye  Defts  doe  deny  that  any  goods  of  ye  Product  of  Eu- 
rope where  transported  in  the  said  Sloop  in  this  Governmt.  Butt  the 
Defts  Doe  say  &.  aver  that  if  they  had  brought  any  European  goods 
and  brought  a  Cooquett  from  ye  Collector  of  ye  place  where  they 
were  shipped  that  ye  said  goods  were  brought  directly  from  Eng- 
land to  ye  said  place  the'aforesaid  Law  had  been  Sattisnde  for  yt 
ye  true  Intent  vfc  meening  of  ye  Law  &  ye  words  thereof  is  yt  noe 
goods  shall  be  brought  from  any  forraigne  place  butt  from  Engld 
direct  to  his  Maties  Plantacons,  wch  if  this  Vessil  had  brought  in 
any  European  goods  and  brought  a  Cooquett  from  ye  Collector  in 
New  Engld  that  ye  said  goods  were  brought  from  Engld  directly 
ye  Law  is  fulfilled  for  yt  ye  goods  were  brought  directly  from  Engld 
&  noe  other  place  whatsoever  &  can  it  be  believed  that  ever  any 
Law  should  be  made  to  hinder  Transporting  of  any  English  goods 
from  one  Plantacon  to  another  in  English  built  Shipping  for  if  it 
were  soe  then  this  Country  would  holy  perish  for  want  of  goods  it 
being  a  place  soe  shoely  that  noe  Vessell  can  come  directly  from 
Engld  hither.  Wherefore  ye  sd  Defts  pray  that  ye  dangerous  Con- 
sequence may  be  considered  wch  these  Informers  have  Construde 
the  aforesaid  Act  unto  for  by  their  information  this  country  would 
be  holy  Ruined,  for  they  Soe  must  have  neither  Shirts  to  our  backs 
nor  Salt  to   our  Victualls  but    must  desert  the  Countrey    wherefore 



A  Vessel's  Bond,  &c. 

ye  said  Informers  wicked   Intencons  ought  to  be  Looked  Upon  as  a 
designe  holy  to  Ruin   ye  Country     All  wch  being  Considered    yor 
Defts  referr  themselves  to  ye  Countrey. 
Aprill  20th  '98.  Hend:  Walker. 

North  Carolina  To  Henderson  Walker 

I   doe  hereby  appointe   you  to  be    my  Attorney  at   Law   at   ye 
Genall  Court  as  witness  my  hand  ye  20  Aprill  Anno  1698. 

Robert  Starke." 


(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton    K  C.) 

Albemarle  County  in  the  Province  of  Carolina, 
•  Know  all  men  by  these  presents  that  wee  Jonathan  Witter  Mas- 
ter of  the  good  Sloop  Called  the  Mary  of  Barmoodas  &  Timothy 
Biggs  of  Albemarle  County  Marchant  doe  owe  &  stand  Justly  in- 
debted unto  his  Excellency  the  Pallatine  &  the  Rest  of  the  Right 
Honble  the  True  &  absolute  Lords  &  propriettrs  of  ye  province 
Aforesaid  In  the  full  and  Just  Sume  of  five  biundred  pounds  star- 
ling wch  payment  well  &  truly  to  be  made  wee  binde  or  selves  or 
haires  Executtrs  &  Administrate  firmly  by  these  presents  in  wit- 
ness whereof  wee  have  hereunto  Sett  or  hands  &  Seals  this  1st  day 

The  Condition  of  the  above  obligation  is  such  that  If  the  above 
bounden  Jonathan  Witter  Master  of  the  sloop  aforesd  obsarve  &  keep 
the  Laws  of  this  County  &  depart  not  nor  carry  any  person  hence 
without  License  from  the  Gov'nr  or  whom  hee  doth  appoynt,  then 
the  above  obligation  is  Voyde  or  Else  Is  in  full  force  &  Vertue. 

Jonathan  Witter    (0) 
Signed  Sealed  &  delivered  Timo  Biggs  (0) 

in  the  presence  of  us. 


Francis  Morris^ ^ho.  K  Kinge. 


"Mr.  Snoden.  You  are  required  by  Jabez  Olford  to  Send  him  a 
warrant  for  these  Rights  underwritten,  viz  Chowan  precinct,  Janr 
Court  1703/4  Present  ye  Justices,  Jabez  Olford  provd  4  Rts  viz. 
Jno  Olford  Senr,  Jno  Olford  Junr  Wm  Olford  Jabez  Olford  &  by 
assigmt  of  N.  Chevin  Oweu  Daniell.  it  makes  250  acres. 

Test  N.  Chevin  Clk." 


Miscellaneous  Items. 


(From  Court  Records  of  Albemarle  County  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 


"North  Carolina  Ss  Mr  Fred'k  Jones  of  James  City  County  in 
Virginia  als  Mr  Fred  Jones  and  Compy  Merchts  in  London  against 
Thomas  Dereham  of  Pamplico  in  ye  County  of  Bath  in  ye  Govern- 
mt  of  North  Carolina  in  an  action  &c.     Feb.  1702  /  3." 

"George  Walker  and  Elizabeth  his  wife  daughter  or  Rich'd  Wil- 
liams dec'd  in  behalf  of  himself,  Jane  Williams  and  Ruth  Williams 
also  daughters  of  sd  Richard  Williams.  Sues  for  certain  property 
belonging  to  them  from  said  Estate." 

"Know  all  men  by  these  presents  that  I  John  Long  doo  Assigne 
over  all  my  Rite  titel  And  Intrest  of  the  Money  that  belongs  to  me 
for  my  part  for  taking  ye  two  negroes  And  ye  Tndian  unto  John 
Stepney  or  his  order  As  wittness  my  hand  ye  23  day  of  Septem- 
ber 1697"  Benjamin  Archer  John  Long. 

"To  ye  Honble  Court — The  Humble  Peticon  of  Jno  Bird  Humbly 
Shewing — That  he  have  six  Rights  viz:  himself  Mathew  Anderson 
Mary,  his  wife  Jno  Bird  Junr  James  Bussfon  Richard  Wiggins  wch 
he  is  ready  to  Prove  &  Craves  a  Certificate  &  he  shall   Praye  &c — 

Jno.  Bird." 

"No  Carolina  Ss. — To  ye  Honble  Genii  Court.  Mr.  John  Durant 
humbly  Sheweth  that  he  hath  right  to  one  hundred  acres  of  land 
by  importacon  of  Sempsones  &  Ruth  negrs  wch  he  is  ready  to  prove 
&  craves  Cert  &c.  Jno  Durant"-^ 

"Thos  Lovett  hath  right  to  200  acres  of  Land  by  the  Impotacon 
of  himselfe  twice  Wm  Horn  &  Elizabeth  Adams.  Assigned  to 
Majr  Lillington" 

"Jno  Hunt  attor  of  W  &  Gidion  Therell  Sheweth  that  Wm  Ther- 
rill  dec'd  imported  into  this  Governmt  himself  his  son  Wm  4  In- 
dians &  two  negroes  &c.         W  Glover  Cl'rk" 

"George  Kingsley  hath  4  Rights,  viz:  himselfe  Eliz  his  wife  Mary 
Kinserly  Elizabeth  Kinserly  Junr,  &c         George  Kinserly," 

"Rich  Nowell  hath  right  to  200  aces  of  land  by  Importacon  of 
Mary  West  Saml  West  Phabe  West  &c.         W  Glover  Clk" 

"Robt  Laton  hath  right  to  500  acres  of  Land  for  Importation  of 
himselfe  &  Elizabeth  his  wife  James  LatonJ  Olive  Fee  An  Laton  & 
from  Virginia  a  2d  Importacon  himself  wife  Mary  Laton  &  Olive 
Fee.  &c         W  Glover  Clk" 

"To  Edwd  Bonwick  Attor,  att  Law.     This  may  Impower  you  to 





Miscellaneous  Items. 

appeare  &  prosecute  allsoe  to  Answer  &  Defend  all  Accons  wch 
may  any  wayes  concern  rne  ye  Constituant  in  any  Court  within  ye 
Governmt  During  my  Absence  for  ye  soe  Dooing  ys  shall  be  yr 
Warrt— Apr  2d  1706.         C.  Gale." 

"I  Francis  Tomes  Do  promis  &  Declare  in  ye  Presence  of  God  I 
will  keepe  ye  Secretts  of  ye  Councill  and  give  them  ye  best  of  my 
advice  according  to  ye  best  of  my  Understanding— ^Francis  Tomes" 
— (Oath  of  Governor's  Council.) 

"North  Carolina  Ss  To  ye  Honble  Genrll  Court.  John  Furre 
humbly  sheweth  That  yor  peticonr  being  by  Nation  a  French  man 
was  imported  into  this  province  when  he  was  very  young  by  his 
father  Peter  Furree  who  being  a  protestant  was  compelled  to  fly 
from  his  Country  upon  acct  of  his  Religion  and  yor  Peticoners 
Father  was  Many  yeares  an  inhabitant  of  this  Country  till  his  deth 
and  as  well  yor  Peticnr  Father  as  yor  Peticonr  have  always  well  & 
honestly  behaved  themselves  towards  this  Governmt  &  towards  all 
his  Majties  Subjects  Inhabitants  thereof — And  now  humbly  craves 
that  he  may  be  made  a  Free  denizen  of  this  Country  &  enjoy  ye 
priviledge  of  his  Majestys  Free  borne  Subjects  &  shall  prav. 

W.'  Glover  Clk." 

To  the  Honorable  the  House  of  Burgess  now  sitting. — The  hum- 
ble petetion  of  Richard  Gash  humbly  Showeth  that  your  petetioner 
was  prest  in  thr  Year  1694  to  wait  upon  the  Coreturk  burgiess  & 
yor  petetioner  was  upon  that  sarvices  twelve  daies  For  which  hee 
humbly  desires  pay  for  &  allsoe  for  3  daies  Alowd  for  Going  down, 
and  '  your  petetenr  &c.  Richard  Gash."  Endorsed— "This  acctt 
disallowed  by  ye  House  of  Burgesses     By  order  Na  Chevin  Clk" 

"John  Tarkinton  humbly  prays  he  may  be  admitted  to  prove 
five  Rights  to  Jno  Tarkinton  Martha  his  wife — Wm  Tarkinton 
Annie  Starke  Francis  Starke." 

"To  ye  Honble  ye  Governor  &  Councell  John  Hawkins  humbly 
sheweth-^That  yor  pettr  did  formerly  make  Choyse  of  his  Grand 
Mother  Mrs  Alice  Wade  as  his  Gardin  being  thereunto  Earnestly 
persuaded  by  his  sd  Grand  Mother  and  other  his  relations  ye  which 
yor  pettr  is  much  discontented  in  Minde  for  his  soe  dooing:  and 
humbly  prays  yt  this  Honble  Court  will  permitt  him  to  mak 
Choyce  of  his  Father  in  law  Micaell  Linch  for  his  Gardian  wth 
whom  and  his  Mother  your  pettr  Earnestly  prays  to  Live  &c. 
John  Hawkins" 

"George  Chambers  died  about  1701." 

"North  Carolina  Ss — To  the  honoble  the  Govrnr  and  Councill— >, 
The  humble  petition  of  Thomas  Abington  Humbly   Sheweth  that 

Miscellaneous  Items. 


yor  honors  did  on  the  petition  of  yor  humble  petitionr  Commission- 
ate  him  by  a  Comission  undr  yor  honors  hand  &  the  Seal  of  the 
Collony  dated  the  26th  day  of  Febay  1695  and  thereby  gave  him 
power  to  take  &  receive  all  such  fees  &  proffitts  to  the  sd  Office  be- 
longing and  since  yor  honors  have  thought  fitt  to  discharge  him 
from  the  said  Office.  May  it  therefore  please  yor  honors  to  allow 
to  yor  petitionor  Such  fees&  proffits  as  shall  be  due  to  the  said  office 
during  Such  time  as  he  continued  in  the  Same,  And  yor  petetionr 
shall  ever  pray  &c"     (He  was  Clerk  of  the  Court.) 

"North  Carolina  Ss.  To  the  Honble  the  Genii  Court.---The 
Humble  petition  of  Tobias  Knight  Sheweth,  That  by  reason  of  his 
late  Great  Indisposition  of  body  hee  is  wholly  uncapable  of  attend- 
ing this  honble  Court  wilhout  Indangering  his  health  doe  therefore 
pray  That  this  honorble  Court  will  accept  of  Mr  Abington  in  his 
roume  as  Clerke  of  the  Said  Court  during  this  session  and  yor  peti- 
tioner as  in  Duty  bound  ifcc-"-         T  Knight." 

"Perquimans  Precinct  Ss  In  persuance  to  a  warrant  Issued  out  to 
me  for  to  be  Surveyr  of  the  highways  I  with  the  Justices  under 
written  have  accordingly  Clear'd  the  old  Road  formerly  allowed  off 
and  ordered  by  this  Court.  Henry  Norman  Survr,  Ja  Minge  Robt 
Fendall  Edwd  A  Willson  Richd  Davenport  Thomas  Norcom 
Robt  Jones-vNames  of  these  psons  Refusing  to  serve  on  ye  hiways. 
Joseph  Pierce  Daniell  Wright — Mr  Jones'  Negro." 

"North  Carolina  Ss.  To  the  Honble  Landgrave  Robt  Daniel 
Lietent  Generall  Vice  Admirall  &  Governr — The  homble  peticon 
of  Isaac  Wilson.  Most  humbly  Sheweth  That  yor  Petitionr  is  in- 
formed &  believes  that  noe  person  as  yett  is  Comissionated  by  yor 
Hour  to  be  Chief  Ranger  for  that  parte  of  ye  precinct  of  Pequimans 
that  Lyes  betwixt  Yawpim  Creek  &  the  Head  of  Pequimons  River 
and  that  yor  petitionr  believes  he  is  Capable  of  Officiating  as  Chief 
Ranger  in  that  parte  aforesd  and  humbly  prays  yor  Honrs  Comis- 
sion for  the  same  &c"-*-         Isaac  Wilson. 

"To  ye  Honorable  Grand  Court  of  North  Carolina  ye  Peticon  of 
William  Maund  Senier  Sheweth  yt  he  haiving  Imported  himself 
four  times  into  this  Governmt  &  having  brought  in  Sundry  partyes 
&  he  warrants  &  signest  rites  for  ye  same  whose  names  are  under 
written.  Wm  Maund  Senior  4  Emanaul  Cleaves  1.  Philip  Bayly 
1  Joseph  breeding  1  Samuel  Wilson  1  Henry  Smith  1  Jno.  Bryan  1. 
1.  Wm  Maund  Junier  1  Thomas  Maund  1  Sampson  a  ne- 
gro 1  Thomas  (Youngblood)  1  one  Ould  Francies  Thomas  Later  1 
Robt  Humble  1         in  all  17." 

"To  his  Masties  Jastices  of  North  Carolina  in  Chowan  presink-^- 
The  humble  petition  of  George   Lasiter   dweller  in    Nansy  Mond 


Miscellaneous  Items. 

county  in  Verjenia  umbly  Sueth  That  youre  petishtioner  of  late 
transported  into  this  countree  five  persons  in  ye  month  of  March 
last  past  1702  and  the  names  thereof  is  your  petishtioner  his  Son 
Robert  and  Thomas  Davis  Peter  Daugherte  Joseph  Ashlee  &  umply 
prays  he  may  have  ye  benefitt  of  five  rights  &c   prov'd  &  Entered" 

"No  Carolina  to  ye  Genii  Courtt  2d  day.  The  humble  peticon 
of  Wm  Duckenfield  sheweth  That  a  Genii  Court  holden  for  this 
Governmt  ye  11th  day  of  8ber  last  ye  Peticonr  did  in  the  Sute  of 
himself  and  Susan  his  wife  obtaine  a  Judgmt  against  Patrick  for 
the  sum  of  &c  wch  Judgemt  was  confirmed  by  a  decree  in  Chance- 
ry at  a  Court  holden  the  21  day  of  July  last  since  wch  the  sd  Pa 
Henley  is  dead  &  ye  Judgemt  not  Satisfyde  the  peticonr  therefore 
prays  that  ye  Sarah  Henly  Admx  of  ye  Goods  and  Chattells  of  the 
sd  Patrick  Henly  may  be  Summoned  to  Shew  Cause  why  Execution 
shall  not  issue,  &c.  By  order  of  the  Peticonr    W  Glover  CI  Cor." 

"To  the  Honble  Court  of  Comon  Pleas  Heild  for  ye  County  of 
Albemarle — Ye  petition  of  Wm  Reed  Humbly  Sheweth  that  John 
Gibbs  Esqr  hath  formerly  seated  &  Caused  Laboure  to  be  done  on 
A  tract  of  Land  Scittuate  &  being  in  ye  prcinct  of  Corratuck  & 
known  by  ye  name  of  powells  poynte  &  ye  said  Land  hath  since 
been  deserted  &  left  Voyde  &  yor  petr  hath  made  Entre}r  &  Sur- 
vey thereon  &  humbly  prays  ordr  yt  sd  Labour  may  be  appraised 
by  ye  Law  in  Such  Case  doth  Require  yor  pettr  being  ready  to  An- 
swer its  worth  when  Legally  thereunto  required.  &c." 

The  Commissions  of  Edward  Smithwick,  John  Blount,  Thomas 
Garrett,  Edmond  Peirce  and  Frances  Parrott,  signed  by  Henderson 
Walker,  Samuel  Swann,  Francis  Tomes  and  W.  Glover,  dated  39th 
day  of  March,  1701,  constituting  them  Justices  of  Chowan  Precinct, 
with  the  Seal  of  the  Colony  attached,  appeares  among  the  above 
papers.  Also  the  Commission  of  William  Glover,  John  Porter, 
Christopher  Gale,  William  Collins,  John  Blount  and  Hugh'Camp- 
bell.  Esqrs,  Justices  of  the  General  Court  of  North  Carolina,  signed 
by  Thomas  Cary,  Samuel  Swann,  John  Ardene,  Richard  Sander- 
son, and  dated  March  31st,  1705;  Seal  of  the  Colony  attached.  Also 
Commission  of  Samuel  Swann,  William  Glover,  Richard  Plater, 
Thomas  Symons,  John  Hawkins  and  William  Collins,  Esqrs,  Jus- 
tices of  the  General  Court  of  North  Carolina,  signed  by  Henderson 
Walker,  Francis  Tomes,  Thomas  Pollock  and  Richard  Sanderson, 
dated  12th  day  of  November,  1701,  with  the  Seal  of  the  Colony  at- 
tached. Also  Commission  of  John  Blount,  Francis  DeLamare, 
James  Minge  and  William  Bartliffeas  Justices  of  the  General  Court 
of  North  Carolina.  (Signatures  faded  out).  Dated  3d  day  of  April, 
1708,  with  Seal  of  the  Colony  attached. 

Miscellaneous  Items.  143 

"Mary  Fox  entered  640  acres  of  land  on  Salmon  Creek  on  ye 
back  of  Mr  Parrott,  purchased  of  Owen  Daniell  who  died  before 
perfecting  title." 

"The  8th  part  of  the  Quitt  rents  belonged  to  Seth  Sothell  he  be- 
ing one  of  the  Lords  Proprietors,  and  it  cannot  be  made  appear  yt 
he  hath  ever  received  so  much  of  ye  Quitt  rents." 

"Jacob  Peterson  petitions  to  the  Honble  Governor  &  Court  now 
Setting  That  having  been  an  Inhabitant  of  this  Government  for 
Seventeen  Yeares  last  past  and  formerly  being  an  inhabitant  of  the 
province  of  Maryland  where  he  obtained  a  Free  Denization  under 
the  Seale  of  the  sd  Province  bearing  date  the  2d  day  of  November 
1677.  and  yor  petitionr  having  conducted  himself  truly  &  Hon- 
nestly  Towards  all  they  ye  Lordships  Subjects  in  this  Province 
Humbly  prays  that  your  Honors  will  bee  pleased  to  grant  unto 
your  Petitioner  the  Life  Liberty  &  Priviledge  as  his  Majestys  Sub- 
jects of  Maryland  hath  donne  and  to  signify  the  Same  under  the 
Seale  of  this  province  &c."  (Jacob  Peterson  was  the  father  of 
Thomas  Peterson  from  whom  420  acres  of  the  land  upon  which  the 
Town  of  Edenton,  N.  C,  is  built;  the  first  deeds  for  lots  were  signed 
by  Thomas  Peterson  and  Nathaniel  Chevin,  who 'were  appointed 
by  the  Assembly  in  1714,  Commissioners  to  make  and  execute  said 
conveyances. — Editor.) 

"Isaac  Rowdon  married  Sarah  Durant  daughter  of  George  Du- 
rant  and  wife  Ann  Marwood,  she  was  not  of  age  in  1674.  Benja- 
min Massegne  married  Anne  Waller  grand-daughter  of  said  George 

Durant  and  Ann  his  wife." 


"Francis  De  LaMare  humbly  Sheweth  to  the  Generll  Court  That 

being  by  nation  a  French  Man  and  being  Protestant  was  compelled 

to  fly  from  his  Country  upon  account  of  his  Religion  &  haith  been' 

an  Inhabitant  of  this  Governmt   for  the  space  of  eleven   year  and 

hath    always  well  truly  &    honestly  behaved  himself  &c  therefore 

Craves  that  he   may  be  made  a  denizen  of  this   Country  enjoy  ye 

privileges  of  other  his  Majesty's  free  born  Subjects  &c." 

"Daniel  Phillips  assignee  of  Tho  Learey  of  Bermuda  versus  Cor- 
nelius Leary  &  wife  Elizabeth  Exx  of  Paul  Latham  Deed."  (Paul 
Latham  intermarried  with  Ann  Leary,  widow  and  executix  of 
William  Leary.) 

"List  of  Tythables  for  the  South  Side  of  little  river  and  Durantts 
Neck.  Richard  Nowell  1  Charles  Taylor  1  John  King  2  William 
Mann  1  William  Platto  1  William  Jackson  1  John  Tomlin  1  John 
Parrish  2  Wm  Godfrey  2  Richard  Bayle  1  Wm  Barcklafte  3  John 
Godfrev  3  Francis  Penrice  1    Robert  Molines  2  Wm  Gaskins  2  Mrs 


Miscellaneous  Items. 

Hartley  4  Mrs  Durantt  4  Thos  Durantt  1  Thomas  Hosea  1.  John 
halford  1  Thomas  Whitte  1  Jonathan  batteman  3  John  Durantt  1 
Thomas  Attaway  1  John  Willobe  1  Jenkins  Williams  1.  Joseph 
Sutton  3  John  Whidbee  4  Francis  Foster  3  John  Anderson  1  Al- 
bert Anderson  1  Richard  Rookes  1  George  Sutton  1."  (This  paper 
is  without  date,  but  was  either  1693  or  early  in  1694,  as  Mrs. 
Durant's  husband,  George  Durant,  died  in  1692  and  she  in  1694. 
— Editor.) 

"Ann  Norman  aged  thirty  one  years  deposeth  as  followeth  that 
she  lived  with  Mr  William  Gassnell  and  came  in  with  him  to  this 
Country  and  knew  no  other  Master  but  this  sd  Mr  Wlliam  Gassnell 
and  after  his  decease  was  seiz'd  upon  by  Governor  Seth  Southell 
and  by  him  Sold  to  (name  gone)  ilkinson  and  further  Saith  not, 
this  is  the  truth  and.  nothing  but  the  truth  according  to  the  best 
of  my  Knowledge  Soe  help  me  God 


Anne  X  Norman 


Sworn  before  me  by  the  oath  of  Anne' Norman  this  5th  of  Aprill 
1697  Thomas  Pollock." 

"The  humble  peticon  of  John  Wheatley  humbly  shewing  That 
an  orphan  Child  named  Sarah  Chesson  daughter  of  Jas  Chesson 
Deed  who  was  under  ye  Care  of  Jno  Lilly  Deed  is  now  Left  desti- 
tute ye  Petitioner  humbly  prays  that  he  may  have  ye  tuition  of  ye 
aforsd  Sarah  Chesson  as  being  ye  next  of  Kin  as  marring  her  Ant 
it  allso  being  ye  Desire  of  ye  Girls  Mother  on  her  death  bed  &  shall 
pray  &c         Jno  Wheatley."  % 

(Without  date,  prior  to  1700. — Editor.) 

"Instructions  to  ye  Collectors  of  Quitt  rents  from  ye  Honrble 
President  &  Councill.  You  shall  go  to  Every  Free  Hold  in  your 
Destrick  &  find  out  what  he  holds  and  li.iw  Long  he  has  held  ye 
place  and  for  all  Land  held  for  6  yeares  or  more  you  shall  demand 
6  years  Rent  for  ye  Rent  record  the  tyme  it  has  been  Held  and  if 
they  Dispute  ye  paymt  for  want  of  Pattent  you  are  to  in  form  them 
thai  they  may  have  pattents  iff  they  Sue  for  them.  And  as  for 
Lands  granted  by  pattent  you  are  to  Demand  according  to  ye  Rent 
Roll  and  in  Case  of  refusall  to  make  distress."     (Without  date.) 

"To  ye  Honoble  ye  Deputy  Governor  &  Members  of  ye  Generall 
Court.  The  humble  peticon  of  Ann  Stewart  Sheweth  That  9he  hath 
transported    6  rights  being  4  Negroes,  one  English    Servt  &  Argill 

Simons  Humbly  prays  they  may  be  proved  &c-^  Ann  Stewart." 
(No  date,  but  prior  to  1700  from  land   grant  to  Argill   Symons.) 

Miscellaneous  Items. 


"No  Carolina  Ss.  The  Juriors  for  our  Sovereign  Lord  ye  King 
Do  Present,  That  whereas  in  ye  20th  Act  of  the  Assembly  made  in 
ye  yeare  1696  /  7  holden  at  ye  house  of  Capt  Thomas  Blount  in  ye 
precinct  of  Pequimans  in  ye  8th  yeare  of  his  Majties  Reign  Itt  is 
Enacted  that  no  person  or  psons  Soever  shall  Kill  any  Cattle  in  ye 
woods  shall  be  obliged  .to  bring  in  ye  Hide  of  every  Beast  so  Killed 
with  ye  Eares  on  into  Sum  plantation  and  shew  or  Cause  to  be 
Shewed  ye  Same  to  two  honest  Men  of  ye  Neighborhood  and  who 
soever  shall  kill  any  Cattle  in  ye  Woods  Contrary  to  this  Act  shall 
be  deemed  a  felon  and  prosecuted  accordingly  as  in  ye  sd  Statute  is 
More  at  Large  Conteined"  &c 

(We  have  given  this  much  of  the  Bill  of  Indictment  for  the  his- 
torical facts  contained  in  the  preamble,  the  remainder  of  the  bill 
we,  of  course,  omit,  as  we  do  not  propose  to  publish  anything  rela- 
ting to  any  crimes — political  offences  only  will  be  published,  the 
indictments  and  everything  we  can  gather  relating  to  them,  they 
are  a  part  and  parcel  of  history. — Editor.) 

Matthew  Prithard  is  pltff  in  "Suit  vs  Bryant  Fitzpatrick  in  Feb- 
ruary, 1701. 

No  Carolina — By  ye  Govern r-^-Th is'  day  Mr  Cornelius  Joanes: 
by  his  Petition  shows  that  notwithstanding  hee  hath  Cast  George 
Griffin  in  ye  Precink  Court  of  Pascotank  by  Verdickt  of  ye  Jury  & 
yt  ye  same  was  confirmed  in  ye  Grand  Court  uppon  Appeal  of  ye 
sd  Criffin:  yetthee  sd  Griffin  hath  again  Arrested  him  ye  sd  Joanes 
in  ye  Same  Action  for  which  ye  Tryals  before  benne  in  ye  Courts 
as  aforesd 

These  are  therefore  to  Comand  you  &  Everie  of  yo%u  to  Cease 
from  &  forbeare  any  further  proceedings  in  ye  sd  Action.  And  yt 
hee  ye  sd  George  Griffin  bee  &  Appear  before  ye  Grand  Councill: 
at  their  next  Setting  to  Answer  ye  premises — Given  under  my  hand 
and  seal  this  2d  Day  of  July  Anno  1704." 

To  Wm  Glover  Esq  &  ye  Rest  of  ye  Robt  Daniell  Govr 

Judges  &  other  Officers  of  ye  Grand  Courtt. 

Mary  Lamb,  of  Roxbury,  Mass.,  constitutes  Mr.  Thomas  Swann, 
of  Roxbury  in  New  England,  her  attorney  to  collect  all  money  due 
her  deceased  husband,  John  Lamb,  of  Roxbury,  of  whose  estate 
she  was  administratrix;  the  paper  bears  date  Oct.  13,  1690,  wit- 
nessed by  Thos.  Steele  and  Samuel  Woodward,  showing  she  was  in 
Carolina  when  it  was  enacted,  as  it  has  no  probate  attached  from 
any  official  in  Massachusetts  Bay. 

"Dorothy  Jennings,  Grand    Mother  of  Roads  &   Elizabeth 

Roads   orphans  of  Rich    Roads  &   his  wife  Elizabeth,   petitions  to 
have  sd  orphans  placed  in  her  keeping." 


Miscellaneous  Items. 

"Thos  Relfe  aged  93  years  Examined  sayeth  That  about  30 
years  agoe  Darby  Sexton  did  possesse  &  was  ownner  of  200  acres 
of  land  in  Keels  patent  on  the  plantation  that  Augustin  Scarbor- 
ough now  dwells  on-^-  Thos  Relfe —  Sworn  in  the  Genii  Court  ye 
-20th  of  7ber— W  Glover,  CI." 

"'Henry  White  aged  about  Fifty  Seven  years  upon  Oath  Declared 
that  he  knew  Samuel  Davis  deceased  that  lived  in  the  precinct  of 
Pascotank  in  this  Government  and  that  he  knew  the  said  [Sam- 
uel Davis  when  he  lived  in  the  Isle  of  Weight  when  he  was  an  Ap- 
prentice to  his  Father  Henry  White  of  the  Isle  of  Weight  County 
afsd  Cooper  and  that  after  he  was  out  of  nis  time  he  married  one 
Ann  a  servant  to  Captn  James  Blount  and  afterwards  about  the 
year  1660  hee  the  sd  Samuel  and  Ann  his  wife  removed  themselves 
unto  this  Government  where  the  Deponent  knew  them  to  live  seve- 
rall  years  &  had  severall  Children  and  that  Samuel  Davis  Junior 
who  now  inherits  his  fathers  Land  in  Pascotank  is  the  Eldest  Son 
.of  the  said  Samuel  and  Ann  Davis  deceesed."  Henry  White. 

"I  doe  hereby  Impower  you  on  my  behalfe  to  dispatch  the  writts 
Sum  the  Assembly  to  Corratuck  and  this  shall  be  yor  Wart  from. 
Thos  Luten  Provot  Marsall.     To .    Dated  the  26  May  1698." 

"Pamticoe  ye  5th  day  of  August  1702.  These  are  to  Certifi  whom 
it  may  Concerne;  yt  Elias  Elexander  Garganus  Proved  6  Rites  of 
Transportation  into  this  Government  at  a  Court  Holden  at  ye  house 
of  Mr  William  Barrow  July  ye  7th  1702  viz.  Elias  Elex  Garga- 
nus, Ann  his  wife  Robert  Garganus,  Catherine  Garganus,  Sarah 
Garganus  and  Mary  Garganus.  -*-  Test  Levi  Truewhitt  Cot  Clk." 
(No  date.) 

Geo.  Fordice  proved  his  Rights  for  importation  of  George  Ford- 
ice  and  his  wife  Mary;  George  Fordice,  Jr.,  and  his  wife  Sarah, 
and  Hannah  Fordice.     (No  date.) 

A  deed  from  Francis  Inkosin,  dated  20th  July,  1704,  recites  that 
he  is  of  Scopernong  in  the  precinct  of  Perquimans. 

George  Chambers  appointed,  Jany  3,  1697,  Joseph  Comander 
his  attorney,  &c. 

Thos.  White  and  wife,  Diana,  pltffs  in  "suit  vs  Patrick  Henley; 
complaint  filed  16th  of  August,  1694. 

Richard  Plater  was  Attorney-General  in  1700. 

"I  doe  Authorize  and  Impower  my  beloved  Sonn  William  Swann 
to  appear  on  my  behalf  at  the  next  Genneral  Court  In  an  action 
there   depending   between    me  as  plaintiff  against  Thomas  Mercer 

Miscellaneous  Items. 


Defendant  and  also  in  one  other  action  depending  In  the  said  Court 
between  me  as  plaintiff  against  Levy  Truewhitt  defendant.  Witness 
my  hand  this  20th  day  of  October  1704.  •      Samuel  Swann. 

Allowed  oP-T:  Snoden  CI  Cor  &  ordered  to  be  recorded." 

William  Benbury  was  Constable  in  1707,  shown  by  a  paper  sign- 
ed by  Thomas    Pollock,    John  Blount  and    James  Beasley,   dated 

Nov.  22,  1707,  stating  that  " was  brought  before  us  by  said 

Benbury,  Constable,  for  the  felonious  murder  of  a  child,  and  comit- 
ing  her  to  the  charge  of  Jno  Hecklefield  high  Marshall" 

"Nicholas  Filbert  his  humble  petition  Sheweth — That  he  being 
***  ***  ***  borri)  Humbly  prays  this  honble  Court  he  may  *** 
***  ***  a  pree  Demscm  and  thereby  be  Enabled  to  Dispose  of  his 
Land  at  his  Discease  &  shall  Pray  &c.  -*-  Nich  Filbert." 

(Nicholas  Filbert  was  one  of  the  early  settlers  near  the  site  of  the 
present  town  of  Edenton,  his  land  was  a  part  of  the  plantation  now 
known  as  "Albania".  Filbert's  Creek  took  its  name  from  him,  and 
divides  "Albania"  from  the  town  lands,  the  creek  being  the  west- 
ern boundary  of  Edenton. — Editor.) 

"The  Peticon  of  John  Symons  sheweth  that  he  hath  right  to  50 
acres  of  Land  for  ye  Importacon  of  himself." 

Jacob  Peterson  in  a  "suit  vs  Obadiah  Rich." — No  date.  Wm. 
Clover  Clk  Court.      About  1700. 

"North  Carolina. -*-On  complaint  being  made  that  two  negrose  & 
one  Indian:  men  belonging  to  James  Cole  -have  in  the  absence  of 
their  Master  &  Mistress,  robed  the  house  and  Caryed  away 
Seweral  Goods  &  a  trunk  with  wearing  Cloaths;  Thes  are  therefore 
In  the  name  of  the  Palatine  &  Absolute  Lords  &  Proprietors  names 
to  Will  &  requier  all  persons  to  apprehend  the  said  Negros  &  Indian 
and  them  to  Conveye  to  their  Master  and  all  Constables  and  other 
officers  are  hereby  required  to  make  dillegent  Serch  in  their  res- 
pective precinct  and  to  purcue  by  way  of  Hue  &  Cry  the  said  Ne- 
gros to  take  &  In  safe  Custody  to  keep  until  they  can  safely  Con  vie 
them  to  their  said  Master.  Given  under  my  hand  this  26th  of  5th 
mo  1698.  Daniel  Akehurst. 

To  be  Conveied  from  house  to  house  from  the 
North  East  side  of  Pascotank  river  and  soe  to  Coratuck"  (No  date.) 

"Pamticoe  ye  4th  of  August  1702.  These  are  to  Certlfie  whome 
it  may  Concerne  yt  John  Bird  assigned  over  unto  Francis  Garganus 
in  open  Court  held  at  Mr  Barrows  ye  fourth  day  of  August  5  Rites 
of  Transportation  into  this  Government  (viz)  John  Bird  2  Passages 
Ann  Bird  Eliza  Smith  John  Smith.'    Test  Levi  Truewhitt  Ct  Clk. 




■i       | 



Miscellaneous  Items. 

"James  the  Son  of  James  Nuby  &  Sarah  his  wife  was  bora  the 
4th  day  of  August  1702." 

"Mr  to  Searin  for  marke  recorded  for  Sarah  Nicholson  in  Samuel 
Prickloves  time  Clerk  of  Perquimans  Court  &  to  send  up  a  Coppy 

Mary  Luten  records  ***  her  mark  to-wit:  "A  crop  on  the  right 
Ear  &  a  Crop  &  over  Keel  &  under  Keel  in  the  left  Ear." 

"Rights  for  Walter  Tanner,  John  Williamson  Ricad  Johnson." 


"June  the  8th  1718  Then  Received  of  the  Publick  Treasurer  Collo 
Edwd  Moseley  by  the  hands  of  Mr  Robt  Hicks  the  full  summe  of 
one  hundred  pounds  it  being  on  act  of  the  Honble  Charles  Craven 
Esqr.  pr  me  Jno  Baptt  Ashe." 

"March  14,  1717,  Reed  of  E  Moseley  nineteen  pounds  for  190; 
daies  my  Bro  Wm  West  &  self  formerly  allowed  [  say  reed  pr 

Samuel  S.  West." 

"March  24,  1717.  Reed  of  E  Moseley  fourty  four  pounds  fourteen 
shill  for  Corns  Fitzpa trick  190  daise,  William  Rafield  194,  Jno 
Woodland  190,  Jno  Mackee  135  and  myself  172.  I  say  reed  p  or- 
der also  Geo.  Whidbee  6  &  Jno  Snell  7  '       pr  Mat  M  Casewell." 

"April  4,  1718.  Reed  of  Edward  Moseley  24,  15,0  claimes  al- 
lowed Capt  Martin  Griffin.  I  say  reed  pr  his   order 

John  Smithwick." 


"April  15,  1717,  Received  of  Edwd  Moseley  six  pounds  Claimes 
allowed  me  in  Perquimans  Precinct  Monro  Walpen." 

"July  14,  1718,  Reed  of  E  Moseley  fifteen  shillings  being  for 
Nicho.  Brightman's  poll  tax  being  paid  1715  in  Hyde  &  Chowan 
Precincts  as  pr  Receipt.  Hasy  Moss  late  wife  of  Brightman." 

July  23,  1718,  Kecd  of  E  Moseley  thirty  pounds  being  for  five- 
copys  of  the  Laws,  3  of  them  being  in  ye  book  of  Claimes  Novr  1717 
&  other  2  since.         J.  Lovick" 

"Augst  6,  1718,  Reed  of  E  Moseley  six  pounds  writing  ye  Copy 
of  Lawes  for  Currituck  pr  Tho.  Swann" 

"Augt.  7,  1718,  Reed  of  Edward  Moseley  9:14:0  for  194  daies  al- 
lowed me  formerl}'  in  Pasquotank.  Foster  Young." 

"August  11:  1718,  Reed  of  E  Moseley    6.15:0  for  vermin  heads 
as  pr  certificate  due  Jno  Low  Wm  Brown,  Tho  Smith  &  Jno  Green- 
John  Nairne" 

Miscellaneous  Items.  -   149 

"Oct  16,  1718,  Reed  of  E  Moseley  fourty  shill  for  eight  wolves 
killed  p  2. 

Jno  -r  Rasberry" 
his  mark 

Dec  1 4  Reed  of  E  Moseley  twenty  shill  for  bringing  up  the  As- 
sembly Papers  to  Chowan    1-0-0         John  Creech" 

January  23,  1717,  Reed  of  E  Moseley  29.3.6.  Claimes  due  to 
John  Harloe  my  son  Wm  &  Jno  Charlton  and  self. 

Wm  W.   Charlton." 

"Feb  3,  1717,  Reed  of  E  Moseley  1:17:6:  claimes  allowed  to 

Nicho  Crisp." 

Feb  8,  1717,  Reed  of  E  Moseley  twenty-five  shill  allowed  to 

Charles  Wilkins. 

Feb.  10,  1717,  Reed  of  E  Moseley  292:0:0  being  for  claims  alio 
to  Coll  James  Moore  with  the  interest  thereon.    I  say  reed  pr 

Mau  Moore." 

Feb.  10  1717  Reed  of  E.  Moseley  six  pounds  twelve  shill  claimes 
allowed         George  Haughton." 

"I  owed  the  Publick  2  &  J  bushels  corn  upon  making  up  my 
accts  of  Corne,  and  the  Public  is  Dr  to  me  20  bush  so  much  pd  by 
Mr  Ed  Gale  to  ye  Govrs  order." 

(The'  above  receipts  all  relate  to  the  public  fund,  some  of  them 
were  for  services  during  the  Indian  war,  especially  that  of  money 
and  interest  paid  Col.  James  Moore. — Ed. 


"Know  all  men  by  these  presence  that  I  Ann  Walker  widow  and 
Executrix  of  the  Honble  Henderson  Walker  deed  have  made  or- 
dained and  deputed  In  my  stead  and  place  by  these  presents  con- 
stituted my  Loving  Brother,  Samuel  Swann  of  the  precinct  of  Per- 
quimans my  true  and  Lawful  attorney  for  me  and  In  my  Name 
and  to  my  use  and  behoof  &c  Oct  21,  1704." 

In  the  Presence  of  Tho.  Snoden  Anne.Walker. 

(Major  Samuel  Swann  married  a  sister  of  Mrs.  Ann  Walker  nee 
Lillington.  One  of  Maj.  Swann, s  daughters  married  John  Baptista 
Ashe,  another  married  Col.  Fred  Jones,  Chief  Justice  of  N.  C.  1720. 


Miscellaneous   Items. 



1709.  £    s     d 

Octr  2d  To  Bill  Excha  on  Richard  Savage  Esqr  for  53-00-00 

Octr  13  To  Ditto  on  Charles  Carkeas  Esqr   for  35-00-00 

To  ye  Remaining  part  of  my  Sallery  is  17-00-00 

To  Stationary  Ware  Boats  &  oars  &  proving  my 

Quarterly  accompts  wth  yeGovernmt  12  years  48-00-00 
To  3  voyages  to  Virginia  pr  Col  Quarys  Comand 
on  ye  Queen's  Accompt  at  S£  per  time  24-00-00 

To  a  man  &  Horse  Carrying  an  Express  from  my 
House  in  Coratuck  by  Comand  of  Col  Quarry 
for  her  Majties  Service  to  Perquimans  &  then 
To  Coll  James  Wilsons  In  Virga  wth  expence  04-00-00 
To  10  months  storage  of  ye  whole  &  Greatest 
part  of  ye  Garlands  stores  rigen  &  a  parcell 
at  25s  per  mo  from  Dec  1709  to  7ber  1710  12-10-00 
To  2  months  storage  of  part  of  ye  sd  stores  from 

Sep.  1710  to  Dec.  1710  at  12s  6d  f  month      01-05-00 
To  pd  Richd  Cannady  for  Labour  in  Transport- 

the  Garlands  stores  00-03-06 


By  Bills  Drawn  on  Mr  Robert  Wise  ye  26th 
May  1708  payable  to  Henry  Terne  Esqr  Re- 
ceiver of  Her  Majties  Customes  for  195£  wch 
bills  was  protested  195-00-00 

To  brought  from  ye  other  side  194-18-06 

Remaining  due  to  ballo  to  ye  Queen 

Errors  Excepted  ^  me 
October  ye  25th  1712 

000-  1-06 
Wm  Swann." 



"  Whereas  Great  abuses  are  Committed  by  ye  Small  Pork  Barrells 
for  prevention  of  ye  like  abuse  for  ye  time  to  Come  Be  it  Enacted  &c 

That  every  person  or  persons  shall  by  this  act  be  obliged  to  have 
his  pork  barrells  or  Casks  to  hold  not  less  than  29  Gall  and  if  eve- 
ry Cooper  or  Individual  who  shall  make  pork  barrels  for  Pork  shall 
sett  his  name  in  every  Individual  Barrell  or   Cask  he   shall    make 



with  a  Brand  Iron  for  yt  purpose,  of  the  two  first  Letters  of  his  name 
and  whosoever  shall  be  deficient  herein  shall  forfeit  ye  sum  of  16  s 
to  be  Recovered  by  a  wart. 

And  wt  Cooper  or  person  soever  shall  neglect  this  duty  herein 
and  shall  make  Barrells  or  Casks  Less  yn  by  this  act  is  apoynted 
shall  forfeit  &  pay  ye  sume  of  8  s  one  half  to  ye  informer  and  ye 
other  half  to  ye  use  of  ye  parish  where  such  offence  shall  be  Com- 
mitted to  be  recovered  by  warrt  from  a  Magistrate  for  EverySuch 
Brand  or  Cask  whereon  his  mark  shall  appear,  ye  sum  of  £  and  yt 
ye  brand  shall  be  sufficient  proof  agt  any  such  person  or  persons 
who  shall  make  barrells  or  Casks  of  a  Lesser  gage  than  what  is  by 
this  act  declared." 

(The  above  paper  contains  nothing  to  show  at  what  time  it  was 
passed,  it  has  the  appearance  of  being  a  very  old  paper — Editor.) 


"Genii  Court  last  Tuesday  October  1720, 
"The  Honble  Charles  Eden  Govr  complains  against  William 
Maule  Surveyor  Genii  in  the  Custody  of  the  Marshall  &c  of  a  Plea 
that  he  ye  sd  William  Maule  ye  Deft  to  the  sd  Charles  Eden  Esqr- 
Pltf.  a  just  and  true  acct  should  render  and  ye  several  sums  pay 
which  he  ye  sd  Deft  for  ye  pltf  hath  reed  of  Divers  psons  since  the 
beginning  of  the  year  1715,  For  that  to  witt  whereas  the  sd  Cnarles 
Eden  Esqr  att  the  beginning  of  the  Id  year  1715  was  and  Ever 
Since  to  this  time  hath  been  Govornour  of  the  sd  Province  of  North 
Carolina  by  virtue  whereof  for  Every  Survey  of  Land  there  is  Due 
to  him  ye  sd  Governour  the  sum  of  two  shillings  and  six  pence  for 
each  purchase  right  and  he  the  sd  William  Maul  being  att  ye  Time 
aforesd  &  viz  In  &  Ever  Since  ye  year  1715  Surveyor  Genii  of  the 
sd  Province  was  also  specially  Intrusted  by  the  sd  Charles  Eden  ye 
Governr  and  his  receiver  made  to  Collect  &  receive  for  him  the 
several  Sums  for  purchase  rights  to  ye  sd  Governr  Due  and  unpaid 
on  the  surveys  by  him  ye  sd  survey  made  In  &  since  the  2d  year 
1715.  And  accordingly  he  the  sd  William  Maul  Surveyr  Did  re- 
ceive for  the  sd  Charles  Eden  Esqr  Govr  the  severall  sums  to  him 
due  for  purchase  rights  as  aforesd  In  and  since  ye  year  1715  which 
amounts  to  a  great  sum  as  in  Court  shall  be  made  to  appear  yet 
nevertheless  he  the  sd  William  Maul  a  just  and  true  acct  Thereof 
To  render  and  ye  sd  severall  sums  to  pay  To  the  sd  Charles  Eden 
Esqr  hath  neglected  and  refused  tho  often  required  thereto  and  still 


Miscellaneous   Items. 

doth  unjustly  deny  To  the  damage  of  the  sd  Charles  Eden  Esqr  one 
hundred  and  sixty  pounds  and  therefore  he  now  brings  this  suit. 

W.  Little  for  Pltf  pledng." 
(William  Maule  married  1st  Penelope  Golland,  daughter  of  Gov. 
Eden's  wife  by  her  1st  marriage,  in  his   will    Gov.    Eden  does   not 
mention  his  step-daughter,  and    this  suit  probably  accounts  for  it. 
— Editor.) 


IN  1701. 

(Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

No.  Carolina,  May  5th.  1701. 
Mr  Chevin.  I  desire  you  to  give  out  A  Writt  in  my  Sute  against 
John  Lewen  of  Roanoke  Island  to  arrest  him  to  the  next  In  Court 
for  thatt  hee  the  sd  John  Lewen  having  contracted  with  ye  said 
Geo.  Pordage  for  the  management  &  improveing  his  quarter  part 
of  sd  Island  &  Stock  of  Cattle  thereon  nott  only  neglects  the  per- 
formance of  ye  same  butt  alsoe  refuseth  to  suffer  any  other  person 
deputed  by  the  sd  Pordage  to  enter  upon  the  same  to  manage  his 
part  wch  is  to  the  Plaintiffs  damage  pray  give  the  officer  the  writt 
as  soon  as  you  can  and  send  him  wth  direction  accordingly  this  is 
all  at  present  from  Yor  Friend 

For  Mr  Nathll  Chevin— ^Present.  Geo  Pordage 


Know  all  men  by  these  presents  that  I  Sarah  Gale  widow  and 
Relict  of  the  late  Honoble  Thomas  Harvey  deed  doe  hereby  nomi- 
nate Constitute  and  appoint  Thomas  Abington  my  True  and  Lawful 
Attorney  for  me  and  in  my  name  to  appear  in  any  Court  of  Record 
in  this  Government  and  acknowledge  my  Right  of  Dower  in  all  the 
Lands  of  my  sd  late  Husband  Thomas  Harvey,  but  especially  my 
Estate  for  life  given  me  by  the  will  of  my  Deceased  Husband  in  the 
plantation  and  Tract  of  Land  containing  five  hundred  acres  Situate 
lying  and  being  in  the  precinct  of  Perquimans  &  whereon  I  now 
live  to  my  son  Thomas  Harvey  his  heirs  &  Assignes  forever.  Wit- 
ness my  hand  and  Seal  this  28th  day  of  November,  1706. 

Signed  Sealed  &  Delivered 

in  the  presence  of  Sarah  Gale    (0) 

James  Blount  and  John  Crabham, 

Miscellaneous   Items. 


"By  an  Act  of  assembly  intituled  private  Burialls  prohibited  it  is 
Enacted  in  these  words:  whereas  the  private  Burials  of  servants  & 
other  persons  may  give  occasion  of  much  scandal  to  diverse  persons 
tho'  sometimes  undeserved  of  being  Guilty  of  their  Deaths  from 
which  if  the  persons  be  innocent  without  are  supported  there  can  be 
no  vindication  &  if  Guilty  noe  punishment,  by  reason  they  are  the 
most  part  buried  without  the  Knowledge  or  desire  of  any  other 
than  such  of  the  family  as  by  nearness  of  Relation  as  husband  wife 
or  child  are  unwilling  or  servants  are  fearfull  to  make  discovery  if 
murder  were  Committed  for  prevention  whereof  as  alsoe  for  taking 
away  that  barbarous  Custome  of  burying  the  Corps  of  the  Dead  in 
Comon  or  unfenced  places  to  the  pray  of  Hoggs  or  other  vermin. 

Be  it  Enacted  by  the  Palatine  &  Lords  Proprietors  by  and  with 
the, ad  vise  &  Consent  of  this  present  Genii  Assembly  and  the  Au- 
thority thereof  and  its  hereby  Enacted  that  there  bee  in  every  plan- 
tation a  place  sett  apart  and  fenced  for  a  buriall  of  such  as  dye  upon 
the  plantation  &  before  the  Corps  be  buried  there  be  at  least  three 
or  four  of  the  neighbors  called  who  may  in  Case  of  suspicion  viewe 
the  corpse  &  is  no  suspicion  yett  according  to  the  decent  Custome 
of  all  Christendom  they  may  accompany  the  Corps  to  the  Ground." 


On  the  back  of  a  paper  bearing  date  1 695,  the  following  items 
appear  "Jo  Walker  &  his  wife  Eliza  Walker  and  *  *  *  * 
and  her  3  husbands  Wm  Lambert  Nicholess  Brightman,  Zachary 
Jerkin, Wm  Wilkison  in  one  warrt  by  Chew.  Jo  Walters  hired  Servt 
for  himself. 

Edward  Bloxam  and  his  wife  Ann  and  her  child  Wm  Sutur  de- 
sires ye  proof  of  their  rights,  by  Pollock,  James  Harlow's  rights  for 
15  last  March  hee  came  into  ye  country,  Edwd  Jarviss  desires  rights 
for  4  persons  to  be  sent  by  Porter,  Wm  Hooker  for  6  rights  by  Ma- 
jor Swann." 


Miscellaneous  Items. 


Our  Sovereign  Lady  ye  Queen  Dr 

to   Sundry  Expences   disbursements   and  wages   Expended  on   ye 

Salvage  of  ye  Stores  of  her  Majesties  Ship  Garland  whereof  Capt 

Isaac  Cooke  was  Comander  when   driven  on  Shore  at    Coratuck 

Inlett   in  this   province  ye  28th   day  of  November,  Anno  Dom 


to  pd  denis  Riordan  for  labour  Saving  and  transport- 
ing ye  Garlands  stores  11  days  at  2s  6d 

to  pd  James  Marmine  for  himself  and  Conne  one  day 
transporting  ye  stores  of  ye  Garland  or  J 

to  Thomas  Williamson  for  himself  and  Conne  4  days  1 
transporting  ye  Garlands  stores  at  2s  6d  p  day         J 

to  pd  Mr  Thomas  Corprew  for  hire  of  a  Conne  5  mos 

tending  on  ye  Garland  1£.  10s. 
to  pd  John  Wicker  Carrying  an  Express  for  her  Maj-"^ 

esties   Servess  from    ye  President   of  Carolina    to. 

Capt  Isaac  Cooke  Comander  of  ye  Ship  Garland  at 

Coll  Bird's  in  Virginia 
to  my  carrying  an  Express  from  ye  Presidt  of  Virgin-  "| 

ia  to  ye  Presidt  of  Carolina  for  her  Majesties  Ser-  > 

vess  Relating  to  ye  Garland  J 

to  Axes  Hooks  and  other  Instrumts  by  me  provided  "} 
at  Capt  Cooke  Request  for  breaking  up  ye  Ship*  > 
Garland;  all  broak  &  lost  in  ye  storme  J 

to  provisions  °§  Capt  Cookes  Request 

to  Peter  Poyner  Carrying  an  Express  from  ye  Presdt  "l 
of  Carolinar  for  her  Majesties  Servess  Relating  to  V 
ye  Garland.  j 

to  my  trouble  Care  &  attendance  at  ye  Ship  Garland  1 
on  ye  Sea  Side  and  Elsewhere  5  months  at  6£  5s     J 

to  3  Servant  5  montes  attendance  &  Labour  on  ye  \ 
Garland  at  40s  "<j9  month  is  J 

to  pd  Capt.  William  Bray  and  John  Evins  for  ye  sal-^) 
vage  of  290  fts  of  new  18  Inch  Cable  to   ye  value 
of  34.16.08.  at  4d  per  ft  one  3d  of  which  being  by 
Law  due  for  Salvage  is        ,  J 

to  my  own  Salvage  of  2090  lbs  of  new  18  Inch  Cable  ) 
to  ye  value  of  34.16.08  at  4d  per  ft  is  one  3d  part  V 
due  to  me  by  Law  for  Salvage  ) 












Miscellaneous  Items. 


to  Conue  and  two  men  Carrying  a  Load  of  Goods  & 
Stores  from  my  house  to  ye  Norwest  Landing  to 
Refitt  her  Majesties  ship  Surprize 


The  totall  Sume  is  101:05:11 

.Errors  Except     ^  Wm  Swann. 


Edward  Moseley  Dr  £.      s.    d 

to  Bills  of  the  first  sett  as  per  acct  1578-00-06 

to  Bills  of  the  2  Sett  4533-15-00 

Five  bills  put  in  my  hands  by  Mr  Hardy  532-00-00 

Nt  proceeds  of  2th  Tax  from  sd  Hardy  38-03-06 

Estate  &  poll  money  reed  last  year  per  acct  no  3  amt  to  645-04-03 



Claims  paid  as  per  List  no  1 
Commissions  at  3  f  ct£1529:l.:9 
Claims  pd  as  pr  List  no  (2) 
Commissions  for  paymt  6344:3:6. 
65   bushels  Corne   ye  Publick    had 
Whites  being  part  of  ye  2d  Tax 







Commissions  for  receiving  645.4.3  at  3f  ct  19-07-00 
Fine   bills  to  be   deducted   ye  Mars  to  re- 
ceive according  to  the  Act  Assembly       248-08-06 
More  Claims  pd  as  pr  List  No  1.  8-06-03 

Commission  for  paying  same  —  05  — 

Dall  Due  in  favour  of  Coll  Moseley 


£7362-14-07     7362-14-07 

Exam  lOber  16th  1714 


Wm  Swann,  Gale         ^ 

Barrow,  Danl  Richardson  Q'Comrs 
Nicholas  Crisp  & 

On  the  back  as  follows: 
Paid    to  Currituck   £240 — Pasquotank   £387-4-6.   Perquimans 
221-15-00     Hecklefield  in  Perquimans  £3  i  6    Maj  Gale  in    Beau- 
fort £150-00-00     Beaufort   Precinct  £333.     Hyde   £130     Craven 
£644=2421.19.6     Chowan  &  Foreign  1578-0-6  =£4000 

Currituck  282-15.0:  Pasquotank  691.— Perquimans  346.10-00. 
Beaufort  553.— Hyde  267.— Craven  1326=£3466.  5.0.  Chowan 
and  Foreign  4533,15.0  =£8.000. 




Queries  and  Answers. 


Thomas  Pollock,  (son  of  Thomas  Pollock,  of  Bal-gra,)  was   born 
at  Glascow,  Scotland,  May  6,  1654,    and  came  to  Carolina  June  27, 

1683. -Martha    Cullen,    daughter  of  Thomas  Cullen  of   Dover, 

England,  was  born  at  Dover,  May  1,  1663,  married  1st,  in  1681, 
Robert  West  (son  of  Robert)  issue:  (1)  Robert  West,  (2)  Thomas 
West,  (3)  John  West,  (4)  Richard  West;  Robert  West,  husband  of 
Martha  Cullen,  died  in  1689  and  Mrs.  Martha  West  nee  Cullen  md 
2nd,  on  June  19,  1690,  Thomas  Pollock.  Thomas  Pollock  was  a 
member  of  the  General  Court,  also  of  the  Governor's  Council,  and 
immediately  upon  the  death  of  Gov.  Charles  Eden  in  1722,  was 
elected  President  of  the  Council  and  ex-officio  Governor;  he  lived 
but  a  few  months  dying  in  the  year  1722.  Issue:  (1  &  2)  Martha 
and  Elizabeth  Pollock  (twins),  born  Mch  26,  1691;  Elizabeth  died 
Sept.  7,  1691;  Martha  died  Oct.  29,  1691.  (3  &  4)  Elizabeth  and 
Martha  Pollock,  2d  of  the  name,  twins,  born  Jany  22d,  1693,  both 
died  same  day.  (5)  Martha  Pollock,  3d  of  the  name,  was  born  Mch 
4th  1693/4;  md  Feb.  10,  1713/4,  Thomas  Bray,  of  New  Kent  Co., 
Va.;  issue:  James  Bray,  born  March  1,  1714/5.  Mrs.  Martha  Bray 
died  Dec.  11,  1719,  and  her  husband,  Thomas  Bray,  returned 
shortly  thereafter  to  New  Kent  Co.,  Va.  While  in  Chowan  Pre- 
cinct they  lived  on  Indian  Town  Creek  and  Chowan  river;  the  es- 
tate on  which  they  resided,  together  with  other  personal  property, 
was  given  in  1716  to  said  Bray  as  his  daughters  marriage  portion; 
Mr.  Bray,  by  purchase,  added  several  other  tracts  to  the  estate.  In- 
dian Town  Creek  empties  into  the  Chowan  River  a  short  distance 
above  Holley's  wharf,  and  divides  the  estates  of  "Bandon"  and 
"Wingfield".  (6)  Thomas  Pollock,  born  Nov.  9,  1695;  died  Feby 
12,  1732/33;  md  Feby  11,  1729/30,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Crisp  nee  San- 
derson, daughter  of  Richard  Sanderson  of  Perquimans  county,  and 
widow  of  John  Crisp  (son  of  Capt.  Nicholas  Crisp  of  Edenton)  whom 
she  md  in  1725;  he  died  in  1727  leaving  one  son,  Richard  Sander-* 
son  Crisp,  who  died  young;  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Pollock,  widow  of  Thos. 
Pollock,  md  3d,  Samuel  Scolley  of  Bertie  county,  who  came  to 
North  Carolina  from  Boston,  Mass.;  she  survived  him,  dying  in 
1767,  there  was  no  issue  by  the  third  marriage.  (7)  Cullen  Pol- 
lock, born  Sept.  27,  1697.  (8)  George  Pollock,  born  Oct.  25,  1699, 
md  1st,  Sarah  Swann,  daughter  of  Col.  Thomas  Swann  (son  of 
Col.  Thomas  Swann,  merchant  in  Virginia);  she  died  leaving  no 
issue,  and  Geo.  Pollock  md  2nd,  April  18,  1734,  Elizabeth  Whit- 
mell,  born  1717,  daughter  of  Thomas  Whitmell  and  wife  Elizabeth 
Hunter  Bryan,  grand-daughter  of  Lewis  Bryan  and  wife  Elizabeth 



Queries  and  Answers. 


Hunter  who,  prior  to  1713,  lived  in  Surry  county,  Va.,  after  that 
date  in  Bertie  county,  N.  C.  George  Pollock  died  in  1736  without 
issue  by  either  marriage.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Pollock  md,  Feby  2,1736/7, 
Thomas  Blount,  born  1708,  (son  of  John  Blount  and  wife  Eliza- 
beth Davis);  issue  I  Lt.  Whitmell  Blount,  killed  at  the  battle  of 
Germantown;  2  Winnefred  Blount,  md  her  1st  cousin  Hon.  Whit- 
mell Hill.  Thomas  Blount  died  Sept.l,  1745,  and  his  widow,  Mrs. 
Elizabeth  Blount,  md  3d,  Oct.  2,  1746,  William  Williams.  (Their 
descendants  will  require  a  separate  record. 

Mrs.  Martha  Pollock  nee  Cullen,  died  March  17th,  1700/1,  and 
her  husband,  Thomas  Pollock,  md  2d,  Mrs.  Esther  Wilkison,  wid- 
ow of  Col.  Wm.  Wilkison;  she  died  in  1716;  no  issue.  Gov.  Thom- 
as Pollock  died  Aug.  30,  1722,  while  in  office;  he  and  his  1st  wife 
were  buried  in  the  old  Pollock  grave-yard  at  Bal-gra,  on  the  Cho- 
wan river,  but  their  remains  were  removed  some  years  ago  to  St. 
Pauls  cemetery,  Edenton,  by  the  Vestry  of  the  Parish  to  save  them 
from  the  encroachment  of  Chowan  river. 

Issue  of  Thomas  Pollock  and  wife  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Crisp  nee  San- 
derson: (1  &  2)  Cullen  and  Thomas  (twins)  born  Jan.  5,  1730/31. 
Cullen  md  Anne  Booth;  he  died  in  Baltimore  in  1795. without  is- 
sue. Thomas  md  Eunice  Edwards,  in  New  Jersey.  (3)  George 
Pollock,  born  Mch  21,  1732,  died  Nov.  28,  1733. 

Issue  of  Thomas  Pollock  and  wife  Eunice  Edwards,  several  chil- 
dren, four  of  whom  arrived  at  full  age,  viz:  (1)  Thomas  Pollock, 
born  Sept.  8,  1769,  died  without  issue  in  1803,  at  Lucca  in  Italy. 
(2)  Elizabeth,  born  Aug.  31,  1765,  died  in  1800;  she  never  mar- 
ried. (3)  Frances,  born  Mch  18,  1771,  md  April  8, '1790,  John 
Devereux.  (4)  George,  born  Mch  16,  1772,  died  without  issue  June 
1836  or  1837  at  Lannacaza,  Italy.  John  Devereux  was  a  younger 
son  of  a  noble  Irish  family,  their  issue  living  to  full  age  are  as  fol- 

(1)  Thomas  Pollock  Devereux  md  Catherine  Anne  Bayard  John- 
,  son  of  Conn.,  Oct.  7,1815.  Issue  (a)  Frances  Johnson  Devereux 
(Mrs.  Miller);  (b)  Elizabeth  Pollock  Devereux  (Mrs.  Thos.  F.  Jones); 
(c)  John  Devereux  md  Margaret  Mordecai;  (d)  William  Johnson 
Devereux,  died  in  Infancy,  (e)  Catharine  Johnson  Devereux  (Mrs. 
Edmonston);  (/)  Sarah  Rutgers  Devereux,  died  in  infancy,  {g) 
Mary  Bayard  Devereux  (Mrs.  Clark);  (h)  Susan  Edwards  Devereux, 
died  an  infant;  (i)  Horouia  Devereux  (Mrs.  Cannon);  (j)  Sophia 
Chester  Devereux  (Mrs.  Turner);  (k)  Margaret  Rutgers  Devereux, 
died  an  infant. 

Issue  of  John  Devereux,  born  in  Raleigh,  N.  C,  Dec.  15,  1820, 
md  May  25,  1842,  and  wife  Margaret  Mordecai.     (a)  Annie   Lane 


Queries  and  Answers. 

Devereux,  unmarried;  (b)  Thomas  Pollock  Devereux,  unmarried; 
(c)  Katherine  Johnson  Devereux  (Mrs.  J.  S.  MacKay);  (d)  Ellen 
Devereux  (Mrs.  John  W.  Hinsdale);  (e)  Margaret  Devereux  (Mrs. 
Samuel  T.  Ashe);  (/)  John  Devereux;  (g)  Laura  Margaret,  unmar- 
ried^^.) Mary  Livingston  Devereux  (Mrs.  Arthur  Winslow). 

(2)  Frances  Devereux  md  Et  Rev  Leonidas  Polk,  issue  (a)  Fran- 
ces Polk,  (Mrs  Skipwith,)  (b)  Katharine  Polk  (Mrs  Gale)  (c)  Hamil- 
ton Polk  md  Miss  Beech,  (d)  Sarah  Hawkins  Polk  (Mrs  Blake)  (e) 
Susan  Raynor  Polk  (Mrs  Jones)  (/)  Elizabeth  Polk  (Mrs  Huger) 
(g)  William  Mecklenburg  Polk  md  Miss  Lyon,  (h)  Lucia  Polk  (Mrs 

(3)  George  Pollock  Devereux  md  Elizabeth  Johnson,  issue  only 
two  children  who  lived  to  full  age.  (a)  Elizabeth  Devereux,  (1st 
Mrs  Umpstead,  2nd  Mrs  Blake,)  (b)  Georgeanna  Devereux  (Mrs 

Thomas  Pollock  who  died  in  1732  was  a  member  of  the  General 
Court  of  the  Province  and  Chief  Justice  early  in  1721. 

Issue  of  Cullen  Pollock  and  wife  Frances  West,  (sister  of  Pru- 
dence West,  the  2d  wife  of  Dr  Win  Cathcart  and  half  sister  of  Eliza- 
beth West,  wife  of  r-tevans  Lee,  the  names  of  the  father  and  mothers 
of  the  West  sisters  we  have  diligently  sought  among  the  records,  so 
far  without  success.)  (1)  George  Pollock  died  in  1763  without  issue, 
(2)  Cullen  Pollock  died  a  minor,  (3)  Martha  Pollock  md  Stevens 
Lee  II,  (his  1st  wife  he  md  2nd  Miss  Fagan)  issue,  Sarah  Lee  md 
1st  Frank  Lee,  2nd  Clement  Crook,  issue  by  last  marriage  Clement 
Crook,  Jr.  (4)  Frances  Pollock  md  Dr.Robert  Lenox,  their  daughter, 
Frances  Lennox  became  the  wife  of  Samuel  Tredwell  ®f  Edenton  N. 
C.  and  died  without  issue,  we  think  there  were  other  children  of  Dr 
Robert  Lenox  and  wife  Frances  Pollock,  but  as  yet  cannot  give 
their  names  and  record — Cullen  Pollock  I  died  Feby  9,  1750,  Mrs 
Frances  Pollock  nee  West  died  March  1757. 

Stuart  of  Ledcreich- 

-Robert  II  born  1316,   died  1390, 

md  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Sir  Adam  Mure  of  Rowallen  and  had: 
Robert  Stewart  born  1340  died  1420,  3d  son  Earl  of  Fife  and  Men-" 
teith  and  Duke  of  Albany  md  1st  Margaret  Countess  of  Menteith, 
daughter  of  Sir  John  Graham  and  Mary  Countess  of  Menteith  and 
had:  Murdock  Stewart  of  King  Cleven,  Earl  of  Fife  and  Menteith, 
born  13 — died  1425  and  Justiceary  of  Scotland,  Duke  of  Albany 
and  Governor  of  Scotland  who  md  Isabel  eldest  daughter  and  heir 
of  Duncan  Earl  of  Lennox  and  had  Sir  James  Stewart,  4th  son, 
who  md  a  daughter  of  McDonald  of  Antrim  called  the  Gross  or 

Sir  James  Stewart  and  wife  Miss  McDonald   had:  James  called 

Queries  and  Answers. 


the  Little  or  Beg  designed  deAlbania  who  md  Annabel,  daughter 
of  Patrick  Buchanan  of  that  Ilk,  and  had  William  of  Baldoran, 
who  md  Maria,  daughter  of  Sir  Colin  Campbell  and  had  Jno.  Stew- 
art of  Glenbrecky,  2nd  son  who  married  a  daughter  of  Patrick  Bu- 
chanan of  Glenerchy  and  had  Duncan  Stewart  2nd  son  of  Glen- 
bucky,  who  md  a  daughter  of  McLaren  and  had  Alexander  Stew- 
art who  md  a  daughter  of Stewart  (his  cousin)  and  had  Pat- 
rick Stewart  of  Ledcreich,  who  was  5th  in  lineal  descent,  he  sold 
the  estate  at  Ledcreich  to  John  .^tewart  of  the  Arasheal  dappin 
branch  and  settled  in  Carolina.  Patrick  Henry  md  in  Scotland 
Margaret  daughter  of  Sir  Robert  Menzies  of  Weem  and  had  I,  Jas. 
Stewart  d.  s.  p.  II  Charles  Stewart  died  unmarried;  IV,  Margaret 
Stewart  md  John  Carroway;  V,  Catharine  Stewart  md  Wra  Little, 
Jr.,  of  Edenton,  N.  C.  son  of  Chief  Justice  Little  and  wife  Penelope 
Gale,  daughter  of  Chief  Justice  Christopher  Gale  and  wife  Mrs.  Sa- 
rah Harvey,  (widow  of  Gov.  Thomas  Harvey  and  daughter  of  Ben- 
jamin Laker,  of  Perquimans  Precinct,  N.  C.)  The  issue  of  Chief 
Justice'. Wm  Little  and  wife  Penelope  Little  nee  Gale,  were  sons 
William  and  George  and  daughter  Penelope.  Chief  Justice  William 
Little  was  born  Marshfield,  Mass,  Feb  27,  1692,  came  to  North  Car- 
olina in  1721,  and  died  in  Edenton  N.  C.  in  1733,  he  was  Attorney 
General  from  1724  until  sometime  in  1725,  and  again  in  1725  un- 
til 1731,  was  one  of  the  Commissioners  to  settle  the  boundary  line 
between  N.  Carolina  and  Virginia;  was  Chief  Justice  from  1732  un- 
til his  death  in  1733,  Mrs  Penelope  Little  md  2d  Matthew  Hardy  of 
Bertie  Co.N.C.a  deed  appears  of  record  in  the  Register's  office  of  Chow 
an  County  at  Edenton,  in  Book  A,  No.1,  bearing  date  1741.  From 
Matthew  Hardy  and  Penelope  Hardy  to  John  Campbell,*  for  the 
house  and  lot  in  Edenton,  where  Chief  Justice  Wm  Little  lived,  re- 
cites that  she  was  the  widow  and  Executrix  of  said  Little  and  also 
that  the  property  was  bequeathed  to  her  by  her  former  husband  in 
his  last  will  and  Testament." 

Wm.  Little  moved  to  Cheraw,  S.  C.  and  had  by  his  wife  Katha- 
rine Stewart  an  only  daughter,  Elizabeth  Little,  who  md  Morgan 
Brown,  commissioned  as  a  Lieut  Nov.  28,  1776,  in  the  9th  Regi- 
ment of  the  N.  C.  Cont'  Line  Rev  War,  he  was  from  South  Caroli- 
na, but  afterwards  moved  to  Tennessee,  one  of  the  children,  Eliza- 
beth Little  Brown  md  Samuel  Vance  of  Tennessee,  born  Feby,  1, 
1784  in  Washington  Co,  Va.  son  of  Samuel  Vance,  born  in  the  Val- 
ley  of  Virginia  in  June   1756  and   wife  Margaret who?  issue 

among  others  William  Little  Vance  md  Letitia  Hart  Thompson, 
Oct.  16,  1844,  at  Shawanee  Springs,seat  of  Col  George  C.Thompson, 
her  father  in  Mercer  Co.  Ky.,  issue  among  others,  Letitia  Vance 
md  Charles  Washington  DePauw,  at  Grace  Church,  N.    York  city, 

.  ;■ 



Queries  and  Answers. 

Feb.  21,  188S,  Mr  and  Mrs  DePauw  now  reside  in  New  Albany,  In- 

Memucan  Hunt  was  appointed  by  the  Legislature  of  N  C.  at  its 
session  held  April  16,  1782-May  16,  1782,  Commissioner  of  Confis- 
cated property  for  the  District  of  Hillsborough,  J  Hunt  was  C.  H. 
C.  (State  Records  by  Clark,  Vol.  XVI  pp  175,  177,)  also  member 
from  Granville  County  to  Halifax  Congress  April  13,  1776. 

James  Hathaway  born  in  Dartmouth,  Mass.  Jany.  14,  1713-4, 
(son  of  John  Hathaway  born  >ept  17,  1653,  and  2nd  wife  Patience 
Janney)  moved  about  1736 — 1739,  to  Sussex  Co.,  Delaware,  and 
there  married  Agnes  Burton,  either  the  daughter  or  grandaughter 
of  Woolsey  Burton,  He  died  there  in  1765.  his  wife  Agnes  Hatha- 
way died  in  1784,  in  her  will  she  mentions  (1)  Eldest  son  Woolsey 
Hathaway,  (2)  Burton  Hathaway,  (3)  Daughter  Patience  Burton, 
(wife  of  Luke)  (4)  3d  son,  James  Hathaway,  (5)  grand  daughter, 
Anne  Warrington.-  Wanted  information  of  her  son  Burton  men- 
tioned above  or  any  of  his  descendants,  by  the  Editor  of  the  Register. 

A  lady  in  Washington,  N.  C,  calls  our  attention  to  the  following 
errors,  for  which  we  are  obliged:  Vol.  I,  No.  2,  page  282 — Sally 
Blount  Winslow  md  Richard  Bradley  Jewett  not  Jennelt — (theprin 
ter's  devil  got  into  these  type,  hence  this  error.)  Same  number,  same 
page,  Nancy  Blount  Littlejohn  was  born  Aug.  21,  1813,  (instead  of 
being  the  8th  child  she  was  the  2nd).  She  md  Gen'l  Wm.  A. 
Blount,  Jan.  27th,  1835.  In  Vol.  II,  No.  3,  page  460, 
Edenton  Tea  Party,  Mary  B.  Daniel  wife  of  Daniel  W.  Shoep, 
should    be    Thorp.       We    append    to     records   in    Vol.   I,    page 

634,  the  following:  Miles  Harvey  md  2nd ,  who?   Issue    (1) 

Lucy  Harvey  md  Reading  Blount  (son  of  Jacob  Blount  and  wife 
Barbara  Gray;  their  son  John  Gray  Blount  md  Mary  Harvey,  half  sis- 
ter of  Lucy  Harvey  who  md  his  brother  Reading  Blount).  (2)  Mil- 
dred Harvey  md Neal;  issue  Abner  P.  Neal,  whose  daught- 
er md  John  Taylor  of  New  Jersey  and  was  the  mother  of  Mrs.  Dr. 
Blacknall,  of  Raleigh,  N.  C,  (3)  Augustus  Harvey  md  a  widow, 
Mrs.  Smith  or  Granger,  which?  and  had  one  daughter,  Eliza  Baker 
Harvey  who  md  Edmund  Duncan  McNair  of  Tarboro,  N.  C, 
from  whom  descended  the  McNairs  of  Tarboro  and  elsewhere,  Tan- 
nahills  of  New  York,  and  the  descendants  of  0.  Warwick  Telfair 
of  Washington,  N.  (J.     (4)  Issue   of  Lucy    Harvey    (daughter   of 

Miles  Harvey  and  his  2nd  wife ),  who  md   Reading  Blount. 

(1)  Polly  Ann,  (2)  Caroline  (Runyon),  (3)  Mary  Louise  (Worthing- 
ton),  Wiley  and  Reading.  Polly  Ann  Blount  md  John  Myers  of 
Washington,  N.  C,  and  left  many  descendants  living  there. 

We  are  under  obligations  to  Baker's  studio,  Edenton,  N.  C,  for 
a  photograph  of  the  Colonial  Seal  in  this  number.  Their  work  is 
the  equal  of  any  in  the  State. 






NOf?TH  Cflt?OIiIJS[fl 

Apt*il,  1903. 

J.  R.  B.  HATHAWAY,  Editor  and 
Financial  Agent,  Edenton,  N.  C.  jtjl 

till. ! 

fh    l! 

i  V 

!'  %  i 



i  I 



Abstract  of  Perquimans  County  Wills 163 

Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley 199 

Greeting  to  Colonial  Dames 221 

The  Cary  Rebellion 224 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest 227 

Records  of  Albemarle  County 243 

Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line . 291 

Benedict  Arnold  in  Edenton 299 

The  Edenton  Tea  Party 300 

Albemarle  County  and  the  Original  Precincts-. 304 

The  Hill-Faison  Families 310 

Wanted 313 

Queries  and  Answers t 314 

Corrections _  319 

Book  Notices 320 



Vol.  III. 

APKIL,  1903. 

No.   2. 




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J.  E.  B.  HATHAWAY,  Editor  and  Financial  Agent, 



"  Like  leaves  on  trees  the  race  of  man  is  found, 
Now  green  in  youth,  now  withering  on  the  ground  : 
Another  race  the  following  Spring  supplies ;' 
They  rise  successive,  and  successive  fall  : 
So  generations  in  their  course  decay  ; 
So  nourish  these  when  those  are  passed  away." 

— Pope's  Translation  Homer's  Iliad. 


v. . . . 

J    Vol.  III.  April,  1903.  No.  2. 



■Y;  (Originals  in  office  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Superior  Court,  at  Hertford,  N.  C. )  ' 

Ashley,  William,  Jan.  .21,  1762;  April  Court  1762.     Daughters, 
Sarah   &  Rebecca  Ashley;   wife   Elizabeth,    and   Thomas   Nichols, 
Exrs;     Test,  John  Nichols,  Wm.  Barrow. 

Arnold,  William,  April  Court  1774.  Sons  William,  Benjamin, 
Thomas,  Joseph  and  Asa,  daughters  Sarah  and  Rebecca;  wife  Mary, 
and  sons  Benjamin  and  William,  Exrs.  Test,  Benj.  Weekes,  Joshua 
Morris,  John  Overman,  Thos.  Weekes.' 

Albertson,  William,  31st  day,  5th  mo.,  1784;  Sept.  10,  1784.  Sons 
Benjamin,  Chalkley  and  William,  grand-sons  William  and  Thomas 
Hasket,  daughters  Mary  Anderson  and  Elizabeth  Albertson   (wife 
Sarah  and  sons  Benjamin  and  Chalkley,  Exrs).     Test,  John  Ander-    4 
son,  Samuel  Anderson,  Josiah  Yatton. 

"Albertson,  Aaron,  Oct.  15,  1769 ;  April  Court  1782.  Wife  Anne, 
children  Nathaniel,  Abigail  Sosand,  Jean  Charles,  sons  Benjamin 
and  Nathaniel,  Exrs.  Test,  Mary  Sanders,  Mary  Albertson,  Wm. 

Albertson,  Nathaniel,  8th  12th  mo.  1782 ;  July  Court  1785.  Sons 
Joseph  and  Jesse,  daughters  Margaret  and  Miriam,  children  Rhoda 
Munden,  Anne  Moore,  and  Joseph  Albertson,  son-in-law  Levi  Mun- 
den  and  wife  Mary,  Exrs.  Test,  Aaron  Moore,  Anne  Moore,  Rhoda 

Albertson,  Elihu,  10th  day  9  mo.  1787 ;  July  Court  1789.  Sons 
Josiah  and  Joshua,  daughters  Miriam,  Sarah  Small,  Lydia  Wilson, 
Abigail  Bond  and  Elizabeth  Albertson  (wife  Jane,  son-in-law  Joseph 
Wilson  and  son  Josiah,  Exrs).  Test,  Moses  Jackson,  Sr.,  Jos. 

Albertson,  Josiah,  22d  8th  mo.  1800;  May  Court  1800.  Sons 
Samuel,  Joseph,  Nathan,  Jesse  and  Joshua,  daughters  Penniah, 
Elizabeth,  Sarah,  Jane,  Mary  and  Ruth,  wife  Keziah,  son  Samuel 
Exr.     Test,  L.  Munden,  Thomas  Stanton. 

•■  ■ 



Abstract  of  Wills. 

Albertson,  Benjamin,  21st  9th  mo.  1800;  Xov.  Court  1800.     Sons 
Benjamin,  Aaron  and  Joshua,  daughters  Phariby,  Miriam  and  Sa- 
rah; wife  Mary  and  son' Benjamin,  Exrs.     Test,  Wm.  Xewby,  L.  ! 

Anderson,  Joseph,  8th  day,  4th  mo.  1793 ;  May  Court  1793.  Sons 
Benjamin,  John,  William  and  Isaac,  daughters  Sarah  and  Abigail 
(father  John  Anderson,  Chalkley  Albertson  and  Levi  Munden, 
Exrs).     Test,  John  Anderson,  Sam'l  Anderson,  Deborah  Towe. 

Arnold,  William,  16th  2nd  mo.  1783;  Aug.  Term  1794.  Father 
William  Arnold,  sons  William  and  Jonathan,  daughter  Mary  (wife 
Miriam,  father-in-law  Mark  ]S!ewby  and  Samuel  Jackson  Fixrs). 
Test,  Thos.  Robinson,  Maryan  Meredith,  Martha  Fisher. 

Avery,  Frederick,  Feb.  9,  1800 ;  August  Term  1800.  Wife  Su- 
sannah, son-in-law  Thos.  Allen,  sons  Frederick  and  Vinsy,  .daughters 
Sally  and  Nancy.     Test,  F.  Newby. 

Bagley,  Thomas,  Mch.  26,  1762  ;  April  Court  1762.   Sons  Thomas, 
•Benjamin,  Joseph  and  Joshua,  daughters  Mary  Gilbert,  Priscilla, 
Elizabeth  and  Miriam,  wife  Sarah  and  son  Thomas  Exrs.     Test, 
Peter  Draper,  Joseph  Draper. 

Boswell,  Joshua,  7th  day  3rd  Mo.  1762 ;  April  Court  1762.  Son 
Boats  Simon  Boswell  (son  of  James),  Amos  Boswell  (son  of  John), 
Joseph  Boswell  (son  of  John),  Hannah,  Mary,  Elizabeth,  Rachel 
and  Miriam  Boswell.  (Wife  Mary,  son  Boats  and  cousin  Joseph 
Boswell  Exrs.     Test,  Samuel  Charles,  Jos.  Wells,  Wm.  Albertson. 

Bateman,  Thomas,  Aug.  26,  1766;  Oct  Court  1766.  Son  Wil- 
liam, daughter  Mary  Phelps,  grand-son  John  Phelps  Bateman; 
's[mtpij£  "oup  "jadBjj  utjo£  'rsaj,  "sixg;  nreilUAl  uos,pue§  ©iiax. 
Richd  Clayton. 

Bateman,  William,  June  23,  1771 ;  July  Court  1773.  Sons  Ben- 
jamin, John  and  Joseph,  grand-daughter  Betty  (daughter  of  son  Ben- 
jamin). Wife  Betty,  sons  Beni.  and  John  Exrs.  Test,  Gideon 
Maudlin,  Mary  Maudlin,  Hannah  Perisho. 

Bond,  Samuel,  Feb.  21,  1767;  Oct,  Court  1767.  Son-in-law  John 
Taler,  daughter  Rachel,  sons  William,  Samuel,  Job  and  Pritlow, 
daughter  Leah.  Wife  Elizabeth  and  son  William  Exrs.  Test,  John 
Taylor,  Mary  Bond. 

Bond,  William,  4th  day,  11th  mo.  1790;  Jan.  Court,  1791.  Sons 
Josiah,  John  and  Job;  wife  Abigail  and  brother  Job  Bond  Exrs. 
Test,  Caleb  White,  Tokn  Taylor,  John  Smith. 

Budgate,  Daniel,  Feb.  13,  1770 ;  April  Court  1770.     Wife  Catha- 
rine,  daughters  Elizabeth   and   Mary.      (Tulle  Williams,  William  ? 
and  Joseph  Reed,  Exrs. )      Test,  Geo.  Chocke,  Sarah  Warrington. 

Brinkley,  Peter,  Jr.,  Nov.  17,  1770.  Sons  John  and  Peter, 
grand-son  John  Brinkley,  Jr.,  daughters  Isabella  Griffin  and  Ruth 




Abstract  of  Wills. 


Taylor,  daughter  Mary  (grand-daughter  of  Peter  Brinkley),  grand- 
daughter Penelope  Brinkley  (daughter  of  John).  (Wife  Mary, 
Luke  Sumner  and  son  John  Eixrs.)  Test,  John  Brinkley,  Rachel 

Brinkley,  James,  June  7,  1792 ;  Nov.  Term  1792.  Wife  Sarah, 
sons,  Miles  and  Ely,  daughters  Mary  Brinkley,  Martha  Long  and 
Ann  Arrenton,  grand-sons  John  and  James  Brinkley.  Sons  Ely  & 
Miles  Exrs.     Test,  Thos  McNider,  Ed  Hall. 

Barns,  Elizabeth,  Mch.  8,  1776;  Jany  Court  1777.  Daughter 
Elizabeth  and  Lydia  Sanderson,  daughter  Charlotte  Sanderson,  son 
Richard  Sanderson,  brother  Asa  Barclift  Exr.  Test,  Amy  Jones, 
Mary  Johnson,  Samuel  Bullock. 

Barclift,  James,  Jan.  28,  1775 ;  April  Court  1777.  Nephew  Wil- 
liam Barclift  (son  of  William),  my  brother's  son.  Joshua  Barclift, 
also  brother's  children  William  and  Sarah  Barclift,  brother's  daugh- 
ters Elizabeth  and  Anne  Barclift  Test,  Erancis  Leyden,  John 
Saunders,  John  Hollow  ay. 

Barclift,  William,  Feb.  2,  1777;  April  Court  1777.  Son  Wil- 
liam, brother  James,  daughters  Sarah,  Elizabeth  and  Nancy; 
Charles  Blount  and  Edmund  Blount  Exrs.  Test,  Wm.  Barclift, 
Wm.  Hosea. 

Barclift,  Noah,  May  31,  1782;  April  26,  1784.  Sons  William 
Barns  Barclift,  Noah  Barclift  and  Asa  Barclift,  daughter  Mary 
Clark  Barclift ;  wife  Millicent,  brother  Asa  Barclift  and  John  San- 
ders Exrs.  Test,  Thomas  Robinson,  Oney  S.  Dameron,  James 

Barclift,  Samuel,  Dec.  12,  1778 ;  April  Court  1779.  Daughters 
Hannah  Holloway,  Mary  Thomas,  Elizabeth  Hall,  Fanny  Whedbee, 
Rhoda  Humphries  and  Frances  Stepney,  daughter  *  Marwood  Bar- 
clift, son  Samuel,  wife  Elizabeth.  Son  Samuel  and  Noah  Barclift, 
Exrs.     Test,  Noah  Barclift,  John  Barclift,  Harty  Hall. 

Barclift,  Asa,  May  15,  1779  ;  April  Court  1785.  Cousin  Asa  Bar- 
clift (son  of  Noah),  cousins  Barns  &  Noah  Barclift,  sister  Mary 
Williams,  cousins  Elizabeth,  Lydia  and  Charlotte  Sanderson,  cousins 
Elizabeth  and  Mary  Barclift,  cousin  Ur  Barclift  (cousin  Richard 
Sanderson,  James  Barnes,  brother  Noah  Barclift  and  Thomas  Rob- 
inson, Exrs). 

Barclift,  John,  Dec.  10,  1787 ;  Jany.  Court  1788,  Sons  William, 
Benjamin  and  John,  daughters  Mary  Minge,  Barbara  Barclift,  and 
Sarah  Holoway ;  son-in-law  Charles  Brount,  Samuel  and  Ann  Davis. 
Son  William  and  Isaac  Mullen,  Exrs.  Test,  Alex  McCane,  John 
Mullen,  Joseph  Mullen. 

*  Marwood  Barclift  took  her  name  from  Ann  Marwood,  wife  of  George  Durant 
from  whom  she  descended. 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

Barclift,  Joseph,  Feb.  1,  1793 ;  May  Court  1793.  Sons  Joseph, 
Demsey  and  Thomas,  daughters  Mary  and  Laurana  Barclift,  Eliza- 
beth Mullen  and  Mary  Barclift,  wife  Deborah,  son  Joseph  .  (Wilson 
Weekes,  Isaac  Mullen,  Jos.  Mackey  and  son  Joseph  Exrs.)  Test, 
Mary  Johnston,  Elizabeth  Mackee,  Mary  Raper. 

Barclift,  Noah,  Dec.  5,  1796;  Feby  Court  1797.  Cousin  John 
Sanderson  (son  of  Richardson),  cousin  Betsy  Sanderson,  cousin 
Charlotte  Howtett,  Aunt  Mary  Williams,'  cousin  Richardson  San- 
derson, Exr. 

Barber,  Joseph,  July  9,  1778;  April  Court  1779.  Sons  Joel, 
Moses  and  Joseph,  wife's  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughters  Hannah, 
Mariam  and  Sarah.  Aaron  Cornwall  and  Charles  Clary,  Exrs. 
Test,  Wm.  Clary,  Zach  White. 

Brainer,  Michael,  July  24,  1777;  Oct,  Court  1777.  Daughters 
Sarah  and  Mellicent. 

Bratten,  John,  Nov.  6,  1779 ;  April  1,  1784.     Sons  Nathaniel  and 
'Benjamin,  daughters  Elizabeth,  Rachel  and  Sarah  Issachar  Branch 
and  Rachel  Bratten  Exrs.     Test,  John  Barns,  Orpah  Rogers. 

Blount,  Charles*,  Jany.  20th,  1785;  Sept.  10th,  1785.  Sons  Ed- 
mund and  John,  daughters  Martha  Ann,  wife  Martha.,  daughters 
Elizabeth  and  Mary,  friend  Wm.  Littlejohn,  son-in-law  Joshua  Skin- 
ner; Thomas  Harvey  Exr.  Test,  Tulle  Williams,  John  Clayton, 
Caleb  Burnham. 

Bogue,  Elizabeth,  Sept.  12,  1784;  Apl  Court  1785.  Daughters 
Jemima,  Elizabeth,  Sarah  Parsons,  and  Margaret  Bogue,  son  Rob- 
ert Bogue,  daughter  Miriam ;  grandchildren  Eliza  Lacey,  William 
Laeey,  Mark  Munden  and  Joseph  Munden ;  daughter  Keziah  Mun- 
den,  John  Townsend  and  Chalkley  Albertson,  Eixs.  Test,  Chalkley 
Albertson,  John  Toms,  Mary  Stone. 

Bogue,  Job,  20th  day  6th  mo.,  1788;  Oct,  Court  1788.  Children 
Jemima,  Mack,  Miriam,  Nathan  and  Aaron.  Son  Jesse,  wife  Eliza- 
beth and  Joseph  Bogue,  Exrs.  Test,  Benj.  White. 
-  Bullock,  Mary,  17th,  1st  mo.  1786;  April  Court,  1786.  Sister 
Martha  Bullock,  also  appoint  her  my  Exx.  Test,  Ann  Sitterson, 
Saml  Bullock. 

Bullock,  Martha,  22  day,  10th  mo.  1786 ;  April  Court  1787.  Obed 
Harrell  (son  of  Jesse  and  Hannah),  father  Thomas  Bullock,  cousin 
Samuel  Bullock. .  Cousin  Hannah  Harrell  and  her  daughters  Sarah 
and  Rachel  Harrell,  Dempsey  Harrell,  Exr.  Test,  Jacob  Wilson, 
Rachel  Wilson,  John  Smith. 

Bunch,  Joshua,  Mch  25,  1706  (probably  1796)  ;  May  Term  1796. 

*  Charles  Blount  was  the  son  of  John  Blount  and  wife  Elizabeth  Davis;  he  was 
born  in  1721  and  married  1st,  Mary  Clayton.  Joshua  Skinner  married  Martha  Ann 

Abstract  of  Wills. 


Wife  Mary,  sons  Townsend  and  Charlton,  all  my  children,  brother 
Jesse  White  Exr.  Test,  Josiah  White,  Thos  White,  Pleasant 
Newby.  , 

Bryan,  Elizabeth,*  Dec.  29,  1797;  August  Court  1798.  Sisters 
Martha  Bryan,  Sarah  Baker  and  Janette  Pugh,  -  brother  Edward 
Bryan,  nephew  Edward  Byan,  niece  Martha  Baker,  sister  Winnifred 
Beed  and  her  husband  George  Durant  Reed,  brother  Edward  Bryan 
and  George  D.  Reed  Exrs.     Test,  Tully  Williams  Reed. 

Bartie,  William,  Sept.  9,  1799;  Nov.  Term,  1799.  Wife  Diana 
Boutwell,  children  Anthony,  Robert,  Bartlett  and  Pennia  Bartie. 
Nathl.  Nicholson  and  Joshua  White  Exrs.  Test,  Joseph  Riddick, 
Thos  Stafford. 

Collins,  Christopher,  Mch.  6,  1761,  Jan.  20,  1763.  Children  An- 
drew, John,  Christopher,  and  Mary.  Wife  Mary  Exx.  Test, 
Thomas  Nichols,  Eliz'  Swaine. 

Collins,  Andrew,  April  30,  1776;  Jan.  Court  1777.  Sons  Sam- 
uel,-Jeremiah,  Joshua  and  John,  wife  Ann,  daughters  Sarah  and 
Elizabeth  (Joshua  Skinner,  Sr.,  Joshua  Skinner,  Jr.,  and  Christo- 
pher Collins  Exrs).      Test,  Stephen  Harmon,  Joshua  Skinner. 

Collins,  Christopher,  Nov.  4,  1793;  Feb.  Term-  1795.  Sou 
James,  all  my  children;  wife  Elizabeth  and  Ered'd  Lewten,  Exrs. 
Test,  Jeremiah  Collins,  Owen  Hanby. 

Croxton,  Arthur,  Feb.  23,  1765;  Apl  Court  1765.  Son-in-law 
Pritlow  Elliott,  daughter  Eliz  Pearson,  Jonathan  Pearson,  grand-son 
Job  Elliott  (son  of  Pritlow),  Eliz  Patchet  (daughter  of  John),  Sam- 
uel Sitterson ;  John,  Mary,  Sarah,  Joseph  and  Eliazer  Pearson,  Job 
Elliott,  Elnith  Elliott  (wife  of  Isaac),  Thos.  Bullock  ,and  Robt, 
Bogue,  Exrs.     Test,  Peter  Pearson,  Mary  Bond,  Sam'l  Sitterson. 

Cocks,  Robert,  Nov.  15,  1767,  June  5,  1768.  Son  Joseph,  grand- 
son John  Cocks,  sons  Robert  and  Seth,  grand-daughter  Sarah  Cocks, 
daughter  Ann  Boswell,  wife  Ann,  and  son  Joseph  Exr.  Test,  Isaac 
Hasket,  Thomas  Henby. 

Clayton,  John,  Nov.  17,  1769,  Jany.  Court  1770.  Wife  Rebecca, 
son  Richard  my  children,  John  Lowry  and  Joseph  Sutton,  Jr.,  Exrs. 
Test,  Thos  Nicholls,  Rich'd  Morris,  Michael  Bremer. 

Clayton,  Richard,  Nov.  6,  1780 ;  April  Court  1781.  Sons  Asher 
and  Richard,  daughters  Margaret  Jordan  and  Deborah  Moore, 
Thomas  and  Elizabeth  Jordan,  daughters  Elizabeth,  Ann  and  Sarah 
(Jos  Barclift,  Tully  Williams  and  Joseph  Mullen  Exrs.)  Test, 
Peter  Forcom,  Jno  Turner. 

Charles,  William,  Nov.  2,  1770 ;  Jany.  Court  1771.  Sons  Wil- 
liam, Joshua,  Aaron  and  John,  brother-in-law  John  Henby,  daugh- 

*  Elizabeth  Bryan  waa  the  daughter  of  Edward  Bryan  and  wife  Martha  West,  of 
Bertie  county,  N.  C. 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

ter  Margaret,  wife  Jane  and  father-in-law  Aaron  Albertson  Exrs. 
Test,  Benj.  Albertson,  Saml.  Charles,  Win.  Albertson. 

Charles,  Samuel,  1st  day,  3rd  mo.  1773 ;  April  Court  1771.  Sons 
John,  Samuel,  Sylvanus,  'William,  and  Benjamin,  daughters  Sarah 
and  Mary.  Thos  Robinson,  John  Henby,  Jr.,  Exrs.  Test,  John 
Anderson,  John  Barclift. 

Charles,  John,  2nd  day,  11th  mo.  1779;  Jany.  Court  17S0.  Son 
Daniel, brother  Benjamin  Charles,  wife  Elizabeth  and  Ralph  Fletcher 
Exrs.     Test,  Sam'l  Charles,  Sarah  Charles,  Guliebna  Saint. 

Calloway,  John,  Eeb.  1,  1771 ;  Jany.  Court  1772.  Sons  Zebulon 
and  Joseph  (Andrew  Knox,  Hatten  Williams,  William  Skinner,  Ca- 
leb Harmon  and  son  Zebulon,  Exrs.)  Test,  John  Wilkins,  Wm. 
Lunsdale,  Judah  Wilkins,  Mary  Wyatt. 

Calloway,  Zebulon,  Sept.  17,  1790 ;  May  Term  1791.  Son  John, 
wife  Elizabeth  and  John  Cale,  Exrs.  Test,  Henry  Hall,  James 
Mullen,  Timothy  Cale. 

Cummings,  Charity,  JSTov.  29,  1773;  April  Court  1771.  Daugh- 
ter Ann  Cummings,  son  Ephraim  Cummings,  son  Uriah;  Joseph 
and  John  Hudson,  daughter  Charity  and  Mary  Hudson  (Thomas 
White,  Benj.  White  and  Joseph  White,  Exrs.)  •  Test,  Jos.  White, 
Mary  Walton. 

Chappel,  Robert,  Jan.  13,  1773;  April  Court  1771.  Sons  Ma- 
lachi,  John,  Robert  and  Job,  daughters  Miriam  Roberts,  Rlioda 
Chappel,  Hannah  Chappel,  son  Mark,  wife  Elizabeth,  sons  John  and 
Job  Exrs.     Test,  Jos  White,  Marg't  White,  Abraham  Elliott. 

Chappel,  Malachi,  April  20,  1775 ;  Oct.  Court,  1775.  Sons  Jesse 
and  Malachi,  daughters  Elizabeth  Henress,  Mary  Chappel,  Jemima, 
Millicent  Chappel  and  Ruth  Maudlin;  Caleb  Winslow  and  son 
Jesse  Exrs.     Test,  Caleb  Winslow  ,Wm.  Griffin,  Joshua  Griffin. 

Creecy,  John,  Nov.  25,  1761;  Jany.  Court  1777.  Wife  Catha- 
rine, sons  Levi,  Thomas  and  John,  daughters  Elizabeth  Proctor,  Sa- 
rah Wingate,  Deborah  and  Rlioda  Creecy.  Joshua  Skinner  and  Levi 
Creecy  Exrs.      Test,  Eliz  Clenney,  Jeremiah  Nixon. 

Chocke,  George,  Nov.  8,  1777;  Jany.  Court  1779.  My  seven 
children,  including  William  and  Sibil  Chocke  alias  Pitts,  Col.  John 
Lowry  Exr.     Test,  John  Reed,  John  Stevenson. 

Colson,  John,  Eeb.  12,  1787;' April  court  1787.  Son  John,  wife 
Rebecca,  Exx.      Test,  Samuel  Sitterson,  Thomas  Sitterson. 

Chapman,  Mary,  Nov.  25,  1781;  July  Court  1788.  Daughters 
Mary  Chapman,  Rosannah  Stone  and  Diana  Chapman.  Wm. 
White  Exr.     Test,  John  White,  Sarah  White. 

Cosand,  Aaron,  July  3,  1793 ;  Aug.  Court  1793.  Sons  Benjamin 
and   Joseph,   daughters  Sarah  and  Hannah  Cosand,  brother  John 



Abstract  of  Wills.  169 

Cosand  and  Benjamin  Albertson,  Exrs.  Test,  Jos.  Albertson,  Miles 

Cail,  Richard,  Nov.  8,  1794;  Feby.  Term  1795.  Son  John, 
daiighters  Hannah,  Sarah  and  Elizabeth  Cail;  daughter  Penelope 
Webb,  wife  Hannah  and  son  Nathaniel  Exrs.  Test,  Thomas  Stacey, 
Zilpha  Phelps. 

Cane,  Nath'l,  16th  day,  1st  mo.  1800:  Eeby.  Term,  1800.  Son 
John,  wife  Catharine,  daughters  Polly  Cox,  Sylvia,  and  Hannah, 
son-in-law  James  Gambrel,  son-in-law  Joseph  Cox  and  Caleb  White 
Exrs.     Test,  Lemuel  Morgan. 

Docton,  Jacob,  Jan.  26,  1764;  April  Court  1764.  Grandson  Ja- 
cob Eason  (son  of  Abner),  grandson  Jacob  Bagley  (son  of  Samuel), 
grandson  Docton  Perry,  daughters  Christian  Collins,  Rachel  Eason, 
Sarah  Bagley,  Mary  Hill  and  Elizabeth  Perry;  wife  Sarah  and 
son-in-law  Abner  Eason  Exrs.  Test,  James  Price,  Job  Price,  Zebah 

Draper,  Peter,  April  16,  1764;  July  Court  1764.  Sons  Joseph, 
Silas  and  Thomas,  daughter  Millicent;  wife  Hannah,  Exx.  Test, 
Thomas  Hollowell,  Cornelius  Moore. 

Donaldson,  Andrew,  Aug.  27,  1762;  April  Court  1768.  Wife 
Sarah,  children  James,  Joanah,  Margaret,  Charity,  Andrew  (of 
Freetown,  Mass.),  John,  William  and  Spencer,  land  in  the  county  of 
Lancaster,  Virginia,  son  James  (John  Harvey,  Miles  Harvey  and 
Win.  Dyncore  Exrs.)      Test,  Andrew  MeHanny,  Thos  Harvey. 

Donalson,  John,  Mch.  13,  1784,  Apl.  22d  17S4.  To  wife  Mary 
all  of  James  Williamson's  estate,  my  children;  wife  Exx.  Test, 
John  Wilson,  Ann  Wilson,  John  Collins. 

Donaldson,  John,  Mch.  24,  1795;  May  Term  1795.  Son  James, 
Spencer  Donaldson  (son  of  John),  my  wife.  Test,  John  Robins, 
Rebakah  Wilson. 

Delano,  Tchabod,  Apl.  27,  1774;  July  Court  1774.  Daughter 
Mary ;  wife  Sarah  and  Joseph  White  Exrs.  Test,  Jos.  Lacey,  Keren- 
happuck  Moor.  ' 

Done,  Henry,  J  any.  Court  1785.  John  High,  brother  Benjamin 
Phelps,  brother  Thomas  Harmon,  Thomas  Brinkley,  sister  Eliza- 
beth Creecy,  Sarah  Grigs,  Ann  Brinkley,  brother  James  Brinkley 
and  wife  Sarah  Brinkley,  sister  Hannah  Brinkley,  Thomas  Brinkley 
(son  of  James),  James  and  Thomas  Brinkley  Exrs.  Test,  James 
Bush,  Jos.  Mathias. 

Decrow,  Sarah,  April  4,  1785  ;  May  Court  1795.  Daughters  Sa- 
rah and  Elizabeth  Decrow,  grand-children  Sarah  and  Henry  Hall, 
James  Lassley,  William  and  John  Skinner  Exrs.  Test,  Ruthy  New- 
bould,  Joseph  Norcom. 

Davis,  Robert,  Mch.  1,  1799 ;  May  Term  1799.  Sons  James  and 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

Caleb,  daughter  Mary,  daughter  Miriam  Albertson ;  wife  Margaret, 
Exx.     Test,  Alex  Stafford. 

Draper,  Silas,  13th  day  9th  mo.  1791;  Eeby.  Term  1794.  Son3 
Joseph,  Samuel,  Chalkley,  Jesse,  David,  Daniel  and  Benjamin 
(wife,  Joseph  Draper,  Sr.,  and  Martin  Willard  Exrs.)  Test, 
Daniel  Willard,  Rachel  Hasket,  Jos  Draper,  Jr. 

Digby,  James,  Jr.,  Jany.  26,  1796;  Aug.  Court  1796.  Father 
James  Digby,  and  wife  Dorothy,  residents  of  Medlam,  Yorkshire, 
England.  John  Langston  and  James  Sumner  Exrs.  Test,  Seth 
Whedbee,  Era's  Newby. 

Eason,  George,  Sr.,  May  12,  1774 ;  July  Court  1774.  Sons  Jesse, 
Moses,  Abner  and  George,  daughter-in-law  Sarah  Eason,  grand-sons 
Seth  and  Moses  Eason  (sons  of  Sarah),  grandchildren  Sarah  and 
Rachel  Eason  (daughters  of  Moses),  grand-son  George  Eason  (son  of 
Abner),  grand-son  Abraham  Eason  (son  of  George),  grand-daughter 
Sarah  Eason  (daughter  of  George),  grand-son  Isaac  Eason  (son  of 
George),  grand-daughter  Betsey  Eason  (d  of  George),  grand-son  Job 
(son  of  George) ;  sons  Jesse  and  Abner,  Exrs.  Test,  Wm.  King, 
Dempsey  Eason,  Thomas  Small. 

Elliott,  Caleb,  June  15,  1775 ;  Jany.  Court  1777.  Sons  Solomon, 
Ephraim  and  Haig  Elliott,  grand-sons  Elliott  Scott  and  Winslow 
Elliott,  daughter  Pennah  Scott,  son  Solomon  and  Josiah  White  Exrs. 
Test,  Julius  Bunch,  Nazareth  Bunch,  Solomon  Bunch. 

Elliott.  Joseph,  16th  day  2nd  mo.  1785  ;  April  Term  1788.  Sons 
Mordecai,  Caleb,  Dempsey  and  Joseph,  daughters  Delilah  Barrow, 
Orpha  Mayo  and  Mary  Elliott;  wife  Hannah  and  son  Mordecai 
Exrs.     Test,  Reuben  Wilson,  Benoni  Park,  Nathan*  Park. 

Elliott,  Isaac,  3rd  day,  10th  mo.  1787;  April  Term  1789.  Sons 
Joshua  and  Isaac,  children  Joab,  Nathan,  Margaret,  Rebecca, 
Miriam  and  Sarah  Elliott ;  wife  Elizabeth,  Caleb  White  and  Jacob 
Cannon  Exrs.     Test,  Robert  Newby,  Thos  Elliott,  Wythe  Newby. 

Elliott,  James,  29th  day,  1st  mo.,  1790 ;  Jan'y  Court,  1791.  Sons 
Nathan,'  Gabriel  and  Nixon,  daughters  Miriam  Lou  and  Sarah  El- 
liott, wife  Martha.  (Son  Nixon,  Benj.  Albertson,  Jr.,  and  Tho?. 
Hollowell,  Exrs.)  Test,  John  Winslow,  Mary'  Hollowel,  Phineas 

Elliott,  Benjamin,  13th,  7th  mo.,  1772 ;  Apl.  Court  1774.  Sons 
Josiah,  Benjamin,  Seth,  Exum,  and  Obed,  daughter  Sarah  (wife 
Sarah,  son  Josiah  and  Matthew  White  Exrs).  Test,  Zach  Toms, 
Jos.  Lacev,  Miriam  Long. 

Elliott,"  Pritlow,  July  5,  1787,  Oct,  Court  1787.      Children  Prit-  | 
low,  John,  Job,  Thomas,  Jesse,  Rachel,  and  Mary  Elliott,  son  Wil- 
liam, daughters  Elizabeth  Elliott,  Leah  Jordan,  Huldah  Elliott,  and 

Abstract  of  Wills. 


Sarah  Pearson  (wife  of  Jonathan),  -wife  Mary  and  son  Pritlow  Exrs. 
Test,  John  Smith,  Mary  Elliott,  Josiah  Boyce. 

Foster,  Frances,  Nov.  24,  1742;  Jany.  27,  1763.  Son  William 
Foster,  grand-daughter  Elizabeth  Foster,  "daughters  Elizabeth  Bar- 
clift  and  Frances  Hall,  son  William,  Exr.  Test,  Abram  Riggs, 
Bich'd  Whedbee. 

Foster,  Frederick,  Oct.  23,  1783;  April  23,  1784.  Brother  Fran- 
cis Foster's  children,  Gilbert  Leigh  and  Joseph  Bateman's  children, 
brother  John  Foster's  children,  sister  Sarab  Night,  brother  Ells- 
berry  Foster,  sister  Winnifred  Foster,  Francis  Pits,  Dempsey  New- 
by's  widow,  Mary  Bateman's  cbildren,  Mary  Maudlin,  widow  Steven- 
son, brother  Francis  Foster  and  Geo  Whedbee  Exrs.  Test,  John 
Bateman,  Wm  Whedbee. 

Forehand,  Daniel,  Dec.  28,  1781;  April  2,  1784.  Wife  Sarab, 
my  children,  Ezekiel  Hollowell,  Exr.  Test,  Joseph  White,  Eliza- 
beth Bountree. 

Fletcher,  Ralph,  Nov.  28,  1784;  July  Court  1785.  Son  Jesse, 
daughter  Miriam  Newbold.  (Daughter  Margaret  Fletcher,  son 
Joshua  and  William  Skinner,  Exrs.)  Test,  Mark  Newby,  Ann 
Martyn,  Jane  Smitb. 

Gibson,  James,  July  20,  1765 ;  July  Court  1766.  Son  James, 
daughter  Mary  Gibson,  kinsman  William  Barclift  and  wife  Ann. 
Son  John  and  William  Barclift  (son  of  Joshua)  Exrs.  Test,  Wm. 
Bidgood,  Sarah  Bidgood,  Fras  Leygen. 

Gilbert,  Priscilla,  Aug.  Court  1799.  Grand-son  Thomas  Bagley, 
son  Elisha  Bagley  Exr.     Test,  Thos.  WhiteN  Robert  Whedbee. 

Griffin,  John,  June  16,  1770;  April  Court  1772.  Wife  Eliza- 
beth, sons  Eliab,  John  and  Josiah,  daughters  Lydia,  Ruth,  Huldah 
and  Elizabeth,  son  Jesse,  daughters  Mary  and  Sarah  Perry.  Jos 
White  and  Wm  White,  Jr.,  Trustees,  sons  Eliab  and  John  Exrs. 
Test,  Jos.  White,  Rachel  Boyce,  Moses  Boyce. 

Griffin,  John,  25th,  8th  mo.  1773 ;  April  Court  1774.  Brothers 
Josiah,  Jesse  and  Eliab  Griffin,  half  sisters  Mary  and  Sarah  Perry, 
sisters  Lydia,  Ruth,  Huldah  and  Elizabeth,  brother  Eliab  Griffin 
and  Josiah  White  Exrs.  Test,  Jos  Elliott,  Josiah  White,  John 

Griffin,  Hannah,  20th,  11th  mo.  1788 ;  Jany.  Court  1789.  Daugh- 
ters Miriam  Lamb,  Esther  Copeland,  Mary  Griffin,  Elizabeth  Grif- 
fin and  Gulatine  Griffin,  son  James  Exr.  Test,  Amos  Griffin,  Jo- 
siah Griffin. 

Godfrey,  Thomas,  Jan.  18,  1773  ;  Apl.  Court  1774.  Sons  Joseph, 
Thomas  and  Tully,  brother  William,  daughters  Winnie  and  Eliza- 
beth Godfrey,  wife  Mary  and  son  Joseph  Exrs.  Test,  John  Gibson, 
Wm.  Knowles. 

i.«  :  i 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

Guyer,  Joseph,  7th  day,  4th  mo.  1790 ;  April  Term  1790.  Chil- 
dren Nathan,  William,  Joseph,  Leah,  Miriam,  and  Alary  Guyer 
wife  Miriam,  Joel  Barber  and  Thomas  Holloway,  Exrs.)  Test,  Jos. 
Draper,  Miriam  Barber,  Charity  Bogue. 

Garrett,  Mary,  Sept.  13,  1783;  Aug.  Term  1796.  Daughters  So-' 
phia  and  Sarah  Garrett,  grand-children  Mary  Garrett,  Thomas  Gar- 
rett and  Mary  Stone.  (Benjamin  Albertson,  Charles  Clary  and 
William  Clary  Exrs.)  Test,  Solomon  Hendricks,  John  Hend- 
ricks, Jr. 

Hendricks,  Sarah  (widow  of  Jeremiah),  Nov.  30,  1761;  May  2, 
1762.  Sister  Ann  Cox,  grand-son  Jeremiah  Hendricks,  brothers 
Robert  and  Thomas  Cox,  Exrs.     Test,  John  Newby. 

Hendricks,  Job,  May  20,  1783;  Apl.  Court  1788.  Wife  Sarah, 
Grand-sons  Solomon,  Job,  and  Nathan  Hendricks;  Ralph  Fletcher 
and  Joseph  Parisho,  Exrs.  Test,  Thos.  Robinson,  Eliz  Robinson, 
Miriam  Sanders,  also  grand-children  Joseph,  Dempsey,  Seth  and 
Peninah  Hendricks. 

Harrell,  Richard,  Nov.  27,  1761;  Apl  Court  1762.  Sons  Demp- 
sey, James  and  John,  grand-sons  Jacob  and  Jonathan  Duke,  daugh- 
ter Martha  Sheppard,  son  Richard,  daughters  Zilpha  Scott.  Eliza- 
beth Spivey,  Sarah  Hobbs,  Ann  Felton,  Margaret  Hill  and  Mary 
Eason ;  wife  Margaret  and  son  John  Exrs.  Test,  John  Scott,  James 
Scott,  Nicholas  S tailings. 

Hudson,  John,  Nov.  7,  1771;  Jany.  Court  1772.  Cousins  Uriah 
and  John  Hudson,  brother  Uriah  Hudson's  children,  Malachi  Chap- 
pel's  children ;  Jacob  Winslow  Exr.  Test,  Joseph  Elliott,  Moses 

Hollowell,  Thomas,  10th  day,  4th  mo.  1772;  July  Court  1772. 
Thomas  and  John  Hasket,  Silas  Haskett  (son  of  William),  Rachel 
Wilson  (wife  of  Jacob),  cousin  Thomas  Hollowell  (son  of  John). 
(Wife  Sarah,  John,  Matthew  and  Thomas  Haskett  Exrs.)  Test, 
Peter  Pearce",  William  Pearson. 

Hollowell,  Joel,  Apl.  1,  1773;  April  Court  1774.     Brother  Ab- ' 
ner,  sons  Thomas,  Ezekiel,  Joel  and  James  , daughters  Susanna  Saw- 
yer, Miriam  and  Courtney  Hollowell,  wife  Miriam,  son  Ezekiel  and 
Elbenezer  Sawyer,  Exrs.     Test,  Moses  Rountree,  Abner  Hollowell, 
John  White. 

Hollowell,  John,  July  26,  1778 ;  Sept..  10,  1784.  Sons  William 
and  Henry,  daughters  Elizabeth  Perry,  Sarah  Riddick,  Mary  Rid- 
dick,  Christian  White,  and  Ann  Evans,  wife  Christian,  sons  Wil- 
liam and  Henry  Exrs.  Test,  John  Twine,  Caleb  Winslow,  Uriah 

Hollowell,  Thomas,  Jany.  19,  1790 ;  May  Court  1791.  Children 
Riddick/ Frederick,  Abraham,  Milicent,  Joel,  William  and  Willis; 

Abstract  of  Wills. 


wife  Miriam  and  Benjamin  Perry,  Exrs.     Test,  Ezekiel  Hollowell, 
Absoly  Stallings. 

Hollowell,  Ezekiel,  July  8,  1794;  August  Court  1794.  Child  in' 
esse,  children  Elizabeth  and  Savory,  wife  Christian;  Benjamin 
Perry,  Exr.      Test,  Jacob  White,  Joel  Hollowell,  Jesse  Rountree. 

Holloway,  Uferasha,  Nov.  2,  1796;  Nov.  Court  1796.  .Cousin 
Bathsheba  Tarkinton  and  her  children  by  John  Fanning,  viz.,  John, 
Elizabeth  and  Anna  Fanning,  brother  John  Holloway's  son  John, 
cousin  Thomas  Holloway's  children ;  Tulle  Layden  and  Thomas  Hol- 
loway Exrs.      Test,  Isaac  Mullen,  John  Pool. 

Henby,  Sylvanus,  1st  day,  4th  mo.  1767;  Oct,  Court  1767.  Son 
John,  Sylvanus  Charles,  Joseph  Outlaw,  wife  Margaret,  (Thomas 
Nicholson,  Samuel,  Charles  and  William  Albertson,  Exrs.)  Test, 
John  Sanders,  Thomas  Henby,  Eliz  Wells. 

Hasket,  William,  7th  day,  3rd  mo.  1772 ;  Oct.  Court  1772.  Wife 
Mary,  sons  Joseph,  Isaac  and  Abraham;  sons  John,  Silas  and 
Thomas,  Exrs.     Test,  Pearce  Nixon,  Geo.  Boswell. 

Hasket,  Joshua,  30th,  1st  mo.  1775 ;  Jany.  Court  1776.  Sons 
Joseph,  Joshua  and  William,  daughters  Lydia,  Rachel  and  Miriam ; 
wife  Alis  and  son  Joseph  Exrs.  Test,  Thomas  Draper,  Silas 
Draper,  Wm.  Bogue. 

Hasket,  Mary,  9th,  11th  mo.  1784;  July  Court  1785.  Grand- 
daugher  Asa  Hasket,  son  John ;  sons  Silas  and  Thomas  Exrs.  Test, 
John  Parker,  Jesse  Hasket, 

Hasket,  Alice,  7th  day,  12th  mo.  1793 ;  May  Term  1797.  Sons 
Joseph,  Joshua  and  William,  daughters  Lydia  Bogue,  Rachel  and 
Miriam  Hasket;  Jos.  Draper,  Sr.,  and  sons  Joshua  and  Joseph,  Exrs. 
Test,  Ichabod  Bogue,  Nathan  Draper,  Lydia  Draper. 

Hall,  Henry,  Aug.  22,  1773;  July  6,  1774.  Wife  Mary,  sons 
John  and  William,  daughter  Elizabeth  Tomlinson  and  Margaret 
Conklin ;  Mourning  Hall,  son  Edward  and  Margaret  Conklin,  Exrs. 
Test,  Richard  Haughton,  Henry  Hall,  Edward  Hall. 

Hall,  Jacob,  July  28,  1785 ;  Oct.  Court  1785.  Wife  Elizabeth, 
Elizabeth  Holland,  Sr.,  Jacob  Holland,  Nancy  and  Sarah  Hall  and 
Penelope  Burke;  Jos.  Thach  and  Isaachar  Branch,  Exrs.  Test, 
Thomas  Brinkley. 

Hall,  Fjdward,  Jany.  28,  1788 ;  Jan.  Court  1790.  My  ten  chil- 
dren, sons  William  and  Miles;  wife  Rachel,  son  Henry  and  Wm. 
White,  Exrs.     Test,  Wm.  Haughton,  Thos.  Myers,  Charlton  Hall. 

Hall,  Mary,  Jany.  23,  1792 :  Feb.  Court  1792.  i  Son  Henry  Hall, 
daughter  Sarah  Hall;  mother  Sarah  Decrow  Exx.  T€st,'Wm. 
Richards,  Sarah  Decrow,  Jr. 

Hall,  Henry,  Oct,   8,   1792;   Nov.   Court  1792.     Brother  John 







Abstract  of  Wills. 

Hall,  nephew  Henry  Hall,  brother  Miles  Hall;  brother  John  Hall 
Exr.     Test,  Thos  Mc~Nlder,  Bailey  Forbes. 

Halsey,  Thomas,  Sept.  9,  1774;  Oct,  Court  1774.  Wife  Catha- 
rine, children  Martha,  William,  Margaret,  Penelope  and  Deborah 
Halsey ;  Andrew  Knox,  Exr.     Test,  Christian  Knox,  And'  Knox. 

Hatfield,  George,  Feb.  10,  1774;  Jany.  Court  1775.  Brothers 
William,  Richard,  John,  David,  Jesse  and  Benjamin  Hatfield,  Mar- 
tha and  Foster  J.  Toms ;  Foster  Toms,  Exr.  Test,  Matthew  ISTewby, 
Fra's  Kewby,  Gesby  Toms. 

Harvey,  John,  Aug.  20,  1774;  July  Court  1775.  Sons  Thomas, 
John,  James,  Miles  and  Joseph,  John  Campbell  of  Bertie  Co.,  Maj. 
James  Bonner  of  Beaufort  Co.,  sister-in-law  Hannah  Blount  of 
Craven  Co.,  Mrs.  Mary  Williams,  a  ring  each;  wife  Mary,  sons 
Thomas,  John  and  James  and  brothers  Benjamin  and  Miles  Haiwey, 
Exrs.     Test,  Charles  Blount,  Wm.  Harvey. 

Harvey,  Miles,  1770 ;  Jany.  Court  1777.     Son  Augustus,  not  to 
his  mother-in-law  in  the  use  of  the  farm,  sons  Miles  and  Albridgedqn,  | 
daughters   Mary,   Mildred,   Elizabeth,   Agatha   and   Lucy   Harvey,, 
child  in  esse;  wife  Elizabeth,  brother  Benjamin  and  son  Miles  and 
nephew  Thomas  Harvey,  Exrs.     Test,  Wm.  Skinner. 

Harvey,  Miles,  Apl.  13,  1781 ;  Jany.  20,  1785.     Sons  James  &j 
Miles  Edward,  brother  Thomas  Harvey  and  Joshua  Skinner,  gdns 
to  my  children.      (Wife  Mary,-  brother  Thomas  John  Harvey,  Joshua  I 
and  John  Skinner,  Exrs.)     Test,  Feleg  Lawton,  John  Blount,  Jos.,| 
Harvey — also  child  in  esse. 

Harvey,   John,   June   20,    1780 ;    Oct.    Court   1784.     Daughters 
Anne  and  Frances  Ann,  brother  Joseph;  brothers  Thomas  and  Miles  I 
Harvey  and  Edmund  Blount,  Exrs.     Test,  Thos.*  Harvey,  A.  Har-, 

Harvey,  Miles,  Feb,  23,  1785;  April  Court  "1785.     Son   Tulle 
Williams  Harvey,  children  Mary  and  Juliana  Harvey ;  wife  Grace, 
Tulle  Williams,  Peleg  Lawten  and  Wm.  White  Exrs.    .Test,  Thomas: 
Scimmons,  Francis  Sutton. 

Harvey,  Thomas,  Sept.  1,  1785 ;  April  Court  1788.  Sons  John, 
Charles  Worth,  Thomas  H  and  Edmund  Blount  Harvey,  brothers. 
Miles  and  James  Harvey,  daughters  Sarah,  Mary,  Margaret  and 
Martha  Blount  Harvey,  niece  Anna  Harvey.  (Wife  Mary,  Ed- 
mund Blount,  brother  Joseph  and  son  John  Harvey  Exrs.)  Child 
in  esse,  son-in-law  John  Skinner.     Test,  Thomas  Harvey,  Jr. 

Hines,  William,  Dec.   18,  1784;  Jany.   Court  1785.     Brothers 
Moses,  Christopher,  Peter  and  Joshua  Hines,  wife's  sons  Jeremiabjj 
and  John  Collins,  Sarah  Ashley,  wife  Ann  and  her  daughter  Sarah 
Collins ;  wife  and  Andrew  Donaldson,  Exrs.     Test,  Andrew  Donald-j 
son,  Ann  Hines,  Eobt.  Roe 


*«;-;. j 

Abstract  of  Wills.  175 

Hosea,  Joseph,  July  20,  1785 ;  Oct,  Court  1785.  Sons  Samuel 
and  Joseph,  wife  Mary  (child  not  named  in  will)  ;  John  Saunders 
and  Isaac  Leyden,  Exrs.     Test,  Wm.  Hosea,  Mary  Stanton. 

Humphries,  William,  Jan.  12,  1798;  May  Term  1798.  Sons 
William,  John -and  Thomas,  daughters  Parthenia,  Susanna  and  Ly- 
dia; Asher  Clayton,  Exr.     Test,  Robert  Pendleton. 

Jones,  Evan,  May  31,  1764;  Sept  25,  1764.  Sons  Samuel  and 
Nathaniel,  daughters  Margaret  and  Anna  Jones;  son  Samuel  and 
Thomas  Newby,  Exrs.     Test,  Wm  White,  Erancis  Nixon. 

Jones,  Malachi,  Jany.  27,  1776;  Jany.  Court  1777.  Nephews 
Joseph  Jones,  Nathan  Elliott,  William  Jones  (son  of  Zephaniah), 
and  Joshua  Jones  (son  of  Thomas),  niece  Mary  Jones  (daughter  of 
Thomas).  (Wife  Mary,  brother  Thomas  Jones  and  Caleb  White, 
Eixrs.)     Test,  John  Boyce,  Jos  Smith,  Sarah  Smith. 

Jones,  Thomas,  Jan.  31,  1788 ;  April  Court  1788.  Daughter 
Mary  Newby,  sons  Thomas,  William  and  Zachariah,  daughter  Sa- 
rah Jones..  (Wife  Margaret,  Wm.  White  and  Wm.  Skinner  Exrs.) 
Test,  Josiah  Murdaugh,  Lydia.  Murdaugh. 

Jones,  Francis,  Jany.  13,  1791 ;  May  Court  1791.  Grand-son 
Theophilus  White,  Charles  White,  and  his  wife  Mary,  daughter 
Jemima  Jones.  (Wife  Rachel,  Jeremiah  Jones  and  Benjamin 
White,  Exrs.)     Test,  John  White,  Jesse  White. 

Jones,  Joseph,  June  2,  1780;  July  16,  1793.  Child  in  esse,  Ac- 
quilla ;  wife,  Joseph  Godfrey,  James  Mullen  and  John  Mullen, 
Exrs.     Test,  Laz.  S.  Tinton,  James  Bidgood. 

Jones,  William,  Mch.  2,  1794;  Aug.  Court  1794.  Wife  Ann, 
daughters  Sarah,  Mary  and  Margaret,  sons  Josiah  and  Tliomas; 
Wm.  Skinner  and  Wm.  White  Exrs.     Test.  W.  Newbold. 

Jones,  Rachel,  July  15,  1797 ;  Nov.  Term  1797.  Grand-children, 
children  of  son  Silas  White,  grand-children,  children  of  daughter 
Abigail  Winslow,  the  children  of  son  John  White,  daughter  Lydia 
Griffin,  grand-daughter  Elizabeth  White  (daughter  of  son  Jordan 
White),  grand-son  John  White  (son  of  John),  daughter-in-law  Chris- 
tian White  (widow  of  son  Benj  )  and  her  children  Sarah  and  Daniel 
White ;  Christian  White,  Exx.     Test,  Benj.  Perry,  Philip  Perry. 

Jordan,  Matthew,  June  5,  1763 ;  July  Court  1763.  Brother  Ga- 
briel Newby,  sister  Anne  Jordan,  sisters  Mary  Clay  and  Elizabeth 
Newby,  brothers  Francis,  Joseph  and  Benjamin  Newby,  sister  Doro- 
thy Skinner,  brother  Josiah  Newby.  (Mother  Patience  Newby, 
Anne  Jordan  and  John  Skinner,  Exrs.)  Test,  Robt.  Jordan,  John 
Henby,  Eliz  Craven. 

Jordan,  Josiah,  22nd,  3d  mo.  1789;  July  Court  1789.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  sons  Thomas,  Josiah  and  Matthew,  my  mother  in  Isle  of 
Wight  Co.,  Va.,  son  Exum,  daughters  Sarah,  Dorothy,  Mary  and 


I,  is  a 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

Miriam ;  Exum  Newby  and  John  Clary,  Exrs.  Test,  Joseph  Scott, 
Jr.,  Susanna  Clary,  Jno.  Jackson. 

Jackson,  Aaron,  Oct.  27,  1768 ;  Jan.  Court  1772.  Sons  Moses, 
Samuel,  Charles  and  William,  daughters  Parthena  and  Priscilla ; 
brother  Moses  Jackson  and  John  Raper,  Exrs.  .  Test,  Stephen  Doug- 
las, Elijah  Stanton,  Jesse  Douglas. 

Jackson,  John,  June  4,  1772 ;  April  Court  1774.  Sister-in-law 
Donas  Wade,  cousin  Elizabeth  Jackson  (daughter  of  William)  ;  wife 
Eebecca  Exx.     Test,  Jacob  Wilson,  Zach  Wilson. 

Jackson,  Moses,  Xov.  21,  1793 ;  Aug.  Court  1793.  Son  William, 
Exr;  wife  Sarah,  daughters  Sallie  Jackson  and  Elizabeth  Raper, 
grand-son  Joseph  Jackson.      Test,  Samuel  Jackson,  John  Tayler. 

Jackson,  William,  Apl.  28,  1794 ;  May  Court  1794.  Sons  Joseph 
and  Moses,  wife  Mary,  daughter  Betty  Jackson ;  Moses  Jackson  and 
Joseph  Raper,  Exrs.-  Test,  Wm.  Arnold,  Wm.  Jackson,  Sally  Over- 

.  Knox,  Andrew,  Mch.  24,  1775;  J^ny.  20,  1776.  Wife  Christian, 
sons  Hugh  and  Andrew,  daughters  Christian  Knox  and  Sarah 
Phelps;  Samuel  Johnston  and  Rev.  Henry  Pattello,  Gdns.  to  my 
children;  (Saml  Johnston,  John  Baptist,  Beasley  Evans,  brother 
Ambrose  Knox  and  son-in-law  Benjamin  Phelps,  Exrs.)  Test,  Benj. 
Saunders,  John  Goodwin,  Isaac  Moor. 

Kenyon,  Roger,  Feb.  22,  1776;  Jany.  Court  1777.  Son  Roger, 
children  Joseph,  Benjamin,  Duke,  Sarah,  Thomas  and  William  Ken- 
yon. (Wife,  Duke  Bogue  and  Joseph  Guyer,  Exrs.)  Test,  Foster 
Toms,  Jr.,  Elizabeth  Bogue. 

Kenyon,  Duke,  15th  day,  8th  mo.  1787;  Jany<  Court  1788. 
Brothers  Thomas  and  William  Kenyon,  sister  Sarah  Kenyon,  broth- 
ers Joseph  and  Benjamin  Kenyon.  (Jos  Perigho,  Chalkley  Albert- 
son,  and  Joseph  Anderson,  Exrs.)  Test,  Benj.  Albertson,  Thomas 

Kinyon,  Joab,  July  22,  1797,  Aug  Term  1797.  Wife  Marwood, 
sons  Josiah  and  Joab,  daughter  Elizabeth.  (James  Sumner,  Fran- 
cis Newby,  and  Alex  Stafford,  Exrs.)  Test,  Sary  Stone,  Mary 

Layden,  George,  Sept,  10,  1761;  July  10,  1765.  Daughter 
Patty  Layden,  son  William  (wife  Mary,  James  Gibson  and  John 
Perry,  Exr.).  Test,  Judith  Elliott,  Mary  Whedbee,  Parthenia 

Long  Thomas,  Mch.  31,  1779 ;  April  Court  1781.  Sons  Edward 
and  Nathan,  daughters  Lydia  Donaldson  and  Hester  Skinner,  grand- 
daughter Elizabeth  Long,  daughter  Sarah  Scarbrough,  grand-sons 
Miles    and    Peterson    Scarbrough,    grand-daughters    Susanna    Scar- 


Abstract  of  Wills. 


brough,  and  Charlotte  Long;  cousin  William  Long  and  John  White 
(son  of  Joseph)  Exrs.     Test,  W.  Skinner,  George  Fisher. 

Layden,  Isaac,' April  29,  1786;  July  Court  1786.  Wife  Eliza- 
beth, my  children ;  John  Saunders,  Joseph  Mullen  and  Joseph  God- 
frey Exrs.     Test,  Francis  Leyden,  Thomas  Hosea. 

Long,  Joshua,  June  8,  1788;  May  Court  1791.  Wife  Martha, 
sons  Thomas  and  Joshua,  daughters  Miriam  and  Sarah  Long; 
bi  other  Thomas  Long,  Frederick  Luten  and  W.  Creecy,  Exrs.  Test, 
Reuben  Long,  Josiah  Mathews. 

Long,  William,  July  31,  1793.  Son  Lemuel,  grand-sons  William 
and  Josiah  Long,  grand-daughter  Mary  Long ;  wife  Mary  and  son 
Lemuel  Exrs.     Test,  Reuben  Long,  Josiah  Mathews. 

Lanceford,  John,  July  5,  1797 ;  Aug.  Term  1797.  Wife,  Sarah 
Wingate;  son  William,  Exr.     Test,  John  Robins,  Wm.  Lanceford. 

Lacey,  John,  Oct.  17,  1785;  July  Court  1786.  Daughter  Jane 
Maudlin  (wife  of 'Joseph),  grand-daughter  Jane  Maudlin,  grand- 
son Joshua  Tarlton  (son  of  Joshua),  grand-son  George  Tarlton, 
daughter  Mary  Tarlton,  son-in-law  Joshua  Tarlton,  and  William 
Lacey,  Exrs.     Test,  Thos.  Hosea,  Jane  Davis,  Esther  Hobbs. 

Leigh,  Gilbert,  Nov.  27,  1791.  Wife  Elizabeth,  daughter  Mary 
Whedbee,  sons  Francis,  Richard,  Thomas,  James,  and  Benjamin; 
sons  Francis  and  Richard  Exrs.  Test,  Benj.  Bedgood,  Nicholas 
Wressell,  Saml  Knight. 

Lacey,  Nathan,  1st,  2nd  mo.  1791 ;  Feb.  Court  1798.  Sons  Henry, 
Isaac  and  Joseph,  daughter  Sarah  Lacey  (wife  Mary,  Jos.  Evans  and 
Thomas  Hollowell,  Exrs.)  Test,  John  Evans,  Thos.  Evans,- Paroh 
Evans.  , 

Moore,  Gideon,  Feby.  23,  1762 ;  May  30,  1763.  Sisters  Miriam 
and  Mary  Moore,  mother  Mary  Moore,  brother  Joseph  Moore,  sis- 
ter Bettie  Bartlett  (brother  Cornelius  Moore,  Matthew  Jordan- and 
Matthew  White,  Exrs.)      Test,  Mathew  Jordan,  George  Metcalf. 

Moore,  Jesse,  late  of  Perquimans  Co.,  X.  C,  but  now  of  the  Island 
of  Antiqua,  Aug.  6,  1769 ;  Oct  Court,  1769.  Brothers  Joseph  and 
Thomas  Holloway,  mother  Leah  Holloway,  formerly  Leah  Moore, 
brothers  William,  Thomas  and  Samuel  Moore;  Thomas  Hockley 
and  Isaac  Harvey,  of  Antiqua,  Ejxrs.  Test,  Geo  Clelland,  Abijah 
Davis,  Thos.  Beech. 

Moore,  Charles,  Aug.  25,  1789;  Jany.  Term,  1790,  Daughters 
Elizabeth  Hall,  Sarah  Skillings  and  Leah  Moore,  sons  John  and  Ed- 
win Steed  Moore  (son  Charles,  Joshua  Skinner  and  John  Skinner, 
Exrs.)  Test,  Zachariah  Newby,  Thos  Newby  (of  Nathan),  Thomas 

Moore,  Joshua,  2nd  day,  11th  mo.  1790;  Jany.  Court  1791. 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

Wife  Hannah,  sons  Joseph,  Joshua  and  Robert,  daughter  Sarali 
Moore,  children  Martha,  Hamlin,  and  Mary  ISTewby;  son-in-law 
-Robert  Xewby  and  son  Joseph  Exrs.  Test,  B.  Albertson,  Daniel 

Morgan,  Matthew,  Nov.  13,  1763;  April  Court  1761.  Wife  Sa- 
rah, also  my  Exx.     Test,  Josa  Davis,  John  Lacey. 

Morgan,  Mary,  1st  day,  6th  mo.  1787;  July  Court  1787.  Friend 
Isabel  Boswell;  friend  John  Parker  Exr.'  Test,  John  Hasket,  Sa- 
rah Hasket. 

Morrison,  Jonathan,  June  10,  1764;  July  Court  1761.  My  chil- 
dren ;  wife  Hannah  and  friend  Charles  Moore  Exrs.  Test,  Andrew 
Collins,  Francis  Penrice. 

Murdaugh,  Joseph,  Oct.  11,  1765 ;  Feb.  29,  1768.     Wife  Milli- 

cent,  cousin  John  Murdaugh,  Mary  Smith   (daughter  of  Joseph), 

.Elizabeth  Newby,  sister  Miriam  Hunnicut,  Joseph  Scott   (son  of 

Samuel)  and  Samuel  Murdaugh  (son  of  John)';  Thos  Xewby  and 

John  Trotter  Exrs.     Test,  'Sam'l  Bond,  John  Taylor,  Jesse  Moor. 

Murdaugh,  Lemuel,  Feb.  16,  1782;  July  Court  1788.  Cousins 
Elizabeth  and  Sarah  Miller ;  cousin  Lemuel  Murdaugh,  brother  Jo- 
siah  Murdaugh,  Exrs.     Test,  John  White,  Charles  White. 

Morris,  John,  Apl.  7,  1773 ;  Oct.  Court  1774.  Brother  Cornelius 
Morris,  my  two  sons ;  wife  Sarah  and  Cornelius  Morris,  Exrs.  Test, 
Jos.  Turner,  Francis  Penrice,  Sarah  Branch. 

Morris,  Joshua,  18th,  1st  mo.  1777;  April  Court  1777.  Wife 
Rebecca,  sons  John,  Benjamin  and  Jonathan,  daughter  Clarkey 
Pool,  father  Aaron  Morris ;  son  Zachariah,  daughter  Mary,  sons  Mor- 
decai  and  Nathan  Exrs.  Test,  Lancelot  Bell,  Ann  Morris,  Sarah 

Morris,  Jonathan,  15th,  1st  mo.  1796;  Feb.  Court  1796.  Sons 
Jehoshaphet' and  Jonathan,  nephew  John  Pool;  brother  Nathan 
Morris  and  Josiah  Bundy  Exrs.  Test,  John  Nixon,  Mary  Bos- 
well. '  y 

Maiidlin,  William,  Dec.  4,  1770;  Oct,  Court  1774.  Wife  Mar- 
tha, sons  Miles,  Thomas,  Jacob  and  Mica j ah,  daughters  Elizabeth 
and  Martha ;  brother  John  Maudlin,  Exr.  '  Test, :  George  Whedbee, 
Nathl.  Albertson. 

Maudlin,  Gideon,  Oct.  10,  1776;  Jany.  Court  1777.     Sons  Ze-- ' 
bred,   Nathan   and  'Samuel,   son-in-law  Joseph  Wells,   sons  Gideon 
and  Elisha,   children  Mary  Wells,   Deborah,   Margaret,   John   and 
Miles  Maudlin;  wife  Mary  and  son  Tysbed,  Exrs.     Test,  Benj.  Al- ; 
berts'on,  Gabriel  Cosanbd. 

'McMulleri,  James,  July  17,  1774 ;  April  Court  1775.  Sons  Wil- 
liam and   Richard,  daughters  Hannah  MeMullen  and  Mary  Win- 

Abstract  of  Wills.  179 

gate;  wife  Bridget  and  son  James  Exrs.  Test,  Joshua  Skinner, 
Edward  Penrice. 

Mullen,  Thomas,  Aug.  3,  .1785  ;  Jany.  Court,  1786.     Sons  Levi  I 

and  Pat,  daughter  Sarah,  wife  Ann;  Joseph  Mullen  and  Joseph 
Barclift  Exrs.      Test,  Benj.  Bedgood,  Joseph  Turner. 

Mullen,  Joseph,  May  29,  1791;  Nov.  Term,  1791.  Sons  Isaac 
and  Joseph,  daughter  Mary  Whedbee,  grand-daughter  Betsy  Wil- 
liams, grand-son  Tully  Williams;  wife  Elizabeth,  sons  Isaac  and 
John,  and  son-in-law  James  Whedbee,  Exrs.  Test,  Wilson  Weekes, 
Jos.  Mullen,  Jr.,  Wm.  Lay  den. 

Mullen,  James,  Feb.  29,  1796;  Aug.  Term,  1796.  Elizabeth  Cal- 
laway and  her  son  Thomas  Callaway,  her  child  in  esse;  wife  and 
John  Stanton,  Exrs.  Test,  Simeon  Long,  Joab  Thompson,  Leaven 

Munden,  William,  Aug.'  28,  1793 ;  Nov.  Term,  1793.  Wife  Han- 
nah, daughters  Rachel  Modlin,  Ruth  Haskett,  Dorcas  Modlin,  Mary 
White,  Lydia  White  and  Susanna  Perry,  daughter  Mariam  Stott's  I 

heirs,  son  Robert;  sons  William  and  Simon  Exrs.  Test,  Jesse 
Perry,  Wm.  Hollowell — daughter  Caroline  Overman.  1 .' 

Metcalf,  George,  Nov.  18,  1794;  Feby.  Term  1795'.  Daughter 
Martha,  my  mother's  children,  viz.,  John,  Sarah,  Thamar,  Elizabeth 
and  Ann  Sutton ;  James  Sumner  and  Seth  Whedbee  Exrs.  Test, 
John  Hodges,  Samuel  Whedbee. 

'McCoy,  William,  Mch.  18,  1795  ;  May  Term,  1795.  .Sons  Joseph 
and  Joshua,  children  Malachi,  James,  Jonathan,  Sarah,  Elizabeth 
and   Marah ;   John   Middleton   and   son   Joseph,   Exrs.     Test,   Jos.  ■    ||| 

Ming,  Miriam  Ferebee.  * 

Newby,  Nathan,  3rd  mo.  8th  day,  1762 ;  Feby.  Court  1763.  Son 
Francis  'and  his  grand-mother  Mary  Moore,  daughters  Mary,  Milli- 
cent  and  Sarah  Newby ;  wife  Keziah'and  brother  Thomas,  -Exrs. 
Test,  Cornelius  Moore,  Mary  Nixon,  Francis  Nixon.  - 

Newby,  Jesse,  of  Pasquotank  Co.,  May  19,  1764 ;  Oct.  Court  1765. 
Brother  Francis  Newby,  cousins  Elizabeth  and  Jonathan  Phelps,  . 
brothers  Robert  and  Mark  Newby  and  Ralph  Fletcher;  Mark  Newby 
and  Ralph  Fletcher  Exrs.     Test,   Cornelius  Moore,   James  Hnni- 

CUt.  ..:       '     .  •  |;  I  i|j 

'  Newby,- Joseph,  11th  day,  9th  mo.,  1766;- Oct.  Court  1766.  •■  Sons 
Gabriel,  Joseph  and  Benjamin,  daughters  Mary  Thornton  and  Eliza- 
beth Mayo,  grand-son  Joseph  Thurston,  grand-daughter  :Mary 
Newby,'  Elizabeth  Newby  (wife  of  Francis)  and  her  son  Matthew 
Newbyj  son  Josiah;  wife  Patience,  brother  Samuel  Newby  and. son 
Gabriel,  Exrs.     Test,  Eliz  Nixon,  Francis  Nixon,  Mark  Newbv.  .    , 

Newby,  Samuel,  Oct.  3,- 1771 ;  May  24,  1774.  Sons  Joseph,'  Wil- 
liam, Gabriel,  Gideon j   Samuel  arid  Jesse,  daughter  Mary  Bogue 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

v  f 

(wife   of    Joseph),    daughters   Jemima,    Anne    and   Miriam;    wife 
Elizabeth  and  Gabriel  Xewby,  Exrs.     Test,  Keuben  Wilson,  Isaac  I 

Xewby,  William,  10th  day,  8th  mo.,  1782 ;  Apl.  2,  1784.  Sons 
Denipsey,  Joseph,  William  and  John,  daughters  Anne  Mandlin, 
Elizabeth  Bogue,  Isabella  Moore  and  Sarah  Albertson,  daughters 
Mary  and  Miriam  Xewby ;  son  Joseph,  Caleb  White  and  Jacob  Can- 
non, Exrs.     Test,  Jos.  Xewby,  Thos.  Hollowell,  Francis  White. 

Xewby,  Mark,  Nov.  2Sth,  1782;  July  Court  1785.  Son  Jona- 
than, daughters  Margaret  Arrington,  Miriam,  Mourning  and  Eliza- 
beth Xewby;  son  Zachariah,  daughter  Miriam  and  Benjamin  Albert- 
son,  Jr.,  Exrs.     Test,  Keziah  Pritlow,  John  Xixon. 

Xewby,  Robert,  15th,  6th  mo.,  1789;  Apl.  Court  1790.  Sons 
Thomas,  Robert  and  Wyke,  grand-son  Willis  Xewby,  daughters 
Karin  Parker,  Huldah  Xewby,  Mary  Walton,  Sarah  Cosand  and 
Jemima  Cannon ;  son-in-law  Jacob  Cannon  and  sons  Robert  and 
Wyke,  Exrs.     Test,  Jesse  Xewby,  Wm.  Xewby,  Francis  Xewby. 

Xewby,  Thomas,  14th  day,  10th  mo.,  1792;  Feby.  Court  1793. 
Daughter  Elizabeth  Jordan  and  her  sons  Thomas,  Josiah  and  Mat- 
threw  Jordan,  son-in-law  Josiah  White,  son-in-law  Elias  Albertson, 
daughter  Mary  Albertson,  grand-son  Exum  White,  son  Exum 
Xewby,  grand-children  Miriam  Clary,  Sarah  Watkins,  Jordan  Wat- 
kins  and  Dorothy  Watkins;  daughter  Sarah  White,  son  Etxum  and 
son-in-law  Josiah  White  Exrs.  Test,  Job  Bond,  Dempsey  Lane, 
Benj.  Lane. 

Xewby,  Zachariah,  Feby.  Term  1794.     Sons  Mark,  Xathan  and 
Exum ;  brother  Jonathan  Xewby  and  L.  Munden  Exrs.     Son  Exum 
to  go  to  Joseph  Griffin,  son  Xathan  to  Thomas  Hollowell.     Test,  J 
Joshua  Fletcher. 

Xewby,  Thomas,  Mch.  23,  1797;  May  Term  1797.  Daughters 
Elizabeth  and  Huldah  Xewby,  sons  John,  William,  Jacob  and  Rob- 
ert; wife  Mary  and  Joseph  Xewby,  Sr.,  Exrs.  ,  Test,  Xathl.  Wil- 
liams, Hezekiah  Rogerson,  Eliz  White,  Huldah  Xewby. 

Xixon,  John,  15th  day,  1st  mo.,  1762;  April  Court  1763.  Sons  I 
Zachariah,  John  and  Ezra,  brother  Phineas  Xixon,  son  Frederick,  I 
daughter  Elizabeth  Boswell  (wife  of  Isaac),  daughter  Miriam's  I 
children,  grand-daughters  Mary  and  Sarah  Xewby  (daughters  of  son  I 
Thomas)  daughters  Mary,  Lydia,  Abigail  and  Dorothy;  wife  Han- 
nah, son  Zach.  and  brother  Phineas,  Exrs.  Test,  Bathsheba  Bailey, 
Ann  Hall,  Wm.  Albertson. ' 

Xixon,  Elizabeth,   16th  day,  2nd  mo.,  1769;  July  Court  1769. 
Son   Francis,   grand-children  Joseph  Xixon,   Zachariah   Xicholson,  I 
Miriam  Xicholson,  Caroline  Xicholson,  Christopher  Xicholson  and 
Samuel    Xicholson,    grand-children    Margaret,    Miriam,   Jonathan,  I 

Abstract  of  Wills. 


Mourning  and  Elizabeth  Newby,  grand-sons  Zackariah  Newby  and 
Jonathan  Phelps,  grand-children  Elizabeth  Winslow,  Benjamin 
Phelps,  Dorothy  Phelps,  Mourning  Henley  and  Elizabeth  Toms ; 
sons  Zachariah  and  Francis  Nixon  Exrs.  Test,  Francis  Toms,  Ca- 
leb Toms. 

Nixon,  Phineas,  10th  day,  11th  mo.,  1771 ;  Mch.  11,  1772.  Sons 
Pierce,  Barnaby  and  Phineas,  grand-sons  Nathan  and  Phineas  (sons 
of  Thomas  Nixon),  daughter-in-law  Sarah  Nixon,  wife  Mary,  daugh- 
ters Rebecca  Arnold,  Sarah  Albertson  (wife  of  Benjamin),  Jemima 
Nixon,  Hannah  Nixon,  Kesiah  Nixon,  Elizabeth  Lamb,  and  Mary 
Elliott's  three  children,  viz.,  Gabriel,  Miriam  and  Nixon  Elliott; 
sons  Peirce  and  Barnaby  and  son-in-law  Benj.  Albertson  Exrs. 
Test,  Christopher  Nicholson,  Jos.  Nicholson,  Ezra  Nixon. 

Nixon,  Thomas,  8th  day,  10th  mo.,  1771;  Jany.  Court  1772. 
Sons  Nathan  and  Phineas ;  wife  Sarah,  brother  Peirce'  Nixon  and 
Joseph  Nicholson,  Exrs.  Test,  John  Nixon,  Sarah  Albertson,  Leah 

Nixon,  Francis,  May  13,  1772 ;  Jany.  Court  1773.  Wife  Keziah, 
her  former  husband  Nathan  Newby,  sons  John,  James,  Samuel  and 
Thomas  Nixon ;  wife  and  Andrew  Knox  Exrs.  Test,  Francis  New- 
by, Mary  Newby,  Hannah  Moore. 

Nixon,  Zachariah,  Oct.  17,  1775;  Jany.  Court  1776.  Child  in 
esse,  sons  Joseph  and  Zachariah;  wife  Mary,  Thomas  Hosea  and 
Joseph  Perisho,  Jr.,  Exrs.     Test,  Eichd:  Sears,  Wm.  Woodley. 

Nixon,  John,  April  5,  1785;  July  Court  1785.  Wife  Elizabeth, 
friend  Hannah  Moore,  aunt  Kerenhappuck  Moore,  brothers  James, 
Samuel  and  Thomas ;  mother  Kesiah  Pritlow  and  brother^  Francis 
Newby,  Exrs.     Test,  Thos  Robinson,  Millicent  Toms, 

Nixon,  Hannah,  29th,  1st  mo.,  1793;  May  Court  1793.  Daugh- 
ters Dorothy  Nixon,  Sarah  Robinson  and  Abigail  Nixon ;  John 
Nixon,  Sr.,  and  Benj.  Albertson,  Jr.,  Exrs.     Test,  Zach.  Nixon. 

Nixon,  Thomas,  Sept,  1,  1794.  Brothers  Samuel  and  James 
Nixon.     Test,  John  Clay,  John  O'Neal. 

Newbold,  William,  Sept  28,  1778  ;  April  Court  1779.  Sons  Wil- 
liam and  Samuel,  daughter  Grizzell  Long,  daughter  Ruth  ;  wife  Griz- 
zell  and  Simon  Long,  Exrs.     Test,  Wm.  Newbold,  Jr. 

Nicholson,  Sarah  (relict  of  Thomas),  6th  day,  9th  mo.,  1783; 
July  Court  1787.  Son  Nathan  Nise,  son  Phineas  Nixon,  son 
Thomas  Nicholson,  son  Nathan  Nixon ;  Josiah  Bundy  and  Wm. 
Robinson  Exrs.     Test,  Mary  Lackey,  Kesiah  Nixon. 

Overman  Charles,  18th,  6th  mo.,  1768 ;  Oct.  Court  1774.  Sons 
Joshua  and  Charles,  daughters  Rebecca  Albertson  and  Mary  Jones; 
wife  and  son  Charles,  Exrs.     Test,  Jos  McAdam,  Malachi  Morgan. 

Overman,  Jacob,   6th,  9th  mo.,   1783;  Jany.   Court  1786.      Son 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

Charles,  wife  Rachel,  three  children  of  my  son '  Jacob,  dec'd,  son 
John,  daughters  Tamar,  Mary  and  Caroline;  wife  and  son  John 
Exrs.     Test,  Levi  Munden,  Charles  Overman. 

Outland,  Joseph,  Nov.  20,  1789;  July  Court  1790.  Daughters 
Mary,  Sarah  and  Martha ;  Foster  Toms  and  Samuel  Anderson  Exrs. 
Test,  J.  Whedbee,  Joseph  Caruthers. 

Peirce,  Richard,  Sept.  19,  1743;  Jany.  Court  1762.  Sons  Wil- 
liam, Jesse,  Richard,  John  and  Christopher;  wife  Elizabeth,  Exx. 
Sons  Jacob  and  Moses.  Test,  Geo.  Eason,  Jesse  Eason,  Isaac 

Peirce,  James,  Feby.  3,  1762 ;  April  Court  1763.  Sons  Fen  and 
Miles,  wife  Susannah,  daughters  Kesiah  and  Celia,  eldest  children 
Hartwell,  Miles,  Florida  and  Fen ;  Foster  Yountsberry,  Exr.  Test, 
James  Gibson,  John  Gibson,  Amy  Mandlin. 

Pearce,  Thomas,  7th  day,  9th  mo.,  1772 ;  Oct,  Court  1772.  Wife 
Miriam,  sons  Joseph,  John,  David,  Abner,  Nathan,  William  and 
James;  son  Joseph,  Francis  Wright  and  Ralph  Fletcher,  Exrs. 
Test,  Zach  Toms,  Jos.  Ratliff,  Aaron  Moor. 

Perisho,  Joseph,  Nov.  6,  1762;  April  Court  1763.  Daughters 
Elizabeth,  Miriam  and  Sarah,  sons  Benjamin  and  Joseph;  wife  De- 
borah, John  Clayton,  Benjamin  Harvey  and  Samuel  Sutton,  Exrs. 
Test,  Sam'l  Sutton,  Wm.  Bateman,  Dempsey  Turner. 

Perisho,  Joseph,  Sept.  12,  1783;  Apl.  25,  1784.  Son  Benjamin, 
nephews  Richard  Robins  and  Joseph  Bateman;  brother-in-law  Wm. 
Robbins  and  John  Bateman,  Exrs.  Test,  Thomas  Robinson,  Cor- 
nelius Morris. 

Perisho,  Elizabeth,  12th,  3rd  mo.,  178.3;  Jany.  C.ourt  1785.     My 
husband  Joseph  Perisho,  cousin  Richard  Saunders  and  his  two  broth- 
ers Joseph  and  Benjamin  Saunders,  sister  Mary  Arnold's  son  Wil- 
liam   Arnold,  .  Nancy    and    Hannah    Saunders;    husband    Joseph  ; 
Perisho  and  Joseph  Anderson,  Exrs.     Test,  John  Anderson,  Chalk-  I 
ley  Albertson,  Sam'l  Anderson. 

Pritchett,  Mary,  Sept.  13,  1765;  Oct.  Court  1765.     Brother  Ben-'« 
jamin  Pritchett,  sisters  Elizabeth  and  Miriam  Pritchett,  mother-in- 1 
law  Sarah  Pritchett,   aunt  Sarah  Albertson,   grand-mother  Rachel 
White,  uncle  Benjamin  White,  Thomas  White's  daughter  Elizabeth,' 
Nicholas  Nicholson's  daughter  Raphael,  Zephaniah  Jones,  Joshua,  1 
Joseph,  Thomas,  John,  Matthew,  Caleb  and  Benjamin  White,  Ra- 
chel and  Mary  Winslow,  Sarah  Nicholson ;  brother-in-law  Zephaniah 
Jones  and  uncle   Caleb  White,    Exrs.      Test,   John   White,   Israel 
Perry,  Rachel  White.  ,    .  . 

Ptatt,  Jeremiah;  June  7,  1772 ;  July  Court  1772.     Sister  Mary  | 
Pratt,  wife  Peninah,  if  child  in  esse,   sister  Deborah  Haughton; 

Abstract  of  Wills.  183 

Charles  Moore/  brothers  Richard  and  Joseph  Pratt,  Exrs.  Test, 
Thos.  Williams,  John  Cale. 

Perry,  Israel,  Feb.  3,  1779 ;  May  27,  1779.  Sons  Josiah,  Israel, 
John,  Cader  and  Jacob,  four  youngest  daughters,  Milicent,  Ruth, 
Rachel  and  Ann  Perry,  daughter  Priscilla  Twine,  my  eight  young- 
est children;  wife,  Philip  Perry  and  Thomas  Twine,  Exrs.  Test, 
Jacob  Perry,  Benj.  Perry,  Caleb  Wilson. 

Perry,  Jacob,  Mch.  4,  1775 ;  Oct.  Court  1777.  Sons  Jacob,  Is- 
rael and  Reuben,  daughter  Priscilla  Welch  (wife  of  Dempsey),  sons 
Dempsey  and  John,  daughter  Hepzibah  Stallings  (wife  of  Hardy), 
daughter  Ann  Winslow  (wife  of  Caleb),  grand-son  Isaac  Wilson 
(son  of  Isaac)  ;  wife  Ann,  Jacob  Perry,  Israel  Perry  and  Caleb 
Winslow,  Exrs.     Test,  Jacob  Lilly,  Joseph  Elliott. 

Perry,  Jacob,  St.,  Jany.  5,  1789 ;  July  Court  1790.  Wife  Mary, 
son  Miles,  daughters  Hepsebeth  and  Sarah,  daughters  Maria  Bunch 
and  Mary  Perry,  grand-daughter  Priscilla  Perry  (daughter  of 
Leah)  ;  son  Lawrence  and  Benjamin  Perry,  Exrs.  Test,  Jacob 
Riddick,  Jos.  Riddick,  Benj.  Perry. 

Perry,  Mary,  July  18,  1787;  Aug.  Term  1797.  Mother  Mary 
Perry,  cousin  Mary  Bunch,  cousins  John  Perry  and  Hannah  Bunch ; 
cousin  Jacob  Boyce,  brother  Lawrence  Perry,  Exrs.  Test,  Jesse 
Winslow,  Mary  Carwell. 

Pearson,  Joseph,  Nov.  3,  1784;  Jany.  Court  1785.  Heliot  El- 
liott; she  and  Caleb  White,  Exrs.  Test,  Mary  Elliott,  Job  Chap- 
pel,  Pritlow  Elliott. 

Pearson,  Eleazer,  Oct.  5,  1794 ;  May  Term  1795.  Child  in  esse, 
wife  Basheba,  my  daughters ;  Caleb  Elliott  and  Reuben  Perry,  Exrs. 
Test,  Wm.  Chappel,  Timothy  Jeasop. 

Phelps,  Benjamin,  Nov.  20,  1784;  Jany.  Court  1785.  Wife  Sa- 
rah,, children  Dorothy,  Margaret,  Sarah  and  Mary  Phelps ;  wife 
Wm.  White  and  ISTathan  Newby,  Exrs.  Test,  Thos.  Newby,  Eliz 

■  Phelps,  Sarah,  May  27,  1787;  July  Court  1787.  Children  Doro- 
thy, Margaret  and  Sarah;  Hugh  Knox  and  Wm.  Newbold,  Exrs. 
Test,  Mary  Newby,  Christian  Knox. 

Portlock,  Thomas,  Feb.  18,  1789;  April  Court  1789.  Lemuel 
Portlock  of  Virginia,  children  Mary  and  William  Portlock;  wife 
Catron,  Exx.     Test,  Wm.  Coppage,  Wm.  Stafford,  W.  ISTewbold. 

Pretlow,  Kesiah,  Aug.  22,  1790 ;  May  Term  1791.  Son  Thomas 
Nixon.     Test,  James  Nixon,  Samuel  Nixon. 

Park,  Nathan,  April  1,  1796;  May  Term  1796.  Brother  Humph- 
rey; brother  Joseph  Park,  Exr.  Test,  Ezekiel  Lain,  Sarah  Park, 

Reignor,  Richard,  Feb.  20,  1762 ;  Jany.  27,  1763.     Daughter  Sa- 

•*  ! 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

rah  Debnall,  son  Luke,  Susannah  Reignor,  sons  Richard  and 
Thomas,  daughters  Rachel  and  Mary ;  wife  Elizabeth  and  daughter 
Rachel,  Exxs.  Test,  Joseph  Murdaugh,  John  Trotter,  John 
Braine.    - 

Rodgerson,  Daniel,  Feb.  13,  1762 ;  April  Court  1762.  Sons 
David,  Daniel  and  Solomon,  daughters  Edith  and  Milderson,  sons 
Hezekiah  and  Josiah,  daughters  Elizabeth  and  Kesiah ;  wife,  Exx. 
Test,  Samuel  Farle,  Jacob  Powell.  Wm.  Lille. 

Robinson,  Thomas,  10th  day,  3rd  mo.,  1762;  June  9,  1763. 
Brother  Roland  Robinson,  friend  Huldah  Hill,  sister  Sarah  Morgan ; 
cousin  Thomas  Robinson  and  Wm.  Hill,  Exrs.  Test,  Wm.  Ward, 
Durant  Reed,  Joseph  Robinson. 

Robinson,  John,  Dee.   6,  1762 :  Apl.  IS,  1764.      Sons  John  and 

Thomas,  daughters  Jemima  and  Sarah,  daughters  Mary  White  and 

Miriam   Robinson,   son-in-la'w   Jonathan  White;   daughter  Jemima 

and  brother  Thomas  Robinson,  Exrs.     Test,  Jos.  Mayo,  Ann  Met- 

•  calf,  Mary  Mayo. 

Robinson,  Wm.,  4th,  7th  mo.,  17S5;  July  Court  1785.  Sons  Jo- 
seph, William  and  Josiah ;  brother-in-law  Aaron  Morris,  and  Josiah 
White,  Exrs.      Test,  Wm.  White.  Miriam  Morris,  Margaret  Jones. 

Robinson,  Thomas,  Aug.  13,  17S5;  July  Court  1785.'  Wife  Eliz- 
abeth, son  David,  nephews  Joseph  Williams  and  Josiah  Robinson, 
brother  William  Robinson ;  brother  Aaron  and  sister  Miriam  Morris, 
Exrs.      Test,  Zach  Xixon. 

*Reed,  Joseph,  April  3,  1765 ;  July  Court  1765.  Daughter  Mary 
Reed,  sons  Joseph,  John,  Christian,  Thomas  and  Benjamin,  Eliza- 
beth Budgate ;  wife  Elizabeth,  Exx.  Friend  Thomas  Nicholson, 
Trustee.      Test,  Wm.  Reed,  Daniel  Budgate,  James  Gibson. 

*Reed,  Durant,  March,  1767 ;  July  Court  1767.  Cousin  Richard 
Sanderson,  and  Tulle  Williams,  Exrs.  Xiece  Ann  Reed,  brother 
William  Reed,  cousin  Joseph  Whedbee,  cousins  Betsey  and  Lydia 
Sanderson,  Tulle  Williams,  Jr.,  Duke  Williams,  cousin  Benj.  Wil- 
liams.    Test,  John  Jennett,  John  Abdeel. 

*■ Joseph  Reed  was  the  brother  of  Christian  Reed  married  Mary  Durnnt  (great 
grand-daughter  of  Georsre  Durant  the  elder)  and  son  of  Governor  William  Reed  and 
wife  Christian;  he  married  Elizabeth  Durant,  sister  of  Ids  brother  Christian  Reed's 
wife.  His  son  Christian  moved  to  Bertie  county,  N.  C,  and  there  mariied  Marga- 
ret Jordan,  daughter  of  Joseph  Jordan  and  wife  Ru'li  Speight,  (daughter  of  Thomas 
Speight  and  wife  Mary).  The  Peaces  and  Kitrells,  of  Granville  county,  descended 
from  Christian  Reed  and  wife  Margaret  Jordan.  Elizabeth  Reed,  widow  of  Joseph 
Reed,  married  2nd  Thomas  Jar-ocks.  no  issue.  Ris  daughter,  Mxrv  Reed,  married 
Spencer  Ripley.  July  17th,  1770  Mrs.  Wm.  N'ixon,  of  E  City,  N.  C  ,  descended 
from  them  All  descendants  of  the  family  will  oblige  the  Editor  of  the  Register  by 
sending  a  copy  of  their  family  record  as  far  back  :is  they  may  have  it  His  grand- 
daughter Elizabeth,  (daughter  of  Joseph)  married  Wilson  Corprew.  Nov    24,  1790. 

**  Durant  Reed  was  the  son  of  Christian  Reed  and  wife  Mary  Durant,  great-grand- 
daughter of  George  Durant  the  elder — he  never  married  as  appears  from    his  will, 


Abstract  of  Wills.  185 


Reed,  Joseph,  Feb.  2,  1773;  July  Court  1774.  Wife  Ann, 
daughter  Elizabeth,  brother  John;  mother  Elizabeth  Jacocks  and 
brother  John  Reed,  Exrs.  Test,  Thomas  Reed,  Thos.  Stevenson, 
George  Chocke.  (Daughter  Elizabeth  married  Wilson  Corprew  'Nov. 
24,  1790.) 

Reed,  Benjamin,  Mch.  18,  1795;  May  Term  1795.  Wife  Mary, 
daughter  Susanna,  all  of  my  children;  Thos.  Stevenson  and  James 
'Sumner,  Exrs.     Test,  Col.  Thomas  Harvey,  Benj.  Albertson. 

*Reed,  William,  Oct.  7,  1799;  Feby.  Term  1800.  Wife  Alice, 
son  John  Hatch  Reed,  Ashbury  Sutton's  estate,  brother  Durant 
Reed,  Thomas  Stevenson  who  married  my  daughter  Sarah,  John 
Mullen  and  wife  Mary  (my  daughter),  son  George  Durant 
Reed,  sons  William  and  Tully  Williams  Reed,  son  Wilson  Reed, 
daughter  Rebecca  Reed,  grand-son  Wm.  Stevenson,  grand-son  Ash- 
bury Sutton,  grand-son  Wm.  Reed  Mullen,  grand-sons  Wm.  Reed 
Sutton  and  William  Reed ;  Rebecca's  sister  Elizabeth,  sons  George 
D.  Reed.  Tully  Williams  Reed  and  John  Hatch  Reed,  Exrs.  Test, 
John  Grantham,  John  Hosea. 

Riddick,  Mills,  Feby.  5,  1777;  April  Court  1777.  Children 
Henry,  Mills,  Nathaniel,  Elizabeth  and  David ;  Josiah  Riddick, 
Jesse  Eason,  Jacob  Hunter  and  David  Rice,  Exrs.  Test,  Ann  Rid- 
dick, Amelia  Wright  Riddick,  Jesse  Eason. 

Riddick,  Jacob,  June  24,  1797:  Xov.  Term  1799.  Sons  Willis 
and  William,  daughter  Absolah  White,  daughter  Christian  Hudson ; 
wife  Sarah,  sons  Willis  and  Gabriel  White,  Exrs.  Test,  Obadiah 
Boswell,  John  Barrow,  Sarah  Barrow. 

Roberts,  Mary,  10th,  2nd  mo.,  1785;  July  Court  178,6.  Sons 
Joshua,  Solomon  and  Charles  Roherts,  daughter  Rachel,  eldest  chil- 
dren, Solomon,  William  and  Benjamin  Roberts,  daughters  Mary 
Pierce  and  Sarah  Boswell;  sons  William  and  Benjamin,  Exrs.  Test, 
Levi  Murden,  Dempsey  Henby,  Jos.  Small. 

was  about  22  or  23  years  old.  William  Reed  was  his  only  brother  and  it  appears 
that  he  had  no  sisters  who  lived  to  maturity.  We  are  exceedingly  anxious  to  secure 
all  the  records  we  can  of  the  Reed  family,  persons  interested  will  kindly  send  a  copy 
of  their  records:  we  have  quite  amass  of  information,  but  several  branches  are 
missing;  it  will  take  but  a  short  time  to  copy  them  and  their  possession  will  enable 
us  to  place  the  family  in  proper  order,  so  that  their  descendants  can  have  a  copy. 

*  William  Reed  was  the  eldest  son  of  Christian  Reed  and  wife  Mary  Durant,  (great 
granddaughter  of  Geo.  Durant.  (the  elder)  Hnd  grand-son  of  Governor  Wm.  Reed 
and  wife  Christian;  who  succeeded  Thos  Pollock  as  Governor  and  served  until  the 
arrival  of  Governor  Burrington  in  1724  He  married,  1st,  Penelope  Williams,  daugh- 
ter of  Tulle  Williums  and  wife  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Hatch  (widow  of  Anthony  Hatch, 
Jr.  son  of  Anthony  Hntch  and  wife  Elizabeth  Durant)  All  of  his  children  except 
son  Wilson  and  daughter  Rebecca  are  by  the  1st  marriage;  he  married,  2nd,  Alice 

.     George  Durant  Reed   the  son  of  William  Reed  and  wife  Penelope  married, 

1st,  Wipifred  Bryan  (daughter  of  Edward  Bryan  and  wife  Martha  West),and  2nd, 
Mary  Van  Pelt,  daughter  of  Daniel  Van  Pelt,  of  Hertford  county,  N.  C. 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

Rogers,  Ezekiel,  Jany.  24,  1781 ;  Jany.  Court  1787.  Wife  Mary 
and  my  children.     Test,  Ben.  Phelps,  John  Rogers. 

RatlifT,  Joseph,  Mch.  6,  1787;  July  Court  1787.  Daughters 
Elizabeth,  Mary,  Peninah  and  Catharine,  brother  Thomas,  wife  Sa- 
rah; brother  Cornelius  Ratliff  and  Benj.  Albertson,  Exrs. 

Raper,  Enoch,  Dec.  24,  1782 ;  July  Court  1789.     Children  Luke. 
Robinson  and  Fanny;  Henry  Raper  (son  of  Esau.),  brother  John 
Raper  and  sons  Luke  and  Robinson,   Exrs.     Test,   Jos,   McAdam, ; 
Parthenia  Jackson,  Ruth  Elliott, 

Raper,  John,  Nov.  2,  1789 ;  Jany.  Term  1791.  Wife  Margaret, 
son  John,  daughters  Priscilla,  Penelope  and  Grace,  daughter  Eliza- 
beth Batem  an ;  son  Henry  and  son-in-law  Thomas  Bateman,  Exrs. 
Test,  John  Hodge,  Frances  Leigh. 

Robins,  John,  Oct.  19,  1792 ;  Nov.  Term  1792.  Grand-children 
John  Graham  Robbins,  Wm.  Robbins  and  Mary  Robbins,  daughters 
Eliza  Trafire,  Mary  Gordon  and  Margaret  Booth ;  son  Barkfin  Rab- 
bins, wife  Rachel  and  son  John,  Exrs.  Test,  Wm.  Standin,  Job 

Sutton,  Joseph,  Jany.  11,  1763 ;  July  9,  1763.  Sons  George  and 
Joseph,  daughters  Parthenia  and  Elizabeth  Sutton,  grand-son 
Thomas  Sutton,  daughter  Elizabeth ;  son  Thomas,  brother  Richard 
Whedbee  and  son  George,  Exrs.  Test,  Richard  Ratliff,  Wm.  Wood, 
Wm.  Barber. 

'Sutton,  Samuel,  Jan.  3,  1764;  Augt.  4,  1764.  Wife  Sarah,  son 
Samuel,  daughter  Mary,  sons  John  and  George ;  brother  Wm.  Rob- 
ins, friend  Charles  Blount,  Tulle  Williams  and  Andrew  Knox,  Exrs. 
Test,  John  Clayton,  John  Whedbee,  Jos.  Sutton.   % 

Sutton,  Sarah  (widow  of  Joseph),  Feby.  6,  1772;  April.  Court 
1772.  Mother  Mary  Sutton,  son-in-law  Benjamin  Sutton,  chil- 
dren Ashberry,  Ellsberry,  Elizabeth  and  Lemuel  Sutton ;  Benjamin 
Sutton  and  Wm.  Skinner,  Exrs.  Thomas  Nicholson,  Trustee.  Test, 
Henry  Williamson,  Jos.  Clayton. 

Sutton,  Joseph,  Nov.  6,  1772;  Jany.  Court  1773.  Wife  Mary/ 
sons  Nathaniel  and  Thomas,  daughter  Deborah ;  brother  Thomas 
Moss,  Jos.  Perisho,  Thomas  Whedbee  and  Francis  Penrice,  Exrs. 
Test,  Thomas  Nichols,  Samuel  Barclift,  Jos.  Clayton. 

Sutton,  Joseph,  June  6,  1771 ;  Oct.  Court  1771.  Sons  Joseph, 
Benjamin,  Ashberry,  Ellsberry  and  Lemuel,  daughter  Elizabeth; 
sons  Benjamin  and  Joseph,  Exrs.  Test,  Thomas  Stevenson,  Mary 

Sutton,  Mary,  Nov.  7,  1772 ;  July  Court  1774.  Grand-sons  Ash- 
berry and  Ellsberry  Sutton,  grand-daughter  Elizabeth  Sutton ;  Jo- 
seph Sutton,  Exr.     Test,  George  Chocke,  Sibil  Chocke. 

Sutton,  Sarah,  Mch.  21,  1777;  April  Court  1777.     Grand-daugh- 

i  . 




Abstract  of  Wills.  187 

ter  Sarah  Sutton;  Joseph  Ratliff  and  Aaron  Moore,  Exrs.     Teat, 
Cornelius  Moore,  Amy  Sutton. 

Sutton,  Ashherry,  Oct,  22,  1790;  Feb.  Term  1793.  Sons  Jo- 
seph, William  Reed  Sutton,  and  Benjamin,  daughters  Penelope, 
Elizabeth  and  Ann,  sister  Elizabeth  Davis;  wife  Ann,  William  Reed, 
Thomas  Stephenson  and  Joshua  Skinner,  Exrs.  Test,  Jos.  Barclift. 
Elizabeth  Reed.    . 

Sutton,  Joseph,  Dec.  31,  1793;  Eeby.  Term  1794.  Daughter 
Rachel  ISTewby  (wife  of  Francis),  daughter  Elizabeth  Andrews,  son 
James, .  daughters  Parthenia  Standin  and  Sarah  Norcom,  grand- 
son Henderson  Standin,  grand-daughter  Mary  Sutton,  Tamar  Tow, 
(daughter  of  Deborah  Tow),  Benjamin  Tow  (son  of  Deborah)  ;  son 
James  and  son-in-law  Lemuel  Standin,  Exrs.  Test,  Geo.  Sutton, 
Levi  Miinrlen. 

Sutton,  Greenbury,  Dec.  1,  1794;  Feb.  Term  1795.  Daughter 
Martha,  my  mother's  children,  John,  Sarah,  Thamar,  Elizabeth  and 
Ann  Sutton ;  James  Sumner  and  Seth  Whedbee,  Exrs.  Test,  John 
Hodges,  Lamuel  Whedbee. 

Shearwood,   Jonathan,   Jr.,    Sept.    17,   1757;   July   Court   1765. 
.  Father  Jonathan  Shearwood,  sister  Leah  Anderson,  cousin  Penina 
Anderson ;  father,  Exr.      Test,  Saml.  Sutton,  Thomas  Elliott. 

Sherod,  Jonathan,  Apl.  17,  1769 ;  April  Court  1769.  Cousin  Sa- 
rah Barber,  grand-daughter  Peninah  Anderson ;  Ann  Barber  and 
Jacob  Willson,  Exrs.  "My  will  is  that  neither  lawyer  nor  jury  pre- 
vent the  true  intent  and  meaning  thereof."  Test,  Wm.  Weston, 
Wm.  Gordain. 

Standin,  Edward,  Nov.  3,  1765 ;  July  Court  1766.  My  brothers 
and  sister,  Samuel,  William  and  Penelope  Standin,  whom  I  also  ap- 
point my  Exrs.  Test,  Joshua  Skinner,  Christopher  Collins,  Mar- 
garet Collins. 

Standin,  Samuel,  Meh.  16,  1778;  July  Court  1779.  Daughter 
Sarah,  wife,  son  Samuel;  Richard  Whedbee  and  Frederick  ISTor- 
com, Exrs.     Test,  Wm.  Standin,  Eliz  Standin.  > 

Stallings,  Nicholas,  May  10,  1758;  Mch.  9,  1768.  Sons  Nicho- 
las and  John,  wife  Christian,  daughters  Elizabeth,  Mary,  Rachel 
and  Charity  Stallings;  wife  and  son  Nicholas,  Exrs.  Test,  Robt. 
Riddick,  John  White,  Samuel  Perry.  . 

Stallings,  Elias,  Nov.  29,  1778 ;  July  Court  1785.  Sons  Elias, 
John,  Reuben,  Luke,  John,  Jesse,  Cader  and  Solomon,  daughters 
Priscilla  Stallings,  Elizabeth  Webb,  Mary  Colley, .  Sarah  Forehand, 
Zilpha  Lee.  and  Penina  Stallings ;  sons  Reuben, .  Luke  •  and  Jesse, 
Exrs.     Test,  Ezekiel  Hollowell,  Jacob  White. 

Stallings,  Simon,  Jany.  12,  1776;  Oct.  Court  1788.  Daughters 
Ruth  Bagley,  Ann  Riddick,  Mary  King,  Elizabeth  Stallings  and 
Christian  Lilly,   sons  Simon,   Seth   and  Daniel;   wife  and  Joseph 



'..  <-\ 



Abstract  of  Wills. 

Riddick,   Exrs.        Test,   Robert  Riddick,   Sr.,   Robt.  Riddick,   Jr.; 
Cbristian  Riddick. 

Stallings,  Luke,  Dec.  24,  1798;  Feby.  Term  1799.  Brother 
Richard  Stallings,  son  Mills,  sister  Priscilla,  daughter  Rhoda,  broth- 
ers John  and  Solomon,  Mary  Boge,  Palatiah  and  Job  Stallings,  Mary 
Colley's  children  Priscilla  and  Sarah,  Zilpha's  children  Jesse,  Pe- 
ninah  and  Solomon  Stallings;  brother  Jesse  Stallings.  Exr.  Test, 
Ard  White,  Jas.  Hollowell,  Eliz  Hollowell. 

Stallings,  Daniel,  April  17,  1800;  May  Term  1S00.  Daughter 
Mary,  sons  Palatiah,  Henry,  Simon  and  Joseph,  wife  Melison, 
daughter  Saliliah,  brother  Simon;  Joseph  Riddick  and  Palatiah 
Stallings,  Exrs.     Test,  Will  King,  Reuben  Riddick,  Betsey  Bayley. 

Sitterson,  James,'  Feb.  7,  1768;  April  Court  176S.  Son  Isaac, 
dec'd  father  James  Sitterson,  cousin  Wm.  Phelps,  daugi  -s  Ann, 
Hannah,  Mary,  Rachel,  Sarah  and  Ann  Sitterson ;  wife  Mar)  Benj. 
Harvey  and  Joshua  Skinner,  Exrs.  Test,  Jacob  Willson,  Sam'l 
Sitterson,  Wm.  Davis,  Joshua  Long. 

Saunders,  Richard,  Dec.  4,  1769 ;  Apl.  Court  1770.  Son  John, 
daughters  Elizabeth  and  Mary,  grand-daiighter  Lydia  Saunders; 
Ihos.  Pierce  and  cousin  John  Saunders  (son  of  Abraham),  Exrs. 
Test,  Zach  Nixon,  Joshua  Moore,  Jonathan  Phelps. 

Saunders,  Isaac,  Nov.  3,  1770;  April  Court  1771.  Wife  Mary; 
Ann  and  John  Skinner,  Exrs.  Test,  Thos.  Bullock,  Hannah  Sitta- 

Saunders,  Benjamin,  Dec.  14,  1774;  Jany.  Court  1775.  Daugh- 
ter Sarah,  sons  William,  Josiah  and  Joshua,  wife  Margaret ;  brother 
John  Sanders  and  Caleb  White,  Exrs.  Test,  Leah  Smith,  Lydah 

Sanders,  John,  Sept.  25,  1775;  April  Court  1777.  Son  John, 
daughters  Miriam,  Mary,  Sarah,  Elizabeth  and  Pherebee  Sanders; 
wife  Elizabeth,  brother  Benj.  Saunders,  Joshua  Skinner  and  Wm. 
White,  Exrs.     Test,  W.  Skinner,  Josiah  Murdaugh. 

Saunders,  Benjamin,  Dec.  12,  1794;  Feby.  Term  1795.     Daugh- 
ters Charlotte  White  and  Anna  Hinton,  son  Abraham,  grand-daugh- 1 
ter  Achsah -White  (daughter  of  Nancy  White),  daughter  Penelope, 
Saunders,  sons  Thomas,  John  and  Benjamin,  daughter  Mary  Saun- 
ders; wife  Mary  and  Jesse  Barber,  Exrs.     Test,  Wm.  Skinner,  W. 
Roberts,  Wm.  Gilbert, 

Sanders,  Benjamin,  20th,  12th  mo.,  1799;  Feby.  Term  1800.  Son 
Jacob  and  daughters  Betty,  Rachel,  Pheribee  and  Rebecca;  brother; 
John    Sanders   and   brother-in-law   Jacob  Winslow,     Exrs.       Test, 
Exum  Newby,  Restore  Lamb. 

Swann,  Mary,  Nov.  25,  1770;  April  Court  1771.  Grand-daugh- 
ters Mary,  Margaret  and  Deborah  Clayton  and  Margaret  and  Sarah 

;  !S 

Abstract  of  Wills. 


Harrison,  grand-children  Samuel  Whedbee,  Sarah  Whedbee  and 
John  Ellergood;  Eichard  Sanderson,  Charles  Blount  and  Edmund 
Blount,  Exrs.     Test,  Wm.  Jennett,  Sarah  Pointer. 

Saint,  Daniel,  April  Court  1772.  Son  Daniel.  Test,  Francis 
Nixon,  Thomas  Saint,  Josiah  Elliott, 

Saint,  Elizabeth,  12th,  5th  mo.,  1778 ;  Apl.  Court  1779.  Grand- 
daughters Margaret  and  Elizabeth  Phelps,  son  Daniel  Saint,  daugh- 
ters Elizabeth,  Gulielma  and  Rachel  Saint ;  Ealph  Eletcher,  Josiah 
White  and  Jos.  Ratliff  to  divide  estate;  Matthew  and  Caleb  White, 
Exrs.     Test,  Ralph  Eletcher,  Hannah  Moor,  Jos.  Ratliff. 

Sanders,  Thomas,  8th  day,  3rd  mo.,  1789 ;  April  Court  1789.  My 
brothers  and  sisters  Richard,  Anne,  Hannah,  John  and  Benjamin 
Sanders,  Joseph  Perisho  and  Aaron  Cosand,  Exrs.  Test,  B.  Albert- 

Stoakes,  John,  Jan.  1,  1772 ;  July  Court  1772.  Son  Thomas, 
daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter-in-law  Hannah  Maudlin ;  John  and 
Joseph*  Whedbee,   Exrs.     Test,   Jeremiah  Mandlin. 

Stevenson,  Thomas,  Feb.  21,  1773;  April  Court  1774.  Son 
Thomas,  daughter  Parthenia,  half-brother  Hugh  Stevenson,  nephew 
John  Stevenson,  Sarah  Elliott  (daughter  of  Elizabeth  Overman,  for- 
merly Elliott)  ;  wife  Mary,  Joshua  Skinner  and  William  Reed, 
Exrs.     Test,  Thomas  Reed,  Leevon  Jackson,  Wm.  Humphreys. 

Stevenson,  Elizabeth,  Sept.  15,  1799;  Feby.  Court  1800."  Anne 
Hendrix,  Mehitabel  Stevenson,  Ann  Stevenson,  sons  Thomas,  James 
and  Benjamin  Stevenson;  Thomas  and  James  Stevenson,  Exrs.  Test, 
Miles  Turner,  Fanny  Mullen,  Sarah  Turner. 

Skinner,  Joshua,  Jany.  28,  1774 ;  Jany.  Court  1777.  Wife  Sa- 
rah six  spoons  marked  P.,  sons  Joshua  and  John,  daughter  Mary 
Skinner,  Samuel  Nichols  (son  of  George),  cousin  Joshua  Skinner, 
brother  Wuliam  Skinner ;  Wm.  White,  Benjamin  Harvey  and  son 
Joshua,  Exrs.  John,  "Miles  and  Thomas  Harvey,  Trustees.  Test, 
Miles  Harvey,  Ben  Harvey,  Joshua  Wyatt,  Eleazer  Creecy. 

Skinner,  Samuel,  Feb.  10,  1781;  Oct.  Court  1781-9.  Sons 
Jame;.,  Jonathan,  Evan  and  Nathan,  daughter  Miriam,  Fred'k  and 
Edward  Halsey  (sons  of  John),  son  Richard,  wife  Sarah;  sons 
Richard  and  James  and  brother  William  Skinner,' Exrs.  Test,  W. 
Skinner,  W.  G.  Skinner.  • 

Skinner,  James,  May  16,  1786;  July  Court  1786.  Wife  Ann, 
sons  Joseph,  Joshua  and  Benjamin,  daughters  Priscilla,  Mary,  Ann 
and  Lydia ;  Wm.  White  and  cousin  John  Skinner,  Exrs.  Test,  Fred. 
Halsey,  Elizabeth  Halsey. 

Skinner,  Richard,  Jimy.  4,  1792 ;  Feby.  Court  1792.  Daughters 
Mary  and  Rachel,  sons  James  and  Josiah,  daughters  Sarah  and 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

Elizabeth ;  wife  and  John  Skinner,  Exrs.     Test,  Fred.  Halsey,  Wm. 

Skinner,  General  William,  Aug.  15,  1797;  Feb.  Term  1798.  Wife 
Dorothy,  William  and  Caroline  Skinner  (children  of  my  wife  Doro- 
thy), daughter  Penelope  Creecy,  grand-daughter  Nancy  Cotton, 
grand-daughter  Dolly  Cotton  (now  Blount),  son-in-law  Lemuel 
Creecy,  nephew  John  Skinner,  daughter  Elizabeth  Cotton,  daughter 
Lavinia  Skinner  (now  Harvey)  ;  Joshua  Skinner,  John  Harvey, - 
Lemuel  Creecy,  William  Creecy,  Wm.  Wneaton,  Charles  and  Wil- 
liam Blount,  Exrs.  Test,  W.  Newbold,  Stephen  Skinner,  Charles 

Stanton,  Elijah,  April  8,  1777 ;  May  28,  1779.  Henry  and  Eliza- 
beth Baper  (children  of  John),  son  Thomas;  Wm.  Jackson,  Samuel 
Jackson,  wife  Margaret,  John  Baper  and  Thomas  Stanton,  Exrs. 
Test,  William  Arnold,  Wm.  Jackson. 

Stanton,  Thomas,  July  31,  1779;  April  2,  1784  (Becorded). 
Nephew  Thomas  Stanton  (son  of  John),  wife  Tomasin,  niece  Mary 
Stanton  (daughter  of  John)  ;  nephew  John  Stanton  and  Thomas 
Stanton,  Exrs.     Test,  Thomas  Bobinson,  Wm.   Boberts. 

Stanton,  John,  3rd  day,  6th  mo.,  1799;  Aug.'  Term  1799.  Son 
John,  wife  Miriam,  wife's  grand-daughter  Martha  Colson  (young- 
est child  of  Gilbert  Colson)  ;  son  Thomas,  Jesse  Perry  and  William 
Hollowell,  Exrs.     Test,  L.  Munden,  John  Boberts,  Nancy  Turner. 

Stafford,  John,  Nov.  19,  1783;  Apl.  23rd,  1784.  Sons  Alexan- 
der, William  and  John,  daughter  Mary ;  wife  Ann  and  Alex.  Staf- 
ford, Exrs.     Test,  W.  Newbold,  W.  M.  Barber. 

Stafford,  Thomas,  Oct,  16,  1789;  Feb.  Court  1793.  Sons  Lem- 
uel, William  and  Joseph,  daughter  Sarah  Long,  heirs  of  my  son 
John,  wife  Mary;  son  Thomas,  Exr.  Test,  Henry  Baper,  John 

Sumner,  Seth,  Dec.  30,  1782 ;  April  Court  1787.  Sons  James 
and  Thomas,  daughter  Mary  Sumner;  son  James  and  Thomas  Bob- 
inson, Exrs.  Test,  Sarah  Batliff,  Jos;  •Bailiff,  Nathan  Pearce, 
Abram  Pearce.         •  .■  ■"."■"      :  ■■' 

Skillings,-  William,  20th,  3rd  mo.,  1789;' April  Court  1789. 
Daughter  Ann;  wife  Sarah,  Exx.      Test,. Robert  Avery;  John  Moore. 

Smith,  Samuel,  6th,  8th  mo.,  1782 ;  April  Court  1789:  Sons  Job 
and  Josiah,  daughters  Lydia  Smith,  Sarah  Parker,  Millicent  Smith, 
Leah  Elliott,  Rachel  Elliott  and  Nancy  Smith ;  wife  Leah  and  son 
Job,  Exrs.     Test,  Joseph  White,  Caleb  White,  Leah  Saunders. 

Smith,  John,  5th  day,  12th  mo.,  1797;  Feb.  Court  1798,  Son 
Hosea,  daughters  Sarah  and  Levey  Lamb,  son  John,  daughters  Betty 
and  Polly  Smith;  son  Maximillian,  wife  and  Exum  NewbyyExrs. 
Test,  Josiah  Elliott,  Mary  White.  .  .  -  ■  '.i 



Abstract  of  Wills. 


Sears,  Ann,  July  9,  1784;  July  Court  1789.  John  Wright, 
daughter  Sarah  Sutton,  brother  Cornelius  Morris's  children ;  brother 
Cornelius  Morris  and  Zebulon  Saunders,  Exrs.  Test,  Cader  Morris, 
Zebulon  Snowden. 

Scott,  Severn,  Feb.  12,  1799;  May  Term  1799.  Son. Henry, 
daughter-in-law  Mary  (wife  of  son  Henry),  heirs  of  Zarth  and  Sa- 
rah Bunch.     Test,  Rebeckah  Bunch,  Sarah  Bunch. 

Stone,  Moses,  28th,  1st  mo,  1791;  May  Court  1791.  Son  Moses, 
grand-son  Jonathan  Stone,  wife  Lydia ;  John  Jones-and  Joseph  Cox, 
Exrs.     Test,  Phineas  Albertson,  Jos.  Lacey,  Cornelius  Moore 

Stone,  Lydia,  May  20,  1791;  Nov.  Term  1793.  Son-in-law  Moses 
Stone,  Sarah  Stone;  son  Joseph  Parker,  Exr.  Test,  Joseph  Lacey, 
Win.  Lacey. 

Saint,  Daniel,  23rd  day,  12th  mo.,  1792 ;  Feb.  Term  1793.  Wife 
Margaret,  son  Thomas,  daughter  Mary ;  father-in-law  Joseph  Jones 
and  Benj.  Albertson,  Exrs.  Test,  Jos.  Moore,  Mark  JNTewby. 
^ownsen,  William,  Feb.  16,  1766;  April  Court  1767.  Son  Wil- 
liam, daughters  Rachel,  Betty,  Ann  Wright  and  Sarah  Elliott,  wife 
Rachel;  Robert  Xewby  and  John  White  (son  of  Joseph),  Exrs. 
Test,  Jacob  Wilson,  Obadiah  Winslow.  ■     ■ 

Townsend,  William,  1st,  1st  mo.,  1784 ;  Apl.  Court  1785.  Sons 
Josiah,  William  and  Charles ;  wife  Elizabeth  and  father-in-law  Wm. 
White,  brother  Caleb  Winslow  and  Josiah  White,  Exrs.  Test,  Ca- 
leb Winslow,  Ann  Winsow. 

Trotter,  John,  30th  day,  11th  mo.,  1765 ;  Feby.  29,  1768.  Mother 
Millicent  Murdaugh,  cousin  Thomas  Trotter  of  Nansemond  Co., 
Va.,  cousins  Ann  and  Elizabeth  Trotter  (daughter  of  Thomas) 
father  Amijah  Trotter's  estate;  Gulielma  White  (wife  of  Joseph), 
Judah  Hollowell,  Thomas  jSTewby  and  Francis  Nixon,  Exrs.  Test, 
Thos.  Xicolson,  John  Taylor,  Wm.  Bond. 

Turner,  John,-  Aug.  27,  1770 ;  Oct.  Court  1770.  Sons  Timothy, 
John  and  Joshua,  daughters  Dorcas  and  Sarah  Turner,  wife  Sarah ; 
Abraham  Mullen  and  Thomas  Godfrey,  Exrs.  Testy  Wm.  Coleson, 
Abel  Elliott,  Wm.'  Thomas. 

Turner,  Abraham,  Dec.  11,  177L;  Apl.  Court  4774.  Sons  Wil- 
liam, Ezekiel,  Benjamin  and  Miles,  daughters  Ann,  Mary,  Miriam 
and  Milea  Turner;  wife  Miriam  and  brother  Joseph  Turner,  Exrs. 
Test,  Abraham  Mullen,  Dempsey  Turner. 

Turner,  Dempsey,  Feby.  5r  1782;  ;Apl.  23,  1784.  Eldest  son 
George,,  youngest  son  Dempsey ;  wife  Sarah  and  brother  Joseph  Tur- 
ner, Exrs.     Test,  Miriam  Colson,  Jos'. 'McAdam,  Fanny  Turner. 

Turner,  Joshua,  Dec.  11,  1794 ;  Aug.  Court  1795.  Child  in  esse, 
wife  Mary;  Josiah  Albertson,  Exr. ;  Test,  John  > Hodges,  Sarah 
Turner,  Xellie  Coleson.  '.'•'-     '•>   ■'•     *    " 




Abstract  op  Wills. 

Turner,  Ann,  Dec.  23,  1799;  Feb.  Term  1800.  Brother  Henry 
Turner,  cousin  Joseph  Turner,  son  Hawkins  Turner,  sisters  Eliza- 
beth and  Martha  Hodges ;  James  Sumner,  Exr.  Test,  John  Mullen, 
Martha.  Turner. 

Toms,  Francis,  11th  day,  11  mo.,  1770 ;  July  Court  1771.  Sons 
Zachariah  and  Caleb,  daughters  Rebecca  White  and  Elizabeth  Toms; 
son-in-law  Jos.  JVIcAdarh,  sons  Zachariah  and  Caleb,  Exrs.  Test, 
Mark  iSTewby,  Ralph  Fletcher. 

Toms,  Zachariah,  14th  day,  11th  mo.,  1773;  April  Court  1774. 
Wife  Margaret,  sons  Francis  and  William,  daughters  Rebecca  and 
Margaret,  daughter  Elizabeth  Tow ;  wife  and  brothers-in-law  Joseph 
and  Caleb  White,  Exrs.     Test,  Caleb  Toms,  Martha  Winslow. 

Toms,  Foster,  Jany.  22,  1779 ;  April  1,  1779.  Sons  Joshua, 
John,  Gosby  and  Foster,  daughter  Martha;  wife  and  sons  Joshua 
and  John,  Exrs.  •  Test,  Zach  Toms,  John  Anderson,  Abram  Wilson, 
also  grand-son  Francis  Toms  Newby. 

Toms,  Martha,  Feby.  5,  1794;  Feby.  Court  1794.  Sons  John 
and  Foster,  grand-son  John  Toms  (son  of  Joshua),  grand-son  Francis 
Newby  (son  of  Francis),  grand-son  Zachariah  Toms  (sou  of  Gosby), 
grand-son  Jpshua  Toms  (son  of  Gosby)  ;  sons  John  and  Foster,  Exrs. 
Test,  Zachariah  Nixon. 

Toms,  Foster,  Mch.  20,  1793;  May  Court  1794.  Sons  Joseph 
and  Samuel,  wife  Elizabeth,  brothers  John  and  Gosby  Toms ;  cousins 
Francis  Newby  and  John  Toms,  Jr.  My  two  brothers  and  cousin 
John  Toms,  Jr. 

Thornton,  Mary,  Jany  25,  1773;  Jany.  Court  1777.  -  Daughter 
Elizabeth  Park,  grand-daughter  Rachel  Park,  son  Reuben  Wilson, 
grand-son  Josiah  Wilson,  daughter  Mary  Harrell,  grand-daughter 
Penina  Harrell,  son  Joseph  Thornton,  my  2nd  husband  Joseph  Wil- 
son;  Mark  Newby  and  Jacob  Wilson,  Exrs.  Test,  Rachel  Wilson, 
Jesse  Copeland,  Peninah  Copeland. 

Thach,   Green,  May   18,   1780;  Apl.   2,   1784.     Wife  Elizabeth, 
sons  Joseph,   Spencer   and   Leaven,   daughters  Nelah   and   Esther; 
Joshua  Long  and  Jonathan  Skinner,  Exrs.     Test,  Lem'l  Long,  Sa-. 
rah  Cale.  ' 

Thach,  Thomas,  Mch.  9,  1792 ;  May  Court  1792.  My  wife  and 
children ;  children  Joshua,  Henderson,  Stephen  and  Thomas.  Test, 
Spencer  Thach,  Wm.  Jones,  Jr.   ' 

Taylor,  John,  Nov.  10,  1791;  Nov.  Court  1791.     Wife,  son  Wil-j 
Ham,  daughters  Rachel  and  Ann ;  William  and   Samuel  Jackson, 
Exrs.     Test,  Wm.  Arnold,  Abram  Raper. 

Twine,  John,  May  13,  1781;  April  24,  1784.  Daiighter  Eliza- 
beth Perry,  sons  Jesse,  Aaron,  John  andElisha,  wife  Pleasant,  son 
Thomas  Jacob  Gordon,  Thomas  Twine,  Jesse  Twine  and  Abraham 

Abstract  of  Wills. 


Twine,  Exrs.      Test,  JosepH  Perry,  Abraham  Eiddick,  Jesse  Wins- 

White  Thomas,  Sept,  15,  1761;  Jany.  Court  1762.  Sons  Benja- 
min, Joshua,  Joseph,  Thomas,  John,  Matthew  and  Caleb,  daughters 
Mary  Winslow  and  Sarah  White,  grand-daughters  Sarah  and  Mary 
Pritchard  (children  of  daughter  Elizabeth)  ;  sons  Thomas  and  Ben- 
jamin, _ Exrs.      Test,  Thomas  Xewby,  Mary  Pritchard,  Israel  Perry. 

White,  John,  June  20,  1771 ;  Jany.  Court  1772.  Sons  Silas, 
John,  Jordan,  Jesse  and  James,  daughters  Abigail  Winslow,  Lydia 
White  and  Eachel  White,  sons  Jacob,  Benjamin  and  Charles;  wife 
Eachel  and  son  Silas,  Exrs.  Test,  Benj.  White,  Thos.  White,  Ja- 
cob Eiddick. 

White,  William,  May  10,  1772;  Aug.  IS,  1772.  Sons  Joseph, 
William  and  Josiah,  daughters  Elizabeth  Jordan,  Margaret  Toms 
and  Sarah  White ;  wife  Margaret  and  sons  Joseph  and  William, 
Exrs.      Test,  Jos.  Wilson,  E.   jS""ewby,  Thos.  Moor. 

White,  John,  Aug.  15,  1774;  Oct.  Court  1771.  Sons  Francis, 
John,  Samuel,  Thomas  and  Joseph,  wife  Lydia,  daughters  Dorothy 
and  Pleasant;  wife  and  brother  Thomas  White,  Exrs.  Tesr,  Caleb 
White,  Benjamin  White. 

White,  Samuel,  19th  day,  1st  mo.,  1779;  April  Court  1779. 
Youngest  sons  Gabriel  and  Joshua,  sons  William,  Benjamin  and 
Arnold,  wife  Hepsibee ;  Henry  White  and  Levi  Munden,  Exrs.  Test, 
Zadock  Boswell,  Henry  Boswell.  . 

White,  William,  Oct.  16,  1782;  April  2,  1781.  Brother  Arnold; 
my  brothers,  sisters  and  mother.     Test,  Henry  White. 

'White,  Miles,  7th  day,  ,1st  mo.,  1788 ;  April  Court  1788^     Sisters 
Orpah,  Elizabeth  and  Miriam  White,  brother  Xathan  White,  broth- 
ers Seth  and  Jonathan  Sumner,  sister-in-law  Sarah  White ;  brother 
Seth  White  and  uncle  Benjamin  White,  Exrs.    Test,  John  Saunders,' 
Eachel  Winslow,  Benj.  White. 

White,  Matthew,  22nd  day,  11th  mo.,  1787 ;  April  Court  1788. 
Sons  Benjamin,  Nathan,  Stephen  and  George,  daughters  Millicent 
White  and  Mary  White ;  wife  Mary,  son  Benjamin,  brother  Caleb 
White  and  Francis  White,  Exrs.  Test,  Josiah  Elliott,  Josiah  Jor- 

White,  Joshua,  16th,  9th  mo.,  1782  ;  April  25,  1784.  Sons  Jacob, 
Zachariah  and  Joshua,  daughters  Mourning,  Mary  and  Elizabeth 
White,  daughter  Margaret  Moore ;  wife  Mary  and  son-in-law  Samuel 
Moor,  Exrs.     Test,  E.  Eiddick,  Philip  Perry,  Hugh  Griffin. 

White,  Margaret,   21st  clay,   5th  mo.,   1778;  Jany.   Court  1790. 
Sons  William  and  Josiah,  grand-datighter  Margaret  White,  daughter  - 
Margaret  Jones,  grand-daughters  Eebecca,  Margaret  and  Elizabeth 



!   .  •>' 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

Toms,  daughter  Sarah  Robinson,  grand-children  Edward,  Millicent, 
Elizabeth  and  Sarah  White,  grand-sons  Robert  and  William  Jordan, 
igiand-daughter  Margaret  Jordan,  niece  Ann  Elliott,  grand-son  Jesse 
White  (children  of  son  Joseph)  ;  sons  William  and  Josiah,  .Exrs. 
Test,  William  Bond,  Job  Bond,  Exum  ISTewby. 

White,  William,  23rd,  1st  mo.,  1795;  May  Term  1795.  Son 
Jesse,  daughter  Elizabeth  Xewby,  son  William,  daughter  Pleasant 
Xewby,  sons  Joseph  and  Thomas ;  sons  Jesse  and  William,  Exrs. 
Test,  Josiah  White,  Barns  Bagley,  Ephraim  Bagley. 

White,  Caleb,  1795 ;  May  Terra  1795.  Sons  Francis,  Toms,  Ca- 
leb, James,  Josiah  and  Elisha,  daughters  Penina  Pritchard  and  Re- 
becca Albert-son,  daughters  Mary  and  Betty  White;  wife  Rebecca, 
sons  Francis  and  Caleb,  Exrs.  Test,  Wm.  Skinner,  Caleb  Wins- 
'  White,  William,  4th  day,  2nd  mo.,  1796;  May  Term  1796.  Wife 
Mary,  sons  Townsend  and  Charlton,  all  my  children ;  brother  Jesse 
White,  Exr.     Test,  Josiah  White,  Thos.  White,  Pleasant  ISTewby. 

White,  Anna,  7th  day,  9th  mo.,  1796  ;  Nov.  Court  1796.  My  half- 
sisters  and  brothers,  viz.,  Elizabeth,  Rachel,  Ruth,  Jesse,  Abigail  and 
Benoni  White,  brother  Joshua  White,  my  brothers  and  sisters,  viz., 
Martha  Saunders,  Benjamin.  Josiah  and  Parthenia  White,  brother 
Joshua's  son  Benjamin  White,  brother-in-law  Caleb  White's  son  Jo-, 
siah;  Caleb  White  and  brother  Josiah  White,  Exrs.  Test,  Wm. 
Albertson,  Thomas  Elliott. 

Winslow,  Israel,  Augt.  14.  1755 ;  June  2,  1762.  Sister  Elizabeth  I 
Winslow,  brother  Joseph,  mother^Egtlier  Winslow,  sisters  Hannah;; 
Winslow  and  Esther  Perry:  brothers  John,  Joseph,  and  Benjamin  1 
Winslow,  Exrs.     Test,  Joseph  Perry,  John  White,  Rachel  White. 

Winslow,  Joseph,  Aug.  20.  1766;  Oct.  Court  1766.  Sons  Thomas, 
John  and  Joseph,  daughters  Betty,  Pleasant  and  Rachel  Winslow; 
wife  Mary,  John  White  and  his  brother  Benjamin  White,  Exrs. 
Test,  Jos.  Mayo,  Wm.  White.  Josiah  Jordan. 

Winslow,  Jesse,  31st  day,  10th  mo.,  1770;  Jan., Court  1771.  Sons! 
William  and  Jesse,  daughters  Sarah  and  Elizabeth ;  wife  Martha,  9 
Exx.     Test,  Benj.  Lindner,  Caleb  Toms,  Eliz.  Small. 

Winslow,  Jacob,  Feby.  9,  1771 ;  July  Court  1774.  Wife  Eliza- 
beth, daughter  Mary,  sons  William,  Jacob  and  Obed,  daughter  Milli- 
cent ;  Jacob  and  Israel  Perrv,  Exrs.  Test,  Jacob  Perry,  Jr.,  Jos. 

x  Winslow,  Obed,  21st,  11th  mo.,  1774;  Jany.  Court  1775.   Brother^ 
Caleb  Winslow,  cousin  Sylvanus  Wilson,  cousin  Jesse  Winslow,  sis- 
ter Mary  Wilson,   brother  Jacob  Winslow's  children,   viz.,   Mary, 
Millicent,    William,    Jacob   and    Elizabeth,    sister   Rachel    White,  J 
brother  Wm.  Townsend,  sister  Betty  Cannon,  mother  Rachel  Wil- 

Abstract  of  Wills. 


Hams;  sister  Mary  Winslow,  Caleb  Winslow  and  Wm.   Townsend, 
Exrs.     Test,  Jacob  .Wilson,  Joshua  Bagley,  Hannah  Sitterson. 

Winslow,  Mary,  Jan.  10,  1777;  Apl.  Court  1777.  Daughter 
Elizabeth  Newby,  sons  Joseph  and  John  Winslow,  daughters  Pleas- 
ant and  Eachel  Winslow;  son  Thomas  and  brother  Benjamin,  Exrs. 
Test,  Nicholas  Nicholson,  Mary  White. 

Winslow,  Elizabeth,  Apl.  10,  1780 ;  Jany.  Court  1785.  Daugh- 
ters Mary  Saunders  and  Millicent  Lamb,  sons  William  and  Jacob, 
daughter  Betty.  (Caleb  White,  Josiah  White  and  Exum  Newby 
dividers.)  Benjamin  Saunders  and  Restore  Lamb,  Exrs.  Test,  Ca- 
leb Winslow,  Mary  Saunders. 

Winslow,  Benjamin,  Aug.  31,  1791;  Nov.  Court  1794.  Sons 
Joseph,  John,  Jordan  and  Benjamin,  daughters  Sarah  and  Rachel; 
sons  Joseph  and  John,  Exrs.     Test,  Israel  Perry,  Lawrence  Perry. 

Weekes,  Thomas,  Nov..  2,  1762 ;  April  Court  1763.  Youngest 
sons  James  and  Wilson,  sons  John,  Thomas,  Benjamin  and  Samuel 
Weekes,  grand-daughter  Sarah  Roberts,  daughter-in-law  Lavinia 
Barclift;  wife  Elizabeth  and  sons  Thomas  and  Benjamin,  Exrs. 
Test,  Robert  Cox,  Joshua  Morris,  Benj.  Roberts. 

Weekes,  John,  Jany.  4,  1768;  April  Court  1768.  .Wife  Sarah, 
sons  John,  Shadrack  and  Thomas,  brother  Samuel  Weekes,  daugh- 
ter Irenah,  daughter  Sarah;  Joshua  Morris  and  Benjamin  Roberts, 
Exrs.     Test,  Elijah  Stanton,  Thomas  Nicholson. 

•  Weekes,"  James,  June  26,  1776 ;  July  Court  1779.  Brother  Wil- 
son Weekes,  nephew  James  Weekes,  mother  Elizabeth  Weekes ; 
brother  Joseph  Barclift  and  Wilson  Weekes,  Exrs.  Test,  J.  Lane, 
Tamar  Lane. 

Weekes,  Elizabeth,  Mch.  3,  1778 ;  Eeby.  Court  1793.  Son  Joseph 
Barclift,  son  William  Weekes,  son  Wilson,  my  four  daughters ;  sons 
Joseph  Barclift  and  Wilson  Weekes,  Exrs.  Test,  Sarah  Dunken, 
John  Saunders,  Mary  Saunders. 

Williams,  John,  6th  day,  6th  mo.,  1753 ;  April  Court  1774.  Sons 
James  and  John,  daughters  Mary  Wilson  and  Anne  Donaldson ;  wife 
Rachel  and  son  James,  Exrs.  Test,  Wm.  Townsend,  Abigail  Lip- 

Williams,  Nathaniel,  May  2,  1773 ;  Jany.  Court  1776.  Sons  Na- 
thaniel, William  and  Charles,  daughter  Mary;  wife  Mary,  John 
Harvey  and  Thomas  Harvey,  Exrs.  Test,  Benj.  Harvey,  James 

Williams,  Joseph,  T.,  June  28,  1775;  Jany.  Court  1776.  Sons 
James,  Joseph,  William,  Nathaniel  and  John,  daughters  Elizabeth, 
Mary  and  Aim  Williams. 

Williams,  James,  1776;  Jany.  Court  1777.  Children  Miriam, 
John,  Sarah,  Thomas  and  Mary  Williams ;  wife  Mary  and  Issachar 



■  I 


!      : 


Abstract  of  Wills. 

Branch,  Exrs.  Test,  Sarah  Harman,  Anne  Donaldson,  Sarah 
Branch.     " 

Williams,  Rachel,  18th,  2nd  mo.,  1777;  July  Court  1777. 
Daughter  Mary  Wilson,  son  Caleb  Winslow,  daughter  Rachel  Newby, 
son  William  Townsend,  daughter  Betty  Cannon,  grand-daughters 
Mary  and  Millicent  Winslow  (daughters  of  Jacob),  grand-sons  Wil- 
liam and  Jacob  Winslow  (sons  of  Jacob),  grand-daughter  Betty  Wins- 
low (daughter  of  Jacob), grand-son  Sylvanus  Wilson  (son  of  Reuben), 
grand-sons  Jacob  and  Joseph  Wilson  (sons  of  Reuben),  grand-daugh- 
ters Rachel  and  Betty  (daughters  of  Caleb  Winslow), 'grand-daughter 
Margaret  White  (daughter  of  Theophilus),  grand-son  Jesse  Winslow, 
grand-son  William  Xew-by  (son  of  Gabriel),  grand-daughter  Mary 
Cannon  (daughter  of  Joseph)  ;  sons  Caleb  Winslow,  William  Town- 
send  and  son-in-law.  Joseph  Cannon,  Exrs.  Test,  Rachel  Wilson, 
Mary  Harrell. 

Williams,  Richard,  Sept.  11,  1780.  Am  about  to  go  in  the 'ser- 
vice of  my  country.  Brother  Tully  Williams,  wife  Mary,  if  child 
in  esse;  Tully  Williams  and  Joseph  Mullen,  Exrs.  Test,  James 
Mullen,  Sarah  Maudlin. 

Williams,  Nathaniel,  Aug.  9,  178-1;  Jany.  Court  1789.  Sarah 
Decrow,  cousins  Nathaniel  and  William  Williams,  Isaac  Creecy 
(son  of  William)  ;  Sarah  Decrow,  Exx.  Test,  Wm.  Barber,  Thomas 

Williams,  Samuel,  Jany.  11,  1790;  April  Court  1790.  Daugh- 
ter Sarah  Rogers,  son  William,  sons  Samuel  and  Richard,  daughters 
Mary,  Peninah  and  Ann ;  wife  Mary  and  John  Goodwin,  Exrs. 
Test,  Jacob  Goodwin,  Xathan  Goodwin.  -, 

Williams,  Spencer,  16th,  1st  mo.,  1793;  Eeb.  Term  1793.  Friend 
Sarah  Boswell,  son  James,  children  Isaiah,  Peter  and  Judith ;  Josiah 
Bundy,  Exr.     Test,  Alex.  Brown,  Nathan  Bundy. 

Williams,  Lockhart,  Dec.  23rd,  1796;  Feb.  Court  1797.  Sons 
James  Lockhart  Williams  and  Richard  Williams,  daughter  Harriet 
Williams,  sister  Grace  Tow  and  her  daughter  Mary  Harvey ;  wife 
Eliabeth,  George  D.  Reed  and  Richardson  Sanderson,  Exrs.  Test,, 
Joseph  Mackey,  Jos.  Barclift. 

Wirigate,  William,  May  19,  1774 ;  July  Court  1774.  Sons  Ed- 
ward, William,  John  and  Ephraim,  daughter  Mary,  daughters  Eliza- 
beth Creecy,  Sarah  Stafford  and  Hannah  Wingate ;  sons  Edward  and 
John,  Exrs.     Test,  Jacob  Wilson,  Rich'd  Goodwin. 

Whedbee,  John,  April  24,  1783;  Apl.  23,  1784.  Sons  Richard 
and  John,  grand-son  William  Whedbee  (son  of  John),  my  father 
Richard  Whedbee,  dee'd,  sons  Joseph  and  James,  grand-son  John 



Abstract  of  Wills. 


(daughter  of  Sarah)  ;  sons  Thomas  and  George,  Exrs.  Test,  Jos. 
Perisho,  Jr.,  John  Turner,  Joseph  Turner. 

Whedbee,  George,  recorded  April  25,  1784.  Sons  William  and 
James,  my  father  John  Whedbee,  son  Lemuel ;  wife,  brother  Thomas 
and  sons  William  and  James,  Exrs.     Test,  Pr.  Hicks,  J.  Whedbee. 

Whedbee,  Richard,  Men.  10,  1784;  April  Court  1785.  Sons 
John,  Thomas  and  Samuel,  wife  Mary ;  William  White,  Fredk.  Nor- 
co'm  and  son  Thomas,  Exrs.     Test,  Fred.  Norcom,  Samuel  Penrice. 

Whedbee,  Richard,  1788 ;  April  Term  1788.  Wife  Mary,  grand- 
son Benjamin  Whedbee  (son  of  Joseph),  daughter  Sarah  Swan, 
grand-daughter  Mary  Swan ;  son  Joseph,  Exr.  Test,  Patty  Turner, 
Frances  Jackson,  John  Hodges. 

Whedbee,  Mary,  May  25,  1792;  May  Term  1795.  Son  Thomas 
Stevenson,  daughter  Farthenia  Wyat  and  her  heirs;  son  Thomas 
Stevenson  and  Joshua  Skinner,  Exrs.  Test,  Steven  Skinner,  Frede- 
rick Norcom. 

Whedbee,  Seth,  June  2,  1798;  Aug.  Court  1798.  Sons  Joshua 
and  Thomas;  father  Thomas  Whedbee,  Exr.  Test,  Miles  Turner, 
George  Sutton. 

Wright,  Elizabeth,  June  9,  1783;  Jany.  Court  1785.  Daugh- 
ter Elizabeth  Wardsworth,  grand-son  Samuel  Wright,  daughter-in- 
law  Mourning  Wright,  son-in-law  Enoch  Raper,  grand-daughter 
Fanny  Raper;  son  Thomas  Wright,  Exr.  Test,  J.  Lane,  John 

Wright,  Thomas,  July  8,  1789;  Jany.  Term  1790.  Sons  John 
and  William,  daughters  Sarah  and  Ann  Briggs,  sons  Joseph  and 
J  ames ;  sons  John  and  William,  Exrs.  Test,  Jos.  McAdam,  Caleb 

Wright,  John,  Sept.  16,  1797;  Nov.  Term  1797.  My  children; 
wife  Thamar  and  Charles  Overman,  Exrs.  Test,  Joseph  Mackey, 
Wm.  Wright,  Nathaniel  Gordon. 

Wilson,  John,  Feby.  18,  1785;  April  Court  1785.  Wife  Ann, 
daughters  Rebecca  and  Amy;  John  Williams,  William  Creecy  and 
John  Skinner,  Exrs.  Test,  Robert  Roe,  Jos.  Harman,  Miles  Scar- 

Wilson,  Thomas,  25th,  3rd  mo,  1785 ;  April  Court  1785.  Sons 
Thomas,  Samuel  and  William;  wife  Elizabeth,  Richard  Goodwin 
and  Reuben  Wilson,  Exrs.  Test,  Jacob  Cannon,  Jos.  Gilbert,  Ga- 
briel Newby. 

Wilson,  Joseph,  July  31,  1789;  Jany.  Court  1790.  Children 
John,  Miriam,  Joseph,  Elizabeth,  Nathan  and  Samuel ;  wife  Lydia 
and  William  Bond,  Exrs*     Test,  Samuel  Moore,  Thos.  Overman. 

Wilson,  Jacob,  18th  day,  5th  mo.,  1793 ;  Nov.  Term  1793.  Son 
Jonathan,  brothers  Zachariah  and  Moses,  daughters  Misala,  Miriam 



Abstract  of  Wills. 

Elliott  and  Juliana  Elliott,  Rachel  Nixon,  sister  Sarah  Copeland 
(daughter  of  Jesse),  Jesse  Copeland  (son  of  Jesse),  daughter  Ab- 
sala  Seymour;  kinsman  Thomas  Hollowell  (son  of  Joseph),  Exr. 
Test,  Arnold  S.  Burke,  Isaac  Barber,  Gabriel  Newby. 

Wilson,  Eeuben,  11th,  10th  mo.,  1794;  Nov.  Term  1794.  Sons  Ja- 
cob and  Robert,  Joseph  Thornton,  daughters  Huldah  and  Mary,  son 
Sylvanus;  wife  Rebecca,  Caleb  Wilson  and  son  Sylvanus,  Exrs. 
Test,  Humphrey  Parks,  Sarah  Parks,  Gabriel  Newby. 

Wilson,  Rebecca,  Dec.  17,  1794 ;  Feb.  Term  1795.  Samuel  New- 
bold,  Dorcas,  Wallis  and  Richard  Gaskins;  Samuel  Newbold,  Exr. 
Test,  Ann  Elliott,  Samuel  Sitterson,  Thos.  Sitterson. 

Wilson,  Abram,  25th,  2nd  mo.,  1795;  May  Term  1795.  Grand- 
sons Miles  and  Abraham  Elliott,  grand-daughter  Penniah  Elliott, 
brother  Zachariah  Wilson,  grand-children  Mary  and  Nathan  Bundy ; 
grand-son  Doctor  Elliott,  wife  Lydia  and  John  Smith,  Exrs.  Test, 
John  Smith. 

Wells,  Dorothy,  Jany.,  1778;  Jany.  Court  1788.  Ann  Elliott 
(daughter  of  Judith)  ;  Ann  Elliott  (daughter  of  Thomas  and  Ju- 
dith) and  John  Goodwin,  Exrs.  Test,  Mordecai  Elliott,  Dempsey 

Wyatt,  Jacob,  April  7,  1787;  July  Court  1788.  Sons  James, 
William  and  Joshua,  daughter  Mary  Albertson  (wife  of  Benjamin)  ; 
wife  Elizabeth  and  son  William,  Exrs.  Test,  Joel  Barber,  Josiah 

Welch,  Nathaniel,  July  5,  1785 ;  Jany.  Court  1789.  Wife  Sarah, 
son  Richard,  daughters  Sarah  Welch,  Elizabeth  Winslow  and  Mary 
Jackson ;  son  Richard  and  son-in-law  William  Jacksqn,  Exrs.  Test, 
Jos.  McAdam,  Luke  Raper,  Enoch  Raper. 

Wheaton,  William,  merchant  of  Hertford,  N.  C,  Oct.  24,  1798;- 
Nov.  Term  1800.  Son  Robert,  daughter  Lydia;  brother  James 
Wheaton,  Exr.     Test,  Lydia  Donaldson,  Thomas  Penrice. 

(To  be  Continued.) 

On  the  next  page  begins  the  List  of  Marriages,  Births  and  Deaths  of 
Berkeley,  later  Perquimans  Precinct,  in  the  office  of  the  Register  of  Deeds, 
at  Hertford,  N.  C.  "We  regret  that  the  edges  of  the  paper  have  become  so 
worn  as  to  destroy  quite  a  number  of  the  dates,  and  a  few  of  the  names.  It 
is  the  only  list  so  far  found  in  any  of  the  Court  Houses. 

Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 


Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley, 


(Original  in  the  Court  Hoase  at  Hertford,  N.  C. ) 

"December  the  5th  1679. 

"George  Durant  and  Ann  Moorwood  was  Married  the  4th  of  Janu- 
ary 1658-9  By  Mr.  David  Lindsey  Minister  of  the  gospel  and  was 
Licensed  by  Mr.  George  Cowbough  Magistrate  in  Northumberland 
County  in  Verginia." 

"Alexr.  Lillington  &  Sarah  James  was  Married  by  Mr.  Taylor 
Minister  of  the  gospell  on  the  11th  of  June  1668." 

Alexr.  Lillington  &  Elizabeth  Cooke  was  Married  By  Mr.  John 
Woode  Minister  of  the  gospell  on  the  13th  of  June  167-." 

Thomas  Leper  &  Ane  Kent  the  widow  of  Thomas  J.  , 

deceased,  took  each  other  as  man  &  wife  the  17th  of  S. 

John  Thurston  &  Mary  Andrares  was  Married  the  August 

1669  by  Mr.  Jeremia  Taylor  Minister. 

— ellson 

Ralph  Eletcher  &  Elizabeth  Suton  was  Married  by  Mr. 
Minister  of  the  Gospel  the  11th  of  March  167-. 

William  Charles  &  Abigail  Balie  was  Married  by  Mr.   Jefuery 
Magistrate  in  Rode  Island  the  14th  of . 

John  Lary  &  Abigail  Charles  was  Married  by Esqr., 

Deputie  to  the  Duke  of  Albemarle  21st  of . 

William  Larance  &  Rachell  Welsh  was  Married 

Samuel  Pricklove  &  Rachel  Larance  the  1st  of  June  1668. 

John  Barrow  &  Sarah  Sutton  was  Married  the  1st  of  February 

Caleb  Calloway  &  Elizabeth  Laraunce  was  Married  by  Jeremia 
Taylor  Minister  of  the  gospell  the  29th  of  ■ . 

Andrew  Wellwood  &  Mary  Norise  was  Married  the  10th  of  June 

John  Stergon  &  Frances  Corwill  was  Married  the  15th  of  Feb- 
ruary 1676. 

Samuel  Hall  &  Margaret  Bibing  was  Married  the 1676. 

William  Titterton  &  Margaret  Hall  was  Married  by  Mr.  Gordon 
Minister  of  the  gospell  the  23rd  September  1679. 

Cornelius  Lerry  &  Mary  Bentley  was  Married  by  Mr.  Thomas 
Gordon  Minister  of  the  gospell  the  28th  of  August  1679. 

Robert  Harman  &  Elizabeth  Freeman  was  the  26th  of  March  1669. 

Roger  Chastone  &  Elizabeth  Cowley  was  Married  the  5th  of  May 



Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 

Thomas  Harloe  k  Elizabeth  Chastone  was  Married  the  26th  -of 
January  1672. 

Robert  InKoson  &  Elizabeth  Harloe  the  22d  of  November  167--. 

Xathaniel  Suton  &  Deborah  Astine  was  Married  by  Mr.  Babb  Min- 
ister of  the  gospel  at  Xantimuns  In  Verginia  the  12th  of  August 

William  Vose  &  Martha  Haris  was  Married  by  Mr.  Taylor  Minis- 
ter of  the  gospel)  3rd  of  April  1669. 

Albert  Albertson  k  Mary  Gosbey  was  Married  20th  of  December 

William  Foster  &:  Diana  Harris  was  Married  by  Rev.  Mr.  Taylor 

James  Morgan  &  Jane  Knea  was  Married  by  a  Magst.  in  Mary 
Land  the  12th  of  October  1673. 

James  Hog  the  son  of  John  Hog  of  York  Sheare  in , 

and  Ane  Kent  ye  daughter  of  Thomas  Kent  and  Ann  his  wife  Late  of 
this  County  was  Married  by  Left. — ,  the  10th  June  1679. 

Stephen  Hankok  the  son  of  Roger  Hankok  & ,  of  Dorsit 

Sheare  in  England  &:  Margaret  ye  daughter  of  John  Drak  and  Mary 
his  wife  weare  Married  by  Mr.  Will  Xellson  Minister  of  the  gospell 
22d  of  December  1673. 

Joseph  Suton  the  son  of  George  Suton  &  Sarah  late  of  this — > 

&  Delimance  Nicholson  the  daughter  of  Christopher  Xieholson  & 
Hanah  his  wife  of'Xew  England  weare  Married  the  first  of  January 

Mr.  William  Therrill  of  this  County  &  Mrs.  Jean  Godfrey  weare 
Married  by  Mr.  Wood  the  2nd  of  Desember  1676. 

Mr.  William  Therrill  &  Mrs.  Ann  Cooke  weare  Married  the  12th 
of  July  1677. 

Xathaniel  Bagster  the  son  of  Roger  Bagster  And  Elizabeth  relick 
of  John  Sinpher  late  of  this  County  weare  Married  by  Mr.  Gordon 
the  25th  of  Aprill  1679. 

Richard  Bentley  &  Lidia  Mann the  3d  of  July  1677  by 

John  Wood. 

Richard  Elker  the  son  of  Roger  Elker  &  Jane  his  wife  of  the  County 
of  Sollep  in  England  &  Ann  Beeliot  the  daughter  of  John  Beeliott 
and  Briget  his  wife  of  Xorthampton  County  in  Verginia  weare  Mar 
ied  by  Mr.  Wood  in  Accomack  County  in  Verginia  the  3d  of  Aprill 

George  Castelton  the  son  of  George  Castellton  &  Mary  his  wife  of 
Xew  Castle  on  line  in  England  &  Hanah  Perisho  the  Relict  of  James 
Perisho  weare  Maried  by  Mr.  Thomas  Gordon  the  13th  1679-80  of 
New  England. 

Christopher  Xieholson  the  son  of  Edmund  Xieholson  &  Ann  At- 

Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley.         201 

wood  the  daughter  of  Thomas  Atwood  of  the  County  of  Meddlesex 
in  ould  England  tooke  each  other  in  Manage  the  11th  of  Aprill  1680. 

John  Kussell  the  son  of  George  Russell  of  the  County  Kent  in 
Ould  England  &  Deborah  Mumford  weare  Maried  by  Mr.  Gordon 
According  to  the  Cannons  of  the  Church  of  England  the  26th  of  Sep- 
tember 1679. 

John  Stepney  ye  son  of  John  &.  Bennett  Stepney  of  London  Joy- 

nos  of  Ould  England  &  Merry  the  daughter  of &  Grace 

Bailey  of  Roade  Hand  in  New  England"  weare  by  ye 

Honabl.  John  Jenkins  Esqr.,  Governr.  ye  first  of ICjSI. 

John  Lilly  the  son  of  John  Lily  &  Ales  his  wife  Late  of 

Sheare  in  Ould  England  k  Jane  Swettman  the  Daughter  of  George 
Swettman  &  Amey  his  wife  Late  of  Cheeh  Sheare  England  weare 
Marraid  by  Anthony  Slocum  Esqr.,  ye  Last  of  May  16S2. 

Richard  Bier  &  Jane  Loedman  weare  Maried  the  of  Janu- 
ary 1682-3  by  the  honble  Anthony  Slocum  Esqr. 

Elizabeth  Nicholson  the  Daughter  of  Christopher  Nicholson  & 
Elizabeth  his  wife  was  Borne  the  11th  of  March  1683-4. 

John  Whedbey  ye  son  of  Richard  Whedbey  &  Elizabeth  his  wife 
Late  of  Verginia  &  Deborah  Suton  ye  Relict  of  Nathaniel  Suton 
were  Married  by  Mr.  John  Right  Minister  ye  tenth  of  Maye  1685. 

William  Bundy  ye  son  of  —  Bundy  &  Mary  Pearre  late 

wife  of  John  Pearre  and  Daughter  of  Joseph  Scott  were  Married  ye 
— ■ — '■  day  of  December  1683. 

Timothy  Cleare  ye  son  of  Will.  Cleare  &  Mary  Bundy  ye  daughter 
of  William  Bundy  &.  Elizabeth  his  wife  weare  Maried  ye  7th  of  June 

John  Gosbey  ye  son  of  John  Gosbey  &  Mary  his  wife  &  Hanah 
Nicholson  the  daughter  of  Christopher  Nicholson  &  Hanah  his  wife 
was  Maried  the  5th  of  July  1685. 

Thomas  Harvey  Esqr.  son  of  John  Harvey  &  Mary  his  wife  Live- 
ing  at  ye  Heath  in  Snetterfield  Parish  in  Warwick  Sheare  in  Ould 
Ingland  &  Joanah  Jenkins  ye  rellick  of  ye  Honorbl  John  Jenkins 
Esqr.  weare  Maried  by  ye  Honorble  Anthony  Slookem  Esqr.  the 
13th  of  Aprill  1682. 

Erancis  Hartley  son  of  William  Hartley  &  Elizabeth  his  wife  & 
Susannah  Garraway  ye  daughter  of  John  Garraway  &  Frances  his 
wife  weare  Maried  by  Alexander  Lillington  the  2cl  day  of  August 

William  Bundy  &  Mary  Pearre  Rellicke  of  John  Pearre  were 
Maried  ye  15th  of  Desember  1683. 

Hopkins,   son  of  Stephen  Pearre  &  Jean  his  wife  & 

-Kintkade  ware  Maried  by  Mr.  John  Rite  the  10  of  Sep- 

tember 1685. 


Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 

Francis  Tomes  &  Abigail  Lury  ware  Maried  the  6th  January 

Willson  &  Ales  Long  ye  Relicke  of  James  Longe  ware 

Maried  ye  first  of  June  1682. 

Thomas  Attaway  &  Dorothy  Bailey  weare  Maried  the  beginning 
of  January  1682. 

John  Durant  son  of  George  Durant  &  Ann  his  wife  was  Married 
to  Sarah  Jooke  daughter  of  Thomas  Jooke  &  Ann  his  wife  the  9th  of 
Aprill  1684. 

William  Owen  &  Diana  Wattson  weare  Maried  by  Thomas  Harris 
Esqr.  the  15th  of  September  1683. 

John  Godfrey  son  of  Francis  Godfrey  &  Jane  his  wife  &  Elizabeth 
Bagster  Relick  of  Nathaniel  Bagster  weare  Maried  ye  19th  of  Feb- 
ruary 1685. 

William  Charles  son  of  William  Charles  &  Abigail  his  wife  & 
Elizabeth  Kent  ye  daughter  of  Thomas  Kent  &  Ann  his  wife  weare 
Maried  ye  8th  of  November  1683. 

William  Hughes  son  of  John  Hughes  &  Sarah  his  wife  k,  Eliza- 
beth Jordan  daughter  of  Jeter  &  Ann  his  wife  weare  Maried  by 
Thomas  Harvey  Esqr.  Jany.  1st  1684. 

John  Chaston  son  of  Roger  Chaston  &  Elizabeth  his  wife  &  Eliza- 
beth Long  daughter  of  James  Long  &  Eles  his  wife  weare  Maried  by 
Tho.  Harris  Esqr.  the  21st  Agust  1684. 

David  Blake  son  of  Thomas  Blake  &  Mary  his  wife  and  Mary 
Strandrige  daughter  of  Thomas  Strandrige  &  MargretT  his  wife  was 
Maried  ye  30th  of  Jany.  1684. 

William  Lury  &  Grace  Davis  Aveare  Maried  the  first  of  March 

John  White  &  Margaret  Titerton  weare  Maried  ye  ISth  of  Janu- 
ary 1685. 

William  Godfrey  son  of  Francis  Godfrey  and  Jean  his  wife. 

Thomas  Blount  &  Mary  Scott  weare  Maried  ye  13th  of  May  1685. 

Henderson  Walker  &  Deborah  Green  weare  Maried  the  7th  of, 
Aprill  1686. 

Walter  Grene  &  Deborah  Chaston  ware  Maried  — 

Benjamin  Larker  Senr.  &  Jane  Dey  ye  Belicte  of —  ware 

Maried  by  Daniel  Akehurst  Esqr.  ye  11th  of  February* . 

John  Pearre  son  of  William  Pearre  &  Margarett  his  wife  &  Cal- 
loway widow  ware  maried  ye  3d  of  November ,  bv  Alexander  1 

Lillington  Magistrate. 

Richard  Bier  &  Jane  Woggell  ware  Maried  ye  8th  of  October 

Joseph  Trowell  &  Hona  Brian  ware  Maried  ye  Last  of  October 


Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 


John  Wilkison  &  Jean  White  Relick  of  Eoger  White,  weare  Maried 
January  ye  9th  1686,  by  Thomas  Harvie  Esq. 

John  Hopkins  &  Sarah  Chaston  weare  Maried  ye  14th  January 

Eobert  Stacy  &  Elizabeth  Henin  ware  Maried  by  Wm.  Wilkison 
Esqr.  the  8th  of  June  1687. 

John  Long  and  Elizabeth  Charles  ware  Maried  by  Alex.  Lilling- 
ton  Esqr.  ye  11th  of  Agust  1687. 

William  Vose  ye  son  of  Morgan  Voss  &  Martha   Chaston  the' 
daughter  of  Roger  Chaston  ware  Maried  in  Aprill  1669. 

Cornelius  Joiles  &  Hannah  Vose  were  Maried  ye  24th  of  March 

William  Harburt  &  Jane  Bennett  ware  Maried  ye  2nd  of  Aprill 

Iserael   Snelling  &   Hannah   Larance  ware   Maried   by   Edward 
Mayo  Esqr.  the  30th  of  July  1687. 

John  Harris  &  Elizabeth  Waller-  ware  Maried  by  Thomas  Harvie 
Esqr.  the . 

William  Vosse  &  Jane  Wilkison  ware  Maried  by  Alex.  Lillington 
Esq.  ye  Last  of  Aprill  1688. 

John  Hanbey  &  Judith  Attaway  ware  Maried  by  Alex.  Lillington 
ye  first  of  July  1688. 

Mr.  John  Culpeper  &  Mrs.  Sarah  Mavo  ware  Maried  Augt.  23, 

Humphrey  Willis  &  Mary  More  ware  Maried  ye  2 2d  of 


Samuel  Nicholson  &  Elizabeth  Charles  ware  Maried  at  a  quarterle 
Meeting  ye  16th  of  December  1688. 

John  Steward  &  Ann  Elles  ware  Maried  by  William  Wilkerson 
on  ye  17th  Septm.  1688. 

Jonathan  Jones  &  Margaret  Vose  ware  Maried  by  Alex.  Lilling- 
ton 1st  Feby.  1688. 

Thomas  Longe  &  Rabarky  Waite  by  Alexr.  Lillington  7th  March 

John  Foster  &  Ann  Williams  ware  Maried  at  a  Meeting  held  at 
ye  house  of  Hanah  Philips  in  Pequimans  the  1st  of  May  1689. 

Stephen  Hankok  &  Ann  Walker  ware  Maried  ye  Last  May  1689. 

John  Johnson  &  Sarah  Gunfallis  ware  Maried  ye  1st  of  June 

Thomas  Marcy  &  Elizabeth  Stanley  took  each  other  as  man  &  wife 
before  me  Alexander  Lillington  this  5  September  1689. 

Robert  Besley  &  JoKanah  Jenkins  took  each  other  as  man  &  wife 
before  me  Alex.  Lillington  this  9th  of  Septm.  1689. 

Thomas  Hopper  &  Joanah  Kinckett  wlare  Maried  by  Alex.  Lilling- 
ton the  last  of  October  1689. 


■"  '  !  I 



:'l  f'i 


Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 

Will  Larance  &  Margaret  Boge  ware  Maried  by  Alex.  Lillington 
Jany.  7th  1689. 

Mr.  George  Blaiton  &  Mrs.  Lidia  Barker  were  Maried  by  Alex. 
Lillington  Jany  21st,  1689. 

John  Lilly  &  Hanah  Philips  ware  Maried  by  Alex.  Lillington  the 
Last  of  March  1690.  / 

Biehard  Dorman  &  Ann  Nicholson  ye  Relick  of  Christopher 
Xiekolson  ware  Maried  by  Alex.  Lillington  June  ye  26th  1690. 

Thomas  Perre  &  Mary  Kent  ware  Maried  the  30th  July  16 — . 

Jenkins  Williams  &  Johana  Barrow  Avare  Maried  by  Alex.  Lil- 
lington 3rd  Agust  1690. 

John  Jordan  &  Ruselak  Elett  Ware  Married  by  Alex.  Lillington 
the  10th  Agust  1690. 

Elias  Rowden  &  Sarah  Dtirant  ware  Maried  by  Alex.  Lillington 
the  11th  Agust  1690. 

Caleb  Bundv  k  Jane  Maners  ware  Maried  bv  ye  quarterly 

July  1690. 

William  Sprage  &  Katherine  Osborne  ware  Maried  by  Alex.  Lil- 
lington ye  21st  of  Septem.  1690. 

Hannibal  Hoskins  &  Margaret  Furre  were  .Maried  by  Francis 
Hartly  Esqr.  ye  7th  of  Agust.  1690. 

William  Ellertt  &  Elizabeth  Relph  ye  20th  of  Desemb.  1690. 

Charles  Mackdaniell  &  Elizabeth  House  ware  Maried  ye  26th 
Septm.  1690. 

Richard  Warde  &  Frances  Stanley  ware  Maried  ye  24th  May  1691. 

Xickolis  Simons  &  Mary  Bundy  ware  Maried  June  ye  Last  1692. 
""5*  Jeremiah  Brooks  &  Elizabeth  Marcy  ware  Maried  Julv  ye  20th 

Francis  Coffin  &  Mary  Thurston  ware  Mariede  July  21st  1692. 

Roger  Snell  &  Mary  Casell  ware  Mariade  by  Tho :  Harvey  Esq. 
the  15th  October  1692\ 

John  Larance  son  of  William  Larance  &  Hannah  Bundy  did  take 
each  other  for  man  &  wife  in  a  quarterly  Meeting  at  Francis  Toms 
ys.  ye  22d 1692. 

Jonathan  Bateman  &  Hannah  Edge  ware  Maried  bv  Francis 
Hartly  1692. 

Sanmel  Powell  &  Margarett  Micantuse  ware  Married  3rd  Agust 

Will  White  &  Margery  Williams  ware  Mariede  Septemb.  1693. 

Sam  Anderson  and  Jane  Arnold  ware  ye  8th  Octobr. 


Joseph  Xickolson  &  Hanah  Albertson  ware  Maried  at  a  quarterly 
Meeting  June  ye  6th  1693. 

Captn.  Henderson  Walker  &  Ann  Lillington  the  daughter  of  Alex. 

Sarah  Durant  the  daughter  of  George  &  Ann  Durant  was  borne 
the  17th  of  January  1670. 

the  28th  of  August  1673. 

Parthenia  Durant  ye  daughter  of  George  &  Ann  Durant  was  borne 



Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley.         205 

Lillington  &  Elizabeth  his  wife  ware  Maried  by  Thomas  Harvey 
Esqr.  the  20th  of  Feby.  1693. 

John  Cooke  &  Elizabeth  Elker  ware  Mariede  by  Alex.  Lillington 
the  20th  of  Feby.  1693. 

Jonathan  Bateman  &  Elizabeth  Arnold  ware  Maried  bv  John 
Whedbee  Feby.  1693. 

Jones  &  Elizabeth  Waite  ware  Mariade  by-  Alex.  Lil- 
lington ye  Last  of  Feby.  1693. 

William  Stephens  son  of  Andrew  Stephens  &  wife -Grace  of  Ould 
England  and  Johanah  Williams  were  married  bv  Thomas  Harvie 
Esqr.  Feby.  2,  1681. 

.,  .  BIRTHS. 

George  Durant  son  of  George  &  Ann  Durant  was  borne  the  21th 
December  1659. 

Elizabeth  Durant  the  daughter  of  George  &  Ann  Durant  was  borne 
the  11th  of  February  1660-1. 

John  Durant  the  son  of  George  &  Ann  Durant  was  born  the  26th 
of  Desember  1662.  ' 

Mary  Durant  the  daughter  of  George  &  Ann  Durant  was  borne 
the  11th  of  February  1665. 

Thomas  Durant  the  son  of  George  &  Ann  Durant  was  borne  the 
28th  of  Aug.  1668. 


•    '     !!i 


'    -.,   .  iilii . 


I.   t: 

Martha  Durant  the  daughter  of  George  &  Ann  Durant  was  borne 

the  1st  of  August  1675.  »  ■    - 

James  Lillington  the  son  of  Alex.  Lillington  &  Sarah  his  wife  was 
borne  the  5th  of  June  1671. 

Alexr.  Lillington  the  son  of  Alexr.  Lillington  &  Sarah  his  wife 
was  borne  the  3d  of  August  1674. 

Ann  Lillington  the  daughter  of  Alexr.  Lillington  and  Elizabeth 
his  wife  was  borne  the  1st  of  June  1679. 

Elizabeth  Kent,  the  daughter  of  Thomas  Kent  &  Ann  his  wife    ' 
was  borne  the  1st  of  June  1667. 

Mary  Kent,  the  daughter  of  Thomas  Kent  &  Ann  his  wife  was 
borne  the  10th  of  May  1673. 

Rachell  Thurston,  the  daughter  of  John  Thurston  &  Mary  his  wife  - 
was  borne  the  29th  of  May  1672. 

Abigail  Thurston  the  daughter  of  John  Thurston  &  Mary  his  wife 

;  ■ 

was  borne  the  28th  of  Agust  1674. 

'  i  '»■:  j 




Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 

John  Thurston  the  son  of  John  Thurston  &  Mary  his  wife  was 
borne  the  18th  of  October  1677. 

Elizabeth  Fletcher  the  daughter  of  Ralph  Fletcher  &  Elizabeth  his 
wife  was  borne  the  22nd  of  Feby.  1675. 

Ealph  Fletcher  the  son  of  Ralph  Fletcher  &  Elizabeth  his  wife 
was  borne  the  24th  of  Desember  1676. 

■  George  Fletcher  the  son  of  Ralph  Fletcher  &  Elizabeth  his  wife 
was  borne  the  4th  of  April  1679. 

William  Charles  the  son  of  William  Charles  &  Abigail  his  wife 
was  borne  ye  13th  of  July  1661. 

Daniell  Charles  the  son  of  Will.  Charles  &  Abigail  his  wife  was 
borne  ye  24  of  September  1666. 

John  Charles  the  son  of  Will.  Charles  &  Abigail  his  wife  was  borne 
the  22d  of  November  1668. 

Jane  Charles,  the  daughter  of  Will  Charles  &  Abigail  his  wife  was 
born  the  20th  of  January  1670. 

Elizabeth   Charles  the  daughter  of  Will.   Charles  &  Abigail  his 
wife  was  borne  the  8th  January  167- 

Samuel  Charles  the  son  of  Will.  Charles  &  Abigail  his  wife  was 
borne  the  22d  of  March  1674.         V 

Isake  Charles  the  son  of  Will.  Charles  &  Abigail  his  wife  was  borne 
the  12th  of  March  1676. 

Elizabeth  Larance  the  daughter  of  Will  Larance  &  Rachell  his 
wife,  was  borne  ye  24th  of  Desember  1655. 

Will  Larance  the  son  of  Will  Larance  &  Bachell  his  wife  was  borne 
ye  20th  of  July  1661. 

Rachell  Larance  the  daughter  of  Will  Larance  &  Rachell  his  wife 
was  borne  the  16th  of  April  1665. 

John  Larance  the  son  of  Will  Larance  &  Rachell  his  wife  was 
borne  the  14th  of  March  1667. 

Hannah  Larance  the  daughter  of  Will  Larance  &  Rachell  his  wife 
was  borne  the  1st  of  Desember  1669. 

Samuel  PricHove  the  son  of   Samuel  Pricklove  &  Rachell  his 
wife  was  borne  ye  24th  of  Desember  1671. 

Sarah  Pricklove  the  daughter  of  Samuel  Pricklove  &  Rachell  his 
wife  was  borne  the  23rd  of  October  1674. 

Johanah  Barrow  the  daughter  of  John  Barrow  &  Sarah  his  wife 
was  borne  the  10th  of  July  1669. 

William  Barrow  the  son  of  John  Barrow  &  Sarah  his  wife  was 
home  the  20th  of  February  1671-2. 

•John  Barrow  the  son  of  John  Barrowi  &  Sarah  his  wife  was  borne 
the  3d  of  June  1674. 

Elizabeth  Barrow  the  daughter  of  John  Barrow  &  Sarah  his  wife 
was  borne  the  25th  of  Desember  1676. 





Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 


*:  i\ 

Ann  Barrow  the  daughter  of  John  Barrow  &  Sarah  his  wife  was 
home  the  3d  of  Agust  1679. 

"William  Calloway  the  son  of  Caleb  Calloway  &  Elizabeth  his  wife 
was  borne  the  13th  of  February  1671-2. 

Dorothy  Callaway  the  daughter  of  Caleb  Callaway  &  Elizabeth  his 
wife  was  borne  the  16th  of  Agust  1674. 

Caleb  Callaway  the  son  of  Caleb  Callaway  &  Elizabeth  his  wife 
was  borne  ye  21st  of  Feby.  1676. 

Joshua  Callaway  ye  son  of  Caleb  Callaway  &  Elizabeth  his  wife 
born  the  17th  of  July  1679. 

Thomas  &  Mary  Wellwood,  twins,  son  and  daughter  of  Andrew 
Wellwood  &  Mary  his  wife  were  borne  ye  17th  Jany.  1669. 

William  Wellwood  the  son  of  Andrew  Wellwood  &  Mary  his  wife 
was  born  the  17th  of  June  1673. 

Ann  Stergon  the  daughter  of  John  Stergon  &.  Frances  his  wife 
was  born  ye  15th  of  May  1677. 

Mary.  Stergon  the  daughter  of  John  Stergon  &  Frances  his  wife 
was  born  the  17th  of  September  1679. 

Mary  Hall  the  daughter  of  Samuel  Hall  &  Margritt  his  wife  was 
borne  ye  28th  of  Jany.  1669. 

Will  Hall  the  son  of  Samuill  Hall  &  Margreet  his  wife  was  borne 
ye  24th  of  Desember  1674. 

Daniell  Hall  the  son  of  Samuill  Hall  &  Margreet  his  wife  was 
borne  the  6th  of  January  1676. 

Amey  Hancock  the  daughter  of  Stephen  &  Margreet  his  wife  was 
borne  ye  5th  of  November  1678. 

Ann  Harman  ye  daughter  of  Robert  Harman  &  Elizabeth  h\s  wife 
was  borne  the  21st  of  Aprill"1679. 

Robert  Harman  the  son  of  Robert  Harman  &  Elizabeth  his  wife 
was  borne  the  5th  of  November  1677. 

Francis  Beseley  the  son  of  Robert  Beasley  &  Sarah  his  wife  was 
born  ye  11th  of  July  1678. 

Caleb  &  Joshua  Tomes  the  sones  of  Francis  Tomes  &  Persilla  his 
wife  was  born  twftns  Oct.  30,  1679. 

Hannah  Yose  the  daughter  of.  William  Vose  &  Martha  his  wife 
was  born  the 1670. 

Margreet  Vose  the  daughter  of  William  Vose  &  Martha  his  wife 
was  born  the 1670-1. 

Winnef ret  Vose  the  daughter  of  Will  Vose  &  Martha  his  wife  was 
born  ye 1677. 

George  Suton  the  son  of  Nathaniell  Suton  &  Deborah  his  wife  was 
born  ye  2nd  of  March  1669. 

Joseph  Suton  the  son  of  Nathaniell  Suton  &  Deborah  his  wife  was 
born  the  6th  of  August  1673. 






Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 

Eebeeka  Suton  the  daughter  of  Xathaniell  Suton  &  Deborah  his 
v.'ife  was  born  ye  Sth  of  Agust  1676. 

Albert  Albertson  the  son  of  Albert  Albertson  &  Mary  his  wife  was 
bom  ye  15th  of  July  1669. 

Susanna  Albertson  the  (laughter  of  Albert  Albertson  &  Mary  his 
wife  was  born  the  19th  of  February  1670. 

Esau  Albertson  the  son  of  Albert  Albertson  was  born  ye  19th  of 
Agust  1072. 

Hannah  Albertson  the  daughter  of  Albert  Albertson  &  Mary  his 
wife  was  borne  ye  11th  of  Desember  1675. 

Peter  Albertson  the  son  of  Albert  Albertson  &  Mary  his  wife  was 
born  ye  Last  of  June  1677. 

John  Williams  ye  son  of  John  Williams  &  Mary  his  wife  was  born 
the  10th  of  Feby.'  1678. 

Elizabeth  Williams  the  daughter  of  Eiehard  Williams  &  Maniervey 
his  wife  was  born  ye  15th  of  Feby.  1676-7. 

Mary  Williams  the  daughter  of  Eiehard  Williams  &  Maniervey 
his  wife  was  born  the  1st  of  March  1678. 

Ellinor  Bennett  the  daughter  of  Edward  Bennett  &  Jane  his  wife 
was  borne  the  10th  of  June  1677. 

James  Morgan,  the  son  of  James  Morgan  &  Jane  his  wife  was 
borne  the  2nd  of  Feby.  1675-6. 

John  Morgan  the  son  of  James  Morgan  &  Jane  his  wife  was  borne 
the  26th  of  March  1678. 

William  Morgan  the  son  of  James  Morgan  &  Jane  his  wife  was 
bom  the  27th  of  Agust  1679. 

Elizabeth  Wayet  the  daughter  of  William  Waye,t  &  Eabecka  his 
wife  Was  born  the  10th  of  October  1676. 

John  Wayet  the  son  of  Will  Wavet  &  Eebacka  his  wife  was  born 
the  26th  of  Aprill  1679. 

John  Hankok  the  son  of  Stephen  Hankok  &  Margrett  his  wife  was 
born  the  2d  of  May  1675. 

John  E.  Stephen  Paine  the  son  of  Robert  Paine  &  Margrett  his 
wife  was  born  the  23d  of  October  1671. 

John  Long  the  son  of  James  Long  &\  Ales  his  wife  -was  borne  the 
7th  Septemb.  1673. 

Elizabeth  Phelps  the  daughter  of  Jonathan  Phelps  &  Hannah  his 
wife  was  borne  the  2d  of  Apl.  1679. 

Deborah  Pierce  the  daughter  of  John  Pierce  &  Mary  his  wife  was; 
borne  the  5th  of  March  167S. 

Samuell  Bundy  ye  son  of  William  Bundey  &  Elizabeth  his  wife, 
was  born  ye  4th  Feby.  1676-7. 

Beniamin  Xickolson  the  son  of  Christopher  Nickolson  &  Hannah, 
his  wife  w'as  borne  the  26th  of  Xovmbr.  .1678. 

Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 


John  Harloe  the  son  of  Thomas  Harloe  &  Mary  his  wife  was  borne 
the  Last  day  of  Agust  1662. 

Thomas  Harloe  the  son  of  Thomas  Harloe  &  Mary  his  wife  was 
borne  the  15th  of  November  1666. 

John  Chaston  the  son  of  Roger  Chaston  &  Elizabeth  his  wife  was 
born  the  15th  of  October  1661. 

Sarah  Chaston  the  daughter  of  Roger  Chaston  &'  Elizabeth  his 
wife  was  born  the  20th  of  Jany.  1663. 

Deborah  Chaston  the  daughter  of  Roger  Chaston  &  Elizabeth  his 
wife  was  born  the  22d  of  Dec.  1665. 

Elizabeth  Davenport  the  daughter  of  Richard  Davenport  &  Johana 
his  wife  was  born  the  3d  of  July  1676. 

John  Davenport  the  son  of  Richard  Davenport  &  Johana  his  wife 
was  born  the  3d  of  November  1677. 

John  Godfrey  the  son  of  Erancis  Godfrey  &  Jane  his  wife  was 
bcrne  the  17th  of  Agust  1665. 

John  Hakings  the  son  of  Thomas  Hakings  &■  Frances  his  wife  was 
born  the  13th  of  February  1671-2. 

Mary  Hakings  the  daughter  of  Thomas  Hakings  &  Frances  his 
wife  was  born  the  13th  of  Jany.  1674. 

John  Edling  the  son  of  John  Edling  &  Sarah  his  wife  was  born 
the  24th  of  Sept.  1677. 

May  Bentley  the  daughter  of  Richard  Bentley  &  Jane  his  wife 
was  borne  the  29th  of  Agust  1662. 

John  Bently  the  son  of  Richard  Bently  &  Jane  his  wife  was  born 
the  22nd  of  December  1665. 

Richard  Bently  the  son  of  Richard  Bentley  &  Jane  his  wife  was 
born  the  2nd  of  Feby.  1668. 

William  Bently  the  son  of  Richard  Bently  &  Jane  his  wife  was 
born  the  15  of  Agust  1671. 

Elizabeth  Elker  the  daughter  of  Richard  Elker  &  Ann  his  wife 
was  born  the  7th  of  Nov.  1678. 

Samuell  Nickolson  the  son  of  Christopher  Nickolson  &  Hanah 
his  wife  was  born  the  12th  March  1665. 

Hannah  Nickolson  the  daughter  of  Christopher  Nickolson  & 
Hanah  his  wife  w'as  born  Mch.  4,  1667. 

Joseph  Nickolson,  the  son  of  Christopher  Nickolson  &  Hanah  his 
wife  wias  borne  Sept.  28,  1670. 

John  Nickolson  the  son  of  Christopher  Nickolson  &  Hanah  his 
wife  was  borne  Dec.  17,  1671. 

Nathaniell  Nickolson  the  son  of  Christopher  Nickolson  &  Hanah 
his  wife  was  born  Jany.  7,  1675. 


210         Births,   Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 

William  Voss  the  son  of  William  Voss  &  Martha  his  wife  was  | 
born  Jany  30,  1679-80. 

Mary  Bagster  the  daughter  of  Nathaniell  Bagster  &  Elizabeth  his  | 
wife  was  born  Aug.  26,  1678. 

Margaret  Elkes  the  daughter  of  Richard  Elkes  &  Ann  his  wife  was 
borne  the  8th  Aprill  1673. 

Richard  Elkes  the  son  of  Richard  Elkes  &  Ann  his  wife  was  born 
the  2d  of  Aprill  1675. 

Ellener  Perisho  the  daughter  of  James  Perisho  &  Hannah  his  wife 
was  born  Sept.  18,  1673.  - 

James  Perisho  the  son  of  James  Perisho  &  Hannah  his  wife  was 
born  Nov.  25,  1676. 

Hannah  Oastellton  the  daughter  of  George  Castellton  &  Hannah 
his  wife  was  born  Mch.  13,  1679. 

Persillah  Russell  the  daughter  of  John  Russell  &  Deborah  his  wife 
was  borne  Aprill  26,  1680. 

Penelope  Tomes  the  daughter  of  Francis  Tomes  &  Persillah  his  j§ 
wife  was  borne  Jan'y  27,  1670. 

Francis  Tomes  the  son  of  Francis  Tomes  &  Persillah  his  wife  was 
borne  Sept.     19,  1672. 

Persillah  Tomes  the  daughter  of  Francis  Tomes  &  Persillah  his 
wife  was  borne  Mch.  19,  1674-5. 

Joseph  Tomes  ye  son  of  Francis  Tomes  &  Prisillah  his  wife  was  | 
borne  Xov.  16,  1677. 

Elizabeth  Harmon  the  daughter  of  Robert  Harmon  &  Elizabeth 
his  wife  was  borne  Jan.  28,  1679.       -, 

Sarah  Lury  ye  daughter  of  John  Lury  &  Abigail  his  wife  was 
born  Sept.  15,  1680. 

John  Culy  the  son  of  John  Culy  &  Dorothy  his  wife  Was  born 
Mch.  7,  1672. 

William  Lily  ye  son  of  John  Lily  &  Elizabeth  his  wife  was  borne 3 
Oct.  1,  1671.  " 

Ann  Lily  ye  daughter  of  John  Lily  &  Elizabeth  his  wife  was  born 
Oct,  31,  1673. 

Thomas  Lily  ye  son  of  John  Lily  &;  Elizabeth  his  wife  was  born 
Feb.  5,  1676. ' 

Richard  Leary  the  son  of  Cornelius  Leary  &  Mary  his  wife  was  J| 
borne  Dec.  8,  1680.  '$ 

Jonathan  Bateman  ye  son  of  Jonathan  Bateman  &  Margreet  his 
wife  was  borne  Feb.  12,  1676. 

John  Bateman  ye  son  of  Jonathan  &  Margreet  Bateman  Avas  borne 
Nov.  2,  1678. 

Mary  Bateman  ye  daughter  of  Jonathan  &  Margreet  Bateman  was 
borne  Agust  16,  16 — . 

Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley.         211 

Elizabeth  Mckolson  daughter  of  Christopher  Nicholson  &  Ann 
his  wife  was  borne  Jany.  13,  1680. 

Jane  Williams,  daughter  of  Richard  &  Margery  Williams  was 
borne  July  6,  168.1. 

Sarah  Fletcher  the  daughter  of  Ralph  Fletcher  &  wife  Elizabeth 
was  born  Sept.  8,  1681. 

Sarah  Eglentine  daughter  of  Henry  Eglentine  &  Elizabeth  was 
borne  Sept.  7,  1681. 

Ann  Hogg  daughter  of  James  &  Ann  Hogg  was  born  Oct.  17, 

Ann  Durant,  daughter  of  George  Durant  &  wife  Ann,  was  borne 
Aprill  1st  1681. 

George  Woller  son  of  Thomas  Woller  &  wife  Elizabeth  was  borne 
Aug  20,  1681. 

Nathaniel  Suton  son  of  Nathaniell  Suton  &  wife  Deborah  was 
born  Aug.  29,  1681. 

Sa^ah  Lillington  the  daughter  of  Alex.  Lillington  and  wife  Eliza- 
beth was  born  Friday  Jany.  20,  1681. 

Mary  Callaway  daughter  of  Caleb  Callaway  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  Feb.  19,  1681-2. 

William  Marson  the  son  of  William  Marson  &  wife  Mary  was 
borne  Meh.  30,  1681. 

Sarah  Harmon  daughter  of  Robert  Harmon  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
born  May  18,  1682.  "  .     ' 

Roger  Snell  son  of  Roger,  Snell  &  wife  Reberkah  was  born  Aprill 
4,  1682. 

Stephen  Hankok  son  of  Stephen  Hankoke  &'wife  Margreet  was 
borne  Sept.  8,  1680. 

Grace  Scott  daughter  of  Joshua  Scott  &  wife  Mary  was  born  Sept. 
21,  1682. 

Sarah  Barrow  daughter  of  John  Barrow  and  wife  Sarah  was  born 
Jany.  15,  1682-3. 

Sarah  Nicholson  daughter  of  Christopher  Nickolson  &  wife  Ann 
borne  Aug.  15,  1682. 

Elizabeth  Thurston  daughter  of  John  Thurston  &  wife  Mary  was 
borne  May  19,  1683. 

Mary  Lillington  daughter  of  Alex.  Lillington  &  wife  Elizabeth 
was  borne  Aprill  22,  1683. 

George  Barrow  son  of  John  Barrow  &  Sarah  his  wife  was  borne 
Aug.  4,  1685. 

Christopher  Suton  son  of  Joseph  Suton  &  wife  Deliverance  was 
borne  Aug.  .3,  1685. 

John  Callaway  son  of  Caleb  Callaway  was  borne  Sept.  13,  1684. 



212         Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 

Sarah  Scott  daughter  of  Joshua  Scott  &  "wife  Mary  was  borne 
March  20,  1685. 

Mary  Snell  daughter  of  Roger  Snell  &  wife  Rabecka  was  borne 
Dec.  8,  1684. 

William  Tetterton  son  of  William  Tetterton  &  wife  Margreet  was 
born  Dec.  27,  1682. 

Jonathan  Hogg  son  of  James  Hose  &  wife  Ann  was  born  Dec.  25, 

Mary  Harmon  daughter  of  Robert  Harmon  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  Feb.  27  1684. 

Thomas  Waite  son  of  William  Waite  &  wife  Rebecka  was  born 
Nov.  17,  1684. 

Rabacka  Pearre  daughter  of  John  Pearre  &  wife  Mary  was  borne 
Aug.  9,  1680. 

Mary  Pearre  daughter  of  John  Pearre  &  wife  Mary  was  borne 
May  7,  1682. 

Sarah  Waite  daughter  of  William  Waite  &  Rabacka  his  wife  was 
born  Oct.  18,  1681. 

James  Gunfalis  son  of  Lawrence  Gunfalis  &  wife  Sarah  was  borne 
Oct.  17,  1684. 

Elizabeth  Stepney  daughter  of  John  Stepney  &  wife  Mary  was 
borne  Oct.  20,  1684. 

James  Hogg  the  son  of  James  Hoeg  &  wife  Ann  was  born  Sept.  1, 

Caleb  &  Joshua  Tomes  sons  of  Francis  Tomes  &  wife  Persillah 
were  born  Nov.  25,  1679. 

Abigail  Tomes  daughter  of  Francis  &  wife  Abigail  was  born  Dec. 
10,  1684. 

Elizabeth  Marcy  daughter  of  Thomas  Marcy  &  wife  Sarah  was 
borne  26 ,  1684. 

George  Durant  son  of  John  Durant  &  wife  Sarah  was  born  Sept. 
30,  1685. 

William  Marson  son  of  William  Marson  &  wife  Mary  Was  borne 
,   1681. 

Sarah  Phelps  daughter  of  Jonathan  Phelps  &  wife  Hannah  was 
borne  Jany.  15,  1671. 

Jonathan  Phelps  son  of  Jonathan  Phelps  &  wife  Hannah  was  | 
borne  Nov.  6,  1681. . 

Samuell  Phelps  son  of  Jonathan  Phelps  &  wdfe  Hannah  was  borne 
Agust  6,  1684. 

Jane  Charles  ye  daughter  of  William  Charles  &  wife  Elizabeth 
was  borne  Oct.  1,  1685. 

Edward  Hughes  son  of  William  Hughes  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  Oct.  15,  1685. 

Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley.         213 

Christopher  Nickolson  son  of  Christopher  Nickolson  &  wife  Eliza- 
beth was  borne  Nov.  2,  1685. 

Ann  Evens  daughter  of  Richard  Evens  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  Nov.  4,  1685. 

James  Chaston  son  of  John  Chaston  &  wife  Elizabeth  was  borne 
Nov.  8,  1685. 

Thomas  Blake  son  of  David  Blake  &  wife  Mary  was  borne  Nov. 

6,  1685. 

Ellin  Stanford  daughter  of  Thomas  Stanford  &  wife was 

borne  June  24,  1685. 

Sarah  Stanford  daughter  of  Thomas  Stanford  &  wife was 

borne  Apl.  6,  1684. 

Eolke  Whedby  son  of  John  Whedby  &  wife  Deborah  was  borne 
Jany.  6,  1685-6. 

Cornelius  son  of  Cornelius  Lery  &  wife  Mary  was  borne  July  20, 

Richard  Lery  son  of  Cornelius  Lery  &  wife  Mary  was  borne  Jany. 

18,  1685. 

George  Waller  son  of  Thomas  Waller  &  wife  Elizabeth  was  borne 
Aug.  20,  1683. 

Elizabeth  Waller  son  of  Thomas  Waller  &  wife  was  borne  Nov. 

7.  1685. 

John  Hallem  son  of  John  Hallem  &  wife  Prudence  was  borne 
Jan.  20,  1685. 

Joshua  Stephens  son  of  William  Stephens  &  wife  Joanah  was 
borne  Sept.  27,  1685. 

Sarah  Bundy  daughter  of  William  Bundy  &  wife  Mary, was  borne 
Jan.  23,  1685'. 

John  Paige  son  of  Thomas  Paige  &  wife  Alis  was  borne  Eeby. 

19,  1685. 

Mary  Cleare  &  Elizabeth  Cleare  daughters  of  Timo.  Cleare  & 
wife  Mary  were  born  Feb.  21,  168-. 

Mary  Snell  daughter  of  Roger  Snell  &  wife  Rabacka  was  born 
Dec.  8',  1684. 

Denis  Odeare  son  of  Denis  Odeare  &  wife  Mary  was  borne  Apl. 
29,  1685. 

John  &  Deborah  Willoughby,  children  of  John  Willoughby  &  wife 
Deborah  were  borne  March  13,  1685-6. 

Richard  Davonport  son  of  Richard  Davonport  &  wife  Joanah  was 
b(  rne  March  2,  1674. 

Sarah  Davonport,  daughter  of  Richard  Davonport  &  wife  Joanah 
was  borne  Oct.  10,  1682. 

Isack  Davonport  son  of  Richard  Davonport  &  wife  Joanah  was 
borne  Sept.  17,  1685. 








214        Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 

Cannady  daughter  of  Patrick  Cannady  &  wife , 

"was  borne  June  25,  1686. 

Mary  Steward  daughter  of  William  Steward  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  Oct.  14,  1686. 

Susannah  Trowell  daughter  of  Joseph  Trowell  &  wife  Honer  was 
borne  July  9,  1685. 

Jobn  Wilson  son  of  Edward  Wilson  &  Eachell  his  wife  was  borne 
Jany.  11,  1686. 

Francis  Owen  son  of  William  Owen  &  Diana  his  wife  was  borne 
Oct  21,  1686. 

Elizabeth  Gray  daughter  of  John  Gray  &  wife  Tabitha  was  borne 
Sept.  1,  1683. 

Robert  Gray  &  Ann  Gray  children  of  John  Gray  &  wife  Tabitha 
were  borne  Sept.  2,  1686. 

Karhale  Callaway  son  of  Caleb  Callaway  and  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  Eeb.  16,  1686. 

Benett  Stepney  daughter  of  John  Stepeny  &  wife  Mary  was  borne 
ye  17th  of  Eeby.,  1686. 

Rebacka  Harmon  daughter  of  Robert  Harmon  &  wife  Elizabeth 
was  borne  Aprill  11,  1687. 

John  Godfrey  son  of  William  Godfrey  &  wife  Jane  was  borne  Eeb. 
16,  1686. 

Jonathan  Phelps  son  of  Jonathan  Phelps  &  wife  Hanah  was  borne  ' 
Aprill  13,  1687. 

Richard  Blake  son  of  David  Blake  &  wife  Mary  was  born  March 
2,  1686-7. 

William  Fletcher  son  of  Ralph  Fletcher  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  May  10,  1687. 

Mary  Whitlock  daughter  of  David  Whitlock  &  wife  Sarah  was 
borne  July  25,  1686. 

Elizabeth  Walker  daughter  of  Henderson  Walker  &  wife  Deborah 
was  borne  Feb.  22,  1686. 

Elizabeth  Godfrey,  daughter  of  John  Godfrey  &  wife  Elizabeth 
was  born  May  11,  1687. 

John   Lillington  son  of  Alex.   Lillington  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  June  14,  1687. 

George  Sutton  son  of  Joseph  Sutton  &  wife  Deliverance  was  borne 
Aug  7th,  1687. 

Mary  Cannady  daughter  of  Patrick  Cannaday  &  wife  Elizabeth 
was  borne  Mch.  4,  1686-7. 

Charles  Stamford  son  of  Thomas  Stamford  and  wife  Elizabeth 
was  borne  Feb.  20,  1686. 

Thomas  Snell  son  of  Roger  Snell  &  wife  Rebacka  was  borne  March 
5,  1686. 

Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley.         215 

Elizabeth.  Johnson  daughter  of  James  Johnson  &  wife  Rachell  was 
borne  Aug.  6,  1687. 

Mary  Hancok  daughter  of  Stephen  Hancok  &  wife  Margreet  was 
borne  Sept.  5,  1687. 

Jane  Norwood  daughter  of  Edward  Norwood  &  wife  Naomy  was 
borne  Jany.  11,  1685. 

A  son  of  the  above  was  borne  Aprill  1,  1687,  and  was  buried  Apl. 
2,  1687;  also  a  daughter  was  born  Feby.  1st,  1685,  and  died  April 
14,  1685. 

Ann  Cleave  daughter  of  Timothy  Cleave  &  wife  Mary  was  borne 
Nov.  10,  1684. 

Sarah  Cosby  daughter  of  John  Gosbv  &  wife  Hannah  was  borne 
Nov.  12,  1687. 

Samuel  Waite  son  of  William  Waite  &  wife  Rebacka 'was  borne 
Dec.  2,  1687. 

James  Barrow  son  of  John  Barrow  &  wife  Sarah  was  borne  Jany. 
24,  1687. 

Thomas  Niekolson  son  of  Christopher  Nickolson  &  wife  Ann  was 
borne  Feb.  7,  1687-8. 

Sarah  Hogg  daughter  of  James  Hogg  &  wife  Ann  wa's  borne  Feb. 
2,  1687.    . 

Richard  Whedbee  son  of  John  Whedbee  &  wife  Deborah  was 
borne  Feb.  2,  1687. 

Long  daughter  of  Joiles  Long  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 

borne  Aprill  10,  1688. 

Edward  Wilson  son  of  Edward  Wilson  &  wife  Rachell  was  borne 
Last  of  Feb.,  1687-8. 

William  Hughes  son  of  William  Hughes  &  wife  Elizabeth  wias 
borne  Jany.  26,  1687-8. 

Elizabeth  Fisher  daughter  of  James  Fisher  &  wife  Ann  was  borne 
Nov.  14,  1688. 

William  Fletcher  son  of  Ralph  Fletcher  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  Dec.  9,  1688. 

Susanah  Devonport  daughter  of  Richard  Devonport  &  wife  Eliz 
Joannah  was  borne  Nov.  18,  1688. 

Ann  Nickolson  daughter  of  Christopher  Nickolson  &  wife  Ann 
was  born  Feb.  8,  1688-9. 

Ann  Durant  daughter  of  John  Durant  &  wife  Sarah  was  borne 
Feby.  16,  1688-9. 

William  Stepney  son  of  John  Stepney  &  wife  Mary  was  borne 
Mch.  12,  1688-9.  ' 

Joanah  Steward  daughter  of  William  Steward  &  wife  Elizabeth 
was  borne  Aug.  25,  1688. 

216         Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 

Samuell  Hallam  son  of  John  Hallam  &  wife  Prudence  was  borne 
May  5,  1689. 

Katherine  Snell  daughter  of  Roger  Snell  &  wife  Bebacka  was 
borne  May  15,  1689. 

Patrick  Cannady  son  of  Patrick  Cannady  ft  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  June  26,  1689. 

■ nah  Bellman  daughter  daughter  of  John  Bellman  &  wife  Sa- 
rah was  borne  Aug.  28,  1689. 

Ann  Whitlock  daughter  of  David  Whitlock  t  wife  Sarah  was  I 
borne  Feb.  24,  1688. 

John  Harvey  son  of  Thomas  Harvey  &  wife  Sarah  was  borne  Sept 
19,  1689. 

John  Wollerd  son  of  Richard  Wollerd  &  wife  Ann  was  borne 

Elizabeth  Lery  daughter  of  Cornelius  Lery  &  wife  Mary  was  born  % 
June  22,  1689. 

Thomas  Bateman  son  of  Jonathan  Bateman  &  wife  Margaret  was  | 
borne  Sept.  13,  1688. 

James  Longe  son  of  Thomas  Longe  &  wife  Rabacka  was  borne 
Oct.  24,  1689. 

Sarah  Haris  daughter  of  John  Haris  ft  wife  Susanah  was  borne 
Sept.  20,  1689. 

John  Fletcher  son  of  Ralph  Fletcher  &  wife  Elizabeth  was  borne ' 
Jan.  21,  16S9. 

Elizabeth   Callaway  daughter  of  Caleb  Callaway  ft  wife  Eliza- : 
beth  was  borae  Jany.  20,  1689-90. 

Abygall  JSTickolson  daughter  of  Samuell  ISlickolson  ft  wife  Eliza- 
beth was  borne  Sept,  24,  1689. 

Deborah  Whedby  daughter  of  John  Whedby  &  wife  Deborah  was- 
borne  Jany.  28,  1689. 

William  Evens  son  of  Thomas  Evins  &  wife  Dorothy  was  borne1' 
Jany.  9,  1689. 

Joseph  Barrow  son  of  John  Barrow  &  wife  Sarah  was  borne  Aprill^ 
4,  1690. 

Sarah  Lillington  daughter  of  Alex.  Lillington  &  wife  Elizabeth; 
was  borne  Aug.  16,  1690. 

John  Gosbey  son  of  John  Gosbey  &  wife  Hannah  was  borne  Sept; 
12,  1690. 

Rachell  Snelling  daughter  of  Israel  Snelling  &  wife  Hanah 
borne  Aug.  17,  1690. 

Robert  Wilson  son  of  Isack  Wilson  &  wife  Ann  was  born  Oct.  10, 

Frances  Godfrey  daughter  of  William  Godfrey  ft  wife  Jane  was  I 


born  Aug.  12,  1689. 



1     '!'■■ 

Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 


Elizabeth  Tomlinson  daughter  of  John  Tomlinson  &  wife  Eliza- 

beth was  borne  Nov. 

-,  1689. 

John  Wilson  son  of  Edward  Wilson  &  wife  Rachell  was  borne 
Sept,  14,  1693. 

Martha  Jones  daughter  of  Jonathan  Jones  &  wife  Margreet  w>as 
borne  Oct.  31,  1690. 

John  Johnson  son  of  Thomas  Johnson  &  wife  Rachell  was  borne 
Dec.  11,  1690. 

Hanah  Manwareing  daughter  of  Stephen  Manwareing  &  wife 
Hanah  was  borne  Nov.   30,  1690. 

Joiles  daughter  of  Cornelius  Joiles  &  wife  Hanah  was 

borne  Dec.  26,  1690. 

Hanah  Bouge  daughter  of  William  Bouge  &  wife  Elenor  was 
borne  Dec.  26,  1690. 

Elizabeth  Attaway  daughter  of  Thomas  Attaway  &  wife  Eliza- 
beth was  borne  Sept.  7,  1690. 

Margreet  Slater  daughter  of  Thomas  Slater  &  wife  Margreet  was 
borne  Feby.  15,  1685. 

Thomas  Slater  son  of  Thomas  Slater  &  wife  Margreet  was  borne 
Oct.  14,  1688. 

Elizabeth  Slater  daughter  of  Thomas  Slater  &  wife  Margreet  was 
borne  Dec. ,  1690. 

, Tailor  son  of  John  Tailor  &  wife  Juliana  was  born  Mch. 

7,  1690. 

Sarah  Lilly  daughter  of  John  Lilly  &  wife  Hanah  was  borne  June 
15,  1691. 

Samuell  Stepney  son  of  John  Stepnev  &  wife  Mary  was  borne 
Jany.  17,  1690-1. 

Thomas  Burrows  son  of  Humphrey  Burrows  &  wife  Sarah  was 
borne  July  16,  1691. 

John  Peirce  son  of  Thomas  Peirce  &  wife  Mary  was  borne  July 
30,  1691. 

Thomas  Spellman  son  of  John  Spellman  &  wife  Katharine  was 
borne  Aug.  12,  1691. 

John  Williams  son  of  Jenkins  Williams  &  wife  Joanah  was  borne 
Oct,  12,  1691. 

Agnes  Devonport  daughter  of  Richard  Devonport  &  wife  Joanah 
was  borne  Nov.  17,  1691. 

Sarah  Ames  daughter  of  George  Ames  &  wife  Susanah  was  borne 
Dec.  7,  169L 

Joshua  Haughton  son  of  Thomas  Haughton  &  wife  Sarah  was 
borne  Nov.  16,  1691.  ^     ■ 



218        Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 

George  Haughton  son  of  Thomas  Haughton  &  wife  Sarah  was 
borne  Mch.  16,  1688. 

Mary  Bajley  daughter  of  Patrick  Bailey  &  wife  Margreet  was 
borne  Nov.  25,  1681. 

Margreet  Bailey  daughter  of  Patrick  Bailey  &  wife  Margreet  was 
born  Aprill  17,  1685. 

Elizabeth  Bailey  daughter  of  Patrick  Bailey  &  wife  Margreet  was 
born  Jany.  3,  1687. 

David  Bailey  son  of  Patrick  Bailey  &  wife  Margreet  was  born 
Aprill  15,  1683. 

Sarah  Bailey  daughter  of  Patrick  Bailey  &  wife  Margreet  was 
born  Mch.  19,'  1677. 

John  Bailey  son  of  Patrick  Bailey  &  wife  Margreet  was  born 
Jan.  3,  1689-90. 

Elizabeth  Bailey  daughter  of  Patrick  Bailey  &  wife  Margreet  was 
born  June  1,  1689. 

Margreet  Man  daughter  of  William  Man  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  July  5,  1689. 

Thomas  Hallem  son  of  John  Hall  em  &  wife  Prudence  was  borne 
Dec.  17,  1690. 

Elizabeth  Durant  daughter  of  John  Durant  &  wife  Sarah  was 
borne  Jan.  28,  1691. 

Hannah  Bouge  daughter  of  William  Bouge  &  wife  Elenor  was 
borne  Dec.  26,  1691. 

Elizabeth  Wilson  daughter  of  Edward  Wilson  &  wife  Rachel  was 
borne  Feby.  24;  1692. 

Hanah  Xickolson  daughter  of  Samuell  Nickolsqn  was  borne  Aprill 
9,  1692. 

Stephen  Hankok  Junior  died  Maye  1692. 

Mrs.  Mary  Scott  Departed  this  life  22  Maye  1692. 

Alexander  Kennady  son  of  Patrick  Kenneday  &  wife  Elizabeth 
was  borne  May  18.  1692. 

Elizabeth  Thigpen  daughter  of  James  Thigpen  &  wife  Elizabeth 
was  borne  June  12,  1691. 

Mary  Mansell  daughter  of  William  Mansell  &  wife  Mary  was 
borne  Aug.  13,  1692. 

Jane  Spellman  daughter  of  John  Spellman  &  wife  Kateren  was 
borne  Sept,  22,  1692. 

Elizabeth  Chaston  daughter  of  John  Chaston  &  wife  Sarah  was 
borne  May  11,  1692. 

John  Kinsey  son  of  John  Kinsey  &  wife  Katrain  was  borne  Dec. 
6,  1696. 

John  Harloe  son  of  Thomas  Harloe  &  wife  Alis  was  borne  Dec. 
23,  1692. 

Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley.         219 

Ann  Fisher  daughter  of  James  Fisher  &  wife  Ann  was  borne  ISov. 

23,  1692. 
Sarah  Longe  daughter  of  Thomas  Longe  &  wife  Rabacka  was  borne 

Jany.  28,  1692. 

Thomas  Harvey  son  of  Thomas  Harvey  &  wife  Sarah  was  borne 
Dec.  6,  1692. 

Kichard  Eookes  son  of  Richard  Rookes  &  wife  Mary  was  born  Feb. 
4,  1691-2. 

Patrick  Bailey  son  of  Patrick  Bailey  &  wife  Margreet  was  borne 
Sept.  23,  1692. 

William  Tomlin  son  of  John  Tomlin  &  wife  Mary  was  borne  Apl. 
11,  1692. 

John  Godfrey  son  of  William  Godfrey  &  wife  Sarah  was  borne 
Feb.  16,  1685-6. 

Francis  Godfrey  son  of  William  Godfrey  &  wife  Sarah  was  borne 
Aug.  5,  1689. 

Mary  Godfrey  daughter  of  William  Godfrey  &  wife  Sarah  was 
borne  Aug.  25,  1691. 

Deborah  Denman  daughter  of  Richard  Denman  &  wife  Ann  was 
born  Aprill  1,  1693. 

George  Lillington  son  of  Alex.  Lillington  &  wife  Sarah  was  borne 
Aug.  10,  1693. 

Jane  Stepney  daughter  of  John  Stepney  &  wife  Mary  was  borne 
August,  1693.  ' 

Sarah  Nickols  daughter  of  Thomas  Nickols  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  Nov.  10,  1690;  died  Sept.  29,  1693. 

Sarah  Eivens  daughter  of  Richard  Eivens  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 
borne  Aug.  30,  1693. 

Fletcher  son  of  John  Fletcher  &  wife  Elizabeth  was 

bora  Xov.  5,  1693. 

Thomas  Peirce  son  of  Thomas  Peirce  &  wife  Mary  was  borne  Nov. 

24,  1693. 
William  Larance  son  of  John  Larance  &  wife  Hanah  was  borne 

Jan.  3,  1693. 

Jonathan  Sherwood  son  of  Daniel  Sherwood  &  wife  Jane  was 
borne  Dec.  17,  1693. 

Sarah  Cleare  daughter  of  Timothy  Cleare  &  wife  Mary  was  borne 
Dec.  24,  1693. 


Thomas  Maritt  departed  this  life  Sept.  16,  1693. 
Elizabeth  Chaston  daughter  of  John  Chaston  &  wife  Elizabeth 
died  Dec.  17,  1693. 

■  ,J 


Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley. 


The  Hon.  John  Jenkins  Esqr.  &  Governor  of  this  County  of  Albe- 
marle Departed  this  life  Dec.  17th,  1681. 

Col.  Timothy  Biggs  Esqr.  Departed  this  Life  Feb.  14,  1683;  Mrs. 
Mary  Biggs,  wife  of  Col.  Timothy  Biggs,  died  Oct.  29,  1685. 

Christopher  Gale  was  married  to  Madm.  Sarah  Harvey  ye  Relick 
of  Hon.  Thomas  Harvey  Esqr.  &  Dep.  Governor  ye  17th  day  of  Jan- 
nary  1701,  by  Mr.  William  Glover,  Esqr. 

Robt.  Beasley  son  of  Francis  &  wife  Mary  was  born  Dec.  1,  1707. 

John  Thurston  Departed  this  Life  Sept.  16,  1692. 

James  Lillington  Departed  this  Life  Apl.  15,  1692. 

Samuell  Pricklove  Departed  this  Life  Apl.  20,  1692. 

John  Kinsey  Departed  this  Life  May  5,  1692. 

William  Harberth  Departed  this  Life  May  1,  1692. 

Thomas  Jacocks  Departed  this  Life  May  2,  1692. 

Raburt  Snell  Departed  this  Life  Mch.  4,  1692. 

Col.  Francis  Hartly  Departed  this  Life  Jany. ,  1691-2. 

John  Titmarsh  died  at  John  Foster's  June  27,  1692. 

Mary  Kannady  Departed  this  Life  June  11,  1692. 

John  Dedman  Departed  this  Life  at  John  Harris'es  July  15,  1692. 

John  Thigpen  (son  of  James  &  Elizabeth)  Departed  this  life  Aug. 
1,  1692. 

Samuel  Stepney  Departed  this  Life  Sept.  3,  1692. 

Ann  Foster  (wife  of  John)  departed  this  Life  Oct.  30,  1692. 

Roger  Snell  (son  of  Roger)  Departed  this  Life  Oct.  8,  1692. 

Snell  (son  of  Roger)  Departed  this  Life  June  5,  1692. 

Alis  Wilson  (wife  of  James  Wilson)  Departed  this  Life  Aug.  27, 

Josias  Fendall  Departed  this  Life  Nov.  4,  1692. 

William  Callaway  Departed  this  Life  Nov.  29,  1692. 

Hannah  Bateman  Departed  this  Life  Dec.  4,  1692. 

William  Tarkington  Departed  this  Life  Dec.  14,  1692. 

Thomas  Corbitt  Departed  this  Life  Jan.  18,  1692. 

Ann  Smeth  Departed  this  Life  Feb.  8,  1692-3. 

Robert  Smeth  Departed  this  Life  Feb.  19,  1692-3. 

Mary  Lery  Departed  this  Life  Mch.  4,  1692-3. 

Cornelius  Lery  Departed  this  Life  Mch.  9,  1692-3. 

Richard  Eivens  Departed  this  Life  May  20,  1693. 

John  Harloe  Departed  this  Life  July  13,  1693. 

Mary  Snell  (daughter  of  Roger)  departed  this  Life  June  28,  1693. 

Ann  Hogg  (daughter  of  James)  departed  this  Life  Aug.  14,  1693. 

John  Godfrey  departed  this  Life  Aug.  24,  1693. 

William  Stephens  son  of  Andrew  Stephens  and  wife  Grace  of 
Oidd  England  and  Johannah  Williams  were  Married  by  Thomas  I 
Harvie,  Esq.,  Feby.  2,  1684. 

(To  be  Continued.) 

i  'I 

Greeting  to  Colonial  Dames. 



The  event  of  most  importance  during  the  past  year  was  our  third 
Annual  Pilgrimage  to  the  Old  Colonial  Church  of  St.  Philip,  which 
took  place  on  May  6th,  1902,  and  was  a  most  interesting  and  success- 
ful one.  Perhaps  it  may  not  be  uninteresting  to  our  Sister  Dames 
to  learn  something  of  the  manner  in  which  the  occasion  was  cele- 

"With  a  portion  of  the  gift  to  this  object  of  a  life  member,  Miss  Ida 
N.  Moore,  of  Washington,  D.  O,  which  I  mentioned  in  my  letter  of 
last  year,  the  Society  at  the  suggestion  of  our  President,  Mrs.  Gaston 
Meares,  had  caused  a  tablet  to  be  prepared  and  placed  on  the  east 
wall  of  the  church  north  of  the  chancel  window,  to  the  memory  of 
Col.  Maurice  Moore,  who  in  1725,  donated  the  land  for  the  town  of 
Brunswick,  reserving  for  the  "Glory  of  God"  the  portion  on  which 
was  built  this  Parish  Church  of  St.  Philip.  To  the  untiring  exer- 
tions of  Mrs,  Meares  and  Mrs.  Kidder  we  are  indebted  for  the  beau- 
tiful Mural  Tablet  unveiled  on  that  day. 

The  Hon.  H.  G.  Connor,  President  of  the  North  Carolina  Histori- 
cal Society,  delivered  the  address,  and  three  Clergymen,  Rev.  Dr.  Car- 
michael,  and  Rev.  Dr.  Bratton,-  representing  colonial  families  of 
Virginia  and  South  Carolina,  and  Rev.  Mr.  Horsfield,  representing 
St.  James'  Church,  Wilmington,  twin  sister  of  St.  Philip,  conducted 
the  religious  services.  t 

The  Dames,  with  their  guests,  some  two  hundred  in  number,  and 
a  guard  of  honor  from  the  Wilmington  Light  Infantry  company, 
boarded  the  steamer  at  9  :45  a.  m.  for  the  delightful  trip  down  the 
river  on  this  lovely  day.  In  about  an  hour  the  landing  was  reached, 
and  disembarking,  all  were  soon  wending  their  way  over  the  ram- 
parts, across  the  traverses  and  through  the  artillery  embrasures  of 
Fort  Anderson,  the  massive  sand  embankments  of  which  pass  across 
the  site  of  the  sleeping  town  and  surround  the  ruins  of  old  St.  Philip. 
Everyone  caught  the  inspiration  of  the  day  and  inhaled  with  delight 
the  balmy  odors  of  pine  and  cypress. 

A  procession  was  formed  outside  the  church  under  the  triple  east 
window,  which,  passing  through  the  guard  of  honor  at  the  western 
dcor,  singing  the  hymn  "Lift  the  Strains  of  High  Thanksgiving," 
entered  what  had  once  been  the  center  aisle,  and  proceeded  to  the 
site  of  the  ancient  altar,  where  a  temporary  platform  had  been 
erected.  After  a  brief  but  fervent  service  of  praise  and  prayer,  the 
Tablet  was  unveiled  by  little  Miss  Florence  Kidder,  a  daughter  of 

• ': ;  i 




Greeting  to  Colonial  Dames. 

pur  former  president,  Mrs.  George  Kidder,  and  a  lineal  descendant 
of  Colonel  Maurice  Moore.  This  Tablet  is  of  white  marble  beauti- 
fully inscribed,  and  riveted  to  the  wall  with  brass  rods.  The  in- 
scription reads: 

"A   Memorial 


"Col.   Maurice  Moore 

"Gentleman  and   Soldier  of  the  King 

"Who  in  the  Year  of  Our  Lord  1725 

founded  in  a  Wilderness 

The  Town  of  Brunswick 

"Reserving  for  the  Glory  of  God  the 

"Portion  of  land  on  which  was  built 

"This  Parish  Church  of  St.  Philip. 

"Also  to  the 

"Heroes  and  Patriots  of  the  Lower 

Cape  Fear 
"Whose  brave  deeds  illustrated  its 

Colonial   History. 
"Brunswick  was  for  a  time  the  seat 
of  the  Eoyal  Government  in  the  Province 
and  the  residence  of  its  Governors 
Johnson,  Dobbs,   Tryon. 
"It  was  the  scene  of  the  first  armed 
resistance  to  the  Stamp  Act  in  any 
American     Colony.      When    Citizen 
Soldiers  led   by 
"Hugh   Waddell   and   John   Ashe 
"Defied  the  Power  of  Great  Britain 
arid   prevented   the   landing  of  the   stamps 
from  her  ships  of  war  ISTov.  28,  1765. 

"This  Tablet  is  the  Gift-  of 

Selina  M.  Harvey  and  Ida  ~N.  Moore, 

descendants    of    Maurice    Moore,    -and 

was  erected  under  the  auspices  of  the 

North  Carolina  Society  of  the  Colonial  Dames 

of   America, 

A.  D.  1902. 

"Por  these  are  deeds  that  should  not 

pass   away   and  names   that  must  not 

wither."  .  .  . 

The  orator  of  the  day  was  introduced  by  our  President  and  de- 
livered an  eloquent  historical  address,  which  is  now  in  the  hands  of 

.   ■ 

Greeting  to  Colonial  Dames. 


.?  publisher  and  will  be  added  to  the  number  of  those  which  have 
preceded  it. 

A  visit  to  the  tomb  of  "The  Bride  of  St.  Philips'  "  and  others  of 
the  early  pioneers  of  civilization  in  this  section,  interested  visitors, 
while  a  generous  luncheon  was  spread  under  the  trees.  This  was 
accompanied  by  a  veritable  "feast  of  reason  and  flow  of  soul,"  as 
many  of  the  elder  generation  exchanged  information  and  anecdote 
which  had  been  handed  down  by  their  ancestors,  through  the  genera- 
tions, to  the  present  day. 

As  the  sun  was  setting  we  gathered  on  board  the  steamer  for  home, 
while  the  iridescent  waves  encircled  and  bore  us  on. 

For  some  time,  during  last  Winter,  the  meetings  of  our  "Historic 
Circles"  were  necessarily  suspended,  but,  with  this  Fall,  they  have 
been  resumed  with  ardor.  These  "Circles"  in  several  cities  in  the 
State  have  entered  with  zest  into  the  work  and  have  outlined  pro- 
grams and  dates  for  monthly  readings. 

From  our  Genealogist,  J.  R.  B.  Hathaway,  of  Edenton,  X.  C,  who 
is  also  Editor  of  "The  North  Carolina  Historical  and  Genealogical 
Register"  comes  the  cheering  news  of  his  finding,  during  his  re- 
searches, the  original  papers  (for  which  historians  in  .North  Caro- 
lina have  vainly  searched  for  150  years)  signed  by  the  Lords  Pro- 
prietors with  seals  attached  putting  into  partial  effect  the  "Funda- 
mental Constitutions"  compiled  by  John  Locke  for  North  Carolina, 
March  6,  1600,  the  paper  bearing  date  Feb.  5,  1678.  These,  Mr. 
Hathaway  writes  in  a  letter  to  our  President,  were  found  in  a  pack- 
age of  otherwise  worthless  papers.  The  use  of  a  lens  was  necessary 
tc  decipher  them.  He  also  found  a  fine  impression  of  the  seal  of  the 
Colony  attached  to  the  commission  of  Christopher  Gale  'and  four 
others  as  members  of  the  General  Court,  bearing  date  1712,  which 
L?  has  had  photographed  and  placed  in  the  hands  of  an  artist  for  a 
half  tone.  "It  has  been  publicly  stated,"  he  writes,  "that  the  only 
impression  of  this  seal  known  to  be  in  existence  was  in  the  Bodlean 
Library,  Oxford,  Eng." 

As  this  information  is  of  interest  to  all  of  the  Societies  of  Colonial 
Lames,  I  have  taken  the  liberty  of  transmitting  it. 

We  have  mourned  the  loss  of  many  Sister  Dames  of  both  the  Na- 
tional and  State  Societies,  but  have  been  spared  that  loss  in  our  own. 
-  We  have  added  thirty-five  new  members  during  the  year. 

With  our  New  Year's  greeting  we  send  cordial  thanks  for  courte- 
sies extended  to  us.  Respectfully  submitted, 

Emma  Martin  Maffitt, 

Historian  North  Carolina  Society  of  Colonial  Dames  of  America. 

January,  1903. 





The   Gary   Rebellion. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

The  Deposition  of  Levi  Truewhitt  aged  thirty-four  years  or  there 
abouts,  being  Sworne  upon  ye  holy  Evangelist:  Saith  yt  he  heard  ye 
honorable  Thomas  Cary  speak  &  utter  at  ye  house  of  Capt.  John 
Heckelfield  &  to  ye  face  of  Mr.  Porter  as  well  as  afterwards  yt  let  I 
him  be  who  he  would  yt  had  done  him  injustice  he  should  give  him 
Satisfaction  &  after  awhile  ye  sd  Hon.  Thomas  Cary  desired  a  pas-  I 
sage  from  Capt.  Heckelfielcls  over  Little  River  whereupon  Mr.  Heck- 
elfield Sade  yt  the  negroe  &  Cannoe  should  assist,  him  over  to  Capt. 
Hunts  &  ye  sd  Deponant  went  over  alonge  with  him,  &  Mr.  Jno.  Por- 
ter desired  him,  to  walke  out  alonge  with  him  &  then  asked  him  wt 
was  ye  Reasn  yt  I  thought  yt  Coll  Cary  did  designe  any  thing  against  I 
him  to  which  ye  sd  Deponant  answered  he  never  heard  him  say  so ; 
it  was  his  own  thought  or  words  to  yt  effect,  presently  after  they 
Came  in  &  ye  sd  Coll  Cary  &  Mr.  Jon.  Porter  had  some  discourse 
about  buying  some  goods  whereupon  they  went  out  &  ye  sd  Deponant 
Came  into  ye  house  &  Satt  down  by  ye  fire,  &  presently  heard  a  voyce ^ 
which  he  doth  Deleave  was  Coll  Cary's  Saying  Sr  wt  do  you  mean  by  I 
it  to  affront  me  at  this  rate,  Sr  I  would  not  have  you  pretend  to  beat  ] 
me  for  I  will  never  take  any  affront  from  any  man  &  presently  I  see; 
Mr.  John  Porter  come  in  at  ye  dore  &  say  wt  do  you  mean  by  this  I 
Coll  Cary,  &  pulling  of  his  hatt  went  into  Capt.  Hunts  other  Rome  (| 
where  he  se  ye  Mr.  John  Porter  no  more  yt  night  but  afterwards 
heard  ye  sd  Honbl  Thomas  Cary  say  yt  he  yt  had  done  him  any  injus- 
tice should  give  him  Sattisfaction  either  here  or  in  Virginia  &  further 
to  ye  best  of  his  remembrance  ye  sd  Coll  Cary  had  a  Sword  at  his  Side  ;| 
&  ye  sd  Mr.  Porter  had  neither  &  further  he  Saith  not. 

Levi  Truewhitt. 

The  Deposition  of  Richard  Dereham  aged  Nineteen  years  or  there  1 
abouts  being  Sworn  saith  yt  he  remembers  not  any  thing  wt  was  Sade  ;,J 
b\  Col.  Cary  against  Mr.  Porter  at  the  house  of  Capt,  John  Heckel- 1 
field,  but  when  they  were  agoeing  over  ye  River  to  Capt,  Hunts  yt 
Levi  Truewhitt  asked  ye  sd  Coll  Cary  if  he  would  goe  home  to  his  J 
own  Landing  &  ye  sd  Coll  Cary  answer  he  would  go  to  Capt.  Hunts 
&  Se  him  before  he  went  &  yt  after  they  came  to  Capt  Hunts  ye  sd  I 
Coll  Cary  &  Mr.  John  Porter  went  out  of  Dores  &  presently  after  he 
heard  a  voyce  saying  wt  do  you  mean  by  this  &  afterwards  he  ye  sd 
Deponant  heard  a  blow  of  a  Cane  or  stick  against  ye  house  &  then  ye 

L^ '> 

The   Cary    Rebellion. 


sd  Mr.  Porter  came  in  &  sade  yt  he  required  assistance  in  ye  Queens 
Xame  &  further  ye  sd  Deponant  to  ye  best  of  his  knowledge  saith  not. 

Richard  Dereham. 

The  Deposition  of  Mr.  John  Hunt  aged  Sixty-three  years  or  there 
abouts  being  Sworne,  Saith  yt  yt  he  was  not  within  Listenan  when 
Col  Cary  Came  to  his  house  but  his  wife  called  him  in  k  after  his 
Sallutation  he  went  out  againe  &  Mr.  Hawkins  &  Mr.  Porter  ware 
'walking  by  his  Kitching,  whereof  one  of  them  beckoned  him  to  come 
tu  them,  whereupon  they  Sade  yt  they  understood  yt  there  was  Some- 
thing like  to  be  of  a  quarrell  betwin  Coll  Cary  k  Mr.  Porter,  where- 
upon he  made  answer,  ISTo,  no  I  hope  there  shall  be  no  quarelling  here 
So  the  sd  Deponant  Came  into  ye  house  k  presently  after  came  in 
Mr.  Porter  &  Mr.  Hawkins  into  ye  Same  Room  where  Coll  Cary  was 
So  Coll  Cary  riseing  up  tooke  yev  Cup  k  drink  to  Mr.  Porter  i:  so 
from  one  to  another,  So  ye  sd  Deponant  went  into  ye  Kitchin,  <t  his 
wife  Called  to  him'&  sd  it  was  time  to  Supper  ready  &  thereupon  he 
returned  into  ye  Roome  againe  k  when  he  v  Came  in  Mr.  Porter  k 
Coll  Cary  were  a  talking  about  goods  k  Coll  Cary  promised  to  buy 
some  goods  of  Mr.  Porter  k  thereupon  Coll  Cary  Beckoned  to  Mr. 
Porter  to  goe  out  k  Mr.  Porter  heark  yea.  k  thereupon  they  went  out 
together  &  fell  in  discourse  still  in  the  way  of  Marchandizinz  about 
goods,  presently  thereupon  ye  sd  Deponant  went  out  to  fetch  ye  key 
of  his  Storehouse  k  when  he  was  atakeing  ye  Key  his  negroe  Came 
to  him  for  Corhe  for  hominy  k  after  ye  sd  Deponant  had  dispatched 
him  he  came  straight  into  ye  house  k  as  soon  as  ever  he  ye  sd  Depo- 
nant was  Come  into  ye  house  he  ye  sd  Deponant  heard  a  Wow  or  tow, 
and  a  voyce  saying  wt  do  you  mean  by  this  weh  he  doth  beleave_was 
Mr.  Porter's  voyce  k  he  rushing  into  ye  house  by  him  ye  sd  Deponant 
heard  Mr.  Porter  require  ye  Queens  Peace  k  then  Coll  Cary  came  up 
to  ye  Dore  *****  Sade  ye  sd  Deponant  I  hope  there 
will  be  no  quarrelling  Here,  &  thereupon  ye  sd  Coll  Cary  answered  yt 
Mr.  Porter  had  abused  him  &  Called  him  Villaine  &  Raskell  k  had 
up  with  his  fist  to  him,  &  then  ye  sd  Coll  Cary  answered  he  would 
not  be  abused  by  any  Raskall  k  yt  when  he  ye  sd  Deponant  Se  Mr. 
Porter  yt  he  had  not  any  weapon  or  stick  with  him  k  thereupon  ye  sd 
Deponants  wife  pushed  Mr.  Porter  into  ye  other  Roome  k  yt  he  did 
not  here  Coll  Cary  threten  Mr.  Porter  by  name,  but  Sade  he  was 
goeing  to  Verginia  &  yt  he  should  meat  him  there,  but  heard  him 
Say  yt  any  one  yt  should  take  away'his  honr  or  his  money  he  would 
break  there  heads  k  yt  he  would  not  be  abused  by  no  man,  k  yt  he  the 
sd  Deponant  Saith  yt  if  such  words  had  been  spoken  unto  him  he 
should  bave  taken  them  to  be  thretning  words  to  him  ye  Deponant  k 


The  Cary  Rebellion. 

further  ye  sd  Deponant  Saith  yt  ye  sd  Coll  Cary  had  a  Sword  by  his 
-side  &  a  stick  in  his  hand  both  wth  in  &  wth  out  of  dores  &  further  & 
"further  ye'  sd  Deponant  Saiih  not,  but  yt  he  did  not  Se  ye  sd  Coll 
Cary  draw  his  Sword ;  but  Sade  ye  sd  Coll  Cary  yt  if  he  had  had  a 
•"Sword  by  his  Side  &  would  not  have'  drawed  it  he  woidd  have  run  him 
-through.  •  John  Hunt. 

Deposition  of  Willm  Yaughan  aged  twenty  Seaven  yeares  or  there 
:abouts  Sweareth  upon  ye  holy  Evangelist  Saith  that  Coll  Cary  Came, 
to  Capt  John  Hunts  yesterday  and  after  sum  time  being  there  he  fell 
ir>  discourse  with  Mr.  John  Porter  about  trad  and  so  forth,  and  after 
tit  at.  ye  Deponant  went  and  sate  by  the  fire  immediately  after  ye  sd 
Mr.  Porter  came  in  with  his  finger  bluddy  Mrs.  Hunt  perswaded  him 
to  goe  into  ye  other  Rome  and  then  Called  ye  deponant  there  to  be  with 
him,  where  ye  both  Continnewd  tell  ye  sd  Cornal  Cary  was  gone 
further  ye  Deponant  Saith  that  ye  said  Cornall  Gary  Came  in  with 
his  Sorde  by  his  Side  and  his  Cane  in  his  hand  and  I  doe  not  Remem- 
ber that  ye  sd  Mr.  Porter  had  any  kan  or  stick  in  his  hand  to  ye  Best 
of  my  Remembrance.  Willm.  Vatighan. 

Capt  Robert  Kingman  aged  about  30 — Examined  &  Sworne  depo- 
seth — That  yesterday  at  ye  house  of  Capt  John  Hunt  ye  Coll  Thomas 
Cary  &  Mr.  Jno  Porter  went  out  to  talk  as  I  thought  abt  some  busi- 
ness in  relation  to  Trade  &  yt  ye  sd  Mr.  Porter  came  in  presently 
after  with  his  Finger  ye  skin  broake  &  said  that  Coll  Cary  had  Done 
itt  wth  his  Cane,  and  further  yt  ye  said  Coll  Cary  'said  yt  If  any 
man  whatsoever  affronted  him  he  would  have  Satisfaction  and  fur- 
ther Saith  not.  Robt.  Kingman. 

The  Deposition  of  John  Porter  Esqr.  being  Sworn  Saith  yt  yes- 
terday in  ye  Evning  bein  at  ye  house  of  Capt.  John  Hunt  Coll  Cary 
desired  him  to  walk  out  at  ye  dore  accordingly  he  sd  Deponant  did 
so,  &  he  ye  sd  Coll  Cary  for  some  smal  time  entered  into  discourse 
f:bout  ye  purchaising  of  goods  Seaming  very  friendly  &  Imme- 
diately wth  out  any  provocking  langage  on  either  Side  he  lift  up  a 
very  wighty  Stick  &  violently  Struck  at  ye  Deponants  head  upon  wch 
he  lift  up  his  right  hand  to  ward  of  ye  blows  &  received  ye  stroak 
across  his  fingers  by  which  means  two  of  them  were  wounded  &  the 
back  of  ye  sd  Deponants  hand  much  bruised,  being  thereby  at  pres- 
ent  in  a  great  measure  disabled  from  ye  use  of  his  hand  &  also  in  fear 
yt  sd  Dept  may  receive  ye  like  or  worse  Mame  from  him. 

John  Porter. 

[The  above  papers  bear  no  date,  and  it  is  not  possible  to  fix  the  exact  time  this 
difficulty  occurred,  but  we  can  safely  locate  it  between  1706  and  1710,  during  what 
is  known  as  the  "Cary  Rebellion"  by  historians — Ed.] 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 



(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

The  Jurors  of  Our  Sovereign  Lady  the  Queen  upon  their  Oaths 
doe  present :  That  in  &  by  an  Act  of  Assembly  made  in  this  Govermt 
Entituled  An  Act  for  a  Road  between  Pascotank  &  Coratuck  itt  be 
Enacted  that  there  be  a  Road  made  &  maintained,  between  Coratuck 
&  Pascotank  River  And  that  the  Inhabitants  of  Pascotank  Make  & 
maintaine  itt  to  the  Indyan  Town  House  &  the  Inhabitants  of  Cora- 
tuck from  thence  to  Wm.  Brayes  And  the  Court  of  Pascotank  shall 
appoint  an  Overseer  who  shall  warn  in  all  the  Tythables  on  the 
North  Side  of  Pascotank  River  to  make  &  Maintaine  the  sd  Road  as 
f arr  as  the  Indyan  Town'  House  aforesd  &  whosoever  shall  make  de- 
fault, upon  such  warning  or  Sumons  shall  Suffer  such  paines  & 
penadltyes  as  by  the  Law  Entituled  High  Wayes  is  provided. 

And  alsoe  if  the  Inhabitants  of  Coratuck  together  with  the  Ves- 
try shall  see  Cause  to  hire  any  person  or  persons  to  make  the  sd 
Road,  Itt  shall  be  in  the  power  of  the  sd  Vestry  to  levy  money  by 
the  Poll  upon  the  Tythables  of  the  Prcinct  for  the  Defraying  Such 
Charge  And  in  &  by  the  sd  Act  itt  is  further  Enacted  That  the  In- 
habitants of  the  Sand  banks  in  the  precinct  of  Coratuck  shall  twice 
every  Year  that  is  to  say  in  the  Months  of  March  &  Septembr  yearly 
stake  out  the  place  Call'd  the  Narrowes  from  the  Mouth  of  the  Nar- 
rowes  to  the  Marsh  right  agt  Captn  Richd  Sanderson's  for  which 
they  shall  be  excused  from  going  on  the  Highways  and  that  the 
Court  of  the  precinct  of  Coratuck  shall  be-  Oblidged  to  appoint 
an  Overseer  for  the  performance  of  the  sd  Worke  And  what 
person  shall  fayle  to  performe  his  duty  therein  shall  be  fined 
Eive  Shilings  for  Each  default  to  be  payd  or  Imployed  towards 
the  doing  the  worke  to  those  that  shall  doe  the  same,  Never- 
theless the  aforesd  Inhabitants  of  Coratuck  &  Pascotank  the 
aforesd  Act  of  Assembly  Not  regarding  but  the  Same  &  the 
Authority  thereof,  Altogether  Contemning  have  Made  default  in  the 
premises  for  want  whereof  passengers  &  travellers  are  put  to  great 
Straights  &  inconveniency  et" 

On  the  back  is  indorsed  as  follows :  "Wee  The  Jurors  Make  Infor- 
mashion  yt  The  Roade  from  Paspatank  River  to  Vopim  Indian 
Towne  is  nott  Cleared  achording  to  Act  of  Assembly." 

Edward  Taylor,  Foremn. 

Without  date.— Editor. 

228  Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


North  Carolina — ss.     By  the  Honble  the  Governor  and  Council. 

Whereas  the  present  Assembly  stands  adjourned  to  Munday  the 
fourth  of  August,  wee  doe  hereby  Publish  and  Declare  that  the  sd 
Assembly  shall  be  further  adjourned  to  Tuesday  the  first  day  of 
November  and  wee  doe  hereby  further  declare  that  the  sd  Assembly 
shall  on  the  sd  first  of  November  be  held  and  Set  for  the  dispatch  of 
Divers  affairs  and  all  the  Members  of  the  Lower  House  are  hereby 
required  and  Commanded  to  give  their  attendance  accordingly. 

Given  under  our  hands  and  the  Seal  of  the  Collony  this  31st  day 
of  July  in  the  fourth  yeare  of  the  Reigne  of  our  Sovereigne  Lord 
King  George  Annoqr  Domi. 

God  save  the  King 
J.  LOVICK  Secty 



(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

North  Carolina — ss.     By  the  Honble  the  Governor  and  Council. 

Whereas  by  an  Act  of  Assembly  Intituled  an  Act  Relateing  to  the- 
Bieniell  and  other  Assemblys  and  Regulateing  Elections  and  Mem- 
bers inter  alia  It  is  Enacted  that  the  Burgesses  for  the  Bieniell  As3 
sembly  shall  meet  and  sitt  the  first  Munday  in  November  Ensueing 
such  Election  at  the  same  place  the  Assembly  last  satt  Except  the 
Pallatine  Court  shall  by  their  Proclamaton  Twenty  dayes  before  I 
their  said  Meeting  appoint  some  other  place. 

And  forasmuch  as  for  divers  Reasons  and  Inconveniences  to  us 
Known  this  present  Bieniell  Assembly  cannot  Mett  and  Sett  at  the 
same  place  they  last  sat  at, 

Wee  therefore  by  this  our  Proclamacon  do  Give  Notice  to  all  per- 
sons Concerned  herein  that  this  present  Assembly  is  Appointed  And 
We  do  hereby  Appoint  the  Same  to  meet  and  Sett  at  the  house  of 
Colle  John  Hecklefield  in  Little  River  on  the  aforesaid  first  Munday 
in  November. 

Given  under  our  hands  and  the  Seale  of  the  Colony  this  12th  day  I 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


of  September  in  the  Fourth  Yeare  of  the  Reign  of  our  Sovereign 
Lord  King  George  <&c.     Annoqr  Dom  1717. 

God  Save  the  King.  CHARLES  EDEN 


Copa  f    T  KNIGHT  Sec'ty. 

N.  C— 1725. 

(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C. ) 

The  Information  of  the  Honohle  Sr  Richd  Everard,  Barrnt,  Gov- 
ernor &  Commandr  in  Chief  &c,  taken  upon  Oath  before  us  Christo- 
pher Gale  Esq.,  Chief  Justice,  and  John  Lovick  and  Henry  Clay- 
ton Esqrs.,  Justices  of  the  Peace  this  Third  day  of  December  Anno 
Domi  1725.  Sayth,  that  on  the  Second  of  this  instant  X.ber  about 
three  or  four  of  the  Clock  in  the  Morning  Mr.  Burrington  the  late 
Governor  with  Severall  Ruffians  in  Company  came  to  the  back  door 
of  his  house  and  having  made  a  violent  Knocking  for  -some  time  he 
called  out  open  the  door  which  he  repeated  Severall  times  but  Sr. 
Richd  Knowing  his  Voyce  as  did  his  Servant  who  told  him  it  was 
Mr.  Burrington,  Sr.  Richard  advised  him  to  go  about  his  business  or 
it  would  be  worse  for  him  Upon  which  Mr.  Burrington  replyed  after 
a  rude  and  threatening  manner  Come  out  I  want  Satisfaction  of  you 
for  Saying  you  would  Send  me  to  England  in  Irons  therefore  Come 
out  and  give  it  me  you  Everard  you  a  Knight,  You  a  Barronet,  You 
a  Governr.  You  are  a  Sancha  Pancha  and  111  take  care  of  you 
Numb  Skull  head ;  and  upon  Sr.  Richards  threatening  him  that  if  he 
offer'd  to  break  into  the  house  he  would  shoot  him  or  that  if  he  did 
not  go  away  quietly  that  he  would  have  him  punish'd  he  replyd  You 
have  not  an  Officer  dare  speak  to  me  or  look  me  in  the  face  and  so 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

defying  Sr.  Richard  and  his  Authority  he  went  away  calling  Sr.. 
Eichard  Scoundrell  and  Severall  other  Abusive  Names. 
Jurat  Coram  Nobis  3rd  Die  Decembn  1725. 

C.  Gale.     J.  Lovick.  Richd.  Everard. 

The  Examination  of  Richard  Everard  Esq  Aged  about  Sixteen 
years  taken  upon  Oath  this  third  day  of  Decemr,  1725. 

The  Examinant  sayth  that  on  the  Second  of  this  instant  December 
about  three  or  four  of  the  Clock  in  the  Morning  being  in  Bed  was. 
waked  by  his  fathers  Servant  and  as  he  came  down  Stairs  he  heard 
Mr.  Burrington  Scurrilously  Abusing  the  Governr  Sr.  Richard 
Everard  Saying  You  Send  me  to  England  in  Irons  you.  be  dmd.  I 
will  Make  your  heart  ache  before  I  have  done  with  you  And  then 
Mr.  Burrington  demanded  whether  the  Governor  would  send  him 
home  to  England  or  no  Upon  Which  the  Governor  desired  him  to  goe 
home  adding  that  he  should  see  all  things  done  in  time  At  which  Mr. 
Burrington  made  a  jest  Crying  Ah  !  ah  !  ah !  I  am  come  to  turn  up 
My  Cape  Eair     *     *     *     *     to  you  before  it  goes  to  take  its  leve 

of  you  Dick  D you  you  a  Sorry  Fellow     I'll  scalp  you  d — d 

thick  Skull  Whereupon  the  Governor  again  bidd  him  depart  and 
soon  after  he  went  away  drumming  against  the  window  shutters  and 
weather  boards  of  the  house. 

Jurat  Coram  Me  3'tio  Die.  Richd.  Everard. 

Decbrs  1725. 

C.  Gale  C.  J. 

The  Examination  of  Henry  Gammon  Servant  to  Sr.  Richd.  Ever- 
ard aged  about  Seventeen  years,  taken  upon  Oath  the  third  day  of 
Demr.  Anno  Domi  1725. 

This  Examinant  Sayth  that  on  Thursday  the  Second  of  this  in- 
stant Xber  early  in  the  Morning  a  great  while  before  day  Mr.  Bur- 
rington late  Governor,  came  to  the  door  of  his  Masters  house  which  j 
this  Examinant  had  just  Shutt  having  been  out  of  doors  by  his  Mas- 
ter's Order,  and  there  he  Knockt  very  much  and  this  Examinant 
askt  who  was  there  he  answered  a  Friend  upon  which  Sr.  Richard 
call'd  to  this  Examinant  to  know  who  it  was  and  then  Mr.  Burring- 
ton made  Anser  that  he  was  come  to  turne  up  his  Cape  Fair  * 
*  *  for  Sr.  Richard  to  take  leave  of  further  adding  that  Sr. 
Richd.  was  No  More  fitt  to  be  a  Governor  than  Sancha  Pancha  call- 
ing him  Calves  head  and  many  more  Scandalous  Names  which  this 
Examinant  does  not  remember  being  sent  up  stairs  to  Call  his  young 

Jurat  Coram  me  die  &c.  the  mark  of 

Ano  Supra  diet  Henry  H  Gammon. 

C.  Gale  C.  J. 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 




The  Examination  of  Mrs.  Susannah  Parris  Wife  of  Mr.  Thomas 
Parris  of  Edenton  taken  upon  Oath  this  third  day  of  Decemr.  Anno 
Domi  1725. 

This  Examinant  Sayth  that  on  the  second  day  of  this  instant  De- 
cember in  the  Morning  a  long  time  before  day  Mr.  Burrington  the 
late  Governor  came  to  the  door  of  their  house  in  Edenton  aforesaid 
&  knock'd  violently  upon  which  one  of  their  Servants  (all  the  family 
being  in  bed)  call'd  to  Know  who  was  there  &  he  answered  Open  the 
door  to  which  the  Servant  answer'd,  I  am  coming  And  upon  a  Second 
Knocking  &  the  Servant  asking  who  it  was  he  commanded  the  Ser- 
vant to  open  the  door  or  he  would  breake  every  pane  of  Glass  in  the 
Windows  to  which  the  Servant  answerd  that  they  durst  not  open  the 
door  their  Master  &  Mistress  being  in  Bed,  and  imediately  upon  it 
this  Examinant  heard  an  Stuzza  k  the  outer  door  of  their  house  was 
broken  open  And  Mr.  Burrington  came  into  the  house  &  to  the  door 
of  the  room  where  this  Examinant  was  in  bed  with  her  Husband 
whom  he  called  for  And  Mr.  Parris  asking  who  was  there  was  an- 
ser'd  a  Friend  and  being  asked  him  how  he  gott  into  the  house  he 
answer'd  that  he  came  in  at  the  Window  Mr.  Parris  made  answer 
twas  not  customary  for  friends  to  come  in  at  the  window  to  which 

Mr.  Burrington  anser'd  D you  Tom  gett  up  what  have  you  a 

Mind  to  be  licked  And  this  Examinant  hearing  Mr.  Burrington 
threaten  her  husband  She  said  something  concerning  his  rude  be- 
haviour in  coming  into  their  house  at  Such  an  unseasonable  hour 
and  abusing  her  husband  when  immediately  Mr.  Burrington  began 
to  give  this  Examinant  all  Manner  of  abusive  language  calling  her 
*****  anc|  talking  after  so  obscene  a  manner  that  it  is 
not  to  be  repeated. 

And  Mr.  Parris  having  drest  himself  went  out  to  him  &  whilst  he 
went  to  light  a  Candle  this  Examinant  heard  Mr.  Burrington  en- 
deavoring to  Sett  a  Ruffianly  Fellow  that  Came  in  his  Company 
named  Cornelius  Harnett  to  beat  her  husband  and  abuse  him  which 
made  her  gett  up  but  was  so  ill  treated  by  Mr.  Burrington  that  she 
run  out  of  the  house  to  call  assistance  to  rescue  her  husband  from 
them  for  fear  of  worse  Consequences. 

Jurat  Coram  me  Susanna  Paeeis. 

C.  Gale.C.  J. 

The  aforegoing  Deposition  of  Mrs.  Susanna  Parris  being  read  to 
Adam  Cockburn  Esqr.  he  declared  upon  oath  That  being  a  Lodger 
at  the  sd  Parris's  house  he  remembers  the  Contts.  thereof  as  farr  as 
it  concerns  the  behavior  of  Mr.  Burrington  to  be  true  &  yt  his  wife 
was  awake  at  some  time  &  in  Terr'r  of  his  breaking  into  their  Room. 

Cgst  &  Jurat  Coram  me 
C.  Gale. 

Ad.  Cockbuene. 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

Mr.  Paxris  dt  Mrs.  Cockburn's  Acct  being  tbe  same  I  forbear  to 
take  theirs  because  of  not  Multipying  Depositions  as  likewise  the 
Servts.  '  C.  G. 

Tbe  Examination  of  James  Potter  of  Edenton  being  of  full  age 
taken  upon  oath  before  John  Loviek  Esqr — one  of  bis  Majestys  Jus- 
tices of  tbe  Peace  the  eighth  day  of  December  Anno  Domi  1725. 

This  Examinant  Sayth  that  on  Thursday  being  the  Second  of  this 
instant  December  about  three  or  four  of  the  Clock  in  the  morning  as 
he  lay  in  his  Bed  at  Mr.  Thos.  Cook's  house  in  Edenton  opposite  to 
the  house  of  Joseph  Young  he  heard  a  Xoise  at  the  sd  Young's  house 
and  Somebody  Calling  to  have  the  Doors  Open'd  threatening  that  if 
they  did  not  imediately  open  the  doors  they  would  pull  down  one 
Side  of  the  house  to  gett  in  &  there  upon  hearine-  Severall  Strokes 
made  either  against  the  doors  or  windows  this  Examinant  gott  up  & 
went  over  to  Mr.  Youngs  and  as  he  was  going  he  heard  Mr.  Young 
who  was  then  Constable  for  the  said  Town  Commanding  the  peace 
and  making  all  the  hast  he  could  he  found  Mr.  Burrington  the  late 
Governor  &  one  Cornelius  Harnett  in  the  house  and  this  Examinant 
was  imediately  seized  by  the  throat  by  the  said  Harnett  who  told  Mr. 
Burrington  whom  it  was  to  which  Mr.  Burrington  replyed  *  *  * 
He  run  that  Villain  Potter  thro'  but  this  Examt  disengaging;  himself 
with  some  difficulty  from  Harnett  went  imediately  to  the  Governor's 
house  where  he  understood  Mr.  Bimungton  had  been  with  his  Ruf- 
fians in  company  committing  disorders. 

Sworne  to  before  me  the  day  &:  year  above  written 

,  J.  Lovick  Just  Pac. 

The  Examinatirn  of  Mrs.  Young  the  wife  of  Joseph  Young  of 
Edenton  taken  upon  Oath  before  John  Lovick  Esqr  One  of  his 
Majestys  Justices  of  the  Peace  on  the  Eighth  day  of  December  Anno 
Dmi  1725,  who  having  heard  the  Examination  of  Mr.  James  Potter 
read  to  her  remembers  the  particulars  to  be  true  as  to  what  was  done 
in  their  house  And  Farther  sayth  that  after  Mr.  Potter  went  away 
Mr.  Burrington  &  Harnett  made  endeavors  to  break  into  this  Exami- 
nant's  Chamber  to  Search  for  James  Potter  and  Mr.  Burrington  de- 
clared  that  if  he  had  Known  Sooner  that  it  was  Mr.  Potter  he  would 
have  certainly  run  him  thro:  But  this  Examinant  not  being  dressed 
used  all  her  Endeavors  as  well  as  her  husband  to  Keep  them  from 
coming  into  her  Chamber  for  which  Mr.  Burrington  gave  ill  lan- 
guage &  caled  her  Severall  names  and  struck  her  husband.  And 
this  Examt  further  Sayth  that  by  the  Cold  she  gott  in  being  forced 
out  of  her  Bed  &  the  fright  she  was  putt  in  she  has  been  so  very  ill 
ever  Since  that  she  has  Kept  her  bed  most  of  .the  time     *     *     * 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest.  233 

which  she  believes  to  be  entirely  owing  to  Mr.  Bnrrington's  beha- 
viour in  her  house. 

Sworne  to  before  me 
the  clay  &  year  above -written  J.  Lovick,  Just.  Pac. 

Joseph  Young  of  Edenton  aforesaid  after  having  heard  the  Ex- 
amination of  James  Potter  read  made  oath  that  the  contents  thereof 
were  true  as  to  what  was  done  at  his  house,  And  further  sayth  that 
Mr.  Burrington  struck  him  for  endeavouring  to  Keep  Harnett  & 
him  from  breaking  into  the  room  where  his  wife  was  And  that  he 
has  been  very  ill  ever  Since  occasion'd  (as  he  believes)  by  Mr.  Bnr- 
rington's ill  usage  to  him  that  time. 

Sworne  to  before  me  the  eighth  day  of  December  1725. 

J.  Lovick,  Just.  Pac. 


It  appears  from  the  following  affidavits  that  the  trouble  on  Deer. 
2d,  1725  was  a  continuation  of  the  trouble  Commenced  Nov.  15, 

The  Deposition  of  Mrs.  Susannah  Parris  wife  of  Mr.  Thomas 
Parris  of  Edenton  and  Burgess  for  said  Towne  who  being  of  full 
age  and  Sworne  on  the  holy  Evangelists  Sayeth : 

That  on  Monday  the  fifteenth  day  of  this  instant  November  about 
three  of  the  Clock  in  the  morning  as  she  was  in  bed  she  heard  a 
Knocking  at  the  outer  door  of  the  house  and  her  husband  enquiring 

who  was  there  was  Answerd  D you  Gett  up  but  he  not  ime- 

diately  rising  the  person  at  the  door  Swore  he  would  break  into  the 
house  if  the  doors  were  not  imediately  opened,  Upon  which  her  hus- 
band open'd  the  door  and  found  it  was  Mr.  Burrington  the  Tate  Gov- 
ernor, who  imediately  went  to  the  door  of  Mr.  Cockburne's  room 
where  the  said  Cockburne  lay  sick  and  speechless  in  Bed  And  tipon 
Mrs.  Cockburne's  enquiring  who  was  there :  this  Deponent  heard  Mr. 
Burrington  answer  it  wras  a  Doctor  come  to  Mr.  Cockburne  wdiich 
gained  him  admittance  into  the  room  where  he  lay  And  upon  this 
Deponents  afterwards  asking  Mrs.  Cockburne  what  his  business  was 
with  her  husband  she  told  this  Deponent  that  he  had  very  much 
abused  Mr.  Cockburne  as  he  lay  in  that  Condition  giving  all  manner 
of  abusive  language  &:  threatening  to  cutt  off  his  ears.  And  this 
Deponent  further  sayth  that  after  he  came  out  of  Mr.  Cockburn's 
room  she  heard  Mr.  Burrington  speaking  to  her  husband  said  * 
*  *  Are  all  you  Country  men  such  fools  as  Sr.  Bichard  Everard 
he  is  a  ^Noodle  an  Ape  and  Severall  other  Epithets  and  further  said 
that  he  (the  said  Richd.  Everard  meaning)  was  no  more  fitt,  to  be  a 
Governor  than  an  Hogg  in  the  woods.  Soon  after  Mr.  Burrington 
demiting  his  discourse  to  one  James  Winwright  a  person  that  he  had 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

previously  made  Provost  Marshall  he  swore  to  him  that  before  nine 
months  he  would  make  him  Provost  Marshall  again  and  offer'd  to 
lay  five  thousand  pounds  that  he  the  said  Burrington  should  be 
Governor  again  by  that  time  And  then  an  health  was  drunk  by  the 
Company  to  Governor  Burrington  And  this  Deponent  further  re- 
members that  in  the  midst  of  his  speeches  and  abusive  language  of 
the  Governr  Sr.  Bichd.  she  heard  him  Mention  Judge  Gale  whom  he 
called  a  perjured  old  Rogue  and  Swore  he  should  never  be  easy  till 
he  had  cutt  his  ears  of  which  sort  of  language  about  the  Judge  she 
has  heard  him  severall  times  repeat  since  Collo  Gale  came  last  from 
Taken  &  sworne  before  me  Susanna  Parrjs. 

the  23d  day  of  November  1725. 
J.  Lovick  Just.  Pac. 

Abt  2  a  Clock  in  ye  Morning  Geo  Burrington  came  &  beat  at  ye 
door  of  Thos.  Parris's  house  and  Comanded  it  to  be  open'd  there  were 
severall  people  with  him  but  I  did  not  Enow  their  Names  but  they 
peisuaded  him  away  And  about  an  hower  after  that  he  came  back 
again  with  his  gang  with  him  and  Beat  at  ye  Door  and  Desird  it  to 
be  opend  &  Mr.  Parris  hearing  ye  Noise  Ask'd  who  was  there  and 
what  they  wanted  but  no  answer  was  made  but  yohe  &  open  the  door 
upon  wch  Parris  know'd  Burrington's  Voyee  i:  told  him  to  Goe  home 
for  it  was  an  unsasinable  time  of  Night  to  open  his  doors  upon  which 

Burrington  Swore  D him  but  he  would  Murder  him  and  all  in 

ye  house  if  ye  Door  was  not  opened  and  endeavoured  to  break  the 
door  open.  Parris  still  desired  Him  to  goe  home  and  not  to  use  him, 
after  such  a  Scandalous  Manner  ye  People  yt  were  with  Burrington 
endeavored  at  ye  Same  time  to  persuade  him  not  to  disturb  the  fam- 
ily &  told  him  there  was  a  sick  Woman  &  child  in  ye  house  wch  he 
Might    fright    into    fitts    upon    wch    he    inquired    who    it   was    & 

being  told  it  was  Mrs.  C.  he  Swore  D .  he  was  a  Rogue  &  ye     * 

*  *  his  wife  and  he  would  be  revenged  of  them  &  the  whole  house 
and  attack  ye  Dore  again  but  upon  Mr.  Parris  begging  him  not  to 
be  so  Eude  &  Barbarous  and  his  gangs  persuasion  he  went  off  for 
abt  half  an  hour,  and  yt  Eeturned  &  Broke  two  of  his  Large  Glass 
windows.  Mr.  Parris  dureing  the  breaking  of  the  windows  Called 
Me,  and  his  Servants  up,  Some  of  them  were  up  befoie,  Mr.  Parris 
then  Called  to  him  &  asked  him  if  he  was  not  ashamed  to  use  him 
after  yt  Manner  &  desired  him  to  desist  but  to  no  purpose  while  he 
was  a  Breaking  one  window  I  Looked  out  at  ye  tother  and  saw 
him  very  plain  and  when  he.walk'l  away  Mr.  P  opened  ye  Dore  & 
we  went  out  &  I  see  him  &  his  man  Pompey  abt  3  yds  behind  him 
walk  away  up  to  ye  Corner  of  Mr.  Dunston's  house  where  they  Met 
with  Several  of  their  gang  and  about  a  yr  of  an  hour  after  he  came 

Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


and  beat  at  the  door  and  Comanded  it  to  be  opened  &  be  would  doe 
no  hurt  but  Parris  answered  that  he  has  done  enough  in  breaking  his 
windows  and  it  was  an  unsasinable  time  of  Night  soe  his  Company 
persuaded  him  away. 

Ad.  Cockburne. 
Adam  Cockburn  Esqr  came  before  me  &  made  oath 

that  the  Contents  of  the  above  Narrative  was  true. 

Janyr  10th  1725-6.  C.  Gale  C.  J. 

The  Information  of  Dorothy  the  wife  of  Adam  Cockburne  Esqr. 
Collector  of  Majestys  Customs  for  the  poit  of  Eappahanock  in  the 
Dominion  of  Virginia  taken  upon  Oath  before  Christopher  Gale 
Chief  Justice  of  the  said  Province  Sayth, 

'That  on  Munday  Morning  the  fifteenth  of  this  Instant  November 
*  *  *  the  house  of  Mr.  Thos.  Parris  in  Edenton  within  this 
Province  where  she  then  lodged  with  her  said  husband,  who  then  lay 
sick  without  either  speech  or  Senses  and  had  been  so  for  a  day  or 
two  before  that  time,  in  an  inner  room  of  the  said  house,  and  to  gain 
admittance  into  the  house,  he  pretended  to  be  a  Doctor  come  to  see 
Mr.  Cockburne,  as  soon  as  he  got  into  the  house  he  directly  come 
thro  two  other  rooms  to  that  where  the  said  Cockburne  lay  sick  and 
Coming  to  the  Bed  where  he  lay  he  asked  the  said  Mrs.  Cockburne 
whether  she  Knew  him  (being  in  an  unusual  dress)  and  taking  hold 
of  her  arm  was  pulling  her  from  out  of  the  Bed,  but  she  thereupon 
gott  up ;  Then  he  placed  himself  in  a  Chair  on  that  side  of  the  Bed, 
where  her  husband  Mr.  Cockburne  Lay.  and  took  hold  of  him 
and  as  she  imagined,  was  designed  to  pull  him  out  of  the.  Bed,  for  at 
the  same  time  he  called  him  Rogue,  Villain  &  many  other  Scanda- 
lous Names,  threatening  to  cutt  off  his  ears  and  at  the  same  time 
felt  in  his  pockets  (as  she  thought)  for  a  penknife  or  some  other  in- 
strument to  do  it  with.  Whereupon  She  went  to  him  &  asked  him 
how  he  could  be  so  barbarous  &  inhuman  to  treat  a  person  in  his 
condition  after  such  a  manner,  he  answered  she  might  be  Sure  he 
was  likely  to  dye,  for  it  would  be  a  greater  Sorrow  for  her  to  see  how 
barbarously  he  would  torture  him  and  if  he  had  not  mett  with  him 
here,  he  should  have  follow'd  him  elsewhere  to  use  him  so.  And 
further  she  the  said  Mrs.  Cockburne  Saith  that  Mr.  Burrington  told 
her,  that  not  only  her  Husband  but  also  his  Brother,  one  of  the 
Lords  of  the  Admiralty,  were  both  removed  from  their  Offices  by 
his  Means  for  their  Villany  to  him,  and  two  of  his  friends  succeeded 
them,  or  words  to  that  effect,  and  much  more  abusive  language 
against  them  both,  which  by  reason  of  the  Surprize  she  was  then  in 
she  does  not  remember.  And  further  that  she  was  obliged  to  sett 
up  so  long  as  he  stayed  in  the  house  to  prevent  him  from  further  or 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

other  insults  against  her  said  Husband,   for  he   continued   in  the 
house  in  a  riotous  manner  for  a  considerable  time  thereafter. 


Tat  en  &  Sworne  to  before  Me 

this  23d  day  of  Kbvernr.  Anno  Domi  1725. 
C.  Gale,  C.  J. 

Xorth  Carolina — ss. 

The  Deposition  of  Mrs.  Dorothy  Farlow  Aged  Sixty  odd  years  be- 
ing Sworn  on  the  holy  Evangelists  Sayeth, 

That  on  Monday  the  15th  of  jNTovember  being  at  the  house  of 
Mr.  Thos.  Parris  at  Edenton  where  Mr.  Adam  Cockburne  Esqr  and 
hi?  wife  who  is  her  grand-daughter,  lodged  Mr.  Cockburne  being 
then  speechless  in  bed  and  expected  past  hopes  of  recovery  and  her 
grand-daughter  expecting  every  day  to  be  brought  to  bed.  Some  _ 
time  before  day  Mr.  Burrington  the  late  Governor  came  into  the  | 
roome  where  she  was  with  Mr.  Cockburne  and  his  wife  also  were  in 
bed. and  having  set  himself  downe  by  the  bed  she  heard  her  grand-  I 
daughter  Mrs.  Cockburne  and  Mr.  Burrington  have  some  talk  to- 
gether but  being  a  little  thick  of  hearing  could  not  hear  the  particu- 
lars, but  remembers  she  saw  him  feel  about  his  Cloaths  and  heard 
him  say  he  would  cut  of  Mr.  C&ckburne's  ears  and  that  he  was  no 
more  a  Collector  than  he  was  himself. 

And  this  Deponent  further  Sayeth  that  Mrs.  Cockburne  Avas  not m 
out  of  the  roome  all  the  night  and  never  left  her  husband  till  after 
Day  light.  the  mark  of 

Taken  k  Sworne  to  this  4th  day  Dorothy  D.  Farlow. 

of  Xber  Anno  Dmi  1725  before  me 
C.  Gale,  C.  J. 

Xortk  Carolina — ss. 

At  a  Genl  Court  of  Oyer  and  Terminer  and  Gaol  delivery  held  at 
the  Court  House  in  Edenton  begun  on  Tuesday  the  twenty  ninth  clay  1 
of  March  1726,  and  continued  by  Severall  adjournments  to  the  2nd 
clay  of  Aprill  following. 


The  Honoble  Christopher  Gale,  Esqr.  Chief  Justice,  John  Lovick, 
Richd.  Sanderson,  Thomas  Harvey,  John  Palin,  Edmd  Gale,  Wm. 
Downing,  Barneby  McKinne,  Robt.  Lloyd,  Thomas  Lovick  and  John  i 
Alston  Esqrs.  Justices  of  the  Peace  for  this  Governmt. 

The  following  persons  were  impannell'd  and  Sworne  of  the  Grand 
Jury  Vizt.  Coll'l  John  Worley,  Mr.  Thos.  Rountree,  Mr.  Jno.  Ismay; 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 



Mr.  Thos.  P  arris,  Mr.  Thos.  Luten  Junr.,  Mr.  Thos.  Garrett  Junr., 
Mr.  Richd.  Sanderson  Junr.,  Mr.  Aivtho  Hatch,  Mr.  Geo.  Sparrow, 
Mr.  John  Speir,  Mr.  Francis  Hobson,  Mr.  Henry  Speller, 
Mr.  Thos.  Ashley,  Mr.  David  Hicks,  Mr.  John  Colley,  Mr. 
David  Bayley,  Mr.  Eathl.  Hall,  Mr.  John  Strowde,  Mr."  Thos. 
Blitchenden,  &  Mr.  John  Earle  who  being  chargd  by  the  Ch.  Justice 
with  things  proper  for  their  Enquiry  withdrew  and  upon  their  re- 
turne  presented  the  following  Bills,  Vizt. 

A  Bill  of  Indictmt  agst  Geo.  Burrington  for  Trespass,  Assault, 
Misdemeanor  &  breach  of  the  peace  Contrary  to  the  Act  of  Assembly 
in  that  Case  made  &c. 

A  Bill  of  Indictmt  agst  Geo.  Burrington  Esq.  Cornel  Harnett  for 
a  Riot. 

A  Bill  of  Indictmt  agst  Geo.  Burrington  Esqr  for  Trespass. 

A  Bill  of  Indictmt  agst  Geo.  Burrington  for  Tress  &  assault  at 
pampt  &  Misdemr.  &c. 

And  then  the  Grand  Jury  was  discharged  from  further  attendance 
at  this  Court. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

The  action  was  brought  Feby.  IT,  1723-4  presumably  very  soon 
after  Gov.  Burrington's  arrival  in  aSTorth  Carolina  to  assume  the 
duties  of  his  Office  as  Governor,  the  suit  was  heard  at  Masch  Court 
1723-4  and  judgment  obtained  for  £109.0.0.  principle  and  3£  Is  & 
lOd  costs,  total  112£.  Is.  lOd.  The  action  was  based  upon  an  ac- 
count for  expenditures  made  in  bringing  said  Castleton  and  his 
daughter  from  London  to  Virginia  on  the  Champion,  thence  to  ET. 
Carolina — the  itemized  bill  is  as  follows: 

£.  s.  d. 
"Expenses  in  London  at  the  Custom  House.  .  2 —  0 —  0 
Entring  and  Carriage  of  his  goods  on  board 

the  Ship  Champion 2 —  0 —  0 

Expenses   at   Gravesend 2 —  0 —  0 

Wine,  beer  &  brandy  on  shipboard 2 —  0 —  0 

Expenses  in  Virginia ..:....      2 —  0 —  0 

Paid  for  his  passage,  goods  &c.  from  Virginia 

here 1—0—0 

For  building  his  Cabin  in  the  Champion.  .  .  .      2 —  0 —  0 

Bedding  for  daughter  &  himself '    2 —  0 —  0 





Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

Shirts  &  Wastcoat 0—5—0 

Paid  Capt,  Cowma  Master  of  the  Champion 

for  their  Transportation   12 —  0 —  0 

27—  5—  0" 
"300  p  cent  advance  as  is  usually  Made  on 
goods    from    Great    Brittain    to    North 
Carolina SI — 15 —  0 

£109—  0—  0 

Attorneys  fee   0 — 10 —  0 

Ch :  Justices  fee 1 —  4 — 10 

Clerks  fee 1—1—0 

Marshalls  fee  more  due 0 —  6 —  0 

£112—  1—10 

An  Attachment  issued  against  his  estate  April  16,  1724  signed  by 
C.  Gale  C.  J.  Whereupon  his  estate  was  seized  and  appraised  as 
follows : 

May  7,  1724. 

"North    Carolina.     Inventory   of   Castleton's   Goods   appraised   Pr 
us  ye  Subscribers — Vizt. 

£.      s.      d. 

To  1  Womans  old  Camblet  riding  hood.  .  .  .  2 — 10 —  0 

To  1  blk  Coat  wth  Serge  Denim  breeches.  .  10 — 00 —  0 

To  1  old  Duroy  Wastecoat »  1 — 15 —  0 

To  1  Calermeenca  Gown  lin'd  wth  plads.  .  .  9 — 00 —  0 

To  1  pr  Old  Cloth  breeches 0—10—  0 

To  1  pr  old  Durry  Ditto. 7—6 

To  1  Callicut  Coverlid 2—10—  0 

To  1  New  Sword  &  belt  wth  Cap 1—15—  0 

To  2  pr  old  worsted  Stockings 1 — 00 —  0 

To  1  Muslin  Stock  &  Neck  Cloth 10—  0 

To  6  Damask  Napkins         at 4 — 00—  0 

To  2  pr  of  old  Shoes 10—  0 

To  2  pillow  Cases  &  pair  Sheets 5—10—  0 

To  1  Hat  &  hand  Saw 1—00—  0 

To  Burketts  Exposon  on  Testaments 7 — 00 —  0 

To  10  old  bound  bookes 2—10—  0 

To   1   fishing  Cane  wth  Angle  rods,   lines, 

hooks,  leads  &c ' 3 — 10 —  0 

To  1  burning  glass 7 —  6 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest.  239 

To  1  new  long  wigg  wth  Combs  &  Comb 

Case    7—  0 —  0 

To  2  brushes,   Hammer  &  a  pack  of  His- 
torical Cards  wth  old  garters 7 —  6 

To  1  large  new  hair  Trunk 2 —  0 —  0 

To  3  guns  Xo.  1 :  2  :  3 9—  0—  0 

To  3  Ditto  Xo.  4 :  5  :  6 20—  0—  0 

To  3  pair  of  pistols 12 —  0 —  0 

To  500  flints  &  1  pair  of  spurs 1 — 15 —  0 











Thos.  P  arris, 
Eichd.   Oldner, 
Chas.  Bull, 
Jno.  Ismay." 

The  above  paper  establishes  several  facts:  it  gives  us  the  name  of 
the  ship  on  which  Governor  Burrington  came  to  Virginia,  and  ap- 
proximates very  nearly  the  date  of  his  arrival  in  Xorth  Carolina ; 
also  establishes'  the  rate  of  per  cent,  made  on  goods  brought,  from 
Great  Britain  to  Xorth  Carolina  at  300  per  cent.,  which  per  cent, 
must  have  profoundly  impressed  Joseph  Castleton,  that  he  was 
penniless  in  a  new  and  strange  land. — Editor. 



(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C  ) 

Arlington  Street,  14th  Xovr.,  1744. 
1st.  With  this  Mr.  Corbin  will  receive  His  Majestys  Original 
Grant  under  the  Great  Seal  Bearing  date  17th  Septr.  1744,  for 
setting  off  to  me  in  Severalty  my  Eighth  Part  of  the  Carolinas ;  & 
an  Office  Copy  Bearing  date  12  th  Septr.  1744,  under  the  City  Seal 
of  my  Surrender  and  Conveyance  to  His  Majesty  of  the  other  Seven 
Eighths ;  &  one  hundred  printed  Examplaries  of  each  of  these  Deeds  ; 
and  a  Packet  from  the  Duke  of  Xewcastle  to  the  Governor  of  South 
Carolina  with  a  letter  from  his  Grace,  Xotifying  to  him  this  Trans- 
action by  His  Majesty's  Command  and  another  Packet  to  the  Gov- 



Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


ernbr  of  North  Carolina,  with  a  like  Letter  from  his  Grace,  on  the 
said  Transaction,  and  containing  withal  His  Majesty's  Commands 
to  the  said  Governor  to  appoint  proper  Persons  on  His  Majesty's 
part  to  carry  on,  in  Conjunction  with  proper  Persons  on  mine,  the 
Division  Line  which  has  been  begun,  for  Setting  off  my  Eighth  Part 
of  the  Carolinas  in  Severalty. 

2d.   As  the  Man  of  War,  on  board  of  which  Mr.  Corbin  is  to  take 
his  Passage,  is  to  sail  directly  to  South  Carolina,  Mr.  Corbin  will 
have  an  opportunity  to  deliver  to  Governor  Glenn,  the  Duke  of  New- 
castle's Packet  above  mentioned  &  my  Letter  to  the  said  Governor  & . 
will  then  proceed  to  North  Carolina. 

3d.  There  Mr.  Corbin  is  to  address  himself  to  Mr.  Moseley,  put- 
ting into  his  hands  the  Letter  I  have  written  to  him,  &  communi- 
cating to  him  these  Instructions,  &  the  Copy  of  my  Letter  to  the 
Governor  of  Xorth  Carolina,  which  Letter,  as  well  as  the  above  men- 
tioned one  from  the  Duke  of  Newcastle  (the  Copy  of  which  Mr.  Cor- 
bin will  also  Communicate  to  Mr.  Moseley) I  would  have  Mr.  Mose- 
ley &  Mr.  Corbin  to  wait  on  the  Governor  with,  acquainting  him  that 
I  have  sent  the  Deeds  to  be  inroll'd  &  desiring  his  assistance  &  ad- 
vice as  to  what  remains  to  be  done,  &  that  he  will  give  orders,  pur- 
suant to  the  King's  pleasure  signified  to  him  by  the  Duke  of  New- 
castle, for  continuing  and  carrying  on  the  Division  Line. 

-1th.  Printed  Examplaries  of  the  Deeds  are  to  be  distributed 
among  the  principal  People  &  given  in  particular  to  the  Clerks  of  the 
Several  Precincts  or  Counties  in  my  Division,  &  some  of  them  may 
be  transmitted  to  Virginia  &  other  Parts  of  the  Continent,  where  it 
shall  be  thought  Advisable.  i 

5th.  Mr.  Corbin  will  acquaint  Mr.  Moseley  that  my  Chief  view 
&  desire  at  this  time  is  that  a  Regulation  be  established,  whereby  the 
People  in  my  District  being  made  easy,  &  quieted  in  their  Posses- 
sions, I  may  have  my  Rents  duely  &  regularly  paid.  When  that: 
Point  has  been  adjusted,  other  Matters  about  settling  Protestant 
Families  may  be  thought  of. 

6th.  Mr.  Corbin  will  communicate  to  Mr.  Moseley,  Mr.  Aber- 
cromby's  Paper,  which  will  be  delivered  to  him  with  this ;  And  as  to 
the  principal  Matter  therein  mentioned,  upon  the  subject  of  a  Quit- 
Rent  Law,  if  something  of  that  Nature  must  be  done,  I  would  have 
That  proceed,  which  shall  be  thought  by  the  Governor,  Mr.  Moseley 
&  Mr.  Corbin  to  answer  best  the  ascertaining  the  payment  &  re- 
covery of  the  Quit-Rent  in  Specie.  And  as  my  Estate  in  the  Caro- 
linas, instead  of  being-  an  undivided  Eighth  Part  of  every  acre  in  the 
two  Provinces,  now  lyes  within  a  small  Compass  in  one  of  them, 
which  must  greatly  facilitate  the  coming  at  an  exact  &  full  Rent- 
Roil,  wberein  I  find  by  Mr.  Moseley's  Letters,  some  progress  has 


Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 


already  been  made:  I,  in  a  particular  manner,  recommend  it  to 
him  &  Mr.  Corbin,  that  what  remains  to  be  done  on  that  head  may 
be  perfected  the  Soonest  that  may  be. 

7th.  I  would  have  Mr.  Moseley  to  transmit  to  me,  by  the  first 
convenient  opportunity,  the  Form  in  which  he  shall  advise  New 
Grants  of  Land  to  be  hereafter  made  by  me. 

8th.  As  to  such  Parts  (falling  in  within  my  Division)  of  these 
great  Tracts  of  Land,  which  are  mentioned  in  Mr.  Abercromby's 
Paper,  for  which  no  Quit  Eents  have  hitherto  been  paid,  I  would 
have  Mr.  Moseley  k  Mr.  Corbin  acquaint  the  Governor,  that  for  so 
much  as  the  said  Governor  is  or  may  be  interested'therein,  My  in- 
tention is  to  oblige  k  favour  him.  But  as  to  others,  it  is  not  to  be 
expected,  if  the  Grantees  do  not  Comply  with  the  Conditions  of  their 
Grants,  that  they  should  hold  on  such  Tracts  of  good  Land  without 
paying  Rent  for  them  or  be  allowed  to  withold  them  from  those  that 
would.  .         • 

9t,h.  Being  informed  that  People  in  Virginia  want  Lands  con- 
tiguous to  theirs,  I  would  have  Notice  to  be  given  to  them,  that  I 
shall  be  for  accomodating  them  as  occasion  shall  offer,  at  a  reasonable 
Rate,  Concerning  which  Rate  I  desire  to  have  Mr.  Moseley's  ad- 
vice. '  .. 

10th.  Mr.  Moseley  having  acquainted  me,  it  was  Necessary  to 
have  the  Division  Line  between  His  Majesty's  Land  &  mine  to  be 
carried  on,  k  his  Majesty's  Orders  going  now  to  the  Governor  of 
North  Carolina  as  that  head,  I  desire  Mr.  Moseley  will  set  that  mat- 
ter forward,  which  he  is  empowered  to  do  on.  my  part  by  my  Com- 
mission of  the  25th  May  1743.       n  , 

11th.  Mr.  Moseley  &  Mr.  Corbin  will  in  my  Name  return  thanks 
to  the  Several  Gentlemen,  who  have  been  employed  in  making  out 
the  Division  between  His  Majesty  &  me,,  for  their  dispatch  therein. 

12th.  Mr.  Corbin,  who  is  sent  with  These  to  Mr.  Moseley,  is  one 
I  have  a  value  for,  whom  I  recommend  to  Mr.  Moseley.  He  will  be 
assistant  to  k  act  in  Concert  with  him  in  my  Affairs,  &  when  some 
progress  shall  have  been  made  therein,  He  is  to  return  home,  &  by 
him  Mr.  Moseley  will  fully  inform  me  of  all  matters  &  I  hope,  be 
able  to  transmit  to  me  a  compleat  Rent  Roll.  ;  What  money  Mr. 
Corbin  shall  want,  for  the  time  he. shall  remain  in  North  Carolina  & 
on  his  return  home,  I  have  desired  Mr.  Moseley  to  supply  him  with 
from  time  to  time,  taking  his  Receipts,  to  the  amount  of  Two  hun- 
dred Pounds  Ster.  charging  the  same  to  my  account.  ■•    •' 

13th.  Mr.  Corbin  will  avoid  concerning  himself  in  any  disputes 
among  the  Gentlemen  in  Nprth;  Qarolina !  by  whom  I  desire  to  be 
look'd  upon  as  a  Gentleman, ,  who  having  a  considerable  Estate  in 






fl ;  '  '■ 




Miscellaneous  Items  of  Interest. 

that  Country,  is  desirous  to  be  a  good  &  an  Usefull  Neighbour  to 


Mr.   Corbin  will  not  fail  to  Correspond  with  me  from  time  to 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

North  Carolina — ss,  To  the  Honourable  President  &  Councill — 
March  ye  28th  1702. 

The  petition  of  Benjamin  Blanchard,  John  Campbell,  Thomas 
Spivey,  Erancis  Rountree,  Robert  Laciter,  George  Laciter  and 
Nicholas  Stallings  in  all  humility,  Complaineth, 

Whereas  every  of  yor  Honrs  petitionrs  hath  a  lawfull  right  in  and 
to  considerable  tracts  of  land  lying  and  being  within  this  Province 
and  bounding  upon  Bennett's  Creyke  and  a  Creyke  now  Known  by 
the  name  of  Garrett's  Creyke  as  by  yor  Honours  petitionrs  patents 
under  the  Seale  of  this  Province  and  other  grants  and  Conveyances 
more  at  large  doth  and  may  appeare.  And  forasmuch  as  the 
Chowan  Indians  having  their  hunteing  quarters  upon  some  of  ye 
petitionrs  lands  aforesaid,  therefore  doe  pretend  the  said  lands  to  be 
theirs  notwithstanding  the  patents  and  grants  aforesaid:  in 
Marceing  and  threatening  yor  Honrs  petrs  by  destroying  their 
Stocks  burning  their  houses  and  other  hostilities  under  pretence  they 
are  under  yor  Honrs  protection  and  no  Englishman  ought  to  Seate 
within  four  miles  of  their  Towne  the  which  yor  Hours  petitionrs 
well  Knowing  that  by  an  ordr  of  the  Honourable  Councill  no  Seate 
ment  ought  to  be  made  within  the  space  of  four  miles  aforesaid  any- 
wise to  the  prejudice  of  the  said  Indians  neither  hath  yor  Honrs  peti- 
tionrs taken  up  any  land  witingly  within  that  distance,  yet  to  con- 
tinue peace  and  tranquility  with  the  said  Indians  yor  Honrs  peti- 
tionrs hath  offered  to  purchass  their  right  if  any  to  the  land  held  as 
aforesd  by  yor  Honrs  petrs  which  they  refuse  and  denyeth  any  Seate- 
ment  to  be  made  thereon  for  prevention  whereof  and  that  yor  Honrs 
petitionrs  May  have  a  peaceable  enjoyment  in  their  and  every  of 
their  aforesd  lands  humbly  implores  that  the  said  Indians  land  may 
be  laid  out  to  them  according  to  the  aforesd  order  of  Councill,  and  if 
any  of  yor  Honrs  petrs  hapen  to  hold  any  land  within  the  aforesd 
limited  bounds  it  shall  be  by  yor  petitionrs  deserted  and  left  out  to 
the  said  Indians  use — that  they  as  well  as  yor  Honrs  petitionrs  in 
their  capacity  may  be  found  true  &  faithfull  subjects.     And  that  yor 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


Honrs  petitionrs  May  enjoy  their  said  lands  in  peace  &  safety,  and 
as  in  all  duty  bound  shall  ever  pray  &c. 

Benjamin  Blanchard  John  Campbell 


Thomas  X  Spiv e v.  Francis  Rountree 


Robert  Rountree,  Robert  Laciter 

George  Laciter  Nicholas  Stallings. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C) 

"To  the  Honble  the  Deputy  Governor  &  Councill  Etc. — The  hum- 
hie  Peticon  of  John  Blount  most  humbly  Sheweth.  That  yor  Peti- 
conr  is  legally  possest  of  a  Tract  of  Land  in  Chowan  Precinct  and 
That  William  Duckenfield  Esqr  hath  Entred  a  Caveat  agt.  the  Same 
thereby  hindering  a  Pattent  from  Issuing  out  of  the  Secretarve* 
Office  for  yor  Petionr — wherefore  yor  Peticonr  prayes  yor  Honrs  or- 
der That  a  Pattent  May  issue  out  for  the  aforesd  Tract  of  Land  and 
heshal  pray — John  Blount/'     (No  date  before  1712.) 

"North  Carolina — ss.  To  the  Honble  ye  Generall  Court.  Mr. 
Frederick  Jones  is  Pit  agt  Samuel  Payne  Deft,  in  a  Plea  of- the 
case  &  Sheweth  forth  that  whereas  by  an  Act  of  Assembly  Made  in 
the  Year  of  our  Lord  1699,  itt  is  Enacted  that  whosoever  shall  En- 
tertain or  privately  harbour  any  Runaway  either  White  Servt  or 
Negroes  above  one  Night  shall  for  every  Twenty  four  Houres  after- 
wards pay  Tenn  Shillings  to  the  Master  of  the  sd  Servt  either  white 
Servt  or  negro  &  if  the  Master  sustain  any  Damage  above  the  sd 
Servts  labour  for  the  time  of  Such  Concealmt.  he  shall  have  his 
remedy  att  Law  for  Such  Damage  over  &:  above  the  Penalty  herebv 
provided  &c."      (1702.) 

"This  bill  bindeth  me  Jno.  Phillpott  my  Heires  Executors  and  As- 
signes  to  pay  or  Cause  to  be  ipaid  to  Ann  Archdale  •or  her  order  the 
•full  &  Just  Sum  of  three  pounds  five  shillings  and  two  pence  in  porke 
at  Sum  convenient  Landing  in  Pascotank  River  as  Wittness  my  hand 
this  Eleventh  day  of  the  first  Month  called  March:  in  the  year 
1686-7.".  John  Philpot. 

Test,  Daniel  Akehursl. 

:  V  i  J 



r  J 


'    . 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

"North  Carolina — ss.  To  the  Honble  Governor  &  Councill — The 
Humble  Petition  of  Nathl.  Chevin  in  humble  manner  shewing.  That 
John  Porter  Late  of  this  Governmt  Died  Seiz'd  of  a  Tract  of  Land  in 
Chowan  Precinct  and  hath  Left  no  heire  nor  Disposed  of  ye  Same  by 
will  Therefore  yr  Honrs  Peticonr  Prays  it  may  be  granted  to  him 
And  that  a.  warrt  may  be  Directed  to  ye  Escheator  to  Enquire  into 
ye  Same  &  shall  Pray  &c 

Nath:  Chevin/'' 

The  tract  of  100  acres  was  escheated  in  1707 ;  the  Court  House  at 
Edenton  stands  on  this  tract. — Ed. 

"The  General  Court"  was  held  at  ye  House  of  Thomas  White  24th 
day  of  September,  1694. — Ed.  ...  .   .     ■       & 

"To  ye  Honble  Genell  Court,  The  Humble  Petition  of  Simon 
Knight  praying  to  prove  2  Rts  bimself  &  Eliz :  his  daughter,  &  shall 
Pray  I  do  declare  in  ye  presence  of  God  &  undr  ye  penality  of  per- 
jury Declare  that  these  Rts  do  properly  belong  to  me  &  that  no  Land  I 
has  been  taken  up  for  ye  Same  by  me  nor  Manner  of  porpose  to  ye 
best  of  my  Knowledge. 

Simon  Knight." 

Agust  16:  1704. 

"Sr.  Having  had  very  greatt  loss  and  dammage  in  whatt  I  had) 
aboard  the  Briganteen  by  Henry  Mountfort  the  Masters  careless- 1 
ness  and  Negligence  would  therefor  desyer  you  to  enter  one  Actione^ 
of  the  Case  against  him  for  me  for  four  hundred  Round  damages  and I 
another  action  in  myne  and  Mr.  David  Hendersons  Name  for  three* 
hundred  Pound  Damages  and  Send  up  writts  by  the  bearer.  Also- 
I  have  Sentt  down  the  Copyes  of  the  Declarations  with  itt  ye  See, 
Necessary  or  Convenient  to  alter  them  being  drawne  in  hast  doe  itt; 
and  dispatch  Mr.  Henderson  as  soon  as  possible.     Your  friend 

Tho:  Pollock." 

The  above  paper  is  not  addressed  to  any  one,  presume  it  was  to' 
his  Attorney. — Ed. 

"To  ye  Honble  Court — The  Humble  peticon  of  Joseph  Chownei 
Shewing  that  he   hath  Rts  Viz.,   Edwd.   Dickison,  ■  Thos.,   Smith: 
Joshua  Evins,  Jno.  Cowerly,  Josejxh  Babb,  Jos.  Chown  3  times  trans- 
portation, Jno.  Ellis  Ready  to  prove  &,Cravs  Certi  &  shall  pray.— 'M 
•Joseph  Chowne."  ...'.•         >..      i-   •      • 


Anne  Wright,  Wm.  Wright  and  Jos.  Wright,  Exx.  &  Exrs.   of; 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


John  Wright  Gent  of  Xansymond  County  in  Virga.  power  of  Attor- 
ney to  John  Porter,  dated  Sept.  14,  1698. 

"Demurrer  to  the  Auditing  to  the  Acts  agene  thatt  are  Already 

1.  When  Accts  are  audited  by  order  of  Court  returned  and  re- 
corded Then  these  Accts  are  no  more  to  be  questioned.  Butt  our 
accts  are  audited  by  order  of  Court  returned  and  Audited  There- 
for are  no  more  to  be  questioned. 

2.  A  man  having  judicially  proved  his  accts  and  mad  them  appear 
to  the  Courtt  cannot  legally  be  forced  to  prove  and  make  appear  the 
Same  Accts  agane.  Butt  our  accts  have  been  judicially  proved  and 
Mad  appear  to  the  Court  as  appears  by  record.  Therefor  can  never 
legally  be  forced  to  prove  and  make  appear  the  Same  accts  agan. 
For  wht  is  done  by  and  those  appointed  by  the  Court  is  don  by  the 
Court  themselfs. 

3.  What  is  generally  inconvenient,  Mischievous,  Chargeable  and 
to  no  purposs  Must  be  contrary  to  law  &  reason  Bott  for  Executors 
after  having  had  ther  accts  Audited  by  order  of  Court  to  be  forced 
to  acct  agan  and  Make  Appear  and  prove  to  Same  Acct  and  so  in 
infinitum  is  generally  inconvenient,  Mischievous,  chargeable  and  to 
no  purpose     Therefor  is  contrary  to  law  and  reason. 

4.  What  is  contrary  to  the  Maxims  and  Principles  of  the  Law  is 
contrary  to  the  Law  ittselfe  and  reason  after  having  Acctd  before  and 
*  *  *  by  order  of  Court  to  be  forced  to  prove  the  Same  Accts 
agane  and  agane  and  so  in  infinitum  is  contrary  to  the  Maxims  and 
Principles  of  the  law  and  to  reason.  Therefor  to  force  us  to  prove 
thes  accts  To  attaint  the  Courtt  is  inconsistent  and  contrary  to  law 
Butt  to, examine  agane  whatt  hath  been -allowed  and  tryed  by  the 
Courtt  is  the  Same  as  to  Attaint  the  Courtt  "  Therefor  to  Examine 
agan  whatt  hath  been  already  allowed  and  .tryed  is  contrary  to  law 
and  inconsistent.  So  that  our  accts  having  been  audited  by  order  of 
Courtt  and ,  recorded  .cannot  be  agan  questioned  unless  itt  be  Som 
fault  in  the  Gierke  in  Casting  upe — or  so  forth." 

"Diana  Foster  md  2nd  Thomas  White." 


Albemle     To  ye  Honble  Court       •  •.    •..;." 

"The  Petition  of  Wm.  Gascoigne  Sheweth.  That  at  the  last  As- 
sembly an  Act  passed  for  the  laying  out  of  ,a  Road  for  ye  Inhabitants 
on  the  back  of  Winley's  Plantacon  as  Conveniently  as  may  be  wth. 
out  pjudice  to  ye  sd  plantacon  *  *  *  ,  ye  psons  appointed  there- 
to have  laid  out  a  road  through  the  midst  of  the  sd  plantacon  though 
yr  peticoner  is  ready  to  prove  that  a  landing  wth  water  enough  may 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

be  found  another  way  yr  peticonr  humbly  craves  remedy  herein,  and 
shall  pray. — W.  Gascoig-ne/'' 

This  is  the  road  that  went  out  of  King  street  into  the  Rope  Walk, 
thence  across  Strawberry  Hill  to  Hoskins'  Mill,  now  Blount's  bridge. 
Editor.  t 

"To  the  Honble  the  Genii  Court — Samuel  Swann  Sheweth  that 
he  hath  Right  to  640  acres  of  Land  for  the  Importation  of  13  per- 
sons Into  this  Country  (Vizt.)  Samuel  Swann  and  Sarah  his  wife, 
William  Samuel,  Sampson,  Henry  and  Tho  Swann,  Eliza  Hunt, 
Tom  Mary,  Hanryah,  Elizabeth  and  Jane  Negroes." 

Samuel  Swann. 

The  above  paper  antedates  1694. — Ed. 

"An  Accounte  of  goods  sent  tow  me  by  Governer  Southell. 

12  ells  of  holand  for  shifts;  6  ells  of  holand  very  fine;  1  pees 
of  Camberick  for  hankerchers ;  2  stript  muslin  aprons ;  2  nightralls 
an  bow  houds  of  the  same ;  1  Sute  of  Night  lining  with  brand  lase  an 
Seven  yards  of  brand  lase  the  same ;  6  yards  of  Narow  lais ;  1  paier 
black  silk  gloves :  1  paier  of  white  Kid  gloves ;  pins,  threed,  needells 
an  boben  and  tow  ginenes  all  which  amounting  tow  a  leven  pounds  od 
mony  at  first  Cost.     All  which  my  friends  dow  disier  tow  see  againe. 

This  acct  I  received  in  a  letter  from  Mrs.  Eliz :  Banks. 

Dec.  the  11th  1691.  ,  Francis  Tomes/' 

"Jno.  Coles  of  ISTansimond  in  Virginia  aged  about  twenty  six  years 
and  Sworne  Saith  that  some  time  in  June  or  July  anno  dom  1702 
Mr.  Thomas  Jones  being  on  board  the  Pink  Adventure  wth  this  de- 
pont.  that  the  Pinke  being  then  appraised  and  the  brother  of  this 
depont.  haveing  a  Shallopp  lying. by  ye  Side  of  ye  Pinke  this  de-- 
ponts.  brother  asked  the  said  Thomas  Jones  how  he,  should  be  paid 
for  ye  use  &  hire  of  his  said  Shallop  To  wch  the  said  Thomas  Jones' 
made  answer  that  he  should  be  paid  wth  goods  out  of  ye  store  yn  in 
ye  hands  of  Peter  Godfrey  James  Oates  &  Jacob  Littlewood  being 
then  present  and  further  this  depont.  Sayth  not. — John  Coles."    '  f 

Without  date.— Ed. 

"Know  all  men  by  these  Presents  that  I  Jno.  Tarkington  Senr. 
of  Pascotanke  am  Justly  indebted  to  Daniel  Akehurst  the  Just  and 
ful  Sum  of  four  pounds  five  shillings  &  ten  pence  the  which  I  bind 
my  selfe  my  heires  &  to  pay  to  him  or  his  assigns  in  porke  &  the  same 
to  deliver  at  his  now  dwelling  house  at  the  Mouth  of  Newbegun 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


Creek  in  Pascotank  River  as  witness  my  hand  this  26th  of  12th  mo. 

Called.     Febry  16,  .  his 

Jno  :  X  Tarkington." 
Test,  John  Philpott  mark 

Samuel  Moors. 

The  last  two  figures  of  the  date  of  the  year  are  gone,  but  probably 
about  1691  or  1692. — Ed. 

Articles  of  Agreement  between  Thos.  White  And  David  Blake  are 
as  follows. 

For  and  in  Consideration  of  Receiving  Catherine  Tarkintone, 
within  a  fortnight  from  David  Bake  to  serve  him  ye  sd.  Thos.  White 
ye  full  term  of  time  agreed  upon,  to  Serve  ye  sd.  David  Blake,  Viz. 
one  twelve  moneth  from  ye  term  agreed  upon  by  David  Blake,  Viz. 
ye  first  of  this  month:  if  shee  agree  And  performe  ye  sd  term  of 
time,  Then  the  sd  Thos.  White  dos  Sell,  make  over,  all  his  right  and 
Title  to  a  certain  Boate  now  In  ye  Blakes  possession  with  all  her 
appurtenances  Now  accommodated :  to  be  free  from  ye  claim  of  any 
person  or  persons  whatsoever :  But  if  ye  sd  David  Blake  dos  not  per- 
forme his  promise  and  obligation  to  ye  sd  Thos  White  Then  obliges 
himself,  heirs,  Administrators  and  Assigns,  to  pay  unto  ye  sd  Thos. 
White  Six  pounds  and  a  Crown  upon  ye  10  of  December  next  En- 
suing from  ye  Date  hereof  in  Good  Sound  Merchantable  pork  to  his 
Convenience.  In  witnes  wrof  we  have  set  our  hands  &  Seals  this  8 
of  October  1695: 

Thomas  White  (0) 

David  Blake         '        (O) 
Witness:  Thomas  Swann 
Thomas  Durant. 

"Carolina — ss.     Bill  of  Anna  Sothell. 

Know  all  men  by  these  presents  that  I  Dame  Anna  Sothel  of  the 
abovesd.  Province  doe  acknowledge  my  self  to  be  justly  indebted  unto 
George  Muschamp  of  the  same  Province  in  the  full  and  just  Sum  of 
Six  pounds  Ster  which  payment  well  and  truely  to  be  Made  in  good 
sound  Merchantable  porke  on  the  tenth  day  of  December  next  en- 
suing the  day  of  the  Date  hereof  at  some  Convenient  Landing  in 
Little  River  unto  the  said  George  Muschamp  his  Heires  Executors 
and  Administrators. 

Witness  my  hand  and  Seale  this  fifth  day  of  Sepr.  1694. 

Anna  Sothell/'     (Q) 
Test:  Willm  Duckenfeild. 
John  Hawkins. 







Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

"Albemarle  June  ye  11th  1691. 

Eeceid  then  from  Cornelius  Jones  these  under  written  pticulars 
(Viz.)  1  piece  of  Serge;  27%  yds  of  striped  stuffe;  10  yds  Crape; 
25  yds  brown  Ozenburgs;  26  yds  white  hameburgs;  6  doz  thread 
laces;  2  hair  sifters;  2  weeding  howes;  11  yds  Coloured  linnen,  5 
pr  Womens  hose ;  1  child  cap  &  wires ;  1  coloured  Rug ;  1  yd  %  red 
penistone;  2  hhds.  Molasses;  the  one  wanting  9,  the  other  11  Inches: 
of  full  ye  abovesaid  goods  being  upon  ye  acct  of  Majr  Anthony 
Brockhold  &  Mr.  James  Larkin  by  order  of  Mr.  Tho:  Clancy. 

"$  me  Sarah  Culpepper 
In  behalfe  of  my  husbande  Jno  Culpeper." 


"Reced  this  9th  Aprill  1695  of  Colla  William  Wilkison  ye  Summe 
of  twenty  Shillings  on  accot  of '  Mr.  Edward  Mayo  being  by  sd 
Mayo's  order. — Arthur  Workman. " 

"Reced  this  9th  Aprill  1695  of  Colla  William  Wilkinson  ye 
Summe  of  forty'  four  shillings  in  Porke  on  accot  of  Mr.  Francis  Fos- 
ter    I  say  reced  by  me. — Arthur  Workman." 

I  doe  promise  to  pay  or  cause  to  be  paid  unto  Coll  William  Wil- 
kinson or  order  the  Summe  of  five  pounds  Six  &  three  pence  in  porke 
fifty  six  shillings  in  Cash,  or  goods  at  first  cost  in  Xew  England  one 
barr'll  Molasses  and  one  ps  Serge  on  demand  as  Witnesse  my  hand 
this  9th  Aprill  1695.  , 

his  Arthur  Workman. 

Test :  William  W  Ludford 
Marke  ■ 


Richard  Rootes  Dr.  Aprill  2.6th,,  1697  £.     s.       d. 

tto  money  due  uppon  the  old  Accompt.  .,., 0 — 04 — 04 

tto  the  Cure  off  yor  wifes  throat  &;  physic  &  sweats 1 — 10 — 00 

tto  the  Cure  of  yor  two  girls  Throats,  at 1 — 10 — 00 

tto  the  Cure  off  yor  own  throat  &  physic  &  sweats 1 — 10 — 00 


.;...,.,  ...'/   , »  ■,....,    ,.|.     h,,  4—14—04 

;  ,!    , .    ,,  Jno  KingM.  D. 

•    "William  Lee  on  the  7th  Aprill,  1697,  Appointed  Coll  Wm.  Wilki- 
son his  General  Attorney.     Test,  Wm.  Clover,  Jos.  M.  Commander." 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


We  never  heard  of  so  much  Fur,  &c.,  before. — Ed. 

1696     Wm.  Riggs  T>r,                                                         £.  s.  d. 

Feb.   14th.      To  100  Large  Buck  Skins  at  3  s.  p  skin 10.  00.  0 

To  100  Large  Culled  Doe  Skins  at  2  s  6  d 

p  skin   .  :. 07.  10.  0 

To  12  Fox  &  Catt  Skins  at  1  &  3 .  .   1.  00.  0 

To  21  Musgnett  Skins  at  3d 0.  05.  3 

To  2  Large  Otter  and  6  Raccoones  Skins.  .  .   0.  11.  0 

To  1  pr  Wusted  &  1  pare  yarn  Stoekens ....   0.  12.  0 

To  65%  lbs  Feathers  1  s  &  8 3.  15.  6 

To  1  pewter  Standish 00.  10.  0 

To  2  hands  and  a  Canoe  3  dayes 00.  15.  0 

To  5  prime  buck  &  5  prime  does  Skins.  .  .  .00.  17.  6 

Errors  Excepted  24.   16.  03 

(  p  John  Binton. 

It  was  well  he  excepted  errors,  for  in  the  addition  he  made  one 
against  himself  of  1£. — Ed. 

Thos.  Boyd  married  in  Pascotank  precinct  the  widow  and  Admx. 
of  John  West  Dec'd,  there  were  several  West  children  "most  young 
yett"  John  West,  Benjamin  West  the  oldest  of  them  all  &c. 

"June  the  29 :  day  1705. 
James  Heillett  Dr.  £.     s.       d. 

Imprimis  For  a  Roome  and  a  board  Six  Weekes. ...  03  00  00 
For  Meate  drink  washing;  and  attendance.  .  07  00  00 
For  !/>  a  bushell  of  Corn  fatt  &  beeswax  to 

make  Salve  Sope  starch  and  Candle.  .    00     12     00 

10     12     00 

Pasquotank  Precinct,  July  17,  1705. 

I  Augustine  Scarbro'  doe  in  the  presence  of  God  and  under  the 
panallty  of  perjury  Declare  that  I  will  make  true  &  perfect  answer 
to  all  such  Questions  as  shall  be  Demanded  of  me  by  this  Cort  con- 
cerneing  the  above  Accot. 

.   Subscribed  in  Cort         t :    .'       ■    ' :  Aegtst  Scaebrottgh. 

Thos.  Abington  CI* Cor.;      '/ 

, .      :  .     .        ,    LEON.  LOFTEN'S  RIGHTS. 

To  ye  Honl  ye  Govern  &  Council,  Leon  Loften  Shew:  That  he 
hath  imported  Leo:  Loftin  and  Eliz  Loften  wch  he  is  ready  to  prove 
&  craves  a  certf-^-^LEoN  Loeten. 

Proved  by  his  Oath.— W.  Glover^ 

|i  • 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 




John  Porter  Sheweth — John  Porter  desires  to  prove  wrights  for 
Importation  of  nineteen  persons  into  this  Ooverntt  Viz.  him  self  his 
wife  and  fower  children  &  thirteen  negroes  from  Pennsylvania  here 
and  hee  shall  &c.  I  John  Porter  doe  declare  in  ye  presence  of  God 
and  under  ye  penalty  of  perjury  yt  I  nor  any  other  pson  for  me  or 
by  my  deseir  proved  any  of  ye  above  wrights  till  this  time. 

John  Porter. 

"Albemarle     To  ye  Honble  Court. 

Wm.  Plater  humbly  Sheweth  that  he  hath  right  to  200  Acrs  of 
Land  by  the  importacon  of  Wm.  Plater,  Martha,  Grace  &  Thomas 
Plater  for  wch  he  Craves  certificate  and  he  shall  pray  &c." 


"To  the  Governor  &  Councill — The  Petition  of  Thomas  Cart- 
wright  humbly  presenting  Sheweth  that  about  two  years  Since  yor 
petitioner  was  at  ye  Charg  of  Surveying  of  a  parcell  of  land  uppon 
little  river  near  the  Mouth  of  Deep  Creek :  But  Capt  Jno  Hunt  has 
obstructed  yor  petitionors  proceedings  uppon  pretense  of  being  one 
Therrill's  Attorney  in  New  England :  and  layes  claime  to  the  great- 
est part  of  the  said  land — 

Yor  petitionr  humbly  prayeth  that  the  honorable  Court  will  please! 
to  order  ye  said  Capt  Jno.  Hunt  forthwith  to  Survey  his  part  of  the 
said  land  yt  he  laves  claim  to  according  to  the  bounds  of  his  bill  of 
Sale  and  yor  petitionr  shall  ever  pray  &c." 

No  date — some  years  prior  to  1695,  however. — Ed. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton. ) 

"To  ye  Honoble  Deputy  Governor  &  ye  honoble  ye  Lords  Depu- 
ties &  Members  of  ye  Generall  Court — Thomas  Miller  humbly 
Sheweth  yt  whereas  your  Pr  was  Administrator  to  ye  Estate  of 
Seth  Sothell  dee'd  &  whereas  Since  ye  said  Administracon  Capt  Thos 
Godwin  hath  made  appear  yt  he  is  ye  Execr  to  Seth  Sothell  whereby 
your  Peticr  is  discharged  from  ye  said  Admrstracon  And  -whereas 
John  Porter  Junr  hath  obteyned  Order  ^agt  yor  Peticonr  for  5£  wth 
costs  as  Ad  m  strator  And  whereas  your  Petitor  hath  been  at  Con- 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


siderable  charge  in  prosecueting  ye  afores'd  Admstration  besides  ye 
Officers  Fees  And  whereas  your  Petitionr  hath  an  Order  for  5£  2s 
lOd  in  work  due  from  ye  sd  Estate. 

Therefore  your  Peticor  humbly  prayes  an  Order  agt  ye  Estate  of 
Seth  Sothell  in  ye  hands  of  Coll  Thos.  Pollock  for  his  said  5£  &c. 
as  alsoe  for  ye  sd  5£  &  all  his  costs  &  charges  in  ye  behalf  Sus-teyned. 
And  shall  pray.  Tho  :  Miller." 

This  paper  is  without  date ;  from  other  items  we  infer  it  was  about 
1695.— Ed. 




(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton  ) 

"North  Carolina — ss :     To  the  Honble  Governr  &  Council! 

The  Peticon  of  William  Barecock  humbly  Sheweth.  That  by  an 
Order  of  Councill  bearing  date  the  20th  day  of  July  1704  The  Sur- 
veyr  was  Ordered  to  lay  out  for  yor  Peticonr  a  Tract  of  Land  lying 
in  Pascotank  binding  on  the  Indyan  Land  according  to  yor  Peticonrs 
first  Entry  Nevertheless  the  Surveyr  by  Name  Robt.  Reel,  Concern- 
ing yor  Honors  Decree  &  Order  &  the  authority  thereof  hath  refused 
to  Survey  yor  Peticonrs  Land  according  to  his  first  Entry  Wherefore 
yor  Peticonr  prayes  That  the  afores'd  Robt.  Reel  Surveyr  may  ap- 
pear before  yor  Ilonrs  to  Shew  reason  before  yor  Honrs  for  Such  the 
Contempt  And  that  yor  Peticonr  may  be  relieved  in  the  premises 
and  he  shall  pray  &c.  <  his 

William    7    Barecock." 

By  tracing  down  the  title  of  this  tract,  the  location  of  the  Indian 
Lands  in  Pasquotank  can  be  definitely  fixed. — Ed. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton  ) 

"To  ye  Honble  Court  of  Chancery. 

William  Bray  in  all  humble  manner  Sheweth  that  Mr.  Joseph 
M.  Commander  now  deceased  late  provost  Marshall  for  this  Govern- 
ment did  by  a  certaine  writeing  under  his  hand  bearing  date  tbc 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

Thirteth  day  of  July  1697  oblidge  himself  to  pay  to  yor  Orator  or 
order  the  just  Sum  of  Term  pounds  for  bringing  two  Runaway  "Ne- 
groes one  hundred  Miles  according  to  Act  of  Assembly  to  prison  as 
by  the  sd  writeing  may  appear  and  part  of  the  sd  Tenn  pounds  men- 
tioned in  the  said  Writeing  yor  humble  Orator  paid  to  the  person 
that  first  apprehended  &  brought  the  sd  Negroes  to  him  upon  Confi- 
dence of  the  said  Comanders  Writeing  by  order  of  the  precinct  Coll 
of  Coratuck  But  now  soe  is  it  may  it  please  this  Honoble  Cort  that 
yor  humble  Orator  wholly  trusting  to  the  honesty  and  Integrity  of 
the  sd  Joseph  M.  Comander  did  not  take  any  Evidence  to  the  sd 
Writeing  And  yor  humble  Orator  further  Sheweth  that  since  the  de- 
cease of  the  sd  Joseph  M.  Comander  he  brought  his  action  att  a 
Cort  holden  for.  this  precinct  of  Pascotank  agt  James  Tooke  &  John 
Tooke  Executors  of  the  last  will  &■,  Testament  of  the  sd  Joseph  M. 
Comander  and  for  want  of  Evidence  to  the  writeing  was  by  them  non 
suted  soe  that  yor  humble  Orator  is  left  utterly  remediless  by  the 
Strict  Rules  of  the  Comon  Law  &  only  relievable  by  the  Equity  of 
this  honoble  Cort  And  Therefore  humbly  prays  that  the  sd  James 
Tooke  '  &  John  Tooke  may  be  subpened,  to  appear  before  this  honoble 
Court  to  answer  to  Such  Questions' relateing  to  the  premises  as  the 
humble  Orator  shall  propose  &  that  upon  Consideration  of  the  whole 
matter  Such  relief  may  be  granted  to  the  Humble  Orator  as  shall  ap- 
pear to  be  most'  just  &  Equitable  &  shall  ever  pray  &c. 
'      '"'     ■'     '■■-■•    '■    Test,  Tho:  Abington  Cur  Clk  Chan." 


'    '■■■'   '■■■'■■  OF  HIS  VESSEL. 

(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton.) 

"North  Carolina  To  ye  honble  Court  now  Setting  for  this  Gov- 
!  ernmt  of  North  Carolina.  ,   ,     - ;    . ; 

Sdmund  Ashley  Humbly  Conceives  he  is  not  Liable  to  ye  Seizer, 
of  wch  ye  Vessell  now  lyes  under  for  these  reasons  following  Viz. 

Impr,  first  ye  Act  whereby  they  Prtend  Sizer  Requires  An  Officer 
f,or  Registering.,  of  Vessells,  in  each  place  where  Custom  Officers 
are  yt  all  owners  &  Masters  may  Aply  themselves  to  wch  was  nnt  in 
this  place  nor  no  other  till  my  last  Arrivall  &  then  I  offered  to  per- 
form yt  wt  ye  Law  in  ye,  Case  did  provide  .  *  ,  *  *  Instant  Aprill 
&  my  Clearing  from  Port  Bellomont  &  no  such  thing  was  Required 
of  mee  nor  was  Such  office  open  nor  when  I  cam  from  Boston  no  Such 
office  was.  open  there,  &  ye  Law  imposes,  no  impossibilytyes  for  till 
such  office  is  Left  open  &  officers  weer  Apoynted  no  person  Could 



Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


pform  wt  ye  Law  doth  Require  therefor  I  conceive  there  is  no 
Breach  of  ye  Law  lyes  on  me  for  at  my  Comeing  here  I  aplyed  myself 
to  do  as  is  abovesd  &  Could  not  Certificate. 

Edmund  Ashley." 
Stars  represent  part  missing. — Ed. 



(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton. ) 


North  Carolina,  To  ye  Genell  Cotirt.  The  Humble  petition  of 
Joseph  M.  Comander  Sheweth — That  whereas  Jno.  Harvey  Esqr. 
dec'd  by  his  last  will  &  testimt  did  make  yor  Peticonr  and  Jno. 
Whitehead  &  Mr.  Sam'l  Comander  his  heirs  and  gave  to  them  one 
half  of  his  psonal  estate  and  in  case  of  death  of  any  of  them  ye  Sur- 
vivors to  be  their  heirs  this  peticon  Sheweth  that  ye  sd  Whitehead 
hath  been  at  lawfull  age  above  7  years  by  wch  he  has  lost  his  claime 
to  the  sd  Land  &  legacy  therefore  the  peticoner  in  behalfe  of  himself 
&  his  brother  Sam'l  Comander  prayeth  to  have  possession  of  the  sd 
land  &  psonall  Estate  &  shall  pray. 

Joseph  Mathew  Commander. 

We  have  made  diligent  search  for  the  original  or  a  copy  of  the 
will  of  Governor  John  Harvey,  but  so  far  without  success;  if  any  of 
our  readers  can  'give  us  a  clue  to  its  resting  place,  a  great  favor  will 
be  conferred. — Ed. 


"A  Liste  of  the  thithables  from  the  Est  said  of  Harvey's  Crek  to 
the  west  said  of  Elaty  Creek,  taken  by  me  Francis  Delamere. 

Joseph  Commander  3,  Thomas  Wiugood  1,  Thomas  Weelch  five 
Negroes  5,  Captne  John  Hunt  1  four  negroes  5,  Charles  Jones,  John 
Griffin  two  negroes  4,  Mr.  Muschampt  &  William  Rawly  son  2,  Wil- 
liam Bread  &  Thomas  Pawmer  2,  Stephen  Munday  1,  John  West, 
Benj.  Masiquay,  Stephen  Masiquay  a  negro  4,  Isaac  Rowdon, 
Ephraim  Coste  &  a  negro  3,  John  Bellman  1,  Richard  Stamp, 
Thomas  Stamp,  Jeremiah  Spross  3,  Benj.  West  &  a  negro  2,  James 
Hunter  &  Mawrice  Cuningham  2,  Anthony  Markham,  Daniel 
Mackiel  &  two  negroes  4,  Isaac  Delamere  1,  Robert  White,  Vinson 
white,  Petre  Fourre  &  John  Fourre  4.     Total  46.  ,  .,    . 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"Tho  Pollock  defendant  to  the  action  of  the  Case  brought  against 
him  by  Major  Lewis  Burwell  &  Capt  Tho  Godwin  Exrs.  of  Coll  Jno. 
Lear  Exr.  of  Mdm  Anna  Lear  Pltf.  (saving  to  himself  all  other 
maner  of  advantages  and  Pleas)  says  That  the  sd  declaratione  and 
Matter  therein  Specified  and  contained  are  insufficient  for  the  plain- 
tiff to  have  his  action  against  the  Def  endantt :  and  thatt  he  is  nott 
bound  in  manner  and  forme  as  is  declared  against  him  to  answer 
whiten  he  is  ready  to  Make  appear:  wherefore  the  def  endantt  hum- 
bly Craves  judgement  and  thatt  the  Plaintiff  from  the  sd  Action  May 
be  debarred  and  precluded  k  outt. 

Tho  Pollock. 

The  Answer  of  Thomas  Pollock  defendt  to  the  Bill  of  Complaint 
of  Majr  Lues  Burwell  and  Captn  Tho  Godwin  Complainants. 

The  defendt  sayeth  thatt  finding  nothing  in  the  bill  bott  whatt  is 
to  be  answered  in  the  interrogotoryes,  he  thinks  his  answering  of 
them  was  sufficient  answer  to  the  whole  bill  whitch  is  as  follows 

Answer  to  the  first  Interrogatory — Ther  came  in  Mr.  Blanyes 
Ketch:  after  Madam  Lears  death  (to  the  best  of  my  Knowledge) 
consigned  to  Madam  Anna  Sothell  from  Coll  Jno.  Foster  in  Boston 
on  Bail  Goods  containing  to  the  best  of  My  Knowledge  and  Memory 
on  Rug:  Six  paire  Blanketts  aboutt  twoe  yds  Silke  and  twoe  heads 
for  Standing  Stools  also  Cum  in  Somthing  in  packing  Cloth  Lyke 
a  glass  Case  and  Two  Toes  for  the  Standing  Stodls  and  on  Little 
Bundle  Seeming  to  have  som  Brass  or  pewter  hoops  in  itt :  eight  pott 
pans :  and  from  Mr.  Blany  himself  on  pair  gloves  for  Mdam  Lear : 
Coll  Fosters  Letter,  his  acct  Currantt  his  invoice  of  goods  sentt  on 
By  Mr.  Blany  and  I  think  the  Second  Bill  of  Lading  for  goods  sentt 
in  befor  by  Mr.  Ashly  with  a  bill  of  lading  for  thirty  on  barrels  porke 
shipt  aboard  Mr.  Ashley  consigned  to  Coll  Jno.  Foster  in  Boston 
The  above  mentioned  goods  &  papers  being  all  to  the  best  of  my 
Knowledge  and  Memory  thatt  came  to  My  possession  The  goods 
are  I  think  in  my  Custody  &  the  papers  I  sentt  in  to  Coll  Leare  by 
Mr.  Andrew  Ross. 

Answer  to  the  2nd  Interrogatory. 

I  desyer  thee  meaning  May  be  explained  being  putt  in  posses- 
sion of  Most  of  the  goods  by  Mr.  Porter  delivering  me  the  Key  of  the 

Answer  to  the  3d  Interrogatory. 

I  hope  this  Honoble  Court  may  judge  thatt  I  had  other  business  to 

Kecoeds  of  Albemarle  County. 


doe  then  to  rekon  on  over  every  bitt  of  rope  old  Block  &  old  Stumpes 
of  Nails. 

Answer  to  the  4th  Interrogatory. 

As  to  the  number  and  weightt  of  the  hogs  ther  being  many  of  them 
Killed  while  I  was  abroad  and  I  thinke  when  I  was  att  home  my  peo- 
ple being  abroad  the  stilliands  in  reeeaving  thatt  I  believe  ther  was 
nott  many  of  them  weighed :  But  to  the  best  of  my  Knowledge  there 
■was  no  more  then  was  apprised  and  I  believe  nott  so  many: 

Answer  to  the  5th  Interrogatory. 

To  the  best  of  my  Knowledge  I  had  broiight  over  Mr.  Southells 
plantatione  eighty  twoe  old  and  young  and  had  no  more  any  wher 
else  as  I  remember  of  only  one  that  Mr.  Hawkins  Killed  or  Caused 
to  be  Killed. 

Answer  to  the  6th  Interrogatory. 

The  chares  in  the  Hall  as  ye  Call  itt  And  the  chares  in  the  Upper 
Chamber  being  now  together  I  cannott  be   positive     But   had   no 
More'  as  was  apprised  to  the  best  of  my  Knowledge. 
Answer  to  the  7th  Interrogatory. 

As  for  the  Pewter  and  Brass  iff  they  please  to  give  me  Security 
for  paymentt  for  my  trouble  I  will  take  payns  to  weigh  itt  iff  itt  can 
be  found  But  to  the  best  of  my  Knowledge  I  had  no  more  aa  was 
apprised  being  all  delivered  by  Mr.  Hawkins  who  was  intrusted  wt 
the  goods  at  thatt  plantatione  by  Coll  Lear  and  Showed  the  apprisers 
whatt  to  apprise.  Thomas  Pollock." 


"To  tho:  Snoden.  Ellenor  Buckley  Dr.  To  Lrs  of  Admin- 
istration 00£  05s.  OOd.  To  recording  power  of  Attorney  00£.  02s. 
06d— 00£.  07s. -06d.     Exrs  Excepted  per  Tho:  Snoden. 

John  Bellitt  Dr.  To  pet  cop'  &  order  vs  Davis  00£.  03s.  OOd. 
To  Spa  Calling  &  order  00  03  00  To  Search  for  will  &  Coppy 
00.  03.   06—00.  09.  06.     Erors  Excepted  per  Tho  Snoden. 

Jonathan  Jones  Dr.  To  Warrant  &  .-three  Rights  00 — 17—06. 
To  Pattent  ct  00—11—02;  01—08—08.     Tho:  Snoden. 

George  Harris  Dr.  To  pet  Cop'  &  order  about  the  Island  of 
Marsh  00 — 03—00.  To  Search  for  order  of  Councill  00—01—00. 
To  pet  Cop  &  order -about  Algroves  will  00—03—00;  total  00 — 07. 
— 00.     Erors  Excepted  per  Tho.  Snoden. 

Joseph  Jordan  Dr.  To  acknowedgemt,  of  a  Deed  of  Sale  pet 
Copy  &  order  for  the  great  Seale  &  Drawing  Certificate  00 — 10 — 00. 

John  Markle  Dr.     To  Pattent  ct  00—11-4)2. 

!i  3 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

Joseph  Pegge  Dr.     To  John  Brownes  Pattent  ct  00 — 11 — 02. 

Mr.  Thos  Boyd.     To  acknowledgemt  of  a  Deed  of  Sale  from  Sara 
Payne  00 — 02 — 06.     To  recording  Exrs  of  the  appraisemt,  of  Wests' 
Estate  00—01.  06.     To  Cop  Inventory  of  Wests  Estate  00^02—1 
06.     To  pet  Cop  &  order,  Heckelfield  vs.  Burnett  00.  03.   00.     Tp| 
pet  Cap  &  order  about  Francis  West  00 — 02 — 06.     To  acknowl- 
edgmt  of  a  Deed  of  Sale  from  Saml.  Payne  00.  02.   06.     To  2  Pat-. 
tents  recording   ct   01 — 02 — 04    (footed   up)    01 — 16—10.     To   a 
probatt  &  recording  Mr.  Burnetts  will  Coppy  &  receiving  00 — 10 
—00.       Inventory   02.  06.   10—02.  06.    10.     Erors  Excepted  per 
Tho  Snoden. 

Mr.  McBride  Dr.     To  cop  order  of  Court  Waine  vs.   Jennings 
00—01.   00.     To  probatt  &  recording  00—05.   00.     To  Cop  Will  &  ..' 
record  Crtificate  00—04—06.      Totall  00.   10.   06. 

Mr.  McGregor  Dr.  To  Probatt  &  record  00—05.  00.  To  Cop 
Will  &  record  Cert.  00.  04.  06.  To  record  inventory  0.0—02—06; 
00.   12.   00.     Erors  Excepted  per  Thos  Snoden." 

The  above  gives  some  idea  of  the  fees  allowed  the  Clerks  of  the 
Court.     Mr.  Snoden  was  Clerk  about  1702. — Ep. 

Francis  Foster  and  Joseph  Sutton  were  Guardians  to  Richard 
Whedbee  and  Deborah  Whedbee,  the  mother  of  these  children  mar- 
ried 2nd  Dennis  McClendon  (1702).     "Jno  Stepney  Clk  Court." 

North  Carolina — ss.  Mr.  Nathaniel  Chevin,  Sr. — I  shall  in- 
treat  you  to  lett  Mr.  William  Wilkison  or  his  order  Have  A  Patt  in 
his  or  his  ordrs  Xame  for  a  tract  of  land  for  four  hundred  Acres 
of  land  Surveyed  for  Sam  Swann  in  Lilly  Creeke  as  I  haveing  sold 
ye  same  to  him.     I  am  Sr.  Yor  humble  Servt 

Apriell  9 :  1702.  Jonathan  Bateman. 

"North  Carolina — ss.     By  ye  Honble  President.  •. 

Out  of  ye  trust  &  Confidence,  I  have  of  ye  Ability  Prudence  &• 
Integritie  &  Loyallty  of  you  Mr.  Jno  Hecklefeild  Do  hereby  Com-; 
missionate  and  appoynt  you  Captaine  of  ye  Malitia  on  ye  North 
East  Side  of  Pequimons  River,"  ..,■        ■.,..... 

This  paper  is  without  date  or  signature. — Ed.      ,  • 

"1ST.  Carolina — ss.     To  ye  Genell  Court,  '  ,  J 

Anthony  Alexander  humbly  Sheiveth  that  he  hath  right  to,  200 
acres  of  Land  by  the  Importacon  of  himself e  Ann  his  wife,  An-..: 
thony  his  son  &  Jno  Mason  his  servt.  wch  he  is  ready  to  prove  &  prays 
&  Cert  &  shall  pray.  W.  Glover. CI  Cur." 

Anthony  Alexander  was  the  founder  of  the  Alexander-  family  in  '; 
Eastern  North  Carolina;  he  settled  prior  to  1700  in  that  part  of 

Records  oof  Aebemarle  County.  257 

Albemarle  County,  now  Tyrrell  County.  Dr.  Ab.  Alexander,  the 
present  member  of  the  House  of  Representatives  from  Tyrrell 
County,  is  one  of  his  descendants. — Ed. 


"Edward  Mullen  3,  William  Steel  1,  Mathyus  Towler  2,  Mr.  Car- 
roon  1,  John  Lewin  1,  David  Blake  3,  Robt.  Kitching  1,  Jacob  Pet- 
terson  7,  Henry  Jonson  1,  Timothy  Pead  1,  Mark  Tully  1,  Thomas 
Young  1,  John  Scarbrough  1,  Edward  Jelfe  2,  John  Billet  1,  Rich- 
ard Gesper  1,  Richard  Sanderson  Jr.  3,  Henry  Slade  4,  Richard 
Sanderson  Sr.  5,  Robert  Gard  1,  Charles  Draper  1,  Thomas  Lowd 
2,  George  Richards  1,  "William  Corry.  1,  Edward  Taylor  1,  Foster 
Gervice  7,  Lend  Smith  2,  Thomas  Taylor  1,  George  Cooper  1,  John 
Bell  4,  John  Pell  1,  William  Fuller  1,  Est  John  Sanderson  3,  Samuel 
Barnes  2,  Thomas  Vince  1,  Humphrey  Vince  3,  Richard  Cominfut 
1,  Richard  Harris  1,  John  Baker  1,  Andrew  Consoll  1,  Peter  Par- 
ker 1,  Robert  Jones  1,  Thomas  Jains  1,  Thomas  Vandermerln  5, 
William  Bastnett  3,  Thomas  Grandy  5,  Thomas  Tulle  3,  Edmund 
Barron  1,  William  Bray  1."  : 

This  paper  is  also  without  date. — Ed. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"Mr.  Porter  Esqr.  Represents  Mar.  Ashley,  Mr.  Newhjy,  Jno. 
Archdale,  Mr.  Hawkins  for  N.  Trott,  Whereas  There  is  no  person  at 
this  Board  that  represents  the  Heirs  or  Successors  of  ye  Rt.  bono. 
John  Lord  Granville,  This  Board  Doth  therefore  Appoint  E.  M. 
to  represent  the  Heires  or  Successors  of  ye  aforsd  Rt.  hour  J'n 
Lord  Granville  af oresd  till  such  time  as  the  Lords  Proprs  pleasure 
be  knowne  or  ye  pleasure  of  ye  person  haveing  Authority  to  Nomi- 
nate AccqrdingyvMr.  E.  M.  took  ye  Oaths  as  by  Law  Appointed  and 
had  his  place  at  this  Board  accordingly." 

Oil  the  back  of  this  paper  appears  the  following: 
"To  the  Honble  Edward  Moseley  Esqr  Collo.  I  out  of  the  Trust 
&  Confidence  I  have  In  the  Loyalty,  Courage  and  good  Conduct  of 
you  Edwd  M.  Do  hereby  Commissionate  and  apoynt  you  the  sd  E.  M. 
Collonell  of  all  the  Regiments  in  This  Province  of  North  Carolina 
Impowering  you  to  Comand  all  Military  Inferiour  Officers  to  take 
a  List  of  all  the  Soldjers  Names  in  their  Company  And  a  true  Coppy' 
thereof  to  Return  to  you  And  you  are  to  Cause  yor  Inferiour  Officers 
to  see  their  Soldjers  Exercised  in  Arms  as  often  as  the  Law  directs 

■:  ,i 


Records  of  Aebemakle  County. 

And  see  or  Cause  to  be  seen  they  have  well  fixed  Arms  and  Ammuni- 
tion fitt  for  Service  whensoever  for  the  preservation  or  Defence  of 
the  Governmt  as  they  shall  be  thereunto  Required  And  I  doe  hereby 
Require  Inferior  Officers  and  Soldjers  to  yield  you  due  Obedience 
And  in  Case  any  Mutineyes,  Conspiracys,  Sedicon  or  Rebellion  to 
you  discovered  you  shall  forthwith  give  Comand  to  yr  Inferiour 
Officer  or  Officers  or  so  many  of  them  as  you  shall  think  fitt  or  Con- 
venient for  the  Suppressing  thereof  and  Apprehending  the  delin- 

Unfortunately,  no  date  appears,  but  Col.  Edward  Moseley  did  not 
appear  in  the  Province  until  about  the  time  of  Gov.  Henderson 
Walker's  death  in  1704,  hence  we  are  inclined  to  the  opinion  that 
this  commission  was  issued  about  the  time  of  the  Carv  trouble. — Ed. 


"AUGST  27,  1692." 

"A  List  of  wahat  goods  did  belong  to  William  Hoskins  acording 
to  Appraisement,  to  a  Meare,  bridell  &  Sadell  04£,  to  6  Cowes  & 
three  Calves  08.  07.  00,  to  2  Stears  1  of  5  years  ould  &  the  other  2, 
02,  19.  00,  Eaighty  foot  of  ould  plank  00.  05.  00,. to  2  Sowes  &  9 
Shoats  02£.  To  1  bed  &  bolster,  1  Ruge,  1  Blankit,  1  Sheat  &  1 
bedsteed  00—16.  00;  1  paire  of  Racks,  1  pott  &  pot  hooks  00—12.- 
00,  to  2  barells  &  1  English  hogshead  00—04.  00,  to  1  Chest  &  1 . 
Remnant  of  Cloath  00—12—00,  to  1  Bibell  00—05.  00,  to  7  hun- 
dred waight  of  tobacco  02.  10.  04,  to  1  pr  Stillyeards  00.  02.  06, 
7  pound  ould  Pewter  00.   15.  04,  to  1  gun  01.  00*  00 — 27£.  4s.   5d. 


To  the  honoble  Landgrave  Robert  Daniel  Esqr  Lieutent  Gene  rail, 
Vice  Admiral  and  Deputy  Governor  of  North  Carolina  and  the 
Honoble  Councill  of  State — The  humble  Address  of  the  Subscribers 
Inhabitants  of  the  prcinct  of  Pascotank:  Humbly  Sheweth  unto  yor. 
Honors  That  whereas  the  people  cal'd  Quakers  by  their  fair  promises 
of  Small  Leaveys  &  other  Specious  prtences  of  standing  up  for  the 
good  and  welfare  of  the  Country  have  Seduced  and  Drawn  away  Sev- 
erall  of  the  Meaner  Sort  and  Meanest  Capacities  of  the  Inhabitants 
of  this  prcinct  and  by  Such  Sinister  and  prnicious  meanes  increased 
their  numbers  and  consequently  gotten  Votes  and  procured  them- 
selves to  be  Elected  Members  of  the  House  of  Burgesses  when  their 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


only  Aym  has  been  to  carry  on  Some  Underhand  designe  Even  to  the 
unhingeing  and  pulling  down  the  foundations  of  the  Government  it 
self  For  prevention  whereof  for  the  future  we  most  humbly  pray  yor 
Honors  to  take  some  Speedy  Course  and  remedy  as  to  yor  Honors 
shall  Seem  most  meet  and  that  what  person  soever  that  shall  be 
Elected  by  any  Such  indirect  Meanes  as  aforesaid  shall  be  Made 
utterly  incapable  of  acting  as  Member  of  the  said  house  of  Bur- 
gesses And  that  none  be  capeable  of  Sitting  there  as  a  Burgess  unless 
he  shall  freely  take  the  Oaths  appointed  by  Law  upon  the  Holy 
Evangelist  according  to  the  laudable  Custome  of  ye  native  Kingdom 
the  Kingdom  of  England.  And  further  we  most  humbly  pray  yor 
Hours  to  order  that  the  Accounts  of  the  last  Sessions  of  the  last  As- 
sembly may  be  adjusted  that  thereby  the  Inhabitants  may  plainely 
See  how  much  they  are  abused  by  Such  Specious  &  Clandestine 
p'tences,  All  wch  we  humbly  lay  before  yor  Hours  grave  &  Serious 
Considerations  &  pray  redress  in  the  premises  And  as  in  duty  bound 
we  shall  alwayes  pray  &c. 

Robert  Wallis :  Richard  Madren  Jr. :  Richard  Horton : 
Joseph  Reding:  Jno  Jennings:  Joseph  Perry:  William 
Madron:  Wm.  Relf:  Samaull  Davis:  Wm.'  Collings: 
Joseph  Pegs:  Hugh  Campbell:  Wm.  Spoosen:  Bartho 
Hovitt:  Wm.  Brothers:  Zac'y  McKeel:  Wm.  Barefield: 
Edwd  Bradshaw :  Francis  DeLa  Mare :  Tho  Boyd :  Tho 
Relf:  John  West:  Daniell  Rice:  John  Coup:  Robt. 
Kerell:  Thomas  MacKeel:  Benjamin  West. 

The  above  paper  bears  no  date,  but  was  evidently  executed, during 
Landgrave  Robt.  Daniels'  term  as  Governor  (1704  to  1706). — Ed. 

THOMAS    HARVEY,    DEP.    GOV.    IN    1695.      (PATRICK 

(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"North  Carolina — ss.  Anne  by  the  Grace  of  God  Queen  of  Eng- 
land &e.  To  the  Provt.  Marshall  of  the  Province  afsd  Greeting. 
Whereas  at  a  Court  held  for  the  Province  afsd  the  24th  day  of  Feby. 
Anno  Dom.  1695  before  the  Honble  Thomas  Harvey  Esqr  then 
Deputy  Governor  of  our  sd  Province  and  the  Honble  Dan'll  Akshurst 
and  his  Associate  then  Justices  of  our  sd  Court  Patrick  Henley  and 
Sarah  his  wife  Executrix,  of  the  last  Will  and  Testamt  of  John  Cul- 
peper  late  of  Pascotank-  Gent.  deed,  obtained  an  attachmt  agt  the 
Estate  of  Joshua  Lamb  late  of  this  Province  deed,  for  the  Sume  of 
Twenty  and  Seven  pounds  wth  Cost  wch  sd  attachment  was  returned 




Recokds  of  Albemarle  Ootjnty. 

by  Thomas  Relph  then  Marshall  of  the  sd  Province  In  these  words 
following  ( Vizt.)  I  the  Subscriber  being  then  Marshall  could  not  find 
so  much  of  the  Estate  of  Joshua  Lamb  in  this  Governmt:  And 
whereas  the  sd  Patrick  Henly.  is  since  Deed  and  the  sd  Sarah  his 
Wife  is  now  the  Exx  of  the  last  Will  &  Testamt  of  the  sd  Patrick  and 
thereof  hath  taken  letters  Testamentary  and  hath  intermarried 
wth  Matthew  Pritchard  of  the  Precinct  of  Pascotank  afd  You  are 
therefore  to.  make.knowne  to  Mary  Lamb  Exx  of  the  sd  Joshua 
Lamb  by  good  and  lawfull  men  of  your  Bailiwick  that  she  be  and 
appear  at  the  next  Genrall  Court  to  be  held  for  our  sd  Province  at 
the  house  of  Capt  John  Hacklefield  in  Little  River  in  the  sd  Province 
to  shew  Cause  if  any  she  have  why  an  Elegit  should  not  go  agt  the 
Estate  of  the  sd  Joshua  Lamb  according  to  the  Act  of  Assembly  in 
that  Case  made  and  have  you  there  this  Writt  and  the  names  of  the 
Persons  before  Whome  you  Execute  the  Same  Dated  at  the  Secrys. 
Office  the  20th  day  of  February  Anno  Dom  1705.  Test,  T.  Knight 
.  Sec'ry." 

n  LEVYES." 


North  Carolina — ss :  To  the  Honble  Deputy  Governr  &  Councill — 
The  humble  Petition  of  Wm.  Lewis  most  humbly  Sheweth :  That  yor 
Peticonr  is  &  hath  been  an  Inhabitant 'of  Pampticoe  in  this  Gov- 
ernmt for  the  Space  of  one  year  &  noe  longer  and  That  Captn  Wm. 
Barrow  prsent  Collectorr  of  the  Leveyes  art  Pampticoe  hath  Chargd 
\or  Peticonr  with  two  yeares  Levyes  &  hath  Threatened  other  In-. 
habitants  of  sd  Place  who  hath  lived  in  this  Governmt  for  the  sd 
terme  of  one  year  upon  refusall  of  paymt  to  Distraine  for  two  years 
Levyes — Wherefore  yor  Peticonr  humbly  prayes  yor  Honors  result 
in  the  premises  whether  or  no  yor  peticonr  is  Chargeable  in  Maner 
•aforesd  and  he  as  in  duty  bound  shall  pray  &c. 

-.       •  •-•••'  his 

William  W  Lewis. 
mark  . 

On  the  back  of  a  paper  dated  7th  October,  1695,  is  the  following: 
"Whom  God  doth  Bless  Lett  no  man  Curse.  In  Christ  is  ye  full- 
ness of  Righteousness,  Christs  meritts  &  al  Workes  do  not  hold  well 
together.  Neither  can  man  become  meeatt  for  heaven  by  his 
Workes,  there  is  no  other  way  to  Salvation  but  Christ  and  him  Cruci- 
fied for  ye  Blood  of  Christ  Cleanseth  from  al  Sine."  -  ;-...     ........  .►' 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 



(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

May  1708.  Dr.  to  John  Pettiver  for  Costs  and  mealeing  at  his 
For  2  Wethers  at  6s.  for  a  barrell  Strong  Drink  01£— 05s— 00, 
for  7  gallons  Rum  expended  02£ — 02s. — 00,  for  50  pound  Sugar 
aded  in  Drink  and  Vittles  02£.  10s.  00 :  for  beafe  and  porke  and 
fowles,  wheat  flour,  Butter  Expended  5£  00.  00 ;  for  Loging  and 
Dviatt  of  24  men  for  one  day  and  nighte  01£  10s — 10 ;  for  4  ser- 
vants attendance  for  one  Weake  01£.  05.  00;  for  ye  trouble  of  my 
house  for  ye  Councill  02£.  00.  00.     In  all  17£.   lis.  OOd.    •  . 

The  sessions  of  the  Council  were  evidently  attended  with  a  great 
deal  of  cost,  this  one  especially;  the  amount  of  "strong  drink  and 
rum"'  used  on  this  occasion,  it  is  to  be  hoped,  was  above  the  average 
used  on  such  occasions. — Editor. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"No.  Carolina — ss.  By  the  Honble  ye  presidt  &  Coun'll  a  Procla- 

Whereas  ye  Lds  Proprs  by  their  Comision  bearing  date  ye  8th  day 
of  March  1706-7  have  anulld  &  made  void  all  Comisions,  Granted 
by  Sr.  Nath:  Johnson  Knt  to  ye  Honble  Thos.  Gary  and  hath  ap- 
pointed the  Governmt  of  this  place  to  be  administred  by  their  Presdt 
&  Councill  Wee  doe  by  this  our  proclamacon  Declare  that  all  Comis- 
sions  to  ye  respective  others  of  this  Governmt  and  ye  process  & 
Suites  therein  Depending  shall  Continue  in  forme  &  Proceed  tilt 
further  ordrs  from  this  board. 

God  Save  ye  Queen  W.  Glover, 

O      Francis  Foster  John  Porter, 

Gabeiell  Newby.  Jno.  Hawkins. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

No.    Carolina — ss.     By    the    Honble    ye    Presidt    &    Councill — A 
Whereas  some  of  ye  membrs  of  ye  Grand  Courte  are  Imploy'd  in 
her  Maj'ts  Service  thereby  hindred  from  attending  att  ye  next  Court 


■       : 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

to  be  held  att  ye  house  of  Capt.  Jno.  Hecklefield  on  ye  last  Tuesday 
of  ys  Instant  July:  ordered  yt  ye  sd  Court  be  adjourned  till  ye  last 
Tuesday  in  Augt  next  being  ye  27th  of  ye  sd  Month  &  itt  is  hereby 
adjourned.  Given  under  theire  hands  &  ye  Seale  of  ye  Collony  ye 
15th  day  of  July  Ao  Dom  1706. 

God  Save  the  Queen.  W.  Glover, 

Thomas  Pollock, 

OJohn  Arderxe, 
Edwd.  Moseley. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

JSTo.  Carolina — ss.  To  ye  honble  the  Court  of  Chancerv. 
.  The  Bill  of  Complt  of  Wm.  Relfe  Complt  agt  the  Honble  Coll'll 
Tbos.  Cary  in  this  Honble^Court  prsent  Deft.  In  humble  wise  Com- 
pleaineng,  Sheweth  unto  your.  Honrs:  that  in  ye  yeare  1701  your 
Orator  was  Imployed  by  ye  honble  Col  Robt.  Daniel  then  Deputy 
Govr  of  this  province  to  Collect  ye  Quitt  Rents  in  Pascotank  river  by 
Virtue  of  which  power  your  Orator  did  Collect  &  receive  one  hun- 
dred &  Sixty  bushels  of  Indyan  Corne  but  soe  it  was  may  it  please 
your  Honors:  that  before  your  Orator  had  rendred  ye  Same  or  any 
acct  thereof  to  ye  sd  Robt.  Daniell  The  sd  Coll'll  Thos.  Cary  arrived 
in  this  Governmt  wth  Comiscon  to  be  Deputy  of  ye  Same  and  as  Soone 
as  ye  said  Deft  had  published  ye  same  to  ye  said  Deft  Sent  a  cer- 
taine  writeing  under  his  hand  as  Dep  Governr  to  yor  Orator  thereby 
requireing  your  Orator  to  Keep  all  Such  Sume  or  Sumes  of  money 
or  other  things  as  he  had  reed  for  Quit  rents  in  his  hands  untill  fur- 
ther ordr  from  him  as  he  (yor  Orator)  wo'd  answer  ye  Contrary  at 
his  peril — In  Obedience  to  which  Comand  yor  Orator  did  reteyne  ye 
afsd  One  hundred  &  sixty  bushels  of  Corne  &  refused  to  deliver  ye 
Same  to  ye  afsd  Coll'll  Daniell  when  demanded  And  your  Orator 
further  Sheweth  that  at  Divers  other  tyemes  your  Orator  told  ye 
sd  Deft  by  wt  Authority  he  received  the  afsd  Corne  and  that  Coll'll 
Daniell  had  sent  to  demand  ye  Same  and  requested  his  honrs  orders 
wt  to  doe  wth  it  for  that  he  thought  to  deliver  it  to  him  by  whose 
power  he  received  it  and  ye  said  Deft  then  told  him  that  he  ought  to 
observe  his  order  (viz.  to  keep  the  same  till  further  orders  from  him) 
which  if  he  did  he  ye  sd  Deft  wo'd  have  been  harmless  and  he  shod 
Come  to  noe  Damage  thereby  or  words  to  that  Effect.  In  pursu- 
ance whereof  your  Orator  wholly  relying  .upon  ye  word  &  promise  of 
ye  Deft,  did  keep  ye  sd  Corne  in  his  Custody  until  the  Same  was  ut- 

-'./•  i 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


terly  Spoiled  and  your  Orator  further  Sheweth  that  the  afsd  Col. 
Daniell  did  Since  that  time  Comence  a  Suit  in  this  Honble  Court 
agt  yor  Orator  for  ye  afsd  Corne  &  obteyne  a  Decree  for  ye  Same 
wth  Costs  als  Exc  as  by  ye  proceeding  now  ready  to  be  produced  doth 
appear  pursuant  to  which  decree  yor  Orators  body  was  taken  in 
Exoctn  and  thereby  oblidged  to  pay  ye  sd  Corne  &  ye  Costs  of  ye 
afsd  Suite  to  ye  afsd  Coll'll  Daniell  And  ye  afsd  Deft  doth  now 
utterly  refuse  to  pay  ye  Same  again  unto  your  Orator  or  give  your 
Orator  any  redress  therein  tho'  by  yor  Orator  thereto  often  re- 
quested Notwithstanding  his  faithful  promises  as  afsd  Contrary  to 
all  Equity  &  Good  Conscience  Soe  that  yor  Orator  is  left  wholy 
remedeless  in  ye  premises  &  is  likely  utterly  to  lose  ye  afsd  quantity 
of  160  bush'lls  of  Corne  wth  ye  afsd  Costs  unless  releived  by  yor 
Honors  Justice,  Equity  &  Good  Conscience  Doe  therefore  in  all 
humble  manor  pray  that  the  sd.Coll.  Thos.  Cary  may  answr  Make 
to  all  &  Singular  ye  premises  and  this  your  Honrs  will  then  award 
that  the  sd  Coll  Cary  may  pay  unto  yor  Orator  as  well  all  ye  Costs  and 
demages  Susteyned  by  reason  of  ye  afsd  Suite  in  this  Honble  Court 
&  by  ye  Storehouse  roome,  of  ye  afsd  Corne  for  near  twelve  months 
and  all  other  ye  trouble  and  travell  occasioned  to  your  Orator  thereby 
as  ye  aforesd  Quantity  of  One  hundred  &  Sixty  Bushels  of  Corne 
and  your  Orator  as  in  Duty  bound  shall  pray. 

T.  Knight  Sect'y. 

From  a  grant  to  Edmund  Chancy  dated  21st  day  of  February, 
1696,  it  appears  that  the  following  persons  constituted  the  Lords 
Proprietors  Deputys  at  that  time ;  the  name  of  the  Governor  also 
appears,  viz.,  "John  Archdale,"  Deputy  Governor;  Councillors: 
"Daniel  Akehurst,  Francis  Tomes,  Thomas  Pollock,  Samuel  Swann, 
Henderson  Walker."  Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton.  In 
1698  Thomas  Harvey  appears  as  Deputy  Governor  with  the  same 
members  (as  above)  as  Deputies  or  Councillors. — Editor. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C-) 

"No.  Carolina— ss.  The  Honble  Hendrson  Walker  Esqr.  Presi- 
dent of  ye  Councill  &  Comandr  in  Chief  Came  here  ye  3d  day  of  ye 
Genrll  Cort  &  givs  ye  Court  how  to  understand  &  be  informed 

That  Whereas  By  an  Act  of  Assembly  made  for  preventing  Sab- 
bath Breaking  yett  by  Information  of  Robt,  Murrey  made  to  ye 
Honble  President  Mr.  Stephen  Swaine  ye  sd  Act  not  Regarding  & 
ye  Penalty  thereof  not  Hearing  Did  unlawfull  Brand  a  hors  on  ye 

j  x 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

Sabbath  Day  and  bring  horses  out  of  ye  Woods  in  order  thereunto 
Wherefore  ye  Honabl  President  prays  ye  Penality  of  the  sd  Act  may 
be  Inflicted  upon  ye  sd  Swaine." 

The  date  is  not  given,  but  between  1699  and  1704. — Ed. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"To  the  Honoble  the  Deputy  Governor  and  Councell  and  the  Wor- 
full  house  of  Burgesses. 

The  Humble  address  of  the  Inhabitants  of  Coratuck  liveing  on  the 
North  West  River  Hunibly  Shew  that  being  soe  neer  as  is  Supposed 
to  the  Line  of  Virginia  that  many  of  us  are  great  Sufferers  to  the 
Loss  of  Severall  Tracts  of  Land  by  Surveys  and  patents  granted  out . 
of  Virginia  and  we  the  Inhabitants  aforesaid  haveing  been  alwayes 
obedient  to  this  Governmt  and  desire  to  be  alwayes  Soe  continued 
did  in  the  time  of  the  Bight  Honoble  John  Archdale  Esqr  then  Gov- 
ernr  bring  as  an  grievance  to  Mr.  John  Bennett  then  Chosen  a  Bur- 
gess of  or  prcinct  the  sd  grievance  aforesd  In  order  to  which  he  did 
prfer  a  petition  on  or  behalf  to  the  aforesaid  Governor  &  Honoble  | 
Councill  of  State  of  this  Government  then  Assembled  in  Parliament 
which  Honoble  Governor  wth  the  Rest  of  the  Honoble  Councill 
thought  it  reasonable  that  we  the  Inhabitants  aforesd  Should  not 
be  forced  to  take  patents  or  pay  Quitt  Rents  for  or<Land  untill  the  1 
Line  be  runn  between  her  Maties  Dominion  of  Virginia  and  this 
Governmt.  Soe  f arr  as  its  Inhabited  on  the  North  West  River 
aforesd  Butt  the  Line  being  not  yett  Run  and  we  the  Inhabitance 
aforesaid  lying  under  the  Same  Circumstance  and  agrievance  doe 
find  orselves  very  Uneasy.  We  doe  humbly  address  orselves  to  .the 
Honoble  Deputy  Governor  and  Councill  and  Worfull  House  of 
Burgesses  that  we  the  Inhabitants  of  the  North  West  River  afore- 
said may  now  have  patents  granted  us  for  what  Land  we  have  Sur- 1 
veyed  in  this  Govrment  we  being  willing  to  pay  or  Rents  from  the 
Date  of  Such  Patents  as  is  Customary. 

Rich'd.  Sanderson  Junr  :  Ben  Tulle, 
Rich'd:  Cominfort:  Thos.  Taylor, V 

Wm.    Bateman. 

Gentlemen — I  am  informed  that  the  Lords  Quitt  rents  have  been 
unpayd  by  Some  of  the  within  menconed  Inhabitants  for  the  space 
of  Twenty  or  thirty  yeares  &  to  remitt  the  whole  is  a  Greatt  Hard- 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


shipp  but.  upon  Consideracon  doe  promise  to  remitt  all  (except  five 
yeares  Quitt  rents)  which  I  doe  expect     Yors 

Robt.  Daniell. 
By  order — Tho  Snoden  CI  of  ye  Assembly. 

Either  1705  or  early  in  1706. — Ed. 


IN  1713. 

In  a  power  of  attorney  as  follows:  "Know  all  men  by  these  pres- 
ents that  I  Sarah  Kasewall  off  Alligator  Creek  in  ye  precinct  of  Pas- 
cotank  Albemarle  County  and  province  of  North  Carolina,"  &c,  it  is 
clearly  shown  that  Alligator  Creek,  now  a  part  of  Tyrell  County, 
was  included  in  Pasquotank  Precinct  at  the  time  of  the  execution  of 
the  above  power  of  attorney,  to-wit,  April  23,  1713. — Ed. 


"This  bill'bindeth  me  Rich'd  Peniston  Juner  of  ye  Island  of  Ber- 
muda unto  Mr.  Wm.  Collins  him  or  his  Heyres  or  Assignes  in  ye 
Sum  of  five  pounds  for  to  be  pd  in  Salt  at  half  a  Crown  which  is 
two  shill  and  Six  pence  the  Bushel  for  to  be  paid  by  ye  tenth  of 
December  next  Ensuing  the  danger  of  the  Seas  only  Excepted  for 
ye  sd  Penistons  arrivall  here  Into  the  river  of  Pascotanke  as  wittness 
My  hand  this  23d  of  May  1702.  Rich'd:  Peniston. 

Thos  I  Mackey  * 

Edward  X  James. 

Feby.  28,  1707-8. 

Proved  by  the  oathes  of  Thos.  Mackey  &  Edwd.  James — before 
me  W.  Glover. 

Jonathan  Jacocks  first  married  Eliz  Collins,  widow  and  executrix 
of  William  Collins,  above  named,  and  they  brought  suit  in  1708-9 
to  recover  the  amount. — Ed. 


"I  Robert  West  of  Choan  Precinct  doe  hereby  make  and  appoint 
Thomas  Boyd  my  true  and  laAvfull  Atturney  for  me  to  deliver  and 
acknowledge  a  Bill  of  Sale  of  land  att  Flatty  Creek  Sold  by  me  and 
my  Brother  Thomas  to  Rich'd  Stamp  att  the  Generall  Court  for  this 


1,   ■  - 

■  ■■  'I 


V  A : 



Recoeds  oe  Axbemaele  County. 

Province  or  any  proper  to  wit.     As  witness  my  hand  this  24  of 
Novr.  1707. 

Testes,  John  Arderne,  Thomas  Pollock.  Robeet  West/' 

Flatty  Creek  is  in  Pasquotank  County,  not  far  from  Newbegun 
Creek,  and  Richard  Stamp  was  a  resident  there  in  1702,  so  say  the 
records. — Ed. 


"The  Entry  of  640  Acres  of  Land  I  built  on  being  ye  fork  of  Neus 
River  this  in  ye  Secretaries  office.  We  run  up  the  Main  River  &  up 
the  Trent  for  this  tract.  If  Any  one  make  Requestt  to  ye.  Honble 
Governor  &  Councill  concerning  ye  Survey  of  an  Entry  of  Land 
made  by  Ed  Pitts  lying  in  Matchapunga  Creek  pray  object  agt  it 
being  I  entred  it  after  ye  Clark  to  Survey  it  &  Pitts  Tendered  his 
'  Assistance  to  go  but  I  went  there  to  Neus  wth  ye  Honble  Governor 
&  this  present  Prsident  Since  then  no  opportunity  has  Ternd  more- 
over ye  Governr  has  given  Honble  word  for  Security  of  ye  Same, 
there  has  a  heap  of  work  been  done  upon  it." 

"No.  Carolina — ss.  These  may  Certifie  whom  it  may  Concern 
that  Edward  Pitts  of  Bath  County  Came  to  me  Aprill  last  &  desired 
to  have  a  Tract  of  Land  Surveyed  for  him  lying  in  Matchapunga 
Creek  att  ye  same  time  I  was  very  busie  about  other  Surveys  in 
Pamplicough  butt  assured  him  to  Survey  it  ye  first  opportunity  & 
with  all  Entred  it  my  Surveying  Journall  yt  it  might  be  Secured  for 
ye  Said  Edward  Pitts."     August  7,  1705. 

John  Lawson  Surveyr. 

His  Honr  ye  Governor  &  ye  Honble  Wm.  Glover  Esqr  who  had  my 
Company  to  Neus. 


"Major  Parris  acquaints  me  that  yor  Father  Archdale  is  Dead 
and  that  you  are  made  one  of  his  Exors  which  is  probable  he  tells 
me  may  Call  you  home  for  England  I  know  you  Cannot  make  a 
Deputy  but  your  Councell  may  make  a  President  in  your  absence 
till  you  can  give  me  notice  whom  you  trust  and  at  yor  request  I  shall 
Send  a  Comission  being  willing  to  oblige  you  in  any  thing. — Chas. 
Town  March  29,  1705." 

This  paper  is  neither  signed  nor  dated,  but  has  the  appearance  of 
being  a  communication  from  Sir  Nathaniel  Johnson  to  the  Deputy 
Governor  of  North  Carolina. — Ed. 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 




"North  Carolina — ss.        The  Honble  Edward  Hyde  Esqr.,  Govr., 
Capt.  Gen'll  and  Adml.  of  this  Province  of  North  Carolina  and 
ye  rest  of  our  trusty  &  well  beloved  Councillors  of  State  Greet- 
To  our  Trusty   and  well  beloved  Majr  Christopher  Gale,  Jno. 
Blount,  Francis  Delamare,   Capt.  Richard  Sanderson,  Capt.  Thos. 
Relfe,  Thos.  Garrett,  Esqrs. 

Wee  being  well  assured  of  your  Loyalty  &c.  Doe  hereby  Comis- 
sionate  &  appoint  you  &c.  Justices  for  this  Government  of  North 
Carolina  to  Keep  or  Cause  to  be  Kept  her  Matys  peace  &c,  Authorize 
and  Impower  you  or  any  three  of  you  &c.  to  hold  a  Gen'll  Court  for 
this  Governmt  &c.  on  ye  last  Tuesday  in  ye  months  of  March,  July 
and  October  &c. 
•  Given  under  our  hands  &  ye  Seale  of  ye  Collony  this  12th  day  of 

J in    ye    Eleventh    yeare    of   ye    Reign    of    our    Sovereign 

*     *     *     of  Great  Britanie  &c.  Anno  Dom  1712. 

Edward  Hyde, 

OWm.    Reed, 
T.  Knight.  N.  Chevin, 

T.  Peterson. 


"North  Carolina — ss.  To  Christopher  Gale  Chief  Justice  and  to 
John  Blount,  Thomas  Miller,  John  Pettifer,  Anthony  Hatch,  John 
Porter,  Nicholas  Crisp,  Godfrey  Spruell  and  Griffin  Jones  his  as- 
sociates," &c.  Same  as  the  preceding  paper,  only  it  is  dated  "13th 
day  of  July  Anno  Dom  1714,"  and  signed  by 


Charles  Eden. 


No.  Carolina — ss.  To  Thos.  Worsley  Esqr.  Coronr  of  ye  Precinct 
of  Beaufort  in  ye  County  of  Bath. 
These  are  in  her  Matyes  Name  to  will  require  you  to  arrest  ye 
body  of  Coll'l  Thos.  Cary  and  him  Safely  hold  that  he  be  and  ap- 
pear e  at  ye  Next  Generell  Court  to  be  holden  at  ye  house  of  Capt. 
Thos.   Lee  in  Chowan  on  ye  last  Tuesday  in  July  next  then  and 


Records  of  Albemable  County. 

there  to  answr-ye  pit  of  Capt  Emanuel  Cleve  Provost  Marshall  of 
ye  County  of  Bath  of  a  plea  of  ye  Case  Damage  one  hundred  pounds. 
And  have  you  there  this  Writt  Dated  at  ye  Secrys  Office  this  2d  day 
of  June  Anno  Dom  1712.  ,  - 

Test,  T.  Knight  Sect'y. 



"To  the  Honoble  the  General  Court — The  Humble  Petition  of  the 
Inhabitants  on  ye  West  Side  of  Scupernung  Sheweth, 
That  yor  Petitionrs  are  informed  that  an  Order  has  been  passed 
for  yr  Petitionrs  to  clear  and  make  a  road  from'  Scuponung  to  ye 
plantation  of  Mrs..  Aliz.  Long  And  accordingly  your  Petitioners  are 
required  to  make  the  said  Road  Altho  your  Petitionrs  were  never 
heard  touching  the  said  Road.  And  your  Petitionrs  conceiving  that 
ye  sd  Order  being  obtained  ex  parte  is  not  binding.  Principally 
for  that  severall  persons  liveing  within  the  Limits  of  ye  Same  are 
exempt  from  working  the  road.  And  ye  Petitionrs  Conceive  having 
a  road  between  ye  Inhabitants  of  Cusponung  &.  ye  So.  Shore,  it  ought 
being  a  new  Road  to  be  laid  out  in  two  equal  parts,  So  that  each  In- 
habitant might  make  their  own  parts  k  that  the  burthen  of  ye  same, 
ought  not  to  lye  on  your  Petitionrs  only  &  yor  Petitionrs  therefore 
pray  this  Court  to  take  ye  same  into  yr  Consideration  &  order  ye, 
Petitionrs  to  do  only  their  proportionable  part  and  as  in  Duty  bound 
shall  pray. 

Joseph  Spruill,  Sam '11  Spruill,  Cutbert  Phelps, 
Godfrey  Spruill  Junr.,  Jon.  Deavinport,  James 
Singleton,  Charles  Cradock,  Jon.  Fisheer,  Henry 
Normen,  Joseph  Canings,  Richard  Burtonshall." 

No  date,  but  after  1711.— Ed. 

■  t,  , 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"To  ye  Right  Honble  ye  Governour  &  Rest  of  ye  the  Honeble  Lords 
Proprietors  Deputyes. 
The  humble  address  of  ye  house  of  Burgesses  shewing  That  we 
humbly  Conceive  yt  in  our  last  address  we  did  not  att  all  question  his 
Honrs  Power  But  ye  greatest  motive  that  Induced  us  to  Present  ye 
Last  address  was  from  Som  words  that  we  heard  from  his  honr  yes- 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


terday  of  his  honrs  haveing  some  other  Papers  or  words"  to  ye  like 
Effect  wch  moved  &  his  house  in  ye  Last  address  humbly  to  Requestt 
of  his  Honr  yt  iff  his  honr  had  any  other  Power  more  than  what  we 
have  allready  heard  or  Seen  Either  by  Instructions  or  otherwise  that 
this  house  may  have  a  sight  of  it  which  we  humbly  now  request: 
And  ask  for  a  Conference  of  Sake  of  by  ye  Honble  Majr  Sam'l 
Swann:  we  humbly  Desire  yt  if  your  Honrs  have  any  thing  to  In- 
forme  This  house  by  and  of  mouth  yt  your  Honrs  will  be  pleased  to 
Deliver  itt  to  ye  Bearers  hereof  yt  they  may  make  report  to  this 
house.  John  Porter  Speaker." 

This  paper  has  no  date. — Ed. 


"North  Carolina 

General  Court  Glover  against  Cleaves.    . 

Emanuel  Cleaves  late  Provost  Marsa  of  the  County  of  Bath  was 
attached  to  answer  Charles  Worth  Glover  Gent,  of  a  Plea  Wherefore 
by  Eorce  and  Armes  he  did  Take,  Imprison  &  Evil  deal  with  him  the 
said  Pit  in  Bath  County  &ca. 

And  Whereupon  the  said  Pit  by  Edward  Moseley  his  attorney  doth 
Complain  That  the  aforesd  Emanuel  Cleaves  the       day  of 
Anno  Dom  at  in  the  County  of  Bath  by  force  & 

Armes  did  Imprison  &  into  his  custody  take  and  Evil  deal  with  the 
said  Pit  and  against  the  Law  &  Custom  of  Great  Brittain  did  de- 
tain him  in  Prison  a  long  time  that  is  to  say  by  the  space  of  one 
Week  And  other  harmes  to  him  he  did  to  the  Great  Damage  of  him 
the  sd  Pit  and  against  the  Peace  of  our  Sovereign  Lady  the  Queen 
Whereupon  the  Pit  saith  he  is  damnified  &  hath  Damage  to  the  value 
of  an  hundred  pounds  and  thereupon  he  brings  this  action  &ca. 

Moseley  for  the  Pit." 

This  action  .was.  brought  during  the  reign  of  Queen  Anne. 
Charles  Worth  Glover  was  in  the  Indian  War  of  1711  and  1712,  and 
in  Bath  County  at  that  time,  hence  we  are  quite  sure  this  was  about 
the  time  he  was  so  roughly  handled.  The  charge  against  him  has 
not  yet  appeared.— Ed. 


i.  -      Chowan  Precinct,     <i 

"Mr.    Snoden.     Sr: — Frans  Roundtree   and  George'  Laseter  In- 
formes  me  they  spoke  to  you  for  Warrants  for  them  selves  and  sum 




,  3  ■ 





Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

.other  persons  and  yo  promised  them  to  Contrive  them  to  me  but  as  I 
yet  they  are  not  Com  to  my  hand  be  pleased  to  send  them  by  ye  first  I 
Convenience  allso  be  pleased  to  Send  me  a  dozen  of  blank  Warrants' 
for  I  much  want  for  ye  people  of  this  prect  wc  Livess  on  ye  borders! 
of  Virginia  when  proved  theire  rights  knowes  not  how  to  get  their! 
warrants     I  have  allso  sent  a  Survey  wc.  I  have  Lately  made     I; 
would  desire  yo  to  send  me  a  patent  for  ye  same  and  I  will  Contrive 
it  to  ye  person  and  becom  yr  paymaster  for  it.     I  could  not  seat  his: 
warrt  at  present  but  shall  take  Cear  it  comes  into  yr  OfHs  wth  out' 
faille  be  pies  to  favor  me  wth  a  line  by  Mr.  Byrd  and  yo  will  oblidge 
ye  frind  and  Serv't. 

Janerey  ye  8  1702.  Thos.  Luten." 

Thomas  Snoden  was  Secretary  of  the  Colony  and  Thomas  Lutenj 
Deputy  Surveyor  for  Chowan  Precinct  at  the  time  this  note  was; 
written. — Ed. 

"October  ye  25,  ,1685.  Received  of  Mitell  Mackdaniell  Six  yeares j 
quit  Rents  being  the  full  of  all  that  was  due  to  this  deate  hereof,  li 
say  received  by  mee  Thomas  Pierce.''' 


North  Carolina.     This  my  noat  shall  oblige  Mrs.  Will  Brice  my  j 
Heirs  or  Execrs  to  pay  unto  Will  Lewis  or  his  orderes  by  the  last 
of  this  Instant  one  Indian  aged  between  20  and  35  and  to  bee  de-,: 
livered  at  his  one  plantation  being  in  Pamlicough  River. 

In  Consideration  hereof  this  Indian  not  Being  delivered  By  the 
last  of  this  Instant  I  the  said  Brice  doe  oblige  mee  Selfe  to  pay  unto. 
Will  Lewis  or  his  orders  fourteen  pounds  one  halfe  in  Corrant  Silver, 
money  and  the  other  halfe  in  drest  Skinnes  at  two  shillings  perf 
pound  the  said  money  and  skinnes  to  be  delivered  at  the  said  Lewis 9 
plantation  in  Wittness  hereof  I  have  seat  my  Hand  &  Seal  Anno 
Domini  1710-11  March  ye  5th.  Thestes,  Will  8  Harris;  Swan' 
Swanson.  Wm.  Brice. 



"To  the  Honoble'  the  Deputy  Governor  and  Councill. 

May  it  please  yor  Honors  We  the  members  of  this  house  haveino,' 
reed  yor  Honors  Message  as  concerneing  the  paymt  of  or  Quitt  Rents 
doe  humbly  Comply  therewth  only  praying  that  particular  &  Con- 



Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


venient  places  (such  as  the  members  of  this  house  shall  appoint)  be 
inserted  on  both  sides  the  Shoar  on  Each  prcinct  where  it  must  be 
paid  because  the  prcincts  many  of  them  are  divided  by  Rivers  further 
praying  that  yor  honors  would  be  pleased  to  take  what  people  can 
best  pay  in  for  what  is  due  for  the  time  prsent. 
Sent  by  Capt.  Sanderson  &  Thos.  Taylor. 

Wm.  Wilkison,  Speaker. 

No  date,  but  prior  to  1704.      Colonel  Wilkison  died  during  that 
year.     On  the  back  of  this  paper  is  the  following  (Ed.)  : 

''May  it  please  yor  Honors  if  you  have  any  other  Message  to  us 
we  are  ready  to  receive  it  otherwise  we  shall  adjourn. 

"Wm.  Wilkison,  Speaker." 


"Shipped  by  the  Grace  of  God  in  good  order  and  well  Conditioned 
by  Emanuel  Low  &  Comp.  in  and  upon  the  good  ship  called  the  Mary 
Ann  whereof  is  Master  under  God  for  this  present  voyage  Joshua 
Sledd,  and  now  riding  at  Anchor  in  Little  River  and  by  God's  Grace 
bound  for  York  River  in  Virginia  to  say  fifteen  Barrels  of  Salted 
Pork  being  marked  V  and  numbered  as  in  the  Margent,  and  are  to  be 
delivered  in  the  like  good  Order  and  well  Conditioned,  at  the  afore- 
said Port  of  York  River  (the  danger  of  the  Seas  only  excepted)  unto 
Thomas  Pariss  or  to  his  "assigns,  he  or  they  paying  Freight  for  the 
said  Goods  five  Shillings  for  Each  barrel  with  primage  and  Average 
accustomed.  In  witness  whereof  the  Master  or  Purser  of  the  said 
ship  hath  affirmed  to  four  Bills  of  Lading,  all  of  this  Tenor  and 
Date ;  the  one  of  which  Bills  being  accomplished  the  other  to  stand 
void  And  so  God  send  the  good  ship  to  her  desired  Port  in  Safety, 
Amen.     Dated  in  North  Carolina  ye  24th  July  1716. 

Inside  &  Contents  unknown  pr  me 

Joshua  Sledd." 

This  good  ship  reached  her  port  in  safety  and  delivered  the  pork, 
but  a  "howling  tempest,"  in  the  shape  of  a  law  suit,  overtook  the 
consignee  before  the  matter  was  settled.  This  bill  of  lading  was 
filed  among  the  papers,  hence  its  preservation  and  publication,  186 
years  after  its  execution. — Ed.  -,- 

"Jeremiah  Vail  &  wife  Mary  Suit  vs.  Richard  Skinner  states  that 
when  the  said  Mary  was  sole  on  the  10th  July  1707  in  Perquimans 
Precinct  She  sold  &c.  Not  paid  while  sole  nor  after  Espousals 
between  ye  sd  Jeremiah  &  ye  sd  Mary  were  celebrated  &c." 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

No.  Carolina — ss.     Christopher  Gale  Consignee  of  Baron  Stephen . 
De  Graffenreid. 

"I  Christopher  Gale  Consignee  of  Baron  Stephn  D'  Graffenreid. 
doe  hereby  Impower  you  to  appear  in  ye  precinct  Court  of  Pasco- 
tank,  &  there  to  prosecute  agt  John  Relfe  one  Action  for  nine  pounds 
nine  shill  foure  pence.  And  all  soe  one  other  Action  against  John 
Treveall  for  foure  pounds  sixteen  Shillings  Seaven  pence  halfe 
penny  &  to  obtaine  Judgemt  for  both  ye  Debts  And  in  soe  Doeing 
ys  shall  be  yr  Sufficient  Warrant.  Given  under  my  hand  Angst  ye 
14th  1711. 

To  Mr.  Jno.  Palin  Shef.  C.  Gale. 

J.710.     John  Treveal  Dr.  £.       s.       d. 

8ber  29     To  20  yds  Cantaloons  att  2s ; 02.     00.     00 

To  1  Taylers  Thimble 00.     00.     06 

To  3  yds  Gartering 00.     01.     00 

"    3  dosn  1/7  buttons .....  ,'.  .    00.     02.     07  V2 

"    y2  lb  Couler'd  Thred 00.     01.     06 

"    1  Toba  Box 00.     02.     06 

"■   1  papr  pins  &  1  m  Ditto 00.     03.     00 

"?  1  Woo  Themble.  1  Pepper :  .    00.     07.     06 

"    1   Hatt ..01.     05.     00 

"    l' Grose  pipes 00.     OS.     00 

"    Prt  Sam  Pike 00.     05.     00    . 

£  4. 

1710.     John  Relfe  Dr. 

Sber  30. 



1  Grose  Small  Thred  Buttons ..!  00: 

1  pr  Snuffers  1  Thick  Wax.  \ 00 : 

"1  pr  Kissars  1  pr  small  buckles 00 

2  prs  None  too  prettys  1  ps  Tape.  ...    00 : 
6  yds  Gartering 00  : 

1  m  lOd  Nailes ...   00: 

250    20d   Nailes 00 : 

6  Dosn  pipes  1  Hock  Lock ..........   00 : 

2  silk  Laces  2  Silk  Hanckercheifes.  .  .    00: 

1  Do     To  1,4  lb  pepper 00  : 

li/8  yds  Blew  Holland  att  4.  .6 .....  .   00 : 

1  Venison  pott . .  1  Knife  .&  forke .  ■-.. ..  V  00  : 

1  Hatt     1  lb  Raisius ,.  .  .  .  .• .  ...    01 : 

17:  00 

06:  03 

09:  06 

16:  06 

06:     03 

Attested  by  ye  oath  of 
Chr  Gale  Augt  20th  1711, 
before  me  W.  Glover. 

£  5:     09: 
Err'rs  Excepted 

p  me  C.  Gale. 

Recokds  of  Albemarle  Cotjsty. 



"No.  Carolina — ss.  To  the  Honble  Frederick  Jones  Chief  Justice 
of  North  Carolina  And  to  the  rest  of  the  Honble  Members  of 
the  Generall  Court. 
The  Petition  of  Sam'l  Spruill,  Godfrey  Spruill  &c.  on  the  behalf 
of  themselves  and  others  Inhabitants  of  the  West  Side  of  Cuscopen- 
ing  River  &  other  Districts.  Humbly  Sheweth  That  yor  Petitionrs 
with  others  Inhabitants  of  sundry  Districts  on  the  South  Shore  of 
Chowan  Precinct,  have  for  these  several  years  past,  cleared  and 
opened  the  Roads  and  made  very  good  bridges  within  their  several 
respective  Limits,  and  Divisions  notwithstanding  the  Same  was  very 
burthensome  to  them  by  reason  of  the  few  Inhabitants  resideing 
within  these  Limits,  Yet  so  it  is  may  it  please  yor  Honors  That  the 
inhabitants  of  South  Lancaster  altho'  many  in  number  at  least  15  or 
16  tithables  to  about  three  miles  of  Road  having  neglected  to  repair 
the  Roads  &  bridges  within  their  Limits:  have  at  the  suggestion  of 
Capt.  Jno.  Worley  to  the  Precinct  Court  of  Chowan  held  in  October 
last,  obtained  an  order  of  the  said  Court  (without  your  Petitioners 
privity)  whereby  yor  Petitioners  with  others  were  ordered  to  assist 
in  clearing  &  makeing  a  Road  within  the  Limits  of  the  said  South 
Lancaster  Inhabitants  Contrary  to  all  Law  k  Reason. 
•  Whereupon  yor  Petitionrs  being  Summoned  to  Work  on  the  said 
South  Lancaster  Road  preferred  their  Petition  to  the  Prect  Court  of 
Chowan  the  18  of  this  Instant  Aprill  praying  to  be  releived  against 
the  said  Order,  and  that  yor  Petitioners  should  not  be  Compelled  to 
work  out  of  their  several  respective  Limits.  But  yor  Petitioners 
were  so  farr  from  finding  releif  from  the  said  Precinct  Court  of 
Chowan,  that  the  said  Court  have  confirmed  their  former  order,  and 
have  further  Ordered  that  each  person  refuseing  to  obey  the  same 
shall  pay  five  shillings  pr  diem  so  long  as  they  neglect,  as  by  a  Copy 
of  the  same  order  was  held  in  open  Court  unto  yor  Petitionrs.  Your 
Petitionrs  moved  that  their  appeal  from  the  said  Order  of  Court,  to 
yor  Honrs  in  the  General  Court  might  be  Entred  &  allowed  according 
to  Law :  But  the  said  Justices  of  the  Precinct  Court  would  not  ad- 
mit of  yor  Petitioners  appeal  but  denied  the  same  alleadging  that 
Could  not  bei  For  they  said  the  Genl  Court  had  nothing  to  do 
therewith,  &  althqugh  their  said  order  was  hard,  they  themselves 
could  not  alter  it,  untill  the  next  year.  All  which  proceedings,  as 
well  of  ye  said  Capt.  John  Worley  in  moveing  the  Precinct  Court  of 
Chowan  touching  the  said  Roads,  as  the  Orders  passed  by  the  said 
Precinct  Court  against  yor  Petitionrs,  being  very  Erroneous  &  Con- 
trary to  Law  and  the  said  Precinct  Court  refusing  to  admit  of  yor 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

Petitionrs  appeal  from  their  order  unto  yor  Determination  yor  Pe- 
titionrs are  Compelled  to  Pray  yor  Honrs  to  grant  his  Majesties 
Writt  of  Injunction  commanding  the  said  Justices  of  the  said  Pre- 
cinct Court  of  Chowan  &  all  other  officers  &  persons  whatsoever  from 
any  further  proceedings  touching  ye  said  Orders  so  passed  in  the 
said  Court,  untill  yr  Petitionrs  have  been  heard  before  yor  Honrs 
touching  the  iregularity  of  the  said  Proceedings ;  And  that  the  mem- 
bers of  the  said  Precinct  Court  of  Chowan  be  Commanded  to  Certify 
unto  yor  Honrs  at  the  General  Court  to  be  holden  for  this  Governmt 
in  the  month  of  July  next  at  Queen  Ann's  Creek,  their  Proceedings 
agst  yor  Petitionrs.  And  that  yor  Petitionrs  may  be  fully  Relieved 
in  the  Premises  And  the  said  Orders  so  passed  against  them  in 
the  said  Precinct  Court  of  Chowan  sett  aside  Yor  Petitionrs  as  in 
duty  bound  shal  Ever  pray  &c. 

Sam'l  Spruell,  Joseph  Spruell,  John  Swain/' 

"Thomas  Harris  executed  his  will  in  August  1665  and  died  shortly 
thereafter  leaving  wife  Diana  and  son  John  Harris.  John  Harris 
left  a  daughter  Sarah  who  married  Xathaniel  Nicholson  (suit  of 
Elizabeth    Goodlat    executrix    vs.    Xathaniel    Nicholson).       Diana 

Harris  md  2nd  Foster,  3rd  Thomas  White.     Harris  settled 

near  Muddy  Creek  in  Perquimans." 

WAR,  1711-12. 

"The  Humble  Complts  of  John  Cory  Constable  of  ye  precinct  of 
Pasquotank  Humbly  Complaineing  Sheweth  unto  yor  Honors: 

"That  whereas  your  Complt  in  his  aforesd  Capacity:  by  vertue  of 
a  Warrant  from  Capt.  John  Palin  Dated  the  29th  Day  of  December 
last  past  was  required  and  Comanded  to  Impress  a.nd  raise  a  De- 
tachment of  Six  men  out  of  his  Company  to  Joyne  the  forces  then 
in  Armes  under  the  Comand  of  Coll'U  James  Moore  :  persuant  to  wch 
warrant :  your  Complt  amongue  others  Did  meat  with  and  Impress 
Wm.  Armure  for  and  to  be  one  of  the  sd  Six  Soulders  as  aforsd  but 
he :  the  sd  Wm.  Armure  out  of  his  evill  and  Contentious  mind  and 
being  Ripe  for  Rebellion  him  the  sd  John  Cory;  nor  his  authority 
Did  or  would  Regard :  but  Instead :  of  submitteing  or  in  the  least 
Consenting  to  his  Duty  therein  Did  use  and  utter  much  falce,  feigned 
and  revileing  Language,  and  threats  against  your  Complt  and  the 
present  Establisht  Governmt :  wch  shall  be  fully  made  known :  to 
your  honrs  when  he  the  sd  Wm.  Armure  shall  be  Called  to  make  an- 

'■       '■ 

Recobds  of  Albemarle  County.  275 

swer  thereunto  may  it  please:  your  honrs  therefore  to  Cause 
him  the  sd  Wm.  Armure  personally  to  appeare :  before  your 
honrs  by  a  warrant  under  your  hands  Directed  to  the 
Marshll.  and  to  answer  to  such  matters  and  things  as  by  your 
Compltt  shall  be  then  and  there:  objected  against  him  and  to  pass 
such  orders  and  Judgemt  as  to  your  honrs  shall  seame  reasonable  wth 
out  wch  neither  your  Complt  in  a  short  time  nor  any  other  Officer 
Can  or  will  be  safe :  in  the  Execution  of  his  office. 

"The  reason  for  my  long  Delay  in  a  matter  of  so  grate  moment, 
shall  be  made  known  to  your  Honrs  when  I  shall  appear  before  you 
Till  then  I  begg  leave  to  Subscribe  my  Selfe. 

"Your  Honrs  Most  Humble  Servt,, 

"John  Cory. 

"Please  to  lett  Wm.  Brothers  and  Mary 
his  wife  be  Swn. 

"July  6th  1713.     Jurat  Coram  me. — K  Chevin. 

"To  the  Honble  Nath  Chevin  and  Majr  Christo  Gale 
Att  Little  River.     These.     R.  I."      (In  the  corner.) 


"Xorth  Carolina — ss.      To  the  Provost  Marshall  or  Deputy. 

"These  are  in  the  Name  of  his  Excellency  the  Palatine  &  the  rest 
of  the  true  &  absolute  Lords  &  Proprietors  to  will  &  require  you  to 
Summone  all  the  Freeholders  of  the  prcinct  of  Coratuck"  to  meet  att 
the  usual  place  for  Electing  of  Burgesses  in  the  said  Prcinct  att  a 
ceitaine  Time  by  you  appointed  there  to  elect  &  Chuse  one1  Substan- 
tial &  Prudent  Freeholder  of  the  sd  prcinct  to  be  Burgesse  in  the 
room,  of  Wm.  Bateman  Deced  which  sd  Burgesse  is  to  appear  on  the 
2d  Tuesday  in  August  next  att  the  place  appointed  for  the  meeting 
of  the  Assembly  and  make  return  hereof." 

The  paper  is  neither  signed  nor  dated.  On  the  back  appears  the 
following  items: 

"Ohpha  Luten  records  for  her  proper  marke  a  crop  &  under  keel 
on  the  right  Ear  &  a  Crop  &  uper  Keel  on  the  left  Ear." 

"John  Hawkins  Records  for  his  Daughter  Frances  Hawkins  this 
marke  to-witt,  an  under  Keel  on  the  Right  Ear  &  a  Crop  &  Slitt  &  un- 
der Keel  on  the  left  Ear." 

"John  Hawkins  records  for  his  Daughter  Mary  Hawkins  this 
marke  to-witt,  an  Under  Keel  on  the  right  Ear  &  a  Poplar  Leaf  on 
the  Left  Ear." 

"Rights  for  Sam  Parsons,  Richd.  Simpson,  David  Jones,  John 
Turner,  Wm.  Harris,  James  Robinson,  Isaack  Little  &  Jeremiah 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

"Rights  for  Richd.  Burtonshall,  Walter  Green,  Mary  Cobb,  John 
Nowell,  Jane  Simmons,  Richd.  Jarvis,  Bessie  &  Harry  negroes." 

"Mr.  to  fill  up  Rich'd  Rose  warrt  &  to  affix  two  Rights  &  to  Draw 
a  Pattent  for  Benjamin  Nichollson's  Name  by  the  first  Convenience. '' 

"Addresse  of  ye  House  of  Comons.  Upon  due  Consideracon  of 
the  above  addresse  and  itt  Sufficiently  appearing  by  the  Grand  Deed 
upon  Record  here  in  this  Governmt  that  the  allegacons  in  the  above 
addresse  are  true, 

"Itt  is  resolv'd  that  the  people  now  inhabiting  or  that  shall  here- 
after inhabitt  the  South  &  South  West  Shoar  of  Albemarle  &  Chowan 
Rivers  shall  have  Pattents  for  the  Lands  within  ye  County  of  Albe- 
marle according  to  the  tenr  &  forme  &  att  such  Rates  as  the  Grand 
Deed  prscribes." 

The  above  items  appear  on  a  very  old  sheet  of  paper,  bearing  noth- 
ing to  indicate  the  date  of  the  session  of  the  Assembly  at  which  the 
transactions  therein  mentioned  occurred. — Editor. 


"No.  Carolina — ss. 

"To  ye  Provost  Marshall  of  ye  County  of  Albemarle  or  to  his 

"Whereas  at  a  Genii  Court  holden  for  ye  province  afsd  at  the 
house  of  Capt,  Jno.  Hecklefield  in  Little  river  on  ye,  last  Tuesday  in 
July  Ano  Dom  1711  before  the  Honble  Nath'l  Chevin  and  his  As- 
sociate Justices  of  ye  sd  Court  The  Honble  Wm.  Glover  Esq.  ob- 
teyned  a  Judgemt  agt  Mr.  Jno.  Porter  Senr  (otherwise  called  The 
Honble  Jno.  Porter  Esqr)  for  ye  Sume  of  one  thousand  pounds 
Sterl :  Debt  also  ye  Sume  of  One  pound  Fifteen  shillings  &  Eight 
pence  Costs  of  Suite  as  by  ye  Said  Judgemt  remaining  upon  record 
may  appeare.  Nevertheless  Execution  of  ye  said  Judgemt  as  yet  re- 
mains to  be  done  And  ye  Said  Wm.  Glover  being  Since  Dead  a 
Scire  Facias  was  Issued  out  at  ye  Suite  of  Katharine  Glover  widdow 
&  Admr  of  ye  said  Wm.  agt  ye  said  Jno.  and  Nihil  returned  thereon 
at  a  Genii  Court  holden  for  this  province  on  ye  last  Tuesday  in  Octr 
last  past  since  which  tyme  ye  sd  Katharine  Hath  Intermarryed  wth 
Tobias  Knight  Esqr.  and  because  wee  will  that  in  ye  same  Court, 
right  be  done  &  adjudged. 

"These  are  therefore  in  her  Matyes  name  to  will  &  require  you  that 
you  cause  to  be  made  knowne  unto  ye  said  Jno.  Porter  by  good  and 
Lawfull  men  of  your  Bailywick  that  he  be  and  appeare  at  ye  next 



Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


Gen'll  Court  to  be  holden  for  this  province  at  ye  house  of  Capt.  JnO. 
Hecklefield  in  Little  Eiver  on  ye  last  Tuesday  in  March  next  then 
and  there  to  show  Cause  (if  any  he  hath)  why  Execution  shall  not 
goe  out  at  the  Suite 'of  ye  afsd  Tobias  Knight  and  Katherine  his 
wife  Exerx  as  afsd  for  ye  Debt  and  Damages  afsd  and  have  you  there 
this  Writt  of  Sci  fa.  Dated  at  ye  office  this  4th  day  of  Feby.  Ano 
Dmi  1712-3.     Test,  J.  Palin  Clk  Cur." 


"No.  Carolina — ss.     To  the  Provost  Marshall  or  his  Deputy. 

"These  are  In  Her  Maj'ies  Name  to  will  &  require  you  to  arrest 
ye  body  of  Thos.  Sparrow  &  him  safely  keep  so  yt  he  may  be  &  ap- 
pear at  our  next  Court  to  be  held  at  Bath  Town  on  ye  first  Tuesday 
in  July  next  then  &  there  to  answer  ye  Suit  of  Robt.  Blinkhorne  In 
a -plea  upon  the  Case  &  have  there  this  Writt,  Dated  June  ye- 11th 
1713.  Jxo.  Drinkwater,  Clk  Cur." 

"Upon  wch  Writt  was  return'd  non  est  Inventus." 


"I  Francis  Tomes  doe  hereby  promise  and  Ingage  well  &  faithfully 
to  ye  best  of  my  skill  &  Cuning  to  Serve  his  Majesty  in  ye  Office  of 
Depty  Collector  of  his  Majestys  Customes  in  North  Carolina  accord- 
ing to  ye  tenr  of  a  Comission  to  be  directed  soe  long  as  I  shall  con- 
tinue in  ve  sd  Office.  Francis  Tomes." 

No  date.     Original  in  Court  House  at  Edenton. 


(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"May  ye  10th,  1705. 
"Taken  in  hand  Augustine  Scarbroughs,  Daughter  afflicted  with 
Severall  Cachoetes  Ulcers  or  Malignant  Sores  upon  one  of  her  leggs 
to  the  number  of  Eleven  or  twelve,  two  or  three  to  the  bigness  of  one 
English  shilling,  the  rest  of  less  bigness ;  the  same  legg  being  falln 
into  atrophy  or  Considerable  lameness,  the  Same  day  aforesaid  i 
have  in  ye  name  of  God  beginned  to  administer  and  apply  unto  ye 
said  Maid  ye  following  inward  and  outward  Medicines  with  Coun- 
tinuall  dressing  and  daily  attending  untill  ye  6th :  of  July  following : 
which  said  Medicines  and  attending  have  proved  Successful  by  the 
blessing  of  God  Almighty,  and  brought  the  said  Maides  legg  most 



Records  of  Aebemarle  County. 

unto  ye  period  of  her  Cure;  and  had  performed  the  said  Cure  En- 
tirely ;  if  her  father  out  of  rashness  and  heat,  and  for  to  deprive  me 
of  the  benefitt  of  my  Success  and  of  my  Credit  and  good  Name,  had 
not  hindered  me  and  kept  me  out  of  it.     The  Medicines,  viz.,  first, 

dose  i  of  Catherticq 00.  02.   06 

dose  i  of  specificq  against  this  countrey  disease,  00.  05.   00 

dose  i  of  Evacuating  pills  for  ye  Same 00.   05.   00 

dose  i  of  ye  aforesaid  Specificq 00.  05.   00 

In  Salves,  ointments  and  plaisters 03.   10.  00 

In  Epuloticq,  or  Skinning  powders 00.   10.  00 

In  Phagedenicq  waters 00.  05.   00 

In  Dressing  and  Attending 03.  00.   00 

for  my  skill  and  advice.  ., 02.   00.   00 

Sumna    10.  02.   06 

"T.  Fallett,  Dr.  Ms. 

"July  17th,  1705. 
"Test:  Tho:  Abington,  CI.  Cur." 


"North  Carolina,  Pequimans  P. — ss. 

"An  inquisition  made  &  taken  in  the  precinct  aforesd  att  the  House 
of  Gabriel  Nuby  by  twelve  true  &  lawfull  men  et  vizt,,  Lawrence 
Mague,  Sam'l  Phelps,  Gilb't  Smith,  James  Thickpen,  Will'm  Hall, 
Francis  Beasley,  Thomas  Roberts,  Will'm  Johnson,  Willis  Morgan, 
Thomas  Harvey,  Sam'l  Cretchington  &  John  Old  being  sworn  upon 
the  Holy  Evangelist  to  make  due^Inquiry  by  what  meanes  John  Deal 
of  the  aforesd  prcinct  Came  by  his  Death  &  whether  or  noe  he  was 
privately  buried, 

"Say  that  the  body  of  the  sd  John  Deall  was  much  decayed  & 
putrefyed  soe  that  due  Search  could  not  be  made  to  find  wounds  or 
outward  Marks  of  his  Death  but  find  to  the  best  of  our  Knowlidge 
the  Physick.that  was  administred  to  him  was  the  Cause  of  shortening 
his  dayes.  And  that  he  was  privately  buried.  Given  under  our 
hands  &  Seales  the  Second  Day  of  June  Anno  Dmi  1707. 

"James  Cole,  Coroner   (O)   Lawrence  Mague  (O) 

Samuell    Phelps    (O)    Gilbert    Smith    (O)    Jam. 

Thickpen    (O)    William   Hall    (O)    Francis  Beas- 
.   ley  (O)   Thomas  Roberts  (O)  Wm.  Johnson   (O) 

Will'm  Morgan    (O)    Thomas  Harvye    (O)    Sam'l 

Cretchington  (O)  Jno.  Old  (O)." 
The  bill  of  indictment  against  the  doctor  who  attended  him  has  not 
yet  appeared. — Editor. 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


MASSACRE.      ■ 

(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

"Col.  Frederick  Jones,  John  Lovick,  Thomas  Pollock  Jim  Esqrs 
****  ****  Qapt  j0jln  paiin>  Capt.  Nicholas  Crisp,  Thomas  Harvey, 
Mr.  Charles  Debna*m  be  are  hereby  appointed  Commissioners  for 
Examioneing,  Stateing,  Settling  and  adjusting  the  publick  accounts 
which  have  since  the  yeare  of  the  Massacre  in  1711  been  unadjusted 
or  concerned  with  any  publick  moneys,  Stores,  Armes,  Ammunition 
or  other  things  which  have  not  been  yet  stated  by  Authority  of  the 
General  Assembly,  Provided  allways  that  all  reasonable  allowances 
and  adjustments  before  made  by  the  lower  House  of  Assembly  from 
time  to  time  is  Deem'd  and  held  good  Except  where  visible  Errors 
appear  in  the  Accompts  of  the  Comrs. 

''Resolved  that  the  Commissioners  aforesd  meet  the  first  Munday 
in  Aprill  next  following  at  the  General  Court  House  in  Craven  Pre- 
cinct and  that  any  three  of  them  may  set  and  doe  business. 

"Resolved  that  they  have  power  to  send  for  persons,  papers  and 
records  to  Examine  them  upon  Oath. 

"Resolved  that  the  methods  adopted  by  the  Commissrs  for  adjust- 
ing the  accompts  of  any  person  that  be  indebted  or  concerned  with 
the  publick  moneys,  stores,  Armes  or  Ammunition  shall  be  observed 
and  practised  as  near  as  can  be,  with  respect  to  any  person  that  has 
ever  had  any  Publick  Moneys,  Stores,  Armes,  Ammunition,  or  other 
things  else  pertaining  to  publick  accompts  since  the  Massacre  in  the 
yeare  1711. 

"Resolved  that  if  any  Person  or  Persons  shall  fail  to  give  Evidence 
before  the  sd  Commissrs  at  any  time  on  due  Summons  without  Law- 
full  cause  to  be  shown  to  the  sd  Commissioners  that  the  sd  Com- 
missers  shall  have  full  power  to  comit  such  persons  to  the  Custody  of 
the  Marshall  to  remaine  to  the  Sitting  of  the  next  Assembly. 

"Resolved,  that  every  one  of  the  sd  Commissionrs  before  he  act  or 
intermedle  in  the  powers  here  given  him  shall  take  the  following 
Oath,  before  the  Chief  Justice  or  any  other  Magistrate  Vizt,  I,  A. 
B.,  Doe  Solemnly  Swear  that  in  ye  Execution  of  the  Trust  reposed  in 
me  by  both  Houses  of  Assembly  of  North  Carolina  will  according 
to  the  best  of  my  power,  knowledge  &  understanding  without  fear  or 
favour  Examine,  Settle  and  Adjust  the  accompts  of  all  persons  as  I 
shall  find  who  at  any  time  have  had  any  publick  moneys,  stores, 
Armes,  ammunition  or  other  things  which  have  not  yet  stated  ac- 

POtHiTIO*  4"f\  WWW      tpx*      •JrVPTr 

"Resolved  that  the  sd  Commissrs  meet  as.aforsd  and  sett  from  time 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

to  time  and  from  place  to  place  not  Exceeding  ****  ****  from  the 
sd  Court  House  and  that  they  receive  from  ****  ****  each  person 
Twelve  shillings  and  Six  pence  p  Diem  for  the  time  they  shall  Serve. 

"Resolved  that  in  case  the  sd  Commissrs  shall  fail  in  meeting  at 
the  time  and  place  aforsd  it  shall  not  be  a  dissolution  of  their  power 
but  then  and  in  such  Case  the  honble  the  Governor  for  the  time  being- 
is .  hereby  requested  and  Authorized  to  Issue  out  his  Summons  to 
call  the  aforsd  Commissrs  together  at  such  time  as  he  may  think  Con- 
venient for  their  meeting  and  upon  their  refusal  to  meet  on  his  Sum- 
mons he  is  hereby  authorized  or  desired  to  appoint  other  Commissrs 
in  the  roome  of  such  as  shall  fail  to  meet  without  **** **  Just 
reason,  which  Commissrs  shall  have  the  Same  powers  as  those  now 
appointed  by  these  resolves. 

"Resolved  that  the  Commissrs  be  attended  with  a  Gierke  and  a 
Messenger  and  there  shall  be  allowed  the  Clarke  Ten  shillings  pr  Day 
and  the  Messenger  Seaven  shilling  &  Six  pence. ' 

"Resolved  that  the  Comissrs  shall  from  time  to  time  and  at  every 
meeting  of  the  General  Assembly  which  shall  happen  during  the 
Continuance  of  this  .present  Biennial  Assembly  during  which  these 
resolves  shall  be  in  force  doe  make  from  under  their  hands  and  seals 
of  their  proceedings  in  persuance  of  the  Authoritys  hereby  granted 

"Resolved  That  all  publick  Treasurers  finish  and  compleat  their 
full  Collections  to  the  yeare  1720  and  they  and  all  other  persons  con- 
cerned who  had  had  any  thing  to  doe  with  the  publick  moneys,  stores, 
Armes,  Ammunition,  or  provisions  and  other  things  Since  the  yeare 
1711  which  has  not  been  before  accompted  for  toithe  General  As- 
sembly (Except  as  is  above  Excepted  in  the  first  resolve)  are  hereby 
required  to  make  to  the  Commissioners  for  stating  and  adjusting 
the  **  **  **  **  **  ** 

"Resolved  **  **  **  **  **  **  before  the  breaking  up  of  the  Assem- 
bly be  lodged  with  the  Secry  for  the  refusal  and  Examination  of  any 
**  **  **  Government  and  that  what  Bills  may  be  over  &  above  what 
is  necessary  to  pay  the  Contingencys  of  the  Government  be  compared 
and  destroyed  at  the  Court  House  while  the  Commissrs  are  sitting 
and  that  the  Bills  are  immediately  lodged  in  the  Secretarys  hands 

"Resolved  that  where  there  is  no  Constable  appointed  to  make  re- 
turnes  of  the  Lists  to  compleat  the  Collections  that  any  one  of  the 
Commissioners  immediately  appoint  proper  persons  to  make  good 
that  Deficiency. 

"By  both  Houses  of  Assembly  met  in  Biennial  Assembly  on  Mun- 
day  November  the  Second  and  Continued  by  Adjournmt  to  Saturday 
the  14th  of  the  sd  Month  ****  ****  ****. 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


The  above  resolves  were  read  ****  ****  **  Assembly  and  declared 
to  be  of  the  Same  force  and  Validity  by  the  members  of  both  Houses 
as  every  Act  of  Assembly  and  all  persons  concerned  are  required  to 
render  due  obedience  to  the  Same  *****  **  this  present  Biennial  as 
they  will  Answer  to  the  Contrary  at  their  .utmost  peril. 

"Wm.  Swann  Spkr.  Charles  Eden, 

"Tho.  Pollock, 
"Wm.    Reed, 
"Fran.-  Foster, 
"Rtok'd  Sanderson/'' 

The  stars  in  the  above  Act  of  the  Assembly  represent  the  words 
missing;  the  moths  have  long  since  digested  them.  Unfortunately, 
the. same  insects  carried  away  the  date,  the  year  in  which  the  Act 
was  passed. — Editor. 


Mr.  Hatch,  I' have  taken  from  Capt,  William  Dove  of  the  Schooner 
Eestoratio  tenn  pounds  of  powder  for  the  use  of  the-  Matamaskite 
Indyans  wch  pray  Charge  in  ye  accots  as  delivered  by  my  order  for 
the  publick  service  and  give,  the  Captn. .  Creditt  for  ye  same,  wch 
will  oblidge  Your  assured  friend  to  Serve  you, 

Charles  Eden. 

Chowan  Wt  Shoare  7br  ye  18th  1719. 

To  Mr.  Anthony  Hatch  powder  Receiver 
at  Little  River.  '  . 

No.  Carolina.  8ber  14th  1718. 

Rec'd  from  Mr.  Anthony  Hatch  p.  ordr  of  the  Gbvernr  for  the 
publick  use  of  the  Colony  Thirty  &  four  pounds  of  Gunpowdr, 
twenty  &  four  pounds  of  Bulletts  &  Shott  wth  Fifteen  dozen  &  four 
flints.  r  p  John  Hecklefield  Provst  Marshall. 

"These  may  eertifie  yt  James  Wealch  brought  unto  me  one  wild 
Catt's  head  which  he  hath  maid  oath  before  me  yt  he  killed  the  Same 
with  a  gunn.     Certified  p  me  Jno.  Clarke." 

"Thos.  Pollock  sells  April  20th  1690,  as  attorney  of  Evan  Jones, 
a  plantation  to  Robt.  Smith,  lying  on  the  South  west  side  of  Little 
River  in  Perquimans  Precinct,  warrants  against  Evan  Jones  and  the 
children  of  Thomas  Hollowa."     Witness :   Richard   Craigg,   John 




1    : 



Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


MEMBERS,  1718. 

"North  .Carolina — ss.  Charles  Eden  Esqr.  Governor,  Capt.  General 
&  Admiral. 

"To  Tobias  Knight  Esqr.  Chief  Justice,  John  Blount,  Thomas 
Miller,  Thomas  Harvey  &  John  Palin  Esqrs.,  Robert  West,  John 
Worley,  Benja.  West,  John  Hardy,  James  Beasley  &  Thomas  Pol- 
lock Junr.,  Esqrs. 

"Whereas  you  are  by  Comision  bearing  date  the  19th  day  of  July 
Anno  1718  Assigned  and  Commissionated  Justices  of  the  peace  for 
the  Gener'l  Court  of  this  Province,  I  doe  hereby  give  power  to  you 
or  every  of  you  to  administer  the  Oaths  apointed  by  lawe  to  your 
fellows  in  the  Same  Commission  and  allso  to  impower  them  or  any 
of  them  being  first  Sworn  to  administer  the  Same  Oaths  unto. 
Given  under  my  hand  &  Seal  at  Armes  the  day  and  yeare  above 

(O)  "Charles  Eden/' 

"In  ye  Honeb  Court,  The  Humble  petition  of  Wm.  Hutchinson 
showing  that  he  hath  14  Rights  viz.,  Moses  Whittaker  twice  Im- 
ported, Era  Elliss  twice  Imported,  Wan  Thomas  twice,  Jno.  Gray, 
Jno.  Oliver,  Wm.  Hutchinson  4  times  Imported,  Jno.  Lambeth,  Tho. 
Cowlisle.     Read  to  pro  &  Craves  Cert  &  shall  pray  &c. 

"Wm.  Hutchinson/'' 

"These  are  to  Certify  yt  Cornelius  Dann'll  brought  to  me  one  pan- 
ther's head  and  yt  he  maid  oath  that  he  killed  ye  same  with  a  gun. 
Given  under  mv  hand  this  7th  of  June  1718.  John  Clarke/' 


"Novr.  the  1st  1728.  Jno.  Walker  Overseer  of  the  Road  leading 
from  the  So.  Shore  of  Chowan  to  Pamplico  is  prsented  for  not  keep- 
ing the  same  in  good  &  sufficient  repair  some  of  the  Bridges  being 
much  broken  &  Decay'd  &  not  any  ways  passable  without  Danger  of 
man  or  horse.     Information  by  Wm.  Harding  Jones. 

"John  Solley  foreman." 

"North  Carolina — ss.  To  the  Chief  Justice  &  ye  Justices  of  the 
General  Court :  The  Petition  of  Joseph  Sanderson  in  behalf  of  Sarah 
Bell  &  Keziah  Bell  orphans  &  Children  of  William  Bell  Sr.  late  of 
Curratuck  deed,  who  by  the  sd  Court  for  ye  sd  Prect  were  Comitted 
to  his  Tuition  &  also  for  John  Woodhouse  in  behalf  of  Anne  Bell 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


another  of  ye  sd  Children  Comitted  to  his  Tuition  Humbly  sheweth 
that  one  Benjamin  Peyton  of  Bath  County  hath  taken  admin'n  on  the 
Estate  of  ye  sd  William  Bell  Senr.  and  refuses  to  pay  the  sd  orphans 
their  Portions  where  fore  your  Petitionr  prayes  an  order  of -this 
Court  agt  ye  sd  Admr  for  their  parts  or  portions  of  ye  sd  Estate. 

"William  Little  for  ye  petr." 


Att  a  Court  holden  for  the  County  of  Albemarle  the  6th  of  Feb- 
ruary 1683-4 — Psent. 

Wm.  Wilkinson  Esqr.,  Thomas  Miller  Esqr.,  Mr.  Joshua  Scott, 
Mr.  Fras  Toms,  Mr.  Wm.  Foster,  Mr.  Patrick  Bayley. 

Rowland  Williams  vers  Tho.  Waller.  In  an  attachmt  of  ye  Case 
referred  to  ye  next  Court. 

Acknowledgmt.  made  of  a  Sale  of  Land  from  Wm.  Bread  &  Lydiah 
his  wife  to  John  Pollock  Dated  ye  6th  of  November  1683  ordered  to 
be  recorded. 

Edward  Waad  verss  Rich'd  Bentley.  In  an  action  of  Debt  ye  said 
Richard  Bentley  have  ingownered  his  bill  Ordered  yt  he  pay  to 
Edward  Waad  Two  hundred  Thirty  One  pounds  of  Tobacco  with 
costs  of  Suit  als  Execuson. 

Thos.  Harris  verss  Christopher  Holly.  In  an  attmt  of  ye  Case 
referred  to  ye  next  Court  for  sd  Holly  to  give  in  his  plea  and  come  to 
an  Issue  next  Court 

Bennett  Marshegay  verss  Wm.  Tetterton.  In  an  atton  df  ye  Case 
ye  Deft  not  appearing  Ordered  yt  ye  sheriff  bring  him  to  appeare 
next  Court  Als  order  to  pass  against  ye  sheriff. 

Ordered  that  noe  part  of  ye  estate  whatsoever  of  the  said  Thomas 
Finskley  be  removed  or  disposed  of  out  of  this  County  that  are  in  ye 
Sheriff's  Custody  till  Mr.  Francis  Toms  be  first  Satisfyed  and  the 
remainder  to  be  souled  to  the  satisfaction  of  Mr.  Joshua  Lamb,  his 

Wm.    Wilkinson,    Thomas    Miller,    Francis 
Tomes,  Joshua  Scott,  Patrick  Bealley. 

"North  Carolina — ss.  To  the  Honble  Generall  Court,  Jno.  Neale 
was  Summoned  to  answer  unto  Jonathan  Jacocks  and  Eliza  his  wife 
Exrs  of  the  Last  Will  &  Testament  of  Wm.  Collins  late  of  the  Pre- 
cinct of  Pascotank  in  the  Province  of  North  Carolina.  Deceased  &c." 

Jonathan  Jacocks  (son  of  Thomas  and  Ann  his  wife,  who  were  liv- 
ing at  or  near  Little  River  as  early  as  1689)  married  1st  Mrs.  Eliza- 

1  ; 


#  I 





Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

beth  Collins,  widow  of  Wm.  Collins,  of  Pasquotank ;  they  lived  at  or  | 
near  Newbegun  Creek,  in  Pasquotank,  where  said  Jacocks  was  en- 
gaged in  merchandising  and  planting.  Mrs.  Jacocks  lived  but  a 
year  or  two  after  her  marriage,  dying  in  1710  or  1711,  leaving  no 
issue.  Jonathan  Jacocks  married  2nd  Mary  Blount,  born  1696 
(eldest  child  of  John  Blount  and  wife  Elizabeth  Davis),  and  re- 
moved to  Bertie  County,  buying  485  acres  of  land  on  Batchelor's 
Bay,  near  Black  Walnut  Point,  at  the  mouth  of  Chowan  River. 
They  both  died  there  in  1735,  leaving  issue:  Jonathan  Jacocks  II., 1; 
Thomas  Jacocks,  Charles  Worth  Jacocks,  Joseph  Jacocks  and  Eliza- 1 
beth  Jacocks,  born  1730. — Editor. 

"iSTo.  Carolina.  This  Bill  bindeth  Patrick"  Mackuen  of  Hatteras- 
Bancks,  my  Heirs,  Executors,  Administrators,  to  Pay,  or  Cause  to"' 
be  Paid  to  Chr.  Gale  of  Bath  Towne,  his  Exrs.,  Admrs.,  or  Assgs. 
or  to  his  certain  Attorney  for  ye  time  being  the  full  and  just  Sum  of  I 
Two  pounds,  Eleaven  shill  in  the  following  Commodities,  viz.,  One 
Barr'll  of  Porke  &  two  Buck  Skins  Drest  on  Demand,  for  the  pay-, 
ment  of  which  well  and  truly  to  be  made  I  oblige  my  self  e,  my  Heirs,  I 
Executors,  Administrators,  firmly  by  these  presents.  Witness  my'. 
Hand  and  Seale,  this  28th  day  of  July  Anno  Dom  1711. 

"Patrick  Mackuen.  (0) 

"This  to  be  pd  att  Coll  Boyd's  house  in  Little  River. 

"Sealed  and  Delivered  In  Presence  of 

"Test:  Joel  Merton." 

The  above  is  a  printed  blank  filled  in.     Quite  early  for  printing  in*; 
America. — Editor.  ' 

The  commission  of  Christopher  Gale  as  Chief  Justice,  EdmondJ 
Gale,  William  Downing,  Barnaby  McKinne,  Robert  Loyd,  Johi 
Alston,  John  White,  Thomas  Lovick,  Richard  Greaves,  Assistants,* 
Judges  of  the  General  Court,  bears  date  October  6,  1725,  and  is 
signed  by  Richard  Everard,  Wm.  Reed,  C.  Gale,  Rich'd  Sanderson^ 
Fran.  Foster,  J.  Palin,  Hy  Clayton,  Tho.  Harvey.  E.  Moseley,  W.J 
Forster,  Dep.  Secty. 

Paul  Palmer  married  Joanna  widow  of  Thos.  Peterson  of  Eden- 
ton,  he  sold  the  tract  of  land  belonging  to  Thos.  Peterson  deed  tOj 
James  Palin  of  Beston,  in  Xew  England.     This  tract  had  been  pur-^ 
chased  by  the  Commissioners  as  part  of  the  site  upon  which  Queen'^ 
Ann's  Town,  later  Edenton,  was  built,  about  400  acres.     A  suit  was 
the  result  by  PaliiyPltff.,  in  1722.     Lease  till  Dec.  25,  1722,  anc 
later  if  he  wished. 


Records  of  Albemarle  County.  285 


IN  1715. 

"The  Examination  of  John  Tate,  Labourer,  brought  before 
Christor  Gale  Esqr.,  Chief  Justice  of  North  Carolina  for  Felony 
and  Burglary, 

"Saith,  That  about  eight  weeks  agone  he  confederating  with  John 
Fenix  calling  himself  a  free  negro,  and  young  Tony  &  Moses  Slaves 
of  Mr.  Tookes,  went  away  from  Mr.  Tookes  plantation,  in  a.  Cannoe 
of  ye  said  Tookes,  that  as  they  went  they  put  ashore  at  Majr  Heckle- 
fields  &  took  into  their  Company  one  Jane  Fenix  als  Anderson  then 
under  Custody  of  the  Marshall  for  Suspicion  of  Murder  That  their 
Intention  was  to  run  to  the  Spaniards,  and  old  Tony  a  slave  of  Mr. 
Tookes  at  Neus  was  to  be  their  Guide.  That  abt  9  of  the  clock  in 
the  night  of  their  Departure,  he  took  out  of  Mr.  Tookes  lodging  room 
a  silver  headed  Cajy  and  out  of  a  box  in  ye  same  room  a  Serge  Vest 
and  a  pr  of  Stockings,  which  silver  headed  Cane  is  now  produced. 
That  young  Tony  some  time  in  ye  day  brought  to  him  in  ye  barn  a 
remnant  of  bengall  &  a  hatt.  That  abt  an  hour  before  their  De- 
parture ye  sd  Moses  went  in  at  ye  window  of  Mr.  Tookes  store  house, 
&  opening  ye  Spring  lock,  he  comeing  that  way  with  ye  above  named 
John  Fenix  they  both  entred.  That  John  Fenix  pulling  at  ye  lid 
of  the  chest  opened  ye  same,  which  he  judged  was  locked,  that  he  & 
John  Fenix  &  Moses  brought  out  of  ye  said  chest  in  ye  store  house 
sundry  goods  which  are  now  produced. 

"Jane  Fenix  als  Anderson  being  examined  saith.  That  about 
Eight  weeks  agone  she  went  away  from  Majr  Hecklefield,'s  with  John 
Tate,  John  Fenix  &e.  That  she  understood  about  a  week  before 
their  Departure  comeing  to  Mr.  Tookes  with  Luke  a  negro  slave  of 
Mr.  Hecklefields,  by  discourse  with  John  Fenix  that  their  Inten- 
tions were  to  run  to  the  Spaniards.  That  comeing  to  Allegato  on 
Sunday  she  said  the  goods  now  produced  which  was  brought  away 
from  Mr.  Tookes  by  ye  said  John  Tate  &  Jno.  Fenix  &  by  them  ye 
sd  parties  divided  takeing  part  herself.  That  she  understood  by 
them  that  Moses  went  in  at  ye  window  of  Mr.  Tookes  store  house  & 
opened  the  Door  k  lett  in  Ttate  &  Tonie  who  brought  ye  goods  off  ye 
sd  house. 

"Mr.  Jno.  Taneyhill  Saith  That  on  ye  20  or  21st  of  March  that  he 
with  William  Dupuis  &  two  Indians  (being  Requested  by  Mr.  James 
Tookes  to  apprehend  John  Tate  &c.  for  Felony  &  Burglary)  he  came 
i  up  with  ye  said  John  Fenix,  Jane  Fenix  als  Anderson  at  ye  Edge  of 

3  a  great  Pocoson  between  Neus  &  Newport  Rivers  in  Bath  County. 

I  That  they  there  apprehended  them  with  the  goods  now  produced  and 

•    brought  them  in.     That  ye  next  day  comeing  on  to  W.   Hancock 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

Junr.  his  plantation  on  Neiis  he  there  mett  ye  said  John  Tate  &  took 
him  in  Custody.      Sworne  before  me  Aprill  2,  1715. 

"0.  Gale,  Ch.  Just." 

"Mr.  James  Tooke  gave  bond  in  100  £  to  appear  as  evidence  at  the 
next  Court  to  be  held  the  12th  of  Aprill  this  Instant  at  ye  house  of 
Capt.  Rich  Sanderson  in  Little  River.  The  defendants  were  com- 

In  these  days  the  railroad  ran  to  Spain,  as  it  was  folly  for  slaves 
to  leave  one  plantation  to  go  to  another  for  liberty,  as  slavery  existed 
everywhere  in  America. — Editor. 


IN  1696. 

(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

aLov  Friend.  & 

"William  Glover  after  my  love  to  thee  and  thine  I  would  not  have 
thee  to  omit  thy  Coming  becas  of  my  absence  thou  knowest  ye  ocesion 
of  my  going  I  have  I  shall  not  be  disapynted  by  thee,  for  Seekeing 
for  ye  good  of  all  I  have  tacken  care  for  thee  as  if  wee  ware  present 
with  thee.  I  have  hiered  a  man  on  Xicklas  Johnson  *  *  *  he 
is  now  at  my  hous  at  work  and  when  thee  comes  he  is  to  leve  all 
wourke  and  go  along  with  thee  So  not  eles  But  my  Love  Desireing 
thy  Eturnall  well  being  So  fare  thee  well  this  15eth  of  ye  7  month 
1696.  Francis  Tomes. 

"I  leve  it  wholely  to  thee  to  get  ye  timber  for  a  big  mill  or  little 
on  which  thee  think  most  benifisall  for  me  I  shall  be  well  Con- 
tented    I  hope  to  be  here  again  in  2  month  if  God  permit." 



(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C) 

To  ye  Honorable  Gover'r  &  Council! 

The  Petition  of  ye  Inhabitants  of  ye  County  of  Bath  humbly 
sheweth.  That  whereas  ye  Road  between  this  County  &  Pamticoe 
being  now  in  very  good  order  &  ye  Bridges  generally  made  &  yt  je] 
Nuse  River  Continually  haveing  Inhabitants  'Comeing  thither  &  ye 
Road  from  Pamticoe  thither  being  very  obscure'  (whereby  strangers 
are  in  a  great  deficulty  to  finde  way  thither  without  a  guide)  where- 
fore wee  pray  yt  your  honr's  would  be  pleased  to  pass  an  order  yt  ye 
Inhabitants  upon  ye  South  Side  of  Pampticoe  River  Includeing  Sqr 
Reading  &  so  runing  down  ye  South 'Side  of  ye  sd  River  shall  be 
oblidged  to  goe  upon  ye  dayes  appointed  by  Act  of  Assembly  upon 

Records  of  Albemarle  County. 


ye  sd  Road  &  ye  same  to  clear  half  way  to  ye  JSTuse,  &  ye  Inhabitants 
of  ye  ISTuse  oblidged  to  Clear  ye  other  part  of  ye  sd  Road  &  shall 

"Levi    Truewhitt,    James    Leigh,    Thomas 
Dereham,  Umphrey  Legg,  John  Lawson." 
JSTo  date;  prior,  however,  to  1711.— Editor. 

"At  a  Court  held  for  Chowan  Precinct  ye  3d  Tuesday  in  Octo'r 
1720  at  ye  Court  House  in  Queen  Ann's  Town. 

"On  ye  Motion  of  Capt.  John  Worley  it  is  Ordered  by  ye  Court 
That  Thos.  Winn  be  oversier  of  ye  high  Wayes  on  ye  South  Shore 
from  Mr.  Spruell's  Back  Landing  to  ye  ISIew  Cappell  &  that  all  ye 
Inhabitants  on  ye  South  Side  Scupernung  River  to  ye  Bark'd  Pop- 
lar Swam(p)  doe  maintaine  ye  sdTload  from  ye  aforesaid  back  land- 
ing to  ye  East  Side  of  the  Chappell  Swam(p)  and  that  Jacob  Blunt 
be  oversier  from  Frilies.  Bridge  to  ye  East  Side  of  ye  Chappel 
Swam(p)  &  yt  all  ye  Inhabitants  from  Frilies  Bridge  to  Slippie  hole 
doe  worke  thereon  &  that  all  ye  Oversiers  on  ye  South  Shore  above 
Scuppernung  River  assist  in  Clearing  all  ye  iSTew  Road  &  that  ye 
said  Jacob  Blunt  doe  Warn  Oversiers  to  assist  in  Clearing  ye  sd  Road 
&  yt  after  ye  Road  is  cleared  each  oversier  to  maintaine  his  own  Dis- 
trict only.  Copy  Test,  Thos.  Henmaist  Clk  Cur." 

Accot  of  Money  paid  by  Mr.  Allen  to  his  late  Excellency  Gabriel 
Johnston  Esqr.  • 

from  the  Year  1735  @  1745 4387—12—0934  Str. 

from  1745  to  1749 ; 696—12—021^ 

total  paid  by  Mr.  Allen .5084 — 05—00 

1750  &  1751  paid  by  Mr.  Rowan 658—15—00 

total  paid  in  Str 5743—00—00 

besides  bond  &  Judgement  to  Capt.  Woodward     besides  the  Interest. 

"Memorandam  of  Cloaths  sent  to  Jean  &  Penny  at  Mount  Gall 
"4  Single  Handkerchiefs,  1  muslin  Hood,  5  aprons,  4  silk  Gowns, 
1  Muslin  do,  1  Pair  stays,  1  Pair  stockings,  1  Silk  Cloak,  1  Cotten 
Petty  Coat,  1  Quilt  Do,  3  Smocks,  2  Fanns,  7  yds  Holland,  %  yd 

The  above  memorandum  was  evidently  made  out  by  Samuel  John- 
ston for  articles  of  wearing  apparel  sent  his  daughters  at  Mt,  Gallant 
or  Golland,  now  Mt.  Gould,  Bertie  County,  ~N.  C,  just  prior  to  the 
death  of  his  brother,  Gabriel  Johnston. — Editor. 






Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

Sam'1  Johnston 
1-739.  To  the  Publick 

To  balance  due  to  "the  Publick .  . 
By  the  Assemblys  order  to  Col- 

lonel  Holton    

By  Do  to  Do.  . 

By  Do  to  John  Hodgson 

By  Do  to  Edward  Moseley  Esqr. 
Do  to  Maurice.  Moor  Esqr .  .  . 

Do  to  Sam'l  Sinclare 

Do  to  Sam'l  Prichard 

Do  to  Benjn.  Peiton 

Do  to  Robt  Peiton 

Do  to  Thos.  Lovick,  Esqr.  .-^ . 

Do  to  Collonel  Holton 

Ballance  due  the  Publick.  . 

Erom  the  above  account  it  appears  that  Samuel  Johnston,  father* : 
of  Governor  Samuel  Johnston,  was  the  Public  Treasurer  in  1738' 
and  1739. — Editor. 























Chowan  february  first,  1713. 

Enclosed  I  send  you  an  acct  of  the  Estates  in  yr  Precinct.     You 
must  remember,  That  it  is  your  duty  by  the  act  of  Assembly  to  give 
to  every  Councill  Lists  of  all  the  persons  Estates"  in  his  Division' 
Drawn  out  at  length  with  the  value  of  the  Tax  he  is  to  pay.     The.; 
Constables  are  to  have  them  40  daies  before  the  time  of  paymt.     And. 
it  is  his  Duty  under  great  penalty  which  you  must  inform  him  of  to' 
give  the  same  to  every  person  or  leave  it  at  his  abode  at  least  20  :  daies 
before  paymt.  which  is  to  be  the  25  of  March,  So  that  if  it  should  hap-, 
pen  that  the  Constable  should  be  straitened  for  time,  it  may  do  as; 
well  if  it  be  brought  in  20 :  daies  after  his  Notice  altho'  it  should  be 
something  past  ye  25 :  of  next  month  but  I  suppose  as  yt  there  ill 
time  enough.     Wee  have  not  afixed  to  each  person  what  he  is  to  pay, 
but  you  must  sett  it  at  ye  end  of  the  paper  to  be  left  with  them,  by 
computation  it  comes  to  ten  pence  on  the  pound  this  year  &  as  much 
next.     All  ye  Estates  being  about  25000£  &  lOd  in  the  pound  is  the, 
nearest  without  fraction. 

Records  of  Albemakle  County. 


I  likewise  send  you  a  list  of  the  Claimes  allowed  last  Assembly,  it 
may  be  of  use  for  people  to  see  what  is  allowed  them,  that  if  they 
have  any  Just  Claims  to  make,  they  make  them  to  the  Assembly. 
But  in  Regard  to  ye  12  :000  £  bills  &  ye  1000  £  this  year  will  not 
pay  off  ye  claimes  allowed  by  the  first  Assembly,  I  cannot  see  any 
other  use  for  them  at  present. 

The  1000  £  next  year  &  ye  money  ariseing  by  the  five  pounds  fines 
when  all  Collected  &  paid  in  and  a  Dividend  made  thereof,  it  is 
hoped  will  pay  off  the  last  Assembly's  Claimes,  which  cannot  be  till 
next  year,  ye  Soonest. 

You  are  to  remember  &  inform  all  ye  people  whose  Estates  come 
to  60  £  &  upwards  that  they  are  this  year  to  pay  in  Pork,  beef.  Corn, 
wheat,  Pitch,  Tarr,  Tobacco  Three  pence  in  the  pound  of  what  their 
Estates  are  valued  at  besides  ye  25:  p  3  poll  Tax  &  this  10s.  in  ye 
pound,  the  notice  given. &  paymt,  to  be  made  at  the  same  time  with 
the  other:  this  is  for  Governour  Craven's  money. 

You  must  likewise  remember  that  Captn.  Hall  is  to  have  ye  Choice 
of  72  £  out  of  the  Collections  this  year.  Govr  Craven's  money  Ex- 
cepted. For  all  other  matters  referring  you  to  ye  Bearer  Mr.  Hicks. 
I  am  Sr.,  Yr  very  humble  Servt; 

Edwd.  Moseeey. 


Sir.  If  I  had  recollected  that  you  proposed  staying  at  Endfield 
this  Week  I  should  have  insisted  that  you  should  have  spent  a  day  or 
two  here  with  your  *  *  *  and  have  seen  your  Cousin  before 
she  sitts  out  on  her  Journey  to  Virginia.  If  I  see  Mr.  Cathcart  on 
Thursday  next  I  then  propose  setting  out  for  Williamsburgh.  Mr. 
Elliott  and  I  have  been  considering  of  the  late  Govrs  Will.  Consid- 
ering how  it  is  Worded  I  am  a  great  Loss  how  to  act  so  as  to  prevent 
disputes  hereafter.  It  is  Mr.  Elliots  opinion  that  it  ought  to  be 
done  in  Chancery  of  which  he  will  inform  you  at  large,  the  bill  may 
be  drawn  up  by  the  advice  of  Mr.  Barker  &  Mr.  Jones,  of  which  I 
doubt  not  all  concerned  will  agree  to.  All  that  I  Want  to  have  ascer- 
tained is  a  certain  course  to  go  by  in  regard  to  the  Laegacy's  men- 
tioned in  the  will,  what  I  have  proposed  by  Mr.  Elliot  will  be  mufh 
for  the  advantage  of  the  Estate.  The  headings  of  the  bill  &  answer^ 
Mr.  Elliot  will  give  you  that.  It  may  be  sent  to  your  Father  for  his 
Opinion,  and  advice  thereupon.     As  I  propose  this  should  be  done  in 

a  friendly  manner  with  the  consent  of  all  parties  and  if  your  Fafher 
q  racl  lo 


Records  of  Albemarle  County. 

thinks  it  proper  he  may  be  present  at  the  Court  of  Chancery  the 
Thursday  before  the  Supreme  Court  at  Newbern  17th  Nov.  1755. 

Addressed  to  Mr.  Sam'l  Johnston.  Jno.  Rutherford. 



North  Carolina — ss. 

At  a  Gen'l  Court  of  Oyer  &  Terminer  &  Gen'l  Gaol  delivery  held 
for  the  sayd  province  at  the  Court-house  in  Edenton  begun  on  Tues- 
day the  twenty  eighth  day  of  March  1727,  &  continued  by  Severall 
adjournments  to  the  fifth  day  of  Aprill  following.  Present, 
-  Christopher  Gale,  Esqr.  Chief  Justice,  Barnaby  Mackinney,  John 
Alston,  Thos.  Lovick  and  Henry  Bonner,  Esqr,  Assistants. 

It  being  Represented  to  this  Court,  that  it  is  highly  Necessary  that 
a  Ferry  should  be  settled  over  Cape  Fear  River  and  that  part  of  the 
province  not  being  laid  out  into  precincts  Therefore  it  by  this  Court 
Order'd  that  the  Ferry  be  kept  for  that  River  by  Cornelius  Harnett 
from  the  place  design'd  for  a  Town  on  the  West  Side  of  the  River  to 
the  place  called  the  Haul  over  and  that  he  receive  the  Sum  of  five 
shillings  for  a  man  &  horse  &  half  a  Crown  for  each  person.  And 
that  no  person  do  keep  any  Ferry  within  Ten  miles  of  the  said 


"To  Coll'n  Sam'l  Johnston,  Newborn,  N.  C. 

"I  am  very  sory  that  I  have  not  any  Dutch  Blankets  what  I  had 
left  were  gone  before  I  gott  back  from  Newbern  I  expect  some  in 
a  month  k  shal  contrive  them  to  Newborn  for  you  as  soon  as  they 
come  I  would  sent  you  the  money  but  as  such  things  have  risen  I 
know  you  had  raither  have  them  then  it     I  am,  Sir  your  most 

"humble  Servant, 
"Bath,  Oct.  3r,  1755.  Nich'l  Coutanche." 

John  Shackleford  and  Enock  Ward  of  Carteret  Precinct  suit  in 
1726  vs.  Sam'l  Chadwick,  Ephraim  Chadwick,  Ebenezer  Chadwick 
and  John  Burnaplate  of  New  England,  but  now  of  Carteret  Precinct, 
in  Bath  Co.  N.  C. 

A  suit  appears  in  1720,  Thomas  Better ly,  pit.,  vs.  Wm.  Badham, 
of  Pasquotank,  mercht.,  for  200  £  Sterling. 

Soldiers  of  the  N.  G.  Continental  Line.     291 



THIRD  REGIMENT — Jethro  Sumner,  Colonel. 

Garland,  Elisha,  pt.,  Eaton's  Co.,  Jany.  4,  '77. 
Garland,  John,  pt.,  Eaton's  Co.,  Apl.  29,  '76. 

FIRST  REGIMENT— Thomas  Clark,  Colonel. 

Gambell,  Edmd.,  Lt,  Thompson's  Co.,  Jan.  20,  '77.     Omtd.  June,  '78. 

Gandy,  Jno.,  muse,  Lt.  Thompson's  Co.,  1777.  W.  Pt.  Feb.,  '78,  mus.  June,  '78. 

George  Brittain,  pt.,  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.     W. 

Germany,  Thos.,  pt,  Tatum's  Co.,  Sept.  4,  1777.     Three  years. 

Gibson,  Jno.,  pt.,  Thompson's  Co.,  1777. 

Gifford,  Jas.,  pt.,  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Missing  Sept.  12,  '77. 

Gilston,  Sam'l,  Sergt,  Ely's  Co.,  Oct.  6,  1777.     Three  years.     Qr.  Mr.  Sergt., 

17  June,  '79. 
Glover,  Thos.,  pt.,  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Executed  24  Octo.,  '78. 
Goldsmith,  Jesse,  muse,  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Pt.  June,  '78. 
Gough,  Wm„  Corpl.,  Hoggs'  Co.,  Nov.  11,  '77.     Pt.  Sept.,  '77;  omtd.  Feb.,  '79; 

musd.  Nov,,  '79. 
Griffin,  Josh,  pt.,  Brown's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Died  March  4,  '78. 
Griffis,  Allen,  pt.,  Tatum's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Omtd.  Jany.,  '78. 
Gr^en,  Wm,  pt,  Thompson's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Omtd.  Jany.,  do. 
Griffiths,  Jno.,  pt.,  Dixon's   Co.,   1777.     W.     Trans.   Mar.,   '78   to  his   Excys. 

Guard,  mus.  N,  'v9. 
Grimes,  Elisha,  pt.,  Hoggs'  Co.,  1777.     Three  years.     Destd.  -28  May,  '77. 
Gregory,    Wm.,    Sergt,    Reed's    Co.,    June    12,    1777.     Three    years.     Omtd. 

Novr.,  '79. 
Gunter,  Joel,  pt,   Child's   Co.,   Dec.   6,   '76.     Two   and  one-half  years.     Dis- 

chgd.   29  Jany.,   '80. 

SECOND  REGIMENT— Alexander  Martin.  Colonel. 

Goldin,  Isaac,  Fife  Majr.,  ,  Nov.  7,  '76.     Three  years.     Muse.  Dec, 

'77;  pt.  Nov.,  '78. 
Glover,  Sam'l,  Sergt.,  Allen's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Pt.  July,  '79;  died,Feb.  23,  '80. 
Glass,  Jas.,  pt,  Hall's  Co.,  1777.     Dstd.  Augst,  '77. 
Griffin  Edmond,  pt.,  Williams'  Co.,  Nov.,  '76.     Transd  to  his  Excy's  Guard 

in  '78;  dischgd.  Jan.  31,  '80. 

Gee,  Jas.,  Capt,  ,  1777.     Died  Nov.  12,  '77. 

Gallop,  Mata,  Corpl.,  Gee's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Sergt.  June,  '78;    pt.  Nov.,  '79; 

destd.  Dec.  6,  '.79. 
Gamberlin,  Jas.,  Corpl.,  Vail's  Co.,  Dec.  14,  '76.     Three  years.     Pt.  June,  '78; 

pris.  June,  '79;  musd  Nov.,  '79;  dischgd.  Jan.  30,  '80. 
Garrett,  Thos.,  pt.,  Vail's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Destd.  Dec.  11,  '79. 
Gallop,  Isaac,  pt.,  "Vail's  Co.,  May  22,  1777.     Three  years. 
Glascow,  Caleb,  pt.,  Vail's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Discharged  Sept.,  '78. 
Glenn,  Tobias,  muse,  Armstrong's  Co.,  1777.     In  Fourth  Regiment,  Dee,  '77. 
Goslin,  Ambrose,  pt.,  Fenner's  Co.,  1777.     Died  Sept.  1,  '77. 
Griffin,  Wm.,  pt.,  Gee's  Co.,  1777.    W.     Pris.  1  June,  '79;   see  Lytle's  Co., 

musd.  in  '81. 
Grant,  David,  pt.,  Armstrong's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Dstd.  1st  Jany.,  '80. 
Gregory,  Thos.,  pt.,  Gee's  Co.,  1777.     W. 
Gurley,  Simon,  pt,  Vail's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Died  May  6,  '78. 



Soldiers  of  the  N.  C. .  Continental  Line. 


Gee,  Wm,   Corpl.,   Granbury's   Co.,  Apl.   23,   '76.     Two   and  one-half  years. 

Sergt.  Nov.  '77;   pt.  June,  '78;   dischgd.  Oct.,  '78. 
Glover,   Jno.,   pt.,    Granbury's    Co.,   Apl.   27,   '76.     Two    and   one-half   years. 

Dischg.  Nov.  10,  '78. 
Goodridge,  Mata,  Sergt.,  Turner's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '76.     Two  and  one-half  years. 

Destd.  Oct.,  '77. 
Granberry,  Thos.,  Capt.,  Apl.  16,  '76.     Resigned  Dec.  27,  '77. 
Granberry,  John.,  Lieut.,  Eaton's  Co.,  1777.     Omtd.  May,  '78. 
Green,  Josiah,  pt.,  Emet's  Co.,  1777.     Omtd.  Sept.,  '77. 

Garrick,  Black 
Gillispie,  Robt. 
Gilmore,  Thos. 
Glenn,  Tobias, 
Glenn,  Geo.,  pt 
Goodman,  Wm 

Goff,  Thos.,  pt. 
Griscoit,  Thos., 

FOURTH  REGIMENT— Thomas  Polk,  Colonel. 

muse,  Smith's  Co.,  1777.     Three  years.     Omtd.  Jany.,  '78. 

Ensn.,  Goodman's  Co.,  1777.     Lt.  Aug,  '77;   omtd.  June,  '78. 
,  pt.,  Smith's  Co.,  May  16,  '77.     Three  years, 
muse,  Williams'  Co.,  Dec,  '77.     From  2  Reg.;  omd  Jy.  '78. 
.,  Goodman's  Co.,  May  15,  '77.     Three  years;  omtd.  Nov.,  '79. 
..  Capt.,  Oct.  1,  1776.     Omtd.  June  78;   musd  Jan.,  '79  in  4th 

,  Smith's  Co.,  1777.     Three  years.     Omtd.  Sept.,  1777. 
pt.,  Smith's  Co.,  1777.     Dead  Jany.,  '78. 

FIFTH    REGIMENT — Edward    Buncombe,   Colonel. 

Gaskins,  Wm.,  Sergt.,  Stedman's  Co.,  1777.  W.  Pt.  Aug.,  '78;  Corp.  Mar.,  '79. 

Garret,  James,  pt.,  Stedman's  Co.,  1777.     W.     Omtd.  Feb.,  '78. 

Garret,  Dan'l,  Corpl.,  Darnal's  Co.,  1777.     Disc.  Oct.  15,  '77. 

Garret,  Thos.,  pt.,  Darnal's  Co.,  '77.     Dstd.  Augt.,  '77. 

Gaddy,  Thos.,  pt.,  Darnal's  Co.,  May  21,  '76.  W.  Corpl.  Aug,  '77;  pt.  June,  '78. 

Gainer,  Sam'l,  pt,  Darnal's  Co.,  '77.     Three  years.    W. 

Gerald,  Chas.,  Ensn.,  Williams'  @o.,  Apl.  30,  '77.     Lt.  Dec.  19,  '76. 

Giles,  John,  Qr.  Mr.  Sergt,  Aug.  22,  '77.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78. 

Glauhan,  Jereh.,   Sergt.,   Darnal's   Co.,   '77.    W.     Died   Apl.   21,   '78. 

Glauhan,  Dan'l,  pt.,  Darnal's  Co.,  '77.     Three  years.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78. 

Goldsbury,  Wm.,  pt.,  Enloe's  Co.,  '77.     Three  years.     Omtd.  June,  '78. 

Green,  John,  pt,  Stedman's  Co.,  '77.     Three  years.     Died  Aug.  20,  '77. 

Griffin,  Jas.,  Corpl.,  Blount's  Co.,  Dec.  1,  '76.     Three  yeaYs.     Dischgd.  Feb. 

1,  '80. 
Glover,  Wm.,  1  Lt.,  Caswell's  Co.,  Apl.  16,  '77.     Capt.  Aug.  17,  '77;   omtd. 

Jan..  '78. 

SIXTH    REGIMENT— Gideon   Lamb,  Colonel. 

Garland,  Humphy,  pt.,  2  1-2  years.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78.  . 

Garvy,  Mata,  pt.,  Doherty's  Co.,  '77.     W.  Dead  Mch.,  '78. 

Garvey,  Thos.,  pt,  Child's  Co.,  June  2,  '76.     W. 

Geary,  Geo.,  pt,  Donoho's  Co.,  Apl.  16,  '76.     W.     Disc.  Nov.  10,  '78. 

Geary,  Josh,  pt.,  Donoho's  Co.,  '77.     Two  and  one-half  years.     Dead  Augt,  '77. 

Gibson,   Wm.,   muse,   Taylor's   Co.,   May   6,    '77.     W.     Pt.   Apl.,    '78;    omtd. 

June,  '78. 
Gilbert,  Peter,  pt.,  Donoho's  Co.    W.     Dstd.  Aug.,  '77. 
Goodin,  Chrisn.,  Lieut.,  Taylor's  Co.,  Sept.  19,  '76.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78;  mustd. 

Jan.,  '79  as  Capt.  in  5th  Regt. 
Godfrey,  Clemt,  pt.,  Doherty's  Co.,  Dec.  18,  '76.     W. 
Godfrey,  Wm.,  pt,  McRee's  Co.,  1777.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78;   musd.  Corpl.  Jan... 

'79,  5th  Regt.  for  three  years. 
Goodman,  Sam'l,  Corpl.,  Taylor's  Co.,  May  12,  '76,  2  1-2  years.     Pt.  June  '78;. 

Corpl.  Sept.,  '78;  omtd.  Nov.,  '78...  - 
Gordon,  Alexr.,  Sergt.,  McRee's  Co.,  1777.     Destd.  Jan  10,  '80. 
Gouch,  Jno.,  pt,  Taylor's  Co.     W.  ■'_•'■<! 

Soldiers  of   the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 


Gouch,  Wm.,  pt,  Taylor's  Co.     W.     Omtd.  Feb.,  '78. 

Griffin,  Robt,  Sergt.  Majr.,  May  15,  '77.     Omtd.  Nov.,  '78. 

Green,  Wm.,  Lt,  Taylor's  Co.,  Oct.  28,  '76.     Omtd.  Sept.,  '77. 

Griffin,  Jas.,  pt.,  Donoho's  Co.,  '77.     W.     Dstd.  Augst,  1777. 

Grant,  Wm.,  pt,  Donoho's  Co.,  '77,  2  i-2  years.     Dead  Aug.,  1777. 

GrissOm,  Robt,  Muse,  Child's  Co.,  June  1,  '76.     Three  years.     Pt.  Oct.,  '78; 

destd.  June  6,  '79. 
Gunn,  Alexr.,  Sergt.,  McRee's  Co.,  '77.     W.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78. 

SEVENTH    REGIMENT— James   Hogan,  Colonel. 

Games,  Anty,  pt.,  Ely's  Co.,  July  14,  '77.  Three  years. 
Games,  Jeffry,  pt,  Ely's  Co.,  Nov.,  '77.  Three  years.  Died  Jan.  22,  '78. 
Gee,  Howell,  Ensn.,  Macon's  Co.,  Apl.  15,  1777.  Lt.  Nov.,  '77;  omtd.  Jan.,  '78. 
Gerrel,  Jno.,  Sergt,  Pointer's  Co.,  Jan.  10,  1777.  Three  years.  Omtd  Jan.,  '78. 
Gerrel,  Wm.,  pt,  Pointer's  Co.,  Jan.  10,  1777.  Three  years.  Omtd.  Sept.  '77. 
Gibbs,  Joel,  pt,  Macon's  Co.,  '77.  Three  years.  Musd.  Nov.,  '77.  Mtd.,  do. 
Gideon,    Lewis,   pt,    McGlaughn's    Co.,    Jan.    7,    '77.      Three   years.      Dstd. 

Apl.,  '77. 
Ginon,  Isaac,  P.  Mr.,  1777.  _  Omtd.  Jan.,  '78. 
Godfrey,  Francis,  pt,  Brickell's  Co.,  July  14,  '77.     Three  years. 
Goodwin,  Tiney,  pt.,  Brickell's  Co.,  July  14,  '77.     3  yrs.    Dstd.  July  25,  '77. 
Goodwin,  Wm.,  pt.,  Walker's  Co.,  Mar.  10,  '77.     Three  years.    W. 
Gold,  Davd,  pt.,  McGloughn's,  Jan.  7,  '77.     Three  years.    Died  Oct.,  '78. 
Griffin,  Wm.,  pt.,  Dawson's  Co.,  1777.     Three  years.     Omtd.  Feb.  '78. 
Griffin,    Isaac,    Muse,    Vaughan's    Co.,    Mar.    1,    '77.     Three    years.     Sergt. 

Nov.,  '77. 
Green,  Abm.,  pt.,  Brickie's  Co.,  July  14,  '77.     W.     Dstd.  Apl.,  '77. 
Green,  Abm,  pt.,  Brickie's  Co.,  July  14,  '77.     W.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78. 
Greenwood,  Jno.,   Sergt.,   Walker's   Co.,   July   14,   '77.     Three  years.     Prisr. 

Sept.  11,  '77. 
Grundy,  Obdh.,  pt,  Pointer's  Co.,  Jan.  18,  '78.  Three  years.  Omtd.  Sept.,  '77. 
Griffith,  Edwd.,  Sergt.,  Vaughan's  Co.,  Dec.  28,  '76.     Died  Jan.,  '77. 

EIGHTH   REGIMENT— James  Armstrong,  Colonel. 

Gifford,   Jas.,   Sergt.,   Raiford's   Co.,   Dec.   30,   '76.     Three  years.'    Pt.   June, 

'78;   destd.  Dec.  1,  '79. 
Gilaspy,  David,  pt,  Walsh's  Co.,  '77.     Omtd.  June,  '78;  musd.  Jan.,  '79  in  5th 

Regt;  disc.  Mar.  14,  '80. 
Gilbert,  Jas.,  pt,  Tartanson's  Co.,  '77.     Three  years.     Omtd.  Feb.,  '78. 
Graves,  Francis,  Qr.  M.,  Sept.  1,  '77.     Lieut  Oct.  26,  '77. 
Greer,  Robt.,  Lt.,  Walsh's  Co.,  Nov.  28,  '76.     Omtd.  June,  '78. 

NINTH   REGIMENT— John  Williams,  Colonel. 

Garrett  Wm.,  pt.  Brevard's' Co.,   '77.     Three  years.     Omtd.  Feby.,  '78. 
Graham,  Wm.,  Sergt.,  Cook's  Co.,  '77.     3  yrs.     Supposed  dstd.  Nov.  '77. 
Green,  Solm,  Muse,  Cook's  Co.,  '77.     Three  years.     Dstd.  Augt,  '77. 
Garrett,  Wm.,  Sergt.,  Brevard's  Co.,  '77.     Three  years.     Omtd.  Feb.,  '78. 
Graham,  Wm.,  Sergt.,  Cook's  Co.,  '77.     3  yrs.     Supposed  dstd.  Nov.  '77. 
Green,  Solm.,  Muse,  Cook's  Co.,  '77.     Three  years.     Dstd.  Aug.,  '77. 

TENTH   REGIMENT— Abraham  Shepard,  Colonel. 

Gatlin,   Levy,   Ensn.,   Stevenson's   Co.,   Lt.  Feb.   12,   '78;    dismissed   service 

Aug.,  '78. 
Gatlin,  Edwd.,  pt.,  Raiford's  Co.,  May  11,  '81.     Twelve  mos.    Left  service 

May  17,  '82. 


Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 


Gatlin,  Jese,  pt,  Lytle's  Co.,  1782.    Eighteen  mo. 

Guard,   Jno.,  pt.,   Stevenson's   Co.,  June   24,   '77.     Three   years.     Died   Mar. 

23,  '78. 
Guard,  Joshua,  pt.,  Mill's  Co.,  Fehy.  7,  '82.     Twelve  months. 
Gamwell,  Wm,  pt.,  Jarvis'  Co.,  June  13,  '77.     Three  years. 
Garvis,  Sykes,  pt.,  Heron's  Co.,  May  4,  '77.     Three  years.     W.     Dstd":  June 

19,  '83. 
Garvis,  Pigford,  pt.,  Heron's  Co.,  May  4,  '77.     Three  years.     Musick  June,  '78. 
Garvis,  Wylley,  pt,  Dixon's  Co.,  May  12,  '81.     Twelve  months.     Left  service 

May  26,  '82. 
Gardner,  Dempsy,  pt,  '78.    W.     Prisr.  June  1,  '79. 
Gardner,  Geo.,  pt.,  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     Nine  months. 
Gardner,   Thos.,   pt.,   Ballard's    Co.,   July    1,    '79.     Eighteen    months.     Dstd. 

Oct.  1,  '79. 
Gardner,  Jno.,  Corpl.,  Evan's  Co.,  1782.     Eighteen  months.     Dstd.  June  8,  '83. 
Garrett,  Sam'l,  pt.,  Hall's  Co.,  1781.     Twelve  months.     Time  out  Aug.  1,  '82. 
Gardner,  Jno.,  pt,  Taylor's  Co.,  Feb.  20,  '80.     W.     Musd.  Jan.,  '79;  dstd.  same 

Gaskin,  Joseph,  pt.,  Quinn's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     Nine  months. 
Gaskins,   Wm.,   pt.,   Carter's   Co.,  May   12,   '81.     Twelve   months;    time   out 

April  25,  '82. 
Gay,  Wm.,  pt.,  Lt  Col's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     Nine  months. 
Gay,  Simon,  pt.,  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     Nine  months. 
Gay,  Joshua,   Raiford's  Co.,  June   9,   '81.       Twelve  months.       Left   service 

May  17,  '82. 
Gay,  Allen,  Raiford's  Co.,  June  2,  '81.     12  mo.     Left  service  June  3,  '82. 
Gay,   Henry,   pt,   Lytle's   Co.,   Apl.   15,   '81.   Twelve   months.     Left   service 

Apl.   12,   '82. 
Gay,  Rich'd,  pt.,  Lytle's  Co.,  Apl.  15,  '81.     12  mo.     Left  service  Apl,  12,  '82. 
Gay,  Solomon,  pt,  Lytle's  Co.,  Apl.  15,  '81.     12  mo.     Omtd.  in  1781. 
Gay,  Jas.,  Sergt,  Brevard's  Co.,  1781.     Twelve  months.     Left  service  Apl. 

28,  1782. 
Gay,  Jas.,  pt.,  Bacot's  Co.,  1782.     Eighteen  months. 
Gay,  Babel,  pt.,  Raiford's  Co.,  May  17,  '81.     Twelve  months.     Left  service 

May  17,  '82. 
Gay,  Wm.,  pt.,  Bacot's  Co.,  1782.     Eighteen  months. 
Gamalion,  Abm.,  pt,  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     Nine  mohlhs. 
Gale,  Geo.,  pt.,  Bradley's  Co.,  June  25,  '79.     Eighteen  mo.  Dead  Dec,  '79. 
Gainer,  Stephen,  pt.,  Bradley's  Co.,  Aug.  1,  '78.     Three  years. 
Gallimore,  John,   Corpl.,  June  14,  '81.   Twelve  months.     Pt.   Jan.,   '82;    left 

service  June  14,  '82. 
Games,  Gabl.,  pt.,  Dixon's  Co.,  May  25,  '81.     Twelve  mo.     Omtd.  in  1781. 
Guant,   Giles,   Corpl.,   Lytle's   Co.,  June   6,   '81.     Twelve   mo.     Left   service, 

June  6,  '82. 
Garland,  Henry,  pt.,  Lytle's  Co.,  Apl.  2,  '81.     Dstd.  July  5,  '81. 
Garland,  Thos.,  pt,  Armstrong's  Co.,  1781.     Time  out  Dec.  1,  '82. 
Garris,  Begford,  pt.,  Armstrong's  Co.,  1781.     Twelve  mo.     Disc.  Jan.  21,  '82. 
Garland,  Wm.,  pt.,  Yarborough's  Co.,  1781.  Twelve  mo.;  time  out  Apl.  22,  '82. 
Garris,  Hardy,  pt,  Carter's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '81.     12  mo.;  time  out  Apl.  25,  '82. 
Galespy,  David,  pt.,  Armstrong's  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.;  left  service  July  1,  '82. 
Garner,  Dempsy,  pt.,  Bailey's  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.;  left  service  Apl.  1,  1782. 
Garner,  Thos.,  pt,  Yarbrough's  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.;  time  out  June  1,  '82. 
Gaylor,  Jas.,  pt.,  Coleman's  Co.,  Jan.  1,  '82.     12  mo. 
Gatree,  Mata,  pt.,  Bailey's  Co.,  Aug.  27,  '82.     12  mo. 
Gammond  Jesse,  pt.,  Bacot's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 
Gandy,  Ephm.,  pt,  Bacot's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 
Gargas,  Job,  pt.,  Raiford's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo.     Dstd.  June  11,  '83. 
Garrison,  Stephn,  pt,  Sharp's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 
Garrison,  Stephen,  pt,  .     3  yrs.     Musd.  Aug.,  '79. 

Soldiers  of  the  N.  0.  Continental  Line. 


Gee,  Jesse,  pt,  Montford's  Co.,  Mar.  1,  '79.     9  mo.     Dischd.  Dec.  1,  '79. 

Geniens,  Miles,  pt,  Ballard's  Co.,  June  21,  '79.     18  mo. 

Germs,  pt,  Dixon's  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.;  time  out  Apl.  15;  reinld. 

German,  Emory,  pt,  Sharp's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo.     Dstd.  May  5,  '83. 

George,  Lewis,  pt,  Brevard's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 

German,  Benj.,  pt,  Coil's  Co.,  Feb.  20,  '80.     3  yrs.     Musd.     Dstd.  Apl.,  '79. 

Giligan,  Jno.,  pt,  Wilson's  Co.,  Apl.  1,  '78.     Dstd.  Apl.  22,  '78. 

Ginew,  Wm,  pt.,  Wilson's  Co.,  Nov.  6,  '77.     Omtd.  June,  '78. 

Gilleham,  Howell,  pt.,  Moore's  Co.,  May  6,  '77.     3  yrs.     W.     Sergt.  May  '79. 

Gillenham,  Jas.,  pt,  Sept.  22,  '77.     3  yrs. 

Gilbert,  Jno.,  pt.,  ,  .     Dead  or  desd.  May  6,  '78. 

Gilbert,  Jas.,  pt.,  ,  .     Omtd.  Feb.,  '79. 

Gilbert,  Jno.,  pt,  Carter's  Co.,  May  19,  '81.     12  mo.;  time  out  May  19,  '82. 

Gibson,  Chas.,  pt,  Lt.  Col's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Gibson,  Jacob,  pt.,  Blount's  Co.,  June  20,  '79.     18  mo. 

Gibson,  Henry,  pt,  Bailey's  Co.,  May  17,  '81.     12  mo.;  left  service  May  17,  '82. 

Gibson,  Colin,  Corpl.,  Brevard's  Co.     W.     Musd.  Jan.,  1782. 

Gibson,  David,  pt.,  Brevard's  Co.,  1781.     Dstd.  Apl.,  1782. 

Gibson,  Thos.,  Ensn.,  Lt,  Coil's  Co.,  Feb.  20,  '80.     Died  Jan.,  '82. 

Ginn,  Hardy,  pt,  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Ginn,  Hardy,  Dixon's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '81.     12  mo.;  left  service  Apl.  25,  '82. 

Ginn,  Rowland,  pt,  Rhodes'  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.;   time  out  July  16,  '82. 

Ginn,  Jacob,  pt.,  Jones'  Co.,  Dec.  11,  '81.     12  mo.;  dischgd.  Dec.  1,  '82  by  the 

name  o"f  Elijah  Ginn. 
Ginn,  Wm.,  pt.,  Coil's  Co.,  Feb.  20,  '80.       2  1-2  yrs.     Musd.  Feb.,  '79.     Dstd. 

Apl.,  '79. 
Gilmore,  Wm.,  pt.,  Donoho's  Co.,  June  14,  '81.  12  mo.;  left  service  June  14,  '82. 
Gidcomb,  Josh,  pt.,  Bacot's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo.     Dstd.  June  15,  '83. 
Gilgo,  Fibin,  pt,  Sharp's  Co.,  1781.     Time  out  Apl.  15;  re-enlisted. 
Gist,  Robt,  pt.,  Armstrong's  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.;  time  out  Dec.  1,  1782. 
Gill,  Alexr.,  pt,  Bailey's  Co.,  Augst,  '82.     18  mo.;   died  June  18,  '83. 
Gill,  Jno.,  pt.,  Lytle's  Co.,  1782.    W. 
Gill,  Robt,  pt,  Brevard's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 
Ginnings,  Geo.,  pt.,  Sharp's  Co.,  1782.     12  mo.     Died  Jan.,  1783. 
Gilespy,  Isaac,  pt,  Brevard's  Co.,   1782.     18   mo.     Trans'd   March,   '83. 
Glandon,  Major,  pt.,  Shepard's  Co.,  Sept.  30,  '77.     3  yrs.     W. 
Glisson,  Arthur,  pt,  Blount's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo.  ' 

Glass,  Levy,  pt.,  Hadley's  Co.,  Aug.  20,  '82.     18  mo. 

Glass,  Lemuel,  pt,  .     3  yrs.     Musd.  Aug.,  '79. 

Glasscow,  Sam'l,  pt.,  Lt.,  Col's  Co.,  Feb.  20,  '80.     Musd.  Jan.,  '79. 

Glover,  John,  Raiford's  Co.,  May  2,  '81.     12  mo.;  left  service  May  2nd,  '82. 

Glover,  Allen,  pt.,  Lytle's  Co.,  Apl.  12,  '81.     Dstd.  July  7,  '81. 

Glover,  Benjn.,  pt,  Lytle's  Co.,  Apl.  12,  '81.     W.     Dstd.  July  7,  '81. 

Gothrop,  Jno.,  pt.,  Shepard's  Co.,  May  25,  '77.     Dischgd.  Sept.,  '78. 

Good,  Jno.,  Lt.,  Montfort's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Good,  Wm.,  pt.,  Montfort's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Good,  Jno.,  pt,  Sharp's  Co.,  1782.     12  mo. 

Goodat,  Jno.,  pt,  Quinn's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Gotson,  Jas.,  pt,  Lt.  Col's,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Godett,  John,  pt,  Sharp's  Co.,  Apl.  5,  '81.     12  mo.;  left  service  Apl.  5,  '82. 

Godwin,  John,  Corpl.,  Lt.  Col's,  July  20,  '78. 

Goodridge,  Lewis,  pt,  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo.     Dischgd.  Dec.  5,  '78. 

Goren,  John,  Corpl.,  Ballard's  Co.,  June  29,  '79.     W. 

Goodwin,  Edwd.,  pt.,  Quinn's  Co.,  June  24,  '79.     W. 

Goodwin,  John,  pt,  Raiford's  Co.,  May  19,  '81.     Dischgd.  Feb.  14,  '82. 

Goodwin,  Thos.,  pt.,  Jones'  Co.,  Mar.  15,  '82.     12  mo. 

Goodwin,  Robertson,  pt,  Sharp's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 

Godfrey,  Anty,  pt,  Blount's  Co.,  Dec.  2,  '79.     3  yrs. 

Gonsalez   de   Ferdinando,   Corpl.,   McRee's    Co.,  ■  Apl.    28,    '81.     12    mo.     Pt. 

Augst.   '81;  left  service  Apl  28,  '81;   re-enlisted  '82  for  18  mo. 


Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 

9  mo. 
Died  Nov. 

16,  '78. 

Omtd.  June,  '78. 
Omtd.  June,  '78. 

Golin,  Simon,  pt,  Dixon's  Co.,  May  15,  '81.     Left  service  May  21,  '82. 

Goin,  Wm.,  pt.,  Dixon's  Co.,  May  25,  '81.     12  mo.;  left  service  May  21,  '82. 

Goods,  Israel,  pt.,  Armstrong's  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.;  time  out  July  1,  '82. 

Gordon,  Solomon,  pt.,  Carter's  Co.,  Apl.  12,  '81.     12  mo.;  time  out  Apl.  25,  '82. 

Goldin,  Andw.,  pt.,  Carter's  Co.     W.     Musd.  Aug.;  destd.  Aug.  17,  '81. 

Goodson,  Jno.,  pt.,  Jones'  Co.,  Dec.  11,  '81.     12  mo. 

Goodson,  Uzal,  pt.,  Raiford's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo.,  Dstd.  June  10,  '82. 

Godden,  Martin,  pt.,  Bacot's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 

Gooden,  Wyley,  pt.,  Carter's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 

Goseley,  Chas.,  pt.,  Sharp's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 

Gray,  Jas.,  Sergt.,  Wilson's  Co.,  May  15,  '77. 

Gray,  Wm.,  pt.,  Gregory's  Co.,  June  10,  '77.     3  yrs.     W. 

Gray,  M.  Wm.,  pt.,  Heron's  Co.,  Apl.  27,  '77.     3  yrs.     W. 

Gray,  Sam'l,  pt.,  Heron's  Co.     3  yrs.;  prisr.  June  1,  '79;  musd.  Nov.,  '79. 

Gray,  Henry,  pt.,  Montfort's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Gray,  Cocks,  pt.,  Quinn's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Gray,  Isom,  pt,  Ballard's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Gray,  Wm.,  pt,  ,  1779.     9  mo.;  omtd.  Oct,  '79. 

Gray,  Henry,  Sergt.,  Rhodes'  Co.,  1781.  12  mo..  Dischg'd  Jan.  21,  '82;  re- 

Gray,  Cox,  pt,  Carter's  Co.,  Apl.  25,  '81.     12  mo.;  time  out  Apl.  25,  '82. 

Grant,  Elijah,  pt.,  Shepard's  Co.,  Aug.  20,  '77.  3  yrs.  Pr.  June  1  '79;  ms. 
N'v,  '79. 

Grant,  Wm.,  pt,  Lt  Col's,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Grant,  Ephraim,  Capt,  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78. 

Grant,  Jno.,  pt.,  Bradley's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Grant,  Jno.,  pt.,  Brevard's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 

Griffin,  Ezekiel,  pt,  Stevenson's,  Apl.  21,  '77.     3  yrs. 

Griffin,  Danl.,  pt,  Heron's  Co.,  May  30,  '77.     3  yrs. 

Griffin,  Jesse,  pt,  Quinn's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Griffin  Martin,  pt.,  Child's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.    -9  mo. 

Griffin,  Wm.,  pt.,  Lytle's  Co.,  1781.     W.     From  Gee's  Co.,  2nd  Reg. 

Griffin,  Dempsy,  pt,  Sharp's  Co.,  June  20,  '81.  12  mo.;  left  service  June  20,  '82. 

Griffin,  Jas.,  Corpl.,  Sharp's  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.;  time  out  Apl.  12;  re-enlisted. 

Griffin,  Ezekiel,  pt,  Doherty's  Co.,  1781.     Time  out  Sept.  1,  '82. 

Griffin,  Edw'd,  pt.,  Brevard's  Co.,  1781.     Left  service  July  11,  '82. 

Griffin,  Jas.,  pt.,  Bailey's  Co.,  Aug.  1,  '82.     12  mo. 

Greggs,  Charles,  pt,  Jarvis'  Co.,  May  18,  '77.     3  yrs.     W. 

Gregory,  Dempsy,  Capt,  Jarvis'  Co.,  Apl.  19,  '77.     Resigned  May  20,  '78. 

Gregory,  Isaac,  pt.,  .     3  yrs.     Musd.  Apl.,  '78. 

Gregory,  Root,  pt.,  Blount's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Gregory,  Jas.,  pt.,  Donoho's  Co.,  June  14,  '81.     Omtd.  in  1781. 

Gregory,  Thos.,  pt.,  Sharp's  Co.,  Nov.  10,  1778.     9  mo. 

Grogin  Jas.,  pt.,  Griffith's  Co.,  May  24,  '77.     3  yrs.     W.     Omtd.  Feb.,  '79. 

Grogan,  Jno.,  pt.,  Montford's  Co.,  June  24,  '79.     W.     Dstd.  Nov.  8,  '79. 

Griffith,  Isaac,  pt.,  Gregory's  Co.,  May  26,  '77.  3  yrs.  W.  Dischgd.;  Sergt 
Mar.  1,  '80. 

Grinder,  Jno.,  pt.,  ,  '78.     Died  29  June,  '78. 

Green,  Wm.,  pt,  Armstrong's  Co.,  July,  '77.     3  yrs. 

Green,  Jas.  W.,  Sur.  Mt,  June  10,  '78.     Surgeon  Dec.  7,  '79;  pris.  May  12,  '80. 

Green,  Wilson,  Corpl.,  .     3  yrs.     Musd.  '78;  died  Apl.  18,  '78. 

Green,  Thos.,  Corpl.,  Hogg's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Green,  Fred'k,  pt.,  McRee's  Co..  May  9,  '81.     Dstd.  July  1,  '81. 

Green,  Sutton,  pt,  Lytle's  Co.,  June  16,  '81.     12  mo.;'  left  service  June  16,  '82. 

Green,  Hobart,  pt.,  Hadley's  Co.,  Aug.  1,  '82.     18  mo.     Dstd.  Apl.  29.  '83. 

Green,  Jas.,  pt.,  Brevard's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo.     Dstd.  Dec.  7,  '82. 

Green,  Randolph,  Evans'  Co.,  .    .     . 

Graves,  Francis,   Lieut.,  ,   Oct.   26,   '77.     Qr.   Mr.   Nov.   6,   '78.     See 

Eighth  Regiment. 

Soldiers  of   the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 


Gro,  Jas.,  pt,  Baker's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo.     Died  Nov.  16,  '78. 
Grindstaff,  Miens,  pt.,  Lytle's  Co.,  June  6,  '81.  12  mo.;  left  service  June  6,  '82. 
Grindstaff,  Michl.,  Corporal,  Brevard's  Co.,  1781.     Left  service  June  6,  '82. 
Graham,  John,  pt.,  Dixon's  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.     Time  out  before  Apl.;  re-inl'd. 
Graham,  Peter,  pt.,  Dixon's  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.     Time  out  before  Apl.;  reinl'd. 
Graham,  ¥m,  Sergt.,  Rhodes'  Co.     Time  out  June  17;   reinl'd. 
Graham,  Arthr,  pt,  Brevard's  Co.,  1781.  ■  Left  service  June  13,  '82. 
Graham,  Francis,  pt.,  Brevard's  Co.,  1781.     12  mo.;  left  service  Apl.  28,  '82. 
Graham,  Jno.,  pt.,  Coleman's  Co.,  Dec.  13,  '81.     W. 
Graham,  Francis,  pt.,  Raiford's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 
Greenman,  Caleb,  pt.,  Bailey's  Co.,  June  1,  1781.     12  mo.';  left  service  June 

1,  '82. 
Graft,  Anty,  pt.,  Jones'  Co.,  Mar.  6,  '82.     12  mo. 
Greece,  Shoplus,  pt.,  Coleman's  Co.,  Jan.  10,  '82.     12  mo. 
Grice,  Gabriel,  pt.,  Bailey's  Co.,  Aug.  15,  '82.     12  mo. 
Grissel,  Willy,  pt.,  Boat's  Co.,  1782. 
Grinage,  Jno.,  pt.,  Brevard's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo.;  died  June  20,  '83. 

Grimes,  Win.,  pt.,  Dixon's  Co., .     Musd.  Nov.,  '79. 

Grisham,  Major,  pt.,  Lewis'  Co.,  Feb.  20,  '80.     W.     Musd.     Dstd. 

Greer,  Jno.,  pt,  White's  Co.,  Feby.  20,  '80.     3  yrs.     Musd.  Jan.,  '79;   dstd. 

June,  79. 
Guttery,  Hy,  pt.,  Wilson's  Co.,  Nov.  1,  '77.     Died  Oct.,  '78. 
Guy,  Wm.,  pt,  Moore's  Co.,  May  18,  '77.     Omtd.  June,  '78. 

Gunnel,  Jno.,  pt.,  ,  .     W.     Musd.  Jan.,  '79;   dstd. 

Gunn,  Jas.,  pt.,  ,  .     3  yrs.     Musd.  '78;  omitted  Feb.,  '78. 

Gunn,  Jas.,  Sergt.,  Carter's  Co.,  Apl.  15,  '81.     12  mo.     Time  out  Apl.  10.  '82. 

Gums,  Isaac,  pt.,  Lt  Col's  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     S  mo. 

Gurganus,  Reuben,  pt.,  Childs'  Co.,  July  20,  '78.     9  mo. 

Gurley,  Joseph,   pt,   Raiford's   Co.,   1781.     12   mo.     Time  out   Sept.   13:    re- 

enl'd  for  the  war. 
Guin,  Sam'l,  pt.,  Sharp's  Co.,  1782.     18  mo. 


Harrison,  Jas.,  pt,  Brown's  Co.,  1777.     War  or  3  1-2  yrs. 

Hall,  Thos.,  Lt,  Dixon's  Co.,  Feb.  8,  '77.     Resigned  Apl.  10,  '77. 

Hall,  Jas.,  pt.,  Reid's  Co.,  Jan.  1,  '77.     3  yrs.     Disch'd  Feb.  1,  '80. 

Hamilton,   Jno.,   Sergt.,    Bowman's    Co.,    1777.     Omtd.   Jan.,   '78.     Musd.   pt. 

Jan.,   '79   in  Fourth  Regiment. 
Hancock,    Isaac,    Corpl.,    Dixon's    Co.,    1777.     W.     Sergt.    Oct.    12,    '77;    pt. 

Feb.  1,  '80. 
Haynes,  Wm.,  pt,  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.     Died  Mch.  23,  '78. 
Haynes,  Jno.,  pt.,  Armstrong's  Co.     Dischd.  June,  '78. 
Harris,  Jno.,  pt,  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.    W.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78. 
Harris,  Peter,  Agt.  Arm'r,  June  10,  '76.     Omtd.  Sept  '77. 
Hale,  Thos.,  D.  W.  M.  G.,  June  20,  '77.     Omtd.  Sept.,  '77. 
Haddock,  Andw.,  Sergt,  Reid's  Co.,  2  1-2  yrs.     Disch'd  Apl.  8,  '78. 
Hair,  L.  Jno.,  Lt.,  Sharp's  Co.,  Augt.  16,  '77.     Omtd.  June,  '78. 
Harrell,  Jno.,  pt.,  Brown's  Co.,  Apl.  14,  '76.     2  1-2  yrs.     Disch'd  Oct.  6,  '78. 
Henry,  Jno.,  pt.,  Bowman's  Co.,  1777.     W. 
Heimbergh,  Fred.,  Surg.     Mar.  15,  '78. 
Hedspeth,  Marmaduke,  pt,  Childs'  Co.,  1778.     W. 
Holt,  Thos.,  pt,  Bowman's  Co.,  Aug.  5,  '77.     Omtd.  Nov.,  '77. 
Horseford  Jas.,  pt,  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.    W.     Corpl.  Feb.  1,  '80. 
Hochaemmer,  Phillip,  pt,  Dixon's  Co.,  1777.    W.  Dstd.  Oct.  12,  '77.    Mustd. 

Apl.,  '78. 
Hopper,  Wm.,  Q.  M.  Sergt,  Dixon's  Co.,  Sept.  28,  '76.     Sergt.  Sept.  20,  '77;  D. 

M.  Sergt.  Dec,  '77;   dischd.  June  14,  '78. 
Hogg,  Thos.,  Capt,  Mar.  1,  '76.     Major  Oct  4,  '77  in  5th  Regmt. 


Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line. 

Hood,  Wm,  pt.,  Armstrong's  Co.    Died  Feb.  14th,  1778. 
Horton,  Jas.,  pt.,  Tatum's  Co.,  May,  '78.    W.    Died  June  3,  '78. 
Horton,  Levy,  pt.,  Tatum's  Co.,  May,  '78.    W. 
Holley,  Joseph,  pt.,  Sharp's  Co.,  Jan.  9.  '77.    3  yrs.     Died  Sept.  1,  '78. 


Harvey,  Selby,  Lt.-Col., 

Jan.,  '82;   deranged  Jan. 

-,  Nov. 
1,  '83. 
Harvey,  Joshua,  pt.,  Allen's  Co.    W. 

22,  '77.    Musd.  prisoner  in  '81.    Musd. 

Nov.,  '77.     Musd  Apl.,  9 


Pris.  June  1,  '79.     Musd.  1783. 
Hall,  Clement,  Capt.  Apl.  19,  '77. 
Harris,  Wm.,  pt.,  Martin's  Co.,  Nov.  7,  '76.    3  yrs. 
Harris,  Jno.,  pt,  Martin's  Co.,  1777.    3  yrs.     Omtd. 

'78.     Dischgd.  May,  '78. 
Hair,  Robt.,  pt.,  Fenner's  Co.,  1777.    Dstd.  Dec.,  '77. 
Hazle,  Thos.,  pt,  Armstrong's  Co.,  1777.    Died  Feb.  28, 
Howell,  Jno.,  pt.,  Hall's  Co.,  June  17,  '77.    3  yrs.    W. 
Howard,  Patk.,  pt.,  Gee's  Co.,  1777.    W.    Dstd.;  time  not  known  and  mustd. 

Jan.,  '78. 
Hoskins,  Ebenz.,  pt.,  Armstrong's  Co.,  Apl.  1,  '77.     W.    Dstd.  Sept.  1,  '78. 
Husk,  John,  pt.,  Williams'  Co.,  Nov.,  '76.    3  yrs. 
Humphreys,  Daniel,  pt.,  Gee's  Co.,  Mar.  18,  '76.     2  1-2  yrs.     Disch'd.  Sept. 

30,  '78. 
Huling,  W.  Jacob,  Sergt,  Fenner's  Co.,  1777.    Pt.  Sept.,  '77. 


Hall,  Delany,  pt.,  Brinkley's  Co.,  1777.    2  1-2  yrs.    Died  Mch.  13,  '78. 

Harrison,  Jas.,  pt.,  Granbury's  Co.,  Apl.  20,  '76.    2  1-2  yrs.     Dischgd  Oct.,  '77. 

Hart,  Anth'y,  Lt,  Granbury's  Co.,  1777.     See  2  Reg. 

Hastings,  Wylis,  pt,  Turner's  Co.,  Jan.  27,  '77.     3  yrs. 

Hitchcock,  Fred'k,  pt.,  Brinkley's  Co.,  Apl-  20,  '76.  2  1-2  yrs.  Dischgd.  Oct.  '78. 

Hodgton,  Alvery,  Lt.  &  Adgt,  1777.     Omtd.  Jan.,  '78. 

Howell,  Henry,  pt.,  Granbury's  Co.,  1777.    2  1-2  yrs.     Dstd.  Aug.,  '77. 

Hood,  Arch'd,  pt,  Brinkley's  Co.,  May  2,  '76.    2  1-2  yrs.     Dischd.  Oct.,  '78. 

Hudson,  Isaac,  Sergt.  Maj.,  May  24,  '77.     2  1-2  yrs.     Omtd.  Sept.,  '78. 

Hudson,  Chamberl'n,  Corpl.,  Turner's  Co.,  May  7,  '76.     Sergt.  Oct.  25,  '77'; 

pt.  June,  '78;  dischgd.  Oct.,  '78. 
Huntston,  Abm.,  pt.,  Turner's  Co.,  Apl. 
Hull,  Jackson,  pt.,  Brinkley's  Co.,  1777. 
Hart,  Anthy,  Lt.,  Eaton's  Co.,  Apl.  16, 

1,  '82. 
Hart,  Thos.,  pt,  Eaton's  Co.,  1777.    2  1-2  yrs.    Dead  June,  1778. 
Hardy,  Thos.,  pt.,  Eaton's  Co.,  1777.    2  1-2  yrs.    Disch'd  Oct.,  '78. 
Harris,  Geo.,  pt.,  Emmet's  Co.,  1777.     2  1-2  yrs.    Missing  Oct.  4,  '77. 
Hern,  Drury,  pt.,  Emmet's  Co.,  May  15,  '76.    2  1-2  yrs.    Disch'd  Nov.  10,  '78. 

(to  be  continued.) 

29,  '76.     3  yrs.  W.  Dstd.  May  1,  '79. 
3  yrs.    Dead  Jany.,  '78. 
'77.    Adgt.  June,  '78;    resigned  Apl. 

Benedict  Arnold  in  Edenton.  299 

BENEDICT  ARNOLD  IN  EDENTON,  N.  0.,  MARCH  2,  1774, 



(Original  in  the  Court  House  at  Edenton,  N.  C.) 

North  Carolina. 

Know  all  Men  by  these  Presents,  That  We  Benedict  Arnold  & 
John  Horniblow  of  Edenton,  Vintner,  are  held  and  firmly  bound  unto 
his  Excellency  Josiah  Martin  Esqr.,  Governor,  Captain-General, 
Vice  Admiral  and  Commander  in  Chief,  in  and  over  the  said  Prov- 
ince, in  the  Sum  of  Five  hundred  pounds,  proclamation  money,  to  be 
paid  to  his  Excellency  the  Governor,  his  Successors  or  assigns:  To 
which  Payment  well  &  truly  to  be  made,  we  bind  ourselves,  jointly 
&  severally,  our  Heirs,  Executors  and  Administrators,  for  and  in  the 
whole  firmly  by  these  Presents.  Sealed  with  our  Seals  and  dated  at 
the  Custom  House,  at  Port  Roanoke  this  2d  day  of  March  in  the 
XlVth  Year  of  the  Beign  of  our  Sovereign  Lord  George  the  Third, 
King  of  Great  Britain  &c.     Anno  Dom.  1774. 

The  Condition  of  the  above  Obligation  is  such,  That  if  the  above 
bounden  Benedict  Arnold  shall  not  in  his  said  Vessel  transport  or 
carry  out  of  this  Government  any  Person  or  Persons,  Inhabitant  or 
Inhabitants  thereof,  without  Permission  from  the  Governor  or  Naval 
Officer  and  shall  not  depart  this  Port  with  his  said  Vessel  without 
Leave  from  the  Naval  Officer,  nor  carry  out  in  his  said  Vessel  any 
slave  or  slaves,  or  Servant  o#  Servants,  belonging  to  any  Inhabitant 
of  this  Province,  nor  depart  with  his  said  Vessel  without  paying 
Pilotage;  then  this  Obligation  to  be  Void  and  of  no  Effect,  or  else 
to  be  and  remain  in  full  Force  and  Virtue. 

Sealed  and  Delivered  S  BENED'T  ARNOLD 

in  the  presence  of  • 


The  above  signature,  when  compared  with  the  autograph  of  Bene- 
dict Arnold  as  given  in  the  various  histories  of  the  United  States,  is 
found  to  be  a  fac-simile.  John  Horniblow,  the  surety  to  the  bond, 
was  the  owner  and  proprietor  of  the  old  "King's  Arms"  in  Edenton, 
N.  O,  which  stood  on  the  site  of  the  present  "Bay  View  Hotel." 
Joshua  Worley,  the  witness,  lived  in  Tyrrell  County,  on  the  Albe- 
marle Sound,  about  fifteen  miles  from  Edenton,  which  town  in  1774 
was  known  as  Port  Roanoke  in  the  classification  of  Custom- Houses 
made  by  the  English  Government  in  America.  The  bond  was  exe- 
cuted and  delivered  to  Jas.  Iredell,  Collector  of  the  Customs. — Ed. 



The  Edenton  Tea  Party. 




D — Issue  of  Charles  Roberts  born  Augt.  14,  1766  (son  of  Charles 
Roberts  and  wife  Elizabeth,  probably  Lisles),  and  wife  Ann  Hos- 
kins,  married  Apl.  29,  1790. 

(1)  Richard  Roberts,  born  April  1,  1792;  removed  to  Raleigh, 
N.  C. 

(2)  Charles  Lisles  Roberts,  born  Apl.  18,  1797;  removed  to 
Greene  County,  Ala. 

(3)  Elizabeth  Roberts,  born  Oct.  17,  1799. 

(4)  Catharine  Roberts,  born  May  10,  1801. 

(5)  John  Roberts  removed' to  Madison  County,  Ala. 

(6)  Baker  Roberts  removed  to  Washington  County,  N.  C. 
Would  be  glad  to  have  the  descendants  of  the  above  children  of 

Charles  Roberts  and  wife  Ann  Hoskins.  We  have  written  a  num- 
ber of  letters  to  the  localities  where  they  settled  after  leaving  Chowan 
County,  but  have  had  no  response.  Was  Governor  Roberts,  of 
Texas,  of  the  family  ? 

G — Issue  of  Edmund  Hoskins  and  wife  Elizabeth  Blount,  mar- 
ried Dec.  29th,  1802.  * 

1.  Mary  Winifred  Hoskins,  born  Aug.  10,  1804,  died  in  Missis- 
sippi Dec,  1861,  married  July  9,  1827,  at  Edenton^N.  C,  Richard 
T.  Brownrigg.  Issue :  (a)  Elizabeth  Blount  Brownrigg  md  Henry 
Marsden  Waddell  and  -  had  issue,  1Henry  Marsden  Waddell,  md 
Anna  Alida  Young,  and  have  Marsden  Young  Waddell — Hugh 
Brownrigg  Waddell,  address  Columbus,  Miss. 

(6)  Dr.  John  Brownrigg,  md  Jan.  24,  1864,  Elizabeth  Yerger, 
of  Jackson,  Miss.     Issue :  Richard  T.  Brownrigg. 

(c)  Richard  Thomas  Brownrigg,  md  May  12,  1856,  Octavia  Cal- 
houn, of  Austin,  Texas.  Issue  ^Elizabeth  Blount  Brownrigg,  md 
Alexander  Pope;  issue  Frank  Eads  Pope  and  Bettie  Pope.  Mr. 
Pope  was  killed ;  his  widow  is  still  living.  2Elizabeth  Ewing  Brown- 
rigg md  James  S.  Irion,  of  Overton,  Texas;  issue,  (a)  Annabel  Irion, 
(b)  Richard  Brownrigg  Irion,  (c)  James  Robert  Irion.  3John  Brown- 
rigg, died  in  early  childhood.  4Mary  Brownrigg,  died  in  infancy. 
Richard  T.  Brownrigg  was  a  Major  in  Sibley's  Command,  C.  S.  A., 
and  was  killed  in  battle.     He  was  a  man  of  superior  intellect. 

(d)  Mary  Ruth  Brownrigg  died  in  childhood. 

(e)  Mary  Anne  Brownrigg  died  in  childhood. 

The  Edenton  Tea  Party. 


(/)  Thomas  Brownrigg,  called  Tam,  married  Annie  Troupe  Car- 
ter. Issue:  1Mavj  Brownrigg,  md  John  Francis  Sharp;  issue,  (a) 
Mary  Sharp.  Mrs.  Sharp,  md  2nd  M.  Starkweather;  they  reside  at 
Needles,  California.  2Annie  Brownrigg,  md  Elbert  Lucas  Wells, 
of  Columbus,  Ga. ;  issue,  (a)  Elbert  Brownrigg  Wells,  (6)  Katherine 
Wells,  (c  &  d)  twins  Elizabeth  and  Wm.  Wells,  all  young.  Their 
address  is  Marshall,  Texas.  3John  Brownrigg,  md  Annie  Hilliard; 
issue,  (a)  Thomas  Hilliard  Brownrigg,  (&)  an  infant  daughter. 
4Henry  Brownrigg,  a  bachelor.  ^Newman  Brownrigg,  unmarried. 
6Malcolm  Brownrigg,  unmarried.  7Tammie  Brownrigg,  md  Erank 
Lu  Gar  Norton.     They  have  one  son  and  reside  in  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

(g)  Sarah  P.  Brownrigg  md  Chancillor  La  Fayette  Haughton; 
issue,  1Mary  Lou  Haughton,  md  Dunbar  Holder  McQuiston ;  issue, 
Claudia  Brownrigg  McQuiston,  Sarah  Holder  McQuiston,  Maria 
Louise  McQuiston  and  Vivienne  McQuiston.  2Claudia  Elizabeth 
Haughton,  md  John  M.  Erwin ;  issue,  James  Haughton  Erwin,  John 
•  Brownrigg  Erwin,  Henry  Dick  Erwin  and  Edwin  Erwin.  3Bichard 
Brownrigg  Haughton,  Attorney  at  Law  and  Judge  of  the  Fourth  Dis- 
trict Court,  St.  Louis,  Mo. ;  unmarried.  His  address  is  No.  1117 
Clark  Avenue.  4Sallie  La  Fayette  Haughton,  called  "Fay,"  un- 
married.    5Daisy  Shelton  Haughton,  unmarried. 

2.  Richard  Thomas  Hoskins,  born  Oct.  19,  1807,  died  Aug.  22, 
1870,  in  Tarboro,  N.  C. ;  md.  Elizabeth  Ann  Lawrence  (daughter  of 
P.  P.  Lawrence  and  wife"  Martha),  born  in  Edenton,  N.  C,  Oct.  8, 
1823;  died  at  Sulphur  Sprt%s,  Texas,  June  19,  1890.  Issue  ,(a) 
Mary  Brownrigg  Hoskins,  born  in  Mississippi  Nov.  5,  1847,  living 
with  C.  W.  Hoskins  at  Bells,  Texas;  (b)  Martha  Blount  Hoskins, 
born  Apl.  25,  1850,  md  J.  B.  Hunt;  she  died  in  Mobile,  Ala.,  Sept. 
15,  1873 ;  no  issue,  (c)  Richard  Baker  Hoskins,  born  Mch.  13, 
1852,  in  Mobile,  Ala. ;  died  in  Banham,  Texas,  Jan.  19,  1898 ;  md 
Mattie  S.  Kigdon ;  no  issue,  (d)  Lawrence  Wiggins  Hoskins,  born 
at  Everettsville,  N.  C,  July  5,  1854;  died  there  July  20,  1855.  (e) 
Thomas  Owen  Hoskins,  born  at  Tarboro,  N.  C,  Feb.  21,  1856;  died 
there  June  7,  1856.  (/)  Elizabeth  B.  Hoskins,  born  at  Tarboro,  N. 
C.rApl.  6,  1859;  died  there  Sept  2,  1859.  (g)  Edmund  Thomas 
Hoskins,  born  at  Tarboro,  N.  C,  Apl.  29,  1857;  died  at  Austin, 
Texas,  Feby.  3,  1879.  (h)  James  W.  Hoskins,  born  at  Tarboro,  N. 
C,  Oct.  2,  1860;  died  the  same  day.  (i)  Charles  Worth  Hoskins, 
born  at  Tarboro,  N.  C,  Feby.  15,  1862;  md  Maggie  E.  Somerville, 
of  Grayson  County,  Texas;  she  died  Sept.  20,  1898 ;  issue,  Elizabeth 
Sarah  Hoskins,  born  Nov.  21,  1893 ;  Mattie  Hoskins,  born  Dec.  27, 
1895,  died  in  Fannin  County,  Texas,  June  9,  1897;  and  Harriet- 
Rachel  Hoskins,  born  July  23,  1897 ;  address,  Bells,  Texas. 

3.  Sarah  Ann  Hoskins,  born  1810 ;  died  in  Mississippi  in  1843. 


The  Edenton  Tea  Party. 

4.  Edmund  Blount  Hoskins,  born  1813 ;  died  April,  1852,  at  Co- 
lumbus, Miss. ;  md  1837  Sarah  Frances  Oliver;  issue,  (a)  Ann  Eliza 
Hoskins,  born  1838 ;  md  1859  Dr.  George  H.  Moore,  of  Memphis, 
Tenn,  born  in  Huntsville,  Ala.,  1822 ;  Surgeon  C.  S.  A. ;  issue, 
1Thomas  Clay  Moore,  born  1864;  member  of  the  printing  house  of 
Pope  &  Moore,  Memphis.  2Mary  E.  Moore,  md  1897  Daniel  Kil- 
lain,  of  St.  Louis,  Mo. ;  issue,  Alfred  Daniel  Killain,  born  July  1, 
189S.  3George  Moore,  born  1869,  md  Stella  Capurs.  4Dr.  Alfred 
Moore,  of  Memphis,  born  1872 ;  graduated  Memphis  Medical  Col- 
lege 1895  ;  House  Physician  of  St.  Joseph's  Hospital. 

(b)  Caroline  Watkins  Hoskins,  born  1S10 ;  md  1865  James  Le 
Noir;  issue,  ^William  G.  Le  Nbir,  born  1866;  2Sterling  Paine  Le 
J^oir,  born  1867 ;  3Dr.  James  Le  ]S"oir,  4Sarah  Louisa  Le  Xoir,  born 
1872,  md  1895  James  R.  Taylor,  of  Memphis,  Tenn;  issue,  Carolyn 
and  James  Taylor,  the  latter  born  June  11,  1899 ;  5George  Le  Noir, 
6Edward  Le  ISToir. 

(c)  Richard  Blount  Hoskins,  of  Meridian,  Miss,  (in  the  N.  C. 
Artillery,  C.  S.  A),  born  1843;  md  1872  Ida  Daves;  issue,  Hda 
Blount  Hoskins,  born  1874,  unmarried;  2Lee  Paine  Hoskins,  born 
1878,  md  Daisy  Marion;  issue,  Francis  Lee  Marion  Hoskins,  born 
Jany.  1,  1902;  3Tallee  Daves  Hoskins,  born  1883,  unmarried; 
4Fanny  Oliver  Hoskins,  born  1887;  5Edmund  Blount  Hoskins,  born 
1876,  died  1884;  SEdna  Ruth  Hoskins,  born  1885,  died  1885. 

(d)  James  Woodberry  Hoskins,  died  1884  at  West  Point,  Miss. 

(e)  John  Oliver  Hoskins,  born  185r*>  md  1st  Bettie  Harrell,  2nd 
Mary  Furguson;  issue:  *  Annie  Mary  Hoskins,  by  the  2nd  marriage; 
2Caroline  Hoskins,  d.  young;  3Carrie  Hoskins,  4Mary  Paine  Hos- 
kins, 5John  Oliver  Hoskins;  they  live  in  Arkansas. 

5.  Charles  Worth  Hoskins,  born  1815,  died  March  1,  1886,  at 
Terrell,  Texas;  md  Sarah  Donnington,  of  Xewark,  N".  J.;  issue,  13 
children:  (a)  Elizabeth  Blount  Hoskins  md  1st  X.  A.  Jones,  of  Her- 
nando, Miss. ;  issue,  one  son  Clarence  Jones,  of  Gonzales,  Texas,  un- 
married, (b)  Kate  Frances  Hoskins  md  B.  M.  Childress,  of  Sul- 
phur Springs,  Texas ;  issue :  iRena  Childress,  md  B.  L.  Gill,  of  Ter- 
rell, Texas;  issue,  Kate,  Lloyd,  Benjamin  and  Brice  Gill.  2Charles 
W.  Childress,  md  Dora  Rainey,  of  Fort  Worth,  Texas;  issue, 
Charles  W.  Childress,  Jr.  3Blount  Malone  md  Pearl  Turner,'  of 
Terrell,  Texas ;  issue,  Annie  Louise  Childress.  4Kate  S.  Childress 
md  F.  M.  Raike,  of  Terrell,  Texas ;  issue,  daughter  Frederic.  5Ada 
Virginia  Childress  md  W.  A.  Moore,  of  Fort  Worth,  Texas ;  issue, 
William  A.  Moore,  Jr.,  and  Worth  Hoskins  Moore.  6Sallie  Baker 
Childress,  unmarried.  7Fannie  Gertrude  Childress  md  A.  L.  Bur- 
rough  ;  issue,  Brice  Burrough. 

(c)   Edmund  Worth  Hoskins  3rd  child  and  oldest  son  md  Vir- 


The  Edenton  Tea  Party.  303 

ginia  Mitchell,  of  Jefferson,  Texas;  issue:  iBrice  Worth  Hoskins  md 
Claire  Demises  Key,  of  Dallas,  Texas;  issue,  Clarence  Worth  Hos- 
kins, Edmund  Hoskins. 

(d)  Blanche  Brownrigg  Hoskins  died  single. 

(e)  Baker  Blount  Hoskins  md  Augusta  Raquet,  of  Terrell;  issue, 
!Charles  Henry  Hoskins,  2Baker  Blount  Hoskins,  3Conda  Raquet 
Hoskins,  4Lawrence  Worth  Hoskins,  5Clarence  Hoskins,  6Dudley 
Sanders  Hoskins,  7Henry  Raquet  Hoskins,  8Augusta  Raquet  Hos- 

Charles  Worth  Hoskins  and  wife  Sarah  Donnington  had  several 
children,  who  died  in  infancy.  Eight  in  number,  so  says  Miss  Adele 
Shelton,  of  Xew  York  city.  We  are  indebted  to  Mrs.  Kate  Chil- 
dress, of  Terrell,  Texas,  for  the  above  record  of  her  family. 

6.  Rev.  James  Woodbury  Hoskins,  of  the  P.  E.  Church,  born 
1817,  died  about  1875,  md  Jane  Moore,  of  Laurel,  Del.     No  issue. 

7.  Elizabeth  Martha  Hoskins  md  Dr.  John  Brownrigg;  issue, 
Claude  T.  Brownrigg,  died  in  Xew  York  city  about  1862 ;  a  young 
lady.  Mrs.  Dr.  John  Brownrigg  md  2nd  William  H.  Shelton ;  issue, 
Adele  Shelton,  unmarried,  living  early  in  1003  with  her  mother  at 
Xo.  76  Madison  Avenue,  New  York  city. 

8.  Catherine  Frances  Hoskins,  born  1821,  died  Sept.  24,  1853,  in 
Florida ;  never  married. 

9.  Sarah  Hoskins  md  Goode  Watkins.    Xo  issue 

H — Martha  Hoskins  md  1st  July  11,  1801,  Wm.  Rombough ;  no 
issue.  She  md  2nd  March  Sft,  1816,  William  Blount  (his  second 
wife)  ;  issue :  There  were  8  children  by  Wm.  Blount's  1st  marriage. 
For  this  record  see  X.  C.  Hist'  and  Geneal.  Register,  Vol.  I,  Xo.  3, 
page  461.  9Frances  Blount,  born  1817,  died  1835,  unmarried ; 
10Mary" Elizabeth  Blount,  born  Xov.  25,  1818,  died  May  2,  1882 ;  md 
Xov.  30,  1837,  Xathan  S.  Perkins;  issue,  (a)  Martha  Blount  Per- 
kins, born  Dec.  1,  1841,  died  single  Apl.  24,  1871;  (b)  Reding 
Blount  Perkins,  born  Feby.  14,  1844,  died  1902  at  Anniston,  Ala. 
md  Dec.  31,  1866,  Susan  V.  Lightfoot,  of  Xorfolk,  Va. ;  she  died  in 
Winston,  X.  C,  Sept.,  1883 ;  issue,  !Mary  Lee  Perkins  md  Jeff.  S. 
Grogan,  of  Winston,  X.  C. ;  issue,  Xellie  Lightfoot  Grogan,  Lillie 
Lee  Grogan,  Elizabeth  Leary  Grogan  and  Mary  Perkins  Grogan ; 
2William  Xorcom  Perkins,  2nd  child  of  R.  B.  Perkins,  unmarried 
in  Anniston,  Ala;  3Xathan  S.  Perkins,  3rd  child  of  R.  B.  Perkins, 
md  Ruth  Xoble;  issue,  Reding  Lightfoot  Perkins,  (c)  William 
Blount  Perkins,  born*July  23,  1846,  md  Carrie  Howdershall,  of 
Fauquier  County,  Va. ;  issue,  Mary  C.  Perkins,  Xettie  Leary  Per- 
kins and  Carrie  Elizabeth  Perkins;  they  resided  at  LaGrange,  X.  C. 
(d)  Xettie  Perkins  md  Dec.  15,  1869,  John  L.  Leary,  of  Edenton, 
X.  C. ;  issue,  Xettie  Perkins  Leary  and  Elizabeth  Birie  Leary,  un- 


304      Albemarle  County  and  the  Original  Precincts. 

married  in  1902.     J.  L.  Lea'ry  and  family  reside  at  San  Marcos, 
Texas.     Eeding  Blount  Perkins  md  2nd  Florence  Connor,  of  Wil-?J 
son,  N.  C.  (sister  of  Hon.  H.  G.  Connor).     No  issue. 

William   Blount's    1st   wife   was   Dolly    Cotton,    of   Perquimans  I 
Countv,  1ST.  C. 

(to  be  continued.) 


(by  the  editor  of  the  register.) 

A  most  excellent  and  commendable  proposition  having  recently 
appeared  in  some  of  the  papers,  made  by  Hon.  J.  Bryan  Grimes,;  I 
Secretary  of  State  of  North  Carolina,  offering  a  prize  to  the  scholar 
(under  eighteen  years  of  age)  in  the  public  schools  of  the  State  who 
will  make  the  clearest  and  simplest  diagram  in  chart  form  of  the  J 
formation  (with  date)  of  the  counties  of  North  Carolina,  etc.,  oUM 
attention  having  thus  been  directed  to  this  subject,  we  have  concluded 
to  give  our  readers  what  information  we  have  gathered  from  the* 
records  relating  to  the  early  divisiona%nd  sub-divisions  of  the  terri- 1| 
tory  embraced  in  that  portion  of  Carolina,  later  North  Carolina, 
especially  Albemarle  County.  i  m 

The  above-mentioned  offer  is  very  creditable  to  the  head  and  heart, 
of  Mr.  Grimes,  and  is  a  step  in  the  right  direction.     We  rejoice  to: 
know  that  a  movement  so  important  to  an  accurate  knowledge  of  the 
settlement  of  the  Colony  and  State  has  been  inaugurated ;  it  is  emi- 
nently calculated  to  awaken  not  only  in  the  public  schools,  but  the; 
masses  as  well,  a  deeper  interest  in  historical  research  and  knowledge. 
It  is  not  only  to  be  commended,  but  to  be  hoped  that  the  interest  so 
awakened  will  deepen  and  widen  until  not  only  the  children,  but  all, 
her  citizens  shall  become  fully  conversant  with  the  history  of  the 
land  of  their  nativity  or  adoption.     North  Carolina  has  a  grand  and 9 
glorious  history,  to  which  her  sons  and  daughters  can  justly  point  9 
with  pride,  conscious  that  her  star  shines  with  as  great  brilliancy  as. 
that  of  any  of  her  sister  States  composing  the  great  constellation  of  ;| 
the  American  Union.     It  has  never  been  written  in  all  of  its  details, 
hence  the  necessity  (even  at  this  late  date)  of  delving  in  the  archives 
of  the  State,  among  the  dusty  records  of  the  past  centuries,  for  every 
fragment  of  record  evidence  to  forge,  link  by  link,  the  historic  chain 



Albemarle  County  and  the  Original  Precincts.      305 

that  binds  together  the  events  of  the  past  and  bring  prominently  to 
view  those  in  whom  the  events  centered. 

Accuracy  is  the  first  constituent  element  of  history.  Without  it  it 
is  comparatively  of  but  little  value  and  worth  scarcely  more  than 
tradition.  On  account  of  the  great  mass  of  data,  scattered  all  over 
the  State,  in  public  offices  and  private  houses  as  well,  which  has  never 
been  Systematically  compiled  and  arranged,  through  which  the  his- 
torian has  to  search  for  facts  and  dates,  it  is  not  a  matter  of  surprise 
that  the  most  careful  and  painstaking  toiler  should  be  sometimes 
led  into  error,  for  not  infrequently  what  appears,  from  the  evidence 
in  hand  to-day,  to  be  true,  newly-discovered  evidence  at  a  later  period 
discounts  and  often  entirely  destroys.  The  purpose  of  this  article  is 
to  correct,  in  a  kindly  spirit,  from  the  records  we  have,  for  the  bene- 
fit of  the  present  as  well  as  future  generations,  some  of  the  errors 
that  have  heretofore  obtained  with  reference  to  the  early  precincts, 
their  formation,  etc. 

Carolina — at  least  that  part  afterwards  North  Carolina — had  in 
her  early  settlement  three  divisions,  viz. :  The  Counties  of  Albemarle, 
Bath  and  Clarendon.  Albemarle  County  was  the.  earliest  formed, 
and  this  article  will  be  confined  in  the  main  to  a  notice  of  her  forma- 
tion and  sub-division  into  "Precincts."  By  reference  to  the  Colonial 
Records  of  North  Carolina,  Vol.  I,  page  49,  it  is  apparent  that  Albe- 
marle County,  named  in  honor  of  General  George  Monk,  Duke  of 
Albemarle,  was  laid  out  by  the  Lords  Proprietors  as  early  as  1663. 
We  quote  from  the  above-mentioned  work  as  follows:  "Copy  of  a 
Commission  to  Sir  William  Berkeley,  to  constitute  and  Commis- 
sionate  a  Governor  for  2 Albemarle  River  *  *  *  to*  be  and  con- 
tineu  Governor  of  all  that  parte  of  the  province  aforesaid  which  lyeth 
on  the  North  East  side  or  Starboard  side  entring  of  the  river  Chowan, 
now  named  by  Us  Albemarle  River  together  with  the  Islands  and 

Isletts  within  ten  leagues  thereof,  for  the  tearme  and  time  of 

yeares  from  the  date  of  his  Commission  which  he  shall  receive  from 
the  said  Sir  William  Berkeley,  he  behaving  himself  well :  and  like- 
waves  the  same  person  or  some  other  fitting  person  to  be  and  Contineu 
Governor  on  the  South  West  or  larboard  side  entring  the  same  river, 

1  Far  be  it  from  us  to  depreciate  the  stupendous  work  done  by  the  late  Col.  W. 
L.  Saunders  and  the  present  Chief  Justice  of  North  Carolina,  Hon.  Walter  Clark,  in 
their  research,  and  compilation  of  the  North  Carolina  Colonial  Records,  and  State 
Records.  For  this  work- they  deserve  the  gratitude  of  every  North  Carolinian; 
without  them  we  would  be  driftinsr  (historically  speaking)  like  a  boat  without 
keel  or  rudder,  but  we  refer  to  the  large  mass  of  data  which  remains  as  yet  un- 
touched. _ 

2  Albemarle  Sound  and  Chowan  River  were  known  in  the  early  records  as  Albe- 
marle River  and  Chowan  River;  quite  frequently  the  two  streams  were  called  by 
the  same  name,  and  some  times  were  synonymously  used  for  the  same  stream. 


1  . 



306      Albemarle  County  and  the  Original  Precincts. 

and  from  the  entrance  thereof  20  leagues  up  the  river  and  from  the 

river  side. myles  Southerly  into  the  land,  for  the  tearme  and 

time  of  yeares  from  the  date  of  the  Commission  that  he  shall  receeve 
from  Sir  William  Berkeley,  he  behaving  himself  Well  as  aforesaid. 
And  also  to  nominate  and  appoint  6  fitting  persons  to  be  of  the  Coun- 
cil of  each  Governor,  if  two  &c."     The  above  commission  bears  date 

day  of  1663,  and  is  followed  by  instructions  to  Sir  William 

Berkeley,  oh  pages  50  and  51  of  the  same  volume,  for  laying  out  the 
land  in  the  above-mentioned  boundaries. 

Again,  on  page  93  of  the  same  volume,  we  find  as  follows: 
"Mr.  Drammond, 


"Our  last  unto  you  was  by  Mr.  Peter  iCarteret  accompanying  your 
Commission  and  Instructions  for  the  Government  of  the  ^County  of 
Albemarle  in  which  we  confyned  the  County  to  40  myles  square  or 
40  square  myles  in  which  there  was  a  mistake,  for  it  should  have 
been  1600  square  myles  instead  of  40  of  which  you  are  to  take  notice 
and  to  bound  the  County  accordingly  and  if  it  be  not  enough  to  com- 
prehend all  the  plantations  under  that  Government  give  us  notice 
of  the  deft,  and  on  what  point  of  the  Compass  those  plantations  lye 
that  are  without  the  bounds  (from  the  entrance  to  the  Mayne  Biver) 
and  we  can  enlarge  your  bounds;  and  shall  if  there  be  reason  for  it. 

"Wee  rest, 

"Your  Very  Loving  Friends. 

"Cockpitt  Jan'y  7,  1664-5." 

The  above  letter  was  evidently  written  by  the  Lords  Proprietors  to 
William  Drummond,  the  first  Governor  of  Albemarle  County,  in 
Carolina,  and  proposes  to  enlarge  the  territory  to  be  embraced  within 
the  County  of  Albemarle,  and  accounts  for  the  second  charter  of 
King  diaries  II. ;  this  latter  charter  took  in  a  strip  of  land  (between 
Albemarle  Sound  and  the  present  southern  boundary  of  Virginia) 
thirty-seven  miles  wide ;  in  other  words,  extending  the  boundary 
from  the  36th  degree  of  northern  latitude  "to  the  North  end  of  Cur- 
rituck river  or  inlet  upon  a  straight  westerly  line  to  Wyanoak,  wbich 
lies  within  or  about  the  degrees  of  thirty-six  and  thirty  minutes 
Northern  latitude,"  etc. 

The  County  of  Albemarle  was  sub-divided  into  three  precincts, 
exactly  at  what  date  or  by  what  authority  does  not  appear.  Under 
date  of  31671  we  find  that  Martin  says  the  County  of  Albemarle  was  I 

1  Peter  Carteret  became  Governor  in  1669,  succeeding  Gov.  Samuel  Stephens. 
Martin's  History  of  North  Carolina  says  'Peter  Cartwright",  but  the  minute  dockets 
of  the  Court  held  in  1670  in  the  Court  House  at-Ecienton,  says  "Peter  Carteret". 

2  Italics  ours. 

3  Martin's  History  of  North  Carolina,  Vol.  I,  page  154. 


Albemarle  County  and  the  Original  Precincts.      307 

at  the  same  time  divided  into  three  precincts;  the  eastern  was  called 
Carteret,  the  middle  one  Berkeley,  and  the  western  Shaftesbury. 
From  our  understanding  of  these  divisions  (a  knowledge  gained  by  an 
investigation  of  the  grants  prior  to  16S5,  in  the  Secretary  of  State's 
office,  Raleigh,  1ST.  C,  in  part),  Carteret  Precinct  was  composed  of 
the  territory  lying  north  of  Little  River  to  the  Virginia  line  (never 
definitely  settled  until  the  joint  survey  of  the  boundary  line  hy  com- 
missioners of  Virginia  and  North  Carolina  in  1728-9)  ;  this  included 
the  present  Counties  of  Pasquotank,  Camden  and  Currituck. '  Berke- 
ley Precinct  corresponded  then  to  the  present  boundaries  of  Perqui- 
mans County  and  a  narrow  strip  of  land,  probably  three  or  four 
miles  wide,  on  the  extreme  eastern  horder  of  Gates  County.  The 
latter  boundary  is  deduced  from  deeds  recorded  in  Chowan  and  Per- 
quimans Counties  for  land  located  within  the  district  named. 
Shaftesbury  Precinct,  afterwards  known  as  Chowan  Precinct,  em- 
braced the  balance  of  the  territory  included  within  the  bounds  of 
Albemarle  County. 

1Martin,  in  speaking  of  the  Quaker  George  Pox's  visit  to  Carolina 
in  1672,  states  that  "He  crossed  the  wide  wilderness  which  separates 
the  County  of  Albemarle  from  the  settlements  of  Virginia  accom- 
panied by  another  man  only.  They  first  reached  the  plantation  of 
one  2Phelps,  a  person  of  his  society,  who  had  removed  with  his 
family  from  New  England  to  the  precinct  of  Berkeley  and  dwelt  on 
Perquimans  River"  (Italics  ours).  Perquimans  River  to  this  day 
cuts  in  twain  Perquimans  Co.  These  precincts  retained  their  names 
until  about  the  year  1685,  when  Carteret  Precinct  was  divided  into 
Currituck  and  Pasquotank,  and  the  three  original  precincts  appeared 
thereafter  as  four.  Again  we  quote  from  Martin,  Vol.  1,  page  176 : 
"1683.  The  four  precincts  on  Albemarle  Sound  which  were  hith- 
erto designed  by  the  titles  or  names  of  some  of  the  lords  proprietors, 
viz. :  Shaftesbury,  Berkeley,  etc.,  were  now  named  by  the  principal 
streams  that  water  them,  Chowan,  Perquimans,  Pasquotank  and 
Currituck,  appellations  which  they  to  this  day  retain."  Martin 
fixes  this  change  of  name  in  1683,  but  it  was  evidently  after  1684, 
for,  by  reference  to  Book  of  Land  Grants  No.  1,  pages  104,  105, 
144,  145,  etc.,  in  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  State  at  Raleigh,  N. 
C,  it  will  be  found  that  the  grants  referred  to  bear  date  in  1684,, 
and  the  land  conveyed  located  in  Sh-aftesbury  Precinct.  We  know, 
from  having  traced  the  title  down  to  the  present,  that  some  of  these 
lands  are  contiguous  to  the  town  of  Edenton,  the  site  of  which  was  in 
Shaftesbury,  afterwards  Chowan,  Precinct.  In  1685  there  were  four 
precincts  in  Albemarle  County  instead  of  the  three  original.     The 

1  Vol.  I,  page  155. 

2  Phelps'  Point,  now  Hertford,  N.  C. 



308      Albemarle  County  and  the  Original  Precincts. 

fourth  has  already  been  accounted  for  by  the  division  of  Carteret 
Precinct  into  Currituck  and  Pasquotank ;  also,  please  bear  in  mind 
that  Martin  says  above  that  they  were  "located  on  Albemarle  Sound," 
and  so  continue  to  this  day.  The  first  three  existed  from  certainly 
as  early  as  1671,  first  by  their  proprietary  names,  and  then,  about 
1685,  the  eastern  being  divided  into  two  separate  and  distinct  pre- 
cincts, there  were  four  precincts,  taking  the  names  of  the  water- 
courses which  penetrated  their  boundaries  and  territory.  These 
precincts  were  not  formed  in  1722,  but  as  early  as  1671,  a  half  cen- 
tury prior  to  that  date. 

In  1722  Bertie  Precinct  was  formed,  not  as  one  of  the  original 
precincts,  but  out  of  territory  belonging  to  Chowan  Precinct.  In 
support  of  this  proposition  we  introduce  the  Act  of  Assembly  creat- 
ing the  precinct,  which  will  be  found  in  the  "Collection  of  Laws"  by 
James  Davis,  of  New  Bern,  published  in  1751,  on  page  29.  Chap- 
ter V  of  the  Acts  passed  by  the  Assembly  held  at  Edenton  October 
2d  to  October  19th,  1722,  the  caption  says:  "An  Act  appointing  that 
Part  of  Albemarle  County  lying  on  the  West  Side  of  Chowan  Eiver  to 
be  a  Precinct  by  the  name  of  Bertie,"  and  the  preamble  to  the  Act  re- 
cites :  "Whereas,  That  Part  of  Albemarle  County  lying  on  the  West 
Side  of  Chowan  Eiver,  being  fart  of  Choiuan  Precinct,"  etc.  (Italics 
ours).  The  above  language  is  clear  and  explicit  and  can  leave  no 
doubt  that  Bertie  Precinct  was  not  an  original  precinct,  but  was 
formed  out  of  Chowan  territory. 

The  same  is  true  of  Tyrrell  Precinct,  for  by  reference  to  the  same 
book,  page  73,  appears  the  following  Act,  being"  Chapter  IV  of  the 
laws  passed  by  the  Assembly  held  at  Edenton  November  27th,  1729, 
entitled,  "An  Act  to  appoint  that  Part  of  Albemarle  County  lying  on 
the  South  Side  of  Albemarle  Sound  and  Morattuck  (Boanoke)  Eiver 
into  a  Precinct  to  be  known  by  the  name  of  Tyrrell  Precinct,  Eun- 
ning  so  high  as  the  Eainbow  Banks  including  part  of  the  several 
Precincts  hereinafter  named,  viz.,  Chowan,  Pasquotank,  Bertie  and 
Currituck,"  etc.  This  Act  is  conclusive  proof  that  Tyrrell  was  not 
an  original  precinct,  but  taken  from  the  precincts  named  in  the  Act 
above  recited. 

That  portion  of  Tyrrell  Precinct,  as  above  constituted,  lying  on 
Albemarle  Sound  immediately  opposite  Currituck,  on  the  other  side 
of  the  Sound,  was  prior  to  November  27,  1729,  part  of  Currituck  Pre- 
cinct, and  the  same  is  true  with  reference  to  Pasquotank,  Perquimans 
and  Chowan,  the  latter  extending  her  authority  certainly  as  far  east  as 
Scuppernong  Eiver,  which  included  all  that  part  of  Tyrrell  County 
out  of  which  Washing-ton  County  was  formed  in  1799,  as  well  as  a 
small  strip  of  land  lying  between  the  Washington  County  line  and 
Scuppernong  Eiver.     "Eunning  so  high  as  the  Eainbow  Banks"  took 


Albemarle  County  and  the  Original  Precincts.      309 

in  nearly  the  entire  border  of  Martin  County  (as  at  present  consti- 
tuted) on  the  Roanoke  River. 

There  are  deeds  on  record,  for  lands  in  Chowan  Precinct,  in  the 
office  of  the  Register  of  Deeds  of  Chowan  County,  at  Edenton,  in 
books  W.  No.  1,  B.  No.  1,  C.  No.  1  and  F.  No.  1,  bearing  date  from 
1692  to  the  date  of  the  formation  of  Bertie  and  Tyrrell  Precincts, 
for  lands  on  the  north  side  of  Meherrin  River,  "in  Caledony  Woods 
on  Coneconary  Swamp  (which,  if  we  mistake  not,  are  part  and  parcel 
of  the  State  lands  in  Halifax  County,  N.  C. )  in  the  present  bounda- 
ries of  Bertie,  Hertford,  Northampton,  Halifax  and  Edgecombe 
Counties,  and  also  deeds  for  lands  on  Welch's  Creek,  as  well  as  the  east 
and  west  sides  of  Scuppernong  River ;  in  fact,  these  books  contain  the 
deeds  for  all  lands  conveyed  in  the  above-named  counties  prior  to  the 
time  of  the  establishment  of  the  two  separate  precincts  above-named. 
Ihe  entire  early  settlement  of  Chowan,  Bertie  and  Tyrrell  Precincts 
will  be  found  in  these  deeds,  which  followed  immediately  behind  the 
grants  issued  by  the  Governor  and  his  Council. 

Carteret  Precinct  was  not  an  original  precinct,  but  was  formed 
from  Craven  Precinct,  as  will  be  found  by  reference  to  the  Colonial 
Records  of  North  Carolina,  Vol.  II,  page  459  :  "At  a  Council  held  at 
the  Honoble  the  President's  house  August  ye  8th,  1722.  Present 
the  Honoble  Thomas  Pollock,  Esqr.,  President,  &c,  Christopher  Gale, 
John  Lovick,  Tho.  Pollock,  Junr.,  Esqrs.,  Lds  Proptrs  Deptys. 
*  *  *  Pursuant  to  a  former  order  of  Council  for  making  Core 
Sound  a  separate  Precinct  from  Craven,  It  is  resolved  that  the  said 
precinct  be  Called  and  distinguished  by  the  name  of  Carteret  pre- 
cinct and  that  the  bounds  thereof  shall  be  and  include  all  the  Lands 
lying  on  the  said  Sound,  (Bogue  Sound)  and  the  rivers  and  Creeks 
runing  into  them  including  all  the  settlemts  to  the  Southward  thereof 
untill  there  shall  be  a  further  division  of  other  Counteys  or  precincts. 

"And  that  Craven  Precinct  shall  consist  of  all  the  settlements  upon 
Neuse,  Trent  and  their  branches  including  Bear  River,  and  John 
Nelson,  Richard  Russell,  Enoch  Ward,  Joseph  Bell  and  Richard 
Whitehurst  are  appointed  Justices  of  the  Peace  for  Carteret  pre- 
cinct aforsd." 

This  settles  beyond  the  shadow  of  a  doubt  the  exact  date  when 
Carteret  Precinct  was  formed  out  of  territory  belonging  to 
Craven  Precinct,  hence  we  are  forced  to  conclude  that 
this  (Carteret  Precinct)  did  not  exist  as  an  original  pre- 
cinct. An  Act  was  passed  in  1738  by  the  Assembly  changing 
the  names  of  the  precincts  to  Counties,  hence  we  immediately  had 
thereafter  Carteret  County.  These  early  divisions  we  arrange  as 
follows:   Carteret  Precinct   in    1671,    Berkeley   Precinct  in    1671, 



The  Hill_Faison  Families. 

Shaftesbury  in  1671.  Carteret  divided  about  1685  into  Currituck 
and  Pasquotank,  Berkeley  changing  its  name  to  Perquimans  about 
1685 ;  Shaftesbury,  name  changed  to  Chowan,  about  1685 ;  !Car- 
teret  Precinct  formed  from  Craven  August  8,  1722 ;  Bertie  formed 

from  Chowan  October,  1722 ;  Tyrrell  formed  from  Chowan  Novem- 
ber 27,  1729.  Craven  was  an  original  precinct,  probably  formed  at 
a  later  period  than  the  three  original  precincts  comprising  Albe- 
marle County,  but  of  this  Precinct  we  will  have  something  to  say 

We  do  not  profess  to  be  infallible  in  the  above  statement,  but  have 
given  from  the  records,  as  far  as  we  have  been  able  to  reach  them, 
what  appears  to  be  the  correct  formation  of  these  early  sub-divisions 
of  North  Carolina,  and  will  be  glad  to  have  any  one  with  better  data 
and  evidence  in  hand  to  correct  any  errors  that  may  appear  in  the 
record  we  have  given,  as  accuracy  is  what  we  are  after  in  all  history, 
and  especially  so  in  the  formation  and  formative  period  of  North 
Carolina  history. 


1745 —  1.  Record  Book  of  Deeds,  Brunswick  County,  Va.  Deed 
dated  February  6,  1745,  William  Hill  to  Frances  De- 

1758—  2.  Old  marriage  Bond  Record,  Lawrenceville,  Brunswick 
County,  Va.,  dated  October  24th,  1758,  showing  that 
William  Hill  married  Priscilla  Embry,  a  widow.  Order, 
May  Court,  1788,  recorded  in  Brunswick  County,  show- 
ing abatement  of  action,  by  reason  of  death  of  Priscilla 
Hill,  wife  of  William  Hill,  one  of  the  plaintiffs. 

1773 —  3.  Patent  of  land,  recorded  in  Secretary  of  State's  office, 
Raleigh,  N.  C,  showing  patent  of  200  acres  of  land  on 
east  side  of  Bear  Swamp  (within  Faison  Township)  by 
William  Hill,  dated  January  22d,  1773. 

1781 —  4.  Old  marriage  bond  record,  Brunswick  County,  Va., 
dated  January  11th,  1781,  showing  marriage  of  Thomas 
Hill  to  Frances  Smith,  spinster,  daughter  of  Elizabeth 

1  There  were  two  Carteret  Precincts,  the  former  existing  from  about  1671  to 
about  1685, — the  other,  formed  out  of  Craven  Precinct,  August  8,  1722,  changed  in 
1738  to  Carteret  County. 

The  Hill-Faison  Families. 






1783—  5.  Deed,  recorded  in  Duplin  County,  K  C,  in  book  "Little 
I,"  pages  181  and  182,  dated  October  1st,  17S3— Wil- 
liam Hill,  of  Brunswick  County,  Va.,  to  bis  son  Thomas 
Hill,  deeding  land  in  above  patent,  and  also  432  other 
acres  on  east  side  of  Bear  Swamp,  within  Faison  Town- 
6., Wheeler's  History  of  Worth  Carolina:  Joseph  Hill,  son 
of  William  Hill,  elected  member  of  Worth  Carolina  Leg- 
islature from  Carteret  County. 

7.  Order  Books,  Brunswick  County,  Va.,  recorded  license 
to  William  Hill,  dated  April  26,  1790,  to  keep  ordinary 
at  his  house  in  Brunswick  County. 

8.  Old  Marriage  Books,  Brunswick  County,  Va.,  marriage 
bond,  dated  September  27,  1790,  showing  marriage  of 
William  Hill  to  Sarah  Lanier. 

1792 —  9.  Record  Order  Books,  order  recorded  in  Brunswick 
County  Va.,  dated  May  28,  1792,  in  which  Thomas  Hill 
was  mentioned  as  plaintiff  in  Brunswick  County,  Va., 
against  a.  person  named  Winne,  showing  that  Thomas 
Hill  must  have  remained  in  Virginia  until  1792. 
Last  will  of  William  Hill,  probated  September  23d,  1799, 
showing  that  he  died  that  year. 

a.  Gives  property  to  son  Joseph  Hill. 

Gives  property  to  son  Isaac  Hill. 

Gives  property  to  son  Thomas  Hill. 

Gives  property  to  son  Joseph  Hill.   , 

Gives    property    to    daughter    Priscilla    Williams 

(wife  of  Miles  Williams). 

Gives  property   to   granddaughter  Polly  Williams 

(daughter  of  Priscilla  Williams). 

Gives  property  to  grandson  Joseph  Williams  (son 

of  Priscilla  Williams). 

Gives  property  to  wife  Sarah  Hill. 
Appoints  Miles  Williams  and  Joseph  Williams  execu- 
tors.    Inventory  returned,  shows  that  William  Hill 
had  over  $15,000  worth  of  personal  property,  besides 

a  great  deal  of  real  property. 
1810 — 11.  Order  Books  of  Brunswick  County,  Va. ;  power  of  attor- 
ney, dated  February  21,  1810,  executed  to  Thomas  Hill, 
of  Duplin  County,  W.  O,  and  Joseph  Hill,  of  Onslow 
County,  W.  O,  to  David  Wright,  of  Brunswick  County, 
Va.,  to  collect  money  in  Brunswick  County. 
Record  Book  of  Deeds,  Brunswick  County,  Va. ;  deed 
dated  March  10,  1810,  executed  to  David  Wright,  attor- 





The  Hill -Faison  Families. 

ney  for  Thomas  Hill,  of  Duplin  County,  K  C,  and  Jo- 
Hill,  of  Jones  County,  N.  C,  to  John  W.  Charles,  tract 
of  land  in  Brunswick  County,  Va.,  devised  by  William 
Hill  to  his  sons  Thomas  Hill  and  Joseph  Hill. 

1760 — 13.  Thomas  Hill,  born  about  1760,  died  about  1820 ;  son  of 
William  Hill,  husband  of  Frances  Smith,  resided  in  Dup- 
lin County,  1ST.  C,  during  entire  life,  and  was  buried  near 
Faison,  X.  C.  There  is  a  portrait  of  said  Thomas  Hill 
and  Frances  Smith,  his  wife,  in  the  possession  of  Mrs. 
Annie  Hill  Kenan,  wife  of  Captain  James  G.  Kenan,  of 
Kenansville,  1ST.  C.  Said  Thomas  Hill  left  four  sons 
and  a  large  estate;  copy  of  will  has  not  been  found — 
probably  burned  in  destruction  of  Duplin  County  Court- 
house about  1835. 

1785 — 14.  William  Lanier  Hill,  son  of  Thomas  Hill,  grandson  of 
William  Hill,  of  Brunswick  County,  Va.,  was  born  De- 
cember 28,  1785,  according  to  inscription  on  his  tomb- 
stone in  the  cemetery  at  Faison,  N.  O,  and  died  Febru- 
ary* 7th,  1860,  in  Duplin  County,  K  C.,  leaving  a  will, 
probated  April  18th,  1860,  and  gave  property  to  his 
wife  Anne  E.  Hill,  to  his  sons  Christopher  D.  Hill,  Wil- 
liam E.  Hill,  and  to  his  daughter  Margaret  D.  Pierce, 
and  also  real  estate  to  William  L.  Hill,  son  of  Christo- 
pher D.  Hill,  and  Edward  John  Hill,  son  of  William  E. 
Hill.  Said  William  Lanier  Hill  married  Anne  E.  Dud- 
ley, of  Onslow  County,  daughter  of  Colonel  Christopher 
Dudley  and  sister  of  Governor  Edward  B.  Dudley.  Said 
Anne  Dudley  Hill  died  July  5th,  1860.  Inscription  on 
her  tombstone  at  Faison,  BT.  C,  states  that  she  was  born 
11th  day  of  .May,  1795. 

1828 — 15.  Will  of  Christopher  Dudley  probated,  Onslow  County, 
August,  1829,  leaves  property  to  his  son  Edward  Bishop 
Dudley,  and  also  to  his  grandchildren  Edward  D.  Hill 
and  Christopher  Hill. 
16.  William  E.  Hill,  fourth  son  of  William  Lanier  Hill, 
grandson  of  Thomas,  and  great-grandson  of  William,  of 
Brunswick  County,  was  born  in  Duplin  County  Febru- 
ary 3d,  1829,  and  resided  there  until  his  death,  April  9th, 
1900 ;  his  tombstone  at  Faison,  N.  C,  shows  above  dates. 
Said  William  E.  Hill  left  a  will,  probated  Duplin 
County,  K".  O,  May,  1900;  devised  property  to  his  wife 
Frances  Diana  Hill  (now  living),  maiden  name  Frances 
Diana  Faison,  born  June  17th,  1831,  and  to  his  children 
as  follows: 

■  -'i 




The  Hill-Faison  Families.  313 

Daughter  Emily  Hill,  born  May  25th,  1855. 

Son  Edward  John  Hill,  born  September  6,  1857. 

Son  Isham  Faison  Hill,  born  April  28th,  1859. 

Son  Christopher  D.  Hill,  born  March  11th,  1861. 

Daughter  Virginia  Faison  Hill,  born  Dec.   10,  1864. 

Son  John  Sprunt  Hill,  born  March  17th,  1869. 

Daughter  Sallie  Faison  Hill,  born  June  18th,  1873. 
Above  dates  are  taken  from  Hill  family  Bible,  in 
Faison,  N.  C. 
1831 — 17.  Frances  Diana  Faison  (now  living),  wife  of  above  Wil- 
liam E.  Hill,  was  daughter  of  Isham  Faison  and  Sallie 
Thompson,  granddaughter  of  Henry  Faison,  and  great- 
granddaughter  of  James  Faison,  of  Northampton  County, 
N.  C. ;  and  said  James  Faison  was  son  of  James  Faison, 
Sr.,  of  York  County,  Va.,  and  said  James  Faison,  Sr., 
was  son  of  Henry  Faison  Von  Doverage,  TJr.,  who  was  the 
son  of  Henry  Faison  Von  Doverage,  Sr.,  the  original  an- 
cestor of  the  Faison  family  in  this  country,  who  was 
naturalized  by  Act  of  the  Joint  Assembly  of  Virginia 
September  24th,  1672  (see  "Hennig's  Statutes  of  Vir- 
ginia," Vol.  2,  page  302,  Act  XI,  signed  by  Sir  William 
Berkeley,  Governor).  First  child  of  Henry  Faison  Von 
Doverage,  Sr.  Elizabeth  was  born,  as  shown  by  the 
records  of  parish  of  New  Pockison  of  York  County,  Va., 
February  18th,  1652 ;  second  child,  Henry  Faison  Von 
Doverage,  Jr.,  born  February  14th,  1656;  said  Henry 
Von  Doverage,  Jr.,  died  December  9th,  1697. 
Original  will  of  said  Henry  Faison  Von  Doverage,  Sr.,  dated 
April  23d,  1688,  proved  in  York  County,  Va.,  February 
26th,  1693,  is  now  in  the  possession  of  John  Sprunt  Hill, 
37  Liberty  Street,  New  York  City,  together  with  all  other 
papers  showing  clear  line  of  descent  of  Frances  Diana 
Faison,  from  said  Henry  Faison  Von  Doverage,  Sr. 
New  York,  March  1st,  1902. 

John  Speunt  Hill, 

Durham,  N.  C. 


1.  Facts  showing  the  ancestry  of  William   Hill,   of  Brunswick 
County,  prior  to  1758. 

2.  Facts  showing  ancestry  of  Frances  Smith,  wife  of  Thomas  Hill, 
of  Brunswick  County,  Va.,  prior  to  1781. 

3.  Facts  showing  ancestry  of  Christopher  Dudley  prior  to  1828. 

.-,  5 


Queries  and  Answers. 

4.  Was  Christopher  Dudley  the  son  of  Thomas  Dudley,  of  Car- 
teret County,  who  died  November  22d,  1753,  and  grandson  of  Chris- 
topher Dudley,  of  Onslow  County,  who  died  February  26,  1746,  who 
left  original  wills  on  file  with  the  Secretary  of  State  of  North  Caro- 
lina, abstracts  of  which  are  to  be  found  in  Vol.  I,  No.  2,  North  Caro- 
lina Historical  and  Genealogical  Register,  page  200  ? 


Wanted,  by  a  lady  in  Weathersford,  Texas,  the  ancestors  of 
Maurice  Moore,  from  near  Wilmington,  N.  C,  born  February  16, 
1771,  died  15,  1854;  married  in  North  Carolina  Margaret  Twilly, 

'moved  to  Kentucky  about  1810.      One  of  his  sisters  married 

McCaleb  and  had  a  son,  James  McCaleb ;  also*  ancestors  of  Isam 
Holmes,  probably  from  Brunswick  County,  Va. ;  he  married  in  said 
county  in  1797  Frances  Parham,  whose  ancestors  are  also  requested, 
and  how  they  were  related  to  the  Riiffins,  Courtnevs,  Hunters  and 
Wilders.— B.  P. 

A  lady  of  Weathersford,  Texas,  desires  information  of  the  Ran- 
dalls, who  came  from  Randall  Province,  England,  and  the  Manlys, 
with  whom  they  intermarried  ;  also  McKennies  or  McKannys,  Whites 
and  Whitesides,  all  of  North  Carolina,  and  from  there  to  Kentucky 
and  Tennessee,  about  the  close  of  the  Revolution. — G.  S.  W. 

Another  query  from  Weathersford,  Texas,  seeks  the  ancestry  of 
the  writer's  great-grandfather,  Jacob  Binckley,  of  North  Carolina, 
who  married  Sarah  Fry ;  also  the  Christian  name  of  Captain  Falls, 
date  of  his  birth,  marriage  and  death,  where  born  and  maiden  name 
of  his  wife.  He  was  killed  in  battle  at  Ramseur's  Mill,  N.  C,  dur- 
ing the  Revolutionary  War.  Also  information  of  the  Simonton 
familv,  of  Iredell  County,  N.  C. — had  any  of  them  a  Revolutionary 
War  record  ?— N.  B.  L. 


From  the  same  city  another  lady  writes  for  the  ancestors  of  Isaac 
Johnson,  who  came  from  Roanoke,  N.  C,  with  the  Kilgore  Colony 
in  1784.  He  foiight  in  the  Revolutionary  War.  Who  was  his  wife  ? 
Also  information  of  Diethick  Couts,  who  came  from  North  Caro- 
lina "way  back  in  1700,"  fought  in  the  Revolutionary  War.  His 
wife  was  Leah  Stark.     The  lady  writes  for  information  concerning 

Queries  and  Answers.  315 

•  her  ancestor,  Col.  Nathan  Green,  of  Revolutionary  War  record. — 
H.  L  M. 

Another  lady  from  Weathersford,  Texas,  asks  for  the  names  of 
Richard  Hill's  father  and  mother,  supposed  to  have  been  John  Hill 
and  wife  Nancy  Currier.  Her  Hill  and  Currier  blood-line  is 
wanted  as  far  back  as  it  can  be  ascertained.  Is  there  a  genealogy  of 
the  Hill  family  ?  Was  General  A.  P.  Hill,  C.  S.  A.,  of  same  family 
as  Richard  Hill.  ?— Mrs.  O.  B. 

From  another  lady  in  the  above  city,  a  query  is  received  desiring 

to  know  if  General  Evan  Shelby  had  a  daughter  to  marry  a  Mr. 

.  Wyllie,  of  North  Carolina;  their  son's  name  was  Evan  Shelby  Willie 

or  Wyllie,  of  Cabarrus  County,  N.  C.     The  names  of  the  latter's 

father  and  mother  especially  desired. 

Wanted,  the  ancestors  of  William  Porter,  who  married  Erances 
Sharp;  they  moved  from  Rockbridge  County,  Va.,  to  Tennessee  in 
1816  ;  had  a  son,  Boyd  Porter,  born  1800.  How  were  the  Boyds  and 
Porters  related  ?  Did  they  come  originally  from  Pennsylvania ; 
also,  did  the  name  come  from  any  of  the  sons  of  Adam  Boyd,  of 
Pennsylvania,  who  came  to  North  Carolina  before  the  Revolution  ? 
Also  names  of  Elizabeth  Armstrong's  parents;  was  her  father  Lt. 
Robert  Armstrong,  of  South  Carolina  and  Tennessee?  Also  an- 
cestors of  both  Samuel  Robbins  and  wife  Lavinia  Johnston,  md  about 
1815  in  Bradley  County,  Tenn. ;  any  other  -facts  relating  to  them 
will  be  appreciated.  John  Hagan  Randall,  pioneer  of  Tennessee, 
md  1st — Manly ;  2nd — Caruthers.  Did  he  serve  the  Government  in 
Colonial  or  Revolutionary  War  times.  His  services  in  either  or  both 
desired.  Who  was  Barnabas  Lane  ?  They  had  children  Martin, 
Barnabas  and  Jean.  Barnabas  Lane  was  the  son  of  Joseph  Lane 
and  wife  Patience  McKinne. 

John  Knox,  wife  Jane  Gracy,  came  from  Scotland  to  America  in 
1740 ;  was  one  of  the  settlers  of  Rowan  County,  N.  C. ;  had  seven 
sons  and  one  daughter,  viz. :  William,  Samuel,  b  1747 ;  James,  Absa- 
lom, Joseph,  John,  Benjamin;  and  Mary  Knox  md  Wm.  Rosebro. 
James  Knox  was  the  grandfather  of  James  Knox  Polk,  born  1795, 
died  1849.  President  of  the  United  States.  John  Knox  md  Han- 
nah Reid;  issue,  (1)  Robert,  (2)  John,  (3)  William,  (4)  George, 
'  died  1869,  95  years  of  age;  (5)  Jane  Knox,  md  David  Reid;  (6) 
:  Erances  Knox,  md  James  Patterson;  (7)  Mary  Knox,  md  Benjamin 

Brandon;  (8)  Anne  Knox,  md  Anderson;  (9)  Margaret 

Knox,  md  — : — : —  Chambers.     We  are  indebted  to  a  lady  in  Weath- 
ersford, Texas,  for  above. 



Queries  and  Answers. 

Information  is  desired  by  a  lady  in  Pittsbugh,  Pa.,  in  regard 
the  place  and  date  of  birth  and  achievements,  and  the  date  and  place 
of  death,  of  Wm.  Murfree,  father  of  Col.  Hardy  Murfree,  of  the 
N.  C.  Cont'  Line,  Rev'  War.     Wm.  Murfree  is  referred  to  on  page; 
208  of  Wheeler's  History  of  North  Carolina  as  being  a  delegate 
the  Convention  at  Hillsboro,  1ST.  C,  August  21,  1775.     Also  informa- 
tion concerning  the  children  of  Dr.  John  Brickell,  of  Edenton,  N.  C.I 
Dr.  Brickell  was  sent  by  the  General  Assembly  of  North  Carolina; 
to  the  mountain  regions  of  North  Carolina  on  an  exploring  expedi- 
tion.    Maj.  John  W.  Moore,  in  his  ''School  History  of  North  Caro-I 
lina,"  refers  to  him  on  page  70.     Was  Mathias  Brickell  born  in" 
1725,  his  son  or  brother? 

A  gentleman  in  Galveston,  Texas,  desires  the  Rev'  War  record 
his  ancestor,  George  Penland,  of  Asheville,  N.  C,  and  also  that  of  I 
his  maternal  ancestor,  Sam'l  Houston,  of  Virginia.     Any  one  hav-':' 
ing  the  information  will  please  communicate  it  to  the  Editor  of  the: 
North  Carolina  Historical  and  Genealogical  Register,  Edenton,  N.  C.| 

Was  General  Durant  Hatch,  born  1763,  died  March  27,  1830,  mdjj 
Jany.  5,  1783,  Elizabeth  Norment,  the  son  of  Edmund  Hatch,  who|| 
md  Lucy  Richards,  of  Edenton,  N.  G,  March  15,  1742-3  ?  Or  waM 
he  the  son  of  Lemuel  Hatch,  the  brother  of  Anthony  Hatch,  Jr.,  and 
Edmund  Hatch  ?  Did  he  marry  a  2nd  time  ?  If  so,  whom  ?  Ad 
•dress  Editor  of  the  Register,  Edenton,  N.  C. 

Information  is  earnestly  desired  of  the  Holladay  family,  of  NorthJ| 
■Carolina — Thomas  and  Samuel  Holladay's  descendants  from  aboutlS 
1730.  Also  the  names  of  the  parents  of  Rev.  Seth  Speight,  of  thej| 
M.  E.  Church,  Virginia  Conference,  before  the  formation  of  theS 
North  Carolina  Conference.  Seth  Speight's  son,  General  JessgJ.' 
Speight,  was  born  in  Greene  County  in  1795  and  removed  in  1837  to* 
Mississippi ;  he  occupied  a  number  of  prominent  positions  while  in- 
North  Carolina,  and  was  also  United  States  Senator  from  Missis- 
sippi.     Address  the  Register,  Edenton,  N.  C. 

The  ancestors  of  Emperor  Moseley,  whose  daughter  Mary,  borra 
about  1783,  married  1st  Samuel  Jarvis  and  2nd,  in  1803,  Wm. 
Coates  Butler,  son  of  Anthony  Butler,  of  Philadelphia,  and  wifj| 
Elizabeth  Coates.  Emperor  Moseley  appears  upon  the  conveyanc^ 
books  of  Pasquotank  County,  N.  C,  at  Elizabeth  City,  in  Book  Dr« 
and  E.,  Jany.  9,  1765,  and  runs  down  to  deed  book  N.,  Sept.  14,|| 
1793 ;  he  then  disappears  from  the  records.  He  was  certainly  2|I 
years  old,  if  not  older,  in  1765,  hence  was  born  certainly  as  early  a3j 


k  , 
■i  .'.■ 

f  ■ 



0  ' ', 

Queries  axd  Answers. 


1744,  and  perhaps  before  that  date.  Was  he  a  grandson  of  Col.  Ed- 
ward Moseley,  who  came  from  Princess  Anne  County,  Va.,  to 
Chowan  Precinct  about  1705  or  1706,  or  from  the  same  family  in 
Princess  Anne  County,  Va.  ?  Samuel  Jarvis,  Sarah  Moseley's  first 
husband,  lived  in  Currituck  County,  X.  C,  not  far  from  Princess- 
Anne  County,  Va.,  but  probably  married  his  wife  in  Pasquotank 
County.  Her  second  marriage,  to  W.  C.  Butler,  was  celebrated  about 
1780.     Address  the  Editor  of  the  Register,  Edenton,  X.  C. 

Wanted,  the  descendants  of  Jasper  Hardison  (who  lived  in  Tyrrell 
Precinct  about  1734)  down  to  Thomas  J.  Hardison,  who  lived  in 
Edgecombe  County  and  moved  later  to  Anson  County,  E".  C. 

Thomas  Lewis  appears  in  Carteret  County,  1ST.  C,  about  1740.  He 
died  shortly  after  1800.  His  issue  was:  (1)  Uriah,  (2)  Esther,  md 
George  Willis;  (3)  Thomas,  born  Mch.  26,  1772,  md  about  1793 
Sidney  Styron;  (4)  John,  (5)  Polly,  md  James  Wade;  (6)  Daniel, 
(7)  Archibald,  (8)  Deborah,  born  about  l781-'83,  md  Jackson  Ful- 
cher;  (9)  James,  (10)  Isaac  Issue  of  his  third .  child,  Thomas 
Lewis,  and  wife  Sidney  Styron:  (1)  Elizabeth,  born  Jan.  11,  1793, 

md Bell;  (2)  Rachel,  born  Sept  20,  1795,  md Harriss ; 

(3)  George,  born  Sept,  23,  1797,  died  an  infant;  (4)  George  R., 
born  Mch.  11,  1800;  (5)  John  W.,  born  Nov.  28,  1801,  md  Harriet 
Wade;  (6)  Mary,  born  June  28,  1804,  md  Wm.  Lewis  Blount  Litch- 
field ;  (7)  Mark  Anthony,  born  June  26,  1806.  The  mother  of  Syd- 
ney Styron  was  Bateman  before  her  marriage.     Wanted, 

the  name  of  the  father  and  mother  of  Thomas  Lewis,  Sr.  Was  he 
from  the  Chowan  County  Lewis  family  or  that  of  Pasquotank  ? 
Henry  Bonner  left  a  bequest  in  his  will  executed  in  1738  to  his 
daughter  Deborah;  also  to  his  granddaughter  Deborah  Lewis;  also 
to  his  son  Thomas.  As  all  of  these  names  appear  among  the  chil- 
dren of  Thomas  Lewis,  Sr.,  the  indications  are  that  he  was  closely 
connected  with  the  Chowan  Lewis  and  Bonner  families.  The  Wade 
family,  into  which  some  of  the  children  intermarried,  originally  set- 
tled at  Wade's  Point,  in  Pasquotank  Precinct,  in  all  probability. '    ." 

Information  is  desired  of  the  ancestors  of  John  McCorkle,  whose 
will  was  probated  in  the  year  1800.  He  left  children  Catharine  and 
Joel.  Joel  McCorkle  left  children  Finly  and  Samuel.  Samuel  Mc- 
Corkle, among  his  children,  left  James  Stewart  McCorkle.  The 
same  letter  states  that  Gilbert  Falls  was  killed  at  Ramseur's  battle- 
ground during  the  Revolution  (one  of  six  Captains  killed — his 
sword  and  cuff-buttons  are  still  in  the  family).  My  father's  grand- 
father was  James  Stewart,  who  left  10  children:   (1)   James,   (2) 




Queries  and  Answers. 

Finly,  (3)  Hugh,  (4)  John,  (5)  Eobert,  (6)  Caroline,  (7)  Euphe-i 
mia,  (8)  Theresia,  (9)  Martha  and  (10)  Ann.  Martha  Stewart* 
and  Samuel  McCorkle  were  married  and  had  issue,  (1)  James5 
Stewart  McCorkle,  (2)  John  E,  McCorkle,  (3)  Martha  McCorkle^ 
(4)  Mary  McCorkle.  James  Stewart  McCorkle  md  Mary  Jane": 
Buford  in  Mississippi.  Wanted,  the  ancestors  of  the  Buford  f  amilv, : 
and  any  information  relating  to  the  other  families  mentioned  will  be | 
very  greatly  appreciated. 

Thomas  Blount,  who  md  Mrs.  Mary  Scott  1685-6,  is  generally  con- 
ceded to  have  been  the  brother  of  James  Blount,  who  died  that  year. 
James  Blount  mentions  a  son  Thomas  in  his  will  in  1685-6  and  a 
grandson.     A  paper-writing  among  the  records  in   Court-house  at- 
Edenton  shows  that  James  Blount  and  his  brother  Thomas  proved.: 
their  rights  on  the  same  piece  of  paper.     Thomas  Bonner's  wife- 
Mary,  who  survived  him  in  Chowan,  the  mother  of  Lydia  Bonner, 
was  Mary  Roberts,  sister  of  Jonathan  Roberts,  who  married  in  Hert- 
ford County  Miss  Brickell. 

Information  desired  of  the  Lytle  family  in  North  Carolina  by  a-i 
gentleman  in  Washington,  D.  C. 

A  gentleman  in  St,   Louis,  Mo.,  wishes  descendants  of  Richard 
Rhodes,  who  died  in  Pasquotank  Precinct  in  1692 ;  also  the  ancestors'' 
of  Mary  Harrison,  who  became  the- wife  of  Wm.  Holland,  English 
emigrant  to  North  Carolina  in  1725.     Wm.  Holland  was  father  of. 
James  Holland    (Rev'   soldier  and   Congressman  from   Rutherford; 
County,  N.  C). 

Lady  in  Austin,  Texas,  enquires  with  reference  to  the  Lanier,  Will 
liams  and  White  families  of  North  Carolina.  She  descends  fronv 
Col.  Joseph  Williams  (md  Rebecca  Lanier)  ;  their  ancestors  desired;, 
also  of  Col.  James  White.  Judge  Thomas  Lanier  Williams  was  a 
son  of  Col.  Joseph  Williams  (above),  of  Surry  County,  N.  C.  He 
lived  and  died  in  Kingville,  Tenn.  He  had  a  daughter  Margaret 
McClung  Williams.  Mrs.  Sarah  Hobson  was  a  granddaughter  of 
Col.  John  Williams,  brother  of  Judge  Thomas  L.  Williams. 


Corrections.  319 


We  seem  to  have  had  hard  kick  in  the  last  issue.  Quite  a  num- 
ber of  errors  unintentionally  crept  in  : 

1.  The  article  on  Bath,  a  lady  from  Washington,  1ST.  C,  calls  our 
attention  to  a  mistake  on  page  22,  with  reference  to  the  ancestors  of 
Miss  Bettie  Hoyt  and  Miss  Bragaw.  Churchill  Reading  was  not 
their  ancestor,  but  his  sister  Anne  Elizabeth  Reading  was.  She 
married  1st  Thomas  Blount,  and  became  the  ancestress  of  the  Blount, 
Myers  and  Rodman  families,  of  Washington,  ~N.  G,  and  through  her 

2nd  marriage,  to Caldron  (their  one  son  being  Churchill 

Caldron),  became  the  ancestress  of  Miss  Bettie  Hoyt  and  Miss 
Bragaw.  The  father'  of  Anne  Elizabeth  and  Churchill  Reading 
was  Lionel  Reading,  upon  whose  estate  Fort  Reading  was  located. 
Major  Reading  Blount  and  John  Gray  Blount,  mentioned  on  page 
26,  were  grandsons  of  Anne  Elizabeth  Reading.  Miss  Rodman  and 
Miss  Mary  Blount  are  not  the  descendants,  as  there  stated,  of  Major 
Reading  Blount,  but  of  his  brother,  John  Gray  Blount.  The  above 
is  compiled  from  written  documents  in  possession  of  the  late  Miss 
Patsey  B.  Blount,  daughter  of  John  Gray  Blount,  mentioned  above, 
and  are  absolutely  correct. 

2.  In  the  article  on  the  Edenton  Tea  Party,  page  121,  add  to  the 
issue  of  Sarah  Ann  Hoskins,  md  Nathan  Mathewson  Lawrence,  their 
grandson  Irwin  Lawrence  Potts,  son  of  Leata  Hoskins,  Lawrence 
md  John  R.  Potts;  again  5th  child,  Sallie  Hoskins  Lawrence  md 
Hugh  Landis  Skinner. 

3.  Again,  on  page  122,  same  article,  13th  line  from  the  bottom, 
read  as  follows:  Dr.  R.  H.  Lewis  md  2nd  Mary  Long  Gordon,  daugh- 
ter of  George  Loyall  Gordon,  of  Albemarle  County,  Va.,  and  wife 
Mary  (not  Frances)  Long  Daniel,  daughter,  etc. 

4.  Same  article,  page  116,  for  Thomas  Baker,  Lemuel  Baker, 
William  Baker,   Richard   Baker,   Blake  Baker,   Pattie  Baker,   md 

Thomas   Hoskins;    Catharine  Baker,   md  Whitaker,   read: 

Thomas  Wiggins,  Lemuel  .Wiggins,  William  Wiggins,  Richard  Wig- 
gins, Blake  Baker  Wiggins,  Pattie  Wiggins,  md  Thomas  Hoskins ; ; 

Catharine  Wiggins,  md Whitaker.     They  were  the  children 

of  John  Wiggins  and  wife  Catharine  Baker,  and  not,  as  stated,  the 
children  of  Henry  Baker  and  wife  Catharine  Booth. 

We  are  always  glad  to  make  a  correction  where  any  error  occurs. 
We  desire  to  have  the  records  exactly  correct. ^-Editor. 



Book  Notices. 

The  "Jones  Family,"  by  L.  H.  Jones,  Esq.,  No.  100  W.  Broadway, 
Louisville,  Ivy.,  is  on  our  table  in  a  neatly  bound  volume  of  295 
pages.  The  descendants  of  Roger  Jones,  of  Virginia,  are  clearly 
and  accurately  given.  Mr.  Lewis  H.  Jones  descends  from  Roger 
Jones'  younger  son,  Thomas  Jones,  brother  of  Colonel  Frederick 
Jones,  of  ChowTan  Precinct,  N.  C,  Chief  Justice  of  North  Carolina 
in  1721.  It  is  an  accurate  history  of  the  family,  and  every  member 
should  be  in  possession  of  the  work.  The  work  indicates  a  vast 
amount  of  research  and  care  in  its  preparation.  The  price  has  been 
reduced  to  $5  per  copy.  Apply  to  Mr.  Jones,  if  you  desire  a  copy. 
His  address  is  given  above. 

"The  Alstons  and  Allstons  of  North  Carolina  and  South  Caro- 
lina," by  Dr.  Joseph  A.  Groves,  of  Selma,  Ala.,  has  been  received 
from  the  author.  It  has  been  his  life-work  to  prepare  and  publish 
the  volume,  and  every  fact  that  could  possibly  be. secured,  relating  to 
the  family,  has  been  gleaned,  compiled  and  published.  It  is  an  ex- 
ceedingly valuable  addition  to  the  genealogical  lore  of  the  two  States, 
as  well  as  the  country  at  large,  as  the  descendants  of  John  Alston  of. 
the  Carolinas  are  now  to  be  found  in  every  portion  of  the  American 
Union.  The  genealogy  goes  back  to  the  old  Saxon  Kings,  dating 
back  to  90  B.  C.  We  take  pleasure  in  commending  the  work  to  the 
members  of  the  family.  The  price  of  the  book  is  $10^,  and  can  be  had 
upon  application  to  the  author. 

"Grand-Father's  Tales,"  by  our  venerable  and  highly-esteemed 
friend,  Col.  R.  B.  Creecy,  fills  a  vacuum  in  the  historical  litera- 
ture of  North  Carolina  that  could  never  have  been  supplied  by  any 
other  person  than  himself.  We  congratulate  him  and  the  public  on 
its  production.  It  is  written  in  his  happiest  style,  and  preserves, 
for  coming  generations,  many  historical  facts  that  would  otherwise 
have  been  lost.  His  thoughts  flow  from  his  pen  with  an  ease  and  grace 
that  captivates  the  reader  and  enchants  him  to  its  conclusion.  May 
our  friend  live  for  many  years  to  come,  with  unimpaired  mental 
faculties,  to  add  fresh  laurels  to  the  literary  reputation  he  has  so 
richly  and  worthily  won.  He  can  be  as  gentle  as  a  woman  in  the 
finer  fields  of  literature,  but  woe  betide  (when  occasion  requires)  the 
man  who  falls  beneath  the  stroke  of  his  keen  Damascus  blade !  Let 
every  North  Carolinian,  at  home  and  abroad,  secure  a  copy  of  the 
work.  The  price  is  $1.50,  and  can  be  had  upon  application  to  Col. 
R.  B.  Creecy,'  Editor  of  the  Economist,  Elizabeth  City,  N.  C. 







fioRTH  caromjIa 

HISTORICAL!  fljsit) 

July,   1903. 

J.  R.  B.  HATHAWAY,  Editor  and 
Financial  Agent,  Edenton,  N.  C.  J>  J" 


Vol.  3. 
No.  3. 


Abstract  of  Perquimans  County  Wills llPJiA. 323] 

Births,  Deaths  and  Marriages  in  Berkeley 363^ 

Marriage  Bonds  of  Perquimans  County 4l£| 

Oldest  Conveyances  in  North  Carolina 423j 

Anthony  Hatch's  Powder  Accounts 426:1 

Members  General  Assembly  1727 4281 

Record  of  Perquimans  Precinct  Court 429] 

Chowan  Precinct  Court  1711 440? 

Miscellaneous  Items  from  Court  Records  of  Bertie  County 442j 

Soldiers  of  the  N.  C.  Continental  Line 453; 

Gleanings  in  England 461^ 

Old  Inscription  in  St.  Paul  Church  Yard  at  Edenton,  N.  C.__   467; 

Queries  and  Answers •  468| 

The  Harvey  Family 476j 



Vol.  III. 

JULY,  1903. 

No.   3. 




J.  E.  B.  HATHAWAY,  Editor  and  Financial  Agent, 




Like  leaves  on  trees  the  race  of  man  \9  found, 

Now  green  in  youth,  now  withering  on  the  ground  : 

Another  race  the  following  Spring  supplies ; 

They  rise  successive,  and  successive  fall  : 

So  generations  in  their  course  decay  ; 

So  flourish  these  when  those  are  passed  away." 

— Pope's  Translation  Horner's  Iliad. 








1    i 


Vol.  III.  July,  1903.  So.  3. 


(Originals  in  office  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Superior  Court,  at  Hertford,  X.  C. ) 


p  Albertson,  Benjamin,  8th  day,  10th  mo.,  1801;  May  Term,  1802. 
"•Sons  Thomas,  Benjamin  and  William,  daughters  Miriam  White, 
fj  Jemima  Walton  and  Patience  Newby ;  Joseph  Cosand,  sons  Phineas, 
v  Nathan  and  Aaron,  brothers  Chalkley  and  William  Albertson.  Exrs. 
XTest,  Eliz.  White,  Caleb  White. 

Albertson,  Thomas,  Mch.  30,  1805 ;  Nov.  Term,  1806.     Wife  Mil- 

;"-licent,  children  Sarah,  Mary,  Margaret  and  Marinda  Albertson,  if 

r- child  in  esse;  Levi  Munden,  Thos.  Hollowell,  Phineas  Albertson  and 

v'Exum   Newby,    Exrs.     Test,    John   Bogue,    Richard   Wood,   Jesse 

\  V  Fletcher. 

ta      Albertson,  Mary  (widow),  Mch.  10,  1807;  Nov.  Term,  1812.  Sons 

^Benjamin,  Joseph  and  Aaron,  daughter  Sarah  Albertson's  children, 

daughter  Pheriby  Griffin ;  son  Joshua,  Exr.     Test,  Gabriel  White. 

Albertson,  Francis,  25th  day,  2nd  mo.,  1811;  May  Term,  1816. 
Sons  William  and  Jordan,  wife  Caroline,  daughter  Rebecca  Albert- 
son  ;  Joshua  Morris,  Chalkley  and  Pritchard  Albertson,  Exrs.  Test, 
Zach.  Nixon,  Jos.  Cox,  Jr. 

Albertson  Kesiah,  3rd  day,  3d  mo.,  1824;  Feby.  Term,  1825. 
Daughter  Jane  Godfrey  and  her  children  Mary  and  Tully  Godfrey, 
daughter  Mary  Draper,  grandson  Martin  Tablock,  all  my  chi